STROKE: Walk the Line | April 29th, 2006 | Live From: Flagstaff, Arizona | Commentators: Joey Styles & Don Callis

-[[ There's a fight in the parking lot.. ]]-

[ Trish Stratus ] No, Christian... Not yet!!

-[[ The Christian Coalition, Trish Stratus, Jim Cornette, and Tyson Tomko try to talk sense into him as he makes his way steadily toward the entrance to the arena... Edge and Stacy Keibler watch from the side... Edge is wearing jeans and a Rated R Superstar t-shirt.. He holds his arm outward as Stacy tapes his wrist for him.. ]]-

[ Edge ] Christian! Wait!

-[[ There's no concern in his voice.. There's something else.. But Christian listens, stopping and turning around.. ]]-

[ Christian ] I'm not waiting another damn second, Edge!!

-[[ Edge shakes his head, jerking his hand away from Stacy and cracking his knuckles.. ]]-

[ Edge ] You miss the point, baby brother..... Wait.. On me.

-[[ Edge joins Christian at his side, but Trish and the Coalition aren't letting up.. ]]-

[ Trish Stratus ] Save it for the Spirit Squad, Christian..

-[[ He stares straight forward as he continues on his way to the entrance. ]]-

[ Christian ] They'll get theirs.. But first.. It's pay back time for Double J..

-[[ Jim Cornette is raving like a lunatic, waving his tennis racket around.. ]]-

[ Jim Cornette ] God dammit, Christian, the doctor said you could die if you take another bad shot to the head, so what you need to do is keep your ass in the god damn dressin' room until it's time for your fuckin' match and then stay on the apron and let Edge do all the god damn work!

-[[ Cornette's shoulders slump.. He looks defeated.. ]]-

[ Jim Cornette ] We can't lose you, god dammit!!

-[[ Trish turns to Edge, pleading.. ]]-

[ Trish Stratus ] Edge.... Adam... Do something..

-[[ Edge doesn't stop walking.. ]]-

[ Edge ] I am going to do something, Trish....

-[[ He slams his fist into his open palm.. ]]-

[ Edge ] We... Are going to do something..

-[[ Christian pushes Trish to the side.. ]]-

[ Christian ] Step aside, Trish..

-[[ Cornette steps off to the side and stands with her.. Tomko stops and watches Edge and Christian walk toward the entrance.. He looks back at Trish and Cornette and then back at Edge and Christian.. He shakes his head, grits his teeth like he's making a hard decision...... And then.. ]]-

[ Tyson Tomko ] ....Dammit.

-[[ He catches up with Edge and Christian, looking ready to go to war. ]]-

-[[ The rear entrance swings open before they reach it.... Jeff Jarrett walks out casually, by himself.. He's got a big smile on his face... He's wearing an all white suit and looking way too relaxed for the situation that's been unfolding for the last few moments.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] What's all this commotion I'm hearin' out here?

-[[ Edge and Christian stop in their tracks with Tomko looming behind them.. Trish and Cornette approach slowly and quietly from the background.. Edge looks calm, focused on what's about to happen.. Christian is shaking with anger.. Jarrett's voice is full of amusement.. He acts surprised to see them.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Edge and Christian? Tomko?

-[[ He laughs.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Ya'll out here gettin' ready for your match?

-[[ He looks them up and down.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I don't see your belts on ya'... I hope ya' didn't forget'em..

-[[ Jarrett rubs his goatee.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] 'Cause the Spirit Squad's gonna be needin'em after tonight..

-[[ Jarrett winks with a cocky smile.. ]]-

[ Christian ] Jeff....

-[[ The look on Jarrett's face says he knows exactly what's going on... But he knows he's still in control. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Christian.

[ Christian ] You tried to take my career away from me..

-[[ Jarrett shrugs and nods.. ]]-

[ Christian ] You tried to take my girl from me..

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Well.. She was mine first, but I get what you're sayin'...

-[[ Jarrett waves his hand around.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Continue.

-[[ Christian isn't amused.. ]]-

[ Christian ] You tried to take everything away from me... And now..

-[[ Christian looks over at Edge and back at Tomko.. His eyes settle on Jarrett.. ]]-

[ Christian ] We're taking it all back.

-[[ Jarrett puts his hands up.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] See.. That's where you're wrong, Reso.

-[[ Christian looks taken aback by his real name being used.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I didn't.. Try.. To do anything.. 'Cause if I did..

-[[ Jarrett's arrogance is sickening.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I woulda' ended your career.. And I woulda' took your girl.. And I woulda' took everything..

-[[ His eyes lose their humor.. He believes every word he's saying. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] ...Away from ya'...

-[[ And then the amusement is back.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] What I gave ya', kid..... Was a preview..

-[[ Edge looks confused.. ]]-

[ Edge ] A preview?

-[[ Jarrett laughs.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Yeah, Copeland...... A preview... Of this.

