SHOCK: The Memorial Show | February 25th, 2006 | Live From: Montreal, Quebec, Canada | Commentators: Joey Styles & Don Callis

-[[ The show begins with the following picture plastered across your screen..  ]]-

-[[ Once that shot fades away, the screen is filled with a shot of thousands of fans standing quietly.. The stage is filled with the entire Solid Gold Wrestling roster, all of them standing and turned toward the ring.. There is sadness in the eyes of some, but not many.. Most only have anger and a few of them check their wrist watches to see when this is going to be over.. Maria is standing in front of the crowd of wrestlers with a microphone in her hand.. She's wearing a black dress and a massive, black, wide rimmed hat with a black veil hanging down over her face... Jillian stands next to her, wearing her usual outfit.. Maria flips the veil over the top of her hat and speaks into a microphone.. ]]-

[ Maria ] Like.. Okay, everybody... It's time for that ten bell salutey thingy, I guess...

-[[ The fans boo and most of the wrestlers groan.. ]]-

[ Maria ] Sorry! I know it's boring and it's stupid and all that.. But it's just what you do when somebody dies~!!

-[[ No love for this.. The fans continue booing.. ]]-

[ Maria ] And besides, Taz being dead really makes me sad..

-[[ She pouts. ]]-

[ Maria ] Because he reminded me of Humpty Dumpty~!! He was shaped like a big, red egg!! And then Humpty, he fell off his wall and broke into a bunch of pieces and all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put him together again!! Well.... That's like Taz.. When he got blowed up.. And his pieces went everywhere....

-[[ She shakes her head, pushing her bottom lip out like it's making her REALLY sad.. ]]-

[ Maria ] And we couldn't put him back together.. Really because we couldn't FIND all of his pieces....

-[[ She looks down at the floor, mumbling, still sad.. ]]-

[ Maria ] ...Because they got burned up in the fire...

-[[ She looks back up, smiling.. ]]-

[ Maria ] Anyway! Ring the bell!! YAY!! TEN BELL SALUTEY THINGY!!

-[[ Everyone boos as the bell begins sounding... ]]-

' Ding.... '

' Ding...... '

' Ding............. '

' Ding.................... '

' Ding......... '

-[[ And then Christian steps through the crowd, clutching his world championship belt, the one Taz never got close to, and takes the microphone out of Maria's hand.. He begins yelling into it before the next bell sounds.. ]]-

[ Christian ] STOP.. RIGHT THERE!!

-[[ Small pop for the interruption. ]]-

[ Christian ] No more bells, because as far as I'm concerned... Half of a salute is perfect.......

-[[ He looks into the camera, smiling.. ]]-

[ Christian ] For half.. Of a man!!

-[[ Christian turns, pushes Maria's veil and hair away from her ear.. He leans in close.. ]]-

[ Christian ] THAT MEANS HE'S SHORT!!

-[[ Christian laughs as Maria recoils, clutching her ear in pain.. ]]-

[ Christian ] Now, far be it for me, Captain Charisma, to disrespect a dead man.. But I think I speak for everyone in the crowd.. And everybody here on the ramp.. When I say forget about salutes and paying tribute to this guy... And LET'S GET ON WITH THE SHOW!!

-[[ Another small pop.. ]]-

[ Christian ] Because the faster we finish up with THIS... The faster we can get to the main event.. And even though I don't see eye to eye with Randy Orton, if he actually goes through with what he told me he was going to do tonight during the main event.... Then all of YOU, MY PEEPS... Are in for a real treat!!

-[[ He laughs and slaps himself on the chest.. ]]-

[ Christian ] Now, roll that beautiful bean footage and let's get this show on the road...

-[[ He points to the fans.. ]]-

[ Christian ] Because THAT.. IS HOW I ROLL!!

-[[ Another pop and fade out. ]]-

-[[ A black curtain and an empty folding chair. ]]-

-[[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. sits in the chair, clutching Pepe in one hand.. Chavo is in his wrestling gear despite not even being on the active roster.. Chavo begins rubbing his goatee as if he is in deep thought.. Finally, he speaks.. ]]-

[ Chavo Guerrero ] Memories of Taz.. Hmm..

-[[ He nods to himself. ]]-

[ Chavo Guerrero ] He always struck me as a waste of human flesh!!

-[[ He shrugs, an innocent look on his face. ]]-

[ Chavo Guerrero ] Sorry! I just call'em like I see'em!! He was always angry.. It was sad, man!! Always lost because he was too angry to concentrate on the match.. And was always angry because he couldn't win to save his life!! It was a vicious cycle.. Really, man..

[ Pepe ] ... .. . . ........

[ Chavo Guerrero ] Right, Pepe!! The drugs!! Taz was always smoking weed in the back.. Totally fried his brain.. So he became angry AND stupid!!

-[[ Chavo shakes his head.. ]]-

[ Chavo Guerrero ] That's when he should have called it quits..

[ Pepe ] .. . . . ...

[ Chavo Guerrero ] Right again, Pepe.. Not just from wrestling, but from life!!

[ Pepe ] .. . .. .

-[[ Chavo nods. ]]-

[ Chavo Guerrero ] He just didn't know when to quit.. But.. That's drugs for ya'..

-[[ Chavo looks at the floor and then back up at you. ]]-

[ Chavo Guerrero ] They effect your judgment.. They make you think wrestling with an incurable brainerism is a good idea.. And worse yet, they make you say things like smoke me if you can.. And get high if I let you.. Then you're jumping out of cars and beating up ten year old kids.. Throwing girls through windows.. Throwing your girlfriend over the couch and telling her to survive.... And that's the real tragedy, man..

-[[ Chavo gets an uplifting look on his face.. ]]-

[ Chavo Guerrero ] So.. I guess the lesson here is... Say no to drugs, kids..

[ Pepe ] .. . .. ..

[ Chavo Guerrero ] That's right, Pepe.. And always remember.. Safety first!!

