Date: Sunday, June 25th, 2006 | Live From: Birmingham, Alabama | Commentators: Joey Styles & Don Callis

Dark Match
Shawn Michaels & Chyna
def. Kenny & Mitch via Pin Fall

-[[ The SGW logo flashes across the screen.. ]]-

-[[ We fade up in the parking lot where we see Raven walking, already in his wrestling gear, although it appears as though he has just arrived.. Perry Saturn and the Blue Meanie trail behind him.. Perry Saturn has someone slung over his shoulder, their head and upper body covered in a brown, cloth sack.. The Blue Meanie leads a second person, obviously a female by her hands which are bound together with cable ties.. We're seeing Melina and Shannon Moore, held captive by Raven and the remnants of his Flock in retaliation for Matt Hardy's capture of Alexis Laree and Stevie Richards.. Raven has the SGW Intercontinental Championship around his waist.. Meanie and Saturn keep an eye out while it looks like Raven really could not care less... They slowly and casually make their way inside the building as the roar of the crowd becomes more evident.. They've become excited, seeing this take place on the Golden-Tron.. Raven looks around.. ]]-

[ Raven ] All clear.

-[[ He points blindly. ]]-

[ Raven ] Boiler room.

-[[ Saturn moves immediately.. The Meanie swallows.. ]]-

[ The Blue Meanie ] The.. B-..Boiler room?

-[[ Raven doesn't turn around.. He just speaks. ]]-

[ Raven ] Now.

-[[ The Meanie takes off, dragging Melina behind him.. Raven starts to walk in another direction when he's cut off by someone very unlikely.. Raven looks the smiling man up and down.. There's confusion in his voice. ]]-

[ Raven ] Terry Taylor?

-[[ The man extends his hand.. Raven looks down at it.. ]]-

[ Terry Taylor ] Raven.. I'm pleased to meet you.

-[[ Raven looks at Taylor's hand and back up at him. ]]-

[ Raven ] ..Yeah.

-[[ Taylor clears his throat and pulls his hand back.. ]]-

[ Raven ] Did you see Matt Hardy come through here?

-[[ Raven looks over Terry's shoulders anxiously.. ]]-

[ Raven ] ..He probably had a girl with him..

-[[ Terry Taylor shakes his head.. ]]-

[ Terry Taylor ] Ah.. No.. I can't say that I did..

-[[ But then he remembers something. ]]-

[ Terry Taylor ] But.. Did I just see what I think I saw?

-[[ Raven doesn't answer. ]]-

[ Terry Taylor ] Those two guys heading toward the bowels of this building with two people in brown sacks?

-[[ Raven stares him right in the face.. ]]-

[ Raven ] ..Maybe.

-[[ Taylor scratches his head. ]]-

[ Terry Taylor ] Oh..

-[[ A pause. ]]-

[ Terry Taylor ] ..Why?

-[[ Raven looks away.. ]]-

[ Raven ] Matt Hardy took something of mine.. I took something of Matt Hardy's..

-[[ Taylor raises an eyebrow.. ]]-

[ Terry Taylor ] I keep a close eye on Solid Gold Wrestling.. I used to own part of it.. But.. I swear I didn't see anything about this on Solid Gold programming..

-[[ Raven's voice is almost passive. ]]-

[ Raven ] That's because it didn't happen on Solid Gold programming.

[ Terry Taylor ] ..Oh.

-[[ A pause. ]]-

[ Raven ] This is more than.. Match hype..

-[[ He flips his hair out of his face.. ]]-

[ Raven ] This is personal.

[ Terry Taylor ] I understand.

[ Raven ] No, you don't.

-[[ Taylor quickly changes the subject. ]]-

[ Terry Taylor ] Well.. I just wanted to meet you.. Introduce myself.. I was in town and thought I'd drop in and pay the boys a visit.. See how things are going for Solid Gold these days..

-[[ Raven continues looking around, not paying a lot of attention to Taylor.. ]]-

[ Terry Taylor ] As you may or may not know.. I've always been a huge fan of the Intercontinental championship and it was my decision to resurrect it all those years ago when Shane McMahon decided to trash it.. I wanted to wish you luck personally.. That title's got a hard road behind it.. And from the look of the main event.. A hard road in front of it.. And it needs a champion like you to give it the credibility that other's have tried hard to deprive it of..

-[[ Raven shrugs.. ]]-

[ Raven ] Whatever.

-[[ Taylor nods.. He knows Raven has to care more than he lets on. ]]-

[ Terry Taylor ] Best of luck.

