Date: Sunday, May 21st, 2006 | Live From: Dallas, Texas | Commentators: Joey Styles & Don Callis

-[[ Vince Russo is laughing it up.. His baseball bat is clutched firmly in his hand.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Fuck pure wrestlin'!

-[[ Alex Shelley is holding a camera, filming Russo as he rambles.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] I told them mutha' fuckers.. I told'em straight up.. I don't want that SHIT in Solid Gold!

[ Alex Shelley ] Indeed you did, Mister Russo!

[ Vince Russo ] It ain't about mat wrestlin'.. It's about enta'taaaainment..

-[[ He turns to Shelley's camera and raises an eyebrow.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Am I right or am I fuckin' right?

[ Alex Shelley ] Of course you're right.. It's been that way since Hogan--

[ Vince Russo ] Fuck Hulk Hogan!

[ Alex Shelley ] Did I say Hogan? I meant since the Attitude Era!

[ Vince Russo ] That's more fuckin' like it.

-[[ Russo smiles, raising the bat up and looking at it.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Solid Gold needs more guys like you.. Guys that are hungry and'll do whateva' they gotta do to get ahead in this business.. Guys that give a shit about more than this bullshit competition.. Guys.. That want fuckin' powa'!

-[[ Alex Shelley moves his face away from his camera, smiling.. ]]-

[ Alex Shelley ] That's what I'm all about!

-[[ Russo points at him, almost laughing. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] ..I know!

-[[ The dressing room flies open and Shelley and Russo both turn toward the door and find themselves confronted by.. ]]-

[ Alex Shelley ] ...Jerry Lynn!?

-[[ Lynn punches the camera straight into Alex Shelley's eye, sending him flying back into the wall! Vince Russo runs at Lynn with his baseball bat and Lynn catches Russo's wrist and squeezes until he drops the bat.. Lynn knees Russo in the gut and pie faces him to the floor... Russo stares up at Lynn with a surprised look on his face.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] ....FUCK!

-[[ Alex Shelley shakes his head, touching his eye gently with his hand.. Jerry Lynn walks over and grabs the camera Alex Shelley was using.. He holds it in Russo's face.. ]]-

[ Jerry Lynn ] ..IS THIS WRESTLING!?

-[[ Russo doesn't know what to say.. ]]-

[ Jerry Lynn ] ANSWER ME!!

[ Vince Russo ] ....Shit.. You're a god damn maniac!!

-[[ Alex Shelley starts to get back on his feet and Lynn NAILS HIM with the camera! Shelley lays back down, clutching his face.. Lynn turns back to Russo and holds it in his face once more.. ]]-

[ Jerry Lynn ] IS IT!?

[ Vince Russo ] Nobody gives a shit about you, Lynn.. You vanilla midget!!

[ Jerry Lynn ] Look at what you're doing, Russo.. Look!

-[[ Jerry Lynn picks up the bat he discarded earlier.. ]]-

[ Jerry Lynn ] This isn't wrestling.. This is bullshit!!

-[[ He drops the camera on the floor in front of Russo.. ]]-

[ Jerry Lynn ] You're tainting Solid Gold Wrestling.. And by doing that.. You're tainting our entire business!!

-[[ He raises the bat.. Russo shrieks.. ]]-


-[[ He brings the bat down on Shelley's camera.. ]]-


-[[ He smashes the camera again.. ]]-


-[[ He throws the bat down.. ]]-

[ Jerry Lynn ] I won't stand for it!!

-[[ He raises his arms in the air.. ]]-

[ Jerry Lynn ] ..I'M JERRY LYNN, BITCH!!

-[[ And then he points at Russo.. ]]-


-[[ Jerry Lynn storms out of the room, breathing heavily.. Vince Russo remains sitting.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Shit... Shit... God damn maniac.. God damn maniac!!

-[[ Alex Shelley sits up, palming his eye.. ]]-

[ Alex Shelley ] ...My fucking eye! ..Dick!

