STROKE: Swerve? | June 10th, 2006 | Live From: San Francisco, California | Commentators: Joey Styles & Don Callis

Dark Matches
def. Rhino via Pin Fall
Bill Goldberg
def. Mitch via Pin Fall
def. Vampiro via Pin Fall
def. Gangrel via Pin Fall

-[[ The SGW logo flashes across the screen.. ]]-

When it fades away, we see "Stone Cold" Steve Austin making his way through the backstage area, already in his wrestling gear with the SGW World Heavyweight Championship dangling from his hand.. He approaches a man in the backstage area.. A man in a suit.. Austin just stares at the back of the man's head until he turns around, revealing Vince McMahon... Austin and McMahon stare each other in the eyes for a second before McMahon cracks a smile. ]]-

[ Vince McMahon ] Steve..

[ Steve Austin ] ..Vince.

Vince offers his hand to shake but Austin stares down at it and then back up at Vince's eyes.. Austin knows what he wants and he doesn't want to wait for it.. He speaks. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Where's Triple H?

McMahon smiles.. ]]-

[ Vince McMahon ] He's in his dressing room.. He's waiting on you.

Austin nods.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Well?

Vince looks behind him at the dressing room door and then back at Austin.. ]]-

[ Vince McMahon ] Well.. What, Steve?

Austin takes a step toward McMahon.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Step aside.

Vince puts his hands up in defense.. His eyes going wide. ]]-

[ Vince McMahon ] Now, Steve.. You have to understand.. Triple H sent me out here to make sure what you wanted.. Was what he thought you wanted.. After last week.. He's having some.. Trust issues.. I'm sure you, of all people.. Can understand where he's coming from.

Austin's gaze is cold. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Step aside.

McMahon swallows hard and steps aside.. Austin raises his fist to knock but then shakes his head and reaches for the door knob. However, the knob turns before he touches it and the door swings open, revealing Triple H.. Triple H steps out into the hallway with a sledgehammer in his hand.. He and Austin stand nose to nose.. ]]-

[ Triple H ] State your business.

Austin stares at him hard. You can tell it hurts him to admit this. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] I need a partner for Total Destruction.

Triple H ] And?

[ Steve Austin ] I need somebody I can trust.

Triple H smirks and runs his hand through his hair.. ]]-

[ Triple H ] What're you tryin' to say, Steve?

A pause. ]]-

[ Triple H ] You want me, Triple H... The King of Kings.. To be your partner?

No answer. ]]-

[ Triple H ] I'd love to, Steve.....

Triple H's smirk disappears, he's all business.. ]]-

[ Triple H ] But..

What? ]]-

[ Triple H ] From what I gather.. In that match.. There's everything to lose.. And nothing to gain.. And that's a game.. I don't play.. Besides.. We have unfinished business... That may.. Or may not make it to Total Destruction.

Austin raises an eyebrow. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] ..We?

Triple H raises his sledgehammer to eye level and glares at it.. ]]-

[ Triple H ] We.

Triple H turns his gaze back to Austin.. ]]-

[ Triple H ] Good luck, though, champ.. Maybe I'll see you soon.

His smirk returns. ]]-

[ Triple H ] When there's something for me on the line.

He looks down at the championship belt.. Austin nods and Triple H returns inside his dressing room.. Vince McMahon looks at Austin, smiling that Vince McMahon smile.. He rubs his hands together.. ]]-

[ Vince McMahon ] Tough luck, Steve.

He turns and follows Triple H inside.. Austin looks down at his championship belt and then turns to leave the area but finds himself face to face with.. Jeff Jarrett and Chris Jericho.. Austin looks ready to fight.. Jericho appears to be all business while Jarrett has a cocky smile on his face.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Steve! Ha ha.. I've got good news!

Austin doesn't seem amused.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I'm changin' the main event of Total Destruction!

Austin shows no reaction to this announcement.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I've decided.. That after Chris Jericho beats you for the championship tonight.. He's gonna be replacin' you in the main event.. Because quite frankly.. I don't think you're main event material, Steve!

Jericho smiles and nudges Jarrett.. ]]-

[ Chris Jericho ] Tell'im the best part.

Jarrett laughs.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I almost forgot.. Speakin' of not bein' main event material.. After how well your openin' match with Steiner went last week.. You're gonna jerk the curtain again! Ha ha.. And after Chris Jericho's hand is held high and that belt is put around his waist.. The rest o' the show is gonna be a Chris Jericho appreciation night!

Jarrett rubs his hands together, smiling.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Chris Masters, Lance Storm and Jeff Jarrett versus Chris Jericho and a partner o' his choice.. That's a quality main event, Austin.. That's somethin' you can't deliver.. Because you suck.. And anybody you pick to be your partner will suck.. Ha ha!

Jarrett then looks at his wrist watch.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Speakin' o' jerkin' the curtain, Austin.. It's about that time.. Hit the ring.. Your public awaits! And be sure to give'em a show, you son of a bitch.. Because this is the last time you wrestle as champion.. And as far as I'm concerned, once that belt is off your waist.. It'll be the last time you wrestle for Solid Gold Wrestlin'.. EVER!

Austin turns and makes his way toward the entrance to the ramp.. Jericho and Jarrett watch him go as his music hits and he disappears behind the curtain.. Jarrett and Jericho look at each other.. ]]-

Jeff Jarrett ] Chris.. I've got a lot ridin' on this match..

