SHOCK: The Road to Supremacy | January 21st, 2006 | Live From: Atlanta, Georgia | Commentators: Joey Styles & Don Callis

-[[ A fist crashes into a locker and the noise echoes all over the dressing room.. Everyone turns their attention to the source of the noise and they see Don Harris smiling as he removes his fist from a massive dent in the door of a steel locker door... Entering the dressing room behind him is his brother, Ron Harris, the Sheriff of Shock, Gene Snitsky, Vince Russo, Melina, and the world champion and owner of Solid Gold Wrestling, Jeff Jarrett... They're all dressed to impress, especially Jarrett, who wears the championship belt over his shoulder..... Everyone takes a position in front of the crowd of Solid Gold Wrestling superstars with Jeff Jarrett at the forefront... Don Harris, however, is the first to speak. ]]-

[ Don Harris ] All o'you take your thumbs outta' your asses and listen up.. The boss has got somethin' to say..

-[[ Carlito stands up amongst the wrestlers and speaks out much to the annoyance of everyone else. ]]-

[ Carlito ] Yes, everyone listen closely.. When Boss Jarrett speaks, he means what he say.. And 'dat... Dat's cool!

-[[ Everyone grumbles.. ]]-

[ Chris Jericho ] Sit down and put an apple in it, ass hat..

-[[ Carlito turns around quickly with an offended look on his face.. He raises his hand, revealing an apple and points at Jericho in an accusing manner.. Jericho looks annoyed, but carefree as usual. ]]-

[ Carlito ] Do you want it? Do you want the apple?

-[[ Carlito raises it and starts to take a bite, but Jarrett clears his throat and Carlito quickly sits down. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Thank you, Carlito.. But I'll take it from here if ya' don't mind...

-[[ Jarrett looks around at everyone and he can tell just from the looks on their faces whether or not they're on his side... And they know exactly what this is about... When Jarrett is sure he has their undivided attention, he continues. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Unless you've been sleepin' under a rock for the last week, ya' know what I'm about to talk about... And ya' know what we have to do about it.... Last week on Shock... On live television... My crew and myself were assaulted by that... Animal.. That goes by the name o'Dave Batista!!

-[[ Jim Cornette stands up, flailing his arms around and rambling with that machine gun he calls a mouth. ]]-

[ Jim Cornette ] Now, see here, I tell you what, there's a lot of things I'll stand for in this business because hell, I been in it for damn near s'long as I can remember and I have never and I mean never been accosted in the middle of the ring like I was by that asshole and I'll be damned and I do mean GOD DAMNED, Jeff, if I allow it to happen again to me or anybody else AGAIN!! That fuckin' asshole--

-[[ Trevor Murdoch stands up, fury in his eyes. ]]-

[ Trevor Murdoch ] Now, hold on right juss' this second, Mistry Cornette, who are yew.. WHO DO YEW THANK YER CALLIN' A FUCKIN' ASSHOLE!?

-[[ Cornette turns around, confused. ]]-

[ Jim Cornette ] Who.. Who do you think I'm callin' a fuckin' asshole? I'm obviously talkin' about Dave Batista, you god damn idiot, he's the whole reason we've all been huddled in this room like a bunch of damned cattle, I mean, Jesus Christ, son, it's crowded, I think I'm breakin' out in hives!!

-[[ Murdoch puts his hands up like he's just made a huge mistake. ]]-

[ Trevor Murdoch ] LORD, I APOLOGIZE!! I thought yew was talkin' about... Talkin' about somebody else..

[ Jim Cornette ] Well, I wasn't, so shut the fuck up and let Jeff finish!!

-[[ Jarrett rubs his eyes with his thumb and index finger, this latest exchange having just resulted in the loss of several brain cells.... He looks back up and speaks in a stern tone.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Both of ya'... Sit down.

[ Trevor Murdoch ] Oh, yes, sir.. Yes, sir, Mistry Jarrett, I do apologize, rightly so.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Sit down.

-[[ Trevor Murdoch sits back down and Jarrett continues. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Last week, we made history.. Debutin' a new face o'Solid Gold Wrestlin'... We buried Shane McMahon and made Val Venis put his mentor, Arn Anderson, in the grave... And then we sent him home singin' the blues... We announced that Carrie Underwood was gonna be singin' with yours truly--

[ Trevor Murdoch ] I like Merle.. Why couldn't ye' get Merle?

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Merle's dead, Trevor.. Dead like Taz.. Dead like Ric Flair..

-[[ Edge laughs and pulls Stacy close, licking the side of her face. ]]-

[ Edge ] Dead like Val Venis!!

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Touché, Edge.. Ha ha...

[ Mike Awesome ] DEAD!! LIKE OWEN FUCKIN' HART!!

-[[ Lance Storm elbows Awesome in the side as the room goes silent. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Sit... Now.

-[[ Jarrett continues. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] And we announced that the main event of Six-String Supremacy, the biggest SGDubya pay-per-view of ALLLLLLL time is gonna be the world premiere for the trailer of the movie written and directed... BY ME... CHOSEN ONE: THE LEGEND OF JEFF JARRETT!!

-[[ Melina begins applauding loudly, the sound echoing in the room as no one else responds. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] It should'a been the biggest nights in the history of our sport--

[ Chris Jericho ] Thanks for the insight, Schiavone.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Shut it, Jericho, you just cost yourself a world title shot.

-[[ Jericho scoffs. ]]-

[ Chris Jericho ] Speaking of that, jerky, when are you going to defend that thing?

