SHOCK: New Year - New Beginning | January 14th, 2006 | Live From: Nashville, Tennessee | Commentators: Joey Styles & Don Callis

-[[ The Solid Gold Wrestling logo appears and disappears before your eyes. ]]-

-[[ No time for hype. ]]-

-[[ No time for video packages. ]]-

-[[ You're hit full on in the face with a wide shot of the biggest capacity crowd you have ever seen.. Thousands upon thousands of people are jam-packed into the arena to witness the return of one of the greatest promotions to ever grace the business and the atmosphere, quite simply, is electric.. The fans are on the edge of their seats, just waiting for something to happen so that they can react...... And in seemingly no time, they're given the opportunity they have been craving. ]]-

.............Here comes the moneeeeeeeeeeeeey!

-[[ Massive, foundation shaking pop as Shane McMahon's music hits.. But this begs the question... Shane McMahon!? Yes, a prominent figure in Solid Gold's long, storied history but he's no longer the owner.. He sold the company.. What is he doing here in Nashville tonight!? Shane McMahon slowly walks out onto the stage, wearing a nice suit and a pair of sunglasses.. He looks around at the fans and in one of those classic wrestling moments, he receives a standing ovation and you can see the surprise etched across his face as the fans begin chanting at him... ]]-


-[[ Shane removes the sunglasses and hangs them on the inside of his jacket.. He looks genuinely moved by the reaction he is receiving and proceeds to point out at the fans and pat his heart with the other hand, mouthing 'Thank you, thank you' and then he continues on his way to the ring.. Once inside, the ring announcer, Gary Michael Cappetta hands him a microphone and Shane gives him a quick hug before turning around and raising the microphone to speak.... But the fans are so loud that there's no way they could hear him.... He raises his hand in the air, hoping to silence them enough to speak and thankfully for him, they oblige and allow him room to talk..... ]]-

[ Shane McMahon ] .....Thank you.

-[[ Another huge pop that results in Shane having to wait for another turn to speak. ]]-

[ Shane McMahon ] Of all the things I've seen and done here in Solid Gold Wrestling.. You guys are the thing I'm going to miss the most.. I mean that from the bottom of my heart..... You guys have no idea.. How much I appreciate everything you've done for me....

-[[ Another round of "THANK YOU, SHANE" chants breaks out. ]]-

[ Shane McMahon ] It wasn't Arn Anderson that made Solid Gold... And it damn sure wasn't me.. It was all of you.. And the reason I'm standing here before you today.. Is because I felt it was my personal responsibility as the last owner of Solid Gold Wrestling to be forward with you.. To shoot from the hip.. And because...

-[[ Shane actually begins to get a little choked up. ]]-

[ Shane McMahon ] I wanted to say goodbye..

-[[ The fans quiet down a bit and a low rumbling of boos begins to rise from the audience.. ]]-

[ Shane McMahon ] You guys.. You've been by my side through it all.. When I took over Solid Gold from Arn Anderson, you were right there, waiting to see where my New Era would take the business.. And when my war with Anderson caused it to collapse, you were there petitioning the networks to get us back on the air.......

-[[ A brief pause as it appears Shane is trying not to cry on the air. ]]-

[ Shane McMahon ] And even though you booed my ass off... And yeah, sometimes I did deserve it... You still stuck by me and waited and when I took SGW for my own and became the sole owner, you still tuned in.. You still bought the tickets.. You all made it worth it.... And for that, I will be eternally grateful....

-[[ Another pause as Shane tries not to lose it. ]]-

[ Shane McMahon ] For those of you not in the know.. This will probably come as a shock to you.. But for those of you that keep up with the dirt sheets.. Well, you know what I'm about to do... Effective several months ago, I sold the rights to Solid Gold Wrestling and I am no longer the owner of this great company...

-[[ More boos. ]]-

[ Shane McMahon ] But the man I sold it to.. He's been a part of SGW for a long time.. And just as recently as this last October, he has battled in SGW's honor in Ricky Steamboat's League of Champions and brought prestige back to our championship..... And I trust all of you to give him a warm welcome, because just like me.. When I was first starting out.. This man has a vision and his vision promises to carry Solid Gold Wrestling into a new era once more...

-[[ A tear rolls down Shane's cheek.. He turns to the ramp. ]]-

[ Shane McMahon ] Ladies and gentlemen.. Please stand and give MUCH respect to the man I'm about to introduce to you.. As the new owner of Solid Gold Wrestling...... He is the SGW World Heavyweight Champion.......

-[[ "My World" hits. ]]-

[ Shane McMahon ] JEFF...... JAAAAAAARRETT!! BOO YAH!!

-[[ The boos are deafening and Shane even looks a little unnerved by them.. He applauds as Jeff Jarrett walks out onto the ramp in a suit with the SGW World Championship in one hand and a guitar in the other.. Jarrett has a big smile on his face, clearly expecting the horrible reaction that he has received.. And from behind Jarrett, more people enter.. In matching black suits, Ron and Don Harris emerge and between them is Jeff's director of authority, Melina Perez... And then the boos get impossibly louder as from behind them now enters the least professionally dressed of the five, Vince Russo, in jeans and a Yankees t-shirt. The entourage makes their way to the ring and Shane holds the ropes, but his gesture is brushed off by the Harris Brothers....... ]]-

[ Don Harris ] Step off, ya' Mary..

-[[ Shane quietly backs away as the fans boo and the Harris Brothers themselves hold the ropes for Jarrett and Russo to enter and then step aside to allow Melina center stage as she executes her trademark splits ring entrance to a loud pop from the fans.. Shane smiles, mouthing "Yeah, baby, that's hot! Hot!" before raising the microphone and speaking once again. ]]-

[ Shane McMahon ] Jeff, baby... They're all yours--

-[[ And before he can finish, Vince Russo yanks the microphone out of his hand to a massive round of boos.. Russo paces around, listening to the fans and stopping every few seconds to look up at the ceiling, as if he's searching for advice from above on what he's about to do.. Finally, he stops right in front of McMahon and jams a finger right in his face. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Did I hear ya' right, McMahon?

-[[ Shane looks confused. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Did I hear ya' say that you was wantin' to shoot.. From tha' hip?

-[[ Russo smiles as the fans begin boo. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Well, allow me ta' shoot.. From tha' hip.. And from tha' heart!

-[[ Russo scratches his head as he begins speaking this time, like he's almost uncomfortable talking about it. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] What is there to be thankful for, McMahon? The fans? The fans are idiots and they don't give a shit about you OR the history o'this damn stinkin' promotion and if you think Jeff bought this out from unda' you so that he could continue some ridiculous tradition, ya' got anotha' thing comin'!

-[[ McMahon looks intrigued by this revelation. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] The history o'this place is corrupt.. It's fuckin' ridiculous! From Arn Anda'son fuckin' ova' Taz for Bret Hart at Heartbreaka'...... All the way down to Jeff Jarrett gettin' fucked ova' by that piece o'shit group they called da' Apokolips.. Anybody that thinks the name o'this place has any kind o'credibility is foolin' themselves.. You wanna know why Jeff Jarrett bought this out from unda' you?

-[[ Shane crosses his arms and nods, awaiting an explanation. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] I'll tell ya' why.. Because there's anotha' tradition that you ain't thought about, Shane.... And that's tha' tradition.. Of every owna' that's come down the pike in SGDubya... Usin' this place as their own personal masta'bation station.. Anda'son did it! Turna' did it! And yeah....

-[[ Shane looks down, knowing what's coming. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] God damn right.. YOU did it too!

-[[ Russo rolls up on Shane, getting right in his face, almost like he's trying to provoke a fight. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Everybody had their favorites! Anda'son pushed Hart! Anda'son pushed tha' Apokolips! Turna' had Austin and Kanyon, even though Kanyon couldn't get tha' job done if his fuckin' life depended on it.. And you, Shane, you had Benoit and that stupid, stick horse carryin' piece of shit, Chavo Guerrero!

