Date: Sunday, February 5th, 2006 | Live From: New York, New York | Commentators: Joey Styles & Don Callis

-[[ Bloody hands. ]]-

-[[ Muhammad Hassan is covered in blood up to his forearms.. It stains his chest.. The match with Kurt Angle was a lesson in brutality.. He stares in the mirror into his own eyes and holds his hands underneath the faucet.. Blood swirls down the drain and disappears.. Hassan's eyes grow larger as a figure appears behind him in the mirror... "Stone Cold" Steve Austin stares a hole right through him.. Hassan, keeping his eyes locked on the rattlesnake's reflection, does not turn around.. ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] What do you want?

-[[ Steve Austin's voice is low, accusing. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] I reckon I wanted to get a look at a man that uses every breath he's got to preach.. The joys.. Of bein' fair and all o'that equality bullshit.. And then don't even have the common god damn decency to fight a man fair..

-[[ Hassan gets a smug look on his face and nods.. ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] I defeated Kurt Angle fairly--

-[[ Austin cuts him off. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Ya' didn't defeat shit, ya' little bastard..

[ Muhammad Hassan ] My hand was raised... IN VICTORY!!

[ Steve Austin ] Ya' didn't pin the man.. He didn't submit!!

-[[ Austin's sounds angrier than before. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] That sheik lookin' bastard cut'im wide open!!

-[[ Austin takes a step forward. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Right place, right time.. That's all you were.

-[[ Hassan's smile gets bigger, more threatening. ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] Sheik looking... Bastard, you say?

-[[ Austin jumps all over him. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Ah, shut your damn mouth, kid.. You can call ol' Stone Cold a lot o'things.. But a racist? If there's anything I am, it's an equal opportunity ass kicker.. I hate everybody, son, and right now.. I reckon I hate you 'bout as much as I hate anybody else.. Not because you're a..... Arab American.. Or whatever that bullshit is...

-[[ Austin waggles his head around as he talks shit, getting under Hassan's skin. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] But because you're an asshole American!! And in Stone Cold's house.. Which you just happen to be standin' in tonight, EH-EH!! That just ain't gonna cut it!! You gonna look me in the eye, son? Or you gonna keep playin' shifty eyes with yourself in that mirror?

-[[ The next line hits Hassan like needles in his ears. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] What?

-[[ Austin answers his own question. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] You want me to leave you two alone?

-[[ Again with the needles. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] What?

-[[ And again, he answers his own question. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] You're creepin' me out..

-[[ Needles. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] What?

-[[ Answer. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] The way you're grinnin' at'che self.. I'm 'fraid you're gonna turn around and put my eye out..

[ Muhammad Hassan ] ..Enough.

[ Steve Austin ] What!?

-[[ Hassan spins around, slinging water, mixed with crimson.. His fists are clenched as he stares Austin right in the face.. The tension is thick, but Austin is clearly more relaxed than Hassan.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] The way you turned around there.. Makes you look like you wanna fight ol' Stone Cold.

-[[ No answer from Hassan. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Well? Do ya'?

-[[ Hassan is shaking with anger.. ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] Steve... Austin... If it's a fight you seek... Then it's a fight.. YOU'LL.. GET!!

-[[ Austin storms right up into Hassan's face, they're practically touching noses. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Make your move, hot shot.. I'll stomp your ass right in the damn ground.

-[[ Hassan cracks a smile.. ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] Wait... Wait a second, Steve.. Just.. One.. Second...

-[[ A sarcastic, smart ass tone fills Hassan's voice. ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] I think you've made a mistake... As you can see.....

-[[ Hassan accentuates his chest, still stained with Kurt Angle's blood.. ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] I don't have... Breasts.... As a matter of fact... I don't have long, blonde hair.. I'm not even... A FEMALE!! And judging from the newspaper headlines as of late... That puts me.. Right OUT.. Of your league!!

-[[ All the humor has left the room.. Steve Austin stares coldly at Hassan, not saying a word. ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] Look at yourself, Steve... You are an out of shape... Past your prime.. HAS-BEEN!! And even worse, you have gone.. From winning world championships...... TO BEATING WOMEN!! And now.. Look at me... I am the GREAT.. MUHAMMAD HASSAN!! And to... Scrap, as rednecks such as yourself would call it, with you here and now... Would lower me.. It would put me.. On YOUR level...

-[[ Hassan laughs. ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] It's suitable tonight.. That we meet in the Thunderdome.. Because behind steel bars....

-[[ And Hassan slaps Austin hard across the face.. ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] IS WHERE YOU BELONG!!!

-[[ Austin turns his head back to Hassan, a smile now etched across his own face.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Well... This is all I gotta say about that...

-[[ Austin lowers his head to think...... And then punches Hassan right in the mouth!! Hassan spins around, finding himself face to face with himself in the mirror again.. He spits blood into the sink and begins laughing.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Somethin' funny?

-[[ In the mirror, Hassan sees a figure behind Austin.. ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] You're... Foolishness...

[ Steve Austin ] ..What?

-[[ And Austin is blasted from behind... BY CACTUS JACK!! The shot sends Austin reeling forward into Hassan's arms.. FLATLINER INTO THE SINK!! Porcelain goes everywhere as Austin and Hassan both lay on the floor.. Water sprays all over the place.. Hassan rolls away from Austin and stands up.. Austin lays motionless, blood pouring out of his head and swirling around in the water that coats the floor.. Hassan stares at Cactus, who stares at the fallen Austin.. ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] Well?

