Date: Sunday, February 5th, 2006 | Live From: New York, New York | Commentators: Joey Styles & Don Callis

-[[ It's been three weeks... ]]-

-[[ For three long weeks, the six year history of Solid Gold Wrestling has been disrespected, burned to the ground, the ashes have been bagged, and they have been thrown in the face of every single wrestler that has ever worked to make Solid Gold Wrestling what its long history once proved it to be... The best in the business.. But more so, one group has suffered even more over the past three weeks. ]]-

-[[ The fans. ]]-

-[[ The fans, who put Solid Gold Wrestling on the map and allowed these superstars to live their dream have spent less time enjoying the Solid Gold program and more time wiping Jeff Jarrett's spit from their faces.. Jeff Jarrett, the man who once controlled Solid Gold as one of its main event power players and once killed Solid Gold when things did not go his way now runs Solid Gold Wrestling in a different fashion.. The legal way.. ]]-

-[[ Some of Solid Gold Wrestling's most memorable moments occurred during Arn Anderson and Shane McMahon's war for ownership of the promotion.. It was their battle that made and broke careers and almost ended the legacy of Solid Gold Wrestling once and for all when the battle became so heated and personal that it seemed neither one could exist while the other still breathed.. When Shane McMahon covered Arn Anderson and the referee made that fateful three count that put one hundred percent ownership of Solid Gold Wrestling in Shane McMahon's hands, it was clear that the state of the wrestling world would never be the same again.. Arn Anderson fought and bled and threw everything he could possibly muster at Shane McMahon to retain Solid Gold's old school values.. He wanted SGW to be remembered for the cut and clean wars between Bret "The Hitman" Hart and Sting... Bill Goldberg and Steve Corino... "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner and Gangrel.. For it was in that time period that wrestling was more than egos and attitudes.. It was about respect for your fellow competitor and respect for the championship belt.. The belt was not a prop that ensured more money and name recognition, it was more than that, it represented all of the hard work a man had put forth.. All of the sacrifices made, all of the blood spilled and tears shed... They were all paid off, justified when the strap was put around your waist....... In the eyes of your peers and in the eyes of the fans... You became more than a man.. More than a wrestler.. More than being the world champion itself..... You became immortal.. ]]-

-[[ But Arn Anderson was forced to let go of his dream. ]]-

-[[ Shane McMahon's vision was something that Arn Anderson did not agree with, but it was to become widely accepted as the right way to do business within the walls of Solid Gold Wrestling.. Championships changed hands in rapid fire succession and for the first time in its long, storied history, the backstage area was in a constant state of disarray.. There was no law and order... And the fans loved it.. Because they realized that Shane McMahon's vision was not a shot at them and it was not a shot at SGW's history, it was merely Shane McMahon looking to the future and it paid off huge for the young McMahon.. Even Arn Anderson, while disagreeing with the direction personally, had to give his respect to McMahon for carrying SGW to a height it may have never reached under Anderson's leadership.. As Shane McMahon's new direction strayed drastically from the old guard of SGW, the fans were presented with new superstars, new champions to embrace.. The fans lost their voices booing as the Rock became the world champion and leader of Shane McMahon's New Era and they stood in unison, cheering their hearts out when Chavo Guerrero Jr. did the impossible and won the world championship.. A goal many never thought he would reach.. Years later, when Arn Anderson returned to contest Shane's Solid Gold Wrestling-X, a version of SGW that did not recognize every facet of SGW's history, it sparked a new chapter in the war between tradition and the new era that threatened to erase the memory of SGW from the minds of the fans for good... And for a while, it did. ]]-

-[[ Enter: Jeff Jarrett ]]-

-[[ When word broke that Shane McMahon had sold the business to Jeff Jarrett, the wrestling world was left in shock.. No one could think of any justifiable reason why Shane McMahon would sell Solid Gold Wrestling.. Its archives.. Its tape library.. Its history.. To the man who once destroyed it, so many years ago.. To make matters worse, the man had defeated Val Venis in the now-defunct League of Champions, ran by Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, to become the champion of the once-dead Solid Gold Wrestling.. And he showed no signs of forfeiting the championship for the good of the promotion... As a matter of fact.. He showed no signs of doing ANYTHING for the good of the promotion.. For the first time in its history, SGW was no longer catered to the fans or even the wrestlers who operated within.. It was catered only to Jeff Jarrett.. The championship belts, fought over for years in bloody, meaningful battles that left memories emblazoned in the minds of fans, were handed to Jarrett's friends as if they meant nothing.. And worst of all, it became a vehicle for Jarrett's non-wrestling exploits... Concerts.. Movies... A slap in the face not just to Solid Gold, but to the business as a whole... ]]-

-[[ Three weeks. ]]-

-[[ It has taken only three weeks for Jeff Jarrett to flush six years of prestige down the toilet.. For one hundred and twenty days, he has reigned as the SGW World Heavyweight Champion without defending it one, single time.. Devaluing the championship and the promotion as a whole.. He has matches ended abruptly because he finds himself not entertained by the competitors risking their lives for the entertainment of those who are important, the fans... Within three weeks time, Jeff Jarrett has removed Arn Anderson and Shane McMahon from all power in SGW and is now the sole owner, the final word in the promotion... Within this three weeks, superstars have risen and fallen in the name of fighting Jeff Jarrett and his regime.. Superstars such as Michael Shane, Val Venis, Steve Austin, and the returning Chavo Guerrero have chosen not to take the easy way to the top.. While superstars such as Randy Orton, Ken Kennedy, The Big Show, and Edge stand alongside Jarrett and are rewarded handsomely for their loyalty.. Within three weeks, Arn Anderson and Shane McMahon's battle was ended.. And a new one has begun.. Only now, it is bigger than two men and their ideals.. It is now one man's inflated ego versus the profession itself.. ]]-

-[[ No Anderson, no McMahon. ]]-

-[[ For the first time, only one man. ]]-

-[[ And his never ending battle.......... ]]-

-[[ For Supremacy. ]]-

. . . Do you want to live forever? . . .

-[[ The papers scatter across the table, a few skidding over the edge and to the floor, most of them landing in front a pair of hands that rest upon the table, the fingers pressed together as if an important meeting were taking place.. And as you look up and recognize the man sitting in front you, it quickly dawns on you just how important this meeting is.. ]]-

[ Carrie Underwood ] Jeff.. These lyrics are stupid.

-[[ Jeff Jarrett purses his lips, looking both disappointed and angry.. He picks up the sheets of paper that lay in front of him and he scans over the words written on them, nodding to himself.. Hearing the song in his head.. He looks across the table at the young, up and coming country music superstar. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I don't see a problem with'em.

