STROKE: Fall Out | May 6th, 2006 | Live From: Kansas City, Missouri | Commentators: Joey Styles & Don Callis

Dark Matches
def. AJ Styles via Pin Fall w/ A Chair Shot
Scott Steiner
def. Johnny via Submission w/ The Steiner Recliner

-[[ Jeff Jarrett paces back and forth, rubbing his goatee.. A guitar is slung over his shoulder.. We're in the backstage area, what appears to be the official locker room of the Golden Rule.. Ken Kennedy, with the Gimmick Championship around his waist, and the Big Show are standing against the wall, not looking happy at all... Randy Orton is seated in a folding chair with his head in his hands.. His father "Cowboy" Bob Orton stands next to him, his hand on his shoulder.. John Bradshaw Layfield and Kurt Angle stand together off to the side, not looking to want to get too involved on their first night as official members of the Golden Rule.. The Harris Brothers and Gene Snitsky stand quietly off to the side.. Vince Russo is seated in a folding chair of his own, looking pissed off.. Jillian Hall stands near where Jarrett is pacing, her arms crossed, not looking pleased... Jeff Jarrett finally stops, looking each member of the Golden Rule up and down with a disgusted look on his face... ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] As ya'll know.. Chris Masters ain't here tonight..

-[[ No one says a word. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] He had to get emergency plastic surgery after his match last week..

-[[ Jarrett nods.. Jillian shakes her head, the thought of what Masters went through hurting her own face.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Well.. He's fired.

-[[ Everyone looks shocked.. Except Orton, who doesn't even look up.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] You're all fired.

-[[ A gasp.. Orton looks up, now a surprised look on his face.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Jeff.. You can't--

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I can't what? Fire you? You're already fired!

-[[ Orton sits back down, breathing heavily.. Kennedy and the Big Show approach Jarrett.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] Jeff, brother... What's going on? Why us?

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Why you? I'll tell ya' why you!

-[[ Jarrett looks around the room before settling back on Kennedy and Show.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Last week.. Everyone was at ringside.. Everyone was gettin' stunned!!

-[[ Kennedy doesn't catch on.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] 'Cept you two!!

[ Ken Kennedy ] I had to return some video tapes!

-[[ Jeff Jarrett rips the Gimmick Title from Kennedy's waist.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] Hey, that's mi--

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Not anymore.

-[[ Jarrett hands it off to Jillian.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I said it once.. I'll say it again... I giveth.. And I damn sure taketh away.

-[[ Kennedy looks ready to fight him over it but Jarrett shifts the guitar on his shoulder and Kennedy backs off.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I'm disbandin' the Golden Rule.. Ya'll just ain't worth it.

-[[ Orton stands up.. Trying one more time.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Jeff.. Give us a chance.. Last week.. What happened.. That.. Was a fluke!!

-[[ Orton licks his lips.. He wants this so bad.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] I am the fastest rising superstar in SGW history..

-[[ He gets right in Jeff's face.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] You know I'm worth it... You know it!!

-[[ Jarrett doesn't respond.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Steve Austin had to use a gun.. A gun, Jeff.. A GUN!! To get a title shot.. Because he couldn't earn one himself.. And then... He had to cheat to pin me.. He had to give me a low blow.. Because when it comes down to it.. I AM THE BETTER COMPETITOR!!

-[[ Jarrett's response is cold.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Fastest rising superstar? Everything you have.. I gave you.

-[[ Jarrett then shrugs.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] But.. I'm willin' to give ya' somethin' else.. An opportunity..

-[[ Orton looks ready for this.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] You beat Matt Hardy here next.. By yourself.. Prove to me that you're worth it.

-[[ Jarrett pushes his index finger into Orton's chest.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Take.. Him.. Out.

-[[ Randy Orton looks ready to rumble.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] You bet your ass I will.

