STROKE: The Road to WrestleBrawl | July 22nd, 2006 | Live From: Providence, Rhode Island | Commentators: Joey Styles & Don Callis

Dark Match
The New Age Outlaws
def. Akio & Sakoda via Pin Fall

-[[ Fade up the SGW logo. ]]-

-[[ The parking lot. ]]-

-[[ You see Lance Storm, Mike Awesome, Elix Skipper and Major Gunnz walking through the parking lot with purpose in their step.. They're all in street clothes.. Before they even reach the back entrance to the building, they're stopped in their tracks by a man who is quickly becoming a familiar face in Solid Gold Wrestling.. ]]-

[ Terry Taylor ] Lance Storm!

-[[ Storm looks him up and down and keeps walking, his entourage following him.. Terry Taylor stays at Storm's side, trying to talk to him.. Storm couldn't be less interested. ]]-

[ Terry Taylor ] I'm Terry Taylor.. I just happened to be in town..

[ Lance Storm ] Step aside.

[ Terry Taylor ] Wanted to check on the boys.. See how everyone was doing.

-[[ Storm stops and puts his finger in Taylor's face. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] I appreciate the thought, Terry.. But no one cares.

-[[ Taylor opens his mouth to talk but Storm silences him. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] My business isn't with you.. I suggest you leave.

-[[ Lance Storm walks away, leaving Terry Taylor dead in his tracks.. Mike Awesome storms past Taylor. ]]-


-[[ Terry Taylor just stands there, defeated.. The camera follows Storm and Team Canada as they approach the rear entrance to the building.. Major Gunnz jogs up closer to Lance, taking him by the arm.. ]]-

[ Major Gunnz ] You're not going to do anything.. Stupid, are you?

-[[ Storm stops, looking irritated that she asked that question.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Stupid? I think not.

-[[ Storm turns backs to the door.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Last week.. Edge got his piece..

-[[ He grips the handle, pulling the door open slightly.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Tonight.. I will get mine.

-[[ They enter. ]]-

-[[ Fade. ]]-

Samoa Joe versus The Sandman
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: Winner Teams with Maria versus Shane Douglas & Colt Cabana at WB2
Referee: Charles Robinson

-[[ The Sandman and Samoa Joe stand face to face.. The Sandman casually smokes a cigarette and blows the smoke in Joe's face.. Joe looks at Sandman through the smoke and lightly waves it out of his face.. Sandman smirks.. And blows some more smoke in Joe's face.. Joe slaps the cigarette up in Sandman's face and Sandman stumbles back, clawing at his eyes and Joe stays on him, nailing him with vicious chops and then whips him into the ropes.. Joe follows him in and nails him with a spinning heel kick! Joe pulls Sandman to his feet and throws him into the turnbuckle.. He lifts the Sandman up onto the top rope and hooks him for the Muscle Buster but Sandman fights his way out of it and kicks Joe backward.. Sandman jumps off at him for a clothesline but Joe catches him coming down.. For an STO!! Joe pulls the Sandman up and lifts him onto his shoulder.. He charges for the turnbuckles again and slings Sandman onto the top rope.. He hooks him.. But Sandman begins clubbing away at him, slipping out of the hold.. He dives off of the ropes.. SUNSET FLIP!! ONE! TWO! THREE! THE SANDMAN HAS UPSET SAMOA JOE!! The Sandman rolls out of the ring, grabbing his Singapore cane and walks up the ramp, raising it in the air as Joe looks on in defeat.. It's going to be Sandman/Maria versus Douglas/Cabana at WrestleBrawl Two! ]]-

Winner: The Sandman via Pin Fall

-[[ The interview area.. ]]-

-[[ Standing in front of the interview backdrop, you're greeted with the sight of Paul Heyman, Randy Orton, Rob Van Dam and Sting.. There's no Shane Douglas to be seen, so this must be a solo act.. The three All-Pro Wrestling loyalists are in camera shot, Van Dam and Heyman staring into the camera while Sting around behind them, letting his bat dangle from his hand and drag on the floor.. None of them look pleased.. As a matter of fact, Heyman, Van Dam and Orton look downright pissed off... Heyman begins speaking. ]]-

[ Paul Heyman ] Last week, right out there in that very ring.. A travesty occurred!!

