Sunday, July 18th, 2004
Seattle, Washington

Commentators: Scott Hudson & Mark Madden

-[[ The SGW logo flashes across the screen and the sound of fans screaming their lungs out can be heard faintly in the background. ]]-

The show opens up with a shot of what looks to be a rest room in the arena. It's a well kept rest room, the camera lets us know as it pans around and finally settles on a man standing at the sink. He's wearing a suit and looking at himself in the mirror. The reflection tells us everything we need to know: It's Shane McMahon. ]]-

He looks like a wreck. Like anyone else who invested millions of dollars into raising a dead promotion, he is nervous. He knows SGWx won't fail. The name alone won't allow it, but there's the matter of living up to the hype. Shane McMahon must present Solid Gold Wrestling-X proudly. Live up to the name. Prove the naysayers wrong. Shane splashes his face with water. He hasn't been this nervous since the night before he faced Arn Anderson for one hundred percent ownership of SGW. Just like that night, tonight is all or nothing. ]]-

A voice from behind jolts Shane but he doesn't turn around. The camera doesn't let us see who it is at first. ]]-

[ Voice ] It's a lot of pressure, I know. There always is with something this important. I remember when those doors first opened.. I knew, knew right from the start that it was gonna be somethin' special but I couldn't convince myself until I saw it with my own eyes.

-[[ The camera pans around and reveals Arn Anderson behind Shane. Shane turns around and faces his former enemy. ]]-

[ Arn Anderson ] It's the aura I think. People know Solid Gold only represents the best wrestling has to offer. That.. Makes things hard sometimes. You get held to a standard and that standard is difficult to uphold.

-[[ Arn takes a few steps forward and puts his hand on Shane's shoulder. ]]-

[ Arn Anderson ] And I know you might be a little nervous because SGW folded under you the last time you took the reigns. When you took'em from me... You were a cocky little punk back then. I fought hard to keep it out of your hands because I knew what would happen. I ain't never fought for somethin' as hard as I did for SGW that night and when I lost it, I sat down and I wondered just what in the hell I was gonna do with my life. But I think you're ready now.

-[[ Shane McMahon isn't saying anything. Just staring Arn in the eyes as he talks. Arn continues on. ]]-

[ Arn Anderson ] You'll have tough times, everybody does. There'll be times when you look in the mirror like you were just now and you'll ask yourself: "Am I a fool?" But you have to remember, son, those boys in the back are counting on you and every night, they'll come out here and they'll do most of the work out there in that ring. Just keep in mind that it takes a lot of digging to find solid gold, and sometimes you got to bring the shovel and do the work yourself.

-[[ Arn takes his hand away from Shane's shoulder and speaks again. ]]-

[ Arn Anderson ] I'm glad it was you.

-[[ Anderson nods as if to add emphasis to his point, pats Shane on the shoulder and walks out of the rest room. ]]-

Shane McMahon stands there and buttons his jacket, straightens his tie. He leaves the rest room himself and the camera follows behind him. He walks through the dressing room and toward the entrance ramp where the production crew is sitting, waiting for the cues. Shane McMahon strides by the table, full of confidence now and snaps his fingers at them. ]]-

[ Shane McMahon ] Let's make history.

-[[ Fade out. ]]-

-[[ A video package begins playing, highlighting important moments in SGW history. ]]-

Bret Hart forcing Sting to tap out in the sharpshooter to become the first SGW World Champion...


Bill Goldberg jackhammering Steve Corino to win the belt himself...


Bret Hart and Taz brawling in a steel cage, both of them covered in blood...

"Fuck Owen Hart and fuck you too!"

"The Franchise" Shane Douglas standing tall with the SGW World Title...


A quick shot of the Dudleys 3Ding Steve Austin, Stevie Ray, and Lance Storm to win their three tag team titles...


Another quick shot, this time of Edge spearing Jeff Jarrett, Christian hitting the Unprettier on Scott Hall, and the stackerplex putting an end to Chris Kanyon. Edge and Christian celebrate with their three tag team titles...

"Kanyon, we want to team with you for real this time. Really!"

Scott Steiner goes on a tear through the competition. Tons of shots of him destroying everyone put in his path, concluding with him slamming Chris Kanyon through the top of Hell in a Cell and then celebrating with the SGW World Heavyweight Championship...


"Stone Cold" Steve Austin pinning Gangrel after a Stone Cold Stunner to win the vacant championship...


Jeff Jarrett breaking a guitar over Ric Flair's head to become the new champion...