-[[ Orton turns to walk away, to go to the ring for his match and "Cowboy" Bob goes to follow him but Randy stops him, telling him to stay... Randy walks away.. Jeff Jarrett watches him leave, anger etched across his face in stone. ]]-

Matt Hardy versus Randy Orton
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Charles Robinson

-[[ Randy Orton looks solemn, knowing his career is riding on this match.. He stands across the ring from Matt Hardy, sizing him up.. Matt Hardy has a smirk on his face, knowing how much this match means to Orton.. They meet in the center of the ring, no trash talking, no slapping... This is strictly.. A match.. They lock-up and fight over it.. Randy Orton forces Matt Hardy into the corner and the referee orders a break.. Randy Orton breaks clean.. And then cheapshots Matt Hardy in the face! Hardy looks pissed off and he shoves the referee out of the way.. Matt Hardy goes straight for Orton, throwing wild punches and forearms all over him.. Orton puts his hands up to defend himself and quickly backs up into the ropes where the referee forces another break.. Orton springs forward and kicks Hardy in the gut.. He nails him with a European uppercut and whips Hardy into the ropes..... Back drop! Hardy lands hard and is quickly back up on his feet and Orton nails him immediately with a power slam! Orton covers him.. One! Two! Thr-- Hardy kicked out.. Orton pulls Hardy back to his feet and locks in a headlock.. Hardy begins elbowing out of it and whips Orton into the ropes.. And hits a backdrop of his own! Orton stands up, looking shocked, and Matt Hardy hits him.. With the SIDE EFFECT! Matt Hardy begins climbing the ropes....... LEG DROP! Randy Orton is out of it, he stands up, staggering around.. And Matt Hardy catches him coming around.... KICK WHAM.... TWIST OF-- NO!! Orton twists out of it.... RKO!! RKO!! RKO!! Randy Orton stands up, striking the "HEY!" pose and.. He casually drops down and covers Hardy.. One...... Two......... Thr-- Tyson Tomko pulled the referee out of the ring! What? Orton stands up and yells at Tomko, telling him to hit the bricks and when Orton turns back around......... SPEAR! Edge! Edge! Edge! Edge speared Randy Orton!! Edge rolls out of the ring and escapes through the crowd.. Matt Hardy crawls over and cradles Orton, hooking both legs.. One! Two! Three! Matt Hardy has won this match! ]]-

Winner: Matt Hardy via Pin Fall

-[[ Jeff Jarrett watches what just transpired on a monitor in the back.. He's completely silent.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] ..Jeff? What are you going to do?

-[[ Jarrett turns around, looking pissed.. She's still clutching the Gimmick Championship.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Hell, what do ya' think I'm gonna do, woman!?

-[[ She looks away, knowing Orton must be dealt with.. She then look at the belt in her hands.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] ...What about this?

-[[ Jarrett looks like he can't believe she's brought up that belt.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] That? Screw that belt, Jillian!!

[ Jillian Hall ] But..

[ Jeff Jarrett ] But nothin'.. I'll tell ya' what.. Here's what you can do with that belt..

-[[ He puts his hand on the center plate and pushes the belt hard against her chest.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Keep the piece o'shit!!

-[[ Jarrett is frustrated.. His entire company is falling to pieces around him.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Now, get out o'here.. I'm tired o'seein' your face.

-[[ She looks like she's going to cry and turns to leave the room... But he stops her.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Oh.. And start trainin'.. Your first defense is next week!!

-[[ She gasps.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Against who!?

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Against whoever I decide is takin' it from ya'!! Now, git!

-[[ She leaves the room hastily.. Jarrett turns back to the monitor, shaking his head.. Someone enters the room behind him.. Jarrett turns around and finds himself face to face with Chris Benoit.. Benoit has the Hardcore Championship slung over his shoulder.. Jarrett doesn't know what to expect.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] The hell do ya' want?

-[[ Benoit looks at Jarrett, dead serious.. ]]-

[ Chris Benoit ] Why, Jeff.. You sound.. Distressed.

-[[ Jarrett doesn't respond.. Benoit takes a few steps closer. ]]-

[ Chris Benoit ] Could that be.. Because your bid for more power.. Failed.. Miserably?

-[[ Jarrett looks down, putting his hands on his hips.. ]]-

[ Chris Benoit ] Failed... Like your Golden Rule.. And Randy Orton's.. Title reign.

-[[ Jarrett isn't amused.. ]]-

[ Chris Benoit ] If you can even call it that.

-[[ A pause as Benoit smirks.. ]]-

[ Chris Benoit ] How does it feel to know.. That every bit of momentum you built up through World Warrior and beyond.. Is gone? How does it feel, Jeff... Knowing that thanks to "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.. And us who stand up for the honor of Solid Gold Wrestling..... Your credibility... Is ruined?

-[[ Benoit shrugs.. ]]-

[ Chris Benoit ] I mean.. Now.. After last week.. It's like you never came back at all!

-[[ Benoit shakes his head, smiling.. ]]-

[ Chris Benoit ] It's quite funny, actually.