-[[ Chavo stands up and leaves with Pepe. ]]-

Muhammad Hassan(c) versus Triple H
Title on the Line: SGW United States Championship
Stipulation: None
Referee: Mark Yeaton

-[[ Triple H attacks Muhammad Hassan halfway up the ramp and rips his robe off of him.. He slings his head dress on the ground and begins pummeling Hassan with lefts and rights.. Hassan tries to fight back but Triple H has got the jump on him.. Daivari is jumping around and screaming like a mad man as Triple H pummels his man.. Triple H throws Hassan into the guardrail and begins punching away at him, doing his best to incapacitate him early, but Hassan isn't giving up so easily.. Triple H rips Hassan off of the guard rail and throws him hard into the ring apron.. Daivari jumps on Triple H's back and Triple H whips him off of him and straight into the floor!! Hassan crawls into the ring and Triple H follows him in, looming over him, and Hassan nails him with a low blow!! Hassan takes over by nailing Triple H with a suplex!! Hassan turns around and locks Triple H into a painful chinlock!! Triple H fights out of it, elbowing Hassan in the ribs.. Hassan is forced to release the hold and Triple H whips him into the ropes.. Triple H goes for a clothesline but Hassan ducks it.. Triple H spins around and Hassan kicks him in the gut.. DDT!! Triple H staggers back up quickly and Hassan catches him for a flatliner but Triple H shoves him back.. KICK WHAM PEDIGREE!! NO!! Hassan back drops Triple H out of it!! Triple H is back up quickly and Hassan hits him with an arm drag.. Triple H gets back up and runs at Hassan but Hassan hits him with a drop toe hold and goes for the CAMEL CLUTCH!! He hooks it in, but Triple H powers out of it!! Triple H stands right up and rams Hassan backward into the turnbuckles!! Hassan releases his grip and Triple H stomps out of the corner, catches Hassan coming out... KICK WHAM PEDIGREE ON HASSAN!! Triple H covers him!! ONE!! TWO!! THRE-- Daivari yanks Mark Yeaton out of the ring and begins screaming in his face!! Yeaton begins yelling at Daivari not to touch him and Triple H stands up, trying to get the referee back in the ring... And then he turns around..... MIDDLE FINGERS!! KICK WHAM STUNNER ON TRIPLE H!!! Triple H stands straight up and falls straight back!! Austin rolls out of the ring and leaves through the crowd... Hassan crawls over and covers Triple H... Yeaton slides back in the ring.. One!! Two!! THREE!! Muhammad Hassan is STILL the champion, thanks to "Stone Cold" Steve Austin!! Hassan and Daivari celebrate with the championship belt as the fans boo and Triple H wonders what the hell just happened.. ]]-

Winner and Still Champion: Muhammad Hassan via Pin Fall

-[[ We cut to the backstage interview area where we see Maria standing with a microphone and a super-excited look on her face.. It's hard to believe that just moments ago she was bawling on the ramp during the ten-bell salute.. And now that you think about it, what is she doing in the interview area? Isn't she the owner!? Before you can even begin to wonder any further, she begins speaking. ]]-

[ Maria ] HI~! Maria here!!

-[[ She's positively shaking with excitement. ]]-

[ Maria ] And guess what, everybody!?

-[[ She begins jumping up and down as she yells into the microphone.. ]]-


-[[ She stops jumping, but she remains bouncing pretty steadily as her smile gets even bigger.. ]]-

[ Maria ] As everybody knows, now that I'm the super-cool owner of SGW, that means I have a lot of responsibilities and I don't have any time to do the backstage interviews anymore!! And that means Todd gets more television time!!

-[[ Maria pouts, wiping a fake tear from her eye. ]]-

[ Maria ] And that's no fun for anybody!

-[[ She then looks off to the side, smiling big again. ]]-


-[[ She's almost glowing, she's so happy. ]]-

[ Maria ] I thought Elmo would be perfect for the job and we tried to call his people but Jillian said that Elmo was just way too busy to come to Solid Gold Wrestling and that made me sad.. Because I just didn't know who else to call! But Jillian went through the old SGW address books and she suggested this guy... Jillian says he's another one of those legend things, which is AWESOME~!!

-[[ She motions to the side of her.. ]]-

[ Maria ] Ladies and gentlemen..... SHAAAAAAAANE.. DOOOOOOOUGLAS!! YAY!!

-[[ The camera pans over to reveal the former SGW World Champion, "The Franchise" Shane Douglas wearing a yellow polo shirt and black pants.. He has a microphone in his hand and a maniacal look in his eye... ]]-

[ Shane Douglas ] HA HA HA... Thank you, Maria.. "The Franchise" is proud to be back in the company.. He made famous!!

-[[ He laughs and rubs his hands together.. ]]-

[ Shane Douglas ] And what better time for "The Franchise" to return... Than at the Taz Memorial Show!? HA HA HA... TAZ!! A man who at one point, we were a tag team.. And at every other point..... I KICKED HIS ASS!!

-[[ Douglas' voice echoes in the back... The death of Taz has obviously fueled his fire.. ]]-

[ Shane Douglas ] Teaming with Taz, he told me, "The Franchise" Shane Douglas, his deepest, darkest.. INNERMOST SECRETS!! HA HA HA...... And quite frankly, since I respect Taz even LESS in death.... Since he died, simply put, LIKE A PUSSY, "The Franchise" is going to give everybody.......... HA HA HA... THE GOD DAMN SCOOP!!

-[[ He turns to Maria, who is pouting again and looks frightened standing next to this man.. ]]-

[ Shane Douglas ] Maria, I'm going to tell you right now with a straight face... In front of GOD AND MY FATHER.. That if I could go back in time to last week and save Taz....... I WOULDN'T!! Because Taz was, quite frankly, an angry, useless, HARD OF HEARING LITTLE MAN!! And if anybody... ANYBODY.. IN THIS BUSINESS... DESERVED TO DIE.... IT WAS THAT DRUGGED OUT........ PIECE OF SHIT!! HA HA HA!!