-[[ Fade. ]]-

Raven(c) versus Kurt Angle
Title on the Line: SGW Intercontinental Championship
Stipulation: None
Referee: John Bradshaw Layfield

-[[ Raven and Kurt Angle have a staredown in the middle of the ring as John Bradshaw Layfield looks on from a corner in the ring.. Raven throws a punch to start the match and Angle immediately ducks it and catches Raven with a release German suplex! Raven sits up slowly, clutching his back.. Kurt Angle begins sizing him up and when Raven stands, Angle makes a dive for his legs, trying to take him down but Raven sidesteps it and drops down on top of Angle's back with his knee.. Raven begins pummeling Angle in the back of the head with closed fists and Layfield begins warning to open them up.. Raven yells at Layfield to disqualify him but instead.. Layfield BIG BOOTS Raven right in the side of the head!! Angle stands up, shaking his head and covers Raven.. ONETWOTHR-- Raven barely got a shoulder up!! Layfield is fast counting him!! Angle pulls Raven up off of the mat and lifts him up for a high vertical suplex but Raven slips out of it and ends up behind Angle.. He spins him around.... EVEN FLOW!! Raven covers him!! O..... N.......E.......... T.......W.....-- Angle got a shoulder up! Raven looks at Layfield in disgust, knowing he's being screwed over big time.. Raven pulls Angle back to his feet and whips him into the ropes.. Raven nails him with a knee lift to the gut and immediately veers to the side.. And begins pummeling Layfield with lefts and rights!! Raven beats Layfield down in the corner and whips him into the opposite side!! Raven follows him in and nails him with a sickening clothesline!! Followed immediately by a BULLDOG!! Raven rolls out of the ring and grabs the ring bell!! He rolls back inside and Kurt Angle charges at him and Raven ducks a clothesline and as soon as Angle turns around...... BELL SHOT!! Angle goes down with blood drizzling out of a wound in his forehead!! Raven advances on Layfield and raises the bell in the air but as soon as he prepares to bring it down.. Orlando Jordan nails Raven from behind!! Orlando begins beating down on him repeatedly but Raven kicks backward into Orlando's groin and spins around..... EVENFLOW ON ORLANDO!! Raven stands up, yelling and striking the cross pose.. And he's nailed with.. THE MONEY CLIP FROM SHELTON BENJAMIN!! Raven staggers backward.... GERMAN SUPLEX FROM CHARLIE HAAS!! Layfield begins directing traffic for Team Angle and they all three begin beating down on Raven, leaving him a bloody mess!! And here comes Stevie Richards, the Blue Meanie, and Perry Saturn!! They all three slide in the ring and pair off!! The Blue Meanie tackles Shelton Benjamin through the ropes and they tumble to the outside!! Charlie Haas and Stevie Richards duke it out until Richards ducks a punch and hits Charlie with the STEVIE-KICK! Charlie falls to the outside and Stevie follows him.. Layfield and Saturn trade punches like crazy and Saturn ducks a punch and lifts Layfield up high for the DEATH VALLEY DRIVER but Layfield slips out of it and pushes Saturn into the ropes....... CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!! And Layfield turns around.. And gets a face full of powder from ALEXIS LAREE!! Layfield spins around, he can't see anything!! Raven staggers back to his feet and Kurt Angle charges up behind him..... ANGLE SLAM!!!!! Kurt Angle covers Raven... "COUNT IT, LAYFIELD!! HE'S FINISHED!! IT'S TRUE!! IT'S DAMN TRUE!!" Layfield staggers around, completely blind... CRACK! CHAIRSHOT ON KURT ANGLE!! .......FROM MATT HARDY!?! Hardy pulls Raven on top of Angle and Layfield drops to one knee and begins counting...... One........ Two.......... Three! LAYFIELD THINKS HE COUNTED THE THREE FOR ANGLE!! RAVEN IS STILL THE CHAMPION!! Layfield wipes his eyes and gets them cleared out just in time to see Raven celebrate with the championship by raising it in the air.. And Layfield charges at him but Raven ducks a clothesline.. KICK WHAM EVENFLOW!! And Raven turns around........ KICK WHAM TWIST OF FATE FROM HARDY!! The ring and surrounding area is a wasteland of human bodies!! And Matt Hardy is the last.. Man.. Standing!! ]]-

Winner & Still Champion: Raven via Pin Fall

-[[ Shawn Michaels is walking through the backstage area, looking disappointed after his showing in the Pure Wrestling Battle Royal.. He stops by the catering table and grabs a bottle of water... Before he can even take a drink of it, Chris Jericho storms up and slaps the bottle out of his hand... Shawn shrugs and looks at Jericho.. ]]-

[ Shawn Michaels ] ..Problem?

