SHOCK: Eye for an Eye | April 8th, 2006 | Live From: Paris, France | Commentators: Joey Styles & Don Callis

Dark Matches
The Rock
def. Kenny via Pin Fall w/The People's Elbow
Scott Steiner
def. Mitch & Mikey via Submission w/The Double Steiner Recliner
Kurt Angle
def. Johnny via Submission w/The Ankle Lock
The Ultimate Warrior
def. Nicky via Pin Fall w/The Warrior Splash

-[[ You are greeted with the smiling face of Edge.. Wearing a "Rated R Superstar" t-shirt and wearing the SGW Tag Team Championship over his shoulder, he walks with a cocky swagger that could belong to no one else... He stops in front of a door in the hallway and looks it up and down.... He licks his teeth.. ]]-

[ Edge ] Here we go.. All or nothing, baby.. Ha ha..

-[[ He twists the knob and enters the room.. And we discover that it's the office shared by Maria and Jillian Hall.. Edge walks in like he doesn't have a care in the world and finds Jillian sitting behind the desk, signing paper work... He looks down at her with that trademark smile.. Without looking up, she quietly lays her pen down.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] ..Yes?

-[[ The arrogance oozes off of him. ]]-

[ Edge ] We've got business to discuss.

-[[ She rolls her eyes up at him.. Seeming uninterested. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] And what business would that be?

-[[ Edge pulls the championship belt off of his shoulder and holds it out in front of him.. ]]-

[ Edge ] My match at World Warrior.. I want new stipulations.

-[[ She shakes her head, annoyed by this.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Leave.

-[[ Edge looks around, looking offended.. ]]-

[ Edge ] I'm not going anywhere, Jillian!! I want new stipulations.. And I want them NOW!!

-[[ He slams his hands down on her desk.. ]]-

[ Edge ] And I'll do whatever it takes to get them!!

-[[ She looks back up at him with an eyebrow raised.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Whatever it takes? What would that entail?

-[[ Edge smiles, nodding.. ]]-

[ Edge ] Anything you want me to do, baby..

-[[ She smirks.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Like.. What?

-[[ Edge almost laughs out loud.. Muttering to himself. ]]-

[ Edge ] ...too easy..

[ Jillian Hall ] What was that?

-[[ Edge shakes his head. ]]-

[ Edge ] Nothing.. Ha ha..

[ Jillian Hall ] No.. You said too easy.. What's too easy? Me?

-[[ Edge shakes his head, putting his hands up in defense.. ]]-

[ Edge ] No, no, no.. I mean.. Anything you want me to do.. Will be too easy..

-[[ He winks. ]]-

[ Edge ] That's how much I WANT this.

-[[ She nods slowly.. Not really believing him. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Oh.. Okay.

-[[ Edge wipes his forehead and slowly turn his head, grumbling under his breath.. ]]-

[ Edge ] ..that was close..

[ Jillian Hall ] What?

-[[ Edge grits his teeth.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] What was close?

[ Edge ] What I meant was..

-[[ Edge leans in really close.. ]]-

[ Edge ] We were really close.. To having a moment right there..

-[[ She crosses her arms.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] ..Right.

-[[ Edge lays the championship belt on the desk.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] So.. You want new stipulations.. And you're prepared to do anything for them..

-[[ Edge nods.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Well.. Let's see what you can do to earn them..

-[[ Edge's eyes light up.. ]]-

[ Edge ] For you?

-[[ She shrugs. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Do you want to do something... For me?

-[[ Edge rubs his hands together.. ]]-

[ Edge ] OH YEAH.. Ha ha.. I can make it worth your while!!

-[[ She seems interested now. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Oh, really?

-[[ He laughs.. ]]-

[ Edge ] Really.. Close your eyes.. And don't open'em until I tell you.

[ Jillian Hall ] Close.. My.. Eyes?

[ Edge ] Just do it.

-[[ She gives in and closes her eyes... Edge begins fumbling with his belt and drops his jeans.. He removes his t-shirt, leaving himself only in his underwear... He runs his hands through his hair and speaks with that cocky tone.. ]]-

[ Edge ] Open your eyes, doll... AND your mouth.

-[[ She slowly opens her eyes.. And her mouth opens... In shock at what stands before her.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] What... What are you DOING!?

-[[ Edge puts his thumbs underneath the waistband of his underwear.. ]]-

[ Edge ] Let's make one thing perfectly clear, Jillian...

-[[ He laughs.. ]]-

[ Edge ] This is a giant cock.

-[[ Silence. He doesn't care. ]]-

[ Edge ] Well? Get to suckin', darlin'.

-[[ She just stares.. She can't say anything. ]]-

[ Edge ] When I'm done.. People will be askin' you what that is on your face all over again!! Ha ha..

-[[ She covers her eyes.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Get out of here, Edge.. Now.. NOW!!

-[[ Edge's face turns red with anger.. He grabs her by the wrist and yanks her to her feet in one fell swoop. ]]-

[ Edge ] Did I stutter, bitch!? I'm the RATED R SUPERSTAR!!

-[[ He points at himself with one hand.. ]]-

[ Edge ] One half of the greatest tag team of ALL TIME!!