-[[ Maria's eyes go wide and she smiles. ]]-

[ Maria ] If I could go back in time.. I would want to meet Snoopy!!

-[[ Douglas' maniacal look fades.... He then blurts out. ]]-

[ Shane Douglas ] SHOW ME YOUR TITS!! Or get the fuck... OFF OF MY INTERVIEW SET!!

-[[ Maria looks highly offended.. ]]-

[ Maria ] Why is everyone in SGW so rude!? You're making me want to cry, mister, and I don't show my boobies to anyone unless I love them very much! And I don't think I like you at all!

-[[ Douglas laughs.. ]]-

[ Shane Douglas ] HA HA HA!! Then leave, whore, because this is my SET!! IT'S MY SET!! IT'S MY DAMN STINKIN' SET!! And I'll do and say what I want... Take THIS for example...... "THE FRANCHISE".. HA HA HA... IS GOING TO SHOOT!!

-[[ Shane Douglas stares right into the camera with sweat dripping off of his brow.. ]]-

[ Shane Douglas ] All Peter... "TAZ".. SENERCA was good for.. WAS BITCHING!! He'd bitch when he lost... He'd bitch.. EVEN WHEN HE WON!! And all because...... Quite frankly...... HE COULDN'T WIN THE BIG ONE!! He'd bitch about his mother.. And he'd bitch about his father..... AS IF ANYONE GIVES..... A FUCKING SHIT!! HA HA HA...... And now.. NOW HE CAN BURN IN HELL WITH THE BOTH OF'EM.. AND DAVEY BOY SMITH, THE BRITISH BULLDOG, WHO DIED, R.I.P. FOUR YEARS AGO!!

-[[ Douglas then reaches off camera and brings..... An old version of the SGW World Title into the shot!! ]]-


-[[ Douglas pauses and continues.. ]]-


-[[ Douglas is visibly shaking with intensity.. ]]-


-[[ Douglas slings the Lifetime SGW World Title to the side and continues ranting and raving.. ]]-


-[[ Douglas is ranting so hard that he's spitting all over the camera.. ]]-


-[[ He stops yelling, only speaking low and intense now. ]]-

[ Shane Douglas ] And I am honest to Jesus Christ, our Lord and fucking Savior, PROUD, Taz.. PROUD that I was here to see you go down.. To see "The Legend Killer" Randy Orton do what you claimed.. You were going to do two years ago... And that is choke.. The cancer... OUT!! HA HA HA!!

-[[ He turns and looks at Maria, still laughing.. She gulps loudly.. ]]-

[ Shane Douglas ] How's that for a fucking interview, toots?!

-[[ She looks at him with large doe eyes. ]]-

[ Maria ] You cuss too much.. And cancer isn't funny!! It itches!!

-[[ Douglas is absolutely, one hundred percent bumfuzzled by this one... So he snaps back.. ]]-

[ Shane Douglas ] When it happens to Taz and his family.. It doesn't itch.. IT KILLS!! HA HA HA!!

-[[ Before she can fire back another witty response, Kurt Angle saunters into the scene, looking as serious, yet cocky as he usually does... His Olympic gold medals hang around his neck... Maria looks happy to see him.. Shane Douglas looks at him like he can't believe he's interrupting his beautiful shoot promo.. Kurt Angle looks Douglas up and down and then speaks.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] I hope I'm not interrupting anything important.. I mean, I'd hate to take away any of our new interviewer's precious television time..... After all, I only won these gold medals with a BROKE FREAKIN' NECK!!

-[[ Douglas smiles evilly and jams his microphone into Kurt Angle's face.. ]]-

[ Shane Douglas ] Tell us about Taz, Kurt!! HA HA HA.. WHAT HAVE YOU GOT!?

-[[ Kurt looks confused.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] Taz? I'm not here to talk about Taz, Shane.. I'm here to talk about someone far more relevant to the history of Solid Gold Wrestling.. Someone that can actually WIN matches.. Someone that gets the job done and has, at least one time in their whole career.........

-[[ Kurt lifts up the gold medal that was resting on his chest.. ]]-


-[[ Angle nods, smirking.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] And that's exactly what I'm going to do tonight when I get in the ring with John Bradshaw Layfield and our.. Hardcore champion, Cactus Jack..... GREAT CHOICE, by the way, Maria...

-[[ She nods, smiling. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] I wasn't being serious, Maria..

-[[ Her smile disappears. ]]-

[ Maria ] ..Oh.. Then.. What were you being?

-[[ Angle yells at her. ]]-


-[[ She looks like she's going to cry now.. Angle wipes the sweat from his brow.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] Tonight, I'm going to make Cactus Jack.. And John Bradshaw Layfield tap out.. It doesn't matter if it's a hardcore match.. Or any other kind of match.. Because Kurt Angle excels in any environment he's placed in.. Oh, yes.. It's TRUE.... And I firmly believe.. That's there's no one in this company.. Man OR woman.. That can beat me..

-[[ Silver chains and spikes... And breasts enter the shot.. Kurt Angle looks up at the woman that's just step in front of him... Shane Douglas stares in mock terror and then begins laughing.. Maria just stares in awe.. ]]-


-[[ Chyna pays no mind to Maria and just stares down at Kurt Angle... ]]-

[ Shane Douglas ] What do you have to say about this, Kurt!? HA HA HA.. WHAT HAVE YOU GOTTA SAY ABOUT THIS!?

-[[ Kurt Angle smiles, looking up at the hulk of a woman.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] What have I gotta say, Shane? I'll tell you what I have to say.... Kurt Angle is an equal opportunity ass kicker.. I don't discriminate.. If you want to get in the ring with me, lady.. Then I've got two options for you.. AND OH NO.. IT'S NOT TAP OUT OR BLACK OUT.. Oh, hell no, because passing out.. Isn't an option... That's true..