-[[ Jarrett smiles now.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Yeah, it is, ain't it?

-[[ Jarrett slaps Benoit across the face.. Benoit looks furious. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Know what else is funny, you toothless idiot?

[ Chris Benoit ] What's that, Jeff?

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I'll tell ya' what it is...

-[[ Jarrett thumps the Hardcore title on Benoit's shoulder.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] You're defendin' that title tonight!!

[ Chris Benoit ] Oh yeah!?

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Yeah!!

[ Chris Benoit ] OH.. YEAH!?

[ Jeff Jarrett ] YEAH!! And there's gonna be a special guest referee..

-[[ A pause. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] ...JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD!!

-[[ Benoit looks surprised.. Angry.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Choke on THAT, Crippler!

-[[ Jarrett pushes past him and walks out of the room. ]]-

The Full Blooded Italians versus Kenny & Mikey
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Mark Yeaton

-[[ Little Guido and Big Sal storm into the ring and immediately begin taking it to Mikey and Kenny, not even waiting for the bell to ring.. No one even makes it to the apron so the match never even assumes the basic tag rules.. Big Sal whips Kenny into the ropes and catches him coming off with a HUGE Samoan drop! Kenny is FLAT! Little Guido kicks Mikey in the gut and drops him with a DDT.. And Big Sal hits the ropes.. For a FAT ASS SPLASH on Mikey! Little Guido climbs the ropes and Big Sal helps Mikey to his feet, but the gesture isn't one of kindness.. He's only setting him up.. For the SICILIAN SLICE! Guido covers Mikey! One! Two! Three! The former tag team champions have made an IMPRESSIVE re-debut with Solid Gold Wrestling!! ]]-

Winner: The Full Blooded Italians via Pin Fall

-[[ A monitor crashes into the wall and goes dark. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] That was bullshit!!

-[[ Orton runs his hands over his head, gritting his teeth.... He's going insane. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Edge...... EDGE....... EDGE!!!!

-[[ Jeff Jarrett storms into the shot, jamming his finger in Orton's face.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Screw Edge, Orton!! You blew it... You blew it again..

-[[ Orton yells in rage, clenching his fists tightly.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] You blew it.. For the last damn time!!

-[[ Orton lashes forward and grabs Jarrett by the shoulders and yells in his face.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] NO!! Not like this, Jeff..... NOT.. LIKE.. THIS!!

-[[ Orton is breathing heavily, right in Jarrett's face.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] I had Matt Hardy.. BEATEN!

-[[ A pause.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] And Edge... If it wasn't for Edge.... I would have won..

-[[ Orton is desperate.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] You KNOW I would have won, dammit!!

-[[ Jarrett doesn't seem convinced.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] One more chance, Jeff... Please... One more chance..

-[[ Jarrett doesn't respond.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] You've brought me this far, man.. Don't give up on me yet..

-[[ Jarrett nods.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] You want to get back in my good graces, Orton.. You gotta do for me.. What nobody else has done so far in Solid Gold Wrestlin'... You've killed a lot o'legends since you got here... Val Venis.. Taz.. Christian.. Hell, you even killed Shock itself..... But there's one legend still standin'..

-[[ Orton looks interested.. Ready for this.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] At Body Count.. In a street fight...

-[[ Orton is completely focused on this.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] You take out Edge..

-[[ Orton nods.. Smiling.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Get it done.. And I'll see about excerisin' your rematch clause..

[ Randy Orton ] Jeff... You just made my day.

-[[ Orton begins to laugh evilly.. ]]-

Mike Awesome[for Lance Storm] versus John Cena
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Jimmy Cordaris

-[[ Mike Awesome and John Cena crash together in the middle of the ring and begin trading punches like crazy.. John Cena backs Awesome into the ropes and begins knee lifting him repeatedly and hoists him onto his shoulders.. For the F-U, but Mike Awesome slips out of it and hits the ropes... Lariat! John Cena goes down hard and Mike Awesome pulls him back to his feet.. He whips Cena into the ropes and catches him.. Spine buster! He covers him.. One! Two! Th-- Cena got a shoulder up! Mike Awesome pulls Cena back to his feet and whips him into the ropes.. But Cena reverses it and sends Awesome into the ropes... Awesome ducks a clothesline and Cena turns around.. Big boot! Cena goes down and Awesome pulls him back up.. Running Awesome Bomb! He covers Cena with one boot! One! Two! Three! Mike Awesome has destroyed ANOTHER competitor! ]]-