-[[ Van Dam nods.. ]]-

[ Paul Heyman ] Last week.. Rob Van Dam was robbed of the championship that he earned.. The championship he fought for!! Last week.. Lance Storm snuck in like a thief in the night.. And stole the very essence.. Of our BEING!!

-[[ The fans are booing loudly. ]]-

[ Paul Heyman ] And now.. Our championship.. Our beloved championship.. Has become one with that... THAT PIECE OF SHIT, SGW CHAMPIONSHIP!! A championship that doesn't deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as the ALLLLLLLL-PROOOOOOO WRESTLING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!!

-[[ Louder boos.. Orton pats Van Dam on the back.. Sting continues pacing. ]]-

[ Paul Heyman ] Tonight.. It is our duty as a group to regain our credibility.. It is our duty as a group.. To praise the name of All-Pro Wrestling.. And tonight.. It is our duty to send a message.. To each and every one of the SGW superstars.. That ALLLLLLLLL-PROOOOOO WRESTLING.. WILL NOT BE IGNORED!!

-[[ Louder boos.. Van Dam points at himself with his thumbs. ]]-

[ Rob Van Dam ] All.. Pro.. Wrestling!

-[[ He shrugs. ]]-

[ Rob Van Dam ] What else is there to say?

-[[ Heyman smiles evilly.. ]]-

[ Paul Heyman ] There's plenty more to say, Rob.. Plenty more!

-[[ Van Dam looks over at Heyman, raising an eyebrow. ]]-

[ Paul Heyman ] Last week.. You let All-Pro Wrestling.. DOWN!

-[[ Van Dam looks confused.. ]]-

[ Paul Heyman ] It is because of you that All-Pro Wrestling is without a championship belt!!

-[[ Orton nods, staring at Van Dam.. ]]

[ Paul Heyman ] Tonight, getting our credibility back.. Isn't Randy Orton's job.. Oh no.

-[[ Orton shakes his head. ]]-

[ Paul Heyman ] It isn't... Sting's job.

-[[ Sting stops in his tracks, looking at Heyman at the mention of his name. ]]-

[ Paul Heyman ] And, well.. It isn't MY job.

-[[ Van Dam puts his hands on his hips, looking pissed... Heyman thumps his finger in Van Dam's chest. ]]-

[ Paul Heyman ] It's.. YOUR GOD DAMN JOB!!

-[[ Van Dam looks at the ground and then nods. ]]-

[ Rob Van Dam ] I'll get the job done, Paul.

[ Paul Heyman ] Good.. Because if you don't.. You can turn in your APW membership card!!

-[[ Van Dam's jaw drops... Orton raises an eyebrow. ]]-

[ Randy Orton ] I didn't get a membership card.

-[[ Sting shakes his head, not believing Orton didn't catch the figure of speech. ]]-

[ Paul Heyman ] Your match is next Van Dam.. Get out there and get the job DONE!

-[[ Van Dam nods and then toward the ring. ]]-

-[[ Van Dam's APW career is riding on the line.. Right now! ]]-

Colt Cabana versus Rob Van Dam
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Scott James

-[[ Colt Cabana and Rob Van Dam size each other up to start.. They circle each other for a bit and then lock up.. Van Dam quickly grabs Cabana in a headlock and Cabana backs him into the ropes and pushes him off.. Van Dam comes back at him and Cabana goes for a clothesline but Van Dam ducks it and Cabana turns around quickly.. Cabana goes for a kick but Van Dam catches his foot.. And Cabana nails him with an enziguri!! Cabana is up quickly and pulls Van Dam to his feet.. He hits Van Dam with a body slam and hits the ropes.. Leg drop! He makes a cover! One! Two! Van Dam kicks out with force.. Van Dam is up quickly.. Cabana slugs away at his head but Van Dam blocks a shot and begins nailing Cabana with forearms to the head! He backs Cabana into the turnbuckle and begins shoulder blocking him in the midsection before he back flips and nails Cabana with one more big shoulder block! And then he springs up.. And monkey flips Cabana out of the corner! Cabana lands hard on the mat and Van Dam hits the ropes.... ROLLING THUNDER!! He covers him.. One! Two! Thr-- Cabana gets a shoulder up! Van Dam pulls Cabana to his feet and lifts him up for a back drop suplex but Cabana flips out of it and Van Dam turns around and Cabana nails him with a drop kick! The impact sends Van Dam against the ropes and Cabana goes at him for a kick but Van Dam catches his foot, only this time Van Dam hops over it and kicks Cabana right in the face! Cabana goes down and Van Dam quickly flies to the top rope with no effort..... And jumps off! FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH!!!!! CABANA GETS THE KNEES UP!! Van Dam springs up, holding his mid-section and Cabana waits on him to turn around...... COLT .45!!! Cabana covers him!! ONE!! TWO!! THREE!! COLT CABANA HAS PINNED HIS SECOND FORMER WORLD CHAMPION IN TWO WEEKS!! ]]-

