Date: Sunday, May 21st, 2006 | Live From: Dallas, Texas | Commentators: Joey Styles & Don Callis

-[[ The show opens with a shot of the parking lot.. A limousine pulls up and stops.. There are a few fans in the general area that disperse in different directions when the driver's door opens.. He steps out and makes his way to the back.. He opens the back door up and......... Randy Orton steps out, wearing a suit.. "Cowboy" Bob Orton follows him out with a smug look on his face.. The few fans that are out there begin screaming at him, yelling obscenities at him.. Orton pays them no mind.... He just turns to his father.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Screw them..

"Cowboy" Bob nods.. ]]-

[ "Cowboy" Bob Orton ] You've never needed'em, son..

Randy stares straight ahead, like he's in a trance. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Dad...

[ "Cowboy" Bob Orton ] Yeah, son?

[ Randy Orton ] I'm scared..

"Cowboy" Bob looks shocked.. ]]-

[ "Cowboy" Bob Orton ] ..Scared, son?

A pause.. ]]-

[ "Cowboy" Bob Orton ] ....Of Edge?

Randy looks down.. His voice is faint.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Of.. What I might do..

A pause.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Ever since I arrived here in Solid Gold Wrestling, dad.. I've made.. Examples.. I've made my name.. Hell.. I haven't just made my name.. I've branded it right into the skin of Solid Gold Wrestling...... When people think of SGW legends like Taz.. And Val Venis...... When they watch Stroke.. The show I GAVE Jeff Jarrett.......

He looks up, eyes wide.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] They'll think of Randy Orton..... Legend killer..

"Cowboy" Bob nods.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] But.. Those legends.. Pale in comparison... To this one..

Bob licks his lips, listening intently.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Undefeated since returning to Solid Gold Wrestling.. Longest reigning tag team champion of all time... One of the greatest performers to ever step foot in a Solid Gold ring.... This is the one.. They will remember me by.. And to ensure my victory....

He looks back down, exhaling.. ]]-

Randy Orton ] I must take it further.. Than I ever have.. In the past..

A pause.. He clenches his fist and holds it at his waist.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] I must....... Kill..... Again..

He turns back to his father.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Come on, dad..

They begin to walk toward the building when they're stopped in their tracks by Ken Kennedy and the Big Show.... Orton looks Kennedy up and down, settling eye to eye.... Kennedy is the first to speak.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] Good luck tonight, champ.

Randy looks like the 'champ' comment burned him a bit.. But he stares Kennedy right back in the face.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Unlike you.. When you faced Edge and Christian..

Orton smirks.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] I won't need it.

He pushes past them.. Kennedy turns, watching them leave.. Surprised.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] But I thought we-- ......For Jarrett!

Orton doesn't even turn around.. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] ..For me.

He enters, leaving Kennedy and Show alone in the lot. ]]-

Pure Wrestling Invitational Battle Royal
Jerry Lynn
, Chris Jericho, Scott Steiner, Sting, Alex Shelley, Rob Van Dam,
AJ Styles
, Ultimo Dragon, Shawn Michaels, The Rock
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: Eliminations Occur via Pin Fall & Submission Only
Referees: Jimmy Cordaris, Scott James, Charles Robinson

-[[ The match begins with everyone in the ring.. The bell sounds and all of the superstars clash together in the middle of the ring and begin fighting it out.. Alex Shelley pairs off with The Rock.. Jerry Lynn and Sting begin fighting it out.. Shawn Michaels and Scott Steiner lock-up.. Rob Van Dam and AJ Styles exchange hammer locks.. The Ultimo Dragon and Chris Jericho tie up and fight against the ropes.. Alex Shelley whips the Rock into the ropes and throws a back elbow but the Rock ducks it and stands in front of Shelley.. Kick to the gut... He goes for a DDT but Shelley reverses it into a Northern Lights suplex! Shelley sits up and The Rock is already standing.. Shelley whips the Rock into the ropes and spin kicks him in the stomach, he catches the Rock around the neck.. SHELL-SHOCK! He covers him! One! Two! Three! Alex Shelley has drawn first blood! ]]-