-[[ She crosses her arms and leans back in her seat, annoyed. ]]-

[ Carrie Underwood ] I'm not singing the song.

-[[ Jarrett gently lays the papers in front of him, smiling, he stares a hole through her. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Yes, doll.. Ya' are.

-[[ She shakes her head. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] And just why not?

-[[ He is clearly trying not to lose his temper, for fear of driving away the top draw, in his mind, of the pay-per-view.. Besides himself, of course. She uncrosses her arms and leans forward, pointing at the papers in front of him. ]]-

[ Carrie Underwood ] The song isn't me.

-[[ Jarrett almost laughs out loud, in fact, a hint of it escapes his mouth as he responds as politely as he knows how. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Well, no doubt, kid.. It's ME.

-[[ She isn't budging. ]]-

[ Carrie Underwood ] It's STUPID.

-[[ Jarrett shuts his eyes, forcing his temper to the back of his mind. When he reopens his eyes and looks at the young American Idol winner, it is almost impossible for him to restrain himself, but as stubborn as she is, he keeps his cool. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] What's the problem with the lyrics? Russo sent'em to ya' a WEEK ago and ya' never said a word about'em.. And now here we are, we go on stage in an hour and you're playin' hardball.. Is this how ya'll do things on the country music scene these days?!

-[[ She scoffs. ]]-

[ Carrie Underwood ] What do you know about country music?

-[[ Jarrett is dead serious. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Girl, if you only knew.

-[[ She ignores the comment and begins listing her problems. ]]-

[ Carrie Underwood ] First, Jeff.. The copy of the lyrics I was sent was hardly acceptable.. It was a strip of toilet paper that somebody scribbled on with a sharpie and I couldn't make out a single word! And second, I am a Christian.. I love Jesus Christ and everything I do in my life and in my career is done to honor Him..

-[[ The door to the room whips open and slams against the wall, leaving a doorknob imprint.. Vince Russo, Ken Kennedy, and the Big Show walk inside without a care in the world.. Worry washes over Jarrett's face and he becomes confident that the concert is not happening now. Carrie looks at the three men who entered and back at Jarrett, he can see the annoyance on her face as clearly as if it were written on her forehead with a marker.. With no regard for the three men who entered, she voices her concerns to Jarrett. ]]-

[ Carrie Underwood ] ...So... I'm not singing about beer..... Or fatties.

-[[ Russo's jaw drops, and then Jarrett one-ups her in terms of dropping bombshells that others should not hear. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Listen.. You're singin'.. You cost me a lot o'money.. Ken Kennedy ain't even gettin' paid tonight because o' you.. Ya' hear?

-[[ Kennedy looks around, wondering if he heard that correctly. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] I'm not?

-[[ Jarrett turns to Kennedy for a split second. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] No.

-[[ He turns back to Carrie Underwood. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Now, I already cut Rap is Crap from the set because ya' didn't like it--

-[[ She quickly tries to justify her reasons. ]]-

[ Carrie Underwood ] Because Vince kept insisting that I sing the part about liking country girls!

-[[ Russo pleads his own case, his voice rising so high that it echoes in the room. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Because fish eating lesbians equal RATINGS!!

[ Carrie Underwood ] But I'm not a lesbian! And I don't eat fish! I'm a vegetarian!

-[[ Russo, Kennedy, and Show all begin chuckling.. Even Jarrett cracks a smile. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Not that kind'a fish, bay-bee.

-[[ She looks at him, confused. ]]-

[ Carrie Underwood ] ....What?

-[[ Russo's smile disappears and he speaks in a grim, threatening tone. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Did I stutta', bitch?

-[[ Jarrett cuts in, doing his best to pretend Russo never spoke. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Listen, Underwood... I'll give ya' another fifty-thousand if ya' sing the song like Russo wrote it..

-[[ Russo looks flabbergasted.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Jeff.. Fifty thousand!? But ya' already paid the little cunt a cool two mill to sing.. Where ya' gonna get fifty thousand more dolla's to blow on this act!?

-[[ Jeff looks down, thinking hard.. He looks back up with the answer. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Find Matt Hardy.

-[[ Vince Russo, Kennedy, and Big Show leave the room to find Matt Hardy. Jarrett looks back over at Underwood who still does not look satisfied. She shakes her head and Jarrett looks stunned. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Fifty thousand ain't gonna do it?

-[[ Before she can answer, the door flies back open and Vince Russo walks in with a purpose. Ken Kennedy and the Big Show each hold Matt Hardy by an arm. Hardy looks furious that he has been apprehended this way, but he knows fighting will be futile. Kennedy and Show release their grip and Hardy stands before Jarrett. Jarrett looks at Underwood, giving her a spiteful glare. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] You did this, not me.

-[[ He looks up at Hardy. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Hardy, you're off the show tonight.

-[[ Hardy's eyes widen. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] What? Why, Jeff? This was my big shot at pay-per-view!!

-[[ Jarrett shakes his head like this hurts him emotionally to do it. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Underwood's salary just went up.. Which means yours just went down..

-[[ Jarrett motions with a finger to Kennedy and Big Show. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] See'im out the door.

-[[ To everyone's surprise, Big Show shuts the door. Is he refusing Jarrett's order? ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] What are you doing?

-[[ Show laughs, grips Hardy by the throat and choke slams him clear through the door!! Hardy goes sprawling on the floor outside the office with splinters protruding from various parts of his body. He does not move after the impact. Everyone has a good laugh at Hardy's expense. ]]-

[ The Big Show ] Thanks for comin', Hardy!!

-[[ More laughter.. Except from Underwood. ]]-

[ Carrie Underwood ] Not enough.

-[[ Russo sighs. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Fuck, Jeff.. We shoulda' got Kelly Clarkson..

[ Ken Kennedy ] Or Fantasia Barrino!!

[ The Big Show ] Or R--

-[[ Kennedy cuts him off abruptly. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] ...........BARRINOOOOO!!!

-[[ Big Show grumbles under his breath. ]]-

[ The Big Show ] Or Reuben.

-[[ Russo laughs. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Reuben.. That fat fuck!

-[[ Big Show's eyes go wide and he stares right at Russo. ]]-

[ The Big Show ] You got a problem with Reuben.. You got a problem WITH ME!!

-[[ Spit flies from the mouth of the Big Show.. Russo smiles nervously. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Yeah! Reuben's great! I loved... That.. One song he did.. Where he sings..

-[[ Russo hangs his head in shame. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] I shit my pants again.

-[[ He turns and walks out of the room with his hand on the seat of his pants... Big Show pinches his nose with his thumb and index finger. Jarrett up his last line of defense to keep the pay-per-view flowing as it should. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I'll give ya' a cut of the pay-per-view revenue..