-[[ She looks terrified.. He's yelling so loud and forcefully that spit is flying out of his mouth.. ]]-

[ Edge ] And I'm going to give you the ride of your GOD DAMN LIFE... And you?

-[[ He says it low and intense.. ]]-

[ Edge ] You're going to give me what I want..

-[[ Jillian she pulls back a bit and Edge holds her firmly in place.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] ..anything... Anything..

-[[ Edge smiles.. ]]-

[ Edge ] Christian and myself... We have a lot riding on our match at World Warrior.. And I don't like it.. We lose, we lose EVERYTHING we've worked for in this stinkin' company... We win, and some water head loses her job and no one cares or even remembers after a couple of weeks.... We want something else on the line to make it worth our while..

[ Jillian Hall ] You're hurting me, Edge..

-[[ He yanks her arm down, almost making her plant her face on the desk. ]]-

[ Edge ] I haven't begun to hurt you... But I will.. If you don't give me what I want!!

[ Jillian Hall ] Name it.... Name it, please.. What else do you want on the line?

-[[ Edge smiles evilly and runs his tongue across his teeth.. ]]-

[ Edge ] Chavo Guerrero's career.. If we win.. I want him GONE from Solid Gold Wrestling... FOREVER!!

-[[ She has tears in her eyes.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Fine.. You got it.. Just don't hurt me--

-[[ He cuts her off. ]]-

[ Edge ] Oh, I won't hurt you... You gave me what I want... Now.. Ha ha.. You're gonna get yours!!

-[[ He pulls her hard over the desk, knocking everything off of it and she lands hard on her side.. She begins kicking and slapping and trying to get the underwear clad superstar away from her but his grip on her arm is like iron and she can't shake him.. He yanks her straight up off the floor and slams her back first onto the desk.. And then he rips her top open, revealing her bra that her breasts are absolutely on the verge of exploding out of and just as Edge is about to give everyone a scene that would be screen capped by internet fan boys for years, the door to the office slams open and Chavo Guerrero, Jr. charges in!! Chavo yanks Edge off of her and spins him around and nails him with a big right hand!! Edge tries to fight back but he's still got his jeans around his ankles and Chavo begins beating down on him hard!! Chavo knocks Edge down onto all fours and kicks him square in the ass as Edge tries to scramble away.. Chavo allows Edge to escape out the door and then he turns back to her.. She's down on her knees by the desk, trying to cover her chest with what's left of her shirt.. Chavo runs over and kneels next to her.. ]]-

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] Are you okay? What happened!?

-[[ She's sobbing so hard you can barely understand her.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] I'm sorry, Chavo... I think I've made a huge mistake..

-[[ Chavo looks at the door where Edge exited and looks furious. ]]-

Chris Masters versus Michael Shane
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Scott James

-[[ Chris Masters and Michael Shane lock-up to start.. Masters easily takes over and slings Shane halfway across the ring.. Shane sits up slowly, a surprised look on his face.. He stands up and begins circling Masters again.. Masters goads him in and Michael Shane goes for another lock-up attempt but Masters swats his hands away and grabs him around the waist for a bear hug.. Masters squeezes it on tight, trying to force the life out of Michael Shane's body.. Michael Shane tries to fight it and begins clapping his hands into Masters' ears!! Masters grits his teeth and tries to bear it but Michael Shane is relentless and finally forces Masters to release the bear hug!! Michael Shane drops from his arms and runs into the ropes and Masters goes for a clothesline!! Michael Shane ducks it and Chris Masters turns around.. SWEET SHANE MUSIC!! Chris Masters takes a step back.. But doesn't go down!! Michael Shane looks shocked and goes for it again and Masters swats his foot away... And Polish Hammers Michael Shane in the back of the head!! Michael Shane goes down in a heap and Masters begins sizing him up... "MASTERLOCK TIME, BEBBY!!" And he locks it in!! He yanks Michael Shane up off of the mat and whips him around like a rag doll!! He forces Michael Shane onto his knees.. And he submits!! Chris Masters has defeated the former SGW Television Champion with EASE!! ]]-

Winners: Chris Masters via Submission

-[[ Val Venis, Orlando Jordan, Teddy Long, and Kristal Marshal are making their way through the backstage area.. Val Venis is wearing a nice looking suit with the SGW World Heavyweight Championship slung over his shoulder.. Long and Kristal are both casually dressed and Orlando Jordan is in his wrestling tights, prepared for his match later tonight.. He throws punches at nothing, juking and jiving.. Venis pats him on the back.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] Keep your mind off everything that's going on around here and you're going to do fine.

-[[ Orlando looks at Venis disbelievingly.. ]]-

[ Orlando Jordan ] I'm gonna do fine anyway, Venis.. My arm's damn near a hundred percent again and I'm rearin' to go.. Chris Jericho ain't gotta chance... 'Sides, why you think I'm gonna worry about some lunatic takin' out Orton or Hassan? Shit, Val.. He ain't done nothin' to us!!

-[[ Venis nods.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] True.. But what he's doing is effecting Solid Gold Wrestling as a whole..

-[[ Venis looks at the championship belt.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] And as the champion.. It's my duty to make sure that DOESN'T happen..