-[[ Taylor leaves, allowing Raven to continue his search.. As Raven walks past the interview set, we see Christian standing there with Trish, Cornette and Tomko.. Christian has something in his hand.. What appears to be a title belt.. But it's not an SGW Tag Team title.. Can't be.. Edge has the only other one.. Christian's was destroyed.. The camera zooms in on Christian's face.. ]]-

[ Christian ] This is it, Edge..

-[[ A pause. ]]-

[ Christian ] The final count down.. To the end.. Of your career..

-[[ Christian is shaking with intensity.. He can't wait to get his hands on Edge.. ]]-

[ Christian ] You've said your piece.. And from what I and all of my peeps could tell.. You sure do talk a lot.. You just don't SAY much.. All I've heard since you turned on me.. Is a bunch of whining and crying about how I always got the title shots and you got the short end of the stick..

-[[ Christian's voice is full of venom.. ]]-

[ Christian ] It sounds to me.. Like this isn't about titles..

-[[ Oh yeah? ]]-

[ Christian ] It's about getting the one-up on baby brother.

-[[ Christian takes a step back from the camera and raises the championship belt in the air.. ]]-

[ Christian ] Do you know what this is, Edge?

-[[ Christian slaps the title belt on the center plate.. ]]-

[ Christian ] It's the first world championship belt that I ever won!!

-[[ Christian looks at it, nodding.. Then turns back to the camera.. ]]-

[ Christian ] The All-Star Championship Wrestling.. World.. Heavyweight championship..

-[[ A pause as the fans give a small pop.. ]]-

[ Christian ] If you think you have what it takes to do anything I can do.. This is where you start..

-[[ He nods, smirking.. ]]-

[ Christian ] Yeah, you heard me.. Tonight.. I'm putting it all on the line.. The championship belt that has been in my possession for FOUR YEARS.. The championship belt that no one in this business could take away from me!! The championship that was created around my waist.. And was around my waist when that company DIED!!

-[[ Christian holds the title up, right in the camera's view, the 'ACW' initials glimmer in the light.. ]]-

[ Christian ] And I'm putting it on the line.. Because you're just like everyone else that tried to take it away from me.. The same reason that I got all the opportunities.. That you never did.... Quite simply, bro..

-[[ Christian's voice goes low. ]]-

[ Christian ] Because I.. Am better than you.

-[[ He smirks.. ]]-

[ Christian ] Because that.. Is how I roll.

-[[ Christian cuts to the side.. Leaving Cornette in the shot.. He bobs his head like a black woman.. ]]-

[ Jim Cornette ] Yeah and, well.. Now ya' know!

-[[ Cornette swaggers off. Fade out. ]]-

John Cena, Bull Buchanan & Rey Mysterio
Rob Van Dam, Sabu & Joey Ryan[w/Kurt Angle]
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: Six-Man Tag Team Match
Referees: Jimmy Cordaris

-[[ Rey Mysterio begins the match with Joey Ryan.. They lock up to start and fight over it before Joey Ryan forces him into the corner and begins punching away at him.. Joey goes to whip Rey into the opposite corner and attempts to follow him in but Rey jumps straight onto the top turnbuckle and moonsaults right into Joey Ryan! He covers him! One! Two! Thr-- Joey Ryan kicks out!! Rey Mysterio runs the ropes but Kurt Angle trips him and Rey talks trash at him.. And turns right around into a clothesline from Joey Ryan! Joey catches Rey in a front face lock and tags in Rob Van Dam.. Van Dam comes in and he and Joey hit a double suplex on Rey! Van Dam pulls Rey back to his feet and whips him into the ropes.. He throws a kick and Rey catches it.. And Van Dam pinwheel kicks him right in the face!! Van Dam goes for a quick cover.. One! Two! Rey gets a shoulder up! Van Dam pulls Rey up and hits him with a body slam.. Van Dam goes to the ropes..... Rolling Thunder! Van Dam begins climbing the ropes and Rey Mysterio kips up and leaps onto the top rope with Van Dam! Van Dam fights Rey off, sending him crashing back down to the mat.. And Van Dam flies.. FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH!! But Rey moves! Van Dam nails the mat and contorts in pain! Rey makes a dive.. And tags in Bull Buchanan! Buchanan goes in as a house of fire, nailing Van Dam with lefts and rights.. He whips him into the ropes.. Sidewalk slam! Van Dam makes a quick tag to Sabu! Sabu charges in and begins brawling with Buchanan.. Buchanan takes it to Sabu, punching away at him.. Buchanan goes to whip Sabu into the ropes but Sabu reverses it and Angle trips Buchanan now! Buchanan staggers forward into Sabu.. DDT! Sabu goes for a quick cover now.. One! Two! Buchanan kicks out with force.. Sabu pulls Buchanan back to his feet.. He slugs away at him and whips him into the ropes.. He goes for a spinning heel kick but Buchanan catches him.. FALLAWAY SLAM! Buchanan runs over.. And makes the tag to JOHN CENA! Cena charges in and blasts Sabu with a big right hand! Joey Ryan charges into the ring and gets nailed with a spine buster!! Van Dam comes flying off of the top rope and Cena sidesteps him and pulls him off of the mat.. Gut wrench power bomb on Van Dam!! Sabu staggers off the ropes toward Cena and Cena catches him........ F-U!! And then he rolls him over into the STFU!! Sabu fights it.. He fights it.. Joey Ryan and Van Dam try to make it over to break it.. But Rey and Buchanan keep them at bay!! Kurt Angle comes flying between the middle and bottom ropes to try and break it.. But he's too late!! SABU TAPS OUT!! SABU TAPS OUT IN THE STFU!! John Cena, Rey Mysterio and Bull Buchanan have won this match!! ]]-