-[[ But Cactus doesn't acknowledge Hassan.. He drops to his knees next to Austin.. ]]-

[ Cactus Jack ] Steve? ......Steve?

-[[ Hassan shakes his head, not understanding, but disgusted nonetheless. ]]-

[ Cactus Jack ] It's time to wake up....

-[[ Hassan stares at two of his opponents for a moment.. He grumbles. ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] Pathetic..

-[[ He walks away, shaking his head.. Cactus shakes Austin's body before looking up.. With an innocent quiver in his voice, he speaks to no one in particular... ]]-

[ Cactus Jack ] I think... I think Steve needs a doctor....

-[[ He slumps back on his ass and begins pulling at his hair.. Will Austin even be able to compete in the Thunderdome!? ]]-

Randy Orton(c) versus Chavo Guerrero, Jr.
Title on the Line: SGW Television Championship
Stipulation: None
Referee: Charles Robinson

-[[ Randy Orton and Chavo Guerrero meet in the center of the ring.. They stare each other down for a moment... And then Randy Orton bitch slaps Chavo right in the face!! Chavo looks away, grins... And turns around and slugs Orton right in the face!! Chavo goes off, punching away at Orton!! Orton flails around, trying to fight back, but Chavo punches him until he goes stumbling back out of the ring!! Orton ends up on the outside, staggering around.. "Cowboy" Bob checks on his son... And Chavo Guerrero suicide dives to the outside, taking out BOTH Ortons!! All three men lay on the floor mats for a moment before Chavo sits up and grabs Orton by the hair.. He pulls Orton up and throws him back inside the ring.. Chavo follows him in and goes to pull him to his feet... But Orton nails him with a LOW BLOW!! Orton springs right up and nails Chavo with a European uppercut!! Chavo flies back against the ropes and Orton floors him with a DROP KICK!! Orton stands up with a cocky look on his face...... And he drops a knee on Chavo's head!! And another!! Orton pulls Chavo up and throws him into a CHIN LOCK!! Chavo fights it, calling for the fans to help him... They cheer him on.. He keeps fighting it, raising his fist in the air and pumping... He's drawing power from the fans..... And he elbows Orton.. Again! And again!! Chavo is standing and Orton can't maintain the hold!! Both men stand... Another elbow and Orton breaks the hold!! Chavo turns and nails Orton with a big right hand!! Another!! And another!! He whips Orton into the ropes turnbuckle and follows him in with a clothesline, but Orton ducks it!! Chavo collides chest first and Orton spins him around.. He sets Chavo up on the top rope and goes to follow him up.. But Chavo fights it and grips Orton around the head..... TORNADO DDT!! Chavo covers him!! ONE!! TWO!! THRE-- Randy Orton kicks out!! Chavo can't believe it!! Chavo picks Orton up and sets him up for a brainbuster, but Orton slips out behind him and nearly breaks him in half with a modified back breaker!! Orton covers Chavo, hooking BOTH legs!! One!! TWO!! THRE-- Chavo kicked out!! Orton sits up and pulls Chavo up with him.. He whips Chavo into the ropes and Chavo baseball slides between Orton's legs!! Orton turns around and they both throw drop kicks, narrowly missing the other's legs by inches!! Both men roll over into kneeling positions, facing the other.. And both men lunge at the other!! They trade punches like men possessed!! Chavo lifts a knee into Orton's midsection and Orton rises up with a European uppercut!! Chavo throws a wild punch and Orton deflects it........ RKO!! Orton scrambles for the cover!! One!! Two!! Thre-- NO!! NO!! NO!! CHAVO GOT A FOOT ON THE ROPE!! Orton yanks Chavo's leg off of the rope and hooks it.. ONE!! TWO!! THRE-- CHAVO GOT A SHOULDER UP!! Orton yells in frustration.. He punches Chavo in the head a few times before pulling him back to his feet..... Orton whips Chavo into the turnbuckle and lifts him onto the top in a seated position.. Chavo begins fighting him again, but Orton fights back and hooks Chavo's head....... DDT OFF OF THE TOP ROPE!! The fans "OHHH!" in sympathy pain and Orton cradles Chavo... ONE!! TWO!! THRE-- CHAVO KICKED OUT!! Orton can't believe it!! Orton pulls Chavo back up.. Chavo looks like he's out on his feet.... Orton whips him into the ropes and goes for a back body drop, but Chavo kicks him in the midsection.. Chavo hooks his head.... One suplex, two suplexes, THREE, it's the THREE AMIGOS!! The fans pop huge and Chavo sits up.. He begins climbing the turnbuckles....... FROG SPLASH ON RANDY ORTON!! Chavo covers him!! ONE!! TWO!! THRE-- ORTON KICKED OUT!! Chavo can't believe it.. He pulls Orton up....... BRAIN BUSTER!! Chavo covers him!! One!! Two!! Thre-- Orton got a shoulder up!! Chavo can't keep him down!! Chavo stands up and Orton raises both forearms into Chavo's groin!! Orton stands up, pulls Chavo's head between his legs...... AND PILEDRIVES HIM!! He covers him!! One!! Two!! Thre-- Chavo Guerrero kicked out!! Chavo gets up to one knee.. And Orton falls back on one knee of his own and yanks Charles Robinson in front of him, pulling his face to close to his own.. What's he doing!? DISTRACTION!! "COWBOY" BOB IS IN THE RING!! He runs at Chavo with a STEEL CHAIR!! Chavo blocks the shot.. AND NAILS BOB WITH THE CHAIR!! Bob rolls out of the ring, holding his face, and Chavo throws the chair to the side......... AND FALLS TO THE MAT!? Charles Robinson turns around, sees the chair, sees Chavo.. He's confused..... Randy Orton stalks past Robinson and smiles when he sees Chavo on the mat..... Orton thinks his father has done the deed!! He cockily sits down next to Chavo and lays back over his body.. One... Two...... Chavo comes to life and crucifixes Orton's arms!!!! He rolls him over!! ONE!! TWO!! THREEEEE!!!!!! Chavo Guerrero rolls out of the ring and grabs the championship belt!! CHAVO GUERRERO IS A GRAND SLAM CHAMPION!! Randy Orton is furious inside the ring as he watches Chavo celebrate up the ramp with the Television Title in his hand!! Orton shoves Charles Robinson away from him as he tries telling him what happened.. Chavo Guerrero has done the impossible.. Again!! ]]-