-[[ He pulls the championship from his shoulder and holds it in front of him, admiring it.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] I have to find out who's behind it.. Too much blood has been shed.. I can't allow it to continue.

-[[ Orlando shakes his head, smiling.. ]]-

[ Orlando Jordan ] Your ass needs to stop worryin' about some mystery man wit' bombs.. And worry about O.J. takin' that belt out from under ya' ass when ya' ass ain't lookin'.. Ya' heard?

-[[ Venis smirks.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] I hear ya'.

-[[ They hear clapping behind them and turn around... There stands Vince Russo, Ken Kennedy and the Big Show.. Russo is the one clapping as he advances on Venis' crew.. Kennedy and Show loom behind him.. The Big Show looks dead serious, whereas Kennedy has a cocky smile to match Russo's... Russo speaks.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Orlando's right, Val... Ya' ass DOES need to stop worryin' about the mystery man..

-[[ He reaches out and touches the championship belt.. Venis pulls it away from him.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Ya' ass needs to worry about this man.. KEN KENNEDY.. Kickin' ya' ass at World Warrior..

-[[ Kennedy smiles and slaps Russo on the back, nearly knocking him down.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] That's right, Vinnie-Ru.. Forget the mystery man.. Forget Randy Orton.. Because the future of the World Heavyweight Championship belt....... Is right HERE!!

-[[ He points to himself with both thumbs.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] RIGHT.. HEEEEEEEERE!!

-[[ Russo laughs.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Ya' hear this guy, Val? He's the shit, ain't he? The fans are gonna dig this guy as champ...

-[[ Russo gets serious, a little confusion in his voice now.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] They could'a dug you, man.. But.. Shit.. Nobody GETS you anymore, Venis... Ya' used to be into all o'that bad ass shit.. Like blowin' shit up.. Bonin' chicks.. Stealin' gold... And now...

-[[ Russo shrugs. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Now ya' some fuckin' little bitch with a conscience... It's a real drag, man.

-[[ Venis just stares Russo right in the face.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] What're ya' supposed to be now anyway?

-[[ Venis grips the championship belt tightly.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] What am I? What am I, Russo? I'll tell you exactly what I am....

-[[ Venis looks down at the belt.. Then back up at Russo.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] I am, right now, what I will be after World Warrior.....

-[[ He raises the championship belt in the air.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] The World.. Heavyweight... Champion..

-[[ He takes a step toward Russo.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] And as long as I have this championship belt.. I don't need any of those things you mentioned..

-[[ Venis tosses the title belt back on his shoulder.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] Now... If you're done trying to intimidate me... We have places to be.

-[[ Venis and his crew push past Russo and the Towers and they're ten feet away from them when Val Venis is approached by a group of police officers, mixed with arena security and even a few Solid Gold Wrestling officials.. One of the officers drops a duffel bag at Val's feet... Venis looks down at it, confused.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] What are you doing with my bag?

-[[ The officer smirks.. ]]-

[ Officer ] So.. This IS your bag?

[ Val Venis ] Yeah.. The hell is your problem?

-[[ The officer kneels down and unzips the bag.. ]]-

[ Officer ] Then perhaps you can explain this...

-[[ Venis' eyes go wide as the officer opens the bag and reveals what appears to be several packages of white powder.. As well as other things that you can't quite make out..... Venis just shakes his head.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] That's bullshit.... That.. Is bullshit... What IS all of that!?

-[[ The officer looks up at Venis.. Not believing him. ]]-

[ Officer ] Cocaine... And enough dynamite to blow up the damn moon...

-[[ Venis wipes the sweat from his brow.. Becoming increasingly nervous.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] Cocaine? Cocaine.... White powder on Hassan.. SHIT!!

-[[ Venis goes nuts.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] I'M BEING SET UP!!

-[[ Venis is blasted from behind by several other officers he didn't even notice.. He's quickly forced onto the ground and handcuffs are placed on him.... It takes nearly all of them to hold him flat on the ground.. The officer who spoke earlier stands over Venis and speaks.. ]]-

[ Officer ] Mister Venis.. You're under arrest for possession of a narcotic substance.. As well as assault on Muhammad Hassan... And the attempted murder of Randy and Robert Orton.... You have the right to remain silent.. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law...

-[[ They yank Venis off the ground and hold him in a standing position.. Orlando Jordan is pissed.. ]]-

[ Orlando Jordan ] Man, this is some Rodney King shit up in here!!

-[[ Venis just shakes his head at Orlando, telling him to let it go.. And he's escorted out of the building and into an awaiting police car... Orlando and Teddy look around on the ground... ]]-

[ Orlando Jordan ] Teddy... Where'd Val's belt go?

-[[ Teddy looks worried to death.. ]]-

[ Teddy Long ] Playa'.. I don't even know where to start.. Belee-dat..

