SHOCK: Venis Rising | March 25th, 2006 | Live From: Moscow, Russia | Commentators: Joey Styles & Don Callis

-[[ The parking lot is vacant.. No sign of life.. ]]-

-[[ Suddenly, a limousine pulls into the shot and the fans begin buzzing with anticipation.. There's a pause and the crowd intensity becomes even more evident... The chauffer steps out of the front seat and makes his way to the back... He pulls the handle and the door slowly cracks open... A man's foot steps out, you can tell by the pants that the man is well-dressed.... And then the camera pans up to reveal the passenger's smiling face.. And he begins to sing.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] Welllllll, we got to the arena around seven or eight and I yelled at the driver--

-[[ He pinches his nose and waves the chauffer away. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] YO-HO, SMELL YA' LATER!

-[[ He turns and hoists one of the tag team titles over his shoulder, still smiling.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] We looked at our kingdom, it's a sight to behold!

-[[ He looks around, nodding. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] We're the greatest tag team in Solid Gold!

-[[ The Big Show steps out behind him, wearing an equally impressive suit.. He smiles, slapping Kennedy on the back.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] That Will Smith, where does he come up with this stuff?

-[[ The Big Show wipes a tear from his eyes, he's laughing so hard. ]]-

[ The Big Show ] Did you make that shit up on the way here?

-[[ Kennedy shrugs. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] It's been an on-going project of mine since we won THESE beauties!

-[[ Kennedy holds up his title and the Big Show nods, still smiling.. ]]-

[ The Big Show ] We put these belts on the map..

-[[ Big Show clutches the title tightly in his gigantic hands.. ]]-

[ The Big Show ] And they're leaving with us tonight..

-[[ Big Show strokes his beard... ]]-

[ The Big Show ] That record is ours.. And there's nobody that can stop us..

-[[ Kennedy laughs and pats Big Show on the chest.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] Not even the so-called greatest tag team ever, Edge and Christian..

-[[ Kennedy guffaws, slapping his knee. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] WHATEVER!!

-[[ Kennedy immediately goes straight faced.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] Anyway.. Looking above and beyond THOSE idiots.. After World Warrior is all said and done, our little.. Faction is going to have all the major titles in this broke down joint!! Your NEEEWWW World Champion will be Randy Orton.. And standing right next to him.. Will be your longest reigning... And MOST DOMINANT TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS.. OF ALLLLLLL TIME!!

-[[ He points to the Big Show.. ]]-


-[[ And then he points to himself with both thumbs extended.. ]]-


-[[ He tilts his head back after a pause.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] ...KENNEDY!

-[[ When Kennedy lowers his head, he finds himself eye to eye with "The Legend Killer" Randy Orton.. Orton is also wearing a suit, as is his father, "Cowboy" Bob Orton, standing just behind him.. Kennedy looks surprised.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] Oh, hey, Randy!

-[[ He extends his hand to shake and Orton just looks down at it like it's a foreign object.. Kennedy looks at his own hand, clears his throat, looking uncomfortable and retracts it.. Orton looks back up at Kennedy.. Something's up.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] This is how you prepare for the biggest match of your lives?

-[[ Kennedy and Show look at each other, shocked by Orton's tone.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Tonight, you're both getting the opportunity that I would KILL for..

-[[ Orton is dead serious as he speaks the next word. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Literally.

-[[ A pause and he continues.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Tonight, you two are going head to head with two of the men who were behind what happened to Jeff Jarrett at Six-String Supremacy.. The two men who robbed us of what was once a quality wrestling promotion and left us with... With...... MARIA!!

-[[ Orton is breathing heavily.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Because of these men and the series of events their actions have set off, I'm going to World Warrior to fight for a belt that has been tarnished by the hands of Tom Cruise.. And you two have the audacity to stand here in your ridiculous suits with those STUPID smiles on your faces.. And treat this match like it's a god damn JOKE!?

-[[ Kennedy and Show can't believe he's talking to them like this.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] Randy, please--

-[[ Orton cuts him off. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Shut it, Kennedy... No more talk.. I only want to see action.

-[[ "Cowboy" Bob nods, a solemn look on his face. ]]-

[ "Cowboy" Bob Orton ] Get the job done, boys.. For real.

-[[ The Ortons turn to walk away and Kennedy calls out to him.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] You'll be at ringside, won't you, Randy?

-[[ Orton shakes his head.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] No.. It's time to prove to Jeff that you two are worth something..

-[[ They walk away, leaving Kennedy and Show alone in the parking lot.. Their good time is ruined. ]]-

Val Venis, Orlando Jordan, & "Stone Cold" Steve Austin versus Kenny, Mitch, & Nicky
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Scott James

-[[ It's a six-way brawl to start and Scott James begins calling for the bell.. Austin pairs off with Nicky.. Val Venis is pummeling Mitch in the corner, and Orlando Jordan is beating the hell out of Kenny!! Mitch comes out of the corner and throws a punch at Venis but Venis ducks it and catches him.. BLUE THUNDER BOMB!! Kenny takes the full impact and goes rolling out of the ring.. Orlando Jordan jerks Kenny up off of the mat and pulls him back.. Roll the Dice!! And Austin is stomping a mudhole and walking it dry all over Nicky!! Austin yanks Nicky out of the corner, gives him the middle fingers..... KICK WHAM STUNNER!! Nicky goes flying backwards and lands flat.. Just in time for Val Venis to come off the top rope.. WITH THE MONEY SHOT!! Val Venis covers Nicky as Austin yells "OHHH HELLLL YEAAAH!!" ONE!! TWO!! THREE!! These three men have just DESTROYED the Spirit Squad!! ]]-

Winners: Val Venis, Orlando Jordan, & "Stone Cold" Steve Austin via Pin Fall

-[[ Maria sits in a chair, smiling huge.. Her eyes go back and forth, following something.. As the camera pans back, you see Jillian Hall sitting across from Maria, waving a pen in front of her face, back and forth, seeing how well Maria responds.. Maria begins giggling and covers her mouth. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] What's so funny?