Winner & New Television Champion: Chavo Guerrero, Jr. via Pin Fall

-[[ The Rock's smiling face fills the screen.. He's walking down the hallway with his head of security, Haku following closely behind him.. Lita walks along his side, but not too close, that just ain't how the Rock rolls, ya' heard? The Rock is dressed in his black pants and black vest with the giant Brahma bull belt buckle.. He got a bottle of water in his hand as he walks down the hall with seemingly no goal in mind.... The smile alone is enough to piss anyone off.. He walks past three men in the hall.... Alex Shelley, Jimmy Rave, and Prince Nana.. Collectively known as The Embassy... ]]-

[ Alex Shelley ] You guys see that?

-[[ Jimmy Rave smirks, shaking his head. ]]-

[ Jimmy Rave ] Prima donna.. Didn't even introduce himself..

-[[ The Rock stops dead in his tracks, despite being well-past the trio... The Rock begins walking backward until he's face to face with them.. The Rock lowers his sunglasses and looks each man up and down with his eyebrow raised..... And the serious look on his face quickly cracks as he smiles and extends his hand.. ]]-

[ The Rock ] Baby, it's the Rock.. Pleased ta' meet ya'..

-[[ Rave and Shelley each shake his hand as Prince Nana watches.. ]]-

[ The Rock ] You guys new here?

-[[ They nod. ]]-

[ The Rock ] Say.. You guys look familiar to the Rock... What's your names?

[ Alex Shelley ] I'm Al--

-[[ The Rock shakes his head, the smile disappearing. ]]-

[ The Rock ] It don't matta'... Shut up, bitches.

-[[ The Rock reaches down and jiggles his belt buckle. ]]-

[ The Rock ] The Rock is here, mama!!

-[[ The Rock takes a few steps forward before backtracking once again.. He extends his arm toward Prince Nana.. ]]-

[ The Rock ] And what is this!? WHAT.. IS THIS!? Martin Lawrence!! What are ya' thinkin'!? Sure, Big Momma's House Two is a hit but so was Batman and ya' didn't see Jack Nicholson goin' out in public dressed as the damn JOKER!!

-[[ The Rock walks away, leaving the Embassy standing there with their jaws dropped.. Lita laughs. ]]-

[ Lita ] That was great, Rocky.

-[[ The Rock has a huge smile on his face. ]]-

[ The Rock ] The Rock says no more talk, slut.

-[[ Before she can even respond, The Rock has turned his attention to another man standing in the hall.. Looking intense and angry at the world, Perry Saturn stares at the movie star and his oddball entourage... The Rock looks Saturn up and down, seeming impressed.. He unscrews the cap and takes a sip before replacing it... He nods as he looks at Saturn, like he sees something he likes.. ]]-

[ The Rock ] Perry Saturn!! SATURN!! Whoa!! Look 'atcha'.. It's the FORMA'.. Pro-Wrestling Redefined World CHAMP-EE-ON!! YEAH!! What's he lookin' at!? One eye goin' this way!! One eye goin' the OTHA'!! The Rock don't know!! First night in Solid Gold RESS-LIN'!! What'cha gotta SAY!?

-[[ Perry Saturn opens his mouth to speak, looking furious... The Rock throws a hand up in his face. ]]-

[ The Rock ] Nah.

-[[ The Rock walks away from him, that big smile returning.. He keeps walking down the hall with no goal in mind, it seems but this time, the Rock doesn't stop on his own..... He's stopped by someone else... The fans pop huge as John Cena comes into the shot...... Cena stares at the Rock with a cold, serious look... The Rock is still smiling.. He speaks. ]]-

[ The Rock ] Whoa.. Haku!! Haku, look at this guy!! It's MARKY MAAARK!! WHOA!!

-[[ The Rock laughs a dry, patronizing laugh. ]]-

[ The Rock ] But seriously, the Rock kids... What's your name, brother?

-[[ Cena raises a hand. ]]-

[ John Cena ] Save it, Rocky...

-[[ The Rock chuckles. ]]-

[ The Rock ] Save what? The Rock don't know what ya' talkin' about-

-[[ Cena cuts him off. ]]-

[ John Cena ] It's cool, dawg... I get it.. We ALL get it...

-[[ Cena speaks in mock-awe.. ]]-

[ John Cena ] You got away from wrestlin'.. You made a name fa' ya'self in da' movies...