[ Chris Jericho ] I understand, Mister Jarrett.. I won't let you down.

They shake hands and Jericho heads toward the entrance as the count down begins.. His music hits and he disappears behind the curtain as the match begins. ]]-

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin(c) versus Chris Jericho
Title on the Line: SGW World Heavyweight Championship
Stipulation: None
Referee: Charles Robinson

-[[ Austin stares down Jericho to start, smiling an amused smile.. Chris Jericho stares at him, not quite understanding the look but shakes his head and gets his head in the game.. It's his duty to take Austin out and replace him at the pay-per-view as Jarrett wishes.. Jericho and Austin circle each other for a bit with Austin's smile remaining.. They go for a lock up but Austin steps away, staring Jericho right in the eyes.. And then flips him off to a huge pop.. Jericho stomps his feet, pissed.. Austin laughs.. Austin then shakes his head, motioning that he'll tie up this time.. They tie up for two seconds before Jericho pulls away and slaps Austin hard across the face.. The fans "OHH!" collectively, knowing Jericho just fucked up.. Austin shakes his head.. And then bitch slaps Jericho across the face.. And then flips him off again.. Jericho shoves Austin.. Austin shoves Jericho back and Jericho hits the ropes and comes back at Austin with a clothesline but Austin ducks it and spins Jericho around.... KICK WHAM STUNN-- NO! Jericho shoves Austin away quickly, drops and rolls out of the ring.. Jericho stalls, walking around the ring as Charles Robinson threatens to count him out.. Austin shoves Charles Robinson out of the way and dives out of the ring! Jericho's eyes go wide and he tries to escape by running away! Jericho and Austin make a lap around the ring before Jericho slides underneath the bottom rope and Austin follows him in, but Jericho begins stomping away at his back and head! Jericho gets the upper hand and pulls Austin back to his feet.. He whips Austin into the ropes and nails him with a knee lift to the gut! Austin lands on his ass and Jericho drop kicks him right in the back.. Jericho pulls Austin back to his feet.. Austin tries elbowing out of it but Jericho forearms in the head and keeps him in check.. He pushes Austin into the ropes and chops him before whipping him into the ropes.. Jericho goes for a back body drop but Austin kicks him in the gut and goes for another Stunner but Jericho shoves him off and when Austin spins around, Jericho nails him with the ENZIGURI! Austin tries to sit up, clutching the side of his head but he just slumps back down.. Jericho drops down and covers him.. One! Two! Thr-- Austin got a shoulder up! Jericho becomes frustrated and he pulls Austin back to his feet.. He whips Austin hard into the turnbuckles and the impact causes Austin to stagger out backwards.. Right into a face buster from Jericho! Jericho runs the ropes.. LIONSAULT! Austin got his knees up! Jericho anticipated it and landed on his feet! Austin gets up quickly and throws a big right hand but Jericho deflects it and.. FLIPS AUSTIN OFF! Austin's eyes go wide and he begins slugging away at Jericho, sending him reeling with lefts and rights and Jericho throws a punch of his own but Austin blocks it and punches away at Jericho some more! He punches Jericho back into the corner and begins stomping a mud hole and walking it dry! Austin yanks Jericho up out of the corner and Jericho tries to kick Austin low but Austin catches his boot.. MIDDLE FINGER! He whips Jericho around and.. KICK WHAM STUNNER! He covers him! One! Two! Three! Steve Austin has owned Jarrett again! ]]-

Winner & Still Champion: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin via Pin Fall

-[[ Austin grabs his championship belt as Jericho rolls out of the ring, holding his head.. Austin makes his rounds, climbing the turnbuckles and calling for beer.. He drinks a few down, pouring them all over himself before he looks down the ramp and sees Ken Kennedy and the Big Show making their way down to the ring.. Ken Kennedy has a microphone in his hand.. ]]-


He tilts his head back.. ]]-


A pause.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] .....AUUUUUSTIIIIIIIN!

Kennedy and the Big Show climb inside the ring.. Ken Kennedy has the SGW Television championship around his waist.. Austin slings the SGW World Title over his shoulder and stares Kennedy and Big Show down, not fully comprehending what's going on just yet.. Kennedy begins to speak.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] Relax, Steven.. We come in peace.

Austin doesn't relax. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] I have come, quite simply, to extend the offer I made to you last week.. One more time... For I do believe that the tandem of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.. And Mister Kennedy......... Kennedy....... Can be a successful one.

Austin just shakes his head and begins to climb through the ropes and leave but Kennedy runs up and grabs him by the shoulder, easing him back inside the ring.. Austin stares at Kennedy, eyes wide.. Kennedy puts a hand up in defense.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] Steve, please.. After what those guys have done to me.. I have to have a shot at them inside the squared circle.. And this is it.. This is the biggest opportunity of them all.. Total Destruction.. Pay-per-view.. The MAAAAAAAIN EVENT!

Austin doesn't even look at Kennedy as he talks.. He just stares at his shoulder where Kennedy touched him to bring him back inside the ring.. Austin slowly looks back up at Kennedy and drops the world title on the mat.. Kennedy swallows hard.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] ..Steve.. Just give me a chance.