[ Eliminated:
The Rock via Pin Fall ]

Scott Steiner pummels away at Shawn Michaels in the corner, doing everything he can to beat him into unconsciousness.. Alex Shelley joins Steiner in the corner and both men begin stomping away at Michaels... They pull Michaels out of the corner and whips him into the ropes.... They go for a double back drop but Michaels kicks Shelley in the chest and follows him into the ropes with a clothesline! Alex Shelley tumbles over the top rope and to the floor, but this is only a pin fall and submission battle royal! Shawn turns around and Steiner charges at him with a Steiner-Line! Shawn ducks it and Steiner turns around..... SWEET CHIN MUSIC! Shawn falls on top of him.... One! Two! Three! Scott Steiner is GONE! ]]-

[ Eliminated:
Scott Steiner via Pin Fall ]

Rob Van Dam and AJ Styles lock up and Van Dam backs AJ into the corner.. Van Dam breaks clean but AJ gives him a hard shove anyway.. Van Dam shoves him back and then floors him with a big right hand! Styles is right back up in Van Dam's face, nailing with him some big right hands.. AJ whips Van Dam into the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Van Dam ducks it and Styles turns around.. Spinning heel kick! Styles goes down and Van Dam hits the ropes...... ROLLING THUNDER! Van Dam stands up and walks right into-- SWEET CHIN MUSIC!! Michaels covers him! One! Two! Styles throws Michaels off of him and covers him himself! One! Two! Styles shoves off Michaels! Styles and Michaels begin yelling in each other's faces but as soon as they turn around, they get nailed by a double drop kick from Van Dam!! Styles and Michaels both go flying in different directions.. AJ Styles springs back up and walks right into a standing sidekick from Van Dam! Van Dam climbs the ropes.... FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH!! He covers Styles! One! Two! Three!! Styles is eliminated! ]]-

[ Eliminated: AJ Styles via Pin Fall ]

-[[ Chris Jericho forearms Ultimo Dragon in the head repeatedly and whips him into the ropes.. Jericho goes for a clothesline but the Dragon ducks it! Both men turn around and Dragon goes for a standing enziguri but Jericho ducks THAT and trips the Dragon up.. WALLS OF JERICHO! He turns him over and the Dragon is fighting to reach the ropes.. But Jericho drags him into the center of the ring!! The Ultimo Dragon has no choice.. But to tap out!! The Dragon is out of there!! ]]-

[ Eliminated: Ultimo Dragon via Submission ]

-[[ Sting whips Jerry Lynn into the ropes and follows him in.. STINGER SPLASH!! Jerry Lynn staggers out of the corner and Sting kicks him in the gut and goes for a vertical suplex but Jerry Lynn slips out behind him and pushes him forward into the ropes.. He yanks him back into a cradle pin but Sting rolls through.. One! Two! Th-- Lynn kicked out with force! Lynn and Sting both stand up and face.. They stare each other down for a bit and Lynn chops Sting across the chest! Sting flexes his muscles and howls! He begins kicking and chopping Jerry Lynn! He backs Lynn against the ropes and Lynn throws a stray punch but Sting ducks it and hooks him from behind.. STINGER DEATH DROP! NO! LYNN SPINS OUT OF IT!! He knee lifts Sting in the gut and hooks him....... CRADLE TO THE GRAVE!! He covers him and hooks the leg.. ONE! TWO! THREE! Jerry Lynn has taken out STING! ]]-

[ Eliminated: Sting via Pin Fall ]

-[[ Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho begin slugging at each other back and forth.. Michaels ducks a stray punch from Jericho and when Jericho turns around, Michaels nails him with the Sweet Chin Music! Jericho staggers back into a wheelbarrow pin from Alex Shelley! One! Two! Three! ]]-

[ Eliminated: Chris Jericho via Pin Fall ]

-[[ Shawn Michaels looks pissed that Shelley stole his pin but Shelley pushes Shawn Michaels backward into a small package from Jerry Lynn! One! Two! Three!! Jerry Lynn just surprised Shawn Michaels with the elimination! ]]-

[ Eliminated: Shawn Michaels via Pin Fall ]