[ Maria ] THE PEN!! HA HA~!!

-[[ Jillian stops and looks at the pen, confused.. ]]-

[ Maria ] It's HILARIOUS!! Back and forth, back and forth.. Weeee!!

-[[ Jillian smiles an uneasy smile and puts the pen down.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Well... I guess the doctor was right..

-[[ She sighs. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] You're back to one hundred percent.

[ Maria ] What does that mean?

-[[ Why bother? ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] ..Nothing. Just thinking out loud, I suppose.

-[[ Maria's eyes light up. ]]-

[ Maria ] Just like Lance Storm!!

-[[ Jillian looks confused again.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] What does THAT mean?

[ Maria ] YOU KNOW!!

-[[ Maria puffs her cheeks out and thinks really hard. ]]-

If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands! *clap-clap*

-[[ Jillian looks around the room frantically, trying to find the source of the voice.. She looks back at Maria.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] How did you do that!?

[ Maria ] I DON'T KNOW!! ^_^

-[[ Jillian shakes her head, trying to erase this memory as fast as possible.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] We need to discuss the world title match at World Warrior, Maria..

[ Maria ] Yeah, we really do! Who is Tom Cruise defending against!?

[ Jillian Hall ] Tom Cruise isn't the world champion anymore.. He lost the belt to Val Venis last week.

-[[ Maria seems devastated.. ]]-

[ Maria ] Oh..

-[[ And she becomes peppy again out of nowhere.. ]]-

[ Maria ] Awesome! Val Venis! I love Trapt! We can have them play his entrance music at the pay-per-view!!

-[[ Jillian is confused and then Maria begins singing.. Totally off-key. ]]-

[ Maria ] Headstrong! I'll take you on! Headstrong, I'll take on anyone!

-[[ Jillian throws her hands up, becoming annoyed. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Val Venis doesn't even USE Headstrong, Maria!! That's just a rumor Christian started!!

-[[ Devastated again. ]]-

[ Maria ] Oh....

-[[ And peppy. ]]-

[ Maria ] I know who Val Venis can defend against!!

[ Jillian Hall ] He's defending against Randy--

[ Maria ] LASSIE~!!!!

-[[ Jillian looks down.. This isn't good.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Maria... Lassie can't... Lassie can't wrestle at World Warrior..

[ Maria ] Why not? It'd be big, big, super-big ratings!! Bigger than Clifford the big red dog!!

-[[ Jillian looks like it pains her to say this.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Lassie went home, Maria...

-[[ She turns her head and mumbles.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] jesus..

-[[ Before Maria can ask what that means, Jillian continues.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] He's defending against Randy Orton and that's--

[ Christian ] ...A JOKE!!

-[[ Christian is standing in the door way.. Neither woman saw him there... He walks into the room and is followed quickly by Edge and Tyson Tomko.. Maria looks frightened.. Jillian stands up and gets between Maria and the intruding superstars... Christian has a clipboard in his hand, much like the one Jillian Hall is known for carrying around.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] What do you want, Christian?

-[[ Christian looks surprised at Jillian's tone.. ]]-

[ Christian ] Is that any way to greet your future tag team champions?

-[[ Edge shakes his head. ]]-

[ Tyson Tomko ] ..Nope.

[ Christian ] I just wanted to congratulate Maria on her speedy recovery!!

[ Edge ] Is that so wrong?

-[[ Jillian shakes her head.. The sight of Christian has infuriated her.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Christian.. The best thing for you to do right now is turn around and walk out the door.. Maria doesn't want to talk to you and you know it... After all.. You're the REASON why she was laying in a hospital bed for the better part of the last week...

-[[ Christian puts his hands up in mock fear.. ]]-

[ Christian ] Jillian.. That's why I'm here.. To apologize for doing what I did..

-[[ Maria slowly stands up and stands next to Jillian.. She still looks scared to death.. ]]-

[ Maria ] ...Really? You really want to apologize?

[ Christian ] No.

-[[ Tomko smirks. ]]-

[ Tyson Tomko ] ..Idiot.

-[[ Christian immediately becomes animated, moving his hands around frantically as he speaks. ]]-

[ Christian ] If I apologize for anything, it's for not getting the job done the first time I planted your face in the mat and made you SO DAMN UNPRETTY!! Heh... No, I'm here to tell you to your face, Maria, our courageous owner... That if you're not willing to let a few knocks on the head--

-[[ Christian pauses.. ]]-

[ Christian ] And really, I should've thought about that anyway since you were OBVIOUSLY dropped on your head as a baby.. And a toddler... And a pre-pubescent dimwit.. And a teenager... And when you were of the legal drinking age..

