SHOCK: Revelations | March 4th, 2006 | Live From: Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Commentators: Joey Styles & Don Callis

-[[ The SGW logo flashes across the screen and disappears just as quickly.. ]]-

The parking lot is practically devoid of life with only two security guards standing on each side of the back entrance of the arena.. The fans are buzzing, wondering what's going to happen.. They don't have to wait much longer as a limousine drives into the lot and comes to a stop... Could this be Val Venis and his entourage? The chauffer steps out of the front and makes his way to the back and gently opens the door... And out steps..... The world heavyweight champion, Christian!! He has a big smile on his face as he holds the championship belt over his shoulder.. Following him out is Trish Stratus, Tyson Tomko, Jim Cornette...... And.. What the... Hell? TOM CRUISE!! TOM CRUISE WAS IN THE LIMOUSINE WITH THE CHRISTIAN COALITION!! Tom Cruise has a huge smile on his face.. The fans in the arena boo loudly as their favorite movie star has seemingly sided with Captain Charisma!! Christian nonchalantly turns to Cruise and begins discussing what should be secret plans right in front of the camera.. ]]-

[ Christian ] You just make sure you're ready for it..

Cruise nods, still smiling.. Christian takes his finger and pokes it into Cruise's chest. ]]-

[ Christian ] I'll get you right around there with my index finger and you drop..

[ Tom Cruise ] That sounds dangerous.

Christian shrugs. ]]-

[ Christian ] If I put my finger an inch to the left or right of where I've got it right now, I could kill you, ya' know.. So don't try anything funny..

Christian removes his finger from Cruise's chest and Cruise puts his hands up in mock defense with a goofy look on his face.. ]]-

[ Tom Cruise ] Hey, you don't have to worry about that.. I didn't even WANT to wrestle.. I'm only showing up because it'll be a public relations disaster if I don't after one of Jerry's Kids asked me to on live television..

Christian shakes his head.. ]]-

[ Christian ] I feel your pain.. Hell, everyone does.. At least you'll be done with her after Heartbreaker.. God only knows when SHE's leaving because she stays in power until Jeff Jarrett comes back.....

Christian bites his knuckle like he's become furious.. ]]-

[ Christian ] GOD!! Why did I have to hurt Jarrett so damn bad!?

Tomko groans. ]]-

[ Tyson Tomko ] ..Title.

Christian raises his eyebrows. ]]-

[ Christian ] Oh yeah.. This.

He slaps the title belt on his shoulder.. ]]-

[ Tom Cruise ] So.. You poke me in the chest and I lay down...

Christian stops him suddenly.. ]]-

[ Christian ] Try to make it look convincing.. Like I really hurt you..

Cruise nods.. ]]-

[ Tom Cruise ] And then after I'm down.. You do the pin fall thing.. The referee slaps the mat three times.. And we're finished?

[ Christian ] Well, not necessarily.. There's the post match celebration.. Where you hand me the championship.. Raise my arm.. We do the tearful embrace.. And then you get on the microphone and tell me that I'm the greatest opponent you've ever faced..

[ Tom Cruise ] But you're the only opponent I've ever faced...

[ Christian ] The fans can't call you a liar then, can they?

Cruise shrugs, smiling. ]]-

[ Tom Cruise ] Good point.

Christian looks off camera and rolls his eyes.. Tom Cruise looks utterly confused.. You stop wondering why when you see "The Franchise" Shane Douglas barge onto the scene in his bright, yellow polo shirt, clutching a microphone in his hand.. He's already laughing and hunched over like he's plotting some maniacal scheme... ]]-


Douglas jams his microphone in Christian's face with a goofy look on his own face that makes him resemble a monkey with blonde hair.. Christian clears his throat and then smiles a cocky smile.. ]]-

[ Christian ] The fans want to know what I'm doing with my opponent for Heartbreaker? Is it wrong for me to have such a great amount of respect for my opponent that I'm willing to hang out with him before our match?

Christian shakes his head.. ]]-

[ Christian ] Of course not..

Christian continues.. ]]-

[ Christian ] What that mouth breather, Maria, didn't expect.. Was that Tom Cruise and Captain Charisma.. We go way back!! We're like brothers.. And our match at Heartbreaker.. It's gonna be all about respect!!

Cruise laughs.. ]]-

[ Tom Cruise ] Ebert and Roeper will give it.. Two thumbs up!!

Christian slaps Cruise on the chest, laughing. Trish steps up between Christian and Cruise with a smile on her face... She puts a hand on each man's shoulder.. ]]-

[ Trish Stratus ] I know someone else that'll give your match a glowing review... Forget two thumbs.. He'll give it TEN TOES up... TAZ!!

Douglas busts out laughing. ]]-


Cruise smiles uncomfortably now.. ]]-

[ Tom Cruise ] Uh.. Yeah.. You're correct.

Christian waves them off.. ]]-

[ Christian ] Excuse me.. EXCUSE ME... I think I speak for everyone when I say that was uncalled for..... Everybody knows Taz lost all of his fingers and toes in the explosion..

He shrugs. ]]-

[ Christian ] I should know, I only scattered his remains across the ring last week!!

Christian motions for Douglas to bring the microphone closer to him.. Douglas leans in and Christian stares into the camera with a cocky look on his face.. ]]-

[ Christian ] Anyway... This goes out to you, Maria... If you thought booking me against Tom Cruise at Heartbreaker was bad news for C-Diddy...... I hate to break it to you.. But...... The ball is in my court now..

Trish laughs, leaning into the microphone.. She waves at the camera. ]]-

Trish Stratus ] 'Kay? Thanks. Bye-bye!


Christian shakes hands with Douglas and points at Cruise with his thumb.. ]]-

[ Christian ] Thanks, Franchise.. I'm gonna beat this guy just for you on Sunday.

Douglas laughs and the Christian Coalition and Tom Cruise begin to make their way back into the building, but just as they reach the door, it swings open and.. Randy Orton, "Cowboy" Bob Orton, Ken Kennedy, and the Big Show step out.. The four of them look like they mean business as they pile up on the Coalition.. Randy Orton is obviously leading the pack, looking none too happy to see Christian at all..... He's the first to speak.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] I just wanted to let you know.. Face to face.. That what happened last week... Changes nothing between us.