Austin stares hard at him.. The Big Show looms behind Kennedy and takes a step forward, perhaps knowing that something might happen in the next few seconds.. Austin doesn't even look at the Big Show as he advances.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] I promise you, Steve.. If you choose me.. The sound you'll hear after the match at Total Destruction.. Will be.. Loudly.. And proudly.. AAAND THE WINNER OF THE MATCH....... "STONE COLD" STEEEEEEEEVE AUUUUSSSSSTIN........ AND MISTER KENNEDYYYYYYYYYYY.....

He tilts his head back.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] .....KENNED--

Austin knuckle shots Big Show in the balls and before Ken Kennedy can even finish saying his name, Austin kicks him in the gut....... STUNNER ON KEN KENNEDY!! Kennedy goes flying backward and Big Show drops to his knees next to him, holding his crotch! Steve Austin rolls out of the ring, grabbing his championship belt.. Jeff Jarrett walks out onto the stage, shaking his head as Austin walks up the ramp with the belt.. Jarrett and Austin lock eyes as Austin walks past him.. And flips him the bird! Jarrett looks furious as Austin disappears behind the curtain, leaving Show and Kennedy lying in the ring. ]]-

John Cena versus Al Snow
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Scott James

-[[ Al Snow hands off the Hardcore championship even though it doesn't belong to him.. Snow and Cena meet in the middle of the ring and there's a brief stare down before Cena begins nailing Al Snow with right hands! He backs Al Snow into the ropes, punching away at him and then whips him off into the ropes.. Snow comes running back at him and Cena catches him with a tilt-a-whirl side slam! Cena springs back, waving his arms around and yelling before hitting himself in the chest a few times with his fist.. The fans are going nuts! Cena pulls Al Snow back up to his feet and hooks him from behind.. Gut wrench power bomb! He covers him! One! Two! Al Snow kicks out! Cena pulls Al Snow back to his feet and begins punching away at him again but Al Snow eye pokes Cena and takes over.. He whips Cena into the ropes and nails him with a clothesline before hitting the ropes and going for a leg drop! Al Snow stands up and begins trying to undo the top turnbuckle pad.. Scott James tries to stop him but Al Snow pushes him away just in time for John Cena to fly in and sandwich Al Snow in the turnbuckle with a shoulder block to the back! Cena whips Al Snow around and hits him with a jumping hip toss and then stands over him.. "YOU CAN'T SEE ME!" FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE ON AL SNOW! The impact sends Snow into a standing position and Cena catches him..... F-U! He covers him! One! Two! Three! John Cena has won the match! ]]-

Winner: John Cena via Pin Fall

-[[ We cut backstage where we see "The Franchise" Shane Douglas standing with a sick smile on his face.. He's got a microphone in his hand you know what that means... The camera pans to his right and reveals, standing stone faced in his entrance robe.... "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair.. Flair stands there with his hands on his hips, staring straight into the camera.. "The fuckin' Franchise" laughs and begins speaking.. ]]-


-[[ He wiggles his fingers around, he's very excited. ]]-


-[[ His eyes go wide. ]]-

[ Shane Douglas ] HA HA HA!

-[[ Ric Flair doesn't flinch. ]]-

[ Shane Douglas ] HA HA HA!

-[[ Flair shifts uneasily. ]]-


-[[ Douglas' face droops like he's suddenly terrified. ]]-


-[[ Douglas shakes his head wildly, slinging sweat everywhere. ]]-


-[[ Douglas looks around... Flair just stares straight ahead.. ]]-


-[[ Douglas looks off camera.. He's getting angrier. ]]-

[ Shane Douglas ] COCK!! COCK!! JISM!! SPHINCTER....... COCK!!

-[[ Douglas wipes the sweat away, his face turning red.. And then.. ]]-

[ Shane Douglas ] <80)~

-[[ Ric Flair slowly turns his head toward Douglas.. ]]-

[ Ric Flair ] That's enough, little man.

-[[ Douglas' mouth hangs open in shock.. ]]-

[ Ric Flair ] I don't wanna talk about you.. I don't wanna talk about your insignificant career..

-[[ Flair's voice is low, dead serious.. ]]-

[ Ric Flair ] I wanna talk about what happened last week..

-[[ He turns to the camera.. ]]-

[ Ric Flair ] I wanna talk about... Rob Conway.

-[[ Flair points at the camera.. ]]-

[ Ric Flair ] Rob.. I just wanna say this.. Fool me once.. Shame on me..

-[[ Pause. ]]-

[ Ric Flair ] Fool me twice... You won't fool me ag--

-[[ CRACK! Rob Conway came from nowhere and nailed Ric Flair with a chair right in the back of the head! Flair goes down in a heap.. Flair rolls over on his back, looking up at Conway as he raises the chair a second time.. And brings it down right on Flair's forehead! Blood begins pouring down Flair's face and Conway throws the chair aside, drops to one knee over Flair and begins punching him right in the forehead, opening the wound even further and drawing even more blood.. By the time he's finished, Flair's entire head and his arm up to the elbow is soaked in blood... Conway stands up, smiling.. He adjusts his sun glasses... ]]-

[ Rob Conway ] Owned, Nature Boy!

-[[ Shane Douglas looks down at Flair, smiling. ]]-


-[[ Conway looks at Douglas a little weird for a second.. And then smiles. ]]-

[ Rob Conway ] HEY! I love me, too!

-[[ Conway looks down at Flair and shakes his head. ]]-

[ Rob Conway ] ..Idiot.