-[[ Jericho nods, looking pissed off. ]]-

[ Chris Jericho ] I bet you thought that was real funny, huh?

-[[ Shawn looks around, confused.. ]]-

[ Shawn Michaels ] ..Funny? What the hell are you talkin' about, kid?

-[[ This appears to infuriate Jericho even more.. ]]-

[ Chris Jericho ] You know damn well what I'm talking about, jerky!!

-[[ Shawn looks around again, smiling uneasily.. ]]-

[ Shawn Michaels ] I'm not following.

[ Chris Jericho ] The battle royal, ass hat.. What you did to me!!

-[[ Shawn puts his hands on his hips.. ]]-

[ Shawn Michaels ] And what was that?

-[[ Jericho sighs, pissed that he has to explain it.. ]]-

[ Chris Jericho ] You cost me the match.. With that RI-COCK-ULOUS super kick!!

-[[ Shawn almost laughs out loud.. ]]-

[ Shawn Michaels ] Get out o'my face with that.. It was a match.

[ Chris Jericho ] Yeah, a match I had WON until you got involved..

[ Shawn Michaels ] What's wrong with you? Are you mental?

-[[ Shawn puts his hand on Jericho's shoulder.. Jericho immediately slaps it away.. ]]-

[ Shawn Michaels ] If it makes ya' feel any better.. I lost too.

-[[ He shrugs.. ]]-

[ Shawn Michaels ] And... I ain't bitchin' about it.

[ Chris Jericho ] Of course you're not.. You're used to being a complete loser.. In AND out of the ring!!

-[[ Shawn gets up in Jericho's face.. The two of them just stand there for a second.. ]]-

[ Shawn Michaels ] You know, little man.. You're about one second.. From me kicking your teeth right down your throat..

-[[ A pause.. ]]-

[ Shawn Michaels ] ..Again!

-[[ Jericho laughs.. ]]-

[ Chris Jericho ] One on one.. You can't touch me.

[ Shawn Michaels ] Oh, I don't want to touch you.. I want to kick.. Your.. Ass!

-[[ A voice is heard from off-camera.. ]]-

[ Christopher Daniels ] ..Gentlemen, please..

-[[ Christopher Daniels walks into the shot, smiling.. Michaels and Jericho both don't know what to think.. ]]-

[ Christopher Daniels ] Do not concern yourselves with which of you two is better than the other..

-[[ He presents himself.. ]]-

[ Christopher Daniels ] For your better.. Stands before you.

[ Chris Jericho ] The hell is that supposed to be mean, ass clown?

-[[ Michaels doesn't say a word.. ]]-

[ Christopher Daniels ] Take it for what you will.. But I'd rather you take it....

-[[ A pause.. He smiles.. ]]-

[ Christopher Daniels ] As a challenge.

-[[ He nods to each of them.. ]]-

[ Christopher Daniels ] Gentlemen.

-[[ He walks off, leaving Michaels and Jericho to themselves.. ]]-

[ Shawn Michaels ] Ya' know, Jericho.. I got a feelin' that guy..

-[[ He flips his hair back.. ]]-

[ Shawn Michaels ] Is gonna get one HELL.. Of a rude awakening.

-[[ Fade. ]]-

Triple H(c) versus John Cena
Title on the Line: SGW Gimmick Championship
Stipulation: Sledgehammer on a Pole
Referee: Scott James