Christian and Orton are mere inches apart.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] For what you did to Jeff.. We've STILL got your number.. And it's only a matter of time before we decide to do something about it.. But.. In that same vein.. Because of last week, we're giving you a free pass until after Heartbreaker.. And then.. You better start watching your back..

Christian hoists the title up higher on his shoulder.. ]]-

[ Christian ] I still can't hear you.

Christian motions for the rest of the Coalition to follow him.. ]]-

[ Christian ] Kennedy.. Show.. See ya' in the main event..

Kennedy and Show both are holding their tag team titles.. Kennedy points at Christian with both index fingers with a big smile on his face.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] OOOOOLD RECORD!!

Kennedy points at himself with both thumbs.. ]]-


Christian shakes his head.. ]]-

[ Christian ] Whatever.

-[[ Kennedy laughs and slaps Christian on the shoulder. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] See ya' later, champ!

The Coalition enters the building, leaving the Ortons and the tag team champions alone in the parking lot... Randy stares at the door and then looks over at Kennedy and the Big Show.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Don't touch him tonight.. Just win the match.

Tires screech and a car comes screaming into the parking lot.. It narrowly misses the limousine and comes to a sudden half just feet away from the avengers of Jeff Jarrett.. They're all four too stunned to move.. And MICHAEL SHANE, MIKE SANDERS, and MARK JINDRAK pour out of the vehicle with baseball bats!! They rush at the four men and the Big Show swats the bat out of Mike Sanders' hand like it was nothing and begins trading shots with him that make Sanders go weak in the knees!! Mark Jindrak nails "Cowboy" Bob right in the gut with the bat and then whips him straight to the concrete with a hair toss that leaves "Cowboy" Bob writhing on the ground, holding his head.. Jindrak then turns and begins brawling with Ken Kennedy!! Randy Orton and Michael Shane stare at each other for a bit with Shane prepping to charge at Orton... Orton looks more than ready to defend himself... ]]-

[ Michael Shane ] I'm not waiting for Heartbreaker, Orton... I'm ending this NOW!!

-[[ Orton smirks, pointing at the bat.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] If you even get CLOSE to me with that.... You better make it a good one..

-[[ Michael Shane lunges and swings the bat at Orton, but Orton catches it underneath his arm and European uppercuts Shane right in the jaw!! Michael Shane staggers back and Orton kicks his hand, knocking the baseball bat free from his grip and then Orton takes him by the hair and slams him face first into the hood of the car!! Orton slams him into it again and Shane goes down on his ass by the car.. Orton grabs the bat and raises it over his head... And he brings it down!! But Shane moves and the bat makes a huge dent in the car door!! Michael Shane spins Orton around and begins hitting him with lefts and rights, but Orton deflects a big right hand and lifts Shane up.. AND STUN GUNS HIM ONTO THE ROOF OF THE CAR!! Michael Shane's head snaps back and he goes limp on the pavement... Mike Sanders and Mark Jindrak are still brawling with Big Show and Ken Kennedy, oblivious to what's going on... Randy Orton opens the car door and pops the trunk... Oh no.... NOT LIKE THIS... Randy Orton pulls Michael Shane off the ground and punches him a few more times.. Before dumping him into the trunk.. And he SHUTS IT!! Randy Orton hunches over the trunk and yells into it, hoping Michael Shane can hear him.. ]]-


-[[ Orton smiles evilly.. ]]-


-[[ Randy Orton turns and goes to the driver's seat.. He climbs inside and just as he shuts the door, it's ripped back open by Lance Storm!! Lance Storm yanks Randy Orton out of the seat and begins putting the boots to him and just as Orton begins to fight back, he's blasted from behind by Mike Awesome and Elix Skipper!! Lance Storm just saved Michael Shane's LIFE!! All three members of Team Canada begin beating down Orton when security floods the parking lot!! Tons and tons of security, enough to restrain each individual person, as well as Kennedy, Show, Sanders, and Jindrak.. Jillian Hall and Maria walk out, surveying the situation... Jillian Hall sits down in the driver's seat of the car and pops the trunk, allowing Michael Shane to climb out and get retrieved by security before he can lunge at Orton.. Jillian looks furious that it's come to this, while Maria looks like she's going to cry... Jillian speaks loud enough for all of the superstars to hear her.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] That is ENOUGH!!

-[[ She puts her hands on her hips.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] I know Maria is the owner, but I asked to personally handle this situation.. So everyone listen and listen up good.. Because this concerns every single one of you.. Over the last few weeks, we've seen you three and your... Posses.. Or whatever you want to call them.. Attack each other in the back.. In the ring... And it's doing nothing for any of you but degrading the quality of your in-ring action...... And I have had enough of it!!

-[[ She's scolding them like an angry mother.. None of the wrestlers seem to be taking kindly to it.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] This Sunday, three of you are going to Heartbreaker and competing in a triple threat match for the television championship.. It happens to be one of our main events... And we're all lucky, with your behavior, that we haven't lost one of you due to injury.. Or worse!!

-[[ She waves her hand at Lance Storm.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Lance Storm.. You, especially, should know better than to get involved in these... Offbeat shenanigans!! You're one of the best pure wrestlers in the business today... You're UNDEFEATED in Solid Gold Wrestling!! Something that not many others can brag about... What do you have to prove by.. Attacking someone in a parking lot!?

-[[ Lance Storm looks ashamed of himself.. Mike Awesome, however, answers the question. ]]-


-[[ Storm gives Awesome a look that could cut steel.. Jillian rolls her eyes.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Okay... And you, Michael Shane... You're the Solid Gold Wrestling Television Champion.. You're one of the only superstars in Solid Gold that's had the guts to stand up in the face of defiance and instead of letting it break you down like it has so many others in the past... You let it put gold around your waist... You are a champion.. One of the faces of SGW... And I'm... Disappointed.. That you let yourself come to this point...

-[[ "Cowboy" Bob Orton is still laying on the pavement, groaning.. ]]-

[ "Cowboy" Bob Orton ] That sumbitch.. Broke my god damn ribs!!