Winner: Colt Cabana via Pin Fall

-[[ Dressing room.. ]]-

-[[ Scott Steiner is standing face to face with Justin Credible.. Credible is clutching his Singapore cane tightly, staring at it with a snarl on his face.. Scott Steiner presses his finger into Credible's chest and begins talking to him. ]]-

[ Scott Steiner ] This is your shot, boy.. Time to prove you're worth a shit!

-[[ Credible begins breathing heavier, getting caught up in the moment.. ]]-

[ Scott Steiner ] You wanna be a legend.. You go in there tonight.. And you clean house!

[ Justin Credible ] Scotty.. I'm going to fucking DESTROY those guys!

-[[ Steiner smiles, stroking his goatee. ]]-

[ Scott Steiner ] Then get the god damn job done..

-[[ Steiner flexes his arm and kisses the muscle. ]]-

[ Scott Steiner ] Because we're gonna make a god damn impact tonight.. And at WrestleBrawl Two! Tonight.. You cream that hardcore wannabe and Mister CNN.. And I'm gonna KILL... THE LEGEND KILLER!! And at WrestleBrawl Two.. You better believe I'm gonna break Ken Kennedy like a fuckin' twig...

-[[ Steiner points at his arm. ]]-

[ Scott Steiner ] You see that, Credible!?

[ Justin Credible ] Yeah, I see it.

[ Scott Steiner ] That's a fuckin' vein!

-[[ Credible nods. ]]-

[ Scott Steiner ] That's somethin' Ken Kennedy.. Don't have!

-[[ Steiner grips his hands together and begins flexing again. ]]-

[ Scott Steiner ] Because Ken Kennedy ain't nothin'.. But a pathetic, soft little bastard!

[ Justin Credible ] He fuckin' sucks!

[ Scott Steiner ] God damn right.. And after I'm done breakin' his back in the Steiner Recliner.. I'm movin' on.. And I'm gonna win that WrestleBrawl battle royal.. And go back on track to winnin' back.. MY.. SGW World Championship!!

-[[ Steiner leans into Credible's face. ]]-

[ Scott Steiner ] Holler.. If ya' hear me.

-[[ Steiner walks out of the room, leaving Credible by himself.. Credible looks down at his Singapore cane.. ]]-

[ Justin Credible ] Hate to break it to ya', Scotty.. But that WrestleBrawl battle royal.. Belongs to me.

-[[ He smirks.. ]]-

[ Justin Credible ] And that.. Is Justin Credible.

-[[ WrestleBrawl is EVERY MAN for himself! ]]-

-[[ Fade. ]]-

-[[ The interview area.. ]]-

-[[ Kurt Angle is by himself.. He's in his wrestling gear, ready to go.. He stares into the camera and casually speaks. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] Hello, fans of Solid Gold Wrestling..

-[[ Boos. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] And especially.. Fans of your Olympic hero.. Kurt Angle..

-[[ Louder boos. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] I stand here before you today to make an announcement..

-[[ A pause. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] On July thirtieth at WrestleBrawl Two.. Not only will I be forcing John Cena into submission.. But I will also be making an announcement that will, forever, change the landscape, not only of Solid Gold Wrestling..

-[[ A pause, he smiles. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] But also.. Our entire country.

-[[ What the hell? ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] Thank you for your time.