-[[ He walks away, leaving Douglas giggling over Flair's body. ]]-

Raven versus Kane
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: Raven's Rules
Referee: Jimmy Cordaris

-[[ Raven nails Kane as he steps over the top rope, trying to gain an advantage early on.. He begins nailing Kane with lefts and rights, forearming and elbowing him in the head and neck, doing everything in his power to hinder the monster before he can gain momentum! Kane finally gets over the ropes and into the ring and he blocks a high angle punch from Raven and throat thrusts him! Raven staggers back, holding his throat and Kane charges at him and goes to boot him down but Raven drop toe holds him and rolls over on top of him and begins clubbing away at his head again! Kane stands up with Raven on his back.. Raven holds on tightly in a sleeper hold style position and Kane charges backward and sandwiches Raven in the corner! Kane stomps out like it's nothing to him and Raven drops to one knee.. Kane turns and charges and blasts Raven right in the side of the head with his boot, the impact sending Raven careening through the middle and top ropes and to the outside.. Kane follows him out and reaches underneath the ring.. He finds a chair.. He begins advancing on Raven, laughing like a maniac.. Raven reaches underneath the ring himself and as Kane draws closer, Raven reveals a fire extinguisher and blasts Kane right in the face! Kane staggers backward and drops the chair.. Raven digs underneath the ring some more and find a STOP sign! He charges with it at Kane but Kane lifts his boot and drives the sign into Raven's face! The impact even sends Kane flat on his ass.. Raven lays motionless and Kane pulls himself up.. He covers Raven. One. Two. Raven got a shoulder up to a huge pop.. Kane pulls Raven back to his feet and gorilla presses him back into the ring... Kane reaches underneath the ring again and finds a table.. He slides it underneath the bottom rope.. Kane follows it in and sets it up.. Kane begins climbing the ropes, waiting for Raven to stand so that he can go for his clothesline.. Raven, however, jumps up faster than Kane anticipated and follows him up the ropes! Kane and Raven punch at each other back and forth.. Raven hooks Kane for a superplex but Kane punches Raven out of it and GOOZLES HIM! Raven tries fighting it, trying to gouge Kane in the eyes, but Kane is keeping him at a good distance... And he just.. Effortlessly choke slams Raven through the table!! Kane sits on the top rope, laughing.. He hops down and covers Raven.. One......... Two........... Thr-- Kane pulls Raven up.. Shit, this is what Russo wanted.. He wants Kane to end Raven's career! Kane grabs one of the jagged pieces of broken table and places it against Raven's throat... Kane rolls out of the ring and grabs the chair he had earlier.. He slides back inside the ring and begins climbing the ropes.. Holy shit.. He can't do this.. He'll cut his head off!! Kane readies himself to fly and drive the chair into the chunk of table beneath Raven's chin.. When TRIPLE H charges down with a new sledgehammer! He slides underneath the bottom rope and drives the hammer into Kane's midsection! Kane drops his chair and hops down, clutching his stomach.. And Triple H nails Kane with a second shot right to the head!! The shot sends Kane staggering backward into the ropes... And Triple H throws the hammer down.. KICK WHAM PEDIGREE!! Triple H pulls Raven on top of Kane and rolls out of the ring.. The fans are going nuts.. One...... Two......... THREE! Raven has SURVIVED this match! ]]-

Winner: Raven via Pin Fall

-[[ Chris Jericho flings a monitor across the room.. It hits the wall and sparks fly, glass shatters and he begins to yell.. He's absolutely furious.. Jeff Jarrett, Lance Storm, Mike Awesome, Elix Skipper, and Major Gunnz watch on as Jericho throws a huge fit.. He turns to them.. ]]-

[ Chris Jericho ] I should have won that match, Jarrett!!

-[[ He yanks at his hair.. ]]-

[ Chris Jericho ] I HAD STEVE AUSTIN... BEATEN!!

-[[ Jericho kicks at the ground.. ]]-

[ Chris Jericho ] I.. Did not.. Let you down, Jeff... I was robbed!!

-[[ He yells. ]]-

[ Chris Jericho ] Robbed, dammit! And you know it!

-[[ Storm shakes his head.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Robbed, screwed.. Conspiracy.. Irrelevant, Chris.

-[[ He points in Jericho's face.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] You lost.

-[[ Jericho looks down, pissed off.. Ashamed.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] The world championship belt is not around your waist..

-[[ Jericho looks up, nodding, not really open to this criticism. ]]-

[ Chris Jericho ] Yeah, whatever, jerky.. I should be the champion.. I'm Y2J, baby, I'm the best thing since sliced bread!

-[[ Mike Awesome begins huffing and puffing, pointing at himself with his thumbs. ]]-


-[[ Lance Storm cringes.. And then ignores. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] What you need to do, Chris.. If you hope to earn the respect of your peers and prove that you truly do deserve that championship belt.. Is to pull your head.. From your rectum.. Screw it on straight and begin wrestling for yourself.. Rather than for fame and the fans.

-[[ Jericho listens now.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Take the fans.. Take the people.. Out of the equation.. And you, Chris.. Can be great.

-[[ Jericho nods, seemingly understanding now.. ]]-

[ Chris Jericho ] Good point.... Thanks..

-[[ A quick handshake later and Jericho leaves the room.. Storm watches him leave.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] That was easy enough.

[ Lance Storm ] It was true.