-[[ The Rock shrugs in a "Yeah, I guess I did" manner.. ]]-

[ John Cena ] And dat's cool, dawg.. Nobody holdin' that against ya'.. Hell, I got my own shit goin' on outside o'wrestling.. My rap albums.. I even got a movie o'my own comin' out soon... But 'chu're takin' this WAY too far!! Don't 'chu know that part o'where ya' goin' is knowin' where ya' comin' from?

[ The Rock ] Yeah, the Rock thinks that's nice.. But the Rock still don't know ya' name..

-[[ Cena smirks.. ]]-

[ John Cena ] I know.. It don't matta' what my name is, right?

-[[ The Rock extends his arm right in Cena's face before bellowing.. ]]-


-[[ The Rock takes the lid off his water again.. ]]-

[ The Rock ] The Rock is thirsty!! All this meet and greet is dryin' out the Rock's mouth!! All o'the Rock's fans in SGW wantin' ta' meet the Rock...... The Rock says all o'the Rock's fans in SGW wantin' to meet THE ROCK!! The Rock's gettin' cotton mouth.......

-[[ The Rock takes a big gulp..... And then spits the water right in Cena's face!! ]]-

[ The Rock ] THAT'S BETTA'!!

-[[ The Rock reaches into his pocket and produces a handkerchief out of nowhere.. He politely hands it to Cena who accepts it and looks down at it with a serious look on his face.. ]]-

[ The Rock ] The Rock says wipe ya' self off.. Ya' just got disrespected.

-[[ Cena looks at the handkerchief and begins dabbing at his face.. Cena drops the handkerchief and unbelievably manages a smile as he looks up at the Rock... ]]-

[ John Cena ] Ya' know somethin', Rocky.. Ya' keep showin' ya' ass like that around here.. And soona'.. Ratha' than lata'.. Somebody's gonna knock you on it..

-[[ The Rock chomps his teeth like he's chewing a huge piece of gum. ]]-

[ The Rock ] OH YEAH!? YEAH!? And who's gonna do it.. YOU!? YOU!? THE ROCK'S LAUGHIN' IN YA' FACE!! You don't belong in the ring with The Rock!! You step across 8-Mile and the Rock's gonna walk eight miles all ova' ya' ass!!

-[[ Cena starts to answer, but the Rock cuts him off. ]]-

[ The Rock ] Hold on, the Rock's gonna slap ya'..

-[[ And the Rock does just that!! He slaps John Cena right in the face!! This finally pisses Cena off. ]]-

[ The Rock ] Your face just got slapped.. Ya' like that? It give ya' a little wood? A little mahogany? Whoa.. Whoa, mama!! You gettin' sweet on the Rock? No? Ya' ain't... LIKE 'DAT? Let the Rock tell ya' somethin'.. Haku, here.. HAKU.. HAW-KUUU.. He ain't gay.. But he'll do ya' just to piss ya' off!!

-[[ Haku looks confused.. Even he doesn't get this rambling bullshit... John Cena has had enough... He punches the Rock in the face!! The Rock staggers back and Cena tackles him down!! Haku grabs Cena around the waist and pulls him up, but Cena is fighting like crazy!! Security begins flooding the area, separating the two men as they attempt to trade punches and kicks.. The Rock is yelling as they're dragged apart.. ]]-

[ The Rock ] Arrest that maniac!! THE ROCK SAYS.. ARREST HIS ASS!! He's CRAZY!!

-[[ And although no arrest is made, the superstars are taken to their respective dressing rooms.. ]]-

Michael Shane versus Sylvan Grenier
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: If Michael Shane wins, he gets five minutes alone with Vince Russo
Referee: Mark Yeaton

-[[ Vince Russo is standing at ringside with Candice in Sylvan's corner.. Traci Brooks stands in Michael Shane's corner.. Michael Shane goes right after Sylvan, nailing him with lefts and rights!! Sylvan tries to put up a defense, but Shane isn't being denied!! He whips Sylvan into the ropes... Back body drop!! Sylvan springs back to his feet and Shane nails him with a clothesline! He pulls Sylvan up and whips him into the turnbuckle!! Shane follows him in.. BIG SPLASH!! Sylvan comes bouncing out of the corner and Michael Shane hits him... KICK, SUPLEX!! Michael Shane kips up!! He pulls Sylvan up again and whips him into the ropes.. He bends over for another back body drop, but Sylvan leap frogs him and catches him from behind... Reverse DDT!! Sylvan goes for a quick pin.. One! Two! Shane kicked out!! Sylvan chokes him while he's down... The ref warns him to stop, but Sylvan is relentless in his pursuit to keep Shane down.. And to keep Russo out of Candice's panties!! He finally breaks the hold and pulls Shane up by his hair... He lifts Shane onto his shoulders..... RUNNING POWER SLAM!! Sylvan begins climbing the turnbuckles..... And he goes for a flying elbow!! And Michael Shane moves!! Sylvan splatters on impact and Shane begins climbing the turnbuckles now... HE goes for an elbow drop..... AND HE HITS IT!! He covers Sylvan!! One! Two! Sylvan kicked out!! Michael Shane gets up, pulling Sylvan with him.. He whips Sylvan into the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Sylvan ducks it and hooks Shane for reverse suplex.. But Shane flips over and lands behind Sylvan.... AND KICKS HIM IN THE BALLS FROM BEHIND!! Sylvan yells in pain like a little girl and Shane hits the ropes....... BULLDOG ON SYLVAN!! Michael Shane goes to the corner... And begins TUNING UP THE BAND!! He's tuning up the band for.. SWEET SHANE MUSIC!! But Candice Michelle gets on the apron!! She's distracting Shane!! AND TRACI BROOKS PULLS HER OFF!! CAT FIGHT!! CAT FIIIIIIIIGHT!!! Sylvan stands up.. Shane goes for the kick... And Sylvan ducks it and lifts his head between Shane's legs..... ELECTRIC CHAIR DROP!! Sylvan covers him!! One!! Two!! Th-- Shane kicked out!! Sylvan can't believe it!! The girls are still fighting and Russo is screaming at the referee to pull Traci off of Candice.. Mark Yeaton begins yelling at them.. And Russo uses the distraction to roll in the ring with his baseball bat!! He swings it at Shane and Shane catches it under his arm.. Shane is shaking his head "NO!" at Russo... He yanks the bat out of Russo's hand and Russo drops and rolls out of the ring... Shane spins around....... AND SPLINTERS THE BAT OVER SYLVAN'S HEAD!! Sylvan staggers back, not falling just yet...... And Shane NAILS HIM WITH SWEET SHANE MUSIC!! Michael Shane spins Mark Yeaton around and covers Sylvan..... ONE!! TWO!! THREEEEEE!! Vince Russo watches on from the outside, knowing that Michael Shane has just earned five minutes ALONE with him.. NO INTERFERENCE GUARANTEED!! ]]-