-[[ He spits blood on the ground and goes limp.. Jillian turns to Maria.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Call Mister Orton an ambulance, please, Maria..

-[[ Maria becomes really excited for some reason. ]]-

[ Maria ] OKAY~!! COOL!!

-[[ Maria kneels down next to "Cowboy" Bob and pokes him in the ribs with a big smile on her face.. He groans in pain again and looks up at her with absolute pain in his eyes... ]]-

[ Maria ] Mister Orton? YOU'RE AN AMBULANCE!! HA HA~!!

-[[ She gets back up and stands beside Jillian again.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] ..Thank you.

-[[ A pause.. And she continues. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] And you, Randy... You're one of the break out stars of Solid Gold Wrestling.. A former Television champion.. And you wrestled in one of the most high profile matches since SGW returned.. We've been very lenient with you.. Allowing you to get away with what you did to Taz... And what you did to Michael Shane with Taz's... Remains.. And we simply will not tolerate it anymore.....

-[[ She turns to Maria.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] And after this... I suggested something to Maria.. And she agreed with me.. And since Maria IS the interim owner of Solid Gold Wrestling, I'm going to allow her to be the one to tell you all....

-[[ Maria steps up in front of Jillian, looking overly excited. ]]-

[ Maria ] Yeah, like.. We decided that you guys don't need to fight anymore until Heartbreaker!!

-[[ Maria puts one hand on her hip and points at them with her other, a comically angry face on her. ]]-

[ Maria ] And.. And.. And.. And if you touch each other! You can't wrestle for SGW anymore!!

-[[ She then puts both hands on her hips and pouts.. ]]-

[ Maria ] So try not to do that, 'kay? ='(

-[[ All of them look like they can't believe this rule has been passed.. But there has to be some feeling of relief.. Maria and Jillian turn and re-enter the building as the security guards disperse and leave the wrestlers to themselves... Randy Orton, Lance Storm, and Michael Shane all eyeball each other.... Storm is the first to speak.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] See you two at Heartbreaker.... May the best man win.

-[[ Orton stares hard at Lance Storm.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Don't worry.......

-[[ He then turns to Shane and speaks so loud that spit flies out of his mouth.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] I WILL!!!

-[[ Michael Shane wrings his hands together.. ]]-

[ Michael Shane ] I've only got one thing to say to the both of you....

-[[ Storm and Orton listen as Michael Shane speaks.. ]]-

[ Michael Shane ] If you want my belt.. You're going to have to kill me for it.. And I'm willing to do the same thing to KEEP it... So, Orton.. Storm.... Beat me if you can... Survive... If I let you...

-[[ Orton shakes his head.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] I can tell already.. This win over you, Shane.. Is going to be my favorite.

-[[ Orton calls for Kennedy, Show, and "Cowboy" Bob to follow him.. Big Show hoists up Bob and they enter the building.. They'll followed shortly by Team Canada and Shane, Sanders, and Jindrak.. It should be a nice change of pace now that these three men aren't allowed to touch each other.. ]]-

Orlando Jordan versus Scott Hall
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Nick Patrick

-[[ Orlando and Hall circle each other to start.. Orlando goes in for a tie-up but Hall takes a step back and flicks his tooth pick in Orlando's face!! Hall laughs and Orlando retaliates with a vicious punch to the head!! Orlando begins flooring Hall with lefts and rights and backs him into the corner.. Orlando begins kicking away at him and nailing him with elbows until Hall slumps down on his ass.. Orlando jogs across the ring and charges back at Hall but Hall lifts his foot and nails Orlando in the gut.. Orlando reels around and Hall pulls himself up.. Hall spins Orlando around and kicks him in the gut.. He scoops him up and takes a few steps.. Fallaway slam!! Orlando yells in pain.. Orlando gets up fairly quick and Hall is already on him.. Hall whips Orlando into the ropes and goes for a back drop but Orlando kicks him in the chest! Hall stands straight up and Orlando goes for a right cross but Hall side steps him and trips him, sending Orlando to the mat... Hall lifts Orlando off of the mat and puts him on his shoulder.. And hits him with a power slam!! Hall covers him! One! Two! Orlando kicked out!! Orlando sits up slowly and Hall begins choking him!! The referee warns Hall to stop and he does after a bit.. He pulls Orlando up.. He pulls him to his feet and kicks him in the gut.. He's going for the Outsider's Edge!! Orlando slips out behind him and hooks Hall from behind.... BLUE THUNDER BOMB!! Orlando covers him!! One!! Two!! Thr-- Scott Hall kicked out!! Orlando can't believe it!! Hall sits up and starts to get to his feet and Orlando catches him from behind..... And ROLLS THE DICE!! Orlando covers Hall quickly and hooks both legs!! One!! Two!! Three!! Orlando has made an impressive debut!! ]]-

-[[ Orlando stands up, celebrating as the fans cheer.. And he's blasted from behind Muhammad Hassan!! Hassan begins punching and kicking away at the fallen Jordan and Daivari slides in, screaming in Orlando's face..... And Hassan locks him in the CAMEL CLUTCH!! The fans are booing loudly as Hassan cranks back on the move, roaring some kind of animal as he chokes the life from Orlando Jordan... Daivari kicks Jordan in the face a few times and then begins slapping him!! Hassan drops Orlando and stands up and throws his arms to the side, shouting "PRAAAAISE ALLLAAAAAAH!!!" Hassan and Daivari leave Jordan laying.. ]]-

Winner: Orlando Jordan via Pin Fall

-[[ Gold medals dangle in your line of sight. ]]-

[ Bob Backlund ] You're going to do it tonight, Kurt!!

Kurt Angle jumps in place, psyching himself up.. Bob Backlund stands to the side of him in a nice suit.. Angle slaps himself in the face and growls.. He's completely and utterly in the zone. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] YEAH!!

[ Bob Backlund ] Tonight.. You're going to make Monty Brown tap out!! And you're to make all of those ignorant fans.. FORGET ALL ABOUT.. What happened last week.. With that... THAT HUSSY!!