Winners: John Cena, Bull Buchanan & Rey Mysterio via Submission

-[[ We immediately go backstage where we see "Stone Cold" Steve Austin standing eye to chest with The Big Show.. Austin's just staring up into Big Show's face.. The Big Show looks down at Austin.. There's no love lost here, apparently.. Austin has the SGW world title over his shoulder.. And as the camera pans back, it reveals Ken Kennedy cowering behind the Big Show with the television title around his waist.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] Keep him back, Show!

-[[ Austin shakes his head, looking disgusted.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Keep him back, Show!?

-[[ He yells. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] YOU'RE PATHETIC!!

-[[ The Big Show isn't budging.. Austin tries to look around at Kennedy. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] If I wanted to whip your ass... You can BET your ass.. It'd already be WHIPPED!

-[[ Big Show leans forward a bit, separating them even more.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] And they ain't nothin'.. Nothin' ya' jolly green giant could do about it!!

-[[ Ken Kennedy places a hand on the Big Show's shoulder and Show steps aside.. Kennedy and Austin are now standing close together.. Only a couple feet separating them.. Austin and Kennedy stand there, looking at each other for a second.. Austin looks Kennedy up and down.. Austin flinches, Kennedy recoils a bit.. Austin smirks.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Ya' hit me with my own damn belt last week..

-[[ Kennedy swallows hard. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Now... I want ya' to tell me.. And I want ya' be honest, now, ya' hear?

-[[ Kennedy nods.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] Yes, Steve..

-[[ Austin looks down for a second.. And then back up into Kennedy's eyes.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Last week.. When ya' put a bump on my noggin with that belt..

-[[ Austin's eyes are cold, going straight through Kennedy. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Was that an accident?

-[[ Kennedy opens his mouth to answer, but Austin cuts him off.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Or.. Were ya' tryin' to tell me somethin'?

[ Ken Kennedy ] Steve-

[ Steve Austin ] ..What?

[ Ken Kennedy ] I assure you--

[ Steve Austin ] What?!

[ Ken Kennedy ] It was totally an acc-

[ Steve Austin ] Do ya' want my belt!?

[ Ken Kennedy ] I--

[ Steve Austin ] I SAID DO YOU WANT MY BELT!?

[ Ken Kennedy ] Steve, I--


[ Ken Kennedy ] YES!!

-[[ Kennedy has sweat dripping off his forehead.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] YES!! YES!! YES!! I WANT YOUR BELT!!

-[[ He takes a step toward Austin and thumps his finger into Austin's chest.. ]]-


-[[ Kennedy is shaking with anger after how Austin has pushed him.. Austin smirks.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Hell, son.. All ya' had to do was say yes.

-[[ Kennedy takes a step back, wiping his brow.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] Dammit, Austin..

-[[ Kennedy extends his hand.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] Let's just get the job done tonight..

-[[ Austin stares down at his hand.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] And whoever wins.. Wins..

-[[ Austin still stares down at Kennedy's hand.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] After the match, son... After the match.

-[[ Austin turns and walks away, leaving Kennedy and Show alone.. Kennedy looks down at his own hand.. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] After the match.