-[[ The rear entrance opens once more.. And Ken Kennedy, the Big Show, Chris Masters, the Harris Brothers, Gene Snitsky, Randy Orton, and "Cowboy" Bob Orton step outside... Edge and Christian look visibly shaken but there's no way they're backing down.... Trish and Cornette quickly join Tomko, Edge, and Christian.. ]]-

[ Trish Stratus ] Christian.. Please.. The ring.. Do it in the ring!

-[[ Chris Masters chuckles.. ]]-

[ Chris Masters ] The ring, Christian! Do it in the ring! Doing it in the ring won't save you.. From my Masterlock!

-[[ Masters locks his fingers together... Christian stares him right in the face.. ]]-

[ Christian ] The Masterlock? That's pretty funny, Masters..

-[[ And he delivers the punch line with the delivery of Clint Eastwood.. ]]-

[ Christian ] But if I wanted a laugh.. I'd follow you into the bathroom.. And watch you take a leak.

-[[ Kennedy guffaws and slaps Masters on the back.. Masters looks furious.. ]]-

[ Chris Masters ] Jokes? The funny man is making jokes!?

-[[ Masters looks ready to brawl right now.. He is furious. ]]-

[ Chris Masters ] You weren't making jokes.. When I made that stupid slut EAT GLASS last week!

-[[ Christian takes a step forward, ready to fight, but Jarrett's voice halts the confrontation for a moment. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] So, this is it, Christian? This is your big stand?

-[[ Randy Orton looks around, looking genuinely surprised.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Yeah.. Where's everyone else? Where's your back-up?

-[[ Jarrett turns to Orton, smiling.. This subject has been discussed.. Orton was playing dumb. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Why, Randy... I don't think there IS anyone else!

-[[ Orton looks at Jarrett with wide eyes.. And then over at Edge and the Christian Coalition.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] You mean... The greatest tag team EVER... Rolls alone?

-[[ Orton smiles an evil smile.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I'm as shocked as you are, Randy.. No one's here to save Solid Gold's... HA HA.. Self-proclaimed glass ceilin'!! And you wanna know why, Randy? Because everybody HATES Edge and Christian! Because you're a couple o'bastards! That's why!

-[[ Kennedy steps up, looking as shocked and amazed as everyone else.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] But.. What about that HUUUUUUGE revolution from last week, Jeff?

-[[ Jarrett smiles cockily.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Let me tell ya' somethin' about that revolution, Kennedy....

-[[ Edge and Christian are growing even more furious as Jarrett speaks.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Those guys that came runnin' out there last week.. They came runnin' out for Solid Gold...

-[[ He points at Edge.... ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] This guy.... Came runnin' out.. For himself!!

-[[ Kennedy shakes his head.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] ..FOR SHAME!

-[[ A pause.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] ....SHAAAAAME!

-[[ Orton then looks around, as if something dawned on him.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Then no one's going to save them.. When we.... ?

-[[ Jarrett shakes his head, smiling.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] ..Nope.

-[[ Jarrett turns back to Christian.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] ...This time.. We're gonna try.

-[[ He turns to Orton.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Do it.

-[[ Christian and Edge know what's coming and immediately dive into the Golden Rule and begin throwing punches! Tyson Tomko charges in as well.. Jim Cornette shakes his head, like he's trying to build up some courage.. And then even he barges in with the tennis racket swinging! Edge kicks away at Don Harris and manages to hold off Ron with some wild punches.. Christian rips Jarrett's shirt and begins to yank it over his head, clubbing him in the back with vicious forearms!! Cornette nails Snitsky in the head with his tennis racket, but the Big Show snatches it out of his hand and breaks it! Big Show discards the pieces and goozles Cornette! Randy Orton and "Cowboy" Bob dive on Christian and tackle him down onto the pavement.. They begin punching away and beating him down.. Jarrett discards the tattered remains of his shirt and wipes his face with his hand.. The Big Show pushes Cornette down to the ground by his throat and then nails Edge from behind! Kennedy and Big Show begin beating Edge down... Tyson Tomko is dealing out big time punishment to Chris Masters and it looks like no one will stop him until....... ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Mutha' fucka', you betta' stop right there...

-[[ Vince Russo is holding Trish by the throat.. Jillian Hall stands next to them with Russo's baseball bat in her hands.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Or this psycho bitch from hell is gonna give Trish a face lift to go wit'er fuckin' nose job!

-[[ Tomko stops punching him and Masters staggers backward and lands on his ass.. Tomko puts his hands up.. ]]-

[ Tyson Tomko ] Stop.

-[[ And the Big Show sideswipes him with a choke slam onto the concrete!! Tomko cradles his head and lays there motionless... The Big Show turns and raises his arm in the air, roaring like a monster... Jarrett motions toward a dumpster off to the side of the building.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Masters, get off your ass and open that dumpster!!

-[[ Chris Masters rushes over and swings it open.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Get Edge's ass over here.. I ain't havin' no more o'this...