-[[ He leaves. ]]-

-[[ Fade. ]]-

Goldust versus Matt Hardy
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Jimmy Cordaris

-[[ Goldust walks to the center of the ring.. Hardy remains in his corner, staring a hole through Goldust.. Jimmy Cordaris motions for Hardy to take his place in the middle but Hardy doesn't listen.. Goldust begins calling out to the fans, trying to get them to heckle Hardy into taking his spot, but as soon as he turns to get the fans behind him, Hardy nails him from behind and immediately slings Goldust between the middle and top turnbuckles, slamming him shoulder first into the ring post!! Hardy drags Goldust out and slams him back into it.. He yanks Goldust out again and Goldust is clutching his shoulder in pain.. Hardy begins punching away at Goldust's head, punching him down onto his ass in the corner.. Hardy begins choking Goldust with his boot, trying to put him out and Jimmy Cordaris forces Hardy to break the hold.. He pushes Hardy away and Hardy shoves Cordaris, yelling in his face.. And Goldust spins Hardy around and nails him with an uppercut!! Goldust begins taking it to Hardy with lefts and rights and Hardy throws a stray punch.. And Goldust ducks it and catches Hardy from behind.. CURTAIN CALL!!! NO!! Hardy flips out behind Goldust and spins him around.. KICK WHAM TWIST OF FATE!! Hardy covers Goldust!! One! Two! Three!! Matt Hardy has just proven.. He's more than ready for WrestleBrawl! ]]-

Winner: Matt Hardy via Pin Fall

-[[ The back entrance.. ]]-

-[[ You see the door that leads inside the building and you see the parking lot that stretches out in front of it.. The door opens and Rob Van Dam slowly steps out, looking dejected.. He's still in his wrestling gear.. Paul Heyman, Randy Orton and Sting follow him out.. Van Dam stops in his tracks with the three of them standing behind him.. Van Dam slowly turns around and faces Paul Heyman.. Heyman looks saddened. ]]-

[ Rob Van Dam ] I'm sorry, Paul..

-[[ He looks up at the sky.. ]]-

[ Rob Van Dam ] What can I say.. That Colt Cabana was a bad-bitty..

-[[ A tear rolls down his cheek. ]]-

[ Rob Van Dam ] He signed my pitty on the runny-kine..

-[[ Heyman extends his hand.. ]]-

[ Paul Heyman ] We won't forget your contribution to All-Pro Wrestling, Rob..

-[[ Van Dam accepts the handshake.. Heyman, Sting and Orton turn around and walk back inside the building, leaving Van Dam by himself.. He turns back around and finds himself face to face.. With TAZ! ]]-

[ TAZ ] Suh-vive, mutha' fucka'!

-[[ Van Dam throws a punch but Taz ducks it.. TAZMISSION!! Taz whips Van Dam around in the hold, choking the life out of him and Van Dam hears the rumbling.. Of STEVE AUSTIN and his APW GARBAGE TRUCK!! Austin drives it into the shot, parks it and jumps out of the driver's seat!! Taz holds Van Dam in the Tazmission as Austin begins blistering his face with lefts and rights and then he kicks Van Dam in the gut and takes him by the hair.. Taz releases the Tazmission and Austin drags Van Dam toward the truck.. He plants him face first into the side of it and then begins stomping a mud hole in him and walking it dry!! Taz shoves Austin aside and begins stomping away at Van Dam himself!! Austin and Taz begin double teaming him, stomping him into a bloody mess before Austin reaches down and yanks Van Dam up by his singlet.. He slams Van Dam back first into the truck and then punches him right in the face, putting him on his ass, leaning against one of the truck's big tires.. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Hell, Taz.. This sum-bitch looks thirty!! What'chu think!?

-[[ Taz nods. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Well, hell.. I'll get him a beer!!

-[[ Austin climbs up into the cab of the truck and comes down with a cooler with a big skull on it.. Austin hops down and opens the cooler up.. He pulls a beer out and cracks it open.. Austin begins pouring it all over his face and shirt, soaking himself down and then he looks down at Van Dam.. ]]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Oh, shit, son.. That was supposed to be yours, wuddn't it?

-[[ Austin reaches down and grabs another beer, cracks it open.. And begins pouring it all over Van Dam's head, shaking the can out on him and then smashing the empty can on his forehead!! Blood erupts from a small cut on Van Dam's head.. Austin shoves him away, closes the cooler, lifts it up and then smashes Van Dam in the head with that!! Austin pulls Van Dam up and he and Taz take him by his tights and drag him to the back of the truck.. Austin pulls a lever and opens it up.. Taz hooks Van Dam..... T-BONE SUPLEX INTO THE GARBAGE TRUCK!! Austin motions for Taz to pull the lever.. And he does!! Locking Van Dam inside!! Before it shuts, you hear someone yell from inside.. ]]-


-[[ And the hatch slams home... Austin and Taz walk toward the front of the vehicle.. Austin grabs a couple more beer out of the cooler and throws one to Taz.. They each crack them open and take a drink. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Takin' out the damn garbage..