-[[ Lance Storm rolls into the ring, holding his crutches.. Awesome pulls Cena back to his feet.. And Lance Storm hops on one foot.. And blasts Cena right in the face with the crutch! John Cena drops like a ton of bricks and Lance hobbles over, standing over him.. And drives the crutch into Cena's throat! This is pathetic! John Cena has done nothing to deserve this! Storm raises Awesome's arm in victory with one hand.. And raises his crutch in the other. ]]-

Winner: Mike Awesome via Pin Fall

-[[ The Harris Brothers barge through the office door, each one holding Jim Cornette by one of his arms.. He's kicking and flailing and trying to get away from them but their grip is one of iron... They bring him to the desk where Vince Russo is sitting with a smug grin on his face..... Standing next to him a smaller, bald man that looks fairly intense.. Russo doesn't acknowledge him yet.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] 'Sup, Jimmy?

-[[ Cornette is furious. ]]-


-[[ Don Harris punches Cornette right in the mouth, shutting him up. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Ya' know, Jimmy.. Earlia' tonight.. Ya' boy, Edge.. He cost us big.

-[[ Cornette doesn't respond, he only spits blood on the ground.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] So.. I got one question for ya'....

-[[ Russo shrugs his shoulders, severely exaggerating the gesture. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Tha' fuck is Edge?

-[[ Russo laughs. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Where tha' FUCK....... Is Edge?

[ Jim Cornette ] I ain't tellin' you shit, boy!

-[[ Russo nods.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] I figya'ed as much... So that means.. Since I can't punish Edge..

-[[ He points at Cornette.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] I'm gonna punish YOUR ass.

-[[ He looks over at the man standing next to him.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] You know who this, Cornette?

[ Jim Cornette ] Fuck you!

[ Vince Russo ] ..Close.

-[[ Russo slaps the man on the shoulder.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Say ya' name..

-[[ The man doesn't hesitate. ]]-

[ Senshi ] ..Senshi.

-[[ Russo slaps the desk and laughs.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] You hear that shit? He's tiny like Rey Mysterio.. But he sounds like Darth fuckin' Vader!

-[[ Russo shakes his head.. Senshi pays no mind to the comment.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] I was gonna book Edge versus Senshi next week.. But.. That's shot to shit.

-[[ It dawns on Cornette.. ]]-

[ Jim Cornette ] You fuckin' bastard, you ain't doin' this to me--

-[[ Don Harris slugs Cornette again. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] You got it.. Next week.. Jim Cornette.. Versus Senshi!

-[[ Russo shakes his head, smiling.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] 'Til then...... Lights out.

-[[ Harris punches Cornette again and he goes down, unconscious. ]]-

Triple H versus Chris Jericho
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Charles Robinson

-[[ Triple H and Chris Jericho meet in the middle of the ring and stare each other down for a bit.. Chris Jericho smirks and slaps Triple H across the face.. Triple H turns his head, laughing a bit.. And then drills Chris Jericho right in the face with a big right hand! Jericho goes down and Triple H is on him quickly, yanking him up by his hair.. He whips Jericho into the ropes.. High knee! Jericho goes down and Triple H bounces off of the ropes and drops a knee across Jericho's throat! Triple H begins choking Jericho until the referee tells him to stop and Triple H releases it.. He pulls Jericho to his feet and whips him into the ropes again.. Triple H goes for a clothesline but Jericho ducks it and when Triple H turns around.. Enziguri! Triple H goes down and Jericho covers him! One! Two! Triple H kicked out! Jericho throws a fit and pulls Triple H to his feet.. He whips him into the ropes.. Drop kick! Triple H slowly pulls himself to his feet and as soon as he stands, Jericho hits him with.. The face buster! Jericho runs the ropes... LIONSAULT! Triple H gets the knees up! Jericho stands, doubled over and Triple H hits the ropes.. And drives Jericho's face into his knee! Jericho hits the ropes and bounces back at Triple H.. KICK WHAM PEDIGREE! Triple H covers him! One! Two! Three! Triple H has won the match! ]]-

Winners: Triple H via Pin Fall

-[[ Jillian Hall is walking through the backstage area with the SGW Gimmick Championship tucked under her arm.. You can tell she's trying not to act intimidated by the fact that she's going to have to defend the championship next week.. Against men.. The sudden presence of Shane Douglas visibly startles her.. ]]-

[ Shane Douglas ] WELL, WELL, WELL.. I'LL BE FUCKED!!