-[[ The Harris Brothers and Kennedy drag Edge to the dumpster.. Edge begins fighting madly, kicking Don Harris in the gut and elbowing himself free from Ron.. Kennedy and Edge begin trading blows.. Until Edge is yanked clear off of his feet in the Masterlock!! Chris Masters swings Edge around in the hold and Edge kicks his feet up onto the Edge of the dumpster and tries to push off of it, but Kennedy kicks Edge right in the back and Masters shoves Edge forward, feet first into the dumpster! Edge lands inside and immediately turns around and begins throwing punches at Masters and Kennedy but the Big Show comes from behind and slams the dumpster lid across Edge's shoulder blades! Edge yells in pain and slumps down inside.. The Harris Brothers and Snitsky drag Tomko over and toss him inside of the dumpster as well and the lid is shut once more.... They lock it... The Ortons are holding Christian on his knees while Jarrett takes shots at him..... Christian is bleeding profusely from his forehead... Jarrett stops, wiping his hands off on his already blood spattered pants... ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Let's bring'im inside, boys.. This is endin' tonight..

-[[ As the Ortons lift Christian up and begin dragging him inside with the Big Show, Kennedy, the Harris Brothers, Snitsky, and Masters following, Jarrett turns to Russo and Jillian.. Russo still has a death grip on Trish's throat.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Keep that tramp back here, Russo.. And if she tries anything, Jillian...

-[[ Jarrett smiles.. You know he wants her to try something.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Knock'er teeth down her damn throat.

-[[ Jarrett turns around to leave and Trish calls out, her voice strained from the pressure on her throat.. ]]-

[ Trish Stratus ] Jeff.. Please... Whatever you're thinking about doing...

-[[ She struggles to speak.. ]]-

[ Trish Stratus ] He could die.. He can't take another shot.. To the head!!

-[[ Jarrett laughs.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Trish.. The time for this conversation.. Ha ha... Passed.. A long time ago!

-[[ Jarrett enters the building behind the Rule as Trish is forced to watch on in horror.. ]]-

-[[ The backstage area is hectic as the large entourage drags Christian toward the entrance ramp.. And just as Jarrett said, no one makes any attempt to help him... The fans in the arena erupt in boos as the Golden Rule emerges from behind the curtain and take their place on the stage... Jeff Jarrett follows them out, having picked up a guitar somewhere on the way out.. Jarrett has a microphone in his hand... ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Boys.. You know what to do.

-[[ Ron and Don Harris begin removing the steel grating from the stage.. Oh.. God.. No.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] This, Christian...... Is eye... For an eye!

-[[ Christian is dangled over the gaping hole in the stage... He's too far gone from blood loss to fight back.. Randy Orton holds Christian by the back of his head, making him look down in the darkness that awaits him... ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] This is me.. Tryin'... To end your career!!

-[[ The fans are booing so loud that you can hardly make out what Jarrett is saying.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Here lies Christian..... SGW... LEGEND...

-[[ Jarrett puts on a mock-sad face.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Laid to rest by Randy Orton.......

-[[ Orton whips Christian around and plants his head between his legs, forcing Christian onto his feet.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] .......LEGEND KILLER!

-[[ And Randy Orton POWER BOMBS Christian through the stage!! Christian disappears into the hole and there's a sound of meat hitting concrete.... Randy Orton stares down into the hole, breathing heavily.. He licks his lips.. And then smiles.. He looks over at Jarrett.. Jarrett smiles back at him... And they hug. Jarrett raises Orton's arm on one side, "Cowboy" Bob Orton raises the other, a proud smile on his face...... ]]-

-[[ The Golden Rule reigns supreme. ]]-

Kurt Angle[w/John Bradshaw Layfield] versus Lance Hoyt
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: Golden Redemption Match - If Angle wins, he and JBL are in the Golden Rule
Referee: Charles Robinson

-[[ Kurt Angle drills Lance Hoyt with a knee to the side as soon as he tries to step through the ropes.. He catches Hoyt by the head before he falls out of the ring and drags him inside and nails him with a European uppercut!! He kicks Hoyt in the gut, hooks him.. Double underhook suplex!! Hoyt stands back up, holding his lower back and Angle runs right up on him.. Overhead belly-to-belly suplex!! Hoyt pops back up, groaning in pain and Angle charges at him again and Hoyt catches him with a big boot... NO!! Angle catches his foot!! ANKLE LOCK!! Hoyt yells in pain and reaches for the ropes.. He's almost there.. He's reaching and reaching.. And... John Bradshaw Layfield pulls the rope away from him!! And Hoyt can't take it anymore!! He taps out! Kurt Angle has dominated this match and secured a place in the Golden Rule for himself and John Bradshaw Layfield.... Angle lets go of the hold and stares down at Hoyt, breathing heavily.. Layfield rolls into the ring and waits for Hoyt to stand, hobbling on his bad ankle..... And Layfield hits the ropes... Clothesline from Hell on Hoyt!! Layfield and Angle shake hands over Hoyt's fallen body. ]]-

Winner: Kurt Angle via Submission

-[[ We cut to the parking lot.. There's panic in the air.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] God damn mutha' fucka'.. It was him!!

-[[ Russo is squeezing his nose tightly, trying to stop the blood flow.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Shit! Shit! Shit! I can't stop fuckin' bleedin'!!