-[[ Storm looks down.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] It's what I have done for years.. It's why I am the only man thus far in Solid Gold Wrestling to give "Stone Cold" Steve Austin a legitimate, competitive match since he became the champion.. And it is why.. At Total Destruction.. I will finally achieve my goal of taking that.. Away from him..

-[[ Jarrett smiles.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] HA HA.. Don't forget, Storm... It ain't just YOU goin' after that belt..

-[[ Storm shows no emotion over this comment. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] True, Jeff..

-[[ Storm begins speaking in a matter-of-fact tone. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] But you must agree with me.. Chris Masters.. As impressive as he is.. Has been pinned by "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.. And forced into a bloody submission by Raven.. Two times he has had the opportunity to impress you.. And two times.. He has failed.. And having just returned from the latter injury.. He is hardly deserving of this championship opportunity.. And he can not.. Be allowed to walk away with the belt..

-[[ Jarrett nods.. Agreeing. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] As for yourself.. I was taking Austin to the limit while you..

-[[ Storm pauses.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Were dead.

-[[ Jarrett smirks.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I wasn't dead, Storm.. I was plottin' my return.

[ Lance Storm ] And some good that did you, correct?

-[[ Jarrett's smile disappears. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Your Golden Rule failed.. You failed.. And you were forced to bank... On your one sure bet..

-[[ A pause. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] ..Me.

-[[ Storm and Jarrett stare each other down for a bit.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] You've unleashed.. An unstoppable monster into your main event scene, Jeff..

-[[ Another pause. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] And you only have yourself to blame.

-[[ Fade. ]]-

Edge versus Christopher Daniels
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Charles Robinson

-[[ The fans are booing Edge so loudly that it's almost unbearable.. Edge and Christopher Daniels stand eye to eye in the middle of the ring with Daniels showing no intimidation whatsoever.. Edge looks uncomfortable with the crowd reaction but then says fuck it and pie faces Daniels backwards! Daniels comes back at him with a flurry of punches but Edge knees him in the gut and begins punching away at his head! Edge knocks Daniels down by the ropes and begins kicking his face in repeatedly, kneeling down ever so often to punch away at his head.. He pulls Daniels up and shoves him into the ropes and begins slugging away at his face, drawing blood from his forehead.. The fans begin a loud "CHRISTIAN" chant as Edge looks around.. He shakes his head.. "HE AIN'T HERE!" and he whips Christopher Daniels into the ropes but Daniels is so punch drunk that he just drops to his knees and falls down on his face.. Edge walks over, paint brushes the back of Daniels' head and smiles.. He's finished.. Edge takes his position in the corner and begins sizing up Daniels for the spear.. Daniels slowly tries to pull himself up, but he just doesn't have enough left to get up far enough.. So Edge charges in and kicks Daniels right in the temple!! The fans "OHH!" in sympathy pain and Edge covers Daniels, dropping his forearm across his face.. One. Two. Three. All too easy. ]]-

Winner: Edge via Pin Fall

-[[ Edge stands up, running his hands through his hair as the fans boo him.. Christopher Daniels is pulled out of the ring by officials and taken to the back.. Edge walks around, soaking in the crowd reaction.. He calls for a microphone and receives it.. The time keeper also hands him his half of the World Tag Team championships... Edge stares down at it, smiling.. And then he raises the microphone.. ]]-

[ Edge ] Christian.. Baby brother..

-[[ Loud boos.. ]]-

[ Edge ] I know you're sitting at home.. Watching this..

-[[ Edge looks up into the camera.. ]]-

[ Edge ] I know what you're thinking.

-[[ A pause.. Boos. ]]-

[ Edge ] I know what you're.. Expecting.

-[[ The corner of his mouth begins to twitch as he tries not to smile. ]]-

[ Edge ] But no.. I'm not going to trash this championship belt.. Not yet, little bro.

-[[ A few Christian chants begin spreading through the arena.. ]]-

[ Edge ] I'm going to keep it.. Because it's a reminder..

-[[ He tries to smile.. Fights it. ]]-

[ Edge ] It's a reminder that.. I'm the longest reigning tag team champion ever, twice over.. It's a reminder that.. I.. Am a five time tag team champion.. More times than anyone else in the history of this company.. It's a reminder.. Of what I did to you last week....

-[[ The smile breaks out. ]]-

[ Edge ] It's a reminder.. Of the five years.. I carried you.. ON... MY.. BACK!!

-[[ He begins breathing heavily.. Like this is satisfying him. ]]-

[ Edge ] I know you're coming back next week, Christian.. Not because I didn't hurt you bad enough..

-[[ He yells.. ]]-


-[[ Louder boos.. ]]-

[ Edge ] You used to be like me.. You didn't give a damn what these idiot fans think.. You didn't give a damn if they cheered you.. Or booed you.. You didn't.. Give.. A DAMN!! But now..... You've changed, baby brother.. You enjoy the limelight.. Way too much.. You like all the attention being focused on you... YOU.. You stopped caring about the team.. You only cared about yourself!! WHAT ABOUT ME, GOD DAMN YOU!?

-[[ Edge runs his hand through his hair again.. Gritting his teeth.. ]]-


-[[ Sweat is pouring off of his face now.. ]]-

[ Edge ] This is it, Christian.. A challenge.. Since I know you can't stay away....

-[[ Edge walks closer to the camera, clutching the tag team title tightly.. ]]-

[ Edge ] ....Total Destruction..