Winner: Michael Shane via Pin Fall

Michael Shane's Five Minutes Alone with Vince Russo

-[[ Sylvan rolls out of the ring holding his head and Candice Michelle checks on him... Vince Russo is twitching all over, perhaps of thinking of where to run to... Michael Shane is motioning for him to get in the ring..... Vince Russo takes off running around the ring..... AND GETS CLOTHESLINED OUT OF HIS SHOES BY TRACI BROOKS!! She yanks Russo up off the mats and begins slapping away at him, nailing him with lefts and rights... And she spins and whips him inside the ring where Michael Shane is waiting!! Russo is scrambling around on all fours and he finds himself.. Face to knees.. With Michael Shane!! Shane yanks Russo up to his feet and floors him with a big right hand!! Traci Brooks rolls in the ring and she holds Russo up for Michael Shane to go to town on him!! Vince Russo's nose is busted and he's bleeding all over the place!! And then Traci Brooks kneels down behind him..... LOW BLOW!! Russo bends over, moaning in pain and...... SWEET SHANE MUSIC!!! Vince Russo does a complete back flip on impact and remains motionless on the mat!! But they're not through..... Traci rolls Russo over and puts one heeled shoe on his chest... And Michael Shane takes his place next to her, putting his own boot on Russo's chest...... Shane tells Mark Yeaton to count it... And he does!! ONE!! TWO!! THREEEEE!!! Michael Shane and Traci Brooks have gotten their comeuppance on Vince Russo!!! The fans roar in approval. ]]-

Winners: Michael Shane & Traci Brooks via Pin Fall

-[[ The camera focuses on a bag that's propped up underneath a steel folding chair... The legs, covered in black leather that are planted firmly on the ground let you know that the seat is occupied... By who? You find out when the voice of a woman hits your ears.. ]]-

[ Amy Love ] Excuse me... Uh.. Undertaker?

-[[ The Undertaker's face becomes clear and although his eyes are hidden by his sunglasses, you know he does not look up at the first female competitor in SGW history.... He concentrates fully on tightening his gloves... ]]-

[ Amy Love ] Would you mind.. Moving? That's my bag you're sitting on..

-[[ No response... He finishes one glove and begins on the other.. ]]-

[ Amy Love ] I need it.. So I can get ready for my match.. Have you heard?

-[[ She seems proud, but the Undertaker pays no attention to her. ]]-

[ Amy Love ] Ya' know.. It's like.... The first women's match in SGW history!!

-[[ She smiles really big, putting her hands on her hips. ]]-

[ Amy Love ] I'm kind've proud of it... Making history, you know..

-[[ Still no response... Scarlett Rose, her friend and manager approaches her from behind.. ]]-

[ Scarlett Rose ] You got your stuff? Let's go get ready..

-[[ Amy shakes her head, pointing at the Undertaker.. Scarlett sees the bag and looks annoyed. ]]-

[ Scarlett Rose ] Well? Go get it..

[ Amy Love ] He won't let me!!

-[[ Scarlett rolls her eyes and walks right up the to Undertaker. ]]-

[ Scarlett Rose ] Hey... Scoot.. We need that bag..

-[[ They've gotten the attention of everyone in the locker room now.. Undertaker still isn't pay attention.. ]]-

[ Scarlett Rose ] Do you hear me? .....Asshole?

-[[ A gasp is heard.... And then she removes his sunglasses for him!! Taker, who was looking down at his gloves, rolls his eyes up in her direction.. He slowly begins shaking his head.. Oh, for the love of God, no... ]]-

[ The Undertaker ] Little girl... Ye' shouldn't have.

-[[ He stands up, looming over them.. At least two heads taller than each one... Scarlett looks like she knows that she's done fucked up.. Amy begins to back away.. And shoves Scarlett up a few steps and right into the Undertaker!! Taker snaps his arm out and grips her throat... MY GOD, TAKER.. THESE ARE WOMEN!! He forces her down to her knees and quickly, Alex Shelley, Jimmy Rave, and Justin Credible run up and try to get between them... Undertaker looks at each one with a cocky, unbelieving look on his face.. ]]-

[ Justin Credible ] Whoa, man, what are you doing!? These are girls, man!!