[ Jeff Jarrett ] That don't concern you, Jericho, 'cause at this rate, I'm gonna defend it against.... Mike Sanders before I defend it against your ass!! Hell, I'll GIVE it to Mike Sanders before I let you have a shot at it!!

-[[ Everyone laughs out loud. ]]-

[ Carlito ] Mike Sanders.. World champion!? Dat's NOT cool!!

-[[ Mike Sanders stands up, yanking Torrie Wilson up by the arm with him.. Mark Jindrak stands up with him.. Sanders is furious and Jindrak doesn't look too happy either.. ]]-

[ Mike Sanders ] Kiss my ass!! You're trying to EMBARRASS ME!?

-[[ Ken Kennedy is nearly guffawing as he stands up and comments. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] You embarrassed yourself when you decided to leave the house with that TRAMP!

-[[ Torrie gasps and Sanders clenches his fists like he's ready to fight... Edge stands up behind them and places a hand on Torrie's shoulder.. He has a genuinely caring look on his face. ]]-

[ Edge ] I don't think you're a tramp, babe.. Why don't you come back to my room after the show and join me in some...

-[[ He smiles evilly. ]]-

[ Edge ] Crazy sex.. I assure you, it's only illegal in forty-eight states..

-[[ He licks his teeth and when Sanders sees the smile on her face, he pulls her away from Edge.. He, Torrie, and Jindrak quickly move through the crowd of wrestlers until they're a safe distance away... Sanders begins yelling again. ]]-

[ Mike Sanders ] Yeah, that's real funny.. Keep making jokes!! I'll show you... I'LL SHOW YOU ALL!!

-[[ He stops, shaking with intensity.. ]]-

[ Mike Sanders ] And by the time you realize you made a mistake by underestimating me... YOU'LL ALL BE S.O....L!! AND YOU KNOW WHAT THE HELL THAT MEANS!!

-[[ Christian, seated near Sanders' current position looks to be thinking the term over.. ]]-

[ Christian ] Suck... Out.... Loud? No, that can't be right... Because then.. YOU would be S... O... L...

-[[ Trish laughs. ]]-

[ Trish Stratus ] I bet he's... Sick.. Of... LOSING, too!!

[ Tyson Tomko ] Owned.

-[[ Sanders just turns and walks out of the room, leaving everyone laughing at him... Jarrett continues. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Now, I've taken a few measures to make sure we have law and order here in SGDubya... Now, besides havin' Ron and Don to make sure we have an entertainin' product on television and Gene Snitsky to make sure there ain't no unwanted outbursts backstage... I've named a man to be our locker room leader and make sure things don't get said that don't NEED to be said... And that the proper respect is shown to your superiors... In short, he's an enforcer... Of locker room etiquette.. For lack of a better word.. You get out o'line.. And he'll knock you back in it..

-[[ Jarrett directs everyone to the side of the room where, sitting by himself in a steel folding chair is The Undertaker.. He sits quietly, chewing tobacco in his mouth, and tightening his gloves... He stares everyone in the room down behind his sun glasses..... And then spits in the floor.. A girl's scream fills the air as this revelation hits... And everyone turns to see who made the shrill noise.. It was no girl. ]]-

[ The Blue Meanie ] He'll kill us all!! HE'LL KILL US ALL!!

-[[ And he faints and is quickly caught and held up by Stevie Richards and Super Nova.. Jarrett smirks. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] He ends careers...... So stay in line.

-[[ Jarrett waits for the panic in the room to settle down.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] And another measure I've taken... Is to ensure that Ric Flair and that ring rat, Rena Mero, are banned from the buildin' forever.. Because they ain't nothin' but bad news... Flair ain't done nothin' but stir shit between me an' Batista and I do hold him responsible for what happened last week....... And as for old Sable...

[ Elix Skipper ] She's an ugly ass bitch!

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Ya' got that right, Shelton, and one ugly bitch is one too many.. Can I get an amen?

[ Ken Kennedy ] AAAAAAAAAAAA-MEN!! ...........Amen!

[ Voice ] I've been meaning to discuss that with you, Jeff..

-[[ Everyone in the room gasps and goes dead silent as they hear the voice.. Jarrett turns around and his face turns white as a ghost as he's presented with the suited frame of one David Batista...... Batista has a dead serious look on his face, but his eyes are hidden behind a small pair of shades...... Jarrett begins stammering, looking for something to say. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Ah.... Uh.... Big Dave... Why.. Ahem..

[ Carlito ] You can do it, Jeff!! Kick his ass!!

-[[ Jarrett turns around to Carlito with wide eyes and makes the "cut it out" motion across his throat frantically.. ]]-

[ Dave Batista ] No one told me about a meeting..

-[[ Russo strolls up with a cocky smile on his face. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] What? You didn't get the memo? That's tough luck, pal.

-[[ Dave gives Russo a look that almost makes him shit his pants. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Uh, Jeff... I'm going to excuse myself to the shitta'.. I don't feel so good..

-[[ Almost? He leaves the room. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] We were just discussin' some issues...

[ Dave Batista ] I'd like to discuss some issues myself..

-[[ Batista removes his sunglasses and smiles.. A sarcastic, stabbing smile. ]]-

[ Dave Batista ] If you don't mind.... Boss.

-[[ Jarrett shakes his head. ]]-

[ Dave Batista ] I know what I did last week has made me a target... And I know what I did is frowned upon.. By the management... But after having a week to think things over... I think we can both come to the same conclusion....

-[[ Batista shrugs.. ]]-

[ Dave Batista ] Hey, we all make mistakes..