"The Big Nasty" Paul Wight choke slamming Miss Hancock, followed by Johnny Stamboli hitting The Big Sleep to put the Big Nasty down for the three and the world championship...

.. SOLID ..

Arn Anderson congratulating Shane McMahon on joining Solid Gold Wrestling as the co-owner...

.. GOLD ..

Mike Awesome planting Arn Anderson with the Awesome Bomb and dragging Shane McMahon on top of him for the three for 100% ownership of the company...


The Sandman slamming beers together with Billy Gunn before a match...

.. SOLID ..

Taz suplexing Buh Buh Ray Dudley through a flaming table...

.. GOLD ..

The Million Dollar Corporation, Johnny Stamboli, Ted Dibiase, and Val Venis all holding SGW title belts...

... TALENT ...

-[[ End video. ]]-

-[[ The scene fades back up and this time we're greeted with a crowd shots. Thousands are in attendance to see the return of Solid Gold Wrestling! Suddenly, the cheers are cut in half by -- ]]-


-[[ The fans erupt as Shane McMahon steps out onto the ramp and begins making his way to the ring. He's got a cocky swagger in his walk and the look on his face tells the fans that he's ready to take Solid Gold back to the top. There's not a hint of intimidation on him. Shane gets in the ring and calls for a microphone. Ring announcer, Gary Michael Capetta, gives him one. Shane stands in the ring and looks out at the fans, waiting for a spot to start talking. They finally let up enough for him to talk. ]]-

[ Shane McMahon ] No matter how many times I walk through that curtain, it never stops being a hell of a rush! Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the new era of Solid Gold Wrestling: SGWx!

The fans pop huge. ]]-

[ Shane McMahon ] Here tonight, you are going to witness the absolute best that wrestling has to offer! SGWx will deliver nothing more than the elite! Those that have followed SGW in the past know that SGW strives to be the best and sets the standard for how every promotion is run and that is exactly what we are going to do!

Shane paces around the ring, eyeing the fans. The buzz amongst them is unreal. ]]-

[ Shane McMahon ] For years, SGW has been THE federation to beat and so far, no one has accomplished that feat, except... unfortunately, SGW itself, but that will not happen again! I have learned from the past and Solid Gold Wrestling-X is going nowhere but the top, baby!

The fans erupt. ]]-

[ Shane McMahon ] But as we all know, you can't have a good promotion without a great champion! And that's why, tonight, we are going to have twelve qualifying matches for the SGW World Heavyweight Title Tournament! Sixteen men will emerge from those twelve matches and those sixteen men will compete in a tournament that will conclude with a NEW SGW World Champion at our first pay-per-view on August 15th, SUPREMACY!!

The fans pop again. ]]-

[ Shane McMahon ] So, to all the pretenders out there, pack your bags and go home because the real deal is back in town, SGW IS BACK! AND IT IS IN.... YOUR..... FACE! BOO YAH!!

The fans pop huge and "Here Comes the Money" hits. Shane throws down the microphone and makes his way to the back as we cut backstage. ]]-