-[[ He laughs.. ]]-


-[[ Jillian Hall tries to walk away but he grabs her by the arm and pulls her back toward him.. ]]-


-[[ She stands quietly, defeated.. ]]-


-[[ She shakes her head. ]]-


-[[ A pause.. ]]-


-[[ She swallows hard.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] I... Don't know...

-[[ She looks ready to begin bawling.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] I don't know what I did wrong.. I just.. Don't know!

-[[ Suddenly, the screen is filled with one of the largest arms in the world.. ]]-

[ Scott Steiner ] I'll tell you what you did wrong, little girl! What you did wrong... Was pick up a man's championship.. In a man's world... And it's like I tell my freaks... If you put yourself in a man's position.. I'm gonna treat you.. LIKE A MAN!

-[[ Scott Steiner walks into the shot, flexing his muscles.. Jillian looks terrified.. ]]-

[ Scott Steiner ] Now.. What I see here.. Ain't a real woman.. The fact of the matter is.. You're soft, you're stupid.. And you're one week away.. From havin' your head knocked off.. By the BIG BAD.. BOOTY DADDY! HOLLER!

-[[ Shane Douglas laughs loudly.. Steiner continues.. ]]-

[ Scott Steiner ] Now.. I already got it mapped out in my head.. The Gimmick that this match will have... It's gonna be.. A FREAKS AND PEAKS MATCH.. And what that entails... 'Cause I know you're wonderin'.. Because you're a nosey, no good, big tittied bastard! Is we put a big damn bed in the middle of the ring.... And me and Midajah.. Give you a show.. You ain't never seen before.. A show that'll make your toes go numb and you'll scream.. BOOM.. SHAKA LAKAAAAAAA!

-[[ Steiner smirks and strokes his goatee.. ]]-

[ Scott Steiner ] And then.. I'll become.. The Solid Gold Wrestlin'... Gimmick Champion!

-[[ The Rock slides into the shot like Kramer of Seinfeld fame.. He stares Steiner right in the face.. ]]-

[ The Rock ] Whoa.. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, WHOA!

-[[ Steiner looks him up and down.. ]]-

[ The Rock ] Did the Rock hear Scott Steiner.. Just lay down a challenge.. To a woman?

-[[ Steiner nods.. ]]-

[ The Rock ] Well, the Rocks asks this... Are we restarting the Women's Division in SGW?

-[[ The Rock raises an eyebrow.. Steiner doesn't get it.. ]]-

[ The Rock ] Because the way the Rock sees it.. You two got somethin' in common...

-[[ Steiner listens.. ]]-

[ The Rock ] She ain't got testicles..... And.. Neither do you, ya' steroid abusin' son of a bitch!


-[[ Steiner and the Rock have a heated staredown... It looks like they might throw punches at any moment.. ]]-

[ Triple H ] Hold on just a minute..

-[[ Triple H walks into the shot, sweaty after his match with Jericho.. He gets right inbetween them.. ]]-

[ Triple H ] If anyone deserves a title shot.. It's me.

-[[ They both scoff. ]]-

[ Triple H ] And I don't care.. What I have to do to get it.. I don't care if the belt is held by a man, a woman, or an urn full of Taz's ashes.. Because the fact of the matter is this... Championship gold.. Is championship gold.. And championship gold.. Belongs around the waist.. of the Game..

[ Scott Steiner ] Fuck you, Triple H! I was here first--

[ Jillian Hall ] ..ENOUGH!

-[[ She stomps up between the three of them, visibly tinier than all three of them.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] I'm the champion.. And I'm also an authority figure here.. So..

-[[ She swallows hard.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] I'll defend against.. All of you!!

-[[ She stomps her foot, pissed. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] See you next week!!

-[[ She storms off.. The three men watch her leave and then Triple H speaks.. ]]-

[ Triple H ] Did she just... ?

[ Scott Steiner ] Crazy bitch.. Crazy fuckin' bitch. I like it.

[ The Rock ] You would.