-[[ Jarrett smiles nervously. ]]-

[ Dave Batista ] I sat back and I thought to myself and I realized.. Hey, Jeff is probably under a lot of pressure.. I mean.. I know I would be if I had a company with Solid Gold Wrestling's history dropped in my lap.. And hey.. He's got the pressure of being the world champion on top of that........ So, that's probably why he overreacted and had Ric thrown out... And maybe, just maybe that's why he had Shane and Arn taken out...

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Yeah... Yeah, of course... A lot of... Pressure..

[ Dave Batista ] That's what I thought... Now, I've made my assumption and I tried to figure out your problem.. Now I'll let you have a little insight... Into mine.. And why I did... What I did.......  Last week, pressure or no pressure, I saw a man show this great company absolutely... No respect.... Now, I don't want to get off on a rant here--

[ Chris Jericho ] Hey, Dennis Miller's in the house.. Give him a round of applause.

[ Jim Cornette ] Oh shit, you god damn idiot, why oh why am I sittin' next to this guy, for the love o'Christ..

-[[ Batista takes the shot in stride, not even looking in Jericho's direction. ]]-

[ Dave Batista ] Solid Gold Wrestling is one of the greatest companies in the world today.. It's got a lot of history behind it.. And when I saw you disrespecting that history by doing what you did to Arn and Shane... It made me angry... And when you disrespected two of my friends, Ric and Rena......... That made me... VERY.... Angry... And I decided to make a point.. And some guys in this business, they don't take points too well... You can't talk to them...

-[[ Jarrett wipes the sweat off his brow. ]]-

[ Dave Batista ] You have to beat it into them.

-[[ Batista lets that settle in the air for a second. ]]-

[ Dave Batista ] I showed everyone in that ring at the end of Shock.. That if you disrespect someone or something.. You're going to get disrespected right back... I respect the hell out of Solid Gold Wrestling and everything it's done to make this business what it is...... And I respect that championship belt you're carrying around like a trophy... And I respect every single man that held that belt.. And worked their asses off to make it exactly what it is......

-[[ Another pause, no one dares speak up now. ]]-

[ Dave Batista ] But just because I respect that belt... I don't have to respect the man that wears it.

-[[ Jarrett looks down and closes his eyes... Before reopening them and speaking. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Dave... Big man... I think what we have here.. Is a bad case of miscommunication...

-[[ Jarrett looks around nervously. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] And I think that's a problem we need to solve right now, ya' see.... How about you follow me around tonight... And you give me your advice on how we can make this company better.... For me... And for the wrestlers... And hell, Dave... I'll even personally call Ric Flair and invite him to the show!!

-[[ Batista smiles.. ]]-

[ Dave Batista ] Come on, Jeff... You're not just saying that so I won't kick your ass, are you?

-[[ Jarrett laughs. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Of course not, Big Dave!!


[ Jeff Jarrett ] Shut it, Carlito!!

[ Dave Batista ] I'd like that, Jeff.. I think this could be the beginning.. Of a beautiful friendship..

-[[ Batista throws an arm around Jarrett's shoulder.. Jarrett looks really uncomfortable.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Yeah, Dave... So, go get ready for your match.. And after it's over, we'll talk business.. And hell, I'll let you main event tonight!! So, go on and get ready and we'll talk after the show.. About what we can do to make SGDubya' better... And all that...

[ Dave Batista ] That's alright, Jeff.. I don't have to main event.. As a matter of fact.. I'll just go have my match now.. That way we can spend the show together and get a more.. Hands on approach on making Solid Gold better...

-[[ Batista turns to the crowd of wrestlers. ]]-

[ Dave Batista ] You ready, Kennedy?

-[[ Kennedy stands up, looking like the life has been drained from his body. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] Actually, Mister Batista, I seem to have come down with a bad case of the flu between arriving here tonight and this moment in which I stand here before you...... So without further incident, I must intelligently and in a courteous... AND THOUGHTFUL MANNER........ Bow out of our match, for fear of infecting you with this oh-so-contagious flu....... Thank you.

-[[ He sits back down and crosses his arms with a smug look on his face... Batista's response is unexpected. ]]-

[ Dave Batista ] Oh, come on.. What's a flu to a man like me? Besides, that's part of dedicating yourself to the business, Ken... You take risks and you work through sickness and injuries.... Let's go give'em a show..

-[[ Kennedy's face drops.. The fear is back.. He slowly stands up and takes a last look at the men before him... He then turns and walks out of the room and through the curtain to the ring as his music hits and the fans give him a loud round of boos...... Batista, still standing in the back, removes his jacket, dress shirt, and tie before going to the ring in his slacks... All of the wrestlers turn their attention to a monitor to witness the match. ]]-

Dave Batista versus Ken Kennedy
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Nick Patrick

-[[ Kennedy runs at Batista and Batista stops him in mid-run with a stiff kick to the gut...... BATISTA-BOMB!! Ken Kennedy bounces at least three feet off of the mat... "WHO'S THE MAN!?" and the fans yell back - "YOU ARE!!".. "BOOM!!" Batista covers him.. One!! Two!! Thr--..... THE BIG SHOW JUST PULLED BATISTA OUT OF THE RING!!! Lollipop is distracting the referee..... CHOKE SLAM ON THE OUTSIDE!! The fans in erupt in boos.. "BOOM, MY ASS!!" Big Show laughs and tosses Batsita back in the ring.. Kennedy rolls over and covers him...... ONE........ TWO............ THR-- Batista kicked out!! Kennedy can't believe it!! Kennedy stands up...... And drops a BIG LEG DROP!! Kennedy covers him again!! One!! Two!! Three!! HOLY....... MY GOOD GOD.. KEN KENNEDY HAS JUST DONE THE IMPOSSIBLE!!! ]]-

Winner: Ken Kennedy via Pin Fall

-[[ Everyone in the room winces in pain as they witness the demise of Batista's career in such glorious fashion... ]]-

[ Melina ] How is that... I don't get.... Did that just HAPPEN!?