-[[ Triple H nails John Cena from behind as he makes his entrance.. Triple H has the Gimmick Championship around his waist.. Triple H continuously nails Cena from behind, forcing him to roll down the ramp.. Triple H grabs him by his shorts and slings him inside of the ring.. Triple H follows him in and whips him into the ropes.. He goes for a high knee but John Cena sidesteps it and bounces off of the ropes himself.. And he floors Triple H with a flying shoulder block!! John Cena stands up, yelling and waving his hands around, getting the fans behind him and Triple H staggers back up and Cena catches him.. TILT-A-WHIRL SIDE SLAM! John Cena springs back up and leans down in Triple H's face..... "YOU CAN'T.. SEE.. ME!!" He bounces off of the ropes..... FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE!! The impact sends Triple H flying back up to his feet where he staggers into....... THE F-U!! Triple H slips out of it and ends up behind Cena...... KICK WHAM PEDI- NO! John Cena backdrops Triple H out of it!! Triple H stands up quickly and John Cena catches him..... F-U AGAIN! But Triple H slips out of that one and spins Cena around.... Cena deflects a big right hand and kicks Triple H in the gut.... SPINE BUSTER!! He flips Triple H over...... STFU!! He locks it in!! Triple H is fighting for the ropes even though a finish can not be registered until the sledgehammer is brought into play!! John Cena finally releases the hold and begins climbing the turnbuckle where the sledgehammer is hanging.. He grips the handle but Triple H comes up behind him and hooks him..... POWER BOMB ON JOHN CENA!! Triple H wipes the hair out of his eyes and begins climbing himself.... He grabs the sledgehammer and unhooks it.. John Cena staggers back to his feet and Triple H dives off of the top rope with the sledgehammer in his hand but John Cena field goal kicks him right in the balls!! Triple H drops the hammer and John Cena hooks him........ F-U!! Triple H is finished!! John Cena grabs the sledgehammer and raises it over his head.. He waits for Triple H to come back to his feet.. Triple H is up to one knee.. And Cena brings the hammer down but Triple H raises his hands and catches the handle himself.. They fight over it and Triple H knees Cena in the groin and takes control of the hammer.. And plows it right into Cena's forehead!! Cena staggers backward against the ropes with blood pouring out his head.. And Triple H tosses the hammer aside....... KICK WHAM PEDIGREE!! He covers him.. One!! Two!! Three!! Triple H has retained his championship!! ]]-

-[[ Triple H picks the sledgehammer up and begins sizing Cena up.. John Cena slowly pulls himself to his feet using the ropes.. Triple H takes a few steps back to get a good running start.. And Triple H begins running up on him... But before he can make contact... He hears the ring rumbling and turns around just in time to dodge a GORE! GORE! GORE!! RHINO HIT CENA!! RHINO HIT CENA!! Triple H rolls out of the ring, holding his sledgehammer and smiling.. John Cena contorts on the ground, groaning in pain.. ]]-

Winner & Still Champion: Triple H via Pin Fall

-[[ We cut backstage where we see Todd Grisham standing with a microphone.. ]]-

[ Todd Grisham ] Hello, everyone.. My name is Todd Grisham and--

-[[ Kick to the gut on Todd Grisham!! That's "The Franchise" Shane Douglas!! Shane Douglas grabs Todd Grisham by the hair and slings him hard into the interview set face first!! Todd Grisham goes limp and Douglas and grabs his microphone and cracks him right in the forehead with it!! Todd Grisham lays cold and motionless as Douglas stands over him with wide eyes... Blood begins to trickle down Grisham's face... Douglas then turns to the camera.. ]]-

[ Shane Douglas ] HA HA HA... YOU KNOW WHO THE FUCK I AM, SGW!!

-[[ He laughs.. ]]-


-[[ The fans pop.. ]]-


-[[ Matt Hardy stands still with the SGW United States championship over his shoulder.. He nods.. ]]-

[ Shane Douglas ] WHY THE FUCK DID YOU DO IT!?

-[[ Hardy smirks.. Rubbing his hands together.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] Why did I do it, Shane?

-[[ Hardy pauses.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] I think the real question is... Why not?

-[[ Hardy's being awfully smug in his demeanor.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] The fact of the matter is.. I wasn't going to allow any former Golden Rule members to leave here with gold that didn't belong to them.. And on top of that... Raven has nothing else to offer me.. He has nothing to lose personally.. And if I'm going to end up getting in the ring with him.. I want to take everything he has.. Away from him..

-[[ Shane Douglas seems confused.. ]]-


-[[ Hardy doesn't seem phased by this at all.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] That actually brings me to my point, Shane.

-[[ Hardy pulls the championship away from his shoulder and looks at it, smiling.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] That belt Raven has.. It was retired for a long time..

-[[ He looks at Shane.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] Do you remember why, Shane?


-[[ Hardy nods.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] That's right.. And in a way.. That is correct..

-[[ Hardy looks up at the camera.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] So.. This is what I'm proposing, if Jeff Jarrett's up for a little more history in the making..