-[[ Jeff Jarrett, the Harris Brothers, Snitsky.. Hell, the entire Golden Rule looks around the parking lot frantically.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Where is she, Russo!? You had to see somethin'!!

-[[ Russo is on his knees.. As he yells, the air from his mouth blows blood outward.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] I had her, man.. I had her good.. She wasn't goin' nowhere.. But that cocksucka'.. That mutha' fucka'!!

-[[ Jarrett grabs Russo by the shirt.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] SCREW HOW GOOD YOU HAD'ER!!

[ Vince Russo ] Fuckin' hell.. Trish took off as soon as he punched me in the fuckin' nose!!


-[[ He shakes Russo hard.. ]]-


-[[ Russo sounds like he's going to begin bawling.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] He fuckin' took'er, man.... He fuckin' took'er...

-[[ Randy Orton storms over, looking impossibly angrier than Jarrett himself.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] WHO TOOK HER!?

-[[ There's fear in Russo's eyes... ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] It was Austin.... Steve.. Austin... Fuck!

-[[ Jarrett shoves Russo down on the ground.. Russo clutches his face, trying to stop the bleeding.. Orton looks at Jarrett with fury in his eyes... Orton's voice is hard but not surprised.. Like he expected it.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] ...Austin.

-[[ Chris Masters stomps up, looking pissed. ]]-

[ Chris Masters ] Steve Austin is behind this!? I'll find that son of a bitch!

-[[ Jarrett puts his hand up.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] No.. You worry about Raven and Saturn.. You take'em out tonight.. For good!

-[[ Jarrett motions to the Harris Brothers and Snitsky.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Find Steve Austin.. And you bring me his head.

-[[ They take off.. Orton looks down at Russo, still bleeding. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] I know what he wants, Jeff..

-[[ Jarrett knows exactly what's up. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] He ain't gettin' it.

-[[ Jarrett shakes his head.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] He ain't never gettin' it.

-[[ Orton's stare is cold, emotionless. ]]-

Matt Hardy versus Brock Lesnar
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Mark Yeaton

-[[ Matt Hardy stands in the corner, staring across at Lesnar.. Lesnar rubs his hands together, smiling.. Hardy knows this match was put together to punish him for interfering last week.. Brock Lesnar yells and charges right at Hardy but Hardy ducks and grabs Lesnar's tights, yanking him face first into the middle turnbuckle pad! Hardy then yanks Lesnar out and school boys him! One! Two! Thr-- Lesnar kicked out with force! Lesnar stands up, face red with fury and he charges at Hardy again but Hardy drop kicks his knee out from under him and hits the ropes.. Leg drop on Lesnar! Hardy pulls Lesnar to his feet and begins drilling him in the head with punches and forearms but Lesnar pushes him away so hard that he goes flying across the ring! Hardy charges at him again but Lesnar sidesteps him and lifts him onto his shoulders.... F-5! No, Hardy reverses it into a Tornado DDT! He covers Lesnar! One! Two! Thre-- Lesnar kicked out with force again! What else can Hardy do!? Lesnar is up and Hardy kicks him in the gut and goes for the Twist of Fate but Lesnar elbows out of it and kicks Hardy in the gut.... Power bomb! He holds on.. A second power bomb! Lesnar covers him! One! Two! Thre-- Hardy barely got a shoulder up! Lesnar stands up, pulls Hardy to his feet and whips him into the ropes.. Lesnar goes for a backdrop but Hardy catches him.. Side Effect! Hardy covers him! One! Lesnar powered out! Hardy can't believe it!! Hardy stands up and Lesnar KIPS UP! Lesnar stares at Hardy, laughing and flexing his muscles.. He runs at Hardy for a clothesline and Hardy ducks it and Lesnar hits the turnbuckle! Lesnar turns around, holding his chest and Hardy kicks him in the gut.... Twist of Fate! Hardy covers him! One! Two! Thre-- Lesnar kicked out! Hardy looks ready to pull his hair out.. Hardy stands up and Lesnar is already on his feet.. And Lesnar hears something in the ring..... Shannon Moore! Shannon Moore dives off of the top rope onto Lesnar but Lesnar catches him.... F-5 on Shannon Moore! Lesnar stands up laughing and Hardy rolls him up! One! Two! Hardy puts his hand on the ropes! Three!! Hardy rolls out of the ring and grabs Shannon Moore and helps him to the back! Matt Hardy has pulled the fluke of the century! ]]-

Winner: Matt Hardy via Pin Fall

-[[ We cut backstage and people everywhere are screaming in horror.. Referees, crew members, EMTs are doing everything they can to pull Scott Steiner off of his victim... But Steiner won't be denied.. Mickie James bounces around, screaming while Jonathan Coachman looks on in awe.. ]]-

[ Mickie James ] Get his face! Get his face!

-[[ There's a sound of meat slamming hard into.. Meat.. A wet sound. ]]-

[ Scott Steiner ] Come on, Rocky! You ain't shit now, son!!