-[[ Christian clears his throat. ]]-

[ Christian ] Anyway.. If you're not wiling to let a few knocks on the head convince you to leave this job behind.. I've come up with another way.. A legal way.. And believe me, baby.. A much more.. FINAL WAY.. To get rid of you..

-[[ He raises the clipboard in his hand, but Jillian begins speaking. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] She's not going anywhere, Christian.. You know that she's in charge until Mister Jarr--

-[[ Christian shakes his head, smiling. ]]-

[ Christian ] Nah-uh, Jilly.. Jarrett's dead.. Like Taz.. Like Tim White.. And you, of all people, shouldn't be supporting this mongoloid.. You're supposed tobe  some big SGW history buff.. And you let this dunce put the world title on Tom Cruise!! I SHOULD STILL BE THE CHAMPION, DAMMIT!! ME!!

-[[ Edge points at Christian, yanking at his hair.. ]]-


-[[ Christian slaps himself on the chest and raises the clipboard again.. ]]-

[ Christian ] So I put together a little petition to take Maria.. OUT.. Of power..

-[[ Maria shakes her head and looks like she's going to cry.. ]]-

[ Christian ] Look, Jillian.. Hey, Maria.. Look.. I've already got three signatures!!

-[[ Jillian looks at the signatures and back up at Christian. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Edge, Tomko, and Christian... It's just you guys.

-[[ Christian looks around at Edge and Tomko.. ]]-

[ Christian ] What? We don't count?

-[[ Before Christian can continue, the Harris Brothers enter the room, wearing suits and sun glasses, looking just a pissed off as ever... Surprisingly, Jillian smiles a them as they enter and stand behind Christian, Edge, and Tomko.. ]]-

[ Christian ] What're these two doing here?

-[[ Edge scoffs.. ]]-

[ Edge ] Hey, fella's.. The sausage party is down the hall. Scram.

-[[ They don't move.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Gentlemen, meet the Harris Brothers.. I've employed them as well as Gene Snitsky to make sure that nothing like what happened at Heartbreaker ever happens to Maria again.. So you should make sure that your crusade to get rid of her.. Stays at a petition.. Because anything physical could result in serious injury..

-[[ Don Harris nods. ]]-

[ Don Harris ] Murders 'n shit.

-[[ Christian looks around.. ]]-

[ Christian ] I see the Harris Brothers... Where's Snitsky?

-[[ Maria giggles and you can hear a voice coming from beneath the table she's standing next to.. ]]-

[ Gene Snitsky ] This little piggy... Went weee weee weee!! All.. The way... HOME!!

-[[ Everyone looks disgusted. ]]-

[ Christian ] Nevermind.

-[[ Jillian ignores what just happened. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] If you don't mind, Christian.. We have some business to attend to..

-[[ Christian and Edge look at each other and nod before turning to walk away.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] One more thing, guys..

-[[ They turn around and Jillian points at the clipboard in Christian's hand.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Good luck.

-[[ Fade. ]]-

Khosrow Daivari & Sonjay Dutt versus Paul London & Brian Kendrick versus Mike Sanders & Mark Jindrak
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: Triple Threat - Single Fall
Referee: Mark Yeaton

-[[ The match begins with Daivari and London in the ring.. The two circle each other and then Daivari runs at him and London hits him with an arm drag!! Daivari is up quickly and London hits him with another and another and then a hip toss!! Daivari retreats to his corner, looking surprised.. London rolls up on him, looking furious and Daivari begs off but London isn't buying it and he pays for it.. Daivari hits him with a poke to the eye and then drop kicks him right in the face!! Daivari tags in Sonjay and the two of them grab London and hit him with a double hip toss and then a double suplex!! Daivari goes back to his corner.. Sonjay whips London into the ropes.. Huracanrana!! London gets thrown across the ring and he makes a tag to Mike Sanders.. Sanders charges in as a house of fire and begins laying into Dutt with vicious lefts and rights!! Dutt can't fight back and Sanders whips him into the ropes.. Back body drop!! Sanders tags in Jindrak!! The biggest man in the match!! Jindrak bench presses Dutt and throws him INTO Daivari, sending both men crashing from the apron to the floor in a heap!! Jindrak celebrates like he just won and he turns around right into a double drop kick from London and Kendrick!! Daivari and Dutt slowly pull themselves back into the ring and Dutt covers Jindrak.. One! Jindrak kicks out with power.. Dutt tags Daivari back in.. Jindrak makes a dive and blindly tags in Brian Kendrick.. Kendrick charges in and hits Daivari with a heel kick!! Daivari goes down hard but gets right back up and goes right back for Kendrick with lefts and rights.. He whips Kendrick into the ropes and he accidentally knocks Sanders off the apron!! Jindrak gets pissed and gets in the ring to go after Kendrick but he gets cut off by London!! London clothesline Jindrak over the top and to the floor before climbing the ropes... SHOOTING STAR PRESS TO THE OUTSIDE ON JINDRAK!! Mark Yeaton is trying his best to regain control!! Kendrick grabs Daivari by the head.. SLICED BREAD #2!!! He covers him!! Yeaton is distracted!! HASSAN! HASSAN!! HASSAN IS IN THE RING!! He yanks Kendrick up off the mat...... FLATLINER!! Hassan rolls out of the ring and Daivari begins climbing the ropes......... FLYING LEG DROP!! He covers him and is immediately squashed... WITH THE FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH!! ROB VAN DAM!! ROB VAN DAM!! He rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair.. He slides back in and Sanders climbs onto the apron and Van Dam throws it to him... VAN DAMINATOR!! Van Dam spins and throws Daivari off of Kendrick and covers him!! Mark Yeaton turns around and is confused by all the chaos and counts without really thinking.. ONE! TWO! THREE! Van Dam slides out of the ring, celebrating to a huge pop as Yeaton suddenly realizes what he's done.. But it's too late.. Van Dam has won this match!! ]]-

Winners: Rob Van Dam via Pin Fall

-[[ We're in the parking lot again.. There's the sound of voices.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] Just who in the hell does he think he is, Show?