-[[ No smile.. Nothing.. No emotion. ]]-

[ Edge ] For the first time.. For the last time........ One time.. For all time.

-[[ His voice is dead serious. ]]-

[ Edge ] Edge...... Versus..... Christian.

-[[ Huge pop. ]]-

[ Edge ] No ladders.. No titles on the line.. Just me.. And you.

-[[ He wipes his face.. And raises the tag team championship a bit.. ]]-

[ Edge ] There's still one more.. To shatter on your face.

-[[ He lets the title dangle by his side now.. ]]-

 [ Edge ] Do you think you have what it takes.. To kill your own brother to survive?

-[[ The boos silence a bit.. The fans let it sink in, how surreal this is.. ]]-

[ Edge ] I know.. I do.

-[[ His mouth twitches.. ]]-

[ Edge ] You think you know me?

-[[ He stares hard. ]]-

[ Edge ] You have no idea....

-[[ The smile breaks out. ]]-

[ Edge ] No..... Idea.

-[[ Fade. ]]-

-[[ We cut backstage where we see.. Aaron "The Idol" Stevens with Beth Phoenix and Shelly Martinez on each arm.. The camera work, however, is more than a little bit shaky.. You realize why suddenly when you hear the voice.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Zoom in on the blonde's tits, Shelley.

-[[ He does.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Yeah, those are nice... Top's tight, too.. See any nipples?

[ Alex Shelley ] Can't say that I do, Ru.

[ Vince Russo ] Fuck.. The footage is worthless then.

-[[ Russo scratches his beard.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Brunette's got some god damn big jugs, too.

-[[ Russo sizes them up, cupping his hands in front of him.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] I like 'dat shit.. Bury my face in'em...

-[[ Russo begins making sucking noises.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Fuck yeah.. Get them nipples wet, suckin' on'em and shit.

-[[ Russo licks his lips.. Then he looks over at Alex Shelley, still holding the camera on Shelly Martinez's tits. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] You like to eat pussy?

-[[ Shelley shrugs. ]]-

[ Alex Shelley ] ..Eh.

[ Vince Russo ] Eh? Eh? You don't like to eat pussy? What's wrong with you?

[ Alex Shelley ] It's not that I don't like it, Ru.. It's just..

-[[ He shrugs again. ]]-

[ Alex Shelley ] It hurts my neck.

-[[ Russo shakes his head, turning to look at the girls again. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Fuck 'dat.. I eat the pussy.. I eat the ass.. I eat everything.

-[[ A pause. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] But I love tits.

-[[ Russo never noticed Aaron Stevens and his girls coming closer.. Stevens practically sneaks up on them.. He looks back and forth at them.. Shelley isn't even paying attention, fumbling with his camera.. His voice almost makes Russo jump out of his shoes.. ]]-

[ Aaron Stevens ] Are you guys filming us?

-[[ Russo and Shelley freeze. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] His idea.

-[[ Shelley looks at Russo, mouth hanging open. ]]-

[ Alex Shelley ] Wha- No-.. I.. Him.. He did.. Shit!

-[[ He tries to hide the camera behind his back. ]]-

[ Aaron Stevens ] Could've given us a warning, you know.. Could've given you a show.

[ Shelly Martinez ] I love being filmed!

-[[ Beth waves her hand at her.. ]]-

[ Beth Phoenix ] Shelly, you're so bad!

-[[ Russo stares hard, sweating profusely.. The front of his pants darken. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Ladies and gents.. I've filled my drawers.

-[[ He's quickly saved by Simon Dean jogging into the shot, pumping his fists and smiling. ]]-

[ Simon Dean ] Hi, everyone.. I'm Simon Dean!

-[[ He stops and points at Beth.. ]]-

[ Simon Dean ] And you have.. Unsightly love handles!

-[[ She looks offended. ]]-

[ Simon Dean ] And it would be my honor to tell you about my patented.. Simon System!

[ Aaron Stevens ] Step off, asshole.

-[[ Dean hops, smiling, and points Aaron with both fingers. ]]-

[ Simon Dean ] Okay!

-[[ Simon Dean jogs away as everyone watches him leave.. Their attention is so focused on him.. They Alex Shelley never sees Colt Cabana coming from behind! Colt Cabana blasts Alex Shelley from behind, sending him crashing forward into Beth Phoenix, knocking her flat on her back! Colt Cabana begins putting the boots to Alex Shelley, softening him up before the match when Aaron Stevens sees his woman go down, he nails Cabana with a sickening clothesline right in the throat!! Aaron Stevens begins punching and kicking away at Cabana as Alex Shelley gets up and starts helping him!! Shelly Martinez helps Beth up as Aaron and Shelley kick away at Cabana.. And then security floods the area, pulling everyone apart.. The backstage area is in chaos tonight! ]]-

Ken Kennedy(c) versus Scott Steiner versus Kevin Nash versus John Bradshaw Layfield
Title on the Line: SGW Television Championship
Stipulation: Four Way - Elimination Rules
Referee: Scott James

-[[ All four men begin brawling to start.. Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner in one corner, Ken Kennedy and John Bradshaw Layfield in another.. They each trade punches back and forth.. Nash and Steiner go hard at it, trying to take the other out with shots to the head and neck before Nash takes over with a knee lift to the gut and shoves Steiner into the corner.. Nash begins kneeing him and drives an elbow into the side of his head.. Nash pulls Steiner out of the corner and whips him into the ropes.. Steiner comes back with a Steinerline but Nash ducks it and spins Steiner around.. Kick to the gut... JACKKNIFE POWER BOMB! Nash covers him.. One! Two! Three! ]]-