-[[ Kennedy opens his mouth so wide that you think his jaw might have unhinged. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] That.. Is PREPOSTEROUS!!

-[[ This makes her think. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Possibly hundreds o'thousands of dollars on top o'the two mill I already promised ya'..

-[[ She almost cries out loud. ]]-

[ Carrie Underwood ] But.. My morals!! I... I just don't know!!

-[[ Jarrett reaches over and places his hand on hers.. His voice is sincere. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Honey... Jesus would want ya' to take the money..

-[[ A comforting smile creeps across Jarrett's face. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Don't worry about a thing.. Let Jarrett take the wheel..

-[[ She wipes a tear from her eye and nods. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Go get ready.. We'll give these fans a show they won't never forget..

-[[ She stands up, gives Jarrett a quick hug and walks past Kennedy and Show and out the door, making sure not to trip over Matt Hardy on the way to her personal dressing room.. As quickly as Carrie Underwood disappears, Melina appears with a clipboard in her hand. She looks at it real quick before addressing Jarrett. ]]-

[ Melina ] You canceled Matt Hardy for tonight?

-[[ Jarrett nods. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Yeah, why?

-[[ She smirks. ]]-

[ Melina ] Well, not that anyone cares... Because.. Really.. It was only Matt Hardy.. But we DID advertise a triple threat match for tonight.. What are we going to do about that?

-[[ Jarrett shrugs. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Who cares? The fans know to expect changes on the card.. This is wrestlin', after all.. Just give'em Chris Jericho versus Justin Credible, one on one.. Ain't nobody gonna notice Matt Hardy missin'..

-[[ Melina walks over slowly and sits on the table in front of Jarrett.. She places the clipboard beside her.. Jarrett, still seated, looks up at her.. An evil smile is on her face. He knows she has an idea. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] What'cha got?

[ Melina ] Are any of your movie star friends athletic?

-[[ Jarrett laughs. He knows exactly what she is thinking. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I like the way you think, Mel.. That.. Is gold... SOLID GOLD.. And on top o'that, it's another first for SGDubya... The first time in SGDubya history that a celebrity has stepped through the ropes for actual competition...

-[[ He turns back to Kennedy and the Big Show.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Have any of the main eventers arrived yet?

-[[ Kennedy points to himself with his thumbs, a smile on his face. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] I got here at three.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] No, the main eventers.. The guys I invited.. Ya' know.. Affleck.. Damon.. Them.

-[[ Kennedy looks devastated. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] Oh..

-[[ He answers the question. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] I think I saw Adam Sandler hitting on Maria back at the catering table.

[ Melina ] Isn't he married?

[ Ken Kennedy ] Yes.. But she's hot.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] And sharp as a damn bowlin' ball.. Go find Sandler.. We just got our third man.

-[[ Kennedy and Big Show look at each other and shrug before heading out the door to find Sandler.. Jarrett speaks. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Melina.. I got a feelin' that what happens tonight.....

-[[ He kicks back and places his hands behind his head. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Is how I'm gonna be remembered.. For the rest o'my life..

-[[ As the camera pans in on Jarrett' smiling face, we cut to the first match of the evening. ]]-

Kurt Angle versus Muhammad Hassan
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: Qualifying Match for the Thunderdome of DOOM~!
Referee: Nick Patrick

-[[ Kurt Angle and Muhammad Hassan both stand in the center of the ring.. Their eyes are locked.. Both men have everything to gain and nothing to lose.. Kurt Angle talks trash as Hassan stares right back at him, his gaze is ice cold.. The bell sounds and Angle punches away at Hassan.. Hassan gets an arm up to block and begins punching away at Angle on his own.. The two trade punches back and forth until Hassan breaks the series by kicking Angle in the midsection.. Hassan tosses Angle outside through the middle and top ropes and the referee warns him about it.. As Hassan distracts the referee, Daivari runs over and kicks Angle right in the ribs!! Angle groans in pain and Daivari kicks him again, but this time, Angle catches Daivari's ankle and rolls him over into the ankle lock!! Hassan sees this and pushes past the referee and slides out of the ring.. He forearms Angle in the back, forcing him to release Daivari from the hold.. Hassan grips Angle by his singlet and RAMS HIM right into the turnbuckle post!! He lifts Angle up again and does it AGAIN!! Hassan rolls back inside the ring... The referee begins the mandatory ten count.. One... Two... Three... Four.. Kurt Angle is barely on one knee.. Five.. Six.. Angle pulls himself up onto the apron, clutching at his head and shoulders with one arm.. Seven.. Eight.. And Angle rolls back inside of the ring.. Hassan kicks away at his head, trying to incapacitate him, but Angle grabs Hassan's leg now, but Hassan staggers back, refusing to let Angle lock in the submission hold.. Angle is up and Hassan goes after him, but Angle grips him around the waist... Overhead belly-to-belly suplex!! Hassan goes flying!! Angle stands up, screaming in rage, and Hassan slowly stands back up.. He runs at Angle and goes for a clothesline, but Angle ducks it!! He catches Hassan around the waist!! German suplex!! Another!! And another!! AND ANOTHER!! Hassan goes limp and doesn't move after Angle releases the hold.. Angle stands up again and rips one strap down...... THEN THE OTHER!! The straps.. ARE OFF!! He pulls Hassan off of the ground...... ANGLE SLAM!! And Daivari is on the apron!! Daivari is distracting the referee!! Kurt Angle doesn't realize it.. He makes his way to Hassan's lower body..... ANKLE LOCK IS APPLIED!! Hassan is yelling in pain... And the lights go out...... The fans gasp in surprise... And when the lights come back on.... SABU IS IN THE RING!! Sabu has a chair wrapped in barbwire!! HE NAILS ANGLE IN THE HEAD WITH IT!! Sabu rolls out of the ring and Daivari hops off of the apron... Hassan covers Angle.. One!! Two!! Thre-- ANGLE KICKED OUT!! No one can believe it!! Angle is bleeding profusely from the wound on his forehead.. Kurt Angle is struggling to stand.. He has to win this match.. He has to prove that those Olympic gold medals MEAN something to him!! Angle turns around and stumbles straight into the FLATLINER!! Hassan covers him again...... One!! Two!! Thre-- Angle got a shoulder up!! The fans are going nuts!! Hassan looks shocked!! Angle is bleeding so much that even Hassan's upper body is coated in the viscous red fluid.. Hassan stands up and kicks Angle in the head.. He kicks him again and again and Angle catches Hassan's foot and rips him to the mat..... ANKLE LOCK!! Hassan fights for the ropes.. But he's too far away... So he rolls through the move, powering Angle between the middle and top turnbuckles, planting his shoulder directly into the turnbuckle post!! Angle staggers out, obviously out on his feet.. And Hassan rips his head off with a clothesline!! There's so much blood, there's no way Angle knows where he is... Hassan stands over Angle, looking disgusted.... And he flips Angle over..... And locks on the CAMEL CLUTCH!! Angle's eyes are open but he's not tapping out!! Blood is SPOUTING out of Angle's forehead and streaming down his face and over Hassan's hands.... And the referee is making the only call he can make!! HE'S ENDING THE MATCH!! Kurt Angle did NOT submit!! His pride would not allow it!! Hassan releases the hold and exits the ring with Sabu and Daivari on each side of him.. Even as Hassan celebrates the victory, he can't help but look at the bleeding heap in the ring like he's just seen a ghost.. Angle would not quit. ]]-