-[[ Christian and Haas stand apart from each other to start as if they're each anticipating the other to make the first move. Haas finally snaps forward and engages Christian in a lock-up. They fight over it for a few seconds and Christian puts Haas in a headlock. Haas backs into the ropes and sends Christian across the ring. Haas leap frogs Christian but Christian stops, turns around and snaps Haas down with a vicious neck breaker! Christian picks Haas up and whips him into the turnbuckle. Christian charges in and nails him with a clothesline before punishing him with a series of knees to the gut. Haas has finally had enough and he turns the tide, grabbing Christian and throwing him into the corner. Haas chops him hard across the chest and then ascends to the middle rope to go for the ten-punch! Trish Stratus gets on the apron and begins distracting the referee! As soon as he turns away, Christian low blows Haas and sends him reeling back to the canvas! Christian covers him and the referee turns around! One! Two! Charlie Haas kicks out! Haas gets back to one knee and Christian kicks him in the side of the head. Haas doesn't go down! Haas gets to both feet and Christian throws a punch, but Haas grabs Christian around the neck and rolls him up! Small package! ONE! TWO! THR-- Christian kicked out!! Christian gets up as quickly as possible and eyeballs Haas like he doesn't believe the nearfall happened. Christian charges at him and Haas hits him with an arm drag! Christian is back up! Arm drag! Arm drag again! Christian runs at him and throws a clothesline but Haas nails him with a drop toe hold! He holds on to the legs and goes for the HAAS OF PAIN!! He locks it in and it looks like Christian is going to tap out!! Trish Stratus is on the apron again!! Haas lets go of the hold and pushes the referee out of the way, he grabs Trish by the hair and Christian gets back to his feet behind him. It looks like Christian is going to attack him from behind but just before Christian makes contact, Shelton Benjamin slides in the ring! MONEY CLIP! Christian is down!! Shelton gets out of the ring and Charlie turns around, he covers Christian! One! Two! Trish grabs the referee from the outside!! The referee turns around and warns her but Haas has had enough! He slides out of the ring and goes after her but as he's making his way around the ring after her, Christian catches him with a suicide dive, crashing them both into the guard rail!! Christian is the first back to his feet and he pummels Haas in the face with punches. He pulls Haas to his feet and whips him into the ring post, but Haas reverses it and Christian's face smacks off of the unforgiving steel!! Haas grabs Christian off the floor and throws him inside the ring. Haas follows and covers. One! Two! Christian kicked out! Haas picks Christian up and Christian buckles down to one knee. The referee is in close, wanting to see if Christian can continue but Haas doesn't care. He charges at Christian and just before they collide, Christian pulls the referee in front of him! Haas creams the referee and pauses, realizing what he's done! Christian busts him right in the balls with a low blow and Trish throws a chair in the ring!! Shelton Benjamin slides in and Christian waffles him with the chair! Benjamin rolls out, holding his head, and Christian turns back to Haas just in time to catch a drop kick, crashing the chair into his own head! Haas covers!! NO REFEREE!! Haas tries to wake the referee up and Christian begins to stir. The ref is starting to come to as well, but Christian is already up and he grabs Haas from behind and flattens him with a Reverse DDT on the chair!! Christian cradles him and puts his feet on the ropes! The referee counts! ONE! TWO! THREE!! Christian has stolen a victory in the first match of the new era of SGWx!]]-

-[[ The scene cuts backstage where we see Bill Goldberg talking with Arn Anderson. ]]-

[ Arn Anderson ] It's good to see you back in action, Bill... Planning on making a run for the top this time?

[ Bill Goldberg ] Do you even have to ask? I am going to destroy the competition.

[ Arn Anderson ] You got some serious competition though. A nice, solid mix of the old and new... If you work hard and get focused, no one can beat you.. No one.

-[[ Goldberg smirks. ]]-

[ Bill Goldberg ] Who's going to stop me, Arn? Christian? Raven? John Cena? The competition is a joke. The only thing that any of them need to worry about is when their time is comin' to get their asses Jackhammered straight into the mat.

[ Arn Anderson ] That's what I like to hear. Listen, I've got some business I have to take care of, I'll catch you after the show.

[ Bill Goldberg ] Good deal.

-[[ Anderson walks out of the area and Goldberg sits down to begin putting on his wrestling gear.. However, as he's getting dressed, John Cena and A-Train walk up on him. Goldberg looks up at them, he doesn't look happy. Then again, neither does Cena. ]]-

[ John Cena ] Couldn't help but overhear your talk with Anderson, dawg.

[ Bill Goldberg ] Oh yeah?

[ John Cena ] Oh yeah.

-[[ Goldberg stands up and gets right in Cena's face. ]]-

[ John Cena ] And I think you better check that "joke" talk at the fuckin' door. Next time... I won't be so nice.

-[[ Cena looks Goldberg dead in the eyes. ]]-

[ John Cena ] I don't give a shit what you say about those other punk asses, but you mention me again, you might just get your ass TWISTED.

-[[ A-Train smiles. ]]-

[ A-Train ] He'll flip ya'.. Flip ya' for real.

[ John Cena ] Think about it.