-[[ Fade. ]]-

Randy Orton versus Rhyno
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Mark Yeaton

-[[ Randy Orton attacks Rhyno during his entrance and begins pummeling him with reckless abandon.. Rhyno tries to get a few shots in but Orton isn't having any of that.. He continues kicking and kneeing away at Rhyno as he slumps against the guardrail helplessly.. Orton begins driving knees into Rhyno's face and then he yanks him up by his hair and hair whips straight into the steel ramp!! Rhyno lays there and holds his head in pain and Orton pulls him off the ramp and whips him into the apron.. Rhyno grips his back and Orton throws him inside the ring.. Rhyno pulls himself up to all fours and Orton runs at him and stomps him right in the head!! Rhyno goes totally limp on impact.. Orton is a man possessed.. He's taking out every bit of aggression he has built up over the past few weeks.... He's using Rhyno to send a message to Val Venis and Ken Kennedy!! Orton pulls Rhyno up once again and nails him with a sickening European uppercut which sends Rhyno toppling backwards into the ropes like a falling tree... Rhyno bounces back in Orton's direction and Orton is just staring him down...... RKO!! Orton drops to one knee and puts a hand on Rhyno's chest.. One! Two! Three! Randy Orton has just sent the most important message, possibly, of his entire life!! ]]-

Winners: Randy Orton via Pin Fall

-[[ We cut to the backstage area where Maria is watching Randy Orton celebrate on a monitor.. Her arms her crossed and she keeps contorting her face in a really over exaggerated manner, like she's thinking really hard.. Or something is troubling her.. Or both... She places one index finger on her bottom lip and sighs.. ]]-

[ Maria ] Gee... Wrestling looks HARD!

-[[ She turns away from the monitor.. ]]-

[ Maria ] What am I gonna do? I can't wrestle!

-[[ A gruff voice from the side alerts her.. ]]-

[ Tommy Dreamer ] I have just what you need..

-[[ She turns around and she gets an excited look on her face.. ]]-

[ Maria ] Whoa! Who are you!?

-[[ Dreamer walks into the shot with the orange paint splattered urn.. ]]-

[ Maria ] What's that?

-[[ He looks at the urn, smiling.. ]]-

[ Tommy Dreamer ] It's not what.. It's who....

-[[ She cocks her head to the side.. ]]-

[ Maria ] It's Jim Neidhart?

[ Tommy Dreamer ] Taz... It's Taz..

[ Maria ] Who's Taz?

-[[ Dreamer looks flabbergasted.. ]]-

[ Tommy Dreamer ] Who.. Who's Taz? He died on SGW television.. He was.. He was my best friend..

-[[ Dreamer looks down at the urn again.. ]]-

[ Tommy Dreamer ] How can you NOT know who he is?

[ Maria ] Is that a trick question?

-[[ Dreamer shakes his head.. ]]-

[ Tommy Dreamer ] Forget it.. I can help you..

[ Maria ] How?

-[[ He unscrews the top of the urn and reaches inside.. He pulls out a handful of ashes.. ]]-

[ Tommy Dreamer ] Snort this.

-[[ He spreads it on the table next to the monitor she was watching and uses his finger to shape it into a single black line of ash.. She looks at it disgustedly and shakes her head.. ]]-

[ Maria ] No way, man! Drugs are bad!

-[[ Dreamer laughs.. ]]-

[ Tommy Dreamer ] This is no drug, baby.. This is better than drugs.

-[[ She giggles. ]]-

[ Maria ] Oh, okay~!

-[[ Dreamer hands her a straw and she leans over the table.. And snorts the entire line of Taz. ]]-

[ Maria ] o_O;;

-[[ Dreamer smiles, looking her in the eyes.. ]]-

[ Tommy Dreamer ] How does that make you feel, darlin'?

-[[ She looks down at her hands like she's consumed some amazing power.. ]]-

[ Maria ] I feel... I feel really strong! And really angry!

-[[ Then she looks sad.. ]]-

[ Maria ] And about three feet shorter.....

-[[ She turns head to the side.. ]]-

[ Maria ] And I don't hear so good anymore... Weird.

-[[ She sticks her finger in her ear... Dreamer is nodding.. ]]-

[ Tommy Dreamer ] That's Taz.. Workin' his magic... S-G-fuckin'-W..

-[[ There's booming laughter from off-camera.. John Bradshaw Layfield walks into the shot, already in his wrestling gear, topped off with a jacket and his cowboy hat... He tips his hat and flashes that millionaire smile. ]]-

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] Sellin' drugs to the handicapped, Dreamer?

-[[ He laughs loudly again and throws his arms out to the side.. ]]-

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] That's hardcore! That's hardcore! That's-- YOU'RE AN IDIOT!!

-[[ Dreamer and Bradshaw go nose to nose.. Maria looks on, frightened.. ]]-

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] Newsflash, Dreamer... Nineteen ninety-six called...

-[[ He yells in Dreamer's face.. ]]-


-[[ Layfield stands there, smiling right in Dreamer's face.. ]]-

[ Tommy Dreamer ] Say that again, Bradshaw...

-[[ He pushes the urn into Bradshaw's face.. ]]-

[ Tommy Dreamer ] SAY IT TO TAZ!! SURVIVE!!

-[[ This seems to set Maria off and snaps forward and grabs Bradshaw around the waist.. And tries to lift him.. No luck.. Bradshaw just looks down at her with a confused look on his face... ]]-

[ Maria ] Survive, Bradshaw! >:(

-[[ She tries to lift him again.. ]]-

[ Maria ] C'mon, mofo.. Survive.. Please?