Winner: Muhammad Hassan via Referee's Decision

-[[ Jeff Jarrett sounds annoyed. As he walks down the hallway with purpose in his step, he holds his cell phone to his ear, listening for a few seconds and then barking another order, making another threat. Something is not going his way and with tonight being as important as it is, that is not going to cut it. With his next sentence, you realize what is ruining his good mood. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I'm tellin' ya' right now, you little punk.. I don't care if you're his agent or not and I really don't care if he's at some ridiculous movie premiere.. Ocean's Thirteen, Ocean's Fourteen.. Screw'em!! It's gonna be Ocean's One-Eight-Seven if Clooney's ass ain't my buildin' by main event time!!

-[[ A pause as Jarrett listens. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] One-eight-seven, ya' stupid asshole.. Police code for homicide!!

-[[ Another pause. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] ...No, that wasn't a threat.. Well, it was.. But it wasn't..

-[[ Jarrett shuts his eyes tight and shakes his head, this isn't worth the headache. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Forget it.. Call Clooney and tell him if he can be here.. To GET here.. Ya' understand?

-[[ A pause and frustration washes over Jarrett's face. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Hello? Oh hell no.. You don't hang up on the world champion..

-[[ Jarrett redials the number and waits.. He smiles when the other person picks up. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Tell Clooney to kiss my ass!!

-[[ And Jarrett hangs up, chuckling. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] The world champion hangs up on YOU... That's how it works.. Idiot.

-[[ He puts the phone away and begins walking again when he's stopped by Randy Orton and "Cowboy" Bob Orton.. They are both dressed in expensive suits for the first pay-per-view of the new era of Solid Gold Wrestling, with "Cowboy" Bob's having a more Western theme to it.. Randy is holding the SGW Television Championship on his shoulder.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Jeff.. We need to talk.

-[[ Jarrett looks from Randy to Bob and back again. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] What's wrong?

-[[ There's alarm in Orton's voice. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] It's Chavo..

-[[ Jarrett smiles, almost laughing. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] What about'im? You scared he's gonna get ya'?

-[[ Randy looks over his shoulder. He's clearly paranoid. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Hell no.. I'm an Orton.. Are you crazy?

[ "Cowboy" Bob Orton ] My boy fears no man, Mister Jarrett..

[ Randy Orton ] That's right.. I don't talk any game that I can't back-up.. I proved it when I defeated Cactus Jack and especially when I beat Michael Shane twice... And Steve Austin.... Austin would have been MINE if it weren't... For Chavo Guerrero Junior...

-[[ "Cowboy" Bob slaps Randy on the back. ]]-

[ "Cowboy" Bob Orton ] My boy is RIGHT... And I beat Michael Shane, too!!

-[[ Randy nods and puts a hand on his dad's shoulder. He looks Jarrett in the eyes. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] But defeating Cactus... Shane... Those wins came in the ring.. Where they belonged.. Chavo Guerrero Junior has no respect for the in-ring aspect of the sport, Jeff.... Two weeks in a row, he has attacked me.. Without being provoked!! And you know as well as I do..... He'll do it again.. He'll try to injure me before our match tonight... Because he knows he can't beat me at one hundred percent!!

-[[ Jarrett nods, starting to understand Orton's concern. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Besides.. It's all part of that.. Guerrero family motto.. Lie, cheat, and steal.. He'll do it just to honor that dead uncle of his.. Anyway.. What I'm getting at, Jeff.... Is my dad and I.. We can only do so much to protect me... And this championship... I need more back-up... Can you assign the Harris Brothers to be my bodyguards tonight? At least until the match... Or hell, Jeff... You can even have them stand outside the ring for the match.. To make sure nothing...

-[[ Orton winks, obviously trying to hint a screwjob to Jarrett. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Funny happens.. You know what I mean?

-[[ Jarrett laughs.. Randy and Bob join in.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Randy.. I'd love ta' help ya' out.. But Ron and Don.. They've already been assigned to keep Val Venis off o'Edge's back.. I would give ya' Snitsky... But he's been preparin' his feet for'at Kiss My Foot match all week and shovin' his foot up Chavo's ass probably won't help'im out too much....

-[[ Jarrett thinks and reconsiders. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] On second thought, I can probably get Snitsk--

-[[ Orton cuts him off. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] No, no.. That's fine, Jeff.... I'll just watch my own back tonight..

-[[ Orton forces a fake smile. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] I'm... Obviously overreacting... I mean..... It's only Chavo Guerrero, right?

-[[ Jarrett slaps Orton on the shoulder. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] That's what I like to hear.

-[[ The Ortons nod.. Feigning pride in their failed attempt to get back-up.. Jarrett, also smiling, speaks. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Ya'll mind?

-[[ The Ortons look around and realize they're blocking Jarrett's path.. They both step aside and Jarrett walks past them, not giving them a second glance.. He continues walking with a purpose and when he rounds the corner, he comes face to face with another person.. This one stops him dead in his tracks..... ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Trish?

-[[ Trish's nervous demeanor is far different from the usual arrogant attitude she has displayed in the past with Christian and even Jarrett himself... The look on Jarrett's face tells you he did not expect her to be here tonight. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I thought you quit with Christian and his band o'misfits.. What's brought ya' back my way?

-[[ She rolls her eyes.. Knowing how this is going to be accepted.. She smiles. ]]-

[ Trish Stratus ] The same thing that always brings me back your way...

-[[ Jarrett raises an eyebrow. ]]-

[ Trish Stratus ] What Christian did was the equivalent of putting a gun in his mouth and pulling the trigger.. Not only did he have absolutely.. No grasp.. On how to make the best of his situation here in SGW... But he didn't take a second.. Not even ONE second!! ONE!! To think about the rest of his.. Coalition... Namely.. ME...