-[[ Jarrett can only nod. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] What an embarrassment.. If that was me--

-[[ Bob Orton cuts him off quickly. ]]-

[ "Cowboy" Bob Orton ] No, son.. Don't even compare yourself to that... That machine gunnin' idiot.

[ Chris Jericho ] Who cares.. Call someone to scrape the road kill out of the ring and let's get on with the show, baby!!

-[[ Wrestlers begin filing out of the room, each preparing for their respective matches.. Soon enough, only the staff, minus Russo, Edge, Stacy, Randy Orton, Bob Orton, and the Christian Coalition are left in the room.. Jarrett flicks the monitor off and turns to the people left standing in front of him.. ]]-

[ Christian ] Well..... I don't know about you guys.. But I.. Thought it was an admirable showing. How about you, Tomko?

[ Tyson Tomko ] No.

[ Christian ] Fair enough.. One of you guys can call the ambulance, I'm going to get dressed for the curb stomping that is scheduled to take place......... Oh, at the top of the hour.. Come on, Edge..

-[[ Edge and Christian turn to walk away when Jarrett speaks up. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I'm gonna get a breath o'fresh air and I'll be right there with ya', Christian..

-[[ Christian stops and turns around.. An eyebrow raised.. ]]-

[ Christian ] What's that?

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I'll be ready for our match later tonight.. The one for the tag titles.. Remember?

-[[ Christian looks at Edge, confused.. Then he looks at the Coalition.. They all exchange confused looks. ]]-

[ Christian ] Am I missing something?

-[[ No one answers. ]]-

[ Christian ] OH! OH SNAP!

-[[ Christian points at Jarrett. ]]-

[ Christian ] Special guest referee.. YOU!! Oh, man.. I love the way you think, Jeff..

-[[ Jarrett laughs. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Ha ha.. Good one, Christian.. Don't think I didn't get what ya' were sayin' last week... You wanted a partner to win your fourth tag team titles with.. Ya' wanted to break the record held by them damn Dudley Boyz..... And I asked ya' who ya' wanted your partner to be.. And you were right, I DID know who ya' wanted...

-[[ Christian points at Edge, hoping Jarrett will get the picture. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] ........ME!!

[ Edge ] What?!

[ Christian ] No, no, Jeff...... I wanted Edge.. Breaking the record doesn't mean anything if we don't do it TOGETHER!!

[ Jeff Jarrett ] You sayin' ya' don't wanna team with me?

[ Christian ] YES!! I mean, NO... I mean... Sure, I'd love to team with you, Jeff... But NOT TONIGHT!!

-[[ This is tearing everyone up.. ]]-

[ Christian ] Listen, Jeff.... I have to team with Edge tonight.. HAVE TO...

-[[ Randy Orton gets in Christian's face without warning. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Maybe you don't HAVE to team up with anyone at all tonight...

-[[ Orton smirks. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Maybe I'll replace YOU in the match.. And me and Jeff will win those tag team titles!!

[ Christian ] Excuse me? And you are?

[ Randy Orton ] Randy... ORTON........ LEGEND KILLER..

-[[ Christian smiles cockily right in Orton's face. ]]-

[ Christian ] Well, Randy... Orton.... LEGEND KILLER... I suggest you check yourself.. Before you wreck yourself.. Or your ridiculous, clichéd little Legend Killer Tour.. Is gonna end up like that television show Arrested Development... CANCELED!!

-[[ Jarrett pushes Orton aside... ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Stay out o'this, Orton.. This is 'tween me and Christian.... It seems we've had a misunderstandin' of our own, Christian.. And I'm sorry, but the match is already booked.. Stevie Richards and the Blue Meanie... Versus Christian and the SGDubya World Heavyweight Champion......... Jeff Jarrett!!

-[[ Edge and Christian both look pissed... But before anything else is said, Batista re-enters the room, fresh off his LOSS with Kennedy... He looks around and sees everyone is a bit bent out of shape.... He speaks. ]]-

[ Dave Batista ] That Kennedy's a real trooper, I tell ya'.. I didn't see that one coming..

-[[ No one responds. ]]-

[ Dave Batista ] Is something wrong?

-[[ Christian grumbles. ]]-

[ Christian ] Everything's peachy.. Just great. I'm gonna go get ready for my match..

-[[ Christian storms out with Edge and the Coalition in tow.. Batista walks over to Jarrett with a smile on his face. ]]-

[ Dave Batista ] So, where do we start? Oh, I know...

-[[ Batista grabs his jacket from the chair he left it on earlier.. He removes a cell phone from the pocket and hands it to Jarrett.. Jarrett just looks at it, knowing he's about to make the most difficult phone call of his life... He smiles at Batista and dials the number of Ric Flair. ]]-

Rhino versus Justin Credible
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: Singapore Cane Match
Referee: Jimmy Cordaris