-[[ Shawn Michaels springs back up, looking pissed.. He throws a super kick at Lynn but Lynn ducks and the shot hits.. Rob Van Dam! Alex Shelley and Jerry Lynn both turn and dump Shawn Michaels out of the ring and Alex Shelley kicks Lynn in the gut.. SHELL-SHOCK! And then he covers Rob Van Dam! One! Two! Three! Alex Shelley has pinned Van Dam! ]]-

[ Eliminated: Rob Van Dam via Pin Fall ]

-[[ Alex Shelley rolls over and covers Jerry Lynn.... One...... Two....... Thre- NO! Jerry Lynn got a shoulder up!! Alex Shelley can't believe it!! Shelley pulls Lynn to his feet and whips him into the ropes.. He goes for a clothesline but Lynn ducks it.. Shelley turns around.. Drop kick to the knee!! Shelley goes down to one knee and Jerry Lynn pulls him up and puts his head between his legs..... CRADLE PILEDRIV-- NO!! Alex Shelley locks his legs and back drops Lynn over him.. Lynn is quickly up and Shelley nails him with a standing enziguri kick! Lynn staggers back into the ropes and Shelley nails him with a short arm lariat! He covers him and hooks the leg.. One! Two! Thr-- No! Jerry Lynn got a shoulder up!! Alex Shelley can't believe it.. And then.. The fans begin booing loudly.. Vince Russo is making his way down to the ring with a baseball bat in his hand... He wanders down near the apron and the referees all begin trying to tell him to leave ringside, but as they're distracted, Russo flings Alex Shelley the baseball bat.. Alex Shelley hides it underneath his body as best he can.. Jerry Lynn staggers up and wanders over.. He grabs Shelley by the hair.. And Shelley turns around and BLASTS Jerry Lynn in the face with the baseball bat!! Jerry Lynn goes down and Shelley throws the bat out of the ring.. He covers Lynn... One...... Two........ THREE!! What a crock of shit!! What.. A crock.. Of SHIT! THIS IS PURE WRESTLING!? ]]-

Winner: Alex Shelley via Pin Fall

-[[ We cut backstage where we see Lance Storm standing inside of a dressing room with the SGW Television Championship around his waist.. Mike Awesome and Elix Skipper are wandering around the room.. Jeff Jarrett is pointing his finger in the face of referee, Nick Patrick.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] You just listen good.. I fired your ass, but I allowed ya' to stay.. With the main condition bein'.. That ya' stop messin' up the stuff that me and my crew put together....

[ Nick Patrick ] Yes, Mister Jarrett.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Tonight.. Ya' got a very special role...

Nick Patrick listens intently.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] And I think ya' know what that is, right?

[ Nick Patrick ] Yes, sir.

Jarrett smiles.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I know how Austin is.. He's gonna do somethin' stupid.. And I want you on hand to make sure that that match don't get out o'hand, ya' hear?

Nick Patrick nods.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] You just make sure.. That when the time comes.. You do the right thing.

[ Nick Patrick ] I understand, sir.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Good.. Now, get the hell out o'here.

Nick Patrick scurries out of the room.. Jarrett turns to Storm.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] That settles it.. They ain't no way Austin is leavin' Body Count with that damn belt around his waist..

Lance Storm steps up, standing next to Jarrett.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] In all due respect, Mister Jarrett.. Very rarely does Steve Austin ever appear with the championship.. Around his waist.

Jarrett just stares at him.. ]]-

Jeff Jarrett ] Just take it from him, Storm.. Don't let me down.

[ Lance Storm ] I promise you, Jeff.. Unlike Randy Orton, I will not fail in my endeavor.

Storm's voice is dead serious.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] I've been far too long without a world championship belt around my waist.. And this one.. The Solid Gold Wrestling.. World.. Heavyweight.. Championship.. Will be the perfect fit.

A pause.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] I will defeat Steve Austin.. And restore glory to its name.

Storm smirks.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] I doubt the arrangements you've made will even be necessary.

Storm looks at a clock on the wall.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] I must depart.. To prepare for my match.. And my impending victory.