-[[ She puts her hands on her ships, making sure to shove her chest out.. Jarrett waves her off. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Ya' don't have to play the seduction game, doll.. I know your tricks.

-[[ Her demeanor changes.. Jarrett's acceptance takes a weight off of her shoulders. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] And I do agree.. The way he blew up on me.. That was just plain stupid.. The man had a guaranteed title shot comin' his way and all I asked was that he wait until after the pay-per-view to get it.. But oh no.. That's not good enough for Captain Charisma...

-[[ She shakes her head. ]]-

[ Trish Stratus ] That idiot.. He doesn't get that you have to earn your way to the top.. Like.. You did.

-[[ Jarrett nods, agreeing. ]]-

[ Trish Stratus ] You didn't go straight from nothing to being the world champion!! Just like I didn't wake up one morning and just look in the mirror and realize that I was the best women's wrestler... EVER.. You have to work for it..

-[[ She begins rubbing her temples.. ]]-

[ Trish Stratus ] It gives me a headache just thinking about it..

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Well, forget about him.. Because he's finished in Solid Gold and as far as I'm concerned, we'll never see his face again on MY show... And that's exactly what THIS is... MY show.. It's about time you ditched that moron and came back home.. Where ya' belong..

-[[ Trish steps closer to Jarrett and puts her arms around his waist.. She looks up at him. ]]-

[ Trish Stratus ] Is your dressing room far from here?

-[[ Jarrett laughs.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Not at all... Hell, nothin's too far if you're thinkin' what I'm thinkin'...

-[[ She nods. ]]-

[ Trish Stratus ] Let's pick up where we left off in the League of Champions.. And get this relationship back on track..

-[[ She pulls him close and presses her lips hard to his.. He pulls away with a big smile on his face. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] It's good to be the champ.

-[[ He turns and holds her by the wrist, heading toward his dressing room.. As they disappear around the corner, Melina steps into the shot... She clenches her fists and the look on her face can be mistaken for nothing but fury.. ]]-

[ Melina ] That.. Bitch... That BITCH...... I can't beliiiiiieve that... That.. Bitch!!

-[[ Edge casually steps behind her with Torrie Wilson on one arm, Stacy Keibler on the other, and both Harris Brothers looming behind him... Edge has a cocky grin on his face.. Melina turns around and is immediately disgusted. ]]-

[ Edge ] So.. Jarrett's running off and taking a page out of my book, I see...

-[[ He laughs a dry laugh. ]]-

[ Edge ] But you know what they say.. You can't beat the original...

-[[ He pulls his women closer.. ]]-

[ Edge ] I had my dressing room outfitted with an extra large bed... You wanna make it a foursome?

-[[ She shakes her head in anger. ]]-

[ Melina ] SCREW YOU!!

-[[ She storms off in the same direction Trish and Jarrett went.. Edge looks disappointed. ]]-

[ Edge ] Slut.

-[[ He turns and walks away with his women and the Harris Brothers following close behind him. ]]-

Chris Jericho versus Adam Sandler versus Justin Credible
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: Triple Threat - Elimination Rules
Referee: Mark Yeaton

-[[ Credible and Jericho both stand in the ring, waiting to battle when the annoying theme from Billy Madison hits, drawing a massive pop from the fans in attendance!! Adam Sandler makes his way to the ring with Rob Schneider following closely behind him with a bag of golf clubs.. They're both jumping around like idiots and clapping hands with the fans.. Jericho and Credible both look on in shock.. "What the hell is THIS?" Jericho says as Sandler crawls in the ring and takes his place in a corner.. He waves at the fans and looks pumped to be there.. Jericho and Credible shake their heads and then they lock-up as Sandler watches...... But then they stop and take a few steps back.. They both look at him.. "Do you want him or do you want me to take him?" Jericho says.. Credible calls the referee over and asks him for a quarter, which Mark Yeaton does produce... They talk it over... They flip it... And Credible wins the toss!! He charges at Sandler and begins blasting him with stiff punches and knee lifts!! Sandler obviously has no idea what he's doing and Credible does not care!! He whips Sandler into the opposite corner and follows him in with a clothesline!! Sandler moans in pain and drops to his knees.. And Credible drop kicks him right in the chest!! Sandler rolls out of the ring and Rob Schneider checks on him... Credible talks trash from ringside and Jericho runs up behind him... Roll-up!! One! Two! Credible kicked out!! Credible gets up and shoves Jericho.. Jericho shoves him back and Credible throws a punch.. Jericho ducks it and plants Credible with a face buster!! Jericho runs the ropes........ LIONSAULT!! He covers Credible!! One!! Two!! Thre-- Credible got a shoulder up!! Jericho can't believe it.. He pulls Credible off the mat and whips him into the ropes.... RUNNING ENZIGURI by Jericho!! Credible does a complete flip on impact!! Jericho steps over him, making the title belt motion around his waist, "COME ON, BABY!!" but Credible is already up.. Roll-up on Jericho!! One! Two! Thr-- Jericho kicked out!! Jericho slaps Credible right in the face!! Credible punches Jericho and whips him into the ropes..... And Francine low blows Jericho from the outside!! Credible catches him coming off...... THAT'S INCREDIBLE!! He covers Jericho.. ONE!! TWO!! THRE-- ADAM SANDLER BROKE UP THE PIN WITH A GOLF CLUB!! He nailed Credible in the head!! Credible staggers back to his feet..... And Sandler blasts him AGAIN!! Credible falls out of the ring and Sandler scrambles to cover Jericho!! ONE!! TWO!! THREE!! CHRIS JERICHO HAS BEEN PINNED BY AN UNTRAINED MOVIE STAR!! ]]-

[ Eliminated: Chris Jericho via Pin Fall ]

-[[ Sandler stands up screaming to a huge pop.. He positions the golf club between his legs and begins riding it!! ADAM SANDLER IS DOING THE BULL DANCE!! FEELING THE FLOW!! WORKIN' IT!! WORKIN' IT!! And as he makes his second lap around the ring, Credible slides into the ring and catches him... THAT'S INCREDIBLE!! Credible covers him!! One!! Two!! THREE!! Justin Credible has just defeated Adam Sandler!! ]]-

Winner: Justin Credible via Pin Fall

-[[ The shot is filled with a close-up of a boot being laced up.. As the camera backs up, the man in the shot becomes clear.. Wearing his tights and an SGW t-shirt, it would appear that Val Venis' concentration is solely on completing his outfit.. But anyone who knows the man knows better than that... He finishes and stands up breathing heavily.. He shuts his eyes and tilts his head back, getting in the zone for his match tonight... When the camera pans over, it reveals Todd Grisham entering the room with a cocky look on his face, as usual...... He quietly approaches Venis and before he even speaks, Venis' eyes snap open and lock on Grisham, freezing him in place... ]]-

[ Val Venis ] What the hell do you want?!