-[[ Both men start with Singapore canes in their hands.. They charge at each other blindly, swinging the canes like made men.. The canes clash together and they practically sword fight with them, fighting hard to make first contact with them on the other's skin.... Rhino kicks Credible away and swings the cane wildly, narrowly missing Credible's head!! Credible runs and tackles Rhino to the mat and begins punching away at his head, but Rhino forces him off and grabs his cane.. He forces it into Credible's throat, desperately trying to choke the life out of him, but Credible begins clawing at Rhino's eyes, forcing him to get away from him.. Rhino backs into the corner and Credible stands up... Rhino charges at Credible for the GORE!! But Credible side steps and Rhino goes flying into the turnbuckles!! Rhino comes bouncing out....... And Credible smashes him in the head with a Singapore cane!! Rhino staggers backwards but doesn't go down...... Credible hits him with the cane again!! AND AGAIN!! Rhino starts to fall.. He drops to one knee...... And Credible raises the cane again....... And Rhino springs up and nails the GORE!! GORE!! GOOOOOOOOORE!!! Rhino just creamed Credible with a desperation GORE!! Neither man is moving!! They lay there motionless for a few seconds... Credible is the first to begin stirring... He rolls over and covers Rhino with one hand....... One! Two! Thr-- Rhino kicked out!! Rhino gets up to one knee and Credible is already up..... Credible nails Rhino with the cane again and Rhino goes bouncing back into the ropes... Credible catches him coming off....... THAT'S INCREDIBLE!!!! He covers Rhino again.. One!! TWO!! THRE-- RHINO KICKED OUT!! Credible can't believe it!! Rhino is fighting to stand up again... Credible grabs a cane...... He raises it over his head again..... And Rhino nails him!! KICK WHAM PILEDRIVER!! Rhino grabs a cane of his own and raises it over his head as the fans boo... He goes to town on Credible's ribs, hitting him several times... And he begins climbing the ropes...... Rhino's going up top.. He's going to injure Credible with the cane from the height!! But just as Rhino is ready to leap.. AND HE DRIVES THE TIP OF THE CANE INTO THE THROAT OF JUSTIN CREDIBLE!! Rhino throws the cane down and yanks Credible off his feet........ PILEDRIVER!!! Rhino covers him!! ONE!! TWO!! THREE!! Before Rhino can even celebrate, Samoa Joe hits the ring...... Joe runs at Rhino with a clothesline.. Rhino ducks it, hits the ropes........ GORE!!!!!!!!! GORE!!!!!!!!!!!!! GORE!!!!!! He covers Samoa Joe now and he's demanding that the referee count this one too!! The ref gets down....... ONE!!! TWO!!! THREEEEEEEEEEE!! RHINO HAS JUST BEATEN BOTH IMPACT PLAYERS AT ONCE!!! Rhino celebrates to.. Surprisingly, a lot of cheers. ]]-

Winner: Rhino via Pin Fall

-[[ Jeff Jarrett is seen talking in the backstage area with Ken Kennedy, the Big Show, and Carlito.. Jeff Jarrett is obviously bragging about something because you see him point to the world title on his shoulder and occasionally hoist it up higher on his shoulder..... As you draw closer, you make out what the conversation consists of... ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Ken Kennedy, I must say, what you did to Dave Batista tonight was one o'the most impressive things I have ever witnessed in my life.. He ain't around is he?

-[[ Show, Kennedy, and Carlito all look around.. They all three shake their heads.. ]]-

[ The Big Show ] Nowhere in sight... And even if he was.. I'd crush him for the SECOND time tonight..

-[[ Carlito laughs and tosses an apple in the air, catching it. ]]-

[ Carlito ] Nothing would make Carlito happier.. Than having the pleasure of spitting in tha' face.. Of Dave Batista!

-[[ Ken Kennedy just sits back and smiles... Knowing he's made an impact that will be felt for quite some time now.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] Mister Jarrett, it was an honor to be the man that stopped every ounce of momentum that Mister David Batista had built up on the last edition of SGW Shock... And now, I can only hope to mold that momentum and make it my own as I climb the ladder here in Solid Gold... Wrestling.......

-[[ Everyone laughs evilly. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Don't worry about a thing, Kennedy.. Because from now on, you've got it made..

-[[ Before they can continue, the group is approached by Lance Storm, Mike Awesome, Elix Skipper, Major Gunnz... And Chris Jericho, an ally of Team Canada... Lance Storm is the first to speak.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Mister Jarrett, could we speak to you in private?

-[[ Jarrett turns and motions for Show, Kennedy, and Carlito to leave.. They do.. Jarrett turns back to Team Canada. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] What'cha got for me?

[ Lance Storm ] We have a request for the pay-per-view...

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Shoot.

-[[ Storm turns and looks at the rest of Team Canada and at Jericho, maybe to see if any of them have any exceptions to what he's about to present to the owner and world champion.... No one speaks up so he continues. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Well, we noticed last week.. That you had added quite a bit of non-wrestling content to the pay-per-view.. Such as your duet with Carrie Underwood.. And the debut of your new movie trailer.......

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Because fans pay for entertainment, not wrestlin'..

-[[ This catches Storm off guard.. He clears his throat and continues, trying not to look or sound offended. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Of course.. But.. We were wondering if we could add our own non-wrestling ceremony to the pay-per-view..... A celebration of our Canadian heritage... A tribute to the Canadian greats that have graced Solid Gold Wrestling in the past.. Such as Bret Hart, former world champion......

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Untalented hack.

[ Lance Storm ] ...Or Val Venis, who has held many championships...

-[[ Jarrett almost laughs out loud. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] And lost'em all in very short order, but I get ya'..

[ Lance Storm ] Or Edge and Christian.. Multiple time tag team champions....

-[[ Jarrett totally ignores the point. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] He's winnin' another one tonight, ya' heard?

[ Lance Storm ] Yes.

-[[ Jarrett gets down to brass tacks. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Well, that's fine.. If ya' want your little ceremony, you got it.. But ya' keep in mind.. If it ain't entertainin' enough.. Or I just don't like what I see..... The Harris Brothers are gonna are cancel it... And when they cancel somethin'... They cancel it hard.