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] What the hell are you trying to do?

-[[ She looks up at him with sad eyes.. ]]-

[ Maria ] A t-bone suplex.. I think..

-[[ She looks confused. ]]-

[ Maria ] What's a t-bone suplex?

-[[ Bradshaw yells.. ]]-

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] SHUT UP!!

-[[ He pushes her away and turns back to Dreamer.. ]]-

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] Tonight, Dreamer.. I am going to do to you exactly what I plan to do to Chris Benoit!! That's why I'm here.. That's why I sought you out.... Because I wanted to let you know firsthand.. That you.. Are an example.. You might even say.. Heh.. That you will be.. JUST.. ANOTHER.. VICTIM!!

-[[ Dreamer looks pissed that Layfield dropped a Taz phrase.. ]]-

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] Because Chris Benoit is being viewed in this company as some kind of hardcore wrestling messiah just because he won the championship from that fat, out of shape loser, Cactus Jack.. Obviously, that victory means a lot because the great former champion jumped ship immediately to the inferior competition, a great move, I might add, because he's done over there, exactly what he did here...... NOTHING WORTH A GOOD GOD DAMN!!

-[[ Layfield is shaking with intensity.. ]]-

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] Tonight... I will prove.. To you, to Chris Benoit, to everyone IN Solid Gold Wrestling.. That John Bradshaw Layfield.. Is above.. Hardcore wrestling.. And that everyone who partakes in it.. Such as yourself.. Such as CHRIS BENOIT... IS GARBAGE!!

-[[ Dreamer looks down, like he's ashamed of himself.. ]]-

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] I am going to show everyone.. All of my doubters.. All of my critics.. That when taken out of their element.. John Bradshaw Layfield.. Can wrestle circles around any hardcore wrestler... And sooner.. Rather than later... I will wrestle circles around the self-proclaimed greatest technical wrestler of all time.. Chris Benoit..

-[[ Bradshaw rubs his hands together.. ]]-

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] And when we finally do meet.. It won't be for that worthless championship he has around his waist.. It'll be for a real championship..... Because I've taken the liberty of adding myself to that.. Intercontinental Title battle royal at World Warrior.... And I will win.. Just like I will tonight... Against you, Dreamer..

-[[ Layfield smiles and tips his hat again.. ]]-

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] I.. Guarantee it.

-[[ Layfield walks off, leaving Dreamer and Maria alone.. ]]-

Orlando Jordan versus Chris Jericho
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: World Warrior Tournament - Round One
Referee: Charles Robinson

-[[ Orlando Jordan and Chris Jericho circle each other for a bit... There's a feeling out process and they finally lock-up.. They fight over it and Jericho goes low and knees Orlando in the gut.. Jericho immediately capitalizes with a double underhook suplex and he bounces off the ropes and nails Orlando with a leg drop!! Orlando slowly sits up and Jericho grabs Orlando's injured arm and whips it hard into the mat!! Orlando yells in pain and Jericho stands up and drops a knee on his injured arm!! Orlando sits up, clutching his arm and Jericho hits the ropes.. Dropkick to the face!! Orlando rolls over and tries to get up on all fours but Jericho nails him with a sickening soccer kick to the stomach!! Jericho is dominating.. Jericho pulls Orlando up and whips him into the ropes.. Jericho goes for the enziguri but Orlando ducks it.. But Jericho was ready for it and he goes for a dropkick to the knee.. But Orlando LEAP FROGS that and when Jericho stands up back, Orlando floors him with a BIG RIGHT HAND!! Jericho goes down hard and quickly snaps back up only to get kicked in the gut.. Stalling vertical suplex!! Orlando's already up and he begins juking and jiving, waiting for Jericho to stand and Jericho slowly gets up and charges at Jordan but Jordan ducks a clothesline and grabs Jericho from behind.... Blue Thunder Bomb!! Orlando doesn't bother going for the pin, he just yanks Jericho up and goes for the Roll of the Dice, but Jericho manages to slip out of it, leaving Orlando spinning straight into the mat by himself!! Jericho laughs and runs the ropes...... LIONSAULT!! Orlando moves!! Jericho hits nothing!! Orlando's already up and he bounces off the ropes....... Flying shoulder block!! Jericho springs right back up and Orlando charges at him again and Jericho goes for the enziguri for a second time but Orlando ducks that and yanks him straight up from the mat.. ROLL THE DICE!! Orlando covers him, jamming his forearm across Jericho's face.. One! Two! Three!! Orlando Jordan has just earned a hard fought victory!! ]]-

Winner: Orlando Jordan via Pin Fall

-[[ Kurt Angle storms into the office wearing a red, white, and blue tracksuit.. Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin trail him in, wearing matching tracksuits... Jillian Hall is in the room, surrounded by Snitsky and the Harris Brothers.. Her top and skirt from earlier have been replaced by an SGW t-shirt and a pair of black slacks.. Don Harris leads the charge, Ron and Snitsky following him as they meet Team Angle in the middle of the room.. She doesn't leave her position at the desk but her eyes don't leave the confrontation.. ]]-

[ Don Harris ] Not s'fast, Angle... What's yer fuckin' business?