-[[ Shane looks back up and stares right in Russo's face and for a second, it looks as if he's contemplating taking a shot at Russo.. But cooler heads prevail and he continues taking the abuse. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Well, Shane-O, that's the one tradition that ain't changin'! Because me an' Jeff, we got a favorite of our own! We've scanned tha' rosta' and we found tha' guy that's we're gonna push down ya' stinkin' throats night afta' night afta' fuckin' NIGHT! As a matta' o'fact... Let's bring out the future of SGDubya........ Right now! Ladies and gentlemen... I present to you........

Everyone turns their attention to the ramp, waiting for the entrance music to hit, but it never does.. The fans begin booing, thinking a technical difficulty has occurred.. But then Jeff Jarrett grabs the microphone from Vince Russo and raises the guitar high in the air as he yells, a big smile on his face. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] .......ME!

-[[ The fans boo so loudly that the floor shakes.. Jarrett looks around, that big smile never leaving his face.. Russo takes his place standing with the Harris Brothers and Melina as Jarrett walks a circle around the ring and places the guitar against the turnbuckles, unknowingly easing Shane's mind in that respect.. Jarrett hoists the SGW World Title further up on his shoulder before speaking again.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] That's right, SGDubya.. I own it, I'm the champion, and I can do whatever the hell I please.. And Shane McMahon.. I'm gonna give you the opportunity right now to walk out o'here clean.. Untouched! To take your ass... RIGHT OUTTA' MY RING! No more tears, no more goodbyes! Just turn around and walk out... Because just like the old guard of SGDubya, you ain't wanted here anymore!

-[[ Shane looks around at the fans... "THANK YOU, SHANE" chants break out again and he nods in thanks and begins making his way across the ring.. He climbs off the apron and begins walking up the ramp.. But Jarrett isn't content letting it go that quietly. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Take a hike, McMahon! And don't bother showin' up at the first pay-per-view of the REAL NEW ERA of Solid Gold Wrestlin'...... That's right, the self-titled debut pay-per-view of Solid Gold Wrestlin'...... Jeff Jarrett presents..... SIX-STRING SUPREMACY!!

-[[ The fans boo loudly and a large "BULLSHIT" chant breaks out across the building. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Get it?! Ha ha... Because as of right now... Everyone from the top o'the roster... All the way down to the Blue World Order..... Are gonna bow down..... AND CHOKE ON IT!!

-[[ Jarrett laughs. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] KISS... MY... ASS... SGDUBYA'!

-[[ Shane McMahon stands on the stage and turns around to take one last look at the ring where Jarrett and his new crew are being pelted with garbage for daring to desecrate the good name of Solid Gold Wrestling... And as quickly as his back is turned, he is blasted from behind by the monster, Gene Snitsky! As this was obviously planned, Jarrett grabs his guitar and exits the ring, heading up the ramp with the Harris Brothers, Russo, and Melina in tow! Snitsky manhandles McMahon, pummeling him down to his knees and then relentlessly kicking him in the face as he roars like an inhuman beast! Russo and Jarrett get a few kicks in on him and the Harris Brothers make room and grab Shane by his shirt collar.. They lift him up...... H-BOMB ON THE STAGE! My God, Shane McMahon could be DEAD! Jarrett's directing traffic and he's motioning for them to take Shane to the back...... What the hell could be happening here!? ]]-

-[[ A camera follows them as they drag Shane McMahon through the backstage area.. Shane is almost totally gone as the Harris Brothers drag him by his arms.. Many wrestlers watch the carnage take place from the side but refuse to do anything about it in fear of losing their jobs..... The group reaches the back exit and Snitsky kicks the door right off of the hinges!! Jarrett looks on in disbelief.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Dammit, Snitsky, I'm gonna have to pay for that!!

-[[ Snitsky's eyes go wide as his breathing gets heavier. ]]-

[ Gene Snitsky ] That wasn't... My.. FAULT!

-[[ Jarrett just shakes his head and turns his attention back to the slaughter.. The Harris Brothers drag Shane into the parking lot with Russo and Melina following them as Jarrett points at Snitsky, his tone is all business. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Get the keys, it's time to take out the trash in SGDubya for good!!

-[[ Snitsky jogs out the door and within a few seconds, the rumbling of an engine can be heard.. The Harris Brothers and Russo take turns slugging Shane in the face and then, the ultimate humiliation as Ron and Don hold him up and allow Melina to field goal kick him right in the testicles!! Shane is FINISHED! Blood is dumping out of various wounds in his face.. And then the rumbling engine gets closer and closer.. Until a GARBAGE TRUCK comes into view with Snitsky in the driver's seat!! The Harris Brothers drag Shane toward the back of the truck and they hold him up in front of wide opening that's already filled to the brim with trash... Jeff Jarrett walks up with the guitar in hand and uses his other hand to tilt up Shane's head so he can look him right in the face... Shane is almost totally gone. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] This is it, Shane... End o'the line!

-[[ Jarrett smirks... Shane's voice is so low, you almost can't hear him. ]]-

[ Shane McMahon ] Don't you... Don't you want to hear.... My last words?

-[[ Jarrett raises the guitar. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] We just did.

-[[ GUITAR SHOT! And before the splinters have even settled in his hair and with the rim of the guitar around his neck, the Harris Brothers lift him up and H-BOMB HIM right into the back of the truck!! Shane disappears amidst the garbage and... And..... Wait, no.. Not this far..... MELINA PULLED THE LEVER.. SHANE IS BEING CRUSHED IN THE BACK OF THE GARBAGE TRUCK!! Snitsky gets out of the truck and smiles with delight at the destruction he's helped cause.. After they're sure that Shane is thoroughly incapacitated, they make their way back into the building... ]]-

-[[ But something stops Jarrett right in his tracks.. A table of production assistants have their eyes glued to a monitor, watching it intently, like whatever is happening on it could be a life or death situation for SGW..... Jarrett storms over and sees what is warranting the attention..... A limousine is parked in another area of the parking lot... And as the back door is opened, Val Venis steps out...... Followed by Eric Bischoff.. Stacy Keibler...... And ARN ANDERSON, the founder and former owner of Solid Gold Wrestling...... Jarrett shakes his head, grabs the monitor and smashes it on the floor, sparks fly on impact.... Jarrett looks furious. ]]-

-[[ Arn Anderson. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Venis... You idiot.

-[[ Fade to the ring for the first match. ]]-

Michael Shane w/Traci Brooks versus Rob Van Dam
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Scott James

-[[ Shane and Van Dam shake hands to start the match.. They begin circling each other and then finally lock-up.. They fight over it for a bit until Shane drills Van Dam with a knee lift to the gut.. Shane twists Van Dam's wrist, but Van Dam is ready for him and knocks Shane off his feet with a smooth leg sweep! Shane is up quickly and runs at Van Dam, but Van Dam hits him with a quick arm drag... Shane's back up and Van Dam puts him down with a hip toss! Shane's up again and he charges at Van Dam and ducks a clothesline, both men turn around and drop kick at the exact same time! They both end up on their knees facing each other... They both stand up, giving each other props..... They circle each other again and lock-up.. Shane backs Van Dam into the corner and Scott James makes them break it up.. Shane backs away and nails Van Dam with a punch to the jaw! Van Dam fires back with some punches of his own and kicks Shane in the gut..... High vertical suplex! Van Dam hits the ropes... ROLLING THUNDER! But Shane gets his knees up! Van Dam contorts in pain and Shane takes the advantage! He drags Van Dam back to his feet and whips him into the turnbuckle... Van Dam hits it hard with his chest and he bounds out and turns... Super Kick from Shane! But Van Dam catches his foot.. Heel kick on Shane! Shane goes down hard.. And Van Dam springs to the top rope.... Five Star Frog Splash!! Shane moves!! Van Dam nails the mat and flops around like a fish out of water!! Shane capitalizes and dives over Van Dam with a La Majistral cradle! One! Two! Three! My God, Michael Shane has pulled out a fluke victory over Van Dam!! Van Dam sits up, he can't believe it.. But Michael Shane is wanting to shake his hand.... Van Dan shrugs his shoulders... And accepts the gesture!! That's good sportsmanship! ]]-