-[[ Scott Steiner pummels the lifeless body of the Rock, holding him up by his five hundred dollar shirt.. ]]-

[ Scott Steiner ] This is what happens.. When you fail to recogniiiize... That ain't nobody finer... Than Scotty Steiner!!

-[[ He punches him again.. ]]-

[ Jonathan Coachman ] This is NASTY!

[ Mickie James ] Hit him again!

-[[ Steiner moves his arm and swats away four EMTs at once like they're nothing.. ]]-

[ Scott Steiner ] Fuck you, Rocky! You ain't no Rock.. The only rocks in Solid Gold Wrestlin'...

-[[ Steiner stands up and flexes his muscles.. ]]-

[ Scott Steiner ] Are these bad.. Mother fuckers!

-[[ He drops back down and begins pummeling the Rock in the face again.. ]]-

[ Scott Steiner ] You're just regular ol'.. Dwayne Johnson!

-[[ A solid punch to the face.. ]]-

[ Scott Steiner ] A movie star wannabe.. That couldn't cut it.. In the real BIZ.. The wrestlin' biz!

-[[ The Rock is completely limp.. Steiner throws him down.. ]]-

[ Scott Steiner ] And now.. That Scott Steiner has sent your ass back to Hollywood.. In a god damn body bag.. I got a script for you to read.. It's a sequel to Be Cool..... Called... BE DEAD! And here's.. The twist ending!

-[[ And Steiner pulls down his tights..... And begins pissing on the Rock!! ]]-

[ Mickie James ] ..Whoa! Awesome!

[ Jonathan Coachman ] ...Whoa. That ain't cool, Scotty!

[ Scott Steiner ] Fuck you.

-[[ He pulls his tights up and kisses his muscle.. ]]-

[ Scott Steiner ] If you don't like it, I don't give a fuck!

-[[ Steiner turns around to walk away... SWEET CHIN MUSIC! Steiner drops like a ton of brick and Shawn Michaels stands over him, smirking..... Steiner lays motionless on top of the Rock, laying in his own piss... Shawn Michaels shakes his head and looks at Mickie, who appears to be ready to pounce...... ]]-

[ Shawn Michaels ] Don't even THINK it, little girl.

-[[ She backs down.... Michaels turns and looks down at Steiner.. Michaels looks disgusted and walks away.. ]]-

Simon Dean versus Kane
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Charles Robinson

-[[ Simon Dean tries to attack Kane as he enters the ring but Kane isn't selling any of it, letting Dean's punches bounce off of him like they're absolutely nothing to him.. Kane begins laughing and Dean throws another punch.... And Kane just stands there.. Dean begins begging him off and Kane goozles him! He lifts Dean up for the chokeslam, but Dean eye gouges him! Kane staggers back and drops Dean, holding his eyes and Dean bounces off of the ropes and chop blocks Kane! Kane goes down to one knee and Dean hits the ropes and nails Kane with a running knee.. Kane doesn't go down so Dean goes for another one and Kane grabs him by the throat again! Simon Dean's eyes go wide... And Kane hits the CHOKE SLAM! Dean is finished! Kane turns around and the Gymini are in the ring! They both charge at him! Kane nails one with the big boot! He turns and catches the other....... Chokeslam!! Kane turns around and finds Simon Dean crawling to his Simon System bag... Kane stalks up on him and grabs him by the back of his tights and Dean turns around.. And throws Simon System powder into Kane's eyes! Kane staggers back, groaning in pain and Dean runs up on him... SIMONIZER! He covers him! One! Two! Three! Simon Dean rolls out of the ring, clutching his head and laughing as the fans boo. ]]-

Winner: Simon Dean via Pin Fall

-[[ The cork launches from the champagne bottle.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] WOO!!

-[[ John Bradshaw Layfield holds up his glass as Charlie Haas pours it full and then begins pouring it over Angle's head... Shelton Benjamin is jumping up and down in excitement.. Kurt Angle is super intense.. ]]-

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] HA HA... THIS IS THE BIG TIME, ANGLE!!

[ Kurt Angle ] The Golden Rule, YEAH!

-[[ Layfield and Angle clink their glasses together.. ]]-

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] Now.. I have the political clout in the wrestling world.. Just like I got it.. Everywhere else!

-[[ Layfield downs his whole glass.. ]]-

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] Rubbin' elbows with the greats.. Hey.. Let me try somethin'...

-[[ Layfield bends over a bit and struts a couple of steps.. He laughs.. ]]-

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] AIN'T I GREAT!? HA HA!!

-[[ Angle puts his hand up.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] Hold on... Don't.... DON'T PISS ME OFF!!

-[[ Angle rips a strap down.. And Layfield looks on in awe... ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] Or I'll make you TAP OUT!!

-[[ Layfield and Angle stare at each other for a bit.. And begin laughing out loud.. ]]-

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] TO THE GOLDEN RULE!!