-[[ Cena and A-Train leave as Goldberg stands there fuming. Fade out. ]]-




-[[ Eugene wants to start the match with a test of strength, raising his right hand but then lowering it when the Brawler raises his, only to raise his left. He repeats this several times until the Brawler gets tired and kicks him right in the gut! Eugene goes down to both knees and looks up at the Brawler like he can't believe he'd hit him. The Brawler clubs him in the head a few times with big right hands! Eugene goes down on his back. Eugene rolls out of the way and starts to get back up. The Brawler is on him in no time and picks him up for a power slam, but Eugene slips out behind him and rolls him with a school boy! ONE! TWO! THR- The Brawler kicked out!! The Brawler is back on his feet in no time and whips Eugene into the ropes, he tears off Eugene's head with a vicious clothesline, picks him up and hits him again, this time with a short arm clothesline!! The Brawler covers him.. One! Two! Eugene kicked out!! The Brawler throws a fit and begins hitting Eugene while he's on the mat but Eugene sits up anyway, shaking his head. The Brawler hits him across the back, but Eugene no-sells it!! The Brawler hits him again but Eugene turns around and looks him right in the eye! The Brawler takes a step back and then lunges forward, clotheslining Eugene to the mat!! Eugene shoots right back to his feet!! The Brawler calls for Russo to throw him a weapon!! Russo tosses a baseball bat to the Brawler. The Brawler sizes up Eugene and swings it at his head!! Eugene DUCKS IT!! He catches the Brawler around the waist and nails him with a german suplex!! He bridges it!! One! Two! Three!! The Brawler kicks out right at three but it's too late!! Eugene is up and celebrating his entry into the tournament!! ]]-

-[[ Shane McMahon makes his way to the ring after the last match. The fans are cheering loudly and he calls for a microphone. He has a cocky look on his face that says he has something important to say. He waits for the fans to quiet down and begins speaking. ]]-

[ Shane McMahon ] Ladies and gentlemen, I have a big announcement to make here tonight... Not only is Solid Gold back in business, but we've managed to re-sign some of our original Solid Gold Talent.. And I've chosen tonight to reveal the one and only former SGW World Champion to be on our active roster!!

-[[ The fans begin buzzing in anticipation. ]]-

[ Shane McMahon ] I am proud to introduce to you all, former SGW Television Champion, two time United States Champion, and two World Heavyweight Champion...... International superstar, CHAVO GUERRERO JR.!!!!

-[[ Chavo's music hits and the fans erupt!! Chavo walks out onto the ramp, Pepe in hand, and the cheers get even louder. He slaps hands with the fans on his way down, a huge smile on his face as he parades Pepe around. Chavo gets in the ring and waves to his fans until he sets his eyes on McMahon. They stand across the ring from each other and Shane begins to speak. ]]-

[ Shane McMahon ] Now, I know the last time we were in the ring together, I was standing over you after the New Era kicked your ass, but, Chavo... For my sake.. For SGWx's sake.... For the fan's sake.. We have to put the past behind us and I'll be the first to do it...

-[[ Shane puts the microphone down and walks over to Chavo. He extends his hand to shake and Chavo looks down at it...... And then shakes it. The fans pop huge as enemies of the past mend their fences. Chavo picks up the microphone. ]]-

[ Chavo Guerrero ] Thank you!! I could've never done it without all of my fans!! In the old SGW, people always said that Chavo Guerrero was good but he would never be the world champion!!

-[[ The fans boo that one. ]]-

[ Chavo Guerrero ] But with your support, I did it!! Twice!! And with you behind me, I'll do it again in SGWx!!

-[[ The fans pop loudly and Shane applauds him. Chavo raises the microphone to speak again but he's suddenly cut off by William Regal's music!! Chavo turns to the ramp and William Regal steps out onto the ramp, followed by.... Taka Michinoku, Funaki, and Sonny Onoo!? The entourage makes its way down to the ring and gets inside. They're all eyeing Chavo, you can tell they mean business. Regal takes the microphone away from Chavo, the fans boo. ]]-

[ William Regal ] Mr. McMahon, with all due respect, are you MAD!? This cretin is not a legend!! You introduce him as if he's some type of wrestling god and he brings a stick horse to the ring with him!

-[[ Chavo acknowledges Pepe and the fans pop. ]]-

[ William Regal ] And you herald him as an international superstar? Ridiculous, I say! And I must say that Taka and I take exception to the use of that term!!

-[[ Taka and the others nod in unison. ]]-

[ William Regal ] Where's our grand entrance? Where's our fanfare? International superstar? Sunshine, you couldn't button my bloody vest!!

-[[ Chavo looks insulted and takes a few steps toward Regal. ]]-

[ William Regal ] I hope you know what you're doing, lad.