Winner: Michael Shane via Pin Fall

-[[ Randy Orton storms down the hallway with purpose in his step as "Cowboy" Bob tries desperately to keep up with his son.. Everyone in the hallway is looking on at Orton, noting how angry he looks and that "Cowboy" Bob looks positively panicked beyond any reasonable means....... Orton stops in front of a door and as the camera pans over, you see that the door has a large sign on the front, noting who it belongs to. ]]-


-[[ Orton swallows hard, like he's having to get his nerve up to do what he's about to do..... And as he reaches down to twist the knob, "Cowboy" Bob places a hand on Randy's shoulder.. The gesture almost jolts Randy back to reality as he turns around and looks at his father.. Bob speaks. ]]-

[ "Cowboy" Bob Orton ] Randy.. Son.. Are you sure you wanna do this?

-[[ Orton's voice is filled with anger.. And confidence. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Dad, after seeing what he did to Shane McMahon... I HAVE to do this... For the good of Solid Gold Wrestling.. For the good of the FUTURE...... Of this business.. You can stay out here if it makes you comfortable.

-[[ Bob shakes his head. ]]-

[ "Cowboy" Bob Orton ] No, son.. If you're gonna do it.. Then by golly.. I'm gonna be right there behind ya'..

-[[ Orton nods and grabs the doorknob.. He twists it and the Orton's enter the office and before they can even get a look around at their surroundings, they're both yanked off their feet and slammed against the wall by the Harris Brothers and Snitsky!! The Ortons look terrified as Randy tries to explain himself. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] WHOA! WHOA!! HEY!!

-[[ Orton hears a female voice from the other side of the wall of muscle that's forcing he and his father against the office wall and realizes that the grip loosens when she finishes. ]]-

[ Melina ] Relax.. It's just the Ortons.

-[[ She rolls her eyes and walks back to the desk where Jeff Jarrett is seated. The SGW World Championship is presented proudly up front and center on the desk.. Jarrett looks annoyed at the unwanted intrusion.. The Harris Brothers and Snitsky let them down but don't leave much air between them and Jarrett..... Jarrett speaks. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Ever heard o'knockin'?

-[[ Jarrett ignores his own question. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Well, you wanted in.. You're here.. What've you got for me?

-[[ Orton takes a step forward to speak and finds Don Harris' hand planted on his chest. ]]-

[ Don Harris ] You're close enough, boy.

-[[ Orton looks up at Harris and then around at the rest of Jarrett's enforcers... Orton licks his lips nervously before continuing on with the reason he came here in the first place. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] I came here to tell you, Jeff.. That I saw what you did to Shane McMahon tonight.. I saw how you took that big piece of SGW history...... And crapped all over it... I found it appalling.. Disrespectful.. And degrading to every single person that's ever walked through that curtain to make SGW work...

-[[ Melina laughs, knowing that Orton is about to get his ass stomped in the ground.. Jarrett just nods along with what Orton is saying with a cocky smirk on his face. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Any other last words?

-[[ Orton is now the one smiling. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] You didn't let me finish.. Jeff.

-[[ Jarrett raises an eyebrow. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] I also came here to tell you...... That I loved every second of it.

-[[ "Cowboy" Bob begins chuckling and slapping Orton on the back. ]]-

[ "Cowboy" Bob Orton ] It's true, we were laughin' our ever-lovin' asses off!

[ Randy Orton ] That's right.. And as the Legend Killer of SGW--

-[[ Jarrett cuts him off. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Legend Killer, huh.. I'm a legend.. You gonna kill me?

-[[ Orton smiles nervously, but the smile goes away quickly as he feels the hand of Gene Snitsky clamp down on his shoulder.. Orton looks up at the goateed monster and remembers what he did to McMahon. ]]-

[ Gene Snitsky ] YEAH! Are you.. Gonna KILL...... JEFFFFFFF!?

-[[ Orton scrambles for an answer. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] No.. No! That's not why I'm here.. I wanted to let you know, Jeff.... That the Ortons do NOT stand opposed to you.. We agree with everything you said out there today... And we would be honored... Honored, Jeff.. To help you kill the LEGEND...... Of Solid Gold Wrestling......

-[[ Jarrett nods and seems to think about it... Melina leans over and whispers something in his ear... Jarrett smiles and looks back at the Ortons.. He motions for them to come closer... The Harris Brothers and Snitsky allow them to approach the desk.... ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] You boys wanna kill a real, bonafide legend tonight?

-[[ Orton smirks. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] You bet your ass I do.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Well... Have I got a job for you......

-[[ The camera man is suddenly forced out of the room by the Harris Brothers before any details on this deal can be made public to you or the fans. ]]-

Val Venis versus Chris Jericho
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Mark Yeaton

-[[ Arn Anderson stands at ringside with Keibler and Bischoff, cheering on the man he once dubbed as the future of Solid Gold Wrestling...... Val Venis talks with them for a moment before turning back to the match.. Jericho's waiting on him.. They meet in the center of the ring.. Jaw back and forth for a bit.. And Jericho slaps the taste out of Venis' mouth!! Venis looks off to the side... The sneer on his face becoming a sick smile as he turns and slaps the taste out of JERICHO's mouth!! Jericho now laughs and goes low with a kick to the midsection!! He nails Venis immediately with a double underhook suplex! Venis springs back up and Jericho floors him with a drop kick! Jericho's going straight for the Walls of Jericho!! Venis fights it, grabbing Jericho's hair and drilling him in the face with a stiff punch! Jericho staggers back and Venis is up.. He charges at Jericho..... Spine buster! Venis winks at Arn and Arn nods, clapping in approval.. Venis pulls Jericho up and sets him up for a piledriver, but Jericho immediately reverses and hooks him in the Walls of Jericho!! He's got it in!! Venis is fighting to get to the ropes... Jericho drags him away!! Val Venis is raising his arm like he's going to tap out!! Wait.. Stacy Keibler is on the apron!! Mark Yeaton is distracted!! He's telling her to move.. And suddenly, Jericho is blasted from behind by Arn Anderson!! Anderson whips Jericho into the ropes..... SPIIIIIIIIINEBUSTER!! Anderson gets a huge pop!! He rolls out of the ring..... And is immediately jumped by Randy and Bob Orton!! They pummel Anderson down..... And.. Oh God NO!! RKO ON ARN ANDERSON!! "Cowboy" Bob and Randy drag Anderson up the ramp and Venis sees them taking him!! Venis tries to go outside the ring but Jericho stops him with a vicious face buster!! Jericho runs... Jumps... LIONSAULT!! Jericho covers Venis.... One!! Two! Thre-- Jericho pulls Venis up at two!! What the hell!? No....... Jericho doesn't want it like that..... He locks in the WALLS OF JERICHOOOOOOOO!!! And Val Venis.. SGW LEGEND.. Has no choice but to tap out like a little bitch!! VENIS TAPS!! HE TAPS!! TAAAAAAAAAAAP, VENIS!! Jericho keeps pulling back on the hold, yelling "YEAH, BABY!! I'M THE KING OF THE WOOOOOOOOORLD!!" before he releases the hold.. Jericho walks away from Venis as he rolls out of the ring and limps up the ramp to find his friend, Arn Anderson... Jericho stands in the middle of the ring and makes the 'title belt' motion around his waist... He doesn't plan on stopping with Venis!! ]]-

Winner: Chris Jericho via Submission

-[[ The scene opens with a shot of the parking lot... There's no action until a limousine drives up seemingly from nowhere, drawing a huge pop from the fans in attendance... After the pop dwindles, you can still make out a distinct buzzing as the fans wonder just who is inside of it....... The camera goes from the front all the way to the back as a man steps out of the front and goes to open the back door..... He opens it up and steps aside.... And Rena Mero steps out.. And behind her.. Is "The Nature Boy" RIC FLAIR!! He rubs his hands together and places them on his hips.. A serious look on his face... ]]-

[ Ric Flair ] Solid.. Gold... Wrestlin'... The place where dreams come true...