[ Eliminated:
Scott Steiner via Pin Fall ]

Nash immediately targets Layfield and blindsides him with a clothesline to the back! Layfield goes down and Nash begins pummeling him as Kennedy takes a backseat.. Nash whips Layfield into the ropes and drops him with a back elbow to the face.. Layfield goes down and Nash pulls him back up.. He puts Layfield's head between his legs and Kennedy comes out of nowhere with a spinning heel kick! Nash goes down and Layfield hooks his legs and cradles him! One! Two! Three! Kevin Nash is gone! ]]-

[ Eliminated:
Kevin Nash via Pin Fall ]

Layfield and Kennedy begin trading shots back and forth and Layfield knees Kennedy in the gut and whips him into the ropes... He goes for a back body drop but Kennedy kicks him in the chest and hair whips him straight into the mat! Kennedy pulls him back up and whips him into the ropes.. He hits him with a big boot! Kennedy hits the ropes himself.. And drops the leg drop! That's the same move that he took out Batista with all those months ago! He covers Layfield! One! Two! Thr- No! Layfield kicks out with force! Kennedy can't believe it! Kennedy pulls Layfield back up and whips him into the ropes but Layfield reverses it and sends Kennedy crashing into the turnbuckles chest first! Kennedy staggers out and Layfield hits the ropes.... CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL! Kennedy ducks it and school boys Layfield! One! Two! Three! Ken Kennedy has defended his championship successfully! ]]-

Winner & Still Champion: Ken Kennedy via Pin Fall

-[[ Alexis Laree and the Blue Meanie stand on either side of Raven, helping him make his way through the parking lot to their vehicle.. Raven looks to be in bad shape after the top rope choke slam through the table at the hands of Kane.. He walks on his own, but they help him maintain his balance.. ]]-

[ Alexis Laree ] Just let us call an ambulance, boss.. Please.

-[[ Raven doesn't respond. ]]-

[ Alexis Laree ] You might have internal injuries..

-[[ Nothing.. ]]-

[ Alexis Laree ] I just want you to be okay.

[ The Blue Meanie ] She's right, boss.. That was a nasty bump.

-[[ Raven shoves them off of him and staggers forward.. ]]-

[ Raven ] Get off of me..

-[[ Meanie and Alexis both look at him, hopeful that he's okay.. ]]-

[ Raven ] I just need..

-[[ His speech is slurred.. Breathing erratic.. ]]-

[ Raven ] I just need to rest..

-[[ He takes a few steps and then stops and drops to one knee, putting his hand on his forehead.. ]]-

[ Raven ] You two nagging me.. Isn't helping..

-[[ He's forced to place his other hand on the ground to balance himself.. ]]-

[ Alexis Laree ] That's it.. I'm calling an ambulance..

[ Raven ] Don't.. Do that.

[ Alexis Laree ] Meanie, keep an eye on him.

-[[ The Meanie nods and she runs back toward building.. Raven turns as quickly as he can and sprawls on his chest, yelling.. He pushes himself up onto all fours, his face contorted. ]]-

[ Raven ] ALEXIS, DON'T!!

-[[ He coughs.. ]]-

[ Raven ] Meanie, stop her.. Don't let her go alone..

-[[ His head hangs.. His breathing becomes even more audible.. Meanie looks at Raven and then back at the door where Alexis disappeared back inside the building... He shrugs in a "what can I do" manner... ]]-

[ Raven ] Don't let.. Hardy.. Take her.. Too--

-[[ And before Meanie can do anything in the way of responding... KANE is on Raven, lifting him up by his shirt and then lawn darting him into the pavement.. Kane stares down at Raven, twisting his face into something straight out of a horror movie.. Raven tries his best to scramble for cover but Kane is too fast and too unstoppable.. And Raven actually makes it to the vehicle he, Meanie and Alexis arrived in.. But just as his fingers grab the door handle, Kane pulls him back, slings him hard against the side of the car and throat thrusts him.. Raven drops, clutching his neck.. And the Blue Meanie dives onto Kane's back!! Kane impossibly stands there, completely no-selling the three hundred pound man on his back... Kane sneers, reaches back and grabs Meanie by the hair... And hair mares him straight into the pavement! Kane pulls Raven back to his feet, gripping him by the throat.. Raven's eyes are wide.. The sound of the ambulance arriving can be heard in the distance as Kane begins to laugh.. Raven tries to punch his way out of it but he's too far gone and Kane... Kane is a god damn monster....... He hoists Raven up.. And choke slams him straight the windshield of the vehicle! Kane staggers backward, holding his hands up almost like he's terrified himself with this act.. And then he screams. ]]-

[ Kane ] YOU DIDN'T BEAT ME!!!!

-[[ He drags his fingers over his head so hard that he draws blood.. ]]-


-[[ Kane staggers away, clutching his head with a confused look on his face, groaning and yelling as the Blue Meanie painfully pulls himself up to help Raven... The ambulance arrives in the parking lot just as Alexis exits the building.. She sees Raven laying on the hood of the vehicle with the Meanie staring down at him in shock... She screams.. EMTs and officials pour out of the building as the people from the ambulance roll a stretcher out and head for the vehicle... She tries to get near him but everyone keeps pushing her back as they put a neck brace on Raven and strap him down to a stretcher... They roll him toward the ambulance and lift him inside.. Alexis begins pushing through the people and starts to climb inside the ambulance with them. ]]-

[ Alexis Laree ] I'm going with him..