-[[ Fade. ]]-

Rob Conway versus Booker T.
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Mike Chioda

-[[ Rob Conway and Booker T. face off.. Conway still hasn't removed his sun glasses.. Booker T. stares a hole right through him and Conway flashes a cocky smile.. Booker T. reaches up and takes off the Conman's glasses for him.. And then snaps them right in two! He throws the pieces at Conway, letting them bounce off of his chest.. Conway shakes his head.. "Oh no, you just didn't!" and he blasts Booker T. with a big right hand!! He backs Booker T. into the ropes, pummeling him with lefts and rights, knees him in the gut and yanks him straight into the EGO TRIP! Booker T. begins punching and fighting his way out of it, trying to get free of the hold but Conway begins drilling him with knees to keep him in place.. Booker T. pushes Conway backward into the turnbuckles, shoulder blocking him into the corner until he releases him.. Booker T. whips Conway into the opposite turnbuckle and follows him in with a corner clothesline!! Conway staggers out, wobbly and Booker T. kicks him in the gut.. Booker T. goes for the AXE KICK but Conway sidesteps it.. And then kicks Booker T. right in the balls!! Booker T. drops to his knees and falls on his side.. Conway then goes to work on the top turnbuckle, trying to remove the pad...... He gets it removed and throws it aside as Mike Chioda warns him.. Conway pulls Booker T. back to his feet and whips him into the turnbuckle.. But Booker T. reverses it and sends Conway into his own exposed turnbuckle!! But Conway manages to stop a few inches before it.. Breathe a sigh of relief.. And he turns around just in time to dodge a flying splash from Booker T.!! Conway moves!! Booker T. goes face first into the exposed steel!! He turns around, out of it and Conway kicks him in the gut... EGO TRIP! He covers him! One! Two! Three! Rob Conway has conned Booker T. AGAIN! What is it going to take to overcome the Conman!? ]]-

Winner: Rob Conway via Pin Fall

-[[ We cut backstage where we're immediately greeted with the sight of Kurt Angle and Joey Ryan beating down Rob Van Dam and Sabu!! Joey Ryan is stomping away at Sabu, kicking him hard in the side until he rolls over and stops moving while Angle pins Van Dam against the wall and begins relentlessly nailing him with European uppercuts! Finally, Angle takes a step back, allowing Van Dam to drop to one knee, looking groggy... Angle rips down his straps.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] ..YEAH!!

-[[ And he kicks Van Dam right in the face.. Van Dam goes limp.. Angle stands over him, breathing heavily.. Angle then turns and looks at Joey Ryan, who is standing over Sabu.. Angle immediately storms up and puts Ryan against the wall.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] Tonight.. You embarrassed me!

-[[ Joey's voice is strained.. ]]-

[ Joey Ryan ] Man.. I tried to win the match..

-[[ Angle puts some strain on Joey's neck.. ]]-

[ Joey Ryan ] Ergh! What.. More.. Do you want.. From me!?

[ Kurt Angle ] People like... JOHN CENA.. Don't get the upper hand.. On people like me!

[ Joey Ryan ] I can't.. Carry the weight.. Of an entire team!

-[[ Angle drops Ryan.. Ryan falls on his ass. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] An entire team!? AN ENTIRE TEAM!?

-[[ Angle waggles his head around.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] Try carrying the weight of an ENTIRE FREAKIN' COUNTRY!!

-[[ Joey Ryan nods, lightly touching his neck.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] Which is what I did, just so you know.. When I won my Olympic gold medals!!

-[[ Angle puts his hands on his hips.. He stares down at Ryan.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] Well? Are ya' gonna stand up or what?

-[[ Joey Ryan slowly stands up, keeping his eyes on Angle.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] You're a young kid.. Ya' got a bright future ahead of you.

-[[ Ryan nods.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] But from now on.. No more excuses.. Just results.

-[[ Angle opens his arms.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] I'm hard on you because I believe in you..

-[[ He motions for Ryan to come forward. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] Give me a hug.

-[[ Joey Ryan looks around, perhaps wondering if anyone is watching.. And he gently and reluctantly steps into Angle's arms and gives him a hug... Angle holds him tight.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] And shave that ridiculous mustache.

-[[ Ryan rolls his eyes while Kurt can't see them. ]]-

[ Joey Ryan ] ..not shaving my mustache.

-[[ Another voice is heard.. Joey Ryan immediately looks terrified, wondering who witnessed the hug.. Kurt Angle has no shame and he takes his time letting Ryan go.. They turn toward the source of the voice. ]]-

[ Colt Cabana ] Hey, guys.. Group hug?

-[[ Angle shrugs and then pulls them both in for a group hug. They all release. ]]-

[ Colt Cabana ] Kurt.. I couldn't help but overhear you and Joey's conversation..

[ Joey Ryan ] ..You were eavesdropping?

[ Colt Cabana ] ..No, of course not!

-[[ And then he shrugs, nodding. ]]-

[ Colt Cabana ] Alright, yeah.. I was eavesdropping.

[ Kurt Angle ] I admire the honesty.

[ Colt Cabana ] Thanks.

[ Joey Ryan ] Yeah, whatever. Get to the point..