-[[ Hardy puts the title back on his shoulder.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] If our two belts are considered the same thing.. Then let's MAKE them.. The same thing.

[ Shane Douglas ] OH SHIT, I GET IT!!

[ Matt Hardy ] I'm talkin'... A unification match... Matt Hardy.. Versus Raven!! Title.. For title!!

-[[ Raven wanders onto the set with Alexis Laree at his side.. Matt Hardy stares him down.. Raven has the SGW Intercontinental championship around his waist.. Raven wipes his nose, his eyes never leave Hardy's.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] Are you up for it?

-[[ Raven looks down at his belt.. Then back up at Hardy.. ]]-

[ Raven ] ..Whatever.

[ Matt Hardy ] Yes or no, Raven.. Or are you too much of a chicken to give me a match?

-[[ Raven shrugs.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] That's what I thought.. Not so big when you can't get the drop on me from behind..

-[[ Hardy goes to talk again but Raven rips the microphone from Shane Douglas' hand.. ]]-

[ Raven ] Title for title.. Or just plain one on one.. I don't care..

-[[ Raven flips his hair out of his eyes.. ]]-

[ Raven ] If you get in the ring with me.. It's Raven's Rules or nothing..

[ Matt Hardy ] You got it.

[ Raven ] ..And I promise you this.. You'll lose a lot more than your title if you take this to the ring with me.

-[[ Matt Hardy's face goes dead serious and he gets in Raven's face.. The two stand there, breathing in each other's faces.. They look like they're going to begin throwing punches at any minute when.... RAVEN is blasted from behind!! The impact sends him slamming into Hardy, knocking him back a few steps.. And then we realize what just happened..... CHRIS MASTERS!! CHRIS MASTERS IS BACK!! He nailed Raven in the back and is furiously beating him down with lefts and rights and forearms and stomps!! Raven is getting beaten into a bloody mess!! Matt Hardy just stands and watches before taking his title and walking away.. He's not going to help at all!! Masters flips Raven over and begins going to work on his face, punching away at him, trying to disfigure him.. And Alexis Laree jumps onto the back of Chris Masters!! She's trying to choke him but Masters flips her over his head and she lands on hard on her ass on the ground... She clutches her lower back and Masters sizes her up...... ]]-

[ Chris Masters ] .........MASTERLOCK TIME, BITCH!!

-[[ MASTERLOCK ON ALEXIS LAREE!! Chris Masters whips her around in the hold until she goes completely limp but he keeps her in the move, pushing down on the back of her head, trying to break her neck.... He throws her down face first and she doesn't move.. Masters flexes his muscles and yells.. ]]-

[ Chris Masters ] YEAH, BABY!!

-[[ He kneels down over Raven and gives him an almost playful bitch slap.. ]]-

[ Chris Masters ] I'm back, Raven... I'm back!!

-[[ He smiles evilly.. ]]-

[ Chris Masters ] And you STILL can't break.. MY MASTERLOCK!

-[[ Masters walks off, smiling. ]]-

Randy Orton versus Edge
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: Street Fight
Referee: Charles Robinson