Jarrett looks at Storm with a cocky smile. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Good luck.... Champ.

He winks.. Storm turns and walks out of the room with Mike Awesome and Elix Skipper following him.. As the door is shut behind them, they walk right into Steve Austin with the SGW World Championship slung over his shoulder.. Austin and Storm stare each other down... Mike Awesome begins to yell. ]]-

Mike Awesome ] FUCK YOU, YOU GOD DAMN--

Storm puts his hand up.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] No, Mike.... Save it.

He looks at Austin with a sly grin.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] ..For the celebration.

Storm, Awesome, and Skipper walk away, leaving Austin alone.. Austin is almost shaking with anger.. ]]-

Tommy Dreamer versus The Undertaker
Title on the Line: Hardcore Rules
Stipulation: Number One Contendership - Hardcore Championship
Referee: Nick Patrick

-[[ Tommy Dreamer attacks the Undertaker with a trash can lid as soon as he goes to step over the top rope.. Dreamer pummels him with it over and over until it's bent and folded to the point that it doesn't even look like a lid anymore.. The Undertaker no-sells it and Dreamer begins forearming him repeatedly in the head and back.. The Undertaker shoves him backward and advances on him, shoving him backward into the turnbuckles.. The Undertaker begins punching away at him, slugging him in the gut and face repeatedly.. He tosses Dreamer out of the turnbuckle and Dreamer goes down face first.. The Undertaker pulls him up off of the mat and Dreamer throws a wild punch but Undertaker ducks it and grabs Dreamer around the throat..... CHOKE SLAM!! The Undertaker covers him.. One! Two! Thre-- NO! Tommy Dreamer got a shoulder up! The Undertaker yanks Dreamer up off of the mat again and whips him into the ropes.. He follows him in.. Clothesline over the top! Dreamer falls hard to the outside.. The Undertaker follows him out and grabs Dreamer by the hair.. He slams him face first into the ring apron and then GOOZLES him again....... CHOKE SLAM ONTO THE FLOOR! The Undertaker covers him.. One! Two! Thre-- Dreamer got a shoulder up again! The Undertaker can't believe it.. Undertaker reaches underneath the ring and pulls out.. A table! He sets it up and grabs Dreamer.. Dreamer is fishing for something underneath the ring and he hides it underneath his shirt as the Undertaker throws him onto the apron.. The Undertaker follows him and drags his thumb across his throat.. And he lifts Dreamer for the TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER! He's going to tombstone him off of the apron and through that table! But Dreamer fights it and reveals what he was hiding underneath his shirt....... IT'S THE TAZ URN! Almost as if the Undertaker senses its presence, he drops Dreamer on the apron and Dreamer holds it up.. The Undertaker doesn't know what to think.. And Dreamer blasts him in the forehead with it! He hits him again! "SUH-VIVE, FUCKEEEERRRRR!!!! SG-FUCKIN'-W!!!" and he scoops up the Undertaker.. AND TOMBSTONES HIM OFF OF THE APRON AND THROUGH THE TABLE!!! Both men lay motionless for a moment.... And Dreamer clutches the urn.. And throws his arm over the Undertaker..... One......... Two.......... Three! Tommy Dreamer is the number one contender to the Hardcore Championship! ]]-

[ Gary Michael Capetta ] The winner of the match.. And number one contender to the SGW Hardcore Championship...... "THE HUMAN SUPLEX MACHINE" ......TAZ!!

-[[ Tommy Dreamer looks down at the urn.. He covered the Undertaker with Taz's urn!! TAZ IS THE NUMBER ONE CONTENDER TO THE HARDCORE CHAMPIONSHIP!! Tommy Dreamer stares at the urn and looks shocked.. Dreamer looks slightly annoyed and then... He gives in and admits to himself that Taz deserves it and raises the urn in the air to a huge pop..... But.. How the hell can Taz.. Have a match for the championship!? ]]-

Winner: Taz's Remains via Pin Fall

-[[ The Sandman cracks a beer open and takes a drink.. He looks around the backstage area with a smug look on his face.. His Singapore cane hangs loosely from his other hand as he makes his way through the backstage area.. The SGW Hardcore Championship is strapped around his waist.. Sandman drains the beer and tosses the can aside.. One of the production crew runs over to clean it up but the Sandman cracks his wrist with the Singapore cane.. The man screams in pain and the Sandman gives him a hard look.. ]]-

[ The Sandman ] You leave that fuckin' can.. Right where it is.