-[[ Grisham begins stammering.. ]]-

[ Todd Grisham ] Uh.. I wanted... W-wanted to ask you about your m-.. Match tonight... With Edge..

-[[ Venis turns his head away from Grisham, breathing even heavier now.. And without warning, he turns and grips Grisham by the collar of his shirt.. He lifts Grisham and slams him hard against the wall, leaving his face only inches away from Grisham's.. Venis' teeth are gritted.. He is furious.. Grisham looks terrified. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] What.. Do I think.. About my match with EDGE!?

-[[ He's yelling so loudly that he's spitting all over Grisham as he speaks. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] Over the last few weeks, Todd.. I have lost every single thing that MATTERS to me...

-[[ Venis lowers his eyes, but his grip does not loosen.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] My mentor...

-[[ Grisham swallows hard, scared out of his mind.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] My best friend...

-[[ He releases one side of Grisham's collar and slams his fist into the wall beside his head.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] ....MY WOMAN!!!!

-[[ Venis pauses, looks down.... And then forcefully SLAPS Todd Grisham so hard that it brings blood to the surface of his cheek!! Grisham goes down in a heap, holding his face with a look of horror as he looks up at the infuriated wrestler.. Venis' voice rises even louder as he yells down at Grisham. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] And you have the audacity.... You have the GUTS.....

-[[ Venis stops and corrects himself. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] No... No guts.. Guts wouldn't have brought you here.. Guts wouldn't have asked me that god damn QUESTION!! ....No... Stupidity brought you here.. Stupidity asked... That... Question....

-[[ Grisham doesn't move, fearing any movement may trigger more violence from Venis. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] It didn't start here.. For years.. People have taken things from me.. Glory.. Fame.. Title opportunities.. And now.. This....... I have stood by and let these things happen.. For long enough..... NO MORE!!

-[[ Venis grabs the chair he was sitting in earlier and clutches it in his hand so tightly that his knuckles turn white. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] No... More..... You see.. I did learn something from Arn Anderson.. Before I.. Ended him.. And that is.. If you want to make a name for yourself in Solid Gold Wrestling.... You don't latch on to the old guard.. You carve your own path.. You make your own waves....... And you take NO SHIT... FROM ANYBODY!!

-[[ Venis looks at the chair now, as if his arm is taking on a life of its own. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] But I am.. Going to take something....... I'm going into the match with Edge tonight.. And I don't care about the ladder.. I don't care about that... BOX.. That's supposed to be hanging from the top.. There's nothing inside of it that I want... Because tonight... There's only ONE thing I want... And it belongs to Edge.....

-[[ Venis turns his back to Grisham and stares right into the camera.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] Edge.. Tonight.. It's my turn.. To take..... And I am going to take from you..... I'm going to take.. AND TAKE.. AND TAKE...... AND TAKE!!! Until you have nothing left to give me..... BUT BLOOD......

-[[ His next words are almost a whisper. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] And I'm going to take that... One drop at a time.

-[[ Venis turns around and raises the chair over Grisham's head.. Grisham screams like a little girl.. And someone yanks the chair out of Val's hands from behind!! Venis whirls around and finds himself face to face with... Chavo Guerrero Junior!! Venis can't believe it, but looks furious nonetheless... Chavo looks over at Grisham.. ]]-

[ Chavo Guerrero ] Get out of here, Todd.. Quickly!!

-[[ Todd scurries past them on all fours and out the door.. Chavo and Venis lock eyes.. Chavo holds the chair Venis just had in one hand.. And Pepe in the other... Venis is no less angry than he was before.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] What do you think you're doing?

-[[ Chavo throws the chair across the room and away from Venis.. It clatters loudly on the ground.. He clutches Pepe. ]]-

[ Chavo Guerrero ] I'm making sure you don't do something stupid, Val!!

[ Val Venis ] I don't need you watching my back, Chavo.. You have no idea what I'm going through right now!!

-[[ Chavo gasps, holding Pepe close. ]]-

[ Chavo Guerrero ] Did you hear that, Pepe? We don't know!? I don't think so, mister..

[ Pepe ] .. ..... . . .. ........

[ Chavo Guerrero ] That's right!! Me and Pepe have both been held down.. We've had our greatest achievements stolen from us.. I've had two world championships, Val... Do you know how long both reigns were COMBINED?!

-[[ Val doesn't answer. ]]-

[ Chavo Guerrero ] Two weeks!!

[ Pepe ] .. .. ...... .

[ Chavo Guerrero ] Of course, because Shane McMahon HATED us!!

[ Val Venis ] This is more than a belt.. This is my LIFE...

[ Chavo Guerrero ] And you're going to lose it if you're not careful!!

-[[ Chavo becomes deadly serious. ]]-

[ Chavo Guerrero ] You're losing touch, man.. You're going NUTS!!

-[[ Venis points at Pepe. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] You talk to that... THING.. And you're calling ME nuts!?

-[[ Chavo looks down at Pepe and uses his hand to cover the horse's ears. ]]-

[ Chavo Guerrero ] SHHH!! Do not speak ill of Pepe!!

-[[ Venis shakes his head and walks across the room.. He picks up the chair that Chavo discarded earlier... Worry crosses Chavo's face for a second as he watches Venis examine the chair.. And it quickly passes when Venis unfolds it, places it on the ground and sits down.. He leans back in the chair, the tension having let up a bit.. Chavo approaches him. ]]-

[ Chavo Guerrero ] Val.. I know it seems like the right thing to do.. What you're doing, ya' know.. But the way you're going about it, man.. You're not going to destroy them... You're just destroying yourself!! And that's what they want!!

-[[ Chavo kneels down next to the seated Venis. ]]-

[ Chavo Guerrero ] When you go after Edge tonight.. Don't think about what he did.. Don't think about what Jarrett made you do to Arn.. Push all of that out of your mind, Val.. Don't get mad, just get even!! They don't expect you to have a cool head about yourself.. You lose it now... And you've already lost the match!

-[[ Venis just grumbles. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] Get out, Chavo.

-[[ Chavo looks disappointed... ]]-

[ Chavo Guerrero ] Come on, Pepe...

-[[ Chavo turns to walk out the door.. He stops in the frame and turns around. ]]-

[ Chavo Guerrero ] I'll be watching your match tonight, man.. And if anything fishy goes down... I've got your back..

-[[ He holds up Pepe. ]]-

[ Chavo Guerrero ] And so does Pepe!