-[[ Chavo nods that he does know what he's doing, but before he can do anything, Taka nails him from behind!! Shane McMahon gets out of the ring and begins calling for someone to come in from the back and help Chavo out!! Taka and Regal begin putting the boots to him repeatedly and the fans boo loudly!! Sonny Onoo grabs Pepe and begins riding him around the ring!! They continue beating Chavo down until...... RHYNO makes the save!?! Rhyno slides in the ring and wastes no time in flattening Funaki with the GORE! GORE! GORE!! Taka and Regal slide out of the ring and bail for the backstage area as Rhyno gores Sonny Onoo!! Rhyno is on fire!! Regal and Taka watch from the stage as Rhyno helps Chavo to his feet... Why in the HELL would Rhyno help Chavo Guerrero? McMahon grabs a microphone on the outside. ]]-

[ Shane McMahon ] REGAL!! TAKA!! If you guys don't think Chavo's worthy of his legendary status or of being called an international superstar, then next week, you'll get your chance to prove all of us here wrong!! Next week, WILLIAM REGAL AND TAKA MICHINOKU.. VERSUS RHYNO AND CHAVO GUERRERO!! BAM!!

-[[ The fans erupt as Regal and Taka look satisfied with the match. Chavo and Rhyno look ready to go right then and there but it's time for the next match to begin! ]]-




-[[ Goldberg starts off with Scott Hall. Hall flicks his toothpick in Goldberg's face and Goldberg responds by punching Hall right in the nose. Hall reels backward into the ropes and comes springing back at Goldberg. Goldberg slams Hall to the mat with a vicious bodycheck. Hall gets back up quickly and shoves Goldberg, Hall looks pissed. Goldberg looks away and then shoves Hall so hard that he rolls over on his head. Hall gets back up and quickly locks up with Goldberg. They fight over the lock up for a few seconds and Goldberg casually tosses Hall off of him. The fans are firmly behind Goldberg. Hall and Goldberg tie up again and this time Goldberg knees him in the gut and picks him up for a high vertical suplex. Hall goes down hard and Goldberg gets too close to his own corner and Kane tags himself in. Goldberg and Kane stare each other down for a few seconds and Kane goes off on his own. Kane picks Hall up his throat, but Hall manages to get away from him and tag in Kevin Nash. Nash gets in the ring and stands eye to eye with Kane. They talk trash for a few seconds and finally start throwing punches. Nash gets the upper hand and drills Kane with some stiff shots. He whips Kane into the ropes and staggers him with a massive big boot!! Nash runs at Kane and clotheslines him hard, only staggering him again. Nash finally tries to pick Kane up, but Kane won't let him, hitting him across the back with a forearm. Kane whips Nash into the ropes and hits him hard with a clothesline. Nash falls out onto the mat and Kane goes up top. Scott Hall pushes Kane off the top rope and Kane lands awkwardly on his shoulder! He could be injured!! Kane slowly gets up, but Nash is already on his feet! He sets Kane up.. JACKKNIFE POWER BOMB!! Nash stands there with a smile on his face as he looks down at Kane, but that doesn't last long before Goldberg explodes out of his corner with the SPEAR on Nash!! Goldberg picks Nash up... JACKHAMMER!! The fans erupt! Goldberg runs over and knocks Hall off the apron!! Kane rolls over and covers Nash! One! Two! Three! Bill Goldberg and Kane have advanced to the tournament! ]]-

-[[ The scene fades up in the parking lot. The fans are buzzing with anticipation when suddenly, a limousine pulls into the camera shot. The back door opens and the fans erupt as Rena Mero steps out, followed by Dave Batista.... And "THE NATURE BOY" RIC FLAIR!!! Flair looks around with a big cocky smile on his face. ]]-


-[[ Batista grabs Flair's bags out of the trunk and carries them ahead of Flair into the arena. ]]-

[ Ric Flair ] Gonna make Jeff Jarrett tap out!! Gonna show everybody.. THAT RIC FLAIR!! IS WHAT SOLID GOLD!! IS ALL ABOUT!!! WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