-[[ You look over.. There's Ken Kennedy and the Big Show.. Still in their suits.. They're isolated over in a corner of the parking lot, away from any other human life that might over hear their conversation.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] We have to prove ourselves? I don't THINK so!

-[[ Big Show shakes his head, no emotion on his face.. ]]-

[ The Big Show ] I think he needs to be shown his place.

-[[ Kennedy nods. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] We should stand.. UNITED.. Representing the great Jeff Jarrett...

[ The Big Show ] Yeah.. A team.. We're supposed to be a team.

[ Ken Kennedy ] But he's all about going out on his own.. And winning that championship belt by himself.

[ The Big Show ] He thinks he don't need us.

-[[ Kennedy looks pissed. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] If that's the case.. He thinks WRONG!!

-[[ A pause.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] ...Wrong.

-[[ The Big Show looks across the parking lot.. ]]-

[ The Big Show ] That his car?

-[[ Kennedy squints, looking himself. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] I think so, Show.. What've you got in mind?

-[[ Big Show smiles.. ]]-

[ The Big Show ] I'm going to do what he said, champ.. And prove we're worth a damn.

-[[ He begins walking toward Orton's vehicle.. ]]-

[ The Big Show ] With.. Or without him.

-[[ Fade. ]]-

Michael Shane versus Carlito Caribbean Cool
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: World Warrior Tournament - Round One
Referee: Charles Robinson

-[[ Michael Shane and Carlito circle each other to start and then they lock fingers and begin fighting over a test of strength.. Carlito forces Michael Shane all the way down in a bridging position and then drops an elbow across his midsection, forcing Shane straight down!! Carlito stands up, smiling like he's already won the match and Michael Shane kips up behind him!! Carlito turns around and Michael Shane nails him in the face with a clothesline!! Carlito goes down hard and Michael Shane pulls him back up and whips him into the ropes.. Michael Shane throws another clothesline but Carlito ducks this one and school boys Michael Shane.. One! Two! Michael Shane kicks out!! Michael Shane is already up and he charges at Carlito and Carlito nails him with an arm drag out of nowhere!! Michael Shane is already back up and Carlito goes for a hip toss but Michael Shane stiffens up, refusing the move, and nails Carlito with a hip toss of his own!! Carlito sits up, holding his lower back and Carlito is already up on his feet and Michael Shane drop kicks him down!! Michael Shane pulls Carlito up by his afro and whips him into the ropes.. Michael Shane ducks for a back drop but Carlito sees it coming and hooks Michael Shane.. For the SOUR APPLE!! Michael Shane is OUT!! But Carlito isn't going for the pin!! Carlito walks over to his corner and grabs his apple.. He tosses it in the air and catches it.. Before taking a big bite out of it.. He walks around the ring laughing, chewing it up, and Traci Brooks hops onto the apron!! He swaggers over to her and punches her right in the face!! She goes down hard, screaming as blood dumps out of her mouth.. He then turns and SPITS THE APPLE INTO MICHAEL SHANE'S UNCONSCIOUS FACE!! He puts one foot on Shane's chest.. One! Two! Three! Carlito is moving on in the tournament!! ]]-

Winner: Carlito Caribbean Cool via Pin Fall

-[[ The SGW World Heavyweight Championship comes into view.. It's resting on a table in the backstage area.. Seated next to the table, Kristal Marshal, apparently healed from her injuries suffered at the hands of the last world champion, files her nails.. A paper cup of water sits next to her on the table.. She reaches for it but as her finger tips brush it, it's swiped off of the table and splatter on the floor.. She looks up quickly and springs out of the chair, putting her hands up in a motion that could be confused for fear.. Or defense... ]]-

[ Kristal Marshal ] ..What do you want? What are you doing here!?

-[[ The camera pans over to reveal Sabu, frothing at the mouth.. He looks ready to attack.. ]]-

[ Kristal Marshal ] I don't want any trouble... Val is just down the hall..

-[[ He's not listening. ]]-

[ Kristal Marshal ] He'll be back any minute.....

-[[ A tear rolls down her cheek.. She's scared to death.. ]]-

[ Kristal Marshal ] ....Please..

-[[ Another voice is heard.. This one demanding.. Yet soothing.. ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] Sabu... That.. Is enough.

-[[ Sabu slowly backs away and Kristal turns to see Muhammad Hassan, dressed in his white robe and full headdress.. There's no smile on his face.. No identifiable emotion at all.. He's all business.. Standing behind him is Khosrow Daivari and Sonjay Dutt, both still in their wrestling gear.. ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] Rest assured, Miss Marshal.. We come here.. Not.. To hurt you..