-[[ The man nods timidly and takes off, clutching his wrist.. ]]-

[ The Sandman ] Fuckin' piece of shit.

-[[ The Sandman continues walking until he sees.. Jillian Hall.. ]]-

[ The Sandman ] Hey...

-[[ She busy scribbling something down on a clipboard.. She doesn't pay attention.. ]]-

[ The Sandman ] Hey, bitch.

-[[ Still, nothing.. He slaps the clipboard out of her hand.. She looks up at him, annoyed. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] ..What?

-[[ The Sandman lights up a cigarette right in her face.. ]]-

[ The Sandman ] I said.... Hey...

-[[ A pause.. ]]-

[ The Sandman ] ........Bitch.

-[[ She smiles, running her hand through her hair.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] You know.. Sandman.. Despite what Jarrett's said.. And done to me..

-[[ She leans in real close, whispering.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] I'm still YOUR boss.

-[[ She winks. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] So... You might want to choose your words more carefully.

-[[ The Sandman looks around.. ]]-

[ The Sandman ] ...Aiight..

-[[ He leans in to HER real closely now.. ]]-

[ The Sandman ] ...Fuck you.. Bitch?

-[[ He blows smoke in her face.. She coughs, waving her hand in front of her face.. ]]-

[ The Sandman ] Nice tits, by the way.

-[[ He turns to walk away from her. ]]-

[ The Sandman ] ..Cunt.

-[[ Once he's completed his turn, he finds himself face to face with Triple H.. Triple H has the SGW Gimmick Championship around his waist.. And a sledgehammer in his hand... Triple H smiles smugly in the Sandman's face.. The Sandman looks him up and down and takes a drag from his cigarette.. ]]-

[ The Sandman ] ..Fuck you, asshole.

-[[ Triple H laughs.. ]]-

[ Triple H ] That talk may amuse the little girl behind you... But..

-[[ He looks down, wipes his nose.. Then looks back up at Sandman.. ]]-

[ Triple H ] ..Not me.

-[[ Triple H looks down at the sledgehammer in his hand.. ]]-

[ Triple H ] ..But.. I got good news for ya'..

-[[ The Sandman blows smoke in his face.. ]]-

[ The Sandman ] You're gonna blow your own fuckin' brains out?

-[[ Triple H mobs up in Sandman's face, breathing heavily.. ]]-

[ Triple H ] I'll blow out yours if you disrespect me again.. Do you understand me?

-[[ Triple H doesn't wait for a response.. ]]-

[ Triple H ] The news is.. You're in my line of sight..

-[[ He raises the sledgehammer up to eye level.. ]]-

[ Triple H ] I don't usually request matches with people like you.. But you've got a championship belt.. That means I've got something to prove.. That means I have to show the world.. My superiority.. That the hardcore division.. Is below me.. That's the good news.... Sooner.. Rather than later... You could get to come up to my level.. For one night only!

-[[ They hear him screaming before he's near them.. Rhino charges up to the two of them.. ]]-


-[[ Rhino yanks at his hair, breathing heavily.. ]]-

[ Rhino ] If you want to fight a man that represents this entire fucking decision.. LOOK NO FURTHER!!

-[[ The Sandman looks at Rhino like he's an idiot.. ]]-

[ Rhino ] Because after tonight.. I finally get my due! I get my belt!! I become.. The Hardcore fucking CHAMPION!!