-[[ A pause. ]]-

[ TAZ ] One APDubya reject at a time..

-[[ They climb inside and drive out of the shot. ]]-

-[[ Fade. ]]-

Rob Conway versus John Cena versus The Undertaker versus The Rock
Title on the Line:
Four Way - Single Fall
Mike Chioda

-[[ Rob Conway and The Rock go at it while John Cena trades punches with the Undertaker!! The Rock takes it to Conway, hitting him with lefts and rights, keeping him reeling.. He punches away at Conway, backing him against the ropes.. Spits in the hand.. And CLOTHESLINES him over the top rope!! The Rock follows him out and smacks Conway's face on the ring apron!! The Rock follows Conway around the ring, kicking his ass with punches and kicks and throws him back inside the ring!! Cena and the Undertaker are duking it out, punching away at each other with reckless abandon and Undertaker throat thrusts Cena out of nowhere!! Cena backs up, holding his throat and the Undertaker boots him right in the head!! The Undertaker pulls Cena back to his feet and Cena tries punching away at the Undertaker.. But the Undertaker shows no emotion, hoisting up Cena for a TOMBSTONE!! But Cena slips out behind him!! The Undertaker turns around and Cena lifts HIM up.. F-U!! F-U ON THE UNDERTAKER!! He covers him!! ONE!! TWO!! THREE-- NO!! KURT ANGLE PULLS JOHN CENA OUT OF THE RING.. AND ANGLE SLAMS HIM INTO THE GUARDRAIL!! Rob Conway grabs the Rock and whips him hard into the ring steps and then he rolls back inside and scrambles to cover The Undertaker.. One.. Two.. THREE!! Rob Conway has STOLEN the victory!! Is this how he plans to take the title at WrestleBrawl!? ]]-

Winner: Rob Conway via Pin Fall

Backstage. ]]-

-[[ There's a group of wrestlers in the backstage area, people you wouldn't expect to see together.. Ron Killings, Justin Credible, Shelton Benjamin, Mankind, Road Dogg, Test and John Bradshaw Layfield.. None of them look like they know what they've been called into the room for.. The door to the room opens up and Jeff Jarrett walks in wearing a nice suit.. Jeff Jarrett looks at all of them and then begins speaking. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] As all o' ya'll know.. WrestleBrawl Two is gonna be main evented by a thirty man, over-the-top rope battle royal to find out who the number one contender to the SGW World Championship is... Thirty minutes, two men start.. And every two minutes another man comes down until there's only one man left standin'..

-[[ Some of them stand there in silence, others nod, understanding. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Well.. All o' ya'll is gonna be in a match at WrestleBrawl Two.. Together.. There's gonna be a battle royal in the openin' match and whichever one o' ya'll wins it.. Is gonna be number thirty in the WrestleBrawl Battle Royal main event.. How's 'at sound?

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] It sounds good, Mister Jarrett! HA HA!

[ Shelton Benjamin ] Man, ain't NOBODY stoppin' me nah!

-[[ Shelton jumps in place, a big smile on his face. ]]-

[ Road Dogg ] I can see it now, boys and girls.. When I enter at number thirty.. You're gonna be lookin' at your FUTURE.. S.. G.. W.. HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION.. OF THE WORRRRRRRRLD!! THE ROAD DOGG JESSE JAMES!!

[ Mankind ] I can hardly wait!

[ Justin Credible ] Don't look too forward to it, Foley.. Wait and see what shape you're in after I get done with your fat fuckin' ass tonight!!

-[[ Someone clears their throat.. Everyone, including Jarrett turns around.. ]]-

[ Michael Shane ] Mind if I throw my hat in the race?

-[[ It's Michael Shane! The former SGW Television Champion! ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Well, I'll be damned.. Michael Shane! HA HA!

-[[ He motions toward the group of wrestlers.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Be my guest.

-[[ Jarrett then finishes up. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Alright, that settles it now.. Winner o' your match is number thirty in the battle royal.. Now, go get ready for your match tonight, we're through here.