-[[ Cabana.. Gets to the point. ]]-

[ Colt Cabana ] Kurt, brother-man, let me make one thing perfectly clear.. I respect the hell out of you.. I think you're the best wrestler this business has ever seen.. I look up to you.. I want to be like you.. And I'd love to not only be able to call you a friend or a partner.. But a mentor...

-[[ Angle just looks at him, not really responding. ]]-

[ Colt Cabana ] Now, I see you've already taken this guy under your wing.. But I was hoping you'd have room for one more.. I'll do anything I can to prove to you that I'm worth it..

-[[ No response.. ]]-

[ Colt Cabana ] I want to help you take care of business, Kurt.. I'm all about the wrestling!

-[[ Angle is stone faced.. ]]-

[ Colt Cabana ] I'm all about the good times and the good memories, man.. Old school! Classic!

-[[ Still nothing.. ]]-

[ Colt Cabana ] Classic.. Just like when you won your Olympic gold medals!

-[[ Angle then nods, smiling, latching onto Colt's plea. ]]-

[ Colt Cabana ] With a broke freakin' neck!

[ Kurt Angle ] Yeah!

-[[ Angle smiles, slapping Colt on the shoulder. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] You're all right, kid.

-[[ Cabana smiles, thinking he's in. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] Tell you what.. I'll keep an eye on your match with Stevens tonight.. You impress me and we'll talk.

[ Colt Cabana ] Awesome!

-[[ He shakes Kurt's hand. ]]-

[ Colt Cabana ] Thanks, Kurt.. You won't regret it!!

-[[ Cabana leaves Ryan and Angle alone.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] Pretty soon, Joey.. Guys like us are going to rule Solid Gold..

-[[ Angle then raises an eyebrow. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] Guys like me, at least.

-[[ Joey looks a bit offended, but doesn't speak up. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] And do you know why, Joey?

[ Joey Ryan ] Why's that?

[ Kurt Angle ] Because I'm smart.

-[[ A pause as Angle rubs his chin. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] And everyone else.. Is dumb.

-[[ Angle smiles, nodding to himself. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] It's true.

-[[ A pause. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] It's damn true.

-[[ The hell? Is Kurt Angle creating an army out of SGW's young up and comers?! ]]-

Christian(c) versus Edge
Title on the Line: ACW World Heavyweight Championship
Stipulation: None
Referee: Charles Robinson