-[[ Fade. ]]-

Chris Benoit(c) versus Simon Dean
Title on the Line: SGW Hardcore Championship
Stipulation: None
Referee: John Bradshaw Layfield

-[[ Chris Benoit refuses to hand the title off to Layfield and instead hands it off directly to the time keeper himself... Layfield smirks and calls for the bell.. Chris Benoit and Simon Dean meet in the center of the ring and Simon Dean throws a punch.. And Chris Benoit catches his arm.. Crossface! Simon Dean immediately begins tapping out but Layfield kicks Benoit in the face, yanks him up off of the mat, kicks him in the gut.... Power bomb! The Gymini run down to ringside and pull a table from underneath the ring and slide it underneath the bottom rope.. The fans are booing loudly.. They set the table up and Simon Dean pulls Chris Benoit to his feet...... SIMONYZER THROUGH THE TABLE! Simon Dean covers Benoit.. And Layfield gladly counts.. One! Two! Three! Simon Dean is the new hardcore champion! Layfield raises his arm and Dean is quickly hoisted in the air by the Gymini and paraded around the ring as the fans boo.. Chris Benoit has been screwed! ]]-

Winners & New Champion: Simon Dean via Pin Fall

-[[ Jeff Jarrett storms out onto the ramp as soon as the match is over.. He has a guitar slung over his shoulder.. He makes his way down to the ring and climbs inside.. Jarrett begins directing traffic and has Simon Dean and the Gymini hold up Chris Benoit.. John Bradshaw Layfield gets a few solid shots in on Benoit, busting him open over his eye and then Jarrett pushes Layfield aside.. And blasts him in the head with the guitar! Benoit goes limp and lays motionless in the splinters.. Jarrett raises the guitar's remains in the air and celebrates as the fans erupt in boos... Jarrett then calls for a microphone.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Alright.. Ya' served your purpose, ya' got a belt... Now get out o'my ring!

-[[ Dean, the Gymini, and Layfield leave up the ramp.. Jarrett continues speaking as the fans boo.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I'm out here for one reason and one reason only...

-[[ A pause.. ]]-


-[[ The fans erupt in cheers.... ]]-

-[[ A pause... ]]-

-[[ The glass shatters.. Huge pop.. Even Jarrett looks shocked at the volume.. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin stomps out onto the ramp looking pissed off.. He's got the United States championship hanging from one hand and the World Heavyweight championship hanging from the other.. Austin gets to the apron and then slings both titles over the top rope and rolls underneath the bottom and stands up.. He grabs the belts and slings each one over his shoulder... ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Cut his music off!! Cut it off NOW!!

-[[ Austin stares a hole straight through Jarrett.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Austin.. I ain't called you out here for a fight.. I only called out you out here for one thing.. And one thing only.. And that... Is about the championship belt ya' got in your hand right there...

-[[ Jarrett points at the United States championship.. Austin looks down at it.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] You know the rules, Rattlesnake... Only one championship per person..

-[[ Austin looks at the U.S. title and shrugs.. He holds it out for Jarrett to take.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] It's gonna be that easy?

-[[ Austin doesn't move.. Jarrett laughs and reaches out for the title belt and Austin moves it away from him.. Jarrett looks frustrated.. The fans are buzzing with anticipation now.. Austin calls for a microphone of his own.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] You want.. My belt?

-[[ Jarrett nods.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Well... Take it.

-[[ Jarrett looks skeptical.. Austin holds it out for him.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Come on... Take it.

-[[ Jarrett looks around at the fans.. They're cheering loudly.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] I ain't gonna bite, kid.

-[[ Jarrett puts his hand out and reaches for the belt.. And Austin drops it.. Jarrett takes a step back.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Well? Pick it up, you mealy mouthed bastard.

-[[ Jarrett licks his lips.. He moves quickly and grabs the belt.. He turns around, laughing.. And then Austin spins him around quickly.. Jarrett braces for the Stunner, but Austin only speaks.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Now that that's out o'the way.. Let's get down to brass tacks..

-[[ Jarrett looks a bit nervous now.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Now that I kicked Randy Orton's ass and ended your Golden Rule faster than a Brett Albers sexual encounter... Who am I facin'.... At the damn pay-per-view!?

-[[ Jarrett smiles, feeling cocky.. Like he has the upper hand now.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] That decision'll be reached later tonight, Steve... And as soon as I know.. YOU'LL KNOW! HA HA!

-[[ Austin shrugs.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Well.. In that case..

-[[ A pause.. KICK WHAM STUNNER ON JEFF JARRETT!! Austin gets down in Jarrett's face as the fans pop huge.. Austin goes turnbuckle to turnbuckle, celebrating and drinking beers as the fans cheer. ]]-

-[[ Fade. ]]-

Hour Two