-[[ Everyone files out of the room, leaving Jarrett.. After everyone is gone, Jillian Hall walks into the room with a big smile on her face.. Jarrett looks at her with an eyebrow raised. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] What's so damn funny?

[ Jillian Hall ] I have a surprise for you, Jeff!

[ Jeff Jarrett ] What's that?

[ Jillian Hall ] Well.. Remember how your first pay-per-view.. Six-String Supremacy had a musical guest? Well.. I thought your LAST pay-per-view should have one, too.. So.. I made a few phone calls and...

[ Jeff Jarrett ] ..And?

-[[ She points at a monitor that rests on a table.. This graphic is plastered across it. ]]-

-[[ Jarrett looks surprised. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Damn, woman, you got the Wreckers?

-[[ Then he does a double take.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Wait.. I thought their big hit was 'Leave the Pieces,' what's this.. 'Leave the Title' business?

-[[ She almost jumps up and down, she's so giddy. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] I rewrote it! Just like you and Russo rewrote 'Jesus, Take the Wheel!'

-[[ Jarrett laughs. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] It's a tribute to Ric Flair quitting League of Champions like a little girl!

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I like it.. Ha ha.. I like it a lot.

-[[ The door to the room opens again and Terry Taylor walks in.. He walks right up to Jarrett, putting his hand out to shake but Jarrett doesn't accept the gesture. ]]-

[ Terry Taylor ] Hello, Jeff.. I'm Terry Taylor--

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I know who the hell ya' are, Taylor..

[ Terry Taylor ] Oh yeah.. I just happened to be in town--

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I know.

-[[ Jarrett looks at Jillian. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Find the Harris Brothers.. Make sure Taylor here gets escorted out.

-[[ Taylor suddenly looks terrified. ]]-

[ Terry Taylor ] No, please, Jeff.. Listen.. I'll just go..

-[[ Taylor turns to walk out the door but it opens right before he touches the handle and Vince Russo walks in with Alex Shelley and Rob Conway in tow... Russo looks at Taylor.. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Terry fuckin' Tayla'!?

-[[ Russo's eyes go wide. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] That gives me a great idea, Jeff!

-[[ Jarrett looks surprised. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Have this four-eyed bitch referee my man, Conway's Intercontinental title match at WrestleBrawl Two!

[ Terry Taylor ] Oh, please.. I couldn't do that..

[ Vince Russo ] Bullshit, ya' couldn't.. You're da' biggest I.C. title enthusiast 'dere fuckin' is.. Ya' need to referee this shit on the grandest stage of'em all.. That way.. When Rob wins.. You can personally put that piece o' tin in his fuckin' hands!!

-[[ Taylor looks down, defeated.. How can he refuse? ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Good.. Ya' fuckin' IN!

-[[ Conway/Raven/Hardy.. With special guest referee.. Terry Taylor!? ]]-

-[[ Fade. ]]-

Justin Credible versus Mankind versus John Bradshaw Layfield
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: Triple Threat - Single Fall - Hardcore Rules
Referee: Scott James

-[[ Mankind and Layfield quickly clash into each other and begin brawling.. They fight it out and Credible rolls out of the ring, watching them go at it.. Credible reaches underneath the ring and finds a chair.. He rolls into the ring with it and Layfield nails Mankind with a big right hand that sends him turning right around into a chair shot from Credible!! Credible raises the chair again and Layfield kicks him in the gut.. Layfield begins pounding down on Credible with huge forearms.. He throws Credible into the corner so hard that he goes chest first and then comes staggering out as Layfield comes off of the ropes.. CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!! Layfield covers him! One! Two! Thr-- Mankind breaks the pin!! Credible rolls out of the ring.. Mankind is still out of it from the chair shot.. Layfield begins beating him down.. He pulls Mankind up and kicks him in the gut.. He goes for a power bomb but Mankind is JUST TOO FAT and Layfield can't get him up!! Mankind backdrops him over and Layfield stands up, staggering around.. Mankind points to his pants and pulls out.. MISTER SOCKO!! Layfield turns around.. SOCKO CLAW!! Mankind forces Layfield into the ropes.. And he forces Layfield over the top rope and to the floor!! Layfield lands hard on the outside and-- CRACK!! Mankind goes down in a heap!! Credible nailed Mankind with the Singapore cane!! Credible rolls out of the ring and grabs Layfield.. He scoops him.. THAT'S INCREDIBLE ON THE FLOOR!! He covers him!! One! Two! Three! Justin Credible has won the match!! ]]-