-[[ You almost expect a 'woooooo!' or a laugh, but you get something else entirely. ]]-

[ Ric Flair ] Or get broken..

-[[ Flair shakes his head and another man steps out of the limousine behind him... "THE ANIMAL" DAVE BATISTA!! Batista also wears a serious look on his face.... He places a hand on Flair's shoulder.. ]]-

[ Dave Batista ] Easy, Naitch.. Let's just go inside.

-[[ Flair nods and they head toward the back entrance... But are cut off shortly and abruptly by..... ]]-

[ Christian ] Well, well, well.....

-[[ Flair doesn't even hesitate, he begins to take his jacket off as he lays eyes on the leader of the Christian Coalition.. Christian walks toward them with a cocky step.. Trish Stratus, Tyson Tomko, and Jim Cornette follow behind.. Batista raises a hand in Flair's direction, telling him to stay back.. Christian laughs. ]]-

[ Christian ] Come on, Dave.. Didn't anyone tell you that the 'G' in SGW stands for Gold? Not GERIATRIC!

-[[ Flair's eyes go wide and he throws his jacket behind him. ]]-


-[[ Flair begins pointing at himself violently and yelling. ]]-


-[[ Trish rolls her eyes and Christian casually brushes him off. ]]-

[ Christian ] Jesus, did you forget your meds this morning? Chill out, Old Man River.. Besides, I was talking about HER.

-[[ Rena's jaw hangs open and this makes Flair impossibly more angry as he rips his tie down.. Batista just shakes his head and begins to remove his sun glasses.... He doesn't have them off his nose before Christian speaks again, this time acknowledging Flair. ]]-

[ Christian ] Wait a second.. I remember you now.

-[[ Christian puts his hands on his hips and looks up at the sky like this has honestly just dawned on him and he can't believe he didn't realize it before..... Flair just stands and takes it. ]]-

[ Christian ] You're the guy that left Solid Gold last time... Almost undefeated...... What was your win loss record? Let me think.... Oh yeah.. Twenty and OH! I just got my ASS kicked by Christian!!

-[[ Tomko shows no emotion whatsoever, only extending a hand so Christian can give him a vicious low-five. ]]-

[ Christian ] That burns a little, don't it, Nature Boy?

-[[ Flair looks down.. Like he's actually been offended.. Then raises his head back up with a smirk on his face. ]]-

[ Ric Flair ] You're right, Christian.. Gettin' cheated out of a win by YOU... Yeah, it burns, pal.. But you tell me somethin' about yourself.. Tell me.. Tell everybody here... How it feels to know that you're most notable moments.. In all o'your history in Solid.. Woo.. Gold Wrestlin'..... Involve Camp Corino... And TRISH.. STRATUS'... VAGINA!! TELL ME!!

-[[ Trish looks highly offended and Christian just stares at Flair, shaking his head.. Tomko smirks. ]]-

[ Tyson Tomko ] Burn.

-[[ Christian looks at Tomko like he could kill him. Flair continues. ]]-


-[[ Flair stops moving and yells with eyes wide. ]]-


-[[ Batista just shakes his head and starts to say something, but he's cut off by Jim Cornette, stepping up and waving his tennis racket around like a mad man.. ]]-

[ Jim Cornette ] You're right, Flair and by god, I hate to admit it because I think you're a lousy son of a bitch but you are right and Trish Stratus here, she may just be loose as a damn goose, but that don't change the fact that in the critical moment and I do mean the moment that counted the most, it was YOUR shoulders that were on the mat, sonny boy, and if Christian has to do it again, then by god, he'll do it!!

-[[ Cornette, out of breath from that rambling.. promo.. Rests the racket on one shoulder and places on hand on his hip with a "I just told YOU" look on his face... Then he adds the puncuation mark. ]]-

[ Jim Cornette ] So, yeah, uh.. Kiss MY ass, little Ricky.

-[[ Flair steps forward and casually thumbs Cornette right in the eyeball, knocking his glasses to the side. ]]-

[ Jim Cornette ] Fuckin' god dammit!! My fuckin' eye!!

-[[ Christian takes a step forward like he's going to do something about the assault on his manager, but Batista meets him halfway, staring down at him with intensity on his face... Christian and Batista eyeball each other... And at any second, punches could be thrown. ]]-

[ Dave Batista ] You wanna do something?

-[[ Christian sneers his face up like he's about to attack and replies. ]]-

[ Christian ] Yeah, I wanna kick Ric Flair's ass again.. So why don't you move.. Before you GET moved!

-[[ Tomko steps between them with his arms crossed, facing Batista.. Even Tomko has to look up at him.. Christian, comfortable with Tomko there, pushes it even further. ]]-

[ Christian ] ........Bitch!

-[[ Tomko raises a shocked eyebrow and steps away, leaving air between Christian and Batista.. Christian looks at Tomko with panic on his face, motioning with his hands to get back over there.. Tomko just shakes his head, 'no'. ]]-

[ Christian ] Tomko!! What are you--

-[[ Batista grips Christian by the throat...... And the cavalry comes to save the day.. Jeff Jarrett and the Harris Brothers.. Flair is noticeably pissed at this arrival and Batista doesn't look too happy himself..... But then Jarrett speaks and immediately gets down to business. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Let him go, Big Dave, or I'll fire your ass right now..

-[[ Dave lets Christian go and Jarrett points at Flair and Mero. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Security! Remove these two from MY buildin'!!

-[[ Flair's eyes go wide again and Mero looks to be in disbelief. ]]-

[ Ric Flair ] What!? Why!?

[ Jeff Jarrett ] 'Cause I don't like your damn face!! It don't matter why, ya' old bastard!! Because I own Solid Gold and tonight, THIS... IS MY BUILDIN'!! My buildin', my PARTY, and I decide who stays and who goes!! So you can take your wrinkled old ass and that top heavy, blonde mutant with ya'!!

-[[ Christian nudges Jarrett with his elbow. ]]-

[ Christian ] Dude, Trish is with me..

-[[ Trish slaps Christian on the back of the head, overhearing his comment. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I don't care where ya' go, but ya' ain't stayin' here.. So get back in your limo and just drive.. Drive east 'til the limo floats... Or better yet, drive to the nearest graveyard...... Because Flair is STILL dead to me!!

-[[ Flair hangs his head in shame.. Dave turns to Flair and Mero. ]]-

[ Dave Batista ] Go on.. I'll handle everything here.

-[[ Reluctantly, Flair and Mero turn and get back inside the limo where they're carried away from the building in short order... Batista watches the limo drive off into the distance and then turns back to Jarrett and Christian... Jarrett just stands and looks at Batista like he's expecting him to do something... ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Well? I think ya've got a match to prepare for, big man.. Get to it.

-[[ Batista breathes heavily, still staring at Jarrett... And then walks past him and inside the building.. Jarrett and Christian watch the door shut to make sure he's gone... Christian speaks. ]]-

[ Christian ] Good thing you got here when you did, Jeff.. I was like.. Three seconds away from bitch slapping his ass.