-[[ Undertaker spits tobacco right on Justin Credible's t-shirt.. ]]-

[ The Undertaker ] Put'che self in a man's place.. Ye get treated like a man..

-[[ He tightens his grip on her throat and yanks her up to her feet.. She's struggling to breathe.. ]]-

[ Jimmy Rave ] Calm down, Taker... Don't make us have to.. Stop you..

[ Alex Shelley ] Yeah.. You choke slam that girl and you're a dead man..

-[[ Taker smiles, eyeballing Alex Shelley.. ]]-

[ Alex Shelley ] I repeat.. If you choke slam that girl... You are a dead man..

-[[ The Undertaker's eyes go wild and he yells.. ]]-


-[[ HE CHOKE SLAMS SCARLETT ROSE RIGHT INTO ALEX SHELLEY!! He spins.. BIG BOOT ON JUSTIN CREDIBLE!! Jimmy Rave starts throwing wild punches at the Taker, but Taker knees him in the gut and yanks his head between his legs..... LAST RIDE ON THE LOCKER ROOM FLOOR!! Alex Shelley staggers back to his feet and Taker catches him and scoops him up..... TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER ON THE FLOOR!! Justin Credible runs back at him and Taker catches him.. AND LAWN DARTS HIM INTO THE WALL, leaving a massive splatter of blood where his forehead made impact!! Amy Love just stands in shock, staring at the man who just decimated the entire group of men who tried to save her, as well as her friend.... Taker begins advancing on her, chewing tobacco.. He spits on the floor in front of her and-- CLANG!! KEN KENNEDY HIT THE UNDERTAKER FROM BEHIND WITH A LEAD PIPE!! The Undertaker goes down to all fours and Kennedy hits him across the back!! Again!! And again!! Taker is down.. And he starts to pull himself up.... And he's kicked straight down.. BY THE BIG SHOW!! Kennedy laughs a cocky prick.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] And the winner of this backstage encounter........ AND THE NEEEEEW....

-[[ He raises his chin and proclaims proudly.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] LOCKER ROOM.. LEADERRRR........

-[[ Big Show guffaws loudly.. ]]-


-[[ He turns and stares Amy Love right in the face, a brief pause.. And then.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] .......KENNEDY!!

-[[ Amy Love grabs her bag out from under the chair and quickly helps Scarlett to her feet.. She looks up at Kennedy. ]]-

[ Amy Love ] Thanks..

-[[ And the two of them quickly run away down the hall, leaving Kennedy and Big Show standing amongst the human wasteland that was mostly created by the Undertaker.... Kennedy looks disgusted that she even spoke to him. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] The next time she talks to me, I'm going to punch her right in the mouth.

-[[ Big Show laughs. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] A high, hard one.

[ The Big Show ] She's little.. I bet I could palm her head..

[ Ken Kennedy ] You could.. You have an impressive hand size.

[ The Big Show ] ..And squeeze until slime comes out of her eye sockets.

-[[ Kennedy quickly changes the subject as Big Show stares at his hands, thinking about the power he has. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] So.. You think he's out of the Thunderdome?

[ The Big Show ] Nope.

[ Ken Kennedy ] I don't know.. I hit him pretty hard with that pipe.. I think he might be dead.

-[[ Big Show shakes his head.. ]]-

[ The Big Show ] He'll be there..

[ Ken Kennedy ] You sure?

[ The Big Show ] Yep.

[ Ken Kennedy ] We should probably go then.. Before he wakes up.

-[[ Big Show nods... And just as he does, The Undertaker begins to stir.. He pulls himself up to all fours and Kennedy and Show leave the area in a hurry... The Undertaker watches them as they leave, seething mad. ]]-

[ The Undertaker ] This shit ain't over..

-[[ He spits on the floor. ]]-

[ The Undertaker ] It'll end.. In the Thunderdome..

-[[ He stands up and looks around at the damage he's already done tonight.. He is far from through. ]]-

Val Venis versus Edge
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: Mystery Box Ladder Match
Referee: Jimmy Cordaris