Angle slowly turns his head toward Backlund, looking furious. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] She's the reason I'm not the hardcore champion right n--

Backlund suddenly slaps Angle in the face, himself shaking with intensity now.. Angle looks confused, but no less angry than he did before when the bitch was mentioned. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] The hell was THAT for!?

[ Bob Backlund ] Forget about the hardcore championship, Kurt.. You are ABOVE that championship!! A wrestler of our caliber.. YOUR caliber.. Worries not about hardcore wrestling..... If you're going to hold something against this woman...

Backlund puts his hands on Angle's shoulders.. ]]-

[ Bob Backlund ] You hold her responsible for daring to put her hands on you.. For costing you a match that was in your grasp.... For daring to stick her dirty, female nose in a MAN'S BUSINESS!!

Angle nods, clenching his fists.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] Yeah...... YEAH!!

Kurt Angle reaches up and takes a hold of his gold medals that hang around his neck.. He looks down at them and then back up at Backlund, whose eyes are locked on his own.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] First Monty Brown... THEN HER!!

A gloved hand taps Kurt Angle on the shoulder.. He slowly turns around and finds himself face to face.. With Chyna!! The woman who cost him his match last week.. He looks at her and immediately goes red in the face with pure anger.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] You've got a lot of balls coming here, lady..

Angle smirks.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] But I guess... You already knew you had balls... I mean, you only see them every time you look at yourself naked in the MIRROR!! OH YES!! IT'S TRUE!!

Backlund slaps Angle on the back, smiling. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] Get it? Balls..... Because you look like a man.

Angle cups his hands beneath his own crotch like he's carrying a pair of large melons and begins laughing out loud.. Chyna smiles now.. ]]-

[ Chyna ] I get it, Kurt.. Funny.

A pause as he smiles right in her face.. ]]-

[ Chyna ] But I came here to make a challenge, Kurt.. Because I've decided, after seeing what happened with Amy Love.. If a woman wants any respect in a man's world.. She's got to start at the top, make an impact... And you're one of the best wrestlers on the roster.....

[ Kurt Angle ] You got that right, sister.

[ Chyna ] So I'm challenging you, Kurt... I'm challenging you to a match at Heartbreaker..

Angle laughs out loud. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] You want to wrestle me? How about no?

He puts his hands on his hips.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] You're a woman.. First of all, women can't wrestle.. And second....

Kurt stops to think and then blurts out. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] YOU'RE A WOMAN!!

He looks back at Backlund, who gives him a thumbs up. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] So, go back to your home on Whore Island!!

Chyna just nods, smiling.. She turns to walk away, but then stops.. ]]-

[ Chyna ] Oh.. I almost forgot.... I brought you something, Kurt..

[ Kurt Angle ] What's that?

She turns and reaches into her bra and pulls out something that's obscured by her large hand.. Even Kurt Angle doesn't get a good view of it.. He doesn't know what's she got in her hand.. ]]-

[ Chyna ] After seeing you bitch and moan for so long.. About your medals.. And never winning any matches.. I thought you might need some of these..

She reaches out and places... A TAMPON in Kurt Angle's hand!!! Angle looks down at it and begins shaking with fury.. He crushes it in his hand and begins practically foaming at the mouth.. Furious over the lack of respect she has for an Olympic gold medalist.. ]]-

[ Chyna ] See you later tonight.

Chyna walks away, leaving Kurt and Backlund to themselves.. ]]-


Triple H versus Cactus Jack
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Jimmy Cordaris

-[[ Cactus Jack and Triple H collide in the center of the ring and begin brawling.. Neither man is willing to give as they both club each other with bone shattering punches.. Cactus Jack takes the advantage and pummels Triple H into the corner and begins kneeing him in the chest and face repeatedly!! Cactus breathes heavily and yanks Triple H out of the corner.. He whips Triple H into the ropes and follows him in with a CACTUS CLOTHESLINE! Both men go tumbling over the ropes and to the floor.. Both men lay motionless for a bit and they begin to stir.. Cactus staggers up and goes after Triple H but Triple H catches him around the tights and yanks him down face first into the guardrail!! Triple H yanks Cactus off of the rail and kicks him in the gut.. He goes for a pedigree but Cactus backdrops him out of it!! Triple H yells in pain and springs back to his feet just in time to catch Cactus charging up on him.. But Triple H stops him dead in his tracks with a KICK WHAM PEDIGREE!! He pedigreed Cactus Jack on the floor!! Triple H wipes the hair out of his eyes and rolls Cactus back into the ring... Triple H covers him.. One.. Two.. Thre-- CACTUS JACK KICKED OUT!! Triple H can't believe it!! He pulls Cactus Jack up off of the mat and goes for it again....... PEDIGREE!! Triple H covers him.. One......... TWO........... THRE-- CACTUS JACK GOT A SHOULDER UP!! Triple H screams in rage and yanks Cactus Jack off the mat again...... KICK..... A THIRD PEDIGREE!!! Triple H covers him.... ONE......... TWO......... AND THE LIGHTS GO OUT!! A spotlight in the shape of a scorpion begins spiraling around in the center of the ring and Triple H looks furious!! The lights come back on and Triple H shakes his head, absolutely pissed.. He covers Cactus... One.. Two.. Thr-- Cactus Jack got his shoulder up AGAIN!! What is pushing this man to continue!? Triple H pulls Cactus up and whips him into the ropes.... HIGH KNEE!! Cactus staggers back to his feet..... And Triple H kicks him in the gut.. He's going for a fourth pedigree... But Cactus Jack backdrops him out of it!! Cactus bounces off of the ropes.. And drops a knee on Triple H's throat!! And then Cactus.. Begins climbing the ropes...... FIST DROP ON TRIPLE H!!! Cactus covers him!! ONE!! TWO!! THREE!! HE GOT THE PIN!?! Cactus Jack has just defeated Triple H.. With a fist drop!! Cactus Jack stares at his fist in awe and begins laughing as he rolls around on the mat.. ]]-

Winner: Cactus Jack via Pin Fall

-[[ Bret "The Hitman" Hart is sitting backstage with an issue of SGW Magazine.. He's quietly flipping through it, pausing every few seconds to read the occasional article.. He's dressed in jeans and a "Hitman" t-shirt, looking relaxed, like he knows no one in SGW can touch him...... Maria and Jillian Hall walk into the area and approach the former world champion.. He closes the magazine and tosses it to the side, looking up at them with an interested look on his face... He slowly stands, now looming over them a bit.. ]]-

[ Bret Hart ] Ladies..