-[[ Venis doesn't even look in Chavo's direction. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] Get.. Out..

-[[ Chavo shakes his head and walks out the door, leaving Venis to himself. ]]-

Lance Storm versus Petey Williams
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: Canadian Flag Match - Winner Receives Maple Leaf Medals
And the rights to Team Canada, as well as hosting duties for
Canadian Pride Worldwide!
Referee: Jimmy Cordaris

-[[ There are two flags.. Each one on opposite turnbuckle posts, although a competitor only has to retrieve one of the flags to become victorious.. Petey Williams stands in his corner with Scott D'Amore rubbing his shoulders.. He is the last man standing from his own version of Team Canada.. He doesn't take his eyes off of Lance Storm, who stands in the opposite corner with only Major Gunnz at ringside to support him.. However, Petey looks up at the ramp and sees Mike Awesome and Elix Skipper watching from the stage.. Scott D'Amore dangles the Maple Leaf medals in front of Petey's face.. Telling him that THIS.. Is what it's all about.. Petey nods and D'Amore leaves the ring after handing the medals to Jimmy Cordaris.. Lance Storm and Petey Williams meet in the center of the ring.. And they lock-up.. They fight over it and Petey knee lifts Storm in the gut and takes him to the mat with a snap suplex.. Storm is right back up and Petey catches him running with an arm drag.. Storm snaps back up and runs at Petey again.. Hip toss! Storm lands on his feet!! Storm turns.. SUPER KICK ON PETEY!! Petey does a back flip on impact!! Storm makes a mad dash for the corner and he begins climbing... But as soon as he reaches the top turnbuckle and grips the flag pole.. Petey charges up behind him and springboards onto the top rope..... And German suplexes Storm off of the top rope!! Both men lay motionless in the center of the ring... Petey begins to move first and he sits up.. Storm begins to push himself up but slumps back down.. Petey rolls over and pulls Storm to his feet... Petey puts his head between his legs and calls for the Canadian Destroyer!! He goes for it, but Storm drops to one knee, blocking the move!! Storm powers himself back up, grips Petey's legs..... And nails him with a sit-out spine buster!! Storm rolls away from Petey and slowly makes his way back to the turnbuckles... He begins climbing and Scott D'Amore climbs onto the apron!! He grips Storm's leg, trying to keep him from grabbing the flag, but Storm kicks away at him, trying to knock him off... Petey Williams runs up behind him again, going for another German, but Storm elbows him off.. Petey lands flat on his back and rolls back to his feet... Just in time to DODGE a missile drop kick from Lance Storm!! Storm staggers back up and Petey nails him with a drop kick!! Petey goes for the flag and as he reaches the turnbuckles, Major Gunnz gets on the apron and tries to distract him!! Petey smiles an evil smile and steps back down as D'Amore warns him to just grab the flag... Petey grabs Gunnz by the hair and drags her inside the ring....... And he signals for the Canadian Destroyer!! Petey pulls her down between his legs........ AND GETS SUPER KICKED OUT OF HIS BOOTS!! Storm pushes her out of the ring and begins climbing, and when D'Amore sees that Petey isn't moving.. He slides into the ring!! He grabs Storm around the waist and yanks him down from the turnbuckle... Storm looks at D'Amore and shakes his head... OH NO HE DIDN'T!! Storm punches D'Amore down!! But D'Amore grabs Storm by the tights and yanks him down with him!! D'Amore and Storm brawl on the mat with Storm getting the upperhand, but he's so preoccupied.. He doesn't see Petey going for the FLAG!! Petey climbs the turnbuckles.. He grips the flag pole....... And he feels massive arms grip his own arms from behind........ AWESOME BOMB OFF THE TOP TURNBUCKLE ON PETEY WILLIAMS!!! Mike Awesome pulls Storm off of D'Amore and points at the turnbuckle!! "THE FUCKIN' FLAGS!! GET'EM!! YEEEEEEEAH!!!" AWESOME BOMB ON SCOTT D'AMORE!!! Lance Storm climbs the turnbuckle... Mike Awesome climbs the other..... And both men pull down the Canadian flags!! Lance Storm has won the match!! Major Gunnz and Elix Skipper get in the ring, celebrating with the flag waving Storm and Awesome.. Jimmy Cordaris presents Storm with the Maple Leaf medals and he holds them high in the air.. Not only has Lance Storm won the rights to Team Canada, but it will be his faction that celebrates Canada in Canadian Pride World Wide tonight!! But what is going to be his decision regarding Petey Williams? Will he be assimilated into the one, true Team Canada.. Or left in the dust? ]]-

Winner: Lance Storm via Flag Retrieval

-[[ As the match concludes, a spot light shines on a large stage that's off to the left of the entrance ramp.. The fans begin buzzing as they realize what's about to take place.. The stage is large and round with a big, blue curtain back drop.. Two microphones are positioned right in the front and center.. Gary Michael Cappetta stands in the center of the ring and addresses the fans... ]]-

[ Gary Michael Cappetta ] Ladies and gentlemen.... It is now time....

-[[ His volume increases. ]]-

[ Gary Michael Cappetta ] FOR THE COUNTRY MUSIC DUET!!

-[[ The fans boo loudly that the building shakes.. Cappetta is visibly uncomfortable but continues. ]]-

[ Gary Michael Cappetta ] ..Allow me to introduce to you... American Idol winner.. CARRIE UNDERWOOD!!

-[[ Generic instrumental country music begins playing as the curtain parts and she slowly steps onto the stage.. She waves to the fans, but they show her nothing but pure, unadulterated hatred.. She takes her place standing in front of one of the microphones... She, also, looks uncomfortable with the crowd reaction she's receiving. ]]-

[ Gary Michael Cappetta ] And her partner for the evening...

-[[ He reads directly from a cue card, rolling his eyes before he proceeds. ]]-

[ Gary Michael Cappetta ] He is... The owner of Solid Gold Wrestling.. HE IS... THE SOLID GOLD WRESTLING... WORRRRRRRRRLD... HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!!! And he is..... Without a doubt.. The best entertainer.. The best wrestler... And the best SINGER.. OF ALLLLLLLLL TIME!!!

-[[ Garbage begins raining down on Cappetta.. He tries to shrug it off with a "It's not me" look, but the fans are relentless in their punishment of the man speaking Jarrett's praise..... He is forced to finish the entrance. ]]-


-[[ "MY WORLD" hits as Jeff Jarrett explodes from behind the curtain with a silver guitar in his hand.. Jarrett's wearing a one piece, white jumpsuit with "JJ" designs on it in various places in shiny, blue rhinestones.. A large, white cape hangs from the back.. There's a loud mixture of boos and laughter as the fans realize what he's wearing.. But he does not care.. This is HIS night!! Even Carrie Underwood is having a hard time keeping a straight face...... Jarrett walks up next to her and takes his place in front of the other microphone..... He lowers his guitar and positions it so it's ready for play.. He's got a big cocky grin on his face... He leans into his microphone.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] You ready to make history, girl?