-[[ The mystery box hangs from the ceiling.. A ladder is positioned in the center of the ramp.. Just as Edge walks out onto the stage with Stacy and Torrie on each arm, Val Venis emerges from the back and blasts him from behind!! Stacy and Torrie scatter as Val Venis pelts Edge with rapid fire punches!! Edge is ducking and covering, but Val Venis is relentless in his pursuit!! He battles Edge to the edge of the stage and begins knee lifting him repeatedly, trying to send him over but Edge is fighting to remain standing!! Venis takes a step back and lunges... TACKLING EDGE OFF OF THE STAGE!! BOTH MEN GO FLYING AT LEAST FIFTEEN FEET!! They slam through two tables!! Both men lay there for a moment before Venis begins stirring.... Venis sits up slowly and Edge begins to pull himself up using the table wreckage.. Venis turns and punches Edge in the head.. Edge punches him back and they both get out of the wreckage.. Both men begin trading punches and Venis furiously grips Edge and whips him into the side of the stage!! Edge snaps back and Venis catches him around the waist, trying to German suplex him on the concrete, but Edge is fighting it!! He elbows Venis in the head and turns around.... KICK WHAM EDGE-A-CUTION!! Venis' head smacks on the concrete floor!! Edge sits up and turns Venis over.. He begins punching him in the face repeatedly, trying to hurt him even worse... Edge draws blood from Venis' eyebrow and stands up with a sick smile on his face.. Edge climbs back onto the stage.. He walks down the ramp as the fans boo loudly.. He grabs the ladder and folds it up before carrying it down and sliding it underneath the bottom rope... He's taking his time.. He follows the ladder in and sets it up in the center of the ring, just underneath the mystery box... Edge begins climbing and he's almost as the top.. When he feels the ladder shake!! Edge looks down in horror as Val Venis grips both sides of the ladder!! HE PUSHES IT!! Edge goes sailing over the top rope... AND THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!! Joey Styles and Don Callis scatter as table shrapnel goes all over the place.. Edge is not moving!! Venis grabs the ladder and sets it back up!! Val Venis begins climbing!! And someone grips his foot!! STACY KEIBLER IS IN THE RING!! Venis looks down and you can see the fury wash over his face!! Venis climbs down and Stacy begins begging him off... Venis keeps getting closer and Edge blasts him from behind!! The impact sends Venis careening into Stacy which sends her outside the ring through the middle and top ropes!! She lands flat and doesn't move!! Edge looks outside at her.. Shrugs his shoulders and pulls Venis back up.. He slings Venis into the turnbuckle, sending his shoulder crashing into the post!! Edge pulls him back out and whips him head first into the ladder!! The ladder goes crashing down and folds up flat and Venis lands on top of it.. Edge climbs out of the ring and onto the apron.. He begins climbing the turnbuckles.. My God.. He's going leg drop Val Venis on the ladder!! EDGE FLIES!! VENIS MOVES!! EDGE BREAKS HIS OWN ASS ON THE LADDER!! Edge begins yelling in pain.. Venis rolls to his feet and runs and kicks Edge right in the face!! Edge goes flat on the ladder.. And Venis begins climbing the ropes.... Oh no... He's going to do it!! MONEY SHOT ON EDGE.. ON THE LADDER!!! Edge doesn't move after the impact.. Venis clutches his ribs.. He has hurt himself.. To hurt Edge!! Venis sits up, bleeding profusely from his eyebrow.. He pushes Edge off of the ladder and picks it up... He sets it up and begins slowly climbing... He makes it about halfway up when Edge begins to move... Venis is almost at the top, slowly reaching for the box.. But Edge is up too quickly!! Edge runs and begins climbing underneath Venis.. He pushes his head between Venis' legs.. And falls backward...... ELECTRIC CHAIR DROP OFF OF THE LADDER!! Edge sits up slowly and grabs Val's legs...... And hooks the EDGE-LOCK!! Venis yells in pain but he's not tapping out!! Edge is not releasing the hold!! Edge keeps cranking it.. Venis is right at the ropes, but he doesn't bother going for them because they don't matter in this environment... Edge is trying to break Val's legs with this hold!! Blood streams down Val's face and finally, after a few minutes in the painful hold... Val Venis passes out from the pain... The mystery box is easy pickings for Edge!! Edge falls back on his ass, releasing the hold, laughing... He turns and begins climbing slowly... Referee Jimmy Cordaris is checking on Venis, trying to stir him up.. Venis' eyes begin to flicker open and closed.. Edge is near the top.. And he's got one hand on the box!! Edge is going to take it!! Edge is going to pull it down....... EDGE IS GOING TO DIE!! THE LADDER IS PUSHED OVER!!! THAT'S ORLANDO JORDAN!! ORLANDO JORDAN JUST PUSHED OVER THE LADDER!! The fans pop huge as Edge goes sailing and CROTCHES the top rope!! Jordan runs... And punches Edge so hard that he goes toppling over the ropes and to the floor!! Jordan turns and begins helping Venis.. Trying to get him to stand.. What's the relationship between these two competitors!? Venis is coming to.... And Orlando turns to the ramp.. And here comes the HARRIS BROTHERS!!! Ron and Don stomp down the ramp with a purpose and Jordan, even though he hates to do it, leaves Venis and escapes through the crowd.. ]]-