-[[ No one dares honor that with a response.. Jarrett and the Harris Brothers turn to go back inside when Christian stops him with a hand on the shoulder... Jarrett turns and the Harris Brothers look ready to pounce when they see the gesture.. Christian raises his hand off of Jarrett and they back down a bit... ]]-

[ Christian ] I can't believe I almost forgot... I totally have to ask you about something... See.. I won this tournament here in Solid Gold back in two thousand-two.. Rules said I get to pick any title shot I want and I was thinkin'--

-[[ Jarrett stops him in mid-sentence. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I know what you're thinkin'.. We'll talk about it later.

-[[ Jarrett turns to walk away, leaving the Coalition in the parking lot. ]]-

Kurt Angle versus Brock Lesnar
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Charles Robinson

-[[ Angle and Lesnar circle each other to start before locking up.. They fight over it and Angle snaps Lesnar over his head with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex!! Lesnar is back up almost immediately as Team Lesnar and Shane Douglas freak out at ringside.. Lesnar shakes it off and charges at Angle again, but this time, Angle drop toe holds him and immediately goes for an ANKLE LOCK!! Lesnar flips out of it, sending Angle into the ropes... Lesnar's up and he catches Angle coming off.. He hooks him for an F-5, but Angle slips out and behind Lesnar... GERMAN SUPLEX!! He rolls.. ANOTHER!! AND ANOTHER!! Angle releases the hold and waits for Lesnar to stand... Lesnar's up to one knee and Angle charges... And Lesnar takes his head off with a rising clothesline!! Lesnar stands and grabs Angle up off of the mat... He whips him so hard into the turnbuckle that the ring shifts!! Angle holds his back and Lesnar advances on him... Lesnar yanks Angle up again and pulls his head between his legs.... POWER BOMB!! Lesnar holds on.. For a second POWER BOMB!! Angle has to be finished!! Lesnar covers him!! One!! Two!! Thr-- Angle got a shoulder up!! Douglas is throwing a fit at ringside!! Lesnar pulls Angle up and Angle springs to life, small packaging Lesnar out of nowhere! One! Two! Thre-- Lesnar kicked out!! Lesnar is up quickly and on Angle with a front facelock but Angle reverses it quickly into a northern lights suplex!! Angle bridges it! One! Two! Thr-- Lesnar kicked out a second time!! Lesnar and Angle both get to their feet and they lock-up.... They fight over it again and both men hit the ground.. They roll to the outside of the ring, still locked up like two animals!! And Shane Douglas blasts Angle in the back, giving the advantage to Lesnar!! And.. Wait.. The referee is EJECTING SHANE DOUGLAS!! Douglas is having an aneurysm at ringside over this!! Lesnar whips Angle into the guardrail and follows him in with a vicious knee to the midsection.. Douglas has left the ringside area, leaving the match one on one.. Lesnar whips Angle into the ringpost but Angle reverses it and Lesnar goes face first!!! Angle runs up behind Lesnar and hooks him.. ANGLE SLAM ON THE OUTSIDE!! Both men lay motionless on the mats outside the ring... Slowly, Angle regains his bearings and crawls back inside the ring... Lesnar slowly sits up and reaches the apron.. And Angle baseball slides him!! Angle rolls out of the ring and yanks Lesnar off the floor and throws him back inside.. Lesnar isn't moving.. So Angle goes up top...... Oh my God........ KURT GOES FOR THE MOONSAULT!! AND HE MISSES IT!! LESNAR ROLLED OUT OF THE WAY!!! Lesnar KIPS UP!! He moves in on Angle and grabs him... And Angle SMALL PACKAGES HIM!! ONE! TWO! THREE!! Kurt Angle has stolen a victory from Lesnar!! Angle rolls out of the ring quickly as Lesnar throws a massive fit in the ring!! ]]-

Winner: Kurt Angle via Pin Fall

-[[ A chair slams against the wall in the backstage area and clatters against the ground, turning everyone's attention to the man who threw it.. Val Venis.. Venis stomps through the backstage area, shaking with anger and practically foaming at the mouth as Bischoff and Stacy follow closely behind him, trying to stop his path of rage, but it quickly becomes obvious to them and yourself that nothing is going to stop this man on his quest to find Arn Anderson. ]]-

[ Stacy Keibler ] Val.. Val, please.. STOP IT!!

-[[ Venis turns around and jabs a finger right in her face as he yells at her. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] STOP IT!? This is bullshit and you KNOW it, Stace!!

-[[ Bischoff puts his hands up between he and Val, almost as if to shield himself from attack as he speaks. ]]-

[ Eric Bischoff ] Val.. This may not be the wisest course of action to take..

[ Val Venis ] This is the only course of action, Bischoff.. If little Randy Orton wants to play with legends....

-[[ Venis' voice goes deep and full of purpose.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] Then he can play with me!

-[[ Venis turns around to continue his trek and finds himself face to face with a smiling Randy Orton.. And behind him stands "Cowboy" Bob Orton...... And the Harris Brothers..... Venis looks them up and down, his face a mixture of anger and disbelief before he speaks. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] What the hell is this?

[ Randy Orton ] What's the matter, Val? Isn't this what you wanted?

-[[ Orton suddenly looks like he just realized something and acknowledges the men behind him. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Oh.. I'm sorry..... Allow me to introduce to you... My back-up..

-[[ Venis' eyes go wide.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] But.. Those are Jarrett's men.

-[[ And another voice enters the fray. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] That's right, Val.. And they're here because I allowed'em to be.. Problem?

-[[ Val Venis turns and finds himself face to face with Jarrett now.. Jarrett looks over Val's shoulder and speaks to the Harris Brothers with a smile on his face. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] You guys get on back to work.. Snitsky's waitin' on ya' in the boiler room.. Orton, you too.. Go have some fun.. Me and Val have got some.. Old times to talk about..

-[[ Orton nods and heads off toward the boiler room with the Harris Brothers and "Cowboy" Bob... Venis and Jarrett stare each other down for a moment before Venis speaks. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] What is going on here, Jarrett?

-[[ Jarrett sounds more than a little annoyed. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] What's goin' on here, Venis? I'll tell ya' what's goin' on here.. You crossed the line!

[ Val Venis ] I crossed the LINE!?

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Damn right, ya' did.. What the hell are you thinkin', bringin' that son of a bitch, Anderson, into MY house!? Didn't that cross your mind for a second as maybe.. A bit of a BAD IDEA!?

[ Val Venis ] With all due respect, Jarrett.. This may be your house, but it IS the house HE built!!

-[[ Jarrett steps up closer to Venis and now their noses are nearly touching. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Kiss my ass, Venis! Here's somethin' else you may not have realized yet... I may have showed you a little respect in the League o'Champions and took ya' under my wing.. But that was the League o'Champions... This is Solid Gold Wrestlin', where I made a career out o'stompin' your ass!!

-[[ Venis grits his teeth and clenches his fists... Jarrett smiles. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] And that was BEFORE I ran the show.. Now let me tell ya' somethin' else that maybe you ain't thought of.. I know for a damn fact that the SGW World Championship.. MY BELT.. Is what you're here for.. And I know you've been a world champion damn near everywhere else you've been..... 'Cept here.. This was always the belt that got away from ya'.. And I don't know if it's because ya' ain't been given the opportunity.. Or because you're pathetic in the ring.. But standin' on the opposite side of the ring from ol' Double J probably ain't helped ya' out much...

-[[ Venis looks ready to explode all over Jarrett. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] But I'm willin' to forgive ya' for disrespectin' my home the way you did, Val.. 'Cause ya' see, I realize that your head's been so far up Anderson's ass for so many years that maybe you ain't seen the same patterns the rest of us have noticed.... But history goes to show.. That the wrestlers with the most success in this company have gone against Anderson... Not stood beside him... So I'm gonna ask ya' right now to make a choice..