-[[ Layfield, Angle, Haas, and Benjamin take a drink.... And their dressing room door flies open! They turn just in time to get mobbed by Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Raven, Saturn, Stevie Richards, and the Blue Meanie! A brawl breaks out quickly as Raven kicks Charlie Haas in the gut and takes the champagne bottle away from him before spinning and SHATTERING IT over Kurt Angle's head!! Angle goes down, bleeding from his forehead and Perry Saturn, Stevie, and the Meanie mob Shelton Benjamin and begin stomping away at him!! Layfield nails Raven from behind and begins forearming him in the back.. And Benoit nails Layfield with a massive chop!! Benoit kicks Layfield in the gut and grabs him and whips him into the wall!! Benoit and Malenko begin putting the boots to Layfield and Raven hooks Charlie Haas out of nowhere...... EVEN FLOW! Raven, Benoit, Malenko, Saturn, Stevie, and the Meanie stand tall... ]]-

[ Chris Benoit ] You side with the problem...

-[[ Benoit drags his thumb across his throat... ]]-

[ Chris Benoit ] You will deal... With the problem.. SOLVERS!!

[ Raven ] Quote the Raven..... Nevermore!

-[[ They storm out of the room... Almost as soon as they wander out.. David Flair staggers into the room and sees Charlie Haas laying sprawled out on the floor, unconscious... David Flair begins giggling like he's heard a dirty joke.. ]]-

[ David Flair ] ...ohhh... charlie... you better close those legs, little boy...

-[[ Flair smiles a psychotic smile, showing all of his teeth.. ]]-

[ David Flair ] ...or someone's going to get.. a spanking....

-[[ He giggles.. ]]-

Chris Jericho versus Rob Van Dam
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Jimmy Cordaris

-[[ Chris Jericho nails Van Dam with a baseball slide as he nears the apron! Jericho slides on out of the ring and pulls Van Dam to his feet.. He slams him face first into the apron and then forearms him in the back a few times before rolling him on in underneath the bottom rope.. Jericho follows him in, hitting him with a few punches and drops a knee across his back... Jericho pulls Van Dam to his feet and whips him into the ropes..... Jericho goes for a clothesline and Van Dam ducks it.. Jericho turns around.. Heel kick! Jericho goes down and Van Dam hits the ropes.... Rolling thunder! Jericho got his knees up! Van Dam rolls over, clutching his back and Jericho stands up.. He pulls Van Dam to his feet and whips him into the ropes..... Jericho runs at him.. Enziguri! Jericho covers him! One! Two! Th-- Van Dam kicked out! Jericho can't believe it.. He pulls Van Dam back up and whips him into the ropes.. Jericho hits Van Dam with an elbow and Van Dam doesn't go down.... Jericho runs the ropes..... Face buster! Jericho is up and hits the ropes again.... Lionsault! Van Dam moved! Jericho lands on his feet anyway but Van Dam springs up and plants him with a DDT! Jericho is out! Van Dam hits the ropes..... Rolling thunder! Van Dam climbs the turnbuckles...... Five star frog splash!! He covers him! One! Two! Three! Rob Van Dam has won the match! ]]-

Winners: Rob Van Dam via Pin Fall

-[[ Ken Kennedy and the Big Show are roaming down the hallway, looking from side to side.. They stop every few seconds to open a door and look inside before shutting it... Kennedy has the Gimmick Championship wrapped around his waist and is looking as smarmy as usual..... ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] You know, Show.. I bet she's already dead.

-[[ Big Show looks down at him, an unbelieving look on his face.. ]]-

[ The Big Show ] ..What?

-[[ Kennedy shrugs. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] That's how all these kidnapping stories happen..

-[[ Big Show looks forward.. He looks like he's sucked a lemon.. He clearly doesn't buy this. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] Pretty girl disappears.. They send out search parties..

-[[ Kennedy doesn't seem worried or concerned at all as he spouts this off like he's reading it off a cue card. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] Of course.. They find her eventually.

[ The Big Show ] ...Yeah.

[ Ken Kennedy ] About two weeks after the coyotes did.

-[[ Big Show rubs his stomach.. ]]-

[ The Big Show ] Can we stop talking about this? I just ate.

[ Ken Kennedy ] You always just ate.

-[[ Big Show stops walking and glares at him. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] Not that there's anything wrong with that.

-[[ They continue walking.. ]]-

[ The Big Show ] Besides... She's been missing, what? Thirty minutes?

[ Ken Kennedy ] Give or take... Hey.. Let's ask Kane!

-[[ Kane is sitting on the floor just to the side of where they're walking.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] Hey, Kane, buddy old pal.. You see Steve Austin or Jillian Hall around these parts?

-[[ Kane looks up at Kennedy and smiles.. ]]-

[ Kane ] Eh.. huh... Ahuh... Eh-hah...Ahhhaha... AHHAHA... AHAHAHAHAHAHA!! AAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!

-[[ Kennedy looks at Big Show and raises an eyebrow.. Big Show shrugs.. They walk away.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] Idiot.

-[[ They walk a bit further and stop when they see David Flair face down on the ground... He's breathing into a floor vent and giggling like a little girl.. He keeps poking his fingers down through the grating.. Kennedy and Show look down at him.. He looks up at them, smiling.. ]]-

[ David Flair ] Oh.... I didn't hear you.. drive up... I.. I seem to have lost Daffney...