Winner: Justin Credible via Pin Fall

-[[ The interview area. ]]-

-[[ You see "The Franchise" Shane Douglas standing there with a big smile on his face.. And standing next to him, surprisingly enough.. Smoking a cigarette and clutching a beer in his hand.. Is his opponent for WrestleBrawl.. The Sandman! The Fuckin' Franchise laughs and begins to talk. ]]-


-[[ The Sandman blows smoke in Douglas' face.. ]]-

[ Shane Douglas ] STOP THAT SHIT, GOD DAMMIT!!

-[[ Sandman doesn't even look in Douglas' direction.. ]]-


-[[ Sandman smirks.. And blows more smoke in Douglas' face. ]]-

[ The Sandman ] ..Fuck you.

-[[ Douglas takes a step back.. ]]-


-[[ Before Sandman can react in the slightest, he's nailed from behind by Colt Cabana!! Colt Cabana and Shane Douglas begin putting the boots to the Sandman, stomping him into the ground!! They lift him up and Douglas holds the Sandman in place while Cabana gets right in his face.. ]]-

[ Colt Cabana ] You wanna get extreme, Sandman!?

-[[ He slaps Sandman across the face. ]]-

[ Colt Cabana ] Let's get extreme!

-[[ Douglas pushes Sandman forward into a kick... COLT. 45 ON THE CONCRETE FLOOR!! Colt Cabana stands up, smiling down at Sandman.. Shane Douglas kicks Sandman in the side again.. ]]-

[ Colt Cabana ] You should've NEVER accepted that match!!

-[[ Cabana and Douglas walk away, leaving the Sandman laying. ]]-

-[[ Another area backstage. ]]-

-[[ John Cena is stomping through the backstage area with purpose in his step.. He looks absolutely furious, shaking with intensity.. Someone quickly gets in his way.. It's the returning Michael Shane.. ]]-

[ Michael Shane ] John, man.. Calm down.

[ John Cena ] Don't tell me what to do, dawg.

-[[ He pushes Shane out of his way and keeps walking. ]]-

[ Michael Shane ] What are you going to do, man!?

-[[ Cena keeps walking. ]]-

[ John Cena ] I don't know yet.... But it's damn sure gonna HURT.

-[[ He walks out of sight. ]]-

-[[ Fade. ]]-

Scott Steiner versus Randy Orton
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Mike Chioda

-[[ Legend versus legend killer, Scott Steiner versus Randy Orton.. They stare each other down to start.. And Steiner wastes no time in punching Orton down like he's nothing!! Scott Steiner stays on Orton, punching away at him, hitting him around the eye repeatedly.. Blood begins gushing out of Orton's eye and Steiner pulls him up off of the mat.. Orton goes for a European uppercut but Steiner sidesteps it and hooks Orton.. T-BONE SUPLEX!! Scott Steiner stays on him, yanking him up.. For another T-BONE SUPLEX!! Orton slowly staggers back up and Steiner whips him hard into the turnbuckles!! Steiner follows him in.. STEINERLINE!! And when Orton staggers out of the corner, Steiner grabs him around the waist.... BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX!! Steiner stands over Orton, smiling down at him.. He pulls Orton up one more time and Orton springs up out of nowhere.... RKO!! Orton springs up in the "HEY!" pose.. And Scott Steiner stands right back up, smiling.. And he forearms Orton in the back, sending him sprawling face first on the mat.. And Steiner hooks him.. STEINER RECLINER!! Randy Orton immediately begins tapping out!! Scott Steiner has DESTROYED the former world champion! ]]-

Winner: Scott Steiner via Submission

Backstage. ]]-

-[[ We see Shawn Michaels walking through the backstage area, a dead serious look on his face.. As he walking through there, he sees Colt Cabana and Shane Douglas making a hasty retreat after their assault on the Sandman.. Shawn Michaels extends a hand and stops Shane Douglas in his tracks.. ]]-

[ Shawn Michaels ] Hold it.. Right there, pal.

-[[ Douglas stops, looking Michaels up and down.. ]]-

[ Shawn Michaels ] I know you want the scoop.. And I know you like to stir trouble..