-[[ Chyna doesn't say a word, just staring down at Angle.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] It's tap out.. OR ANGLE SLAM!!

-[[ He steps away from Douglas and closer to her.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] Whenever you THINK you're ready.. Let me know..

-[[ Angle walks away from the interview set, leaving Chyna to watch him make his exit.. A smile creeps across her face. ]]-

-[[ Val Venis is sitting in the same folding chair from earlier... He's looking down at the floor between his feet.. This was obviously filmed earlier tonight because he's already in his wrestling gear... The tension here is very thick and Val's hesitation only makes it thicker...... Finally, he looks up into the camera.. No sadness, only anger... ]]-

[ Val Venis ] He deserved better.

-[[ Venis stands up and walks off of the set.. ]]-

Shawn Michaels versus Scott Steiner
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Charles Robinson

-[[ Scott Steiner poses on the outside of the ring and casually sidesteps an attempt at a plancha by Shawn Michaels!! Steiner watches Michaels splatter in front of him and lifts him up off of the floor.. He lawn darts Michaels straight into the ring and follows him in.. Michaels pulls himself up and Steiner takes him straight down with a clothesline.. Michaels gets back up slowly and Steiner grabs him.. Michaels begins sending punches into Steiner's stomach, trying to force him away, but Steiner isn't going away so easily.. Steiner whips Michaels into the ropes and Michaels comes flying back at him with a flying forearm!! Steiner goes down and Michaels kips up!! Steiner slowly gets back to his feet and Michaels is waiting on him... SWEET CHIN MUSIC!! NO!! Steiner catches his foot.. T-BONE SUPLEX!! Michaels folds up like an accordion.. Steiner gets back up and pulls Michaels to his feet.. He lifts Michaels up for a gorilla press slam!! And Michaels slips out and behind him.. Steiner spins around.... Reverse atomic drop!! Steiner grabs his crotch in pain...... SWEET CHIN MUSIC!! Steiner goes down!! Michaels covers him!! One!! Two!! THRE-- STEINER KICKED OUT!! Michaels can't believe it!! Steiner slowly stands up and Michaels begins tuning up the band!! Steiner is all the way up... Michaels goes for it!! SWEET CHIN MUSIC!! But Steiner sidesteps it and catches Michaels around the waist.... BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX!! Steiner rolls Michaels over.... STEINER RECLINER!! Michaels is fighting it.. Fighting it.... And... NO!! NO!! HE TAPS OUT!! MICHAELS HAS NO CHOICE BUT TO TAP OUT!! Steiner throws him aside, wiping his hands off and flexing his muscles.. Scott Steiner is BACK!! ]]-

Winner: Scott Steiner via Submission

-[[ The Rock is walking casually around the backstage area with Lita and Haku walking several feet behind him.. The Rock is wearing his leather pants and vest and is drinking, as usual, from his bottle of water.. The Rock looks to be all business for once.. No big smile, only the familiar cocky swagger.. As the Rock rounds the corner of the hallway, he comes face to face with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.. The fans pop huge as the two superstars stand nose to nose.. ]]-

[ "Stone Cold" Steve Austin ] Where ya' headed, Rocky?

-[[ The Rock removes his sunglasses and hangs them on the inside of his vest... He bobs his head around like he's preparing to fight and begins kicking his legs out to the side as if he's working out the kinks.. The Rock then... Smiles right in Austin's face... ]]-

[ The Rock ] The Rock knows you from somewhere.... Where's the Rock seen your face?

-[[ The Rock begins to mocking act like he's thinking hard and then he raises one index finger in the air as if it has just dawned on him... The Rock's tone is enlightened and sarcastic at the same time.. ]]-

[ The Rock ] The Rock remembers, baby!! You're the guy the Rock beat last week!!

-[[ The Rock adjusts his belt buckle.. He turns back to Haku and Lita and points at Austin with his thumb.. ]]-

[ The Rock ] Hey, mama.. It's the guy the Rock beat last week! He's here to congratulate the Rock!!

-[[ He shakes his head, almost laughing, his back still to Austin.. ]]-

[ The Rock ] He's gonna congratulate the Rock.. Watch.. Be cool!

-[[ The Rock then turns to the camera and raises his eyebrow.. ]]-

[ The Rock ] The Rock is serious.. Watch Be Cool, mama!!

-[[ The Rock turns around and is still smiling when he locks eyes with Austin again.. ]]-

[ The Rock ] The Rock is appreciative of your congratulations, Rattlesnake, but it ain't necessary.. The Rock knows it takes a lot o'guts to man up and give props to the better man and havin' the guts to walk up to the Rock and admit that the Rock IS the better man is rather impressive on your part..... Quite frankly, the Rock didn't think ya' had it in ya', Steve.. So, allow the Rock...... To thank you.

-[[ The Rock then gives Austin a big hug!! What the hell is THIS!? The Rock pulls back and Austin hasn't moved at all, nor has he said one single word.. "Stone Cold" remains staring at The Rock... Finally, Austin speaks.. ]]-

[ "Stone Cold" Steve Austin ] I didn't come here to congratulate you, Rocky..

-[[ The Rock's smile and laugh begins faint.. Desperate.. ]]-

[ The Rock ] Then what are ya' wastin' the Rock's time for, Steve?

-[[ Austin remains dead serious, giving the Rock no love whatsoever.. ]]-

[ "Stone Cold" Steve Austin ] Last week, ya' didn't beat me, son.. Ol' Stone Cold beat himself.. And ya' know it.. So I'm comin' to you right now and I'm gonna tell ya' straight up.. I'm gonna give ya' an opportunity to make things right.... I already squared things with Triple H tonight..... BOO YAH, I RANG UP A STUNNER.... And later tonight, I'm gonna square things up with Brock Lesnar... When I BOO YAH, RING UP ANOTHER STUNNER......

-[[ The Rock is just staring Austin right in the face.. Austin continues.. ]]-

[ "Stone Cold" Steve Austin ] What I'm sayin', Rocky... Is "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.. Wants a rematch!!