-[[ He reaches out and takes her hand in his.. ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] Only because.. Hurting you would get me no closer.. To my goal..

-[[ She yanks her hand away from him, an angry look on her face.. ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] For I know.. Exactly.. How to get what I want..

-[[ A pause.. He looks up at the ceiling, breathing in... Then he looks down at Kristal again.. ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] This.. World Warrior Tournament.. Is secondary....

-[[ She stands there, shaking her head.. Knowing what he intends to do.. ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] In the coming weeks.. I shall cast it aside and take my rightful place..

-[[ A pause.. ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] In the world title match... At World.. Warrior!!

-[[ Daivari pushes past Hassan and begins pointing in Kristal's face.. ]]-


[ Muhammad Hassan ] And just as I did last week.. With ease... I will defeat Val Venis..

-[[ He smiles.. ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] I will even defeat Randy.. Orton... If the case may be..

-[[ He raises his arm slowly and looks at his open hand, still smiling.. ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] Only this time, in victory... I will be awarded... The SGW.. World.. CHAMPIONSHIP!!

-[[ He stares her right in the face and lowers his arm.. She knows something bad is going to happen.. But.. It doesn't.. ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] Praise... Allah...

-[[ He eyeballs the championship belt.. His eyes remain on it until the second he disappears from the room.. Kristal slumps back into her chair, left alone.. Intimidated into tears by the despicable Jihad.. ]]-

Steve Corino versus Chris Masters
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Jimmy Cordaris

-[[ Corino and Masters circle each other to start.. They lock and Masters throws Corino away like he's nothing.. Corino sits up, looking surprised at the power of Chris Masters.. Master smiles and begins motioning for Corino to bring it on.. Corino shows no fear and charges at Masters but Masters lifts a knee and sends Corino flipping over it and onto the mat.. Masters begins motioning for the Master Lock.. Already!? Corino sits up, obvlivious.. And Masters hooks one arm.. He hooks the other!! But Corino slips away and arm drags Masters to the mat!! Masters sits up and charges back at Corino but Corino ducks a clothesline and Masters turns right around into a SUPER KICK!! Corino covers him!! One!! Masters kicks out with FORCE!! Masters begins pulling himself up and Corino kicks him a few times and picks him the rest of the way up before whipping him into the ropes.. Corino ducks for a back body drop but Masters sees it coming.. POLISH HAMMER TO THE SIDE OF CORINO'S HEAD!! Corino does at least two flips in mid-air and lands on his ASS!! He's totally out of it and Masters begins lurching up on him...... "HERE IT COMES..... MASTERLOCK TIME, BEBBY!!" AND HE LOCKS IT IN!! He yanks Corino straight up off the mat, whips him around.. LIFTS HIM UP.. AND DRIVES HIM DOWN TO HIS KNEES!! And Charles Robinson has seen enough!! Steve Corino is OUT!! Chris Masters has won the damn match!! ]]-

Winner: Chris Masters via Submission

-[[ Rob Van Dam is walking through the backstage area with a big smile on his face.. He's seriously overjoyed about his big win tonight, despite not even officially being in the match.. He walks by Todd Grisham and Grisham can't help but comment on the match. ]]-

[ Todd Grisham ] Wow, Van Dam.. That was spectacular!

-[[ Van Dam keeps walking, but responds in his usual cocky demeanor. ]]-

[ Rob Van Dam ] You know it, bro.

-[[ He stops by the concession stand and grabs a drink.. He takes a sip and keeps walking.. There's a voice. ]]-


-[[ Van Dam seems taken aback by Mike Awesome's attitude but that fades away quickly enough.. ]]-

[ Rob Van Dam ] Yeah, dude. Did you see that tonight? I beat three tag teams in one match!!


-[[ Awesome looks at his own hands in awe.. ]]-


-[[ Van Dam nods.. Mike Awesome points an accusing finger at him. ]]-


-[[ Van Dam looks at his drink.. ]]-

[ Rob Van Dam ] Pepsi, bro.


-[[ He yanks the cup out of Van Dam's hand. ]]-

[ Mike Awesome ] GIMME THAT SHIT!!

-[[ He guzzles it down as Van Dam looks on.. Awesome discard the cup and has sticky, disgusting Pepsi all over his chin and upper body now.. Van Dam doesn't seem to mind all that much.. ]]-


-[[ Van Dam stares blankly.. ]]-

[ Rob Van Dam ] You tore it's face off?

-[[ He shrugs. ]]-

[ Rob Van Dam ] That doesn't make me sad or mad, dude.. That's actually quite impressive.

-[[ And Lance Storm steps into the scene, looking pissed. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Mike? What are you doing?

-[[ He looks Van Dam up and down. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] This man is hardly worth your time.

-[[ Awesome looks at Van Dam then back at Storm.. ]]-


-[[ Mike Awesome stomps off, leaving Van Dam and Storm alone for a few seconds.. Storm smirks.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Robert.

-[[ Storm nods and walks away.. Van Dam watches him leave. ]]-

[ Rob Van Dam ] ..Dick.