-[[ Angle looks back at Haas and Benjamin with a disbelieving look on his face.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] Can you believe this guy?

-[[ He turns back to Harris.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] My business, big man.. Is none of yours.. So, why don't you make like a tree..

-[[ Angle waggles his head around.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] And get out of my face!

-[[ Don Harris smirks.. ]]-

[ Don Harris ] That's exactly what I wanted you to say!

-[[ Harris puts his hand on Angle's shoulder and Angle snaps, grabbing Don's hand and twisting it around, forcing the near seven-foot tall enforcer onto his knees, screaming in pain.. Angle just looks back at Haas and Benjamin and laughs.. They can't help but share the moment.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] Not so big and bad now, are we?

-[[ He pushes Don out of the way and he and Haas and Benjamin stroll past him.. Snitsky and Ron step aside, allowing Team Angle access to Jillian.. She looks at them, totally unenthused.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] You should train your monkeys on who they should and shouldn't talk trash to.

-[[ She crosses her arms.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] I didn't train them.. Jarrett did.. Maria and myself were just lucky enough to inherit them.

-[[ Angle rolls his eyes.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] Whatever.. Listen up.

-[[ She cocks her head to the side, listening with an insincere look on her face.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] I'm not here to rape you.. I'm not some sexually depraved barbarian like Edge... So the bodyguards can stand at ease.. Or I'll ease them.. Just like I did to that ogre that just put his hand on me..

-[[ Shelton snaps his fingers. ]]-

[ Shelton Benjamin ] Chyeah, real quick like.

-[[ Angle nods. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] I know about the Intercontinental Title Battle Royal at World Warrior...

-[[ She shrugs. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] So?

-[[ He slams his fist on the desk. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] So? I WANT IN!!

[ Jillian Hall ] Fine.

[ Kurt Angle ] YEAH!!

[ Jillian Hall ] I said you're in.. There's no need for you to keep acting all intense to impress me anymore..

-[[ Angle, Haas, and Benjamin look at each other, not believing she's showing such disrespect.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Matter of fact.. There's really no reason for you to still be present in the room..

-[[ As Angle opens his mouth to speak, William Regal quietly walks into the room, already in his wrestling tights and entrance robe.. He swiftly moves across the floor, past the fallen Don Harris and the other two enforcers... He stands at the desk, looking down on Jillian.. ]]-

[ William Regal ] Miss Hall... I must speak to you about an urgent matter..

-[[ Angle looks at Regal, smiling.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] William Regal.. I didn't know you were in Solid Gold...

-[[ Regal looks over at Angle, surprised. ]]-

[ William Regal ] Ah, yes... Kurt Angle.. I wasn't aware that you were still breathing..

-[[ He smiles.. ]]-

[ William Regal ] Not that I care, might I add.

-[[ He turns back to Jillian... ]]-

[ William Regal ] Miss Hall.. I would like to request.. That should I defeat "Stone Cold" Steve Austin tonight in our tournament match... That I be allowed to pull double duty and also compete in the Intercontinental Title Battle Royal.. I assure you, I'm more than up to the task..

[ Jillian Hall ] Fine.. You're in.

-[[ Angle taps Regal on the shoulder.. Regal turns around smiling.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] Glad to have some real competition in this thing.. Maybe we'll be the last two standing..

-[[ Angle nods to himself.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] A fitting way for the Intercontinental Championship to return.. Fought over in the ring by two of the best pure wrestlers in the business today... I like that... I like it.. A lot...

-[[ Regal smiles.. ]]-

[ William Regal ] Best pure wrestlers in the business, eh... Tell me, Kurt.. Are you a dog?

-[[ Kurt looks confused. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] ...No?

[ William Regal ] Then politely remove your tongue from my ass.

-[[ Regal walks past him, toward the door. ]]-

[ William Regal ] Good day, I'll see you at World Warrior, perhaps.

-[[ Angle shakes his head.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] ...I hate the British.

-[[ Fade. ]]-

John Bradshaw Layfield versus Tommy Dreamer
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Jimmy Cordaris