-[[ Christian's eyes never leave Edge as he hands the All-Star Championship Wrestling world title to Charles Robinson.. Robinson holds the title in the air and then passes it off to the time keeper.. Edge and Christian each stand in their respective corners, eyes locked.. Trish Stratus, Jim Cornette and Tyson Tomko stand in Christian's corner.. Stacy Keibler stands in Edge's.. The bell sounds to signify the beginning of the match and the two begin making their way toward the center of the ring.. They stand eye to eye now, neither one saying a word.. No smiles, no cocky banter.. They're both dead serious. Edge suddenly pie faces Christian backward and Christian retaliates by coming back at Edge full-force, swinging like crazy! Edge tries to get his hands up to deflect the shots but Christian takes it to him, hitting him repeatedly with lefts and rights! Christian fires off an uppercut and nails Edge with a knee lift before grabbing him by the hair and slinging him over the top rope and to the floor! Christian stomps around the ring, pumping his fists as the fans roar.. And when Edge pulls himself up to the apron to climb back inside, Christian runs and nails Edge with a baseball slide that sends him crashing backward into the guardrail! Christian slides out of the ring and pulls Edge up.. He lays into him with a chop and then slugs him in the head again.. He nails Edge again and again.. "Come on, you son of a bitch!" and then he nails Edge one more time! Christian pulls Edge off of the guardrail and whips him into the ring steps! Edge goes in shoulder first and then slumps down on his ass.. Christian points at Edge, smiling evilly.. The fans are buzzing and Christian charges in at him.. And Edge ducks, grabs Christian's tights, and brings him down face first into the steps! Christian's head bounces off of the steel and he lays motionless on the floor as Trish and Cornette run over to check on him.. Christian's got blood pouring from a wound above his eye brow.. He's completely spaced out.. Tomko looms over them.. Trish screams at Edge to get back but Edge just wipes the hair out of his eyes and pushes her out of the way.. He pushes Cornette back and pulls Christian up by his hair.. Edge looks at Tomko.. "Try me," and then he punches Christian right in the cut, causing more blood to pour out.. Edge then drives his knee right into Christian's face! Christian slumps back down, out of it.. Edge stands there, looking down at him and he raises his arms in victory, laughing.. Edge pulls Christian up again and Christian is there just enough to use Edge's tights for leverage to hold himself up.. Edge drags Christian toward the ring and slings him hard into the apron before deadlifting him underneath the bottom rope and into the ring.. Edge follows him in and makes a quick cover, hooking the leg.. One.. Two! Christian gets a shoulder up.. Edge sits up on his knees, not looking satisfied.. He pulls Christian's head up and punches him back down.. He makes another quick cover.. One.. Two.. Shoulder up.. Edge nods, smiling.. He pulls Christian up to his feet and casually pushes him backward into the turnbuckles.. Christian is wearing a full crimson mask and a lot of his blood has gotten all over Edge.. Edge chops Christian and then nails him with a solid shot to the head.. Edge chops him again and hits him with a knee to the gut... Blood is just dripping off of Christian's face.. Edge goes to throw another punch.. But Christian gets a hand up to block it! Edge's eye go wide.. He throws a punch with his other arm.. And Christian blocks that one, too!! Christian shakes his head, slings the blood out of his eyes and kicks Edge in the gut! He kicks him again and Edge staggers back.. Christian begins plowing into Edge with lefts and rights like there's absolutely nothing wrong with him! He knocks Edge backward into the ropes and Edge comes bounding back at him with an overhand punch but Christian ducks it and hooks him from behind.. REVERSE DDT! Both men lay motionless for a bit.. Christian's too far gone to capitalize! It's a race for both men to see who can get to their feet first.. Both get to all fours and Christian begins using the ropes to pull himself up.. Edge staggers up to one knee, looking a bit groggy now and he slowly turns around to see Christian staring back at him.. The two clash quickly and begin trading punches like crazy!! Christian ducks a punch from Edge and goes for the UNPRETTIER but Edge pushes him off into the ropes.. Christian hits and comes at him backward and Edge hooks him.. EDGE-O-MATIC! Edge hooks his leg! One! Two! Thre-- CHRISTIAN GOT A SHOULDER UP! Edge begins yanking at his hair, he can't believe it!! Edge gets up and begins climbing the ropes.. He gets to the top rope and begins waiting for Christian to stir.. Christian slowly gets to his feet and turns toward Edge's position.. And then springs toward the turnbuckle as Edge suddenly looks terrified! Christian climbs the ropes and hooks Edge quickly.. DOUBLE UNDERHOOK SUPLEX OFF THE TOP ROPE! Both men lay motionless for a second and Christian drags himself toward Edge.. He covers him.. One.. Two...... Th-- Edge got a shoulder up! Christian rolls off of him and lays there for a bit.. Both men try to regain their senses.. Christian is the first to his feet, soon after is Edge.. Christian is leaning on the ropes.. Edge suddenly charges at him and Christian backdrops him over the top rope and to the floor but Edge lands on his feet and grabs Christian by the ankles and trips him! He pulls Christian straight out of the ring, forcing him to land flat on his back on the outside!! Edge nails him with a few punches and then throws the apron up.. He looks underneath the ring.. And finds a TABLE! The fans pop.. Charles Robinson warns him to put it back but Edge isn't listening.. He props the table up like a bridge between the guardrail and apron.. He pulls Christian back to his feet.. Christian tries to fight his way out of this but Edge slams him face first into the ring apron and rolls him onto the table... Charles Robinson continuously warns Edge, but Edge won't listen.. He climbs onto the table after Christian and it looks like it might fall over from how unstable it is.. Edge pulls Christian up to his feet and motions that he's going to.. PILEDRIVE Christian through it!! Edge pulls Christian in and tries to lift him but Christian fights it.. And back drops Edge over the top rope and into the ring, but Edge once again lands on his feet! He hits the ropes on the opposite side and comes back....... And flies through the ropes... SPEAR ON CHRISTIAN THROUGH THE TABLE AND TO THE FLOOR!! Trish, Cornette, Tomko and even Stacy all run over to pull the two out of the rubble and see if they're okay.. "HOLY SHIT" chants have broken out all across the arena.. Both men are laying somewhat motionless where they landed.. Charles Robinson is calling for the bell! He's ruling it a DOUBLE DISQUALIFICATION! The fans erupt in boos.. ]]-

As EMTs come rushing down to the ring, Jeff Jarrett follows them out with a microphone in his hand.. Jarrett is already in his ring gear and he doesn't appear to be concerned in the least.. He begins yelling into the microphone.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] A double disqualification!? In this match?!

The fans are booing the very sight of Jarrett.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Hell no! Not tonight!

Surprisingly, a huge pop. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] This match is continuin'.. With no disqualifications!

Another pop. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] This is Total Destruction.. And by God.. I want somebody DESTROYED! HA HA!