-[[ Sandman rolls his eyes and casually blasts Rhino in the head with the cane! Rhino staggers backward, holding his head.. The Sandman laughs so hard that his cigarette spits out of his mouth and hits Triple H in the chest.. Triple H looks down where the cigarette hit and then back up at Sandman.. Sandman doesn't realize what's happened..... And he blasts the Sandman right in the head with the sledgehammer!! The Sandman staggers backward into the wall and drunkenly steps back out toward Triple H.. And gets GORED DOWN!! Triple H and Rhino begin putting the boots to Sandman and leave him laying in the floor... Rhino staggers out of the shot, holding his forehead and yanking at his hair.. Triple H smiles, staring down at the Sandman... And then he turns and sees someone watching him from a few feet down the hallway... John Cena.. Triple H stares at him... He holds up his sledgehammer and smiles.. Cena just shakes his head.. ]]-

[ John Cena ] Not here.. Not now..

-[[ A pause.. ]]-

[ John Cena ] Because if I do to you here.. What I wanna do to you in the ring..

-[[ Cena is dead serious.. ]]-

[ John Cena ] I'ma get arrested.

-[[ He begins backing away.. ]]-

[ John Cena ] I'll see you later tonight, dawg.

-[[ He makes the title belt motion around his waist.. Triple H can only watch. ]]-

Matt Hardy versus Ken Kennedy
Title on the Line: SGW United States Championship
Stipulation: None
Referee: Scott James

-[[ Matt Hardy and Ken Kennedy stand across the ring from each other.. There's no love lost here.. A feud that began as an offshoot of the short-lived Golden Rule take-over has continued and escalated to being a personal issue between these two competitors.. The bell sounds and the two men meet in the center of the ring.. Ken Kennedy offers his hand to shake with a cocky smile on his face.. Matt Hardy looks down at Kennedy's hand and smiles himself.. And then slaps Ken Kennedy right across the face.. Kennedy begins laughing and throws a punch out of nowhere but Hardy counters it and begins punching away at Kennedy's head! He backs Kennedy into the ropes and begins slugging away at him and driving knees into his gut! He whips Kennedy into the opposite turnbuckle and charges in after him and floors him with a big splash in the corner! Kennedy staggers out and Matt Hardy kicks him in the gut and goes for the Twist of Fate but Kennedy spins out of it and shoves Hardy forward into the ropes! Hardy comes bouncing back at him and Kennedy goes for a heel kick but Hardy ducks it and sizes Kennedy up as he stands..... SIDE EFFECT! Hardy covers him! One! Two! Kennedy kicked out with force! Hardy pulls Kennedy back to his feet and whips him into the ropes again... He goes a clothesline but Kennedy ducks it and executes a go behind.. He nails Hardy with a German suplex and waits for Hardy to stagger back to his feet.... And then drops him with a heel kick! Kennedy covers him and hooks both legs.. One! Two! Hardy kicked out! Kennedy pulls Hardy back to his feet and whips him into the turnbuckle.. Kennedy follows him in drives a knee into his face.. Kennedy hooks Hardy around the waist and lifts him into a sitting position on the top rope.. Kennedy follows him up to go for the Plunge but Hardy punches Kennedy in the gut and sends him crashing back down to the mat...... In the perfect position! Hardy yells.... And readies himself to jump for the leg drop! But The Big Show grabs Hardy's ankle! Ken Kennedy springs up and follows Hardy up the ropes and grabs him..... GREEEEEEEEN BAY PLUNGE!!! He got ALL of it!! Kennedy covers him!! ONE!! TWO!! THRE-- NO!!! HARDY KICKED OUT!! Ken Kennedy can't believe it!! Kennedy begins furiously punching away at Hardy's head, trying to knock him out but Hardy gets his hands up and begins blocking it... Kennedy pulls Hardy back to his feet and whips him into the ropes.. He goes for a clothesline and Hardy ducks it.. He spins Kennedy around and goes for the Twist of Fate but Kennedy pushes him off and Hardy crashes into Scott James, sending him to the mat!! Hardy turns around quickly and catches Kennedy charging up on him.. KICK WHAM.. TWIST OF FATE!! Hardy covers him!! No referee!! The Big Show rolls inside the ring and pulls Hardy off of Kennedy.. And slings him like a missile through the middle and top turnbuckles, slamming him shoulder first into the ring post! Big Show pulls him out and GOOZLES HIM! He lifts him high in the air for the choke slam...... And here comes RAVEN!! The Big Show sees Raven stomping down to the ring with a chair in his hand.. Big Show drops Hardy and rolls out of the ring... Raven slides inside and Hardy looks up at Raven, clutching his shoulder.. Raven drops the chair and extends his hand.. He helps Hardy to his feet........ AND EVENFLOWS HIM ONTO THE CHAIR!! Raven stands up, striking the cross pose and rolls out of the ring.. Ken Kennedy slowly pulls himself to his feet, using the ropes... He staggers over and drops to one knee just before he gets to Hardy.. And then he slumps over and throws an arm over him...... The referee comes to........ One............. Two.............. THRE-- NO! NO!! NO!! Hardy got a shoulder up!! Ken Kennedy sits up, looking astonished.. He stands up, wanders around the ring in a circle and homes back in on Hardy.. He reaches down to take him by the hair.. And Hardy small packages him! One! Two! Three! MATT HARDY HAS OVERCOME THE ODDS TO WIN THE CHAMPIONSHIP BELT!! ]]-