-[[ Fade. ]]-

Scott Steiner versus The Rock versus Austin Aries
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Scott James

-[[ Scott Steiner goes right for the Rock and begins beating down on him with vicious forearms to the head and neck.. The Rock is sent reeling backwards and Steiner just keeps on him, not letting up for a second.. But then Austin Aries comes charging in and blasts Steiner with a sickening drop kick to the side of the head!! Steiner staggers back but doesn't go down, resting against the ropes and then The Rock and Aries band together and double clothesline Steiner over the top rope and to the floor! Steiner lands on his feet and falls back against the guard rail.. Just in time to catch Austin Aries flying over and slamming into him with a sickening springboard plancha!! Steiner and Aries both go down hard and the Rock slides out of the ring.. The Rock yanks Aries to his feet and slams him face first into the apron.. He pulls Steiner up and goes to slam him into the apron but Steiner blocks it and slams The Rock's face into the apron!! Steiner throws the Rock in the ring and rolls in after him.. He kicks the Rock while he's down and sets up the Steiner Recliner, but he turns around just in time to catch Aries coming off the top rope!! He catches Aries around the waist.. Belly-to-belly suplex!! The Rock is already up and he runs at Steiner.. KICK WHAM T-BONE SUPLEX OVER THE TOP ROPE!! Steiner stomps over to Aries, sits on his back.. STEINER RECLINER!! Aries is groaning and trying to fight out of the hold, but it's not happening.. He has no choice but to-- BIG BOOT ON SCOTT STEINER!! Steiner goes down hard and Kevin Nash stands there, smiling down on him... Scott Hall slides into the ring and pulls Steiner off of the mat... OUTSIDER'S EDGE!!! Kevin Nash reaches down casually and picks up Austin Aries... JACKKNIFE POWER BOMB!! Both men are FINISHED!! Nash and Hall put their boots on the chests of Steiner and Aries... Nash motions for Scott James to count the pin... James doesn't want to do it.. And SYXX-PAC NAILS SCOTT JAMES FROM BEHIND AND SPINS HIM AROUND... SYXX-FACTOR!! Syxx then drops down.. And counts himself!! ONE!! TWO!! THREE!! The fans are booing loudly and Scott Hall produces a microphone seemingly from nowhere.. ]]-

[ Scott Hall ] 'Ey yo.... SGDubya... Say hello... To tha' n.... W.... o!!

-[[ Boos. Nash takes the microphone.. ]]-

[ Kevin Nash ] WE'RE.. TAKIN'.. OVER!!

-[[ Nash laughs in a mocking tone.. ]]-

[ Kevin Nash ] You heard me.

-[[ He drops the microphone and Syxx-Pac reaches into his jacket and pulls out some spray paint.. They begin spraying all over Aries and Steiner, leaving the nWo logo emblazoned across the chests and backs of their victims.. ]]-

Winners: Kevin Nash & Scott Hall via Pin Fall

-[[ Muhammad Hassan is on his knees, facing the blank wall when Val Venis storms into the room.. The room is dim, lit only by candles and a small monitor in the corner where Sonjay and Daivari observe what's going on throughout the rest of the show.. Muhammad Hassan's hands are planted on the wall in front of him and his head is bowed.. He appears to be thinking deeply... And if the roaring voice of the world champion catches him off guard, it is not evident. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] Who the hell do you think you're dealing with, Hassan!?

-[[ No answer.. Daivari and Dutt's eyes are locked on him.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] You come into my dressing room and try to start shit with Kristal!?

-[[ Venis yells loudly.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] I'm the world champion!! I'm the one you WANT!!

-[[ He points at himself with his index fingers.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] START SHIT WITH ME!!

-[[ Still, no answer.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] What do you want with me anyway, Hassan? You got your win last week.. You made your point.. Was that not good enough for you? Or is there something... Human inside of you.. That doesn't want to take the win the way you got it.. And now you're wanting to prove that you really CAN beat me....

-[[ Hassan's body begins shaking a bit.. And then Venis hears the laughter.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] I'm not being funny, Hassan... Answer me, god damn you.

-[[ Hassan's voice is full of joy.. ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] I could care less how I obtained my victory over you, Venis..

-[[ He doesn't even look in Val's direction.. Daivari and Dutt now look overjoyed themselves.. ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] The fact is... I did defeat you.. And now.. I am in line for a shot.. At your title..

-[[ A pause... Venis is seething with anger.. ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] And once I've rid myself of this.. Pointless... Tournament.. I will receive my title shot..

-[[ He's so sure of himself.. ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] ...At World... Warrior...

-[[ Venis is furious.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] Fuck World Warrior.. If you want the shot so bad that you're willing to harass an innocent girl to get your point across.. Then you can HAVE the title shot... NEXT WEEK ON SHOCK!!

-[[ Venis smirks, but there's behind it but spite.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] And you won't even have to drop out of your little tournament...

-[[ Hassan raises up and turns around, facing Venis.. A disbelieving look on his face.. ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] You wouldn't dare.... Would you?

[ Val Venis ] Oh, I dare.. I DARE, HASSAN!!

-[[ Hassan smiles a cocky, infuriating smile.. ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] Might I ask, Venis... Do you intend.. To end me this time?

-[[ Hassan takes a step toward Venis, closing the distance between them a bit.. ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] Because I must say... You did a lousy job of... Ending me last week.

-[[ Daivari laughs like a jackal.. ]]-


-[[ Venis ignores Daivari and stares straight into Hassan's eyes.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] I'm going to put an end to this.. And I'm going to put an end to YOU, Hassan!!