-[[ Maria reaches her hand out.. ]]-

[ Maria ] HI, BRET~!!

-[[ He takes her hand a shakes it, looking taken aback by her excitement level.. ]]-

[ Bret Hart ] What can I do for you two today?

-[[ Jillian is the one to answer, trying her best to ignore Maria. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] I was on my way to make sure you didn't need anything.. As usual, we don't want you to be put at any inconvenience.. And.. Maria insisted on coming along.. And well.. Here we are.. Is there anything we can get you?

-[[ Bret crosses his arms.. ]]-

[ Bret Hart ] Actually, I did have a question you two can answer for me..

[ Jillian Hall ] Yes?

-[[ Maria nods up and down quickly.. ]]-

[ Bret Hart ] Well.. You brought me in to referee the world title match at Heartbreaker.. And I'm honored to do that, really.. I am.. But what I saw last week made me question my decision a bit... The Solid Gold Wrestling world championship.. It's one of the most prestigious championships in our business.. And I was... To say the least.. Confused.. When I heard you name Tom Cruise as Christian's opponent.. Instead of one of the wrestlers..

-[[ Maria's shoulders slump, she looks sad. ]]-

[ Maria ] You don't like the match?

-[[ Bret looks like it hurts him to say it.. ]]-

[ Bret Hart ] It's an interesting choice, that's for sure... But.. It's not a world title match, Maria..

-[[ He puts his hands on his hips.. ]]-

[ Bret Hart ] And it's really not a match I'm interested in refereeing..

[ Maria ] ..Oh.

-[[ The booming voice of Christian fills the room.. Christian storms in with the world championship around his waist, already in his ring gear for the main event tonight.. He's flanked by the entire Coalition and Tom Cruise.. He walks right up between Maria and Jillian and places his arm on Maria's shoulder, almost weighing her down. ]]-

[ Christian ] Doth my ears deceiveth me?

-[[ Christian cups his ear in Hart's direction.. ]]-

[ Christian ] Did I hear a Hitman saying he wanted no part of the match of the century?

-[[ Tomko crosses his arms menacingly. ]]-

[ Tyson Tomko ] ..Yep.

[ Christian ] Why's that? Jealous?

-[[ Christian rubs the championship belt with his free hand.. ]]-

[ Christian ] Jealous that Tom Cruise is getting the title shot and you're not, glory hound?

-[[ Bret Hart just stands there, taking the abuse, but looking amused to say the least. ]]-

[ Christian ] You think you could do better in his spot? Is that what you want? Do you want to take Tom Cruise's place in the match? Because I'm sure Tom Cruise would just love to give it to you...

-[[ Cruise shrugs, smiling that Hollywood smile. ]]-

[ Bret Hart ] Christian.. You don't WANT me to take Cruise's place in that match..

-[[ Christian pushes Maria to the side and gets right in Hart's face. ]]-

[ Christian ] I'd LOVE for you to take his place.

-[[ Hart smirks. ]]-

[ Christian ] ........But..

-[[ Christian almost laughs right in Hart's face. ]]-

[ Christian ] I'd rather face a real opponent.. Someone I HAVEN'T beaten before.. So I guess...

-[[ Christian gets out of Hart's face and returns back in between Maria and Jillian without a care in the world. ]]-

[ Christian ] That's just tough luck!

-[[ The Coalition laughs.. ]]-

[ Christian ] I heard what ya' said last week... That I need to watch my step when you referee the match on Sunday.. I think it's the other way around.. Because if I think for a second that you're screwing me over, I'm going to end your Solid Gold comeback before it even begins...

-[[ Christian smiles. ]]-

[ Christian ] You play your cards right.. I might let you present me with the championship belt and raise my arm after the match.. You know, pass the torch... Like you should have done six years ago!!

-[[ Cruise taps Christian on the shoulder.. ]]-

[ Tom Cruise ] I thought you said I could present you with the belt.. After the whole.. Finger poke thing..

-[[ Maria and Jillian's eyes go wide... ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] WHAT?

-[[ Maria looks confused.. ]]-

[ Maria ] Finger poke thing.. What does that mean? You two were going to play tickly baby?

-[[ Everyone looks dumbfounded... Jillian turns to Maria, her anger rising. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] It means they were going to cheat!!

-[[ Maria looks shocked. ]]-

[ Maria ] Tom Cruise.. Was going to cheat? Why, Tom Cruise? Why?

-[[ Cruise looks annoyed.. ]]-

[ Tom Cruise ] Because I'm not a wrestler, Maria!! And... I just don't care about that belt!!

-[[ Maria's jaw drops... ]]-

[ Maria ] Well.... You're not gonna get out of a match at Heartbreaker, mister.. NAH-UH!! NO WAY!! You already signed a contract and everything... And you're gonna be there........ BUT I'M CHANGING YOUR STUPID TITLE MATCH!!

-[[ Christian's eyes go wide. ]]-

[ Christian ] WHOA!! WHAT!? Hold on just a damn second!!

[ Maria ] NO!! I'M NOT HOLDING ON FOR NOTHING!! I'm changing the match!! And it's gonna be.. A tag team match!! And it's gonna be... Uh.. Uh... Christian.. And Tom Cruise....... Against... Against....... It's gonna be Christian and Tom Cruise against.....

-[[ Her shoulders slump. ]]-

[ Maria ] ..I DON'T KNOW!!

-[[ Christian laughs.. ]]-

[ Christian ] ..Idiot.

-[[ Maria looks sad again.. ]]-

[ Maria ] I'm gonna find somebody, Christian.. And you're gonna be sorry you tried to cheat!!

-[[ She points at Tom.. ]]-

[ Maria ] And you should be ashamed of yourself.. You're TOM CRUISE!!