-[[ Douglas nods, smiling evilly. ]]-

[ Shawn Michaels ] Well.. Do me a favor..

-[[ Douglas listens. ]]-

[ Shawn Michaels ] You see Johnny Nitro.. You tell'im.. That last week..

-[[ He grabs Douglas by the shirt.. ]]-

[ Shawn Michaels ] He got my attention!

-[[ Michaels storms off, leaving Douglas and Cabana by themselves. ]]-

-[[ Fade. ]]-

-[[ Fade up. ]]-

The WrestleBrawl logo flashes across the screen... It fades and we see Lance Storm, the SGW World title laying in his lap... The camera's caddy-cornered, getting Storm from the front and a side view... Some generic rock music plays in the background softly... ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Eight days until WrestleBrawl... Eight days until I defend my SGW World championship on the biggest stage of them all.

Quickly switch to Edge, who's in the same position, but the camera gets the front and left side of his face.. ]]-

[ Edge ] Eight days until the Rated R Superstar achieves his DESTINY!

Back to Storm. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Eight days until I send Edge home without a title and his first loss on his record...

[ Edge ] Lance Storm doesn't have what it takes to carry the SGW title and the entire company on his shoulders..

[ Lance Storm ] Edge is everything that is wrong with professional wrestling.. He's a black eye to this business.

Back to Edge, he smiles. ]]-


[ Lance Storm ] Edge has gotten himself into a mess he cannot get himself out of.. Starting on that fateful night when he ran in after the cage match between "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and myself and gave me the spear..

We see Edge spearing Lance Storm moments after the cage match with Steve Austin. ]]-

[ Edge ] What started with a spear to get attention will end with a spear to get what's MINE!

The switching back and forth continues. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] I will not deny that Edge is capable of backing up what he says.. But so am I.

[ Edge ] Lance Storm sucks, plain and simple. He just doesn't measure up!

We see footage of Edge "pinning" Lance Storm after another post-match spear. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] He likes to sneak attack... At WrestleBrawl, there will be NO WHERE to run..

Pause. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] No where to hide.

Another. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] He claims he scored a pin fall victory over me, but he only got that thanks to a sneak attack..

[ Edge ] Screw Lance Storm. Am I worried about him? Hell no. I'm the Rated R Superstar! I am the ACW World Champion! Five-time SGW Tag Team Champion, a former Gimmick Champion.. I'm in the SGW HALL OF FAME! I'm not sweating Lance Storm! I beat him once and I'll DO IT AGAIN!

Switch to Storm who is so focused. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Come July thirtieth, the talking from Edge ends.

[ Edge ] Come July thirtieth at WrestleBrawl 2, I will take Lance Storm's undefeated streak and his precious SGW World title.. The title I've been denied for five years!

[ Lance Storm ] The mockery he's making of SGW and professional wrestling ends.

[ Edge ] I've beaten tons of former SGW World Champions in my day, and I'll add one more to the list!

Cue a front view of Lance Storm looking into the camera. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Edge is a liability as SGW World champion.

[ Edge ] God damn right I'm a liability! Because once I become the SGW World champion, I'll NEVER LOSE IT! NEVER!

Back to Lance Storm. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] I am not only defending my SGW World title.. I am defending the well-being of Solid Gold Wrestling.

[ Edge ] I'm going to take that title and there's nothing he can do about it.

Storm looks sternly into the camera. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] And after WrestleBrawl, when I raise my title high in the air, he will have no one to blame.. He doesn't need to blame Canada..

Edge looks nonchalantly into the camera. ]]-

[ Edge ] Eight days and I single-handedly make myself the greatest SGW superstar of all time.. Because I am..

Lance Storm is seen slapping on the Straight Shooter on Booker T. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] He just needs to blame HIMSELF!

To Edge. ]]-


Lance Storm points to himself with his right index finger. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] I will leave Boston as the SGW World Heavyweight Champion.

[ Edge ] I'm the next SGW World champion.

Fade to Lance Storm winning a match against Rob Van Dam, holding the two World titles high in the air as the fans cheer wildly.. ]]-

[ Lance Storm ] Period.

Footage of Edge holding Storm's SGW World title, standing over him is seen. ]]-

[ Edge ] ..Bank on it!

Fade. ]]-

Hour Two