-[[ Storm nods and they turn to walk away, but Jericho speaks up now.. ]]-

[ Chris Jericho ] Hey, Jeff... I didn't get to talk to ya' as much as I wanted to during the meeting... But anyway, about that belt you're carryin' around--

-[[ Jarrett cuts him off. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Against you? Never.

-[[ Jericho gets pissed and storms off, leaving Team Canada by themselves... Storm and the others are suddenly approached by Petey Williams and Scott D'Amore... Petey walks right up to Storm.. ]]-

[ Petey Williams ] Lance Storm... A Canadian HERO...... A legend.. I was wondering if I could join Team Canada, since we share so many of the same ideals and beliefs on what makes Canadian wrestlers.. And Canada in general.. Superior...

-[[ Storm looks around at the others..... Then back at Petey. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] No offense, Petey.. But we've got a full house.

-[[ Petey is crushed.. Storm and the others walk right past him, but Awesome has to add his two cents. ]]-


-[[ Petey clenches his fists and looks really, really angry. ]]-

Mike Sanders versus Kurt Angle
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Mark Yeaton

-[[ Sanders and Angle start in the middle of the ring, eyeballing each other... Sanders is still angry from how he was treated during the talent meeting earlier in the night.... He and Angle talk trash to start and without warning, Angle grabs him around the waist and puts him on the mat with a takedown!! Sanders tries to get back up but Angle won't release the hold!! He turns around and grips Sanders hard in a front face lock.... Sanders is fighting the hold and manages to get to the ropes.. Angle breaks the hold and as soon as he lets go, Sanders hits him in the ribs with a stiff kick!! Angle backs away and Sanders follows him in...... And Angle drop toe holds him!! Angle is going straight for the Ankle Lock but Sanders reverses it and flips Angle out of the ring!! Angle lands on the outside and Sanders distracts the referee.. Mark Jindrak grabs Angle and throws him into the ringsteps!! Angle yells in pain and Jindrak charges at him..... He goes for a running knee, but Angle moves and Jindrak slams his knee into the steps!! He turns around, holding his leg and Angle floors him with a big right hand!! Angle rolls back in the ring and Sanders charges at him..... BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX!! Sanders springs back up, obviously in pain and Angle catches him with an arm drag!! HIP TOSS!! And another BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX!! Sanders slowly gets up now and Angle waits on him.. Sanders throws a punch.. Angle ducks it!! GERMAN SUPLEX!! ANOTHER ONE!! AND ANOTHER!! AND ANOTHER!! Mike Sanders is drunk from being suplexed so much!! Sanders staggers around the ring and Angle snaps off ropes... Clothesline!! Sanders does a complete flip on impact!! Angle covers!! ONE!! TWO!! THR-- Sanders got a shoulder up!! Angle gets up, pulls Sanders off the mat......... ANGLE SLAM!! Sanders' foot caught the referee in the eye on the way down!! Mark Jindrak rolls back in the ring and goes after Angle, but Angle drop toe holds him..... ANKLE LOCK ON MARK JINDRAK!! "TAP!! TAAAAAAAAAAP!!" And Mark Jindrak is tapping out!! Mike Sanders rolls out of the ring, holding his back.. And he grabs a chair........ He rolls back inside........ AND NAILS KURT ANGLE WITH THE CHAIR!! "How do you like it, you son of a bitch!?" He nails Kurt AGAIN wit the chair!! Jindrak rolls out of the ring and Sanders covers Kurt and hooks the leg...... The referee comes to...... One... Two........ THREE!! Mike Sanders has scored the upset!! Sanders rolls over and looks right in the camera...... "HEY, JEFF!! WAS THAT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU!? NO!? WELL, LET'S SEE WHAT ELSE I CAN DO TO GET YOUR ATTENTION!!" Sanders gets out of the ring and storms up the ramp with Jindrak and Torrie following close behind him. ]]-

Winner: Mike Sanders via Pin Fall

-[[ Vince Russo is sitting in the back in a folding chair, once again reading an issue of Playboy.. Just like last week, he's shaking his head, admiring some girl's figure.... He slides a hand down the front of his pants and begins talking out loud.. To himself.. To the girl.. It doesn't matter.. For God's sake, this is live television.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Oh, shit, girl.. Ya' got no idea what you do ta' me..

-[[ Oh.. My... God... Fortunately, before he gets any further, Melina walks into the room with a clipboard.. She looks frustrated with something.. Her eyes wander and she sees what Russo is doing and her jaw drops. ]]-


-[[ Russo yanks his hand out of his pants and looks surprised. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Nothin'!! FUCKIN' NOTHIN'!! What are ya' doin' sneakin' up on me!?

[ Melina ] I didn't sneak up on you!! I walked right in front of you!!

-[[ That hangs in the air for a minute.. Russo speaks first. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Well, shit.. What do you want?

-[[ Melina shows him the clipboard. ]]-

[ Melina ] Jeff wants me to come up with an idea on how to crown a new United States Champion..

[ Vince Russo ] So, what'cha got?

[ Melina ] Nothing.

-[[ Russo seems to think it over for a second... ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] I got it!!

[ Melina ] You do? Just like that?

-[[ Russo laughs. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] I'm a wrestlin' genius, bitch.. I get paid fa' this..

[ Melina ] Whatever.. Just tell me what you have so I can tell Jeff.