-[[ The Rock tilts his head back and begins laughing.. ]]-

[ The Rock ] That's cute, Steve.. That's why the Rock loves ya'..

-[[ The Rock begins to walk past Austin but Austin stops him with a hand on his chest... The Rock looks down at Austin's hand and then back up at Austin's face.. The Rock's eyes go wide... He can't believe Austin has touched him.. ]]-

[ "Stone Cold" Steve Austin ] I ain't kiddin', Rocky.. I want a damn rematch..

-[[ The Rock says to Austin, dead serious.. ]]-

[ The Rock ] What does the Rock have to gain by givin' ya' a rematch, Steve!? The Rock's already beat ya' ass!! Ya' step in the ring with the Rock again, mama, and ya' gonna end up like Taz!! Do ya' want that, Steve!? Everybody cryin', everybody bawlin' and missin' ya' like a bunch of cryin' ninnies!!

-[[ The Rock nods, staring Austin in the face.. ]]-

[ The Rock ] Ya' know what they'll put on ya' tombstone, Austin!? Do ya'? Let the Rock let YOU know!! HERE LIES STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN.. THE ROCK SHINED HIS BOOT UP REAL NICE..... Oh yeah, mama, wait for it... HE SLAPPED ON SOME LUBRICANT.. Here it comes, wait.. AND HE TURNED THAT SUMBITCH SIDEWAYS!!!

-[[ The Rock raises an eyebrow.. Austin cuts him off.. ]]-

[ "Stone Cold" Steve Austin ] If you finish that, I'm gonna stomp your ass where ya' stand..

-[[ The Rock smiles.. ]]-

[ The Rock ] The Rock kids, Steve... But no rematch.. The Rock's already moved on to bigga' and BETTA' things than "Stone Cold" Steve Austin... Ya' yesterday's news, pal... The Rock's got a tournament to win tonight.. And then the Rock's goin' after the world championship, ya' smell it?

-[[ The Rock stomps past Austin with nothing stopping him now... Haku and Lita walk past him as well.. "Stone Cold" just stands there, not even watching them leave, shaking with anger.. He just shakes his head as he hears the Rock speak.. ]]-

[ The Rock ] A rematch... Ya' kill me, Steve..

-[[ Fade out. ]]-

-[[ Soft music plays as we fade to a dark room with Christian sitting there with Edge. They look distraught. Edge takes the lead and speaks first in a softer tone. ]]-

[ Edge ] What can you say about a man that nobody likes?

[ Christian ] A whole lot. Taz did a lot of dumb stuff.. Like Val Venis.

[ Edge ] Speaking of, what about his speech?

They laugh. ]]-

[ Christian ] What an idiot. He tried killing Taz once, and now he's all sad.

[ Edge ] I gave him a reason to be sad. He should be happy he's not the one we're honoring tonight instead of Taz. I could have easily killed Val Venis.

Christian nods. ]]-

[ Edge ] Taz was always the one we were told we'd never compare to. And they were right. We didn't smoke weed, we had full hearing in both ears, heck, both our parents are alive.

[ Christian ] And not to mention we have winning records, never got kicked out of the Hall of Fame, people like us, and I have the one thing he never had... The SGW Championship!

[ Edge ] Randy Orton should be considered a hero for what he did.

[ Christian ] I wish I got to be the one to kill Taz.

[ Edge ] But now.. I guess Taz isn't throwing his girlfriend over couches, looking her in the eyes and yelling "SUH-VIVE!!" and attacking little kids.

Christian ] Nope. He's now slapping Moses in the Tazmission, and doing the job for the Junkyard Dog and Droz in a triple threat match before poker night starts.

Edge looks at Christian. ]]-

[ Edge ] What?

[ Christian ] I'm glad Taz is dead. I don't wish death on a lot of people.. But if I had to choose between Taz, Brian Christopher, or Val Venis..

Pause. ]]-

[ Christian ] I'm glad it was Taz.

Edge ] I'll miss 'em.

Edge finishes.. ]]-

[ Edge ] The funny Taz jokes... Not Taz.

[ Christian ] Good ol' Taz, what an idiot.

Fade. ]]-

Ken Kennedy & The Big Show(c) versus Alex Shelley & Jimmy Rave
Title on the Line: SGW World Tag Team Championships
Stipulation: None
Referee: Scott James

-[[ Kennedy begins the match with Shelley.. The two lock-up in the center of the ring and fight over it to start.. Kennedy nails Shelley with a knee lift and hits him with a quick double underhook suplex!! Kennedy forces Shelley into his corner and isolates him, making a quick tag to the Big Show.. Big Show slowly steps through the ropes and lays into Shelley with a sickening chop!! He pulls Shelley out of the corner and whips him into the ropes.. Standing side kick!! The Big Show tags Kennedy back in.. Kennedy pulls Shelley up and whips him into the ropes... HEEL KICK!! Shelley tries crawling to tag in Jimmy Rave, but Kennedy grabs him by the ankle and pulls him back into the center of the ring.. Kennedy drops an elbow across Shelley's back and slaps Shelley into a headlock.. Shelley is fighting the move, trying to reach his partner but Kennedy is keeping it cinched on.. Shelley elbows Kennedy in the side. Elbows him again and again.. And finally Kennedy is forced to release the hold.. Shelley makes a made scramble for the corner but Kennedy stops him and spins him around.. Only to catch a dropkick right to the face!! Shelley turns and dives.. And tags in Jimmy Rave!! Rave runs in and is a house of fire!! He takes it to Kennedy with lefts and rights and whips him into the ropes.. Drop kick!! Kennedy stumbles back up, arm drag!! Hip toss!! Another drop kick!! Kennedy doesn't know what hit him!! Kennedy goes for the tag but Jimmy Rave stops him and spins him around and begins delivering lefts and rights!! Rave sends Kennedy to the mat and he charges over and nails BIG SHOW with a big right hand!! Big Show shakes his head, no-selling the shot and climbs over the top rope and gets inside the ring!! Alex Shelley runs over and begins sending shots into the body of the Big Show, but Big Show isn't having it...... HEADBUTT ON SHELLEY!! Shelley goes down hard and rolls out of the ring.. Jimmy Rave stares at Big Show in awe.. And he staggers backward.. Into a forearm to the back from Ken Kennedy!! The shots sends Rave staggering forward into Big Show's hand...... CHOKE SLAM!! Ken Kennedy covers him.. One!! Two!! Three!! Kennedy and the Big Show have retained their championships!! ]]-