-[[ Venis shakes his head.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] Jeff, what you're asking me to do is... Wrong.. Arn.. He chose me as his protégé.. He chose me over his best friend, Ric Flair!! And.... He told me that Solid Gold Wrestling would be mine when he stepped down.....

-[[ Jarrett laughs. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] And we know how well that went, Venis.. Anderson can't do that for ya' now.. SGDubya belongs to me.. And you can bet your ass I ain't passin' this torch for a long time.... The closest you can ever HOPE to come to runnin' this place....... Is holdin' THIS...

-[[ Jarrett acknowledges the championship belt on his shoulder. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Arn Anderson's gonna hold you back.. Because standin' next to him is the same thing as holdin' on to the past.. It's time to look forward.. Into the future, Venis... The Anderson era is over.. The Shane era... Well, you can read about that in the newspaper next week..

-[[ Venis looks interested. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] What part?

[ Jeff Jarrett ] The obituaries.

-[[ Venis' facial expression doesn't change as Jarrett continues like nothing was said about Shane. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] What I'm sayin', Venis.. Is you've got a choice to make.. A choice that is gonna effect your career for the rest o'your life.... The past.. Or the future.... Mediocrity in the midcard... Or the world championship.... What I'm tryin' to ask ya', Venis, is.....

-[[ Jarrett's voice goes cold, hitting Venis hard. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Do you.. Want to live forever?

-[[ Venis looks down at the floor, as if to contemplate the question... And unclenches his fists. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] They're waitin' on ya' in the boiler room.

-[[ Fade out. ]]-

Matt Hardy versus AJ Styles
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Jimmy Cordaris

-[[ Before Hardy and Styles even have an opportunity to lock-up, Brock Lesnar stalks from the back with a microphone in his hand... Hardy and Styles are both standing in awe, not fully realizing what's about to happen...... Lesnar raises the microphone as The Franchise stands behind him, laughing his ass off... ]]-


-[[ The fans begin booing.. ]]-

[ Brock Lesnar ] Not like this.. Because earlier tonight, I had Kurt Angle beaten!! DESTROYED!!

-[[ A single fan in the crowd yells "YOU SUCK, BROCK!" and Lesnar spits into the crowd. ]]-

[ Brock Lesnar ] Fuck you too!!

-[[ Lesnar looks out at the fans as they begin booing louder... ]]-

[ Brock Lesnar ] And I got screwed over!! So right now, I'm making things right!! This match.. Just became a triple threat!!

-[[ Styles and Hardy look terrified as Lesnar charges down and rolls inside the ring!! He immediately catches Hardy charging at him and FLATTENS him with an F-5!! AJ Styles climbs to the top rope and jumps off onto Lesnar for a huracanrana, but Lesnar DRIVES HIM into the mat with a power bomb!! Lifts him up...... AND POWER BOMBS HIM ON TOP OF HARDY!! Shannon Moore runs into the ring and Lesnar boots him in the face...... AND HE F-5s SHANNON ON TOP OF AJ AND HARDY!! Lesnar rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair and rolls back inside the ring.... The fans are booing loudly as the Franchise laughs on the outside...... Ashley Massaro rolls into the ring, begging Lesnar to stop... And Lesnar drops the chair... She goes to check on Hardy and Lesnar snaps and grabs her from behind.. He tosses her onto his shoulders......... AND F-5s her OVER THE TOP ROPE AND TO THE FLOOR!! Lesnar and Douglas have a good laugh.. ]]-

[ Shane Douglas ] OWNED, YOU FUCKING BITCH!! HA! HA! HA!

-[[ And Lesnar walks over to the pile of cruiserweights and puts one boot on Shannon Moore's chest... Jimm Cordaris reluctantly counts... One... Two.... THREE... Brock Lesnar has just destroyed three men and a damn woman!! Lesnar raises his arms in victory as the fans boo him out of the ring. ]]-

Winner: Brock Lesnar via Complete and Utter Domination

-[[ Venis can hear the grunting and a sound that reminds him vaguely of a hammer hitting wet meat before he even approaches the door that leads to the boiler room.. When he gets there, he rips it open with purpose and the sight he witnesses almost makes him vomit on the floor right in front of him... Arn Anderson is tied to a chair and Randy Orton, "Cowboy" Bob, the Harris Brothers, and Snitsky are taking turns punching him repeatedly in the face while Russo and Melina direct traffic!! Venis stands silently and watches, none of them realize he's there yet. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Get him up above his eye.. He ain't swellin' there yet.. Fuck his shit up!

-[[ Ron Harris hauls off and slugs Anderson right in the mouth, splitting his lips and sending a few teeth drooling down his chin in a thick mixture of saliva and blood.. ]]-

[ Ron Harris ] I missed.. Let me try that again..

-[[ Anderson's head snaps back hard as Harris plows through his orbital socket with another solid punch.. Anderson groans in pain and when they hear Val Venis speak up, they all jump like a gun shot has rang out through the room.. But relief washes over them when they realize who it is.... ]]-

[ Val Venis ] That's enough...

-[[ Russo laughs. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Shit, Val.. We was wonderin' when you was gonna join us...

-[[ Venis walks into the room and looks at everyone that's taking part in this brutality.. ]]-

[ Melina ] Did you talk to Jeff?

-[[ Venis nods. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] Leave.. Everyone.. I need to talk to him..

-[[ Within seconds, Venis and Anderson, still tied to the chair, are the only ones left in the boiler room.. Venis looks at the bloody mess that used to be his mentor with sorrow in his eyes..... He can't believe what they've done to him. He kneels in front of the chair and speaks to the near unconscious man.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] Arn?

-[[ Anderson's head slowly raises a bit.. His eyes are so swollen, he can't even see through them. ]]-

[ Arn Anderson ] ...Val.. Val? Is that you?

[ Val Venis ] It's me.

-[[ Anderson drools more blood down his chin as he speaks. ]]-

[ Arn Anderson ] Get me... Outta here... Untie me.. Quick..

-[[ Venis' voice is hurt, but steady. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] I can't do that.

-[[ Anderson's exhales heavily, realizing what's happened. ]]-

[ Arn Anderson ] They.. Got you too.. Huh..

-[[ No answer. ]]-

[ Arn Anderson ] Look.. Val........ Look what they've done.. To me..

-[[ Val looks Anderson up and down and notices his hands.. The fingers are splayed, nearly separated from the rest of his hand.... A bloody hammer lays on the floor next to the chair... Venis cringes.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] Christ.. Your hands..

-[[ Anderson actually manages to push out a chuckle.. ]]-

[ Arn Anderson ] My piano.. Playin' days.. Are over..

-[[ Venis ignores the comment. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] Arn.. I need you to do something for me.. When you're let out of here.. I need you to walk away from Solid Gold Wrestling.. I know.. That it's your dream to see it succeed.. But it's time to let go.. Time to move on... It's the best decision for the both of us.....

[ Arn Anderson ] I can't.. Do that...

-[[ Venis snaps and begins yelling. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] You can't do it!? Look what they did to you, Arn!! Your own wife wouldn't recognize you if she saw you right now.. Now, I don't know if this is some... Horsemen pride.. Never give-up bullshit or just you being a stubborn old bastard that won't let go of his SPOT in the business like your old buddy, Flair... But there comes  a time, Anderson, when it stops being worth it..... And THIS.. THIS IS THAT TIME!!

-[[ Anderson doesn't move... ]]-

[ Arn Anderson ] You know... I can't leave this.... Behind....

-[[ Val's voice is hurt, yet unforgiving... He holds nothing back. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] Then I'm going to have to hurt you.

-[[ Anderson can't look up.. He only mutters. ]]-

[ Arn Anderson ] ..I know.