-[[ Russo smiles.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] What I got is... We take four or five guys.. Don't matta' because they ain't what's important.. What's important is tha' big fuckin' dome-shaped cage we put ova' the ring... We put a dome shaped cage ova' that ring.. And we hang a bunch o'fuckin' weapons all ova' the place.. Shit like chairs.. Chains.. Lead pipes... KNIVES.. SICKLES!!

-[[ Melina looks surprised.. ]]-

[ Melina ] Knives and sickles? This is wrestling, Russo... Not legitimate death matches..

[ Vince Russo ] Well, hamma's then.. And brass knucks.. All kinds o'shit... And we make it elimination style.. But the catch is.. Ya' only eliminated if ya' get pinned.. And can't answa' the ten count...

-[[ Melina nods.. ]]-

[ Melina ] I like it.. But what do we call it..... Wait.. I have it!!

-[[ She looks like she's come up with the greatest idea ever... ]]-


-[[ Russo laughs. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] .........OF DOOM~!!!

-[[ She laughs now. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] I like the way ya' think, babe.

-[[ He puts an arm around her shoulder. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] We should fuck sometime.

-[[ She moves away from him, looking disgusted and yanks her clipboard out of his other hand..... Having gotten the plan for the United States title match, she leaves him to himself...... Russo shrugs his shoulders and sits back down with his magazine. ]]-

Christian & Jeff Jarrett versus Stevie Richards & The Blue Meanie
Title on the Line: SGW World Tag Team Championship
Stipulation: None
Referee: Charles Robinson

-[[ Christian starts with the Meanie.. They circle each other for a bit with the Meanie surprisingly taking this more seriously than Christian.. They lock-up and Christian immediately knee lifts him and pie faces him to the mat.. Christian laughs.. The Meanie gets mad and stands up.. He charges at Christian and Christian side steps him and throws him over the top rope and to the outside!! Christian distracts the referee while Tyson Tomko grabs the Meanie and drops him across the guardrail!! Tomko then throws the Meanie back inside the ring.. Christian covers him.. One.. Two.. The Meanie kicks out.. The Meanie starts to stand up and Christian kicks him right in the face.. "STAY DOWN, YOU FAT IDIOT!!" and Christian kicks him in the face again!! Christian pulls the Meanie up and hooks him for the UNPRETTIER... But as soon as Christian turns him around, Stevie Richards gets in the ring...... STEVIE KICK ON CHRISTIAN!! Christian goes down!! The Meanie covers him!! ONE!! TWO!! THR-- Jeff Jarrett broke the pin!! Charles Robinson is forcing Jarrett out of the ring, he's got his back turned to the match... Christian staggers up, and there's "PRIMETIME" BRIAN LEE!!! CHOKE SLAM ON CHRISTIAN!! The Meanie covers him!! Robinson turns around... ONE!! TWO!! THR-- Wait, Charles Robinson is distracted by Tyson Tomko on the apron!! Jeff Jarrett's in the ring with a guitar... He raises it over his head.. He's going to hit the Meanie!! But wait..... BATISTA IS IN THE RING!! He takes the guitar away from Jarrett, turns, and BLASTS IT over the head of an interfering BRIAN LEE!! "BOOM!!" Brian Lee rolls out of the ring, covering his head!! Jarrett is shocked that Batista just did that.. And he turns around just in time for....... KICK WHAM EVENFLOW FROM RAVEN!! Christian is back up and Stevie Richards comes running at him and Christian nails him with a drop toe hold, sending Stevie flailing into Charles Robinson's back, sending HIM crashing into Tomko.. Sending TOMKO crashing into the guardrail!! Raven is going to work at taking out Jeff Jarrett, but Batista grabs him by the hair and throws his head between his legs....... BATISTA-BOMB!!! Batista throws Raven out of the ring and follows him outside!! But Batista is being fair, he's sending Raven, Lee, AND Tomko back to the back!! He's making this match two on two again!! The four superstars begin brawling like crazy and the referee is still out.. Batista is still making sure the others go to the back... And... MIKE SANDERS ROLLS IN THE RING!! HE NAILS JARRETT WITH A CHAIR!! Sanders rolls out of the ring and escapes through the crowd!! Why did he do that!? The Meanie holds Christian up and Stevie goes for a STEVIE KICK..... Christian ducks and the Meanie takes ALL of it!! The Meanie is DONE!! Stevie turns around...... And is SPEARED BY EDGE!!!!!!! Edge rolls out of the ring and also escapes through the crowd!! Christian covers Stevie!! The ref is back up!! ONE!! TWO!! THR-- THE MEANIE BROKE IT UP!! Jeff Jarrett yanks the Meanie off the mat... STROKE ON THE MEANIE!! The Meanie rolls out of the ring and Jarrett turns around just in time to get FLOORED BY SUPER NOVA'S FLYING CROSS BODY!! Jarrett catches Nova and flies backwards, knocking Charles Robinson back down and out!! Nova stands up and strikes a super hero pose.. And Christian grabs him from behind...... UNPRETTIER!!!!! Nova rolls out of the ring and Stevie is back up.. He turns Christian around... He goes for the STEVIE-KICK!! Christian ducks it and the momentum carries Stevie into the ropes... Where Jim Cornette NAILS HIM with a tennis racket!! Stevie staggers forward and Jarrett's up.. Christian and Jarrett both catch him... DOUBLE DDT!! Stevie does a headstand on impact!! Christian and Jarrett both stand up and The Meanie floors them both with a double clothesline!! And then the Meanie turns around........ CHICK KICK!! Trish Stratus just leveled the Meanie!! Jarrett and Christian both roll over and put a hand on the Meanie's chest....... Charles Robinson is revived........ ONE!! TWO!! THREEEEEEE!! My God, what a match.. What a fucking MATCH!! We have new tag team champions!! ]]-

Winners & New Tag Team Champions: Christian & Jeff Jarrett via Pin Fall

-[[ Kurt Angle is staggering down the hallway, holding the back of his head.. He's visibly upset after the way he was screwed out of his match with Mike Sanders.. People are staying away from him, not wanting to be anywhere near him when he finally snaps.... Kurt stops in front of his dressing room door and goes to open it up but finds the door is already slightly open.... He looks around the outside of the room, expecting an ambush of some sort.. He takes a deep breath and slowly opens the door.. After a quick look around, he realizes no one is in the room but himself... But his bags have been totally ransacked.... He begins sifting through his clothes and extra gear... And the more he digs, the more frantic he becomes..... Finally, he yells... ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] What!? No, no, no!! Where are they!?