Winners and Still Champions: Ken Kennedy & The Big Show via Pin Fall

-[[ Triple H storms into his dressing room, absolutely furious.. He grabs a chair off of the floor and throws it hard against the wall where it clatters loudly and hits the floor... Triple H runs his hands through his hair, breathing heavily.. His face is so red and he appears to be straining so hard that his head might explode.. Ric Flair follows him in, looking worried for "The Game," Flair is shaking his head.. Trying to console him.. ]]-

[ Ric Flair ] You tried, Hunter... You did your best, pal..

-[[ Triple H stops dead in his tracks... Breathing really heavily now.. ]]-

[ Ric Flair ] You can't blame yourself for this one, Game.. You had it won..

-[[ Flair walks up behind Triple H and begins massaging his shoulders.. ]]-

[ Ric Flair ] Blame Austin.. He's the one who did this to you... You should be the United States champion right now..

-[[ Triple H hangs his head, looking disappointed.. ]]-

[ Ric Flair ] You're still the man..

[ Triple H ] I'm going to destroy Steve Austin, Ric... I.. Am going.. To destroy him... Tonight.. He screwed me out of the United States championship..... And tonight, during his little street fight..... I.. AM GOING.. TO DESTROY HIM!! And there is no one.. No one that can stop me, Naitch..... I won't stop until his career.. Is over...

-[[ The door to the dressing room swings open and Brock Lesnar storms in with Paul Heyman following closely behind him.. Brock Lesnar looks jacked and ready to fight... Paul Heyman is standing behind him, rubbing his hands together.. ]]-

[ Brock Lesnar ] Did I hear you right, Hunter?

-[[ Triple H stomps right up to Lesnar and gets in his face. ]]-

[ Triple H ] You heard me right.. I'm going to kick.. Austin's... ASS!!

-[[ Lesnar smirks, staring down at Hunter.. ]]-

[ Brock Lesnar ] Not during my match, you're not... Because his ass.. Belongs to me..

-[[ Both men begin breathing heavily in each other's faces, trying to intimidate the other.. ]]-

[ Brock Lesnar ] Don't worry about what he did to you.. You just sit back here.. Relax.. Watch the match on the monitor.. And witness me punish "Stone Cold" Steve Austin in ways.. That you never knew were possible....

-[[ Lesnar's eyes go wide.. ]]-

[ Brock Lesnar ] I.. Will.. Break him..

-[[ Triple H is dead serious. ]]-

[ Triple H ] See that you do, Lesnar.. Because if you don't......

-[[ Their noses almost touch.. ]]-

[ Triple H ] It's YOUR ass!!

-[[ The dressing room door opens again and Scott Hall pokes his head in the room.. He has one of those small coolers in his hand... He has a goofy look on his face as he slowly wanders in without a care in the world... ]]-

[ Scott Hall ] 'Ey yo.. Anybody wanna beer?

-[[ Triple H leans to his side to see past Lesnar and sees Hall cracking open a beer.. ]]-

[ Triple H ] Hall.. What the hell? After getting fired from damn near every promotion you've ever wrestled for because you're a stupid drunk, have you learned absolutely nothing!?

-[[ Hall looks shocked.. ]]-

[ Scott Hall ] C'mon, H.. It's just ONE beer.. And a few wine coolers, man!!

-[[ Triple H stomps over and slaps the beer out of Hall's hand, but before this can go any further, the lights begin to flicker.. And then they go out altogether..... There's a sound of scuffling, a groan of pain, and then the lights come back on.. Everyone looks around and then their eyes settle on the body of "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair, sprawled out on the floor... With a black trench coat laying across his upper body... A black baseball bat rests in Flair's limp hand... Triple H kicks the bat out of the way and rips the coat off of Flair.. Flair is already wearing the crimson mask... ]]-

[ Brock Lesnar ] STING!! THAT BASTARD!!

-[[ Triple H clutches the jacket hard and flings it across the room.. ]]-

[ Triple H ] That son of a bitch wants to play mind games with me!?

-[[ Triple H continues checking on Flair, he's not moving at all.. ]]-

[ Triple H ] He wants to.. Try and stop me!? I DO.. WHAT I WANT TO DO.. WHEN I WANT TO DO IT!!

[ Paul Heyman ] He thinks he's some kind of.. Authority or something.. Watching, making sure nobody does anything wrong... Or he'll swoop down on them like some kind of... Black and white bird of PREY!!

[ Triple H ] He thinks he's some kind of LAW!? I AM THE LAW IN SOLID GOLD WRESTLING!!

-[[ Triple H is seething mad.. ]]-

[ Triple H ] If he thinks he's getting away with this.. Then he is already as DEAD.. AS TAZ!!

-[[ Hall stares, dumbfounded.. ]]-

[ Scott Hall ] This is freaky, man.

-[[ The door swings open again and Shawn Michaels storms into the room with Torrie Wilson tailing him.. Triple H mans right up on him, getting right in his face.. Both men stare at each other, Triple H breathing heavily, shaking all over.. Shawn Michaels seems more collected, but just as ready to fight.. ]]-

[ Triple H ] You must have some kind of death wish, Michaels..

-[[ Michaels doesn't flinch. ]]-

[ Shawn Michaels ] I'm just here to let you know.. RIGHT NOW... That what you saw tonight..