-[[ Edge meets Randy Orton as he comes down the ramp with a garbage can full of weapons! Orton slings the garbage can in Edge's way but Edge jumps it and dives on Orton, planting punch after punch into Orton's head!! Orton gets his hands up but Edge just keeps punching away at him!! Edge pulls Orton up off of the ramp and throws him up toward the stage.. Edge follows him up, punching away at him and forearming him in the back! Edge grabs the garbage can and slams it down over Orton's shoulders, making Randy yell out in pain.. They fight through the curtain and into the backstage area.. They brawl, trading punches and Orton knee lifts Edge in the gut and whips him into the concrete wall.. Edge bounces off of it, looking to be in pain and Orton nails him with a European uppercut.. Orton begins kicking and punching away at Edge and then he takes him by the hair.. He drags him through the back and finally they reach the catering table.. Orton slings Edge onto a table, clearing the food off of it.. Orton gets a running start and elbow drops Edge through the table!! Orton makes a quick cover.. One! Two! Edge got a shoulder up.. Edge grabs a glass bowl that used to have salad in it.. And blasts it over Orton's head!! Glass goes everywhere and Orton begins bleeding profusely.. Edge gets up and holds Orton up in a seated position and goes to work on his forehead with a chunk of the glass!! Orton is yelling in pain as blood gushes down his face and all over his chest.. Edge throws the glass down and begins punching away at Orton's head! Edge pulls Orton up and begins BITING his forehead!! Blood dumps down Edge's chin and Orton is yelling in pain!! Edge drops him and slams him across the chest with a big forearm! Edge walks over to what's left of the catering table and grabs a chair.. He walks over to Orton and raises it over his head but Orton nails him with a low blow...... AND RKOS HIM ON THE FLOOR!! Randy Orton covers him..... One........... Two............... THRE-- NO!! Edge got a shoulder up!! Orton stands up and grabs the chair.. Edge slowly stands and is almost out on his feet.. And Orton swings the chair.. And it HITS!! Edge staggers backward with blood dumping out of his forehead with the chair wrapped around his neck... Orton then turns Edge around.. And face plants him, smashing his throat with the remains of the chair!! Edge grabs his throat, coughing and breathing heavily.. Orton turns Edge over... One...... Two....... Thre-- Edge got a shoulder up! Orton pulls him up again and punches away at him.. Edge is almost totally gone.. Orton takes Edge by the hair and they make their way through the concession area.. Orton pushes Edge against the counter and begins kneeing him in the head.. Orton takes a few steps back and charges at Edge, but Edge grabs Orton his tights and yanks him straight forward into the POPCORN MACHINE!! The glass shatters all around Orton and he backs out of the machine with hot butter sticking to his skin.. Orton yells in pain and Edge kicks him in the gut... EDGEACUTION!! He covers him!! One!! Two!! Thre-- NO!! Orton got a shoulder up!! Edge pulls Orton back up to his feet and Orton nails Edge in the gut with an elbow.. Orton takes Edge by the hair and they make their way to the exit door.. Edge tries fighting back but Orton keeps him in check, kneeing him in the gut and throwing him forcefully through the door!! There's a few fans in the parking lot, as well as security and production members.. Edge and Orton trade punches but just as Edge begins to take advantage, he's blasted from behind.. By "COWBOY" BOB ORTON!! They begin beating down on Edge and "Cowboy" Bob disappears off camera.. And we hear an engine running... What the hell.... "Cowboy" Bob Orton drives a car into the shot.. And he pops the trunk!! My God.. They're going to do to Edge.. What they did to Taz!!! "Cowboy" Bob and Randy begin beating down on Edge and Bob opens up the trunk... They begin trying to force Edge inside.. And "Cowboy" Bob is tapped on the shoulder... He turns around..... AND TRISH STRATUS MACES HIM!! "Cowboy" Bob grabs his face and backs up yelling and falls into the trunk!! Randy begins advancing on Trish, intimidating her.. And Edge grabs Orton from behind and whips him straight into the trunk and SLAMS IT SHUT!! Edge stands there, staring down at the trunk.. And then he gets a sick smile on his face..... Edge begins to walk toward the driver's side of the vehicle.. Is he.... He can't do.. No.. He can't do this.. He opens the car door and just before he gets inside.. Trish stops him.. "No.. Let me!" Edge looks surprised, but lets her inside... She cranks the car...... And FLOORS IT!! And she makes a dive for it just as the vehicle slams HEAD FIRST INTO AN SGW PRODUCTION TRUCK!! Trish pulls herself up, bleeding from her arms a bit.. The knees ripped out of her outfit.. Edge walks up to the flaming wreckage, helps her up and pushes her aside.. The trunk is jarred open.. And a hand rises from it... Randy Orton slides out of the back, gasping and bleeding, his skin burned a bit... "Cowboy" Bob doesn't emerge.. Edge stares down at Orton as he crawls through the flaming wreckage.. He tries to use the waist band of Edge's tights to pull himself up, but he finally succumbs and falls flat on his face...... Edge covers Orton's body.... One........ Two........... THREE!! Edge has won this match.. THIS WAR!! Randy Orton has finally gotten his comeuppance.. Once and for all!! Edge and Trish stand and watch the wreckage burn as referees and EMTs try to get Orton out of the blast site. ]]-

Winner: Edge via Pin Fall

-[[ We cut backstage where we see Tommy Dreamer and Taz's urn talking to Al Snow and Head.. Al Snow is holding up Head and nodding like Head is whispering in his ear.. Tommy Dreamer seems intrigued.. ]]-

[ Al Snow ] He's in.. He's all for it, Taz!