-[[ Flair heads into the building, Rena Mero on his arm. ]]-




-[[ Styles and Regal lock up. Regal immediately takes Styles to the mat with a headlock and wrestles himself around and hooks AJ in a body scissors. Regal knows the only way he has a chance to beat Styles is to keep him grounded. AJ tries to work his way out of the body scissors and eventually reaches the ropes. The referee orders Regal to break it. Regal lets go and Styles gets back to his feet. Regal charges him suddenly and Styles ducks a clothesline. When Regal turns around, Styles begins hitting him with rapid fire punches! Regal whips Styles into the ropes but Styles reverses it and nails Regal with a spinning heel kick! Styles drops a leg on Regal and goes to the top rope. Regal gets on his feet and Styles nails him with a picture perfect moonsault! Styles covers! One! Two! Regal kicked out! Regal is back on his feet in no time and Styles whips him into the turnbuckle, big splash! Regal takes a few steps out and falls to his knees where Styles drop kicks him right in the face! Styles covers him again! One! Two! Regal kicked out! Styles goes to pick him up, but Regal hits him with a low blow and pushes him into the turnbuckle. Regal hits Styles with vicious chops and body blows and finally slaps him right across the face. Regal hip tosses AJ out of the corner and hooks his legs for the Regal Stretch, but AJ fights so hard that Regal can't get it locked in. Regal hits him in the kidneys a few times to loosen him up, but Styles scrambles for the ropes. Regal backs up and Styles gets back to his feet. The referee checks on Styles and while his attention is diverted, Regal reaches into his tights for some brass knuckles. Styles assures the ref that he's fine and he begins walking toward Regal. Regal throws the punch and Styles ducks it and hooks Regal for a backslide! He pulls him down! ONE! TWO! THREE!! MY GOD!! Styles has just pulled a huge fluke victory over William Regal!! Styles gets out of the ring as fast as possible as Nowinski slides in and Regal gets back to his feet, a look of disbelief on his face. ]]-

-[[ Eric Bischoff is seen walking backstage, carrying a bottle of water. He walks into a dressing room and shuts the door, the camera focusing on the plaque across the front - "VAL VENIS" ]]-

-[[ Inside the room, Bischoff hands the bottle off to Val who opens it and takes a drink. He looks edgy before his first match back in Solid Gold Wrestling. Val is seated in front of a mirror, Stacy Keibler massaging his shoulders. ]]-

[ Eric Bischoff ] Tonight's the night, Val.. The night that the fans see a side of Val Venis that they've never seen before..

-[[ Val exhales deeply. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] Tonight, an example will be made of Chris Jericho.. The fans, even the other wrestlers in the back think that Val Venis will be a pushover.. A stepping stone, just like in the old days..

[ Stacy Keibler ] Don't say that, Val...

[ Val Venis ] But they don't seem to realize that this isn't the old SGW... This isn't the old Val Venis.... I'm not being led around on Dibiase's leash anymore.. Not standing in the shadow of Johnny the Bull... Tonight, the fans are going to get a glimpse of THE REAL VAL VENIS.....

-[[ Venis swats Stacy's hands away from his shoulders and he stands up, staring into the mirror. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] Everyone tonight will see that side of Val Venis that they never knew existed... A sick, twisted side, and once that side has been revealed, they will never look at me the same way again.... I am not enhancement talent.... I am what this place is all about and I am going to prove that once and for all when I crush Chris Jericho like an insect....

-[[ Venis stares intensely into the mirror as we cut to the ring. ]]-




-[[ The Sandman is in the ring with Douglas and Cena and wants to kick off the match with a beer bash. He gives a can to Cena and Douglas both. Cena looks unsure and Douglas doesn't look interested at all, but after some coaxing, The Sandman finally talks them into it. The Sandman pours beer all over himself. John Cena finally takes a big drink, which leads to Douglas taking one himself, but Cena suddenly punches The Sandman right in the race and spews a mouthful of beer into Douglas' eyes! "YOU CAN'T SEE ME, BITCH!" Cena grabs Douglas and sets him up for the F-U, but Douglas slides out of it and turns Cena around, they trade punches for a few seconds until Cena floors him with a big right hand! Cena takes the time to pick up The Sandman and toss him flailing over the top rope and to the outside! Cena talks trash at the drunken bastard on the floor, giving Douglas adequate time to recover and attack Cena from behind! Douglas hits him across the back and head with vicious forearm shots before finally whipping him into the ropes. Douglas goes for a clothesline, but Cena ducks it and runs the ropes himself. Douglas turns around just in time to get forearmed right in the face! Cena gets down on him and begins punching him in the face repeatedly. Cena gets back on his feet, runs the ropes and nails the five knuckle shuffle! Suddenly, Bill Goldberg's music hits! The fans erupt. Cena watches the ramp from inside the ring. He's distracted while Douglas gets up behind him. Douglas pulls a chain out of his tights and begins wrapping it around his fist!! A-Train jumps up on the apron and begins yelling at Douglas, Douglas turns toward A-Train and begins jawing at him, the referee runs over to A-Train and while he's distracted, Goldberg slides in the ring. He stares down Cena from across the ring and charges!! SPEAR SPEAR SPEAR!!!!!! Cena MOVES!! Goldberg absolutely smears the distracted Shane Douglas and rolls out of the ring as the referee turns around!! Cena covers the unconscious Douglas!! One! Two! Three!! Goldberg looks disgusted on the outside. Cena points and laughs from the inside. ]]-

-[[ The scene fades up backstage where we see Charlie Haas holding an ice pack to the back of his head. Shelton Benjamin is laying down on a bench, his hands over his face. They're both hurting after his match with Christian. The chair shots were vicious. ]]-

[ Charlie Haas ] That was bullshit, Shel... I had him beat. You saw it. I had him beaten at every turn and that incompetent referee let him get away with everything.