-[[ Cruise shrugs. ]]-

[ Tom Cruise ] I'm doing it for the money and the exposure.. Not the fans.. And not YOU.

[ Maria ] GASP!

-[[ Jillian cringes.. She pats Maria on the shoulder. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Maria... Gasp is something you do.. Not something you say out loud.

[ Maria ] Oh.

-[[ Christian and Cruise laugh.. ]]-

[ Christian ] I'm gonna go prepare for my match.. When you decide who we're squashing at Heartbreaker, you give us a ring.. We don't care WHO it is.. Because I'll carry Cruise to victory.. Just like I'm carrying four other guys to victory tonight.. So you think real hard, don't hurt yourself though, and you just do the very bestest you can do.. And I'm sure everything will our just fine for ya'...

-[[ Jim Cornette laughs, slapping Christian on the back.. ]]-

[ Jim Cornette ] Yeah, you tell that retard what's what!!

-[[ Christian and the Coalition all laugh and walk out of the room, leaving Maria, Jillian, and Hart by themselves.. ]]-

[ Maria ] He called me a retard!!

-[[ Jillian consoles her.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] It's okay, Maria..

[ Maria ] I don't even know what that IS!

-[[ Jillian shakes her head.. Bret Hart walks up and places his hand on her shoulder.. ]]-

[ Bret Hart ] You're not a retard, Maria.. As a matter of fact.. You made a good decision by changing that match.. Christian is scum.. And Tom Cruise, well, he's from Hollywood.. You should've expected that from someone like him.. But as for their opponents.. I've got a great idea..

-[[ Maria looks up at him with hopeful eyes. ]]-

[ Maria ] You do?

-[[ He nods as the scene cuts. ]]-

Randy Orton versus The Undertaker
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Mark Yeaton

-[[ Randy Orton and the Undertaker face off in the center of the ring.. Orton talks trash and then slaps the Undertaker in the face.. The Undertaker slowly turns his head back toward Orton and.. Clutches his throat!! Orton kicks Undertaker low to break out of it and hits the ropes.. Clothesline on the Undertaker!! The Undertaker won't go down!! Orton bounces off of the ropes again.. Another clothesline!! The Undertaker staggers into the ropes and Orton charges at him one more time and clotheslines him over the top rope.. And the Undertaker lands on his feet!! He grabs Orton by the ankles and yanks him out of the ring!! The Undertaker begins punching away at Orton with stiff punches!! Orton puts his hands up to defend himself but the Undertaker is relentless!! Undertaker yanks Orton away from the ring apron and whips him into the guardrail but Orton reverses it and sends the Undertaker crashing hard into the guardrail!! Orton follows him in and the Undertaker backdrops Orton over the rail and into the front row.. But Orton lands on his feet.. When Undertaker turns around, Orton nails him with a European uppercut and climbs onto the guardrail..... He launches off and the Undertaker catches him.. POWER SLAM ON THE OUTSIDE!!! Huge pop for the sickening bump and the Undertaker pulls Orton off of the floor and throws him inside the ring... He covers him quickly.. One.. Two.. Th-- Orton kicked out!! The Undertaker shakes his head, not believing this shit.. He pulls Orton off of the mat and grabs him by the throat... He lifts him up for a choke slam and Orton gouges him in the eye!! Orton goes for an RKO but the Undertaker pushes him away!! Orton lands flat on his back and gets back up quickly and staggers around into... THE TOMBSTONE!! But... Wait.. RANDY ORTON FLIPS IT OVER!! AND ORTON TOMBSTONES THE UNDERTAKER!! Orton rolls over and covers Taker back to chest..... ONE........ TWO......... THREE!! Randy Orton has just defeated the Undertaker!! ]]-

Winner: Randy Orton via Pin Fall

-[[ John Bradshaw Layfield's smiling face fills the screen.. As you back away, you see him making his way through the backstage area with a big smile on his face.. He casually tips his hat to some female crew members and continues about his way.. He stops at the water cooler and pulls one of the paper cups free from the dispenser.. He fills it up and turns around, preparing to take a sip, but before he can even get that far, the cup is slapped upward into his face, knocking his hat off and soaking his face and shirt with ice cold water.. Layfield almost comically wipes his eyes and when he sees the man standing in front of him, they go wide as saucers..... ]]-

[ Chris Benoit ] So, this... Is your first act.. After costing me the SGW championship?

Layfield is speechless, only staring at Benoit with water dripping down his nose.. Chris Benoit is practically shaking all over.. He reaches down and picks up the cup he slapped out of Layfield's hand... He crushes it slowly in his hand, you can hear it crush... ]]-

[ Chris Benoit ] You don't come and.. Find me... You do not even have the decency.. To assault me whilst I'm inside my dressing room... No.. You walk into this building.. With your stupid cowboy hat..... And your ridiculous smile... And you grab... A cup.... OF WATER!?

Benoit flicks the crumpled mess into Layfield's face.. It bounces off of his forehead and barely makes a sound as it hits the ground.. Bradshaw and Benoit don't take their eyes off of each other, each man looking ready to begin throwing punches at any moment.... Layfield blinks hard and wipes the water from his face with one hand.. ]]-

[ Chris Benoit ] Nothing to say, Bradshaw!? Surely... You must have something.. TO SAY!!

John Bradshaw Layfield nods and smiles a big, condescending smile. ]]-

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] You bet your ass I've got somethin' to say, son..

A pause. ]]-

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] Why didn't I come and find you? Why didn't I.. Assault you.. In the back? I will tell you why, little Benoit.. Because, quite frankly, you are NOT WORTH THE EFFORT!!

Benoit snaps. ]]-

[ Chris Benoit ] NOT WORTH THE EFFORT!? Then why.. Was I worth the effort.. LAST WEEK!!

Layfield's smile gets even bigger.. ]]-

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] Because last week.. You needed to be taught a lesson.. Last week, you slapped me, John Bradshaw Layfield, in the face.. And for that, you had to pay a price... And not that Christian couldn't have gotten it done on his own, but that price was going to be paid.. At the hands of a TRUE... WRESTLING...... GOD!!