Winner & New Champion: Matt Hardy via Pin Fall

-[[ Edge runs his hands through his hair.. He doesn't appear worried. ]]-

[ Edge ] Christian isn't here yet..

Trish Stratus, Jim Cornette, and Tyson Tomko are all in the room, looking worse for wear than the competitor himself... Edge turns toward them, rubbing his hands together.. ]]-

[ Edge ] His plane got delayed.. No big deal.

Edge shrugs.. ]]-

[ Edge ] I don't need'im..

They all stare at him.. He smirks.. ]]-

[ Edge ] ..For this match, obviously.

Jim Cornette props his tennis racket on his shoulder and adjusts his glasses with his other hand.. He's excited but a bit more solemn than usual.. He recognizes the ramifications of this match.. ]]-

[ Jim Cornette ] Edge.. Now, you just get in there and get the job done.. Don't you go and try nothin' fancy, now, ya' hear me? We can't go gettin' you injured too..

[ Edge ] Don't worry about a thing, Jim.. I just hoped Christian could have made it here tonight.. So he could see me take out Randy Orton.. Once and for all.. He deserves that much.

Trish walks up and puts her hand on Edge's shoulder.. ]]-

[ Trish Stratus ] He's here..

[ Tyson Tomko ] ...Where.

[ Trish Stratus ] Not physically, Tomko.. Here.

She points to her chest.. ]]-

[ Jim Cornette ] In your tits?

She scowls.. ]]-

[ Trish Stratus ] Heart.. In our hearts!

[ Tyson Tomko ] Cheesy.

She shakes her head.. ]]-

[ Trish Stratus ] ..Idiot.

[ Edge ] Yeah.. Whatever.. Enough about him..

This seems to surprise the others.. ]]-

[ Edge ] He's not here... I am.

He smiles.. ]]-

[ Edge ] Christian's my brother.. I love him.. But there's a bigger matter at hand.. And that matter is Randy Orton claiming he's going to end my life to make some kind of example.. And quite frankly, that's just not going to happen..

Trish Stratus ] We're there for you.. Just tell us what we need to do.

[ Edge ] That's simple.. Stay out of it.

[ Trish Stratus ] But..

[ Edge ] But nothing.. This is between Randy Orton and myself.. And because of what he did to Christian, I'm taking him out alone.. He doesn't have back-up anymore.. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin saw to that.. It's just two men doing battle for something they believe in.. He believes in killing legends.....

His smile grows wider.. ]]-

[ Edge ] ..Great.

His eyes darken.. ]]-

[ Edge ] Because I believe in killing careers.

He laughs out loud.. ]]-

[ Edge ] Believe me, I should know.. I've killed enough of them!

Silence from the Christian Coalition.. ]]-

[ Edge ] Orton says this isn't for Jarrett, it's for him.. Well, this IS for Christian.. But in that same vein....... It's for me.. It's for ME! ME! ME! And nothing is going to stop me from killing.. The Legend.. Killer!!

Edge looks up, toward the heavens.. ]]-

[ Edge ] Thank me later, baby brother.

Fade. ]]-

HOUR 2 ->