-[[ Another voice is heard in the room.. One that causes Venis AND Hassan to take notice.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Excuse me? Did I hear that correctly?

-[[ Randy Orton and "Cowboy" Bob Orton stroll into the room like they own the place.. Randy Orton has a cocky look on his face, like he knows something that the other guys in the room don't.. "Cowboy" Bob stands there, trying to look as intimidating as possible... Orton looks around at everyone, observing his surroundings.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] You're not defending that championship against ANYONE, Venis...

-[[ He shrugs.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Not until World Warrior, at least..

[ Val Venis ] What the hell are you getting at, Orton?

-[[ Orton smiles.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] It's funny you should mention this scenario, Val.. Because I just came from Jillian and Maria's office.. And I made it clear..... That you're not allowed to defend that championship.. Not even once.. Before you step in the ring with me at World Warrior...

-[[ Venis and Hassan both look surprised.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] Why the hell not? I'm the damn world champion!! I can't just... Not defend it!!

-[[ Orton has a smug look on his face.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Because I stated the facts, Val... You have never... NEVER retained any world championship belt in your first defense.... And if anyone's taking first dibs on THAT little trend.... IT'S GONNA BE ME!!

-[[ Even Hassan has to contest this.. ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] THAT.. IS RIDICULOUS, ORTON!!

-[[ Orton knows he has them both by the balls.. And he flaunts it.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] So.. You two can wrestle each other until the cows come home.. Every night this week if you want to.. But that world title is staying around Val Venis' waist.. Win, lose, or draw... Because as of World Warrior.. I'm becoming the new World Heavyweight champion...

-[[ Orton turns and starts to walk out of the room, but stops and turns around.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Oh.. And, Hassan.... Once I'm the champion.. Feel free to try and step up to my level.. And I'll see what I can do about getting you a title shot.. Not at the world title of course.. But I'll be leaving the television title division pretty bare as far as talent goes.. I'm sure you'll fit right in...

-[[ Hassan is furious.. ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] I'm the champion of the United States, Orton..

-[[ Orton rolls his eyes, smiling.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Of course you are.. I guess you're all set then.

-[[ Orton turns and walks out the door, "Cowboy" Bob following him out.. Venis and Hassan look at each other again.. ]]-

[ Muhammad Hassan ] I see... Punishment... In that boy's future..

-[[ Venis shakes his head.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] You're not the only one.

-[[ Venis turns and leaves, leaving the Jihad to themselves. ]]-

Bret Hart versus AJ Styles
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Charles Robinson

-[[ Hart and Styles meet in the center of the ring.. Styles offers his hand to shake and Hart smirks.. Hart shakes his head and slaps Styles in the face.. Styles looks offended, obviously, and slaps Hart back!! Hart immediately throws a punch at Styles and Styles ducks it and catches Hart from behind.. He tries to hit Hart with a German suplex but Hart elbows Styles in the head, forcing him to release the hold and Hart turns around and kicks Styles in the gut.. Snap suplex!! Styles springs back up on impact, clutching his back and Hart bounces off the ropes.. And clips Styles' knee!! Styles goes straight down and Hart grabs his legs.. Styles is trying to fight it.. But it's no use!! Hart puts him in the SHARPSHOOTER!! Styles is screaming in pain and he almost makes it to the ropes but Hart drags him back into the center of the ring and drops down harder on Styles, putting on more pressure..... And AJ Styles has no choice but to tap out!! Bret Hart has forced AJ Styles to tap out in an impressive amount of time in his Solid Gold Wrestling in-ring debut!! ]]-

Winner: Bret Hart via Submission

-[[ After the fans have calmed down from Bret Hart's match, the noise begins die down just a bit.. The fans sit patiently, waiting for whatever's going to happen next... And then....... THE GLASS SHATTERS!! Part of Shock set moves aside and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin comes barreling down the ramp in his Austin 3:16 truck!! The fans are going wild as he parks the vehicle on the apron and leans out the door... He climbs out and onto the floor with a beer cooler in his hand.. He throws it into the ring and stomps around to the time keeper's table.. He slings Gary Michael Capetta out of his chair and picks it up.. He folds it up and slides it into the ring before grabbing the microphone and stomping up the steps, looking pissed off..... Austin picks up the chair and sets it down in the middle of the ring... He then turns to the ramp and begins speaking.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] I ain't out here to cut some.. Bullshit baby face promo..

-[[ WHAT!? ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] So I'm just gonna put it to ya'.. A little somethin' like THIS!!

-[[ WHAT!? ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] CHRIS MASTERS!!

-[[ Huge heat that quickly turns into cheers as they realize Austin is going to kick all kinds of ass.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Two weeks in a row, kid, you've put me in your little.. Full-Nelson..

-[[ Austin shakes his head, staring at the ramp.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Master Lock.. Whatever the hell it is you're callin' that half-ass excuse for a finishin' move.. And yeah, you did put ol' "Stone Cold" out with it... And everybody here in the crowd and everybody in the back, son, they know that "Stone Cold" Steve Austin ain't a man that goes around and makes excuses!!

-[[ Austin tilts his head back.. ]]-


-[[ He looks back down at the ramp.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] But if you think "Stone Cold" Steve Austin can't break that hold when he ain't gettin' attacked from behind.. By a man that's bigger than a house but hung like a mouse.. THEN YOU GOT ANOTHER THING COMIN', SON!!