-[[ Venis stands up, obscuring your view of what's about to transpire. ]]-

Chris Benoit versus The Rock
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Scott James

-[[ Before the Rock even makes it to the ring, he's assaulted by Chris Benoit!! Benoit pummels him from behind and throws him into the guardrail!! Benoit kicks away at the Rock and whips him hard into the opposite guardrail!! The Rock is yelling in pain as the fans boo and scream obscenities at Benoit... Benoit takes the Rock by the back of his head and guides him toward the ring.. As they get closer, Benoit whips the Rock into the apron!! A chest cracking CHOP!! The Rock tries to fight back and whips Benoit into the ringsteps, but Benoit reverses, sending the Rock himself into them!! Benoit then grabs a chair..... And brings it down hard on the Rock's head!! The Rock goes limp!! Benoit throws the chair to the side and throws the Rock inside the ring.... He stands over the Rock and drags his thumb across his throat as the bell rings to signify the beginning of the match..... And Benoit BLOWS SNOT all over the Rock!! Benoit goes up top..... SWANDIVE HEADBUTT!! Benoit sits up with his nose gushing blood.... And he locks the Rock in the crossface!! The Rock raises his arm like he's reaching for the ropes....... And taps out!! Chris Benoit has literally stolen this one from the Rock!! THIS.. THIS is what he calls WRESTLING? ]]-

Winner: Chris Benoit via Submission

-[[ We cut backstage where Kurt Angle is watching the last match on a monitor.. He's already out of his wrestling gear and in a red, white, and blue tracksuit... He shakes his head in disgust at how Chris Benoit has been stolen the win from The Rock....... Angle talks to himself. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] That's not wrestling.. That's pathetic..

-[[ He shakes his head again puts his hands on his hips. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] Canadians..

-[[ He turns around and finds himself face to face with Lance Storm.. And Major Gunnz.. And Elix Skipper.... And Mike Awesome... Angle looks at them from side to side and then he looks up at Awesome, who breathes heavily and keeps clenching his fists as he stares down the Olympic hero... ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] I sincerely hope that sentence was going to end with....

-[[ He takes a step up in Angle's face. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] ...Are the best wrestlers in the world.

-[[ Angle looks up at Awesome again before returning his gaze to Storm with a goofy look on his face. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] Maybe I was...

-[[ And Angle then waggles his head around with a big unbelieving look on his face. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] Or maybe NOT!

-[[ Awesome starts to advance on him, but Storm and Skipper push him back.. Awesome looks furious that Angle has dared to take this kind of attitude with them.. Awesome yells at Angle.. ]]-

[ Mike Awesome ] Come on, Storm!! Come on, Skipper!! LET ME FUCK THIS GUY UP!!

[ Lance Storm ] Mike.. Relax.. We're here to talk..

[ Kurt Angle ] Yeah, Mikey, take a lesson from Elix.. And know your place! Oh, yeah, it's true!

-[[ Skipper turns to Awesome. ]]-

[ Elix Skipper ] Yeah, dawg, know ya' place like ME... Wait.. Tha' hell ju' just say?

-[[ Awesome tries to push past them again, yelling. ]]-

[ Mike Awesome ] I oughtta fuck you up for that, Angle!! I oughtta fuck YOU UP!! After I get done with you.. The only medals you'll win will be in the SPECIAL OLYMPICS!! BECAUSE YOU'LL BE IN A FUCKIN' WHEEL CHAIR!! A WHEEL CHAIR!! LIKE CHRISTOPHER FUCKIN' REEVE!!

[ Elix Skipper ] Or Droz, biatch!!

[ Major Gunnz ] Or the British Bulldog!

[ Lance Storm ] No.. He's just dead.

[ Major Gunnz ] Or the Dynamite Kid!

-[[ Angle looks almost thoughtful. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] Or Professor X!

[ Mike Awesome ] YEAH!! LIKE PROFESSOR X!!

[ Kurt Angle ] Get it? We're both bald!

[ Lance Storm ] Everyone!! PLEASE!!

-[[ Everyone goes silent and looks at Storm as he tries to block out the nonsense he's heard. Finally, he speaks. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Kurt.. The message is simple.. You keep Canada out of your mouth.. Because when we meet in this ring... For the first.. And believe me.. The LAST.. Time... You will have Canada.. All over you... And when the smoke clears.. You will have no one.. No one to blame......... Not Canada.....

-[[ Storm jams his finger in Angle's face. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Only yourself.

-[[ Storm turns to walk away as Angle watches on.... Awesome turns around as Skipper tries to stop him from going after Angle, but Awesome isn't wanting a fight, only wanting to have the last word. ]]-


-[[ Awesome turns to walk away as Angle points at his head, a dumbfounded look on his face. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] He has hair!! HELLO!?

-[[ Fade out. ]]-

Muhammad Hassan versus John Cena versus Justin Credible
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Mark Yeaton

-[[ Justin Credible hits the ring and immediately goes to town on both Cena and Hassan with lefts and rights, but he quickly falls to the numbers game as Hassan and Cena both floor with him a kick to the gut and a double suplex! Cena and Hassan are both up quickly and without a moment's hesitation, they begin nailing each other with lefts and rights! Cena takes over, pummeling Hassan into the corner and then repeatedly jarring him with kicks to the midsection! Justin Credible rolls back inside and nails Cena from behind.. He spins Cena around and lifts him up for a body slam but Cena slips out behind Credible, allowing Hassan to spring up and drive Credible into the mat with a flat liner!! Hassan makes a quick cover! One! Two! Thr-- Cena makes the save!! He pulls Hassan off of Credible and whips him into the ropes... High-jumping hip toss! Cena hits the ropes... FIIIIIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE! Hassan springs back to his feet and Cena catches him..... He's going for the F-U!! He spins... And hits Mark Yeaton in the face! The ref goes down!! F-U ON HASSAN!! Cena covers!! NO REFEREE!! Jason Knight slides in the ring with a Singapore cane!! Cena's already up!! He ducks the cane shot... F-U ON JASON!! Cena turns right around.... SAMOA JOE!! SAMOA JOE IS ON HIM!! He lifts Cena up onto the top rope..... MUSCLE BUSTER ON JOHN CENA!!! Joe slides out of the ring!! Credible rolls over... Puts an arm over Cena.. ONE!! TWO!! THREEEEEEEEEE!! ]]-

-[[ Justin Credible has stolen this victory thanks to his partner, Samoa Joe!! Credible is up and celebrating.... When suddenly, he hears the ring shaking behind him.. He turns aroud and-- GORE!! GORE!! GOOOOOOOORE!! RHINO HAS JUST GORED JUSTIN CREDIBLE!! Rhino yanks Jason up off the mat..... PILEDRIVER!! Rhino is going berserk!! Rhino rolls out of the ring and moves up the ramp, yanking at his hair as he surveys the damage he's done... What the hell was that all about? ]]-

Winner: Justin Credible via Pin Fall

-[[ The parking lot is tinted in blue and red light as the EMTs load Arn Anderson into an ambulance.. You can't make out any details on the body but he's obviously in no BETTER condition than you last saw him.. As they shut the doors on the ambulance, you see Val Venis standing in the shadows, watching the action as it occurs....... There's not a hint of emotion on his face, just a blank stare.. Stacy Keibler and Eric Bischoff can be seen off to the side, several feet away, standing beside Venis' limousine... They chat amongst each other, waiting on Venis..... And then a shadow looms over Venis.. ]]-

[ Dave Batista ] So, that's how you repay an old friend?

-[[ Venis doesn't even look in his direction, standing silently with his arms crossed over his chest.. His hands hidden. ]]-

[ Dave Batista ] The man gives you the world.. Picked you over his best friend... MY best friend... And that's how you thank him... You know, Val.. I used to think you walked tall.. That you were one of the last guys in this business that GOT it.