Jarrett turns and leaves as Charles Robinson stands in the ring, looking concerned.. Reluctantly, he calls for the bell to signal the restarting of the match.. Edge and Christian both slowly begin to move.. Christian is absolutely covered in blood to the point that it looks like he's wearing a red shirt.. Edge is the first to his feet, using the guardrail as leverage.. He takes Christian by the head and throws him inside the ring.. Trish tries to stop Edge from following him inside but Edge shoves her hard backward into the guardrail!! Jim Cornette immediately dives on Edge for assaulting Trish like that and Edge grabs Cornette by the head and THROWS HIM hard into the ring post!! Cornette falls down on his ass, holding the back of his head and Edge charges at him.. And kicks him full-on in the face!! Cornette goes limp.. Edge stands over him, breathing heavily.. Edge turns and sees Tomko checking on Trish and then he slides back inside the ring.. Christian is hanging on to the middle rope, barely able to see through the blood.. Edge runs at him and goes for a kick to the head but Christian falls out of the way and Edge hits the ropes.. Christian cradles him! One! Two! THREE!! CHRISTIAN HAS WON THE MATCH!! CHRISTIAN HAS WON THE MATCH!! Christian is too far gone to celebrate, just sitting there with blood dumping out of his face.. He raises his arms in victory.. When Charles Robinson sees... Edge's fist clutching the bottom rope!! EDGE HAD A HAND ON THE BOTTOM ROPE!! Charles Robinson hates to do it.. But he has to call for the match to be restarted.. AGAIN!! Edge is up quickly, in better shape and less beaten down by Christian.. Christian doesn't even seem to realize the match isn't over yet.. Christian is barely standing now and Edge hits the ropes.. AND SPEARS CHRISTIAN DOWN! He covers him! One! Two! THRE-- NO!! Christian got a shoulder up!! Edge can't believe it!! Edge covers him again.. ONE! TWO! THR-- NO!! He covers him again! ONE! TWO! TH-- NO!! Edge yanks at his hair and tries again.. ONE!! KICK OUT!! Christian sits up, yelling in rage!! Edge looks terrified!! He punches at Christian but Christian refuses to go down!! Christian slowly stands up.. Edge hits the rope and goes for a running forearm but Christian blocks it.. And he punches Edge right in the head! Again! And again! And again!! He sends Edge backward into the ropes and points at him.. "THIS IS IT, YOU BASTARD!!" And he throws another punch but Edge blocks it and kicks Christian in the gut-- NO! Christian catches his boot and spins Edge around.. UNPRETTIER-- NO!! Edge pushes Christian forward into the ropes, Christian hits them and comes back.. KICK TO THE GUT.... EDGEACUTION!! Edge covers him.. One......... TWO............ THREE-- NO!! NO!! CHRISTIAN GOT A SHOULDER UP!! Edge yells in anger, yanking at his hair, eyes bulging.. This is IMPOSSIBLE!! Edge shakes his head and rolls out of the ring.. He walks over to the time keeper's table where the ACW world title and the last remaining SGW tag team title are resting.. He looks at both.. And then grabs the tag team title.. He's going to end it with the belt that brought them here in the first place!! Edge rolls back inside the ring.. He begins sizing Christian up like he's going to go for a spear as soon as he stands.. Christian uses the ropes to stand up and Edge charges at him with the belt but Christian ducks and drop toe holds Edge, forcing him chest first into the middle rope, sending the tag team title flying to the outside!! Christian grabs Edge from behind.. UNPRETTIER!! He covers him.... ONE.......... TWO............. THREE-- NO!! EDGE GOT A FOOT ON THE ROPES!! Christian sits there, bleeding over Edge.. Edge sits up, standing up slowly.. Christian is up.. The two begin trading punches slowly, each one nailing the other with stiff shots.. The last shot Christian throws nearly knocks Edge down but he barely grabs the ropes to remain standing.. And Trish grabs the SGW Tag team title.. And throws it up into Christian's hands.. Christian clutches it, looks at Edge...... AND EDGE COMES ALIVE! He kicks Christian right in the BALLS!! Christian drops the tag team title and Edge catches it.. And BLASTS Christian right in the face!! Edge throws the title to the side and covers Christian.. One........... Two................ THREE- NO!!!! Christian rolled his shoulder!! Edge immediately stands up and begins punching away at Christian's head and then he hits the ropes.. And nails Christian in the head with a running stomp!! Edge continues kicking Christian in the face until Trish and Tomko slide into the ring.. Tomko backs Edge up and Trish cradles Christian's head, trying to talk to him.. Christian is totally out of it.. "Stop the match" she says and Charles Robinson looks confused.. Tomko walks over as Edge watches and they try to help Christian to his feet.. Trish and Tomko get him off the mat, one of his arms over each of their shoulders.. They turn like they're going to take him out of the ring..... But then they quickly turn around toward Edge.. The hell? "DO IT, EDGE!" Trish orders.. And Edge spears Christian right out of their set-up!! IT WAS A GOD DAMN SET-UP!!! TRISH AND TOMKO HAVE SIDED WITH EDGE!!! Edge covers Christian and hooks one of his legs..... ONE!! ..........TWO!! ........CHRISTIAN GOES TO PUT HIS FOOT ON THE ROPE.. BUT TRISH KICKS HIS FOOT BACK DOWN......... THREE!!!! EDGE HAS WON THE MATCH THANKS TO TOMKO AND TRISH STRATUS!!! ]]-