-[[ She flashes a nervous smile. ]]-

[ Carrie Underwood ] ...I guess?

-[[ Jarrett laughs. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] HA HA!! You guess.. You damn well better be ready.. Because they're gonna be writin' about this in the dirt sheets for years... It's gonna be this point right here that turns the wrestling business right around!! Now, do what I paid ya' to do... Look pretty.. And introduce the song..... MY SONG!!

-[[ She leans into the microphone, not taking her eyes off of Jarrett.. Her voice is unsure.. ]]-

[ Carrie Underwood ] Thank you all.. For comin' out tonight.. It really means a lot..

-[[ Loud "WE WANT WRESTLING!!" chants break out but Jarrett does not appear to hear them.. ]]-

[ Carrie Underwood ] The song we're gonna sing for ya'll tonight.. Is a..

-[[ She tries to think of a proper word without insulting Jeff. ]]-

[ Carrie Underwood ] Reimagining.. Of my song.. Jesus, Take the Wheel..

-[[ She looks out at the fans now.. The boos are getting to her, big time. ]]-

[ Carrie Underwood ] Titled.. Jarrett, Take the Wheel...

-[[ Jarrett strums his guitar and leans into his microphone. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] HIT THE MUSIC!!

-[[ The tune lifted directly from 'Jesus, Take the Wheel' begins filling the arena.. Jarrett plays along with his guitar as Underwood stares at the microphone, peeking up occasionally to look at the fans.... She begins singing the words Vince Russo wrote for her on a strip of toilet paper... ]]-

[ Carrie Underwood ] Don't want to hang with R-V-D and smoke a fatty, won't drink a beer with Steve...
I'm goin' on to Solid Gold to make fun o'people Jarrett's beat.....

-[[ Her voices rises, an attempt to block out the jeering fans. ]]-

[ Carrie Underwood ] Fifty wins without a LOSS..... He's the best you've ever seen...
It's been a loooong time comin'... No more hoopla over Venis and Sandman..
SGW went to hell waaaay too fast....

-[[ "THIS IS BULLSHIT! *clap-clap-clapclapclap*" chants break out, but she continues regardless. ]]-

[ Carrie Underwood ] Before we knew, Chavo was world champion twice..
We saw allllll credibility die before our eyes...  WE DIDN'T EVEN HAVE TIME TO CRY!!
With a roster like SGW had, makes you wanna throw your hands in the air!!

-[[ She screams into the microphone as Jarrett strums along, laughing as she sings. ]]-

Jarrett... Take the wheeeeel.....

-[[ The boos become deafening.. She opens her mouth to continue.. But nothing exits.. She just shakes her head and backs away from the microphone... Jarrett looks shocked.. And angry. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Cut the damn music..

-[[ He stares her down.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] The hell you think you're doin'!?

-[[ As Jarrett speaks, the curtain begins to rise behind them, revealing a mini-stage where Gene Snitsky stands in a sleeveless tuxedo, bare foot, with a huge guitar in his hands... Obviously waiting for the big finale... Jarrett shows him no mercy.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Dammit, Snitsky.. It ain't time for the curtain to come up!!

-[[ Snitsky looks around, breathing heavily.. ]]-

[ Gene Snitsky ] THAT WASN'T... MY... FAAAULT!!

-[[ And the curtain drops, covering him up as if he was never there.. Jarrett continues. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] What's the matter with you, Underwood!? Jesus got your tongue?

-[[ She tries to explain.. ]]-

[ Carrie Underwood ] I... I can't do the song, Jeff... If I don't believe in it, I can't sing it... It's.. Just not me!! I'm so sorry.. You can have all the money back.. I just... I can't do it, Jeff...

-[[ A humorless smile stretches across Jarrett's face. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Ya' can't do it... Well, that's nice.. Because ya' know what I can't do?

-[[ She looks ready to bawl right there on stage.. All the heat directed toward the song is now being directed right at Jarrett.. But he ignores the crowd.. His attention is focused solely on Underwood. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I can't take back all the money I spent on advertisin' your ass to be here.. Singin' MY song!!

-[[ Jarrett shuts his eyes tight and tears begin streaming down her face as she keeps mouthing "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," but Jarrett is not listening... He rests his forehead on the microphone for a second, making an audible thump noise that reverberates through the building.... He grips the guitar.. And without opening his eyes, he speaks. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] On second thought.... Keep the money..

-[[ He looks up at her and a weight has been lifted off of her shoulders.. Jarrett continues. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] For what ya' did sing, kid.. Ya' did great... As a matter o'fact... I think it deserves an encore!!

-[[ She looks confused..... AND BAM!! GUITAR SHOT ON CARRIE UNDERWOOD!! The fans pop HUGE for the massacre of a celebrity on live pay-per-view!! The rim of the guitar remains around her neck as she slumps to the ground in a heap.. Jarrett laughs loudly and raises what's left of the guitar in the air.. As the fans realize who they're cheering on, boos begin leaking through the cheers until that's all that rains down upon the world champion... He throws the destroyed guitar to the side and kicks the microphones off of the stage... He then walks over, lifts the limp body of Carrie Underwood and tosses her off of the stage to a loud "OHHH!" from the crowd.... Jarrett rips the cape off and throws it off the stage as well as a loud "FUCK YOU, JARRETT!" chant erupts.. And the lights begin to flicker... ]]-

-[[ And then they go out.. ]]-

-[[ They flash back on and Jarrett looks confused, angry... And then go back out.. ]]-

-[[ And when they come back on, Jeff Jarrett is surrounded... BY DRUIDS!! ]]-

-[[ Jarrett is circled by at least EIGHT druids... He looks terrified now.. And they begin to advance on him.. Jarrett realizes he can't fight them all off and he dives off of the stage and begins making a path to the backstage area... The druids walk to the edge of the stage and the one in the center raises his arms out to the sides and speaks.. His voice is amplified as if he has a microphone right in his face... ]]-

[ Druid ] Cower in FEAR, Solid Gold Wrestling... For you are all faced now...

-[[ A pause. ]]-


-[[ Jeff Jarrett stares from the the entrance in utter disbelief.. The lights flicker and go out once again... And when they return, the stage is vacant.. No sign of life... Where did they go? Who the hell is behind the Apokolips!? And what do they want? ]]-

HOUR 2 ->