-[[ The Harris Brothers pick up Edge and throw him back in the ring.. Both Harris Brothers follow him in and Don Harris begins pushing Edge up the ladder!! Edge doesn't even know where he is!! Val Venis pulls himself to his feet and he runs blindly at Ron Harris and tackles him into the ladder!! The ladder topples forward and Edge and Don come crashing down as well!! Edge remains motionless and Don Harris picks himself up slowly... He shakes his head and cracks his knuckles... Ron and Don advance on Venis and Venis takes it to them!! He gives each man rapid fire punches, trying to topple them!! And then he goes low!! Kick to the groin of Ron Harris!! Venis turns and flings him out of the ring!! He kicks Don in the gut and hooks him for a piledriver.. But Ron Harris slides in behind him with a chair and cracks it into Venis' back!! Venis turns around, seemingly unfazed... And Ron Harris raises the chair... Venis catches it coming down... He kicks Harris in the gut and takes it!! CHAIRSHOT ON RON HARRIS!! He spins.. CHAIRSHOT ON DON HARRIS!! Val Venis nails Don Harris with several more chairshots, drawing blood from his face!! Val Venis rolls out of the ring and reaches underneath it...... AND FINDS A TABLE!! He sets it up on the outside and rolls back inside..... He grabs Ron Harris and pulls him onto the apron..... PILEDRIVER OFF OF THE APRON AND THROUGH THE TABLE!! Venis pulls himself from the wreckage, refusing to stay down.. He rolls back inside and slings Edge's body off of the ladder and he lifts it up... Don Harris slowly gets to one knee... And Venis charges at him.. LADDER SHOT TO THE FACE OF DON HARRIS!! The shot sends him careening through the ropes and into the broken heap of table where his brother lies!! Both Harris Brothers are FINISHED!! Venis throws the ladder down in front of him.. He turns around..... SPEAR BY EDGE!!! Val Venis lands ON THE LADDER!! Both men lay motionless after the shot.. Edge comes to and rolls over.. He gets up on all fours and pushes Venis off of the ladder.. He pulls the ladder up and sets it up.. Edge slowly begins climbing as Venis comes to.. But Edge sees him coming and dives off with a double axe handle!! Venis catches him..... SPINE BUSTER!!! Edge bounces at least a foot off of the mat!! Venis pulls him up.... PILEDRIVER!! Venis sits up, wipes the blood out of his face and turns his attention back to the ladder... He begins climbing again.. And Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson both roll in the ring to stop him!! They each grab a leg and Venis looks pissed off.. He hops down and shoves Torrie Wilson down on her ass.. He then spins, locks eyes with Stacy...... KICK WHAM PILEDRIVER ON STACY KEIBLER!! Val Venis spits on her and begins climbing the ladder.. He climbs ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP.. He looks at the box.. Touches it..... And then shakes his head.. What's he doing!? MONEY SHOT ON STACY KEIBLER FROM THE TOP OF THE LADDER!!! Torrie Wilson screams in horror and rolls out of the ring as Venis ENDS Stacy Keibler!! Venis slowly gets back to his feet and he goes back to the ladder.. He begins climbing... And Edge gets back up.. Edge staggers to the ladder and begins climbing himself.. Both men reach the top at almost the same time... They begin trading punches with the mystery box only INCHES away from their faces... Edge punches away at Venis' bloody face, but Venis keeps racking Edge's own head with lefts and rights.... And Venis staggers him!! Edge looks like he's going to FALL!! Edge throws another weak punch..... Venis punches him again.. "I... HAVE HAD........ ENOUGH....... OF YOU!!" and Venis grabs the mystery box and SLAMS IT DOWN ONTO EDGE'S HEAD!! WOOD AND SPLINTERS GO EVERYWHERE AS EDGE'S HEAD ENTERS THE CRATE!!! Edge's form crumbles and he free-falls to the mat with the mystery box on his head!! Val Venis has totally dominated Edge.. But EDGE has been declared the winner!! Val Venis looks satisfied, loss or not... He climbs down the ladder and approaches Edge's fallen body.. He raises his foot.. And STOMPS THE BOX, shattering it into pieces around Edge's head... And then he begins laughing as he sees the prize that Edge is taking home....... THE SGW GIMMICK CHAMPIONSHIP is laid across his face....... Venis shakes his head and leaves the ring, feeling Edge has gotten exactly what he deserved.. ]]-

Winner & New Gimmick Champion: Edge

-[[ There is a knock on Kurt Angle's dressing room door.. Slowly, the door opens and Kurt Angle, the entire top of his head covered in a bandage is standing there, looking like he's been put on enough pain medication to kill a grown elephant... But he sobers up almost immediately when he sees who stands on the other side of the door.. Lance Storm, Mike Awesome, Elix Skipper, and Major Gunnz... Lance Storm raises his hand, which contains Kurt's medals dangling from it.. Kurt's eyes grow wide.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Here are your medals, Kurt.. The only reward I seek is an apology for your accusations..

-[[ Kurt nods, knowing he was in the wrong.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] I apologize, Lance... I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions..

-[[ Kurt Angle extends his hand to receive the medals, but Lance Storm clears his throat.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] I have something else for you, Kurt..

-[[ And Petey Williams is forced to the front of the line.. Petey looks pissed to even be there.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Do it, Petey..

-[[ Petey grumbles under his breath.. ]]-

[ Petey Williams ] I'm sorry I took your medals, Kurt...

-[[ A pause.. Storm clears his throat. ]]-

[ Petey Williams ] And I'm sorry about the Canadian Destroyer on the stage..

[ Lance Storm ] That's better.

-[[ Storm continues. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Also, as a sign of respect.. For our American brethren.. We have decided to cancel Canadian Pride World Wide.. And instead.... Do this...

-[[ Kurt raises an eyebrow.. And Lance Storm super kicks him right in the face!! Team Canada swarms on Angle and begins kicking and stomping away at him, beating him down to the ground and refusing to allow him to fight back!! Awesome and Skipper hold Angle up while Storm and Petey stare him right in the face.... ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] This.. Is what you get, Kurt.. If you want to treat all Canadians as if we are one...

-[[ He grips Kurt's face.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Then we WILL be!!

-[[ Petey thumps Angle on the forehead, laughing. ]]-

[ Petey Williams ] You hear that, Kurt? THE CIVIL WAR IS OVER!!

-[[ And then he kicks Kurt right in the balls.. ]]-

[ Petey Williams ] Now it's just US...... VERSUS YOU!!

-[[ They let Kurt go and he slumps to the ground, panting.. Beaten down.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] You have no one to blame for this.. But yourself..

-[[ Team Canada leaves, unified.. And with Kurt Angle's gold medals.. ]]-

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