-[[ Michaels raises his hand with his index finger just half an inch away from his thumb.. ]]-

[ Shawn Michaels ] Is just.. A LITTLE BIT.. Of what you're gonna get... AT HEARTBREAKER!!

[ Triple H ] Heartbreaker!? I've got bigger and better things to look forward to at Heartbreaker.. I said it last week.. I AM THROUGH.. WITH YOU.. You're a thing of the past, Michaels... YOU'RE FINISHED!! WHAT MAKES YOU THINK.. I WOULD WANT A MATCH WITH YOU AT HEARTBREAKER!?

-[[ Michaels smiles smugly... And then SLAPS Triple H!! ]]-

[ Shawn Michaels ] Next week... I've got an announcement just for you, Jackson...

-[[ Triple H doesn't turn his head back toward Triple H.. He just stares to the side.. ]]-

[ Shawn Michaels ] And trust me.. This announcement will SEAL the fact.. That I'm gonna dance.. ALL OVER YOUR FACE!!

-[[ Shawn Michaels turns and walks out the door with Torrie, leaving Triple H fuming... ]]-

-[[ Triple H stares hard into the camera as the scene cuts. ]]-

-[[ Another 'In Memoriam' appears, with a wreath lighting up an otherwise dark background. Off to the centre of the screen, the speaker can be seen.. sitting straight backed against a chair. Wearing an Arabian headdress pulled low in front of his eyes, Muhammad Hassan runs a hand down his goatee, contemplating. ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] What.. a beloved day.

-[[ A sudden smile forms at his lips. ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] Taz, nothing but a racist, bigamist, ignorant punk with a short frame, a big mouth and a lot to prove.. apparently.. had never heard of karma.

-[[ Hassan reclines against his chair, moving his arms across one another. ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] He stood before me.. and tried to talk, tried to play an intimidation game--

-[[ With a heavy glare, he looks into the camera and continues. ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] But just like he has been doing in the past two years, Taz lost.. again. It was just a matter of time.. Orton did what needed to be done.

-[[ He breathes out heavily, and then finally shakes his head. ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] He -- Peter, I mean -- lived a pathetically sad life.. with meager achievements.. and ended it in the same pit of mediocrity he's always dwelled in.

-[[ The next few words are surprisingly harsh. ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] Despite all this, he tried his best, and only dug a deeper grave for himself.

-[[ Brushing a palm up along his eye, Hassan lets out a deep sigh. ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] Allah will redeem both he, and his family, and he will be most rewarded--

-[[ When suddenly.. ]]-

-[[ Khosrow Daivari's face suddenly appears over the screen, a menacing, twisted glare on his face. ]]-

[ Khosrow Daivari ] --IN HELL!

-[[ In hysterics, he continues. ]]-

[ Khosrow Daivari ] ALLAH ACKBAR! ACKHMED! IN.. HELL!!!

-[[ By the time he steps out of the scene, the chair is empty. ]]-

-[[ It appears the Jihad have said all they needed to say. ]]-

Val Venis versus The Rock
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: Pick Your Title Shot Tournament - Finals
Referee: Jimmy Cordaris

-[[ Venis and the Rock both face off in the middle of the ring.. The Rock slaps Venis across the face and then laughs about it, infuriating Venis.. Venis looks away, fuming angry, turns back around and nails the Rock right in the mouth with a stiff punch!! The Rock staggers back, holding his face, "OH NO, YOU DIDN'T!!" The Rock charges at Venis and Venis sidesteps up and spins the Rock around, another stiff punch!! He whips the Rock into the ropes... SPINEBUSTER!! Venis makes a quick cover! One! Two! The Rock kicked out.. Venis pulls the Rock to his feet and goes for another punch but the Rock blocks the shot, "YOU'RE GONNA GET IT NOW, MISTER!" The Rock fires off a few punches of his own, rattling Venis and sending him staggering backwards!! The Rock whips Venis into the ropes and bounces off of them himself... And he clotheslines Venis so hard that he does a back flip!! The Rock goes into a fighting stance, waiting for Venis to stand.. Venis slowly gets up to one knee.. And then he's up and the Rock grabs him..... Spinebuster of his own on Val Venis!! The Rock springs straight up and walks up to Venis' upper body.. He kicks him in the shoulder and removes his elbow pad... He throws it down into Val's face...... He goes rope to rope.. Over Venis and he stops...... PEOPLE'S ELBOW!! VENIS MOVES!! The Rock's arm bounces off the mat and the Rock yells in pain!! Venis is already up.. He pulls the Rock off of the mat and the Rock throws a wild punch.... Venis ducks it and nails the Rock with a BLUE THUNDER BOMB!! Venis covers him!! One!! Two!! Thr-- The Rock kicked out!! Venis shakes his head, pissed, and pulls The Rock up... He whips him into the ropes.. Back elbow!! Venis positions the Rock and begins climbing the ropes... MONEY SHOT!! The Rock got his KNEES UP!! Venis clutches his midsection in pain.. The Rock KIPS UP!! "OH YEAH! HERE WE GO, MAMA!!" Venis staggers back up and the Rock catches him...... ROCK BOTTOM!! ROCK BOTTOM!! ROCK BOTTOM!! The Rock stands up, smiling, and then he hears the ring shake.... He spins around... STONE COLD!! STONE COLD STUNNER!! STONE COLD STUNNER!! STONE COLD STUNNER!! THE ROCK GOES FLYING!! "Stone Cold" Steve Austin is passing out receipts for last week left and right!! Austin leaves the ring, flipping the Rock a bird and Venis staggers to his feet.. He climbs the ropes...... MONEY SHOT!! He covers the Rock and hooks BOTH legs!! One!! Two!! THREE!! Val Venis has won the third Pick Your Title Shot Tournament thanks to "Stone Cold" Steve Austin!! ]]-

Winner: Val Venis via Pin Fall

-[[ As we cut away from the last match and go backstage, the screen is filled with a man's chest, covered by a leather jacket.. And a pink and blank "Hitman" t-shirt.. The fans pop MASSIVE and the camera backs up, revealing BRET "THE HITMAN" HART, Solid Gold Wrestling's first World Heavyweight Champion, making his way through the backstage area.. He appears calm and casual, paying no mind to anyone or anything in his path.. He's suddenly stopped by Jillian Hall, who seems really excited to see him.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Excuse me, Brett?