Dreamer looks down at the urn, surprised.. ]]-

[ Tommy Dreamer ] All for what?

He shakes the urn.. ]]-

[ Tommy Dreamer ] What did you do, Taz!?

He screams.. ]]-

[ Tommy Dreamer ] ..WHAT DID YOU DOOOOOOO!?!

Al Snow smiles.. ]]-

[ Al Snow ] He gave his Hardcore Title shot.. To Head!!

He grips Head tightly.. ]]-

[ Al Snow ] And Head will give it.. To me!

Then his eyes open wide.. He looks at Head.. ]]-

[ Al Snow ] What!? You're keeping it for yourself!?

He squeezes Head's stump.. ]]-

[ Al Snow ] ..You bitch! Give me the title shot!!

[ Tommy Dreamer ] Give the shot back to Taz!! He earned it!!

[ Al Snow ] Shut it, Dreamer!! Or I'll.. I'll--

[ Tommy Dreamer ] You'll what!?

GORE!! GORE!! GORE!! ON AL SNOW!! Rhino just floored Al Snow with a GORE!! Rhino stands up and grabs Head.. And flings it down the hallway!! Tommy Dreamer grabs Rhino by the shoulder and spins him around but as soon as Dreamer pulls back to slug him.... KICK WHAM AWESOME BOMB THROUGH A STRATEGICALLY PLACED TABLE!! Tommy Dreamer is FINISHED!! Mike Awesome stands, huffing and puffing and pointing to himself! ]]-


Mike Awesome wanders off.. Rhino looks down at Dreamer, smiling.. And then turns around.. Into a SINGAPORE CANE SHOT from the Sandman!! Rhino staggers back, holding his head.. And he springs forward and begins slinging lefts and rights at the Sandman!! The two begin brawling like crazy, giving a preview of their match later tonight.. And Rob Van Dam charges into the shot to break-up the fight!! He tries pulling them apart but Rhino cheap shots him!! Van Dam backs away, holding his jaw.. And then grabs the Taz urn off of the floor and blasts Rhino right in the head with it!! Rhino staggers off, clutching his forehead... Van Dam looks at the object he just hit Rhino with and then looks shocked.. He drops it back on the ground.. He looks at the Sandman.. ]]-

[ Rob Van Dam ] You alright, dude?

The Sandman removes a pack of cigarettes from his pocket.. ]]-

[ The Sandman ] Fuck off.

He walks off down the hall, leaving Van Dam to himself.. Van Dam shrugs and then turns around.. And walks right into....... AN F-5 FROM BROCK LESNAR!! Brock Lesnar springs up, flexing his muscles and smiling.. ]]-

[ Brock Lesnar ] That's what I'm talkin' about!

Lesnar storms off, looking satisfied.. As he walks away, he passes by a dressing room door.. The door is wide open.. The camera zooms inside and we see Ric Flair, in full robe and attire, walking around inside.. David Flair sits on the floor, cradling his crowbar.. ]]-

[ Ric Flair ] Just let me go in and get the job done tonight..

David doesn't answer him.. ]]-

[ Ric Flair ] You stay on the apron.. And when I'm done..

Flair inhales deeply.. ]]-

[ Ric Flair ] You get out o'this business..

A pause.. David isn't answering at all.. ]]-

[ Ric Flair ] You're my son.. I respect that.. But..

He shakes his head.. ]]-

[ Ric Flair ] This isn't for you.

David Flair continues rocking back and forth.. ]]-

[ Ric Flair ] I'm a championship caliber athlete, David.. I'm not a baby sitter.

He walks over and kneels next to David.. ]]-

[ Ric Flair ] Tonight.. You'll get a moment of glory.. And after that.. You can walk away..

He slaps David on the knee.. ]]-

[ Ric Flair ] That's a luxury our kind isn't often afforded..

David stares straight ahead.. Shaking.. ]]-

[ Ric Flair ] Then.. Maybe.. You'll find whatever it is your lookin' for.

Ric kisses David on the forehead and stands up.. He walks out of the room. ]]-

HOUR 3 ->