-[[ He runs his finger over the grating again. ]]-

[ David Flair ] She fell.... Inside this.. Rusty vent...... Hehehe..

-[[ Kennedy and Big Show continue walking as if they never saw a thing.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] You ever notice how Solid Gold Wrestling seems to be filling up with more guys that don't have a whole lot to offer outside of one-liners and awkward moments?

[ The Big Show ] I never paid that much attention.

-[[ Simon Dean jogs up, stopping in front of Show and Kennedy and proceeding to run in place.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] Simon Dean! Hey! The Big Show loves your Simon System!

-[[ The Big Show's face obviously tells otherwise.. He looks down at his huge gut and then back at Kennedy. ]]-

[ Simon Dean ] You must think I'm a total! Ignorant! Asshole! Yeah!

-[[ Simon Dean shakes his head back and forth, smiling. ]]-

[ Simon Dean ] There's no ignorance here, friend! Only the drive to compete and LOSE!

-[[ A pause.. ]]-

[ Simon Dean ] ....POUNDS, that is! Yeah!

-[[ Simon Dean jogs off, leaving Kennedy and Show alone again. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] See what I mean?

[ The Big Show ] Not really.. I think that guy's just a loon.

-[[ And then a larger man stomps past them, pumping his fist like he's jacking off an invisible cock.. ]]-

[ Lance Hoyt ] HOYT! HOYT! HOYT! HOYT!

-[[ This seems to infuriate the Big Show. ]]-

[ The Big Show ] Hey, kid!

-[[ Hoyt stops and Big Show grips his throat and choke slams him straight into the floor.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] Holy cow, Show! Impressive height on the upswing!

-[[ Big Show rubs his hands together.. ]]-

[ The Big Show ] I get what you're saying now.

-[[ They continue walking and then Kennedy looks to the side.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] Here we go again...

-[[ He clears his throat.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] Hey, Hardy!

-[[ Matt Hardy turns, realizes who's talking to him and immediately storms right up in his face.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] You wanna finish what got started last week, Kennedy? HUH!?

-[[ Kennedy takes a step back, putting his hands up defensively.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] Speaking of last week, Hardy... We saw you run down.. Helping Austin!

-[[ The Big Show steps up, crossing his arms over his chest.. ]]-

[ The Big Show ] Where's Jillian, country boy?

[ Matt Hardy ] I don't know what you're talkin' about.

[ Ken Kennedy ] We know you're friends with Austin.. Speak up!!

-[[ Kennedy slaps his fist into his open palm.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] Or we'll beat it out of you!

-[[ Matt Hardy smirks.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] Just because we came out there fightin' for the same thing.. Doesn't make us friends.

-[[ Hardy mans up on Kennedy.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] But if you still want to.. TRY.. To beat something out of me.. Be my guest.

-[[ Kennedy looks at Show and smiles.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] No problem, kiddo!

-[[ There's a tap on Kennedy's shoulder... He turns around and sees Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Raven, Stevie Richards, Perry Saturn, Brian Kendrick, Shannon Moore, and Christopher Nowinski standing behind him.. Hardy is smiling a cocky smile.. Kennedy swallows hard.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] We may not be friends.. And we may have our own ideals and roads to the top...

-[[ Hardy isn't intimidated at all.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] But as the heart of Solid Gold Wrestling...... We stand together..

-[[ Chris Benoit speaks from the back.. ]]-

[ Chris Benoit ] And we damn sure... FIGHT.. Together!

-[[ They swarm Kennedy and Show and begin beating them down! The entire group stomps away at Kennedy and Show and leaves them both laying in fetal positions!! All of them take off, leaving Kennedy and Show on the floor.. The revolution against the Golden Rule is growing stronger by the minute! ]]-

-[[ "My World" hits and Jeff Jarrett storms out onto the ramp.. Ron and Don Harris walk out behind him with Trish Stratus and Jim Cornette in their grasps... Jeff Jarrett has both SGW World Tag Team Titles in his hands.. Trish and Cornette are struggling in the grip of the Harris Brothers.... Jeff Jarrett raises a microphone.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Dammit, last week I said there was gonna be a handicap match.. And I'm deliverin'!!

-[[ Ron and Don Harris shove Trish and Cornette down the ramp.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] And since Edge and Christian ain't up to it no more...

-[[ He points at the two as they stand on the ramp, looking distressed. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Then Trish and ol' Corny's takin' their place....

-[[ Trish and Cornette both look like they can't believe this is happening.. And then.. It dawns on Jarrett.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Oh yeah..... And the tag team titles... ARE ON THE LINE!! HA HA!!

-[[ A pause.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] ..Choke on it!