-[[ Tommy Dreamer stands in the middle of the ring, having a staredown with Layfield.. Dreamer clutches the urn containing Taz's remains close to his chest.. Layfield looks at Dreamer then down at the urn with a disgusted look on his face.. And then he slugs Dreamer down!! Cheap shotting bastard!! The urn rolls across the ring and Layfield yanks Dreamer off of the mat.. He nails him in the back with a sickening overhand forearm and then whips him into the ropes.... BIG BOOT!! Layfield stomps over to the urn and before he can use it, Dreamer is already up and kicks Layfield in the gut.. Dreamer goes for a piledriver but Layfield is JUST TOO FAT and Layfield backdrops Dreamer out of it!! Layfield yanks Dreamer up off of the mat and whips him into the ropes.. Shoulderblock!! Dreamer goes down hard and Layfield pulls him up again.. He whips him into the ropes... SPINEBUSTER!! Dreamer is being DESTROYED!! Layfield stands up, smiling, and slowly pulls Dreamer up again.. He puts his head between his legs and pretends to smoke a cigarette and puts it out on Dreamer's back....... POWER BOMB!!!! Layfield drops to one knee and covers Dreamer.. One.. Two.. Thr-- Layfield pulls Dreamer up and shakes his head.. He's not finished!? Layfield casually walks over and grabs the urn of Taz and screws off the top.. He reaches inside and removes a handful of Taz's ashes.. Oh my God... He walks over and sits Dreamer up.. The fans are booing.. And Layfield crams TAZ'S ASHES INTO DREAMER'S MOUTH!! Layfield rubs the rest of it into Dreamer's face and stands up.. Layfield takes a position in the corner and begins sizing Dreamer up.. Dreamer slowly stands, sticking his now black tongue out, trying to rid himself of the ashy aftertaste of his friend from the Red Hook District.. And he turns around and Layfield goes for the CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!! Dreamer ducks it and catches Layfield from behind.. DRAGON SUPLEX!! Layfield stands up immediately on impact, shocked and Dreamer's already on him.. KICK WHAM T-BONE SUPLEX!! Layfield tries to get back up but Dreamer's already on top of him, slamming in the face with forearm after forearm!! "SURVIVE, MOTHER FUCKER!! SG-FUCKIN' W!!" Layfield tries to crawl out of the ring but Dreamer yanks him back in and Layfield nails him with a low blow!! Dreamer staggers back, holding his groin and Layfield bounces off the ropes...... CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL-- NO!! He ducks it.. TAZMISSION!! TAZMISSION!! Bradshaw goes crazy, spinning around with Dreamer clinging onto his back.. And Bradshaw runs backward into the turnbuckle, slamming Dreamer into it hard.. He slams into him again and again and finally, Dreamer releases the hold.. Layfield charges at the ropes and Dreamer is staggering out of the turnbuckle... CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!!!! Layfield falls on top of him.. One! Two! Three!! John Bradshaw Layfield has won the damn match!! ]]-

Winner: John Bradshaw Layfield via Pin Fall

-[[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. is pacing around in the backstage area.. He's holding Pepe loosely in one hand as he rubs his head, trying to figure out what he's going to do.. As usual, he's in his wrestling attire despite not even having a match tonight... As he paces, he talks to himself.. ]]-

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] ..Everything on the line, Pepe...

-[[ He stops and places one hand on his hip.. He looks at the stick horse in his hand.. ]]-

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] We've been through a lot... We've been through everything.. Together..

-[[ No response.. ]]-

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] I know, Pepe... I don't know what to say either..

-[[ He exhales deeply.. ]]-

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] But we have to do this... For Maria, if not for ourselves, man..

-[[ Still no answer. ]]-

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] If we win.. We'll break the glass ceiling one more time.. And keep Maria on top where she belongs... She's trying her best, you know.. And Solid Gold Wrestling has been much more entertaining because of it.. Less backstabbing, less crap... More emphasis on the guys who put this place on the top...

-[[ He shakes his head.. ]]-

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] And... If we lose...

-[[ He shuts his eyes tightly.. ]]-

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] Then we... Let everyone down... And go home...

-[[ Chavo looks ready to begin crying.. ]]-

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] ..Forever.

-[[ Chavo sits there for a moment in silence... And then he perks up, looking down at the horse. ]]-

[ Pepe ] .. . ... . . . .. ... ... . . . .. .

-[[ Chavo nods.. ]]-

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] You're right, Pepe..

-[[ Chavo seems more at ease now.. ]]-

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] As long as we try our best... We'll let nobody down..

-[[ He smiles.. ]]-

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] You've always steered me down the right path, Pepe..

-[[ He thinks.. ]]-

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] You're like a miniature Buddha.. Stuffed with cotton...

-[[ And then he shrugs.. ]]-

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] With a stick strategically placed up your--

-[[ The door to Chavo's dressing room opens up and he stops talking and turns around to find "The Canadian Crippler" Chris Benoit walking up to him with the SGW Hardcore Championship slung over his shoulder... Benoit walks up and shakes hands with Chavo, staring him right in the face.. ]]-

[ Chris Benoit ] Worry about nothing, Guerrero..

-[[ He gives Guerrero a light smack on the face.. ]]-

[ Chris Benoit ] Edge and Christian.. They're all talk.. Relying on backstage politics to fuel their success..

-[[ Guerrero nods.. ]]-

[ Chris Benoit ] You've overcome the odds many times in the past, Chavo.. And I have no doubt.. That you can do it one more time.. For Maria.. For Eddie... For the fans..... For yourself..

-[[ He holds up Pepe.. ]]-

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] For Pepe?

-[[ Benoit smirks.. ]]-

[ Chris Benoit ] Especially for Pepe.

-[[ Benoit jams his index finger into Chavo's chest.. ]]-

[ Chris Benoit ] If everyone in Solid Gold Wrestling had your heart, Chavo...

-[[ Benoit looks down.. ]]-

[ Chris Benoit ] Then Solid Gold Wrestling might begin to resemble itself...

-[[ He looks back up at Chavo's face.. ]]-

[ Chris Benoit ] Instead of the mockery that people like Edge and Christian have allowed it to become..

-[[ He shakes Chavo's hand again.. ]]-

[ Chris Benoit ] God speed at World Warrior, Chavo Guerrero Junior..