-[[ The fans are roaring as Austin goes off.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Since day one, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin has been raisin' hell in Solid Gold Wrestlin' like only "STONE COLD" CAN!! And so far, there ain't been nobody around here that can say they've shut up ol' Stone Cold.. They ain't nobody can say they've taken Stone Cold out.. And there's damn sure nobody that's gonna stand over Stone Cold....

-[[ Austin looks down, shaking his head.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] AND TELL HIM BEER... SUCKS!!

-[[ Huge boos.. The fans agree. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] So I'm standin' here... And I'm callin' your ass out!!

-[[ Huge pop. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] No more sneak attacks!! No more trash talk!! EH-EH!!

-[[ Austin stomps around the ring, looking pissed. ]]-


-[[ Huge pop. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] But..... If Chris Masters is too afraid.. Well.. I got my chair.. I got my beer..

-[[ Austin shrugs. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] If Chris Masters won't come out here.. I might just hold up the show and stay out here all night!!

-[[ Huge pop... Austin waits a bit and nothing happens.. He shrugs and walks over to his cooler and just as he opens it up, The Masterpiece's music hits!! The fans erupt in boos as Masters walks out onto the stage in his cape.. He throws it aside and stands on the apron.. "YEAH, BEBBY!!" He stomps down the ramp, staring at Austin and looking furious.. Austin retrieves a beer from his cooler anyway and smiles as Masters climbs into the ring... Masters stomps up face to face with Austin.. Austin just sits there, staring right back at him.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] So, you're the Masterpiece, huh?

-[[ He puts the microphone to Masters' mouth. ]]-

[ Chris Masters ] Yea--

[ Steve Austin ] SHUT YER TRAP!!

-[[ Masters looks pissed.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Let me get a look at ya', kid..

-[[ Austin looks Masters up and down and doesn't look impressed. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] You don't look so big and bad when ya' ain't runnin' up on people from behind.

-[[ Masters puts his hands on his hips.. He's listening intently. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] As a matter o'fact... You look like shit!!

-[[ Huge pop. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Is that what you like to do, Masters?

-[[ WHAT!? ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Sneak up on guys from behind?

-[[ Masters looks furious now.. He reaches for the microphone but Austin takes it away from his reach.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Guys, Masters.. Grabbin' guys from behind.. That give ya' a little wood?

-[[ Masters throws his hands up in mock submission.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] I'm just fuckin' with ya', kid.

-[[ The fans laugh at Masters.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Nah, what I brought ya' out here for.. Was all I'm hearin'.. Is that I can't break your Masterlock.. Hell.. NOBODY CAN BREAK YOUR MASTERLOCK!! Well... I've got my chair... And you've got your Masterlock.. So let's put'em together and see what happens, you little bastard..

-[[ Huge pop and Masters nods, rubbing his chin.. He motions for the chair.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] You want me to sit down?

-[[ Masters nods and Austin sits down in the chair, keeping his eyes on Masters.. Masters steps over behind Austin and stares at his back.. Austin casually turns and looks around.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Don't try nothin' funny back there.. I'll stomp your ass in the ground.

-[[ Austin raises his arms and Masters hooks one arm in.. And the other arm in.... AND THE MASTERLOCK IS APPLIED!! He yanks Austin up and out of the chair and begins thrashing him around like he's absolutely weightless!! Masters is straining hard to force Austin out.. He lifts Austin high and DROPS HIM hard onto his knees!! Masters keeps applying pressure.. But Austin forces himself to one foot.. And then to the other!! Austin is standing in the move!! Masters looks like he's on the verge of panicking and Austin begins trying to bring his arms down!! Masters tries to keep it applied.. And Austin kicks straight back!! LOW BLOW ON MASTERS!! Masters nearly drops to one knee, but keeps the hold applied... Austin begins bringing his arms down!! MASTERS' HANDS ARE COMING APART!! AUSTIN IS GOING TO BREAK IT!! AUSTIN IS GOING TO BREAK THE MASTERLOCK!! ]]-

-[[ SUPER KICK!! ]]-

-[[ Austin goes limp in the hold as Lance Storm goes back to a standing position and Masters locks his hands and forces Austin to his knees again.. Austin's totally out of it and Lance Storm is joined in the ring by Mike Awesome and Elix Skipper.. Awesome keeps pointing at his mid-section and screaming "RIGHT HERE!!" Masters holds Austin in place as Storm grabs the microphone.. He kneels down next to Austin and raises his head.. Austin is out of it.. Storm begins speaking.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.. You cost me the SGW Television Championship when I had it firmly within my grasp at Heartbreaker.. And you did it only out of spite because when we met in the middle of the ring.. As the last two men standing in the Total Elimination match.......

-[[ Storm is shaking with intensity.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] I.. Defeated you.

-[[ He doesn't release Austin's face.. In fact, he clutches it tighter. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] I challenge you, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.. To a match..

-[[ The fans begin buzzing.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] ..AT WORLD WARRIOR!!

-[[ A pop.. And then silence. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] An Ultimate... Submission Match!!

-[[ Storm releases his face and stands up.. Masters flings Austin forward, leaving him sprawled on the mat.. ]]-

-[[ World Warrior: Austin/Storm - Ultimate Submission!! ]]-

HOUR 2 ->