He stops and looks at her, pleasantly surprised by this intrusion. ]]-

[ Bret Hart ] Hi, Jillian.. What can I do for you?

[ Jillian Hall ] I just wanted to make sure you had everything you needed.. It's not every day that we get a superstar of your caliber in Solid Gold Wrestling.. And since you're the first world champion, we just wanted to make sure everything was perfect..

He nods, a warm smile on his face. ]]-

[ Bret Hart ] Thanks.. Everything's fine.

[ Jillian Hall ] Are you sure? I mean... Whatever you want, it's yours..

[ Bret Hart ] Jillian... I appreciate it, I really do.. But I'm great..

He thinks about it and nods.. ]]-

[ Bret Hart ] I'm just glad to be back home..

He starts to walk away when something dawns on her.. She stops him. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Bret.. Bret! Wait.. I just remembered something..

He seems amused by this.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Everyone is doing some kind of.. Tribute video to Taz.. Talking about what effect he had on them and their careers... And even Solid Gold Wrestling in general... I was wondering if you wanted to take part in one of them..

Hart shakes his head.. ]]-

[ Bret Hart ] No, Jillian.. Taz is in the past..

He seems dead calm, so sure of himself. ]]-

[ Bret Hart ] As far as I'm concerned.. He died in two-thousand.. At the first Heartbreaker..

She nods, taken aback by how blunt he dismissed the entire concept of tonight's show... Hart continues speaking and she can do nothing but listen.. ]]-

[ Bret Hart ] The only thing I want to publicly say tonight.. Is that I'm appreciative that I was chosen to take part in the main event at Heartbreaker.. Just as I'm appreciative for the reaction all of my fans have given me since I came back... And I give every single one of you my word.. No matter who Christian steps in the ring with.. I will call the match right down the middle and man who emerges with the championship belt at Heartbreaker.. WILL BE.. The most deserving competitor in the match...

A pause.. ]]-

[ Bret Hart ] And you can tell Christian.. Since I've heard that he likes to talk trash about me and claim that he's beaten me once and that he'll beat me again... You can tell Captain Charisma that the Hitman said.. He can take a shot anytime he wants it.. I'm not hiding.. And if he doesn't watch his step at Heartbreaker.. He WILL BE excellently... Executed!!

Huge pop.. Hart begins to walk away, as does Jillian in the other direction.. And now something dawns on HIM.. He quickly stops her in her tracks.. ]]-

[ Bret Hart ] Hold on just a second, Jillian... On second thought.. I do have something to say about Taz...

Her faces lights up, she smiles. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Yeah?

Hart nods. ]]-

[ Bret Hart ] It feels good knowing.. That even six years later.. On a show dedicated to his life and his.. Unfortunate death.. That all I have to do is show my face to steal his spotlight.. But I guess that comes easily when your peers.. And your fans.. Hold some semblance of respect for you..

He smirks. ]]-

[ Bret Hart ] How do you expect the people.. And the boys.. To respect you in death...

A pause. ]]-

[ Bret Hart ] When you didn't even respect yourself in life...

He shrugs his shoulders.. ]]-

[ Bret Hart ] I guess... Taz.. Screwed.. Taz..

A smile breaks out across his face.. ]]-

[ Bret Hart ] That felt good.. Thanks, Jillian..

She looks uneasy.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] ....You're welcome, Bret.

He walks away. ]]-

-[[ Beep... Beep... Beep... ]]-

You're in a hospital patient's room.. You see the bed, outfitted with thick, white sheets and a heart monitor off to the side, providing that droning beeping sound.. In the bed lies the real owner of Solid Gold Wrestling, "The Six-String Samurai" Jeff Jarrett.. He seems to be sleeping.. The camera man walks up closer to him, approaching the edge of the bed.. A hand reaches in from the camera and shakes Jeff's shoulder.. Jeff begins to stir and he looks over and sees the camera... He looks surprised.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] The hell.. Is this?

[ Camera Man ] We were hoping you had some comments on the recent passing of Peter Senerca..

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Get the hell out of here.. I don't even know who that is..

[ Camera Man ] It's.. Uh.. Taz, sir..

Jarrett's eyes go wide.. He smiles, although it appears to pain him to do so.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] What happened to the little bastard?

[ Camera Man ] Randy Orton put him in the truck of a car.. And his dad drove it into an eighteen wheeler.. It exploded.. And well.. Taz is dead..

Jarrett lays back on the pillow, looking relieved.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Good.. Tell'em to give Orton a world title shot at that good for nothin' Christian at the next pay-per-view..

A pause.. ]]-

[ Camera Man ] Mister Jarrett.. I'm afraid that's not possible.. Because until you're medically cleared to return, your authority has been passed on to someone else.. And I don't think she likes Orton that much..

Jarrett turns back to the camera.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Wait.. She.... Melina, right?

Another pause. ]]-

[ Camera Man ] No.. Maria..

Shock washes over Jarrett's face. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] What the hell.. What.. What are they thinking!? That damn window licker can hardly even feed herself.. Much less run a damn wrestlin' company... Christ almighty, I'm checkin' out right now..

Jarrett sits up quickly and then yells in pain before falling back on the bed.. He clutches his back and then his head.. And then he shuts his eyes tight, moaning and groaning in pain... ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Maria... Maria... For Christ's sake.. Why her..

Jarrett's movement becomes more stilted and wooden... His breathing becomes more erratic... It's clear what is happening.. Jarrett's entire body goes stiff and he mutters one last line.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Glad.... Taz is dead, though... So... Happyyyy.....

Flatline. ]]-

HOUR 2 ->