-[[ A pause.. ]]-

[ Chris Benoit ] The future of Solid Gold Wrestling lies on your shoulders.

-[[ Benoit turns and leaves the room.. Chavo is left standing there, shaking all over. ]]-

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin versus William Regal
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: World Warrior Tournament - Round Three
Referee: Scott James

-[[ Austin and Regal begin the match by trading punches and Austin quickly takes the advantage and punches Regal into the ropes, rocking his head left and right with every shot!! Regal tries to get his hands up but Austin punches him until he has no choice but to fall through the ropes and to the outside!! Austin follows him out and continues kicking and punching away at him and then he whips him into the guard rail!! William Regal contorts in pain and Austin charges at him and clotheslines him over the guardrail and into the crowd!! Regal sits up slowly and Austin grabs him by the head and guillotines him over the rail!! Regal snaps back lands on the floor.. Austin climbs over and yanks Regal up.. MIDDLE FINGERS!! He slams Regal face first into the rail and tosses him back over onto the mats.. Austin follows him over and Regal has a trickle of blood coming from his nose.. Austin begins punching away at Regal again and Regal grabs Austin by the tights and yanks him face first into the ring steps!! William Regal sits up and wipes his face.. He pulls Austin up and casually tosses him back inside the ring.. Regal pulls Austin back to his feet and nails him with a European uppercut.. Austin staggers back into the ropes and Regal whips him into the opposite side.. Regal goes for a backdrop but Austin sees it coming.. MIDDLE FINGERS AGAIN!! KICK WHAM STUNN- NO!! Regal slips out and CHOP BLOCKS AUSTIN!! Austin goes down and Regal goes straight for the REGAL STRETCH!! He locks it in!! Austin is struggling for the ropes.. He's reaching.. He's reaching.. He looks like he might tap... NO!! Austin forces Regal closer... And closer.. Austin is almost there.... ROPES!! Austin is in the ropes!! Regal is frustrated and stands up.. He wanders over to the corner and reaches into his tights... There's the KNUCKS!! Regal steps back over to Austin and waits for him to stand... Austin turns around.. KNUCK SHOT-- NO!! Austin ducks it!! COBRA CLUTCH!! COBRA CLUTCH!! Austin whips Regal around, applying more pressure to the hold.. And William Regal TAPS OUT!! REGAL TAPS OUT!! "Stone Cold" Steve Austin has just sent a message of his own straight to Lance Storm!! ]]-

Winners: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin via Submission

-[[ The shot is filled with gold.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Like what you see?

-[[ The camera moves back to reveal "The Legend Killer" Randy Orton.. With the SGW World Heavyweight Championship belt slung over his shoulder.... He has a serious look on his face.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Since our world champion is a little busy being booked in a non-wrestling venture..

-[[ He's staring straight ahead.. Right into your eyes.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] I thought someone should keep the world title comfortable..

-[[ His voice is grim.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Someone.. Worthy.. Of holding it.

-[[ Orton looks over at the belt, seeing it glimmer in the light.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Because let's face it, Venis... As far as champions go.. You are clearly the worst in the entire HISTORY of Solid Gold Wrestling.. It's like.. Ever since this belt was HANDED to you, you've decided that your stay here is one big vacation.... I guess I should've seen it coming...

-[[ Orton looks down, like this is hard to say.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] That the first time some real competition comes your way.. Someone.. Like me... You become desperate.. You tried to kill me and my father... And because you knew he would have taken my place and beaten you.. You took out Muhammad Hassan as well.......

-[[ He looks back up, fury in his eyes.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] But something far worse has happened in the past two weeks, Venis..

-[[ He tightens his grip on the championship.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] I've been put on the back burner...

-[[ His voices rises.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] I've been treated like an afterthought!!

-[[ He begins counting on his fingers.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] You taking out Hassan.. Blowing up my father.. Russo returning.. Kennedy being added to MY match!!

-[[ Orton closes in on the camera.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] The fans are forgetting I EVEN EXIST!!

-[[ Orton smiles a sick smile and shifts the belt on his shoulder.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] So I'm going to do exactly what I did when I murdered Taz...

-[[ He yells.. ]]-


-[[ Orton is seething mad.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Tonight... Val Venis... I'll take care of your championship belt..

-[[ His voice is cold, almost emotionless.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] As a matter of fact.. I'll take care of it all the way until World Warrior... Because AFTER World Warrior.. This won't be YOUR championship belt anymore.... IT'LL BE MINE!!

-[[ He leans in close so his face and the title belt is all you see.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] And I will kill one more legend..

-[[ He smiles.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] No, Kennedy.. Not you... And no, Venis.. Not you.... At least not the way you think...

-[[ Orton breathes heavily.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] At World Warrior.. I'm going to kill... A world title reign so uneventful.. So dreadful... So pathetic and uninspiring.. That in the coming years... It will become a legend in itself.... A legend that came to a screeching halt at the hands... Of the Legend Killer........ Randy Orton..

-[[ Orton suddenly appears more relaxed.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Those guys that called you a snake, Venis.. They were wrong.

-[[ Orton's eyes go dark.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] You're a charity case.

-[[ That sick smile creeps across his face one last time. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] And the handouts end at World Warrior.

-[[ Fade. ]]-

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