-[[ The fans erupt in boos... Trish and Cornette versus five men!? This is complete bullshit! ]]-

Trish Stratus & Jim Cornette(c) versus The Spirit Squad
Title on the Line: SGW World Tag Team Championship
Stipulation: Five on Two Handicap Match
Referee: Bill Alfonso

-[[ Trish Stratus and Jim Cornette stand in their corner with the SGW World Tag Team titles in their hands.. Cornette shakes his head, looking pissed off and nervous at the same time.. Trish Stratus, even with the protective noseguard on, looks furious at being put in this position.. Bill Alfonso takes the tag team titles from them and raises them in the air.. He shows them to the squad and then hands them to the time keeper... Jim Cornette insists on going first and he's starting off with Mitch.. Mitch immediately kicks Cornette right in the groin and whips him into the ropes.... Clothesline! Cornette can't defend himself! Mitch advances on him and pulls Cornette to his feet.. He uppercuts Cornette and then kicks him in the gut.. Cornette staggers back into the Spirit Squad's corner.. Mitch tags in Kenny.. Kenny begins delivering punches and kicks to Cornette and then drives an elbow into his face... Cornette puts his hands up and Kenny continues kicking and punching down on him.... He pulls Cornette out of the corner and whips him into the ropes... Dropkick! Kenny tags in Mikey but all five members of the Spirit Squad climb inside the ring.. They each choose a limb on Cornette and nail.. HIGH SPIRIT! Cornette is finished! We have new tag team champions! But.... They don't go for a pin.. They drag Cornette to his corner.. And force him to tag in Trish!! All of the Spirit Squad begin dancing like crazy.. She slowly climbs into the ring.. Bill Alfonso isn't forcing ANY of them to get back on the apron... They begin circling her.. And Trish lashes out and punches Kenny right in the face!! Kenny backs up, holding his nose, and Mitch runs at her! She ducks a clothesline and Mitch turns around.. Chick Kick! And Mikey tackles her down!! Johnny and Nicky dive on her, dog piling her!! Mitch and Kenny get everyone off of her and each grab her arms and legs.. HIGH SPIRIT ON TRISH!! But they're not finished... They all grab her arms and legs again.. And Kenny begins climbing the ropes... This isn't fair.. it isn't right......... THE GLASS SHATTERS!! "Stone Cold" Steve Austin storms down to the ring with a steel chair!! He slides into the ring.. Chairshot on Mitch!! Chairshot on Nicky!! Austin discards the chair and sees Johnny coming... KICK WHAM STUNNER!! Mikey charges at him and Austin ducks a clothesline! He spins Mikey around..... KICK WHAM STUNNER ON MIKEY!! Austin looks up, Kenny is still standing on the top rope... Austin motions for him to come on down.. Kenny swallows hard and dives off for a double axe handle... But Austin meets him coming down with a KICK...... MIDDLE FINGERS....... STUNNER ON KENNY!! Trish Stratus is still unconscious from High Spirit.. Bill Alfonso is going nuts.. Austin drags Trish on top of Mikey and calls for a microphone.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Count it, you son of a bitch!!

Alfonso calls for a microphone of his own. ]]-


KICK WHAM STUNNER ON BILL ALFONSO!! HUGE POP!! Austin drops down next to Alfonso and grabs his limp wrist.. And slaps it on the mat.... ONE! TWO! THREE!! Trish Stratus and Jim Cornette have just saved Edge and Christian's tag team titles thanks to "Stone Cold" Steve Austin!! ]]-

-[[ Austin escapes through the crowd.. Where the hell is he keeping Jillian Hall!? ]]-

Winners & Still Champions: Jim Cornette & Trish Stratus via Pin Fall

-[[ Lance Storm stands steadily on the crutches.. He watches what just occurred on a monitor in the back.. He shakes his head in disgust... He slowly turns around and there's the rest of Team Canada.. Major Gunnz, Elix Skipper, Mike Awesome, and even referee, Jimmy Cordaris... ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] I stand here.. Disgusted.

-[[ Storm seems.. Uncharacteristic.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Jeff Jarrett said last week... After we assisted him in removing Christian from the active roster... That one day, we might have a place within his... Golden Rule... But I say right now.....

-[[ Storm shakes his head.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] I.. Am not interested.

-[[ Awesome's eyes are wide.. He stands up.. ]]-


-[[ Lance Storm completely ignores him.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Tonight, Mike.. You go one on one in my name.. Versus Mike Mizanin..


-[[ Elix Skipper coughs.. ]]-

[ Elix Skipper ] Real World.. He was on Real World..

-[[ Awesome's jaw drops.. ]]-


[ Lance Storm ] Enough!

-[[ Storm struggles over with the crutches.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Mike.. You and I are two of the only undefeated superstars in Solid Gold Wrestling..

-[[ Awesome nods.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] And we have done this without political stroke.. Without help from anyone.

[ Mike Awesome ] YEAH.. FUCK YEAH!

[ Lance Storm ] And we will continue to do it that way..

-[[ A pause.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] In the coming weeks.. We will no longer be overlooked..

-[[ Everyone listens intently.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] We will.. Make an impact...

-[[ Storm looks around at everyone, their eyes are locked on him.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] And anyone who stands in our way... Will be BLOWN away...

-[[ Dramatic pause. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] By the Canadian Storm.

-[[ Fade. ]]-

Hour Two