-[[ And then a voice.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Not so fast, girlie.

-[[ Alexis turns around, wiping the tears from her eyes.. ]]-

[ Alexis Laree ] W-..What?

-[[ Jillian Hall motions for Alexis to come down.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] You're not going. Come down from there.

-[[ Alexis looks back at Raven on the stretcher.. And then back at Jillian. ]]-

[ Alexis Laree ] No.. No.. I have to go.. He's.. My boss..

-[[ Jillian smiles and puts her hands on her hips.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] You're Solid Gold Wrestling contracted talent... I'm your boss, sweetie.

-[[ She laughs.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Don't you get it?!

-[[ Alexis looks disgusted.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] This is what Jeff wants!! Raven injured.. And his.. Flunkies.. Or whatever you are..

-[[ She shakes her head.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] ..Nest.. Flock.. Gathering.. Same crap, different pile!

-[[ She makes a drinking motion.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] He wants you guys off the Raven kool-aid! This is the start! Get down!

-[[ And then Jillian's voice goes low and cold. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Or I'll fire you... AND him.

-[[ One of the medics in the ambulance informs them.. ]]-

[ EMT ] We have to get out of here.. Now. Are you staying or going, lady?

-[[ Alexis looks at him and then back at Jillian.. She hates herself for this.. ]]-

[ Alexis Laree ] ..Staying.

-[[ She hops down.. They shut the door and drive off... Alexis stands only a few inches away from Jillian, staring her down.. Jillian's cocky smile is enough to piss anyone off.. She taps her foot on the pavement.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] It's a shame, really. I hope he makes it to Total Destruction!

-[[ Concern? ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] That unification match is big money!

-[[ Alexis shakes her head.. ]]-

[ Alexis Laree ] You... You bitch..

-[[ Jillian raises an eyebrow. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Excuse me?

-[[ Alexis clenches her fists.. ]]-

[ Alexis Laree ] ...YOU BITCH!!

-[[ She lunges for Jillian's throat but before she even makes contact, she lifts off the ground... IN THE MASTERLOCK! Chris Masters holds her in place, applying no pressure.. Just keeping her from attacking Jillian.. Masters laughs.. ]]-

[ Chris Masters ] Don't fight it! I'll snap your neck like a twig, honey!

-[[ Jillian approaches Alexis and runs her hand along the side of her face.. Smiling. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Such a mouth on you..

-[[ Masters nods.. ]]-

[ Chris Masters ] I bet she could put it to good use.. If you know what I mean, Jillian!

-[[ Jillian giggles.. ]]-

[ Chris Masters ] When she's not.. Trapped in my... Masterlock!

-[[ And then Masters pauses and looks up into the sky, thoughtful. ]]-

[ Chris Masters ] On second thought... Oral sex.. While in.. My Masterlock..

-[[ He smirks, nodding. ]]-

[ Chris Masters ] Impossible.. Yet intriguing.

[ Jillian Hall ] Chris.. I have an idea.

-[[ Masters listens. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Since we're already having a Masterlock Challenge with Nick Patrick.. What say we.. Up the ante a bit.. And have a Masterlock.. Gauntlet.. With little miss Laree here.. And that fat, blue waste of space?

-[[ The Blue Meanie stands off behind them, too terrified to make a move.. ]]-

[ Chris Masters ] I like it.. I like it a lot! Yeah, baby!

-[[ He tightens the Masterlock a bit and Alexis winces in pain.. ]]-

[ Chris Masters ] Nobody breaks my Masterlock!

-[[ And then.. Another voice.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] Whoa, whoa, whoa.. Hold on a second!

-[[ Jillian and Masters turn and see Matt Hardy storming up toward them with purpose in his step.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] Did I hear you two talking about putting her in some.. Masterlock Challenge?

-[[ Masters nods.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] Not happening.. Not tonight.. Not ever.

-[[ Jillian laughs.. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Get lost, Hardy!

-[[ Hardy smirks.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] You're not listening to me.. This isn't between you and her, Masters..

-[[ Hardy takes a few steps closer.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] This is between you.. And Raven.

-[[ Hardy is trying everything he can.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] Raven scarred your face up.. Ya' had to get plastic surgery.. I know you're mad..

[ Chris Masters ] I'm not mad.. I'm pissed!

[ Matt Hardy ] I can tell.. Just.. Don't take it out on her.

-[[ Jillian walks up to Hardy, a disgusted look on her face. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] What are you trying to prove, hero?

-[[ Hardy actually seems confused now.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] Ya' know... I don't know, really.. I just know.. That.. As much as I hate Raven.. This isn't right.

-[[ Jillian wipes away a fake tear. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] Well, Matt... We appreciate your suggestion, but....

-[[ She gives him a thumbs down. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] ...DENIED!

-[[ She cackles. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] The Masterlock Challenge lives!

-[[ Hardy nods, defeated.. Alexis stares him in the face while still held tightly in the hold.. She's confused.. Hardy mouths "I tried" at her and backs away as Jillian and Masters prepare to take her and Meanie inside for the Challenge.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] ..Fair enough.

-[[ Fade. ]]-

Hour Two