Date: Sunday, July 25th, 2004
Location: San Diego, California
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Scott Hudson

Dark Match Results
Petey Williams def. Sonjay Dutt & Chris Sabin
Dave Batista vs. Jerry Lawler went to a double count out
Bret Hart & Chris Benoit def. Kid Kash & Matt Hardy
Chris Jericho def. John Bradshaw Layfield
Hollywood Hogan vs. Shawn Michaels went to a double DQ

-[[ The show opens with a shot of what looks to be a conference room. The text "LAST WEDNESDAY" written across the bottom of the screen. There are people seated all around a table, papers in front of them, a large video screen on the wall. Arn Anderson is seated at the head of the table. Despite all of the trouble he caused last Sunday, he looks normal, calm and collected. A man at the other end of the table rifles through some papers and looks up at Anderson. ]]-

SGWx Board of Directors Member: Mr. Anderson, it is never an easy decision when we have to do something like this.. It's not a good situation, it's bad press.. Shane McMahon is out indefinitely with a fractured skull and we still have no idea who did it, he's not able to speak just yet.

-[[ Anderson listens intently. ]]-

SGWx Board of Directors Member: Chaos was reigning supreme last week.. People getting attacked from behind, weapons being used, wrestlers making their own match stipulations... Basically...

-[[ He flips through some more papers. ]]-

SGWx Board of Directors Member: Everything Shane McMahon claimed was not going to happen happened.. On the first show, we were given no sign of change from his previous incarnations of Solid Gold Wrestling.. Things got out of control until he, himself, became a victim. SGWx was heralded as being about the talent, not about backstage squabbles or personal vendettas. And that's why we view Shane McMahon's injury.......

-[[ The man gives a slight smile. ]]-

SGWx Board of Directors Member: As a positive. SGWx, one show in, became exactly like every other promotion out there. Chaotic. Garbage wrestling. We need someone who will regulate. Someone that will take SGWx back to the glory days of old...

-[[ The man raises his eyebrow at Anderson. ]]-

SGWx Board of Directors Member: That brings us to you, Mr. Anderson. Last week, you took charge in Mr. McMahon's absence. You kept order and you regulated where need be. We have already voted on the matter and come to our decision that until Shane McMahon recovers, you are going to be the interim owner of Solid Gold Wrestling-X. And when Mr. McMahon returns, we'll have another vote as to who we see fit to run a promotion of SGWx's caliber. Thank you for your time, Mr. Anderson.

-[[ The man stands up and walks over to Anderson. They shake hands. ]]-

Arn Anderson: No...Thank you.

-[[ Fade out. ]]-


Scott Steiner vs. Chris Kanyon vs. Taz vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Elix Skipper vs. Yoshihiro Tajiri
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: Second Chance Qualifier // Winner Faces Steve Corino Later Tonight

-[[ The match begins with Elix Skipper and Tajiri. They kick things off with some fast paced cruiserweight action, Tajiri gaining the advantage after a stray kick staggers Skipper and takes him off of his game. Tajiri whips Skipper into the ropes and hits him with the handspring elbow!! Tajiri backflips onto him and covers! One! Skipper kicked out!! Tajiri picks Skipper up and whips him into the ropes, Jeff Hardy slaps Skipper on the back, blind tag! Tajiri leapfrogs Skipper and Jeff Hardy hops onto the top rope and drop kicks Tajiri to the mat!! Hardy picks Tajiri up and whips him into the turnbuckle.. Poetry in Motion!! Tajiri falls out of the corner and Hardy goes to the top rope, he calls for the Swanton Bomb, but Scott Steiner pushes him off the top rope!! Tajiri scrambles and tags in Chris Kanyon!! Kanyon's in and Hardy tags in Steiner!! Steiner and Kanyon clash, tempers flaring from last week's match!! Steiner beats him down and drops him hard with a butterfly suplex!! Steiner whips Kanyon into the ropes and Kanyon hits Skipper on the apron, sending him flying into the guardrail!! Taz gets a blind tag off of Steiner and gets in the ring, he nails Steiner in the back and dumps him over the top rope!! Jeff Hardy hops in the ring and goes after Taz, but Taz hits him with a vicious clothesline!! Tajiri's in and he spews mist at Taz, but Taz ducks and Kanyon gets a face full of mist!! Taz kicks Tajiri in the gut and throws him over the top rope as well!! Kanyon staggers around blindly and Taz hooks him for the Tazmission!! He tightens it and drags Kanyon down!! KANYON TAPS OUT!! KANYON TAPS OUT!! Taz will face Steve Corino later tonight!! ]]-
Winner: Taz via Submission


-[[ As the other wrestlers begin making their way to the back, Taz stands in the ring, still wanting a fight, he's barely broken a sweat, it seems!! "ANDERSON!!!" Taz gets out of the ring and storms around the ringside area. He grabs a microphone and rolls back in the ring. The fans are buzzing with anticipation. Taz raises the microphone and begins to speak. ]]-

TAZ: ANDERSON!! You son of a bitch!! You got da' balls to hit me in da' fuckin' face wit' a tire iron.. Let's see if you got da' balls to come out here, look me in da' fuckin' eye, and give me an explanation!!