[ Shelton Benjamin ] Charlie, I love ya' but shut the hell up. I got a headache you wouldn't believe.

-[[ Charlie looks over at Shelton like he can't believe he just said that. ]]-

[ Charlie Haas ] I wouldn't believe? I just got screwed out of my shot at dominating this rinky dink promotion. It was my chance to show them that I am above Solid Gold Wrestling-X! To show them that Charlie Haas is the DIAMOND among all the petty gold around here.... And now thanks to a biased referee and a never-was with delusions of grandure, I'm left out in the cold...

-[[ The voice of Randy Orton suddenly rings out in the room. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] There's still a chance to show these guys that Solid Gold Wrestling is nothing but a name. You're right, you got screwed over hard, Charlie, and it's a damn shame but that was your shot and it's not coming back. But there's a way we can stick it to these so-called legends...

[ Charlie Haas ] Let's hear it.

[ Randy Orton ] The way to stick it to'em is quite simply.... To get the belt around the waist of someone they don't consider a legend... Someone who wasn't here when this place was kicking around two and a half years ago.... Namely, to get the belt around the waist of Randy Orton. And who better to get the belt held by so-called legends than... The Legend Killer?

[ Charlie Haas ] It could work, but it'll be tough.. SGW is big on history and you know how picky they are with who they let main event.. Only the best have held that world title.

[ Randy Orton ] You saying I'm not one of the best?

[ Charlie Haas ] No, no, I'm just saying, these guys are going to fight hard to keep their spots. We go against SGW history, their tradition, we're not fighting a few guys, we're fighting with several guys considered to be the damn best in this business.

-[[ A voice behind them, from the corner of the locker room catches their attention. ]]-

[ Raven ] The journey to the world title will be feature one less bump when I'm done tonight, for an SGW legend will be the first to feel my pain.

-[[ Orton and Haas turn their attention to Raven. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] Who you got?

[ Raven ] An old friend. An old enemy. A man who claims to know pain more than anyone else in Solid Gold Wrestling. In the main event tonight, I go head to head with the legend considered by many to be the favorite to walk out with the championship. Tonight, I step in the ring with Taz.

[ Charlie Haas ] Someone's got to take him out.

[ Randy Orton ] I already talked to Rob Van Dam before the show. He's in. The question is, Haas, are you willing to sacrifice everything in SGW to move up the ladder?

[ Charlie Haas ] If it means shutting up the wannabe legends.... Hell yes.

[ Randy Orton ] Then tonight, we're gonna make some damn noise.

-[[ Haas and Orton leave the room together to talk about what they're going to do. Raven sits in the corner while Shelton lays on the bench. ]]-

[ Raven ] To make a legend requires effort, Shelton, it's tearing the legend down that is easy.. Tonight, Taz is going to find that out first hand when I dash his title dreams right before his eyes. Quote the Raven, nevermore.

[ Shelton Benjamin ] Can I get some god damn peace and quiet in here?

-[[ Raven cracks a cynical smile as the scene fades out. ]]-

D'Lo Brown, Elix Skipper, The Rock, Steve Austin, Taka Michinoku, Jonathan Coachman, Yoshijiro Tajiri, Jerry Lynn, Rhyno, Jeff Hardy