-[[ Angle is slinging his clothing and gear all over the room, finally culminating in him throwing an entire suitcase against the wall in the midst of his fury... Angle turns a semi-circle, looking around the room with wide eyes... ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] Where's my damn medals!?

-[[ Angle stands there, breathing heavily.. This has done nothing to sooth the pain of losing his match earlier.. Angle clenches his fists and looks down at the floor... He knows who is behind this... ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] Team Canada... TEAM CANADA!!

-[[ Angle turns around and storms out of the room, running down the hallway at an alarming rate.. People in the hallway scatter out of the way or get knocked down.. Angle is taking no prisoners.. He runs up to the dressing room door that's marked by a large, red Maple Leaf on the front.. He reaches for the door knob and then stops, thinking to himself... ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] Oh no... OH HELL NO!

-[[ And Angle kicks the door straight off the hinges!! Lance Storm, Elix Skipper, Major Gunnz, and Mike Awesome all turn and look at the red, white, and blue monster standing where their door used to be... Angle leans his head back and yells loudly, the battle cry echoing in the small room as Team Canada watches on with wide eyes. ]]-


-[[ Lance Storm is the only one who answers. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] ..Yes?

-[[ Angle looks back down and his eyes run over each member as he marches into the room, spitting as he talks. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] My medals.. MY DAMN MEDALS!! WHERE ARE THEY!?

-[[ Mike Awesome erupts. ]]-


[ Elix Skipper ] Yeah, bitch, all up in ya' ass!! Who's house is dis!?


-[[ Storm steps past them, ignoring their outburst. He calmly addresses the furious Angle. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Your medals have come up missing, I see.. So naturally, you assume it is the Canadians.

-[[ Angle nods.. Storm continues on. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Blame Canada, of course.. Blame it for everything.. All your problems.. What did I tell you last week?

[ Kurt Angle ] That.. I shouldn't blame Canada.. Just myself.. But COME ON.. I didn't steal MY OWN medals!!

[ Lance Storm ] And of course, that means Team Canada did.. Why, Kurt, do you assume we would sink so low as to steal your Olympic gold medals?

-[[ Angle begins ranting right in Storm's face. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] Because Canada's evil is oozing all over the United States just like Maple Syrup!! Your goal around here is to show everyone that Canada's got better wrestlers and better EVERYTHING!! Oh yeah, I'm onto you, bucko, and I'm gonna put a stop to you... Because I'll be damned if America's children start pledging allegiance to the Maple Leaf and start putting Mayonnaise on everything... Or enjoy winter eleven months out of the year.. Or listen to Brian Adams all day EVERY day!! OH, I DON'T THINK SO, PAL!!

-[[ He jams a finger in Storm's face. ]]-


-[[ Storm shows no emotion. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] We don't have your medals, Kurt.

-[[ Kurt just stands there. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Leave.

-[[ Kurt Angle turns to walk out the door, but turns back around for a split second. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] This isn't over!! This has just begun!! OH, YEAH, IT'S TRUE!!

-[[ And Storm forces Angle back into the hallway.. Angle goes on about his business and as Storm turns around to rejoin Team Canada in their dressing room, he's followed back inside by TREVOR MURDOCH... He stands there with an absent minded look on his face, chewing tobacco in his mouth.. It drools down his chin.... Everyone looks annoyed as hell that he's come in without any kind of invitation.. But hey, it's not like they have a door to the room anymore.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Can we help you with something?

-[[ Murdoch stands there for a second as if the question has to register and then he begins speaking.. ]]-

[ Trevor Murdoch ] I just wanted yew boys ta' know...

-[[ And Murdoch begins to get emotional.. ]]-

[ Trevor Murdoch ] That I ain't go problem.. Wit' yew guys bein' Canadian..

-[[ Storm places a hand on Trevor's shoulder, trying to comfort him as he begins to weep. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Thank you.. The tears aren't necessary.

[ Trevor Murdoch ] I just don't see why they treat yew guys s'damned ugly.. It ain't right!!

[ Lance Storm ] I know.. I know.

-[[ Trevor Murdoch begins sobbing hard, tears mixing with the tobacco drool and rolling off his chin.. Major Gunn looks like she's going to vomit... Storm is trying to not get any on himself.. ]]-

[ Trevor Murdoch ] The way I see it... It's a free country...... An' yew guys can have sex with whoever yew want to!!

-[[ Storm's eyes go wide and Murdoch looks up at Storm with a genuine caring look.. He pushes his index finger into Storm's chest, where his heart would be... ]]-

[ Trevor Murdoch ] Because it's about what yew got on tha' inside.... Not what'che got hangin' 'tween ye' legs..

-[[ Storm just stands there with a blank look on his face as the rest of Team Canada looks on, shocked. ]]-

-[[ And scared. ]]-

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