Chris Benoit's gaze doesn't waver in the least.. ]]-

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] People like you, Benoit.. You do not belong at the level of a superstar such as myself... You were not born and bred to be a world champion like myself.. And to make it perfectly blunt, just so I can get it right through that thick Canadian skull of yours, you do not belong in Solid Gold Wrestling.. AT ALL... People like you were born for factory work.. Living in the ghettos of small American cities, scraping up change so that one day, maybe, you can afford to buy yourself a pint of milk to go with your homemade bread.. You were born to sit in on the edge of the stack of cardboard that you call your child's bed and tell them.. WITH TEARS IN YOUR EYES.. That SANTA CLAUS.. IS NOT COMING THIS YEAR!!

A pause. ]]-

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] You were born to live the life I wouldn't dare dream of.. To wear the clothes that I wipe my American ass with... TO EAT.. WHAT I THROW AWAY!! And in the sport of wrestling... Where you don't even belong to begin with.. You were born to make people like me.. Look good. You're what we in the business call.. Enhancement talent... And Christian treated you like that last week... And if you wanna step up and be a man... And push my buttons.. I'll treat you like it, too... Yum-yum.. Come get you some.. Because I ain't afraid o'nobody.. Especially not some sawed off, toothless runt.. That thinks he's got a pair because he got stretched in the Dungeon by a ninety-nine year old dead guy that's only famous for bumping uglies with his wife and shitting out Bret Hart nine months later!!

Cactus Jack casually walks past them with the Hardcore championship slung over his shoulder.. He seems particularly overjoyed for some reason.. He stops next to them and speaks, oblivious to the conversation happening. ]]-

[ Cactus Jack ] Hey, did you guys see my match?

No answer. ]]-

[ Cactus Jack ] I beat Triple H with a fist drop, it was kind've cool.

No answer.. Cactus Jack presses.. ]]-

[ Cactus Jack ] Ya' know, JBL.. I was thinkin' about what happened last week.. And about what you said after the match about me.. And I think we should have a rematch for the belt.. At Heartbreaker..

Benoit turns to Cactus.. ]]-

[ Chris Benoit ] It's not happening, Foley.. Layfield is going to be busy at Heartbreaker....... WITH ME!!

Cactus snaps. ]]-

[ Cactus Jack ] DON'T FUCKING TALK TO ME LIKE THAT, BENOIT!! Sure, he disrespected you last week and he cost you the world title.... But he disrespected me too!! With what he said about me.. He might as well have SPIT IN MY GOD DAMN FACE!!

He turns to Layfield and begins jamming his finger in his face. ]]-

[ Cactus Jack ] In my face, in the face of my fans... And on my Hardcore championship belt!! And speaking of this belt, JBL.. You insulted me for not being able to successfully defend it against you and Kurt Angle.... I have a suggestion, Mister Big Shot American Patriot... Maybe you should have your citizenship revoked... AND MOVE TO TIE-LAND.. BECAUSE YOU COULDN'T BEAT ME EITHER!!

Benoit and Layfield can only stare in awe for the moment.. ]]-

[ Cactus Jack ] I may not be the world champion, but I AM THE HARDCORE CHAMPION AND I AM DAMN SURE A FIGHTING CHAMPION!! And if you two want to bitch about who's better than who and who deserves what....... THEN I'LL DEFEND AGAINST YOU BOTH AT HEARTBREAKER!! BANG BANG!!

Cactus Jack, fuming mad, storms off with the belt in tow.. ]]-

Muhammad Hassan versus Chris Jericho versus Jeff Hardy
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: Triple Threat - Elimination Rules
Referee: Charles Robinson

-[[ The three men stand in the middle of the ring eyeballing each other.. And without warning, Jericho and Hardy both double drop kick Hassan!! The impact sends Hassan flying out of the ring between the middle and top ropes!! Hassan staggers back to his feet on the outside and Daivari helps him get his balance just in time for Jeff Hardy to FLY over the top rope and flatten them both with a springboard plancha!! All three men lay motionless on the outside and just as Jeff Hardy comes to, he catches Chris Jericho coming off of the apron with a missile drop kick!! Jericho springs back up, "YEAH, BABY!!" and he pulls Hassan off of the mat.. He throws him inside the ring and follows him in.. He immediately goes for the Walls of Jericho, but Hassan fights it and kicks Jericho back into the ropes.. Hassan is already up and Jericho comes off of hte ropes at him with a clothesline but Hassan ducks it.. And catches Jericho in the COBRA CLUTCH!! Hassan begins choking the life out of Jericho but Jeff Hardy rolls back in the ring and drop kicks Jericho in the face, sending Jericho AND Hassan careening to the outside again!! Hassan and Jericho both stagger up and Jeff Hardy comes flying over the ropes again but both men sidestep him and he bends double over the guardrail!! JEFF HARDY IS DEAD!! Hassan and Jericho begin brawling like mad men and Hassan thrusts Jericho in the throat!! Hassan whips Jericho into the ring apron and then smacks his face into it!! Hassan rolls Jericho into the ring and follows him in.. He begins slapping Jericho in the face and then... Hooks him in the CAMEL CLUTCH!! Chris Jericho is screaming in pain.. He can't take it anymore... And just as he's about to tap out... VAL VENIS'S MUSIC HITS!! Hassan releases the hold and begins heading up the ramp, looking for Venis.. And while he's distracted, Jeff Hardy crawls onto the apron and up the turnbuckles..... SWANTON BOMB ON CHRIS JERICHO!! Hardy covers him... One!! Two!! THREE!! Jeff Hardy has pulled the upset!! Venis' music cuts, it was a ruse!! Hardy is celebrating.. Hassan charges back down, furious, and Hardy slides out of the ring and escapes through the crowd.. Hassan rolls in the ring, grabs Jericho up off of the mat.. FLATLINER!! He yanks Jericho up.. CAMEL CLUTCH!! He rips back on the move until Jericho goes limp.. ]]-

Winner: Jeff Hardy via Pin Fall

-[[ Hassan tosses Jericho to the side and wipes the sweat from his brow.. Daivari gets in the ring, screaming like Hassan has just been assaulted in the middle of the ring.. Just losing a match, Hassan looks awfully pissed off.. He calls for a microphone from the outside and receives it... The fans are booing so loudly that you wonder if he should even bother speaking.. He stands in the center of the ring and speaks, managing to drown out the crowd noise. ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] I..... AM SICK AND TIRED..... OF WAITING!!