The match begins with all of them brawling. Jonathan Coachman is the first one eliminated, tossed out by Taka Michinoku!! Rhyno goes on a tear and gores Jeff Hardy right out of his boots! The Rock and Steve Austin brawl for a bit before Elix Skipper runs up and dumps The Rock out of nowhere!! The fans boo loudly at the elimination of the Great One. Steve Austin kicks Skipper in the gut, STUNNER! Austin goes to the middle rope and gives the fans the Stone Cold Salute, but D'Lo Brown nails him from behind and knocks him over the top rope!! D'Lo yells out "YOU BETTA' RECOGNIZE!!" and turns around just in time to get Buzz Saw kicked over the top rope by Tajiri!! Rhyno gores Tajiri down and tosses him over the top rope as well!! Jerry Lynn clothesline Jeff Hardy over the top rope and Elix Skipper jumps him from behind! Skipper and Lynn fight it out and the brawl spills over in Taka's direction! Taka runs for cover and walks right into Tajiri who casually dumps him over the top rope! We're down to the final four, Skipper, Rhyno, Tajiri, and Lynn!! Lynn flings Skipper away from him and blocks the gore with a back drop to eliminate Rhyno!! Skipper dumps Tajiri out on his ass and the fans boo his elimination. Skipper walks around and taunts the fans, leaving himself wide open for Lynn to kick him in the gut and go for the CRADLE 2 GRAVE!! He drives Skipper into the mat and picks his body up and flings it over the top rope. Jerry Lynn is entering the tournament!! ]]-


-[[ Christian's music hits to a massive round of boos. He walks out onto the ramp with Trish Stratus in tow. He taunts the fans, letting them know that he doesn't care what they think about how he beat Charlie Haas but he clearly has something else on his mind... Christian and Trish get in the ring and Christian calls for a microphone. He doesn't bother to wait for the fans to shut up. ]]-


-[[ The fans boo even louder than he could have possibly imagined. ]]-

[ Christian ] I am Christian!! I am a three time SGW World Tag Team champion!! I won TWO! COUNT'EM!! ONE!! TWO!! Pick Your Title Shot Tournaments and it's about time I get some damn respect around here!!

-[[ Christian paces around the ring as Trish watches on. ]]-

[ Christian ] I am the man that SGWx is all about and where do I get stuck on the card!? IN THE FIRST MATCH!! Against a guy that I've never even HEARD of!! And the fans have the nerve to cheer HIM over me!?

-[[ Christian looks into the camera with a mock look of sincerity. ]]-

[ Christian ] Sorry, Charlie. But feel free to wipe your brains off that chair and try again some other time, for instance, maybe when you're near my level!!

-[[ Christian's promo is thick with anger. He continues on. ]]-

[ Christian ] Let's get one thing straight.. I am not an opening match wrestler, dammit!! I AM A MAIN EVENTER!! I'm a main eventer and I DEMAND TO BE TREATED LIKE ONE!!!

-[[ Trish says "Yes, you do, baby," in the background but before Christian can speak again, EUGENE's music hits!! The fans erupt in cheers. Eugene makes his way down to the ring and Christian looks absolutely disgusted. Eugene gets in the ring and motions for Christian to give him the microphone.. Christian looks around and then holds it out to him, Eugene reaches for it and Christian pulls it back, he smiles. ]]-

[ Christian ] What good would a microphone do you? Not like anyone would know what you're saying. Check this out.

-[[ Christian holds the microphone out toward Eugene's mouth. ]]-


-[[ Christian looks back at Trish with a smirk on his face. ]]-

[ Christian ] That's cute, but considering you're out here and you're a reasonably intelligent man, you must have a reason for interrupting a SUPER SEXY ELITE megastar like Christian... So, let's hear it.


-[[ Christian gets a confused look on his face and then it dawns on him. He begins laughing. ]]-

[ Christian ] You're my first round opponent? That's--

-[[ Eugene pulls the microphone down to his mouth. ]]-


-[[ Christian looks down and wipes the smile off his own face. ]]-

[ Christian ] That's cute, kid, but listen, it's not going to be the best match ever... As a matter of fact, it won't be a match.

-[[ Eugene looks confused now. ]]-

[ Christian ] Ya' see, Christian's beaten the best this business has ever seen... And you're not one of the best, Eugene.. How can I put this without hurting your feelings? Oh, I know....

-[[ Christian blurts it out. ]]-

[ Christian ] YOU'RE A RETARD!!

-[[ Trish begins laughing and it looks like Eugene is going to cry. The fans boo loudly. Christian gets in Eugene's face, contorts his own and yells with his tongue wagging out. ]]-


-[[ Christian then kicks Eugene right in the balls!! Eugene goes down to his knees, tears streaming down his face. Christian laughs long and hard and begins beating Eugene down!! The fans are booing loudly and Steve Corino, Tajiri, and Jack Victory run down to the ring!! Christian and Trish bail and head for the back, laughing all the way. They help Eugene to his feet, Corino yelling "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!?!" Fade out. ]]-