-[[ Batista just shakes his head as he realizes Venis isn't going to answer him. ]]-

[ Dave Batista ] But after what you did in SGWx... And after... After THIS...... I guess I was wrong.

-[[ Batista turns away from Venis and takes a few steps.. And then stops.. Muttering loud enough for Val to hear. ]]-

[ Dave Batista ] ...pathetic.

-[[ Venis hangs his head and uncrosses his arms... Looking at his hands.. Stained red with the blood of his mentor... He clenches his hands into fists and just stares at them before shutting his eyes hard...... This is tearing Venis apart inside.. He turns and heads toward the limousine.... Wait.. Venis is LEAVING this early in the show? Venis disappears inside the limousine and drives off into the night. ]]-

-[[ Batista goes to open the door to go back inside the building when he's suddenly jumped from behind!! He's being beaten down to the ground by... RAVEN!! And "Primetime" Brian Lee!! ....And the Blue World Order!! Raven's Nest is just relentlessly pummeling him into the ground!! Batista doesn't even have an opportunity to fight back before he's flat on his back with the Nest standing over him.... Raven kneels over Batista and slugs him in the head a few times before speaking in a matter-of-fact tone that hardly fits the situation. ]]-

[ Raven ] How ya' doin', Dave?

-[[ Obviously, there's no verbal answer, only Dave trying to stand, but being unable to because of all the bodies holding him flat to the ground.... Raven continues. ]]-

[ Raven ] Got a joke for ya'.

-[[ Dave nearly throws Stevie Richards off of him with one arm, but they manage to hold him down. ]]-

[ Raven ] Knock-knock.

-[[ No answer, only struggling. ]]-

[ Raven ] Knock-knock, Dave!

-[[ The Meanie leans down next to Dave and mocks him, answering Raven's question in a high pitched voice that in no way could belong to Dave Batista.. ]]-

[ The Blue Meanie ] Who's there?

[ Raven ] Blood!

[ The Blue Meanie ] Blood who?

-[[ Raven jams his thumb against Batista's eye. ]]-

[ Raven ] Blood spraying from the craters of pain where your eyes used to be!

-[[ Raven leans in close to Batista. ]]-

[ Raven ] Agree to make the match.. Raven's Rules!!

-[[ With Raven's thumb pressed hard against his eye, Batista manages to smile. ]]-

[ Dave Batista ] You... Got it.

-[[ Raven smirks, thinking his plan has just come to fruition. ]]-

[ Raven ] Good! You get through "Primetime," you get me right after.. If you're lucky, you don't make it that far.

-[[ Raven stands up and looks at his Nest. ]]-

[ Raven ] Let him up.

-[[ Oddly enough, Batista is strangely calm as he stands up... He eyeballs the Nest.. Looking each one up and down.. Sizing them up..... They all look ready to fight him if he wants to go... Batista looks uninterested. ]]-

[ Dave Batista ] Raven's Rules.. That's no DQ right?

-[[ Raven nods. ]]-

[ Dave Batista ] Alright... I'll save it for the ring then.. See you guys around.

-[[ Batista turns around and goes back inside as the Nest is left in confusion. Raven turns to Lee. ]]-

[ Raven ] "Primetime," don't fuck this up.

-[[ Fade out. ]]-

Grandmaster Sexay versus Scott Hall
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Charles Robinson

-[[ Grandmaster Sexay stands in the corner with Rikishi and Scotty II Hotty at ringside.. Kevin Nash stands calmly in Hall's corner as the bell rings to start the match.. Hall and Sexay charge at each other to start and the Harris Brothers hit the ring to a loud round of boos.. They roll in and squash Sexay with the H-BOMB!! Then turn just in time to catch Hall with an H-BOMB!! Don Harris calls for a microphone. ]]-

[ Don Harris ] Double J, our boss and YOUR entertainer fer the evenin'... Has ordered this match ta' be STOPPED.... Because quite frankly... This match SUCKS!!

-[[ He laughs. ]]-

[ Don Harris ] Kiss his ass!

-[[ They leave the ring as the fans boo. ]]-

Winner: The Harris Brothers via Match Stoppage

-[[ Jeff Jarrett is seen talking in the back with Melina.. They're both laughing as if they've come up with some nefarious plan they're going to execute at some point, but you only catch the tail end of the conversation and don't get any real idea of what they're talking about. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I've got to admit, Melina.. That's got to be one of the greatest ideas I've ever heard.. The fans won't never expect it and neither will the guy that's forced to carry that thing around after he wins it!! We're doin' that..

-[[ She covers her mouth as she laughs. ]]-

[ Melina ] Are you serious?

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Yeah.. As a matter of fact... We'll do it at Six-String Supremacy.. Somethin' that big... And funny... The people deserve to pay their hard earned money to see it!!

-[[ Jarrett tilts his head back and laughs.. Christ.. How funny could this be? ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I just can't wait to see somebody pull it out of the box!!

-[[ Jarrett and Melina lean on each other to keep from falling over laughing... But their good time is cut short as a voice interrupts them.. They both look up and see the man standing before them..... ]]-

[ John Cena ] I hope I'm not..... Interruptin' somethin'......

-[[ Jarrett, still smiling, looks up at Cena. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] 'Course not.. Big loss tonight, pal, that's tough luck..

-[[ Cena nods, taking the shot in stride. ]]-

[ John Cena ] Actually, Jeff... I came to see ya'.. To make ya' a little offa'..

-[[ Jarrett and Melina both laugh.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Ah, Cena.. I know what you're thinkin'.. But there's no openin's on Planet Jarrett right now.. Maybe sometime in the future, there'll be somethin' for ya'.. But you keep your feet on the ground and keep reachin'--

-[[ Cena raises his hand.. Stopping Jarrett. ]]-

[ John Cena ] No.. No.. That's not what I was gonna ask, dawg... No offense, but I ain't interested in that.. I'm my own man, ya' heard? What I was gonna offa' ya'... Was a concert.. At Supremacy..

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Six-String... Supremacy.

[ John Cena ] Yeah, whateva'.. At Supremacy.. This is supposed to be da' biggest pay-pa'-view eva', right? So I was thinkin'.. What if I got Bumpy Knuckles and Tha' Trademarc togetha'.. And we performed a few o'our rhymes for tha' live crowd?

-[[ Jarrett smirks. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I'm way ahead of ya', Cena.

[ John Cena ] You is?

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Yeah, I am.. I've already made the phone calls, Cena.. And there IS gonna be a concert takin' place.. It's gonna be a DUET! At Six-String Supremacy, there's gonna be two of the greatest singers in the world takin' center stage.. And they're gonna sing two hit songs for the live crowd... AND the fans at home!

-[[ Cena can't believe he's hearing this... ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] It's gonna be American Idol winner, CARRIE UNDERWOOD!

-[[ The fans in the arena immediately begin booing...... ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] .........AND ME!! HA HA!

-[[ Cena just shakes his head. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] And we're gonna be singin' her new hit song, Jarrett Take the Wheel!

[ John Cena ] Ain't it... Jesus Take the Wheel?

[ Jeff Jarrett ] No.

-[[ And Jarrett stops and looks Cena right in the eyes.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] And a personal favorite of mine...... RAP.. IS CRAP!

-[[ And Melina kicks Cena right in the testicles! Cena groans in pain and Jarrett grabs him by the head... And whips him into the wall!! Jarrett beats Cena down, kicks him in the groin again... And Melina hands him a guitar..... GUITAR SHOT!! John Cena has been left laying by the owner of Solid Gold Wrestling!! Jarrett laughs and walks away, leaving Cena on the ground....... ]]-

-[[ A concert at Six-String Supremacy with Carrie Underwood? And what's this hilarious match he's talking about? ]]-

HOUR 2 ->