-[[ Stacy Keibler gets in the ring, wondering what's going on.. Edge looks like he's trying to console her and explain what just went down but then he just shrugs and points behind her.. Stacy, frustrated, turns and walks right into.... THE CHICK KICK!! The impact sends Stacy spiraling around.. AND EDGE SPEARS HER DOWN!! Edge lays on top of her for a second, laughing and pelvic thrusting on top of her.. ]]-

Edge stands up, eyeballing Trish.. She smiles at him.. And they begin making out furiously in the middle of the ring over Christian's body!! Tyson Tomko stands there, looking pleased with himself... Edge breaks the kiss and exits the ring.. He grabs a steel chair and rolls back inside.. He points at Trish and tells her to get the SGW Tag team title.. She blows on it, shining it up and places it gently over Christian's face.... Edge laughs and raises the chair.... AND BREAKS THE OTHER TITLE OVER CHRISTIAN'S FACE!! Edge throws the chair aside and is presented with the All-Star Championship Wrestling World Heavyweight title.. Edge looks at it and shrugs, laughing.. EMTs flood the ring to check on Christian as Edge raises the ACW World Championship over his head with Trish on his arm.. And Tyson Tomko by his side. ]]-

Winner & New ACW World Champion: Edge via Pin Fall

-[[ We cut backstage where we see Matt Hardy pacing around in his room with the SGW United States championship in his hands.. Alexis Laree and Stevie Richards are handcuffed.. Matt Striker stands in the corner, rubbing his chin, keeping an eye on them... Matt Hardy stares intently down at his title belt.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] Tonight.. It all comes to an end..

-[[ He looks over at Alexis.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] Tonight...... Raven can ignore me.. No more!

-[[ She yanks hard on the cuffs, but they refuse to give. ]]-

[ Alexis Laree ] You're a maniac!!

-[[ Matt Hardy spins around, yelling, the title belt swinging around in his hand.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] I'm a maniac!? ME!? Look at the people you call family!!

-[[ She stares up at him with hate in her eyes.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] Look.. In a mirror.. At your own relfection!

-[[ She looks down.. Hardy stalks up on her.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] People like you.. People like your friend, Raven.. They don't deserve to be treated the same as everyone else... Can you honestly sit there and say with a straight face.. That Raven.. Deserves to breathe the same air..

-[[ He tilts his head back.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] As... V-ONE-AHHHHH!?

-[[ He looks back down, smiling evilly.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] Of course not..

-[[ Striker kneels down next to her.. He runs his hand along her face. ]]-

[ Stevie Richards ] Hey, don't touch'er, asshole!

-[[ Striker ignores him. ]]-

[ Matt Striker ] Hardy's right, Miss Laree..

-[[ He nods to himself.. ]]-

[ Matt Striker ] People like you and Raven..

-[[ Quotation fingers. ]]-

[ Matt Striker ] ..Garbage people, as we call them--

[ Alexis Laree ] Garbage people!?

[ Matt Striker ] Don't interrupt me while I'm speaking.

-[[ He smiles... And then goes back to being serious. ]]-

[ Matt Striker ] As I was saying.. You people.. Deserve to be exterminated.

-[[ Hardy then drops down in front of her.. Looking hard into her face.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] And tonight.. You will be..

-[[ He smiles.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] Because once I'm done with Raven and I've unified the championships.. And put my name in the history books.. FOREVER..... I'm going to find that cross-eyed freak.. And that big, blue butterball..... And I'm going to get Melina and Shannon back.. And when I do..

-[[ His eyes go dark.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] WHEN.. I.. DO... I'm coming back here.. And I'm finishing you.. And Stevie.. OFF!

-[[ He clutches the title tightly within both hands as Alexis stares at him, tears streaming down her face.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] And the whole world.. Will bow at the altar

-[[ He tilts his head back.. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] ...OF MATTITUDE!

-[[ He laughs maniacally. ]]-

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