Boos. ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] I stand here tonight... The UNPINNED, UNDEFEATED... United states... CHAMPION!! These men should have fallen at my feet... AT THE SAME.. TIME!! The competition I have faced thus far in Solid Gold Wrestling..... HAS BEEN.. PATHETIC!! I WAS JUST SCREWED.... AND IT WILL HAPPEN............

Hassan waves his hand in front of him.. ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] NO...... MORE!!

He stomps around the ring, looking furious... ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] I have conquered the midcard of Solid Gold Wrestling.. And I am prepared... TO MOVE.. UP!! I have been a fighting champion... And I have destroyed every man.. That has been put.. IN FRONT OF ME!! But one certain superstar.... One man whose name is synonymous with Solid Gold Wrestling... IS DUCKING ME!!

Hassan looks around, the fans continue booing.. He continues regardless. ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] Tonight.. I sent this man.. A message..... And I left his friend, Orlando Jordan..... IN A HEAP!! And again... Where is he?! He did not make the save....... He had no words for me..... HE.. IS... HIDING!!

Daivari steals the microphone from Hassan. ]]-


He stops and screams into the microphone, pointing harshly at the ramp. ]]-

[ Khosrow Daivari ] AFRAID, HE IS!!!

Muhammad Hassan takes the microphone back... He sneers.. ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] I have made the first move.. I.. Challenged you.. I handed you the Pick Your Title Shot Tournament!! I have opened the doors for our match, Val.... I WANT IT!! I want Solid Gold Wrestling's... FAVORITE... SON!! So, why do you insist.. On depriving me of your presence... IN THE RING!?

Hassan turns to Daivari, smiling suddenly. ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] I think I know why, Daivari... Maybe because.. Being an SGW legend, as he likes to call himself... Means that accepting the challenge of a man.. Who will obviously DESTROY HIM... IS WRONG!! Or maybe because... Standing up for Solid Gold Wrestling.. And yourself..... Is only okay when you're angry.. And have nothing to lose.... Because a greater opponent, such as Edge, has stolen your best friend..... AND YOUR LOVER!!

Hassan turns back to the ramp, shouting. ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] VAL VENIS.. IS A JOKE!! An SGW legend that has about as much business calling himself a legend.. As he does a trustworthy partner.. He turned on the Brotherhood four years ago in this very company... He turned his back on his Money Incorporated roots, even though they were the group.. That made him.. A STAR!! He disrespected Jeff Jarrett during their partnership.... In the League of Champions... And he stabbed Arn Anderson.. RIGHT.. IN THE BACK!!

Daivari begins wiggling his arm around and pointing at it, laughing.. ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] That's right, Khosrow... Val Venis..... IS A SNAKE!!

Daivari leans into the microphone.. ]]-


Hassan stares at the ramp, seething now.. ]]-


The fans are booing so loudly now that it totally drowns out everything... Until... VAL VENIS' MUSIC HITS!! A huge crowd pop and Hassan and Daivari look surprised.. Hassan clutches his microphone and stares at the ramp, looking angry as hell.... Daivari is jumping up and down, screaming in Arabic.. And Val Venis walks out onto the ramp with Orlando Jordan, Teddy Long, and Kristal Marshal... Orlando is rubbing his throat, still hurting from the Camel Clutch earlier tonight... Venis has a microphone in his hand..... He paces back and forth on the ramp, shaking with intensity... He raises it and speaks.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] You want an answer, Hassan?!

Hassan nods... ]]-

[ Val Venis ] Well, you're going to GET ONE!!

Huge pop. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] After everything you've said about me.. And what you did to Orlando earlier tonight.. I accept your challenge and am prepared to do whatever it takes to remove that championship belt from around your waist!!

Hassan points and yells.. ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] Cash it in!! CASH IN.. YOUR TOURNAMENT VICTORY!!

Venis looks down and then back up at Hassan, staring down the ramp at his tormentor.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] I... AM!!

Massive pop.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] In eight days.. At Heartbreaker.. I'm going to give you what you want, Hassan.. I'm going to give you your match.... Val Venis versus Muhammad Hassan.. For the United States championship...... And in eight days... Your title reign...... WILL END!!!!

Another huge pop... And then... Maria's music hits!? Maria walks out onto the ramp with Jillian Hall.. And Bret "The Hitman" Hart!! Maria has a microphone in her hand.. She begins speaking before her music even cuts.. ]]-

[ Maria ] NO!! NO, NO, NO!! Val.. You're not cashing in anything!!

Mixed reaction for that one.. Venis looks confused.. ]]-

[ Maria ] See... There's a tag team match at Heartbreaker.. And Christian and Tom Cruise.... They need opponents, because if I make them fight each other, they're going to cheat!! And if they cheat.. Christian wins.. And then everybody loses!!

She points at Bret.. ]]-

[ Maria ] And Bret Hart gave me a great idea... He said Val Venis is the man that should be facing Christian at Heartbreaker!! With a partner of his choice!! Will you do it, Val? Will you? PLEASE!?

Venis looks up at Hassan and then back at Maria, obviously torn on what to do.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] Is the world championship on the line?

Maria thinks really hard.. And then answers.. ]]-

[ Maria ] Uh.. Yeah!!! Whoever makes the pin will be the new champion!!

Venis nods, smiling.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] Then I... AM IN!!

Hassan screams into the microphone.. ]]-


Venis grits his teeth, looking madder than ever now.. He turns and yells into his own microphone.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] Don't worry about me stabbing you in the back, Hassan.. After Heartbreaker, when I'm the world champion... I'LL STAB YOU RIGHT IN THE FACE!!

He turns to Hart, Maria, and Jillian.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] Forget this guy... Let's talk business..

They head to the back, leaving Hassan and Daivari fuming in the ring. ]]-

HOUR 2 ->