-[[ The fans don't have to wait long before Anderson's music hits. He gets a loud mixed reaction, some fans still don't want to accept what he did last week. Anderson makes his way to the ring with a confidence that pisses Taz off even more than he already was. Taz keeps talking. ]]-

TAZ: Come on down, Anderson, get in da' ring, you stupid mutha' fucker.

-[[ Anderson walks up the steps casually, without a care in the world, and gets in the ring. Taz looks like he's trying hard to hold himself back. Anderson reaches back and grabs the microphone that was sticking out of his back pocket. He begins to talk. ]]-

Arn Anderson: Taz--

TAZ: SHUT DA' FUCK UP!! Let me tell you somethin', mutha' fucker, doin' what you did to me last week, you either got some big god damn balls or you're plenty fuckin' stupid!!

-[[ Anderson strokes his beard, letting Taz finish. ]]-

TAZ: I got this sayin'... Screw me once, I CHOKE YOU OUT. Screw me twice, I CHOKE YOUR BITCH ASS OUT AGAIN!!

-[[ Taz gets right up in Anderson's face. Some fans screaming "HIT HIM! HIT HIM!!" ]]-

TAZ: I owe ya' two, mutha' fucker.

-[[ Anderson looks out at the fans and then raises the microphone. ]]-

Arn Anderson: Let me tell you somethin' about Solid Gold Wrestling, Taz.. Solid Gold Wrestling exemplifies class. Solid Gold Wrestling is a place where the best of the best come to compete for the most prestigious world title in the business... In your time with SGW, you saw the best of the best come and go...

-[[ Anderson looks Taz in the eyes. ]]-

Arn Anderson: And you lost to most of them.. Bret Hart, Bill Goldberg, Randy Savage.. And you took it personal, Taz. You could never look at it as competition.. You took it personal and you dwelled on it. You always say I screwed you at Heartbreaker, but that wasn't the case.. The fact is, Taz, you just weren't good enough to get the job done.. You weren't SGW World Title material..

-[[ Anderson's voice is dripping with the intention of trying to make Taz hit him. ]]-

Arn Anderson: And that's why I couldn't let you have that title.. Solid Gold Wrestling didn't want a champion like you, Taz!! They wanted real champions!! Champions that didn't have to wrestle hardcore to get recognized!! They wanted Hart!! Bret Hart was the best wrestler to ever hold that world title!! Do you think I was going to stand by and let you crush everything he built? He carried SGW on his shoulders and all you wanted was to DESTROY IT!!

-[[ Taz can not believe he is hearing this. ]]-

Arn Anderson: And now, my baby's back. SGW is back and so are you, waiting in the wings to piss on all these years of history that REAL WRESTLERS have worked so hard to put together... Shane McMahon wouldn't have had the guts to do what I did to you, but Shane McMahon doesn't appreciate the history like I do!! I built SGW, Taz, can't you see that!? I couldn't let him... Let you... Ruin it...

-[[ It dawns on Taz and you can see it in his face. ]]-

TAZ: You did that to McMahon!? YOU YELLA' BASTARD!!

Arn Anderson: Taz.. How could I let you go on to win the world title here and now, when you're still fighting Bret Hart at Heartbreaker every single time you come to the ring? You never beat Hart and it eats you alive inside..

-[[ The fans turn on Anderson decisively now. ]]-

Arn Anderson: You never beat him and you never will... SGW doesn't need a champion with demons like yours.. You need to learn when to let things go.. When to separate your dreams from REALITY..... PETER.

-[[ The fans let out a collective "OHHHHHHHHH!!!" and it looks like Taz is finally going to blow. Anderson looks away finally.. Looking, not really at the fans, but through them. The fans begin booing extremely loud for some reason.]]-

Arn Anderson: And no.. I didn't.. Do that... to Shane McMahon.. He did.

-[[ Anderson nods behind Taz, and Taz turns around, in the heat of the moment, it was only the fans and Anderson that saw VAL VENIS get in the ring behind Taz. ]]-

TAZ: .....Da' fuck?

-[[ Venis nails Taz in the face with a stiff forearm, knocking him down on his back!! Venis gets down on Taz and begins hitting him hard about the face and neck!! Taz, still not one hundred precent from the tire iron shots from last week, is virtually helpless!! Venis pulls Taz back to his feet and drives him into the mat hard with a SPINE BUSTER!! Venis stands over him for a few seconds and Anderson motions for Venis to go up top!! Venis goes to the top rope and lands the MONEY SHOT right on Taz!! The fans are booing so loud that you can't hear anything else. Anderson and Venis leave the ring, as Taz contorts in pain. How the hell can he fight Steve Corino in his condition!? ]]-


Charlie Haas vs. Shane Douglas vs. Triple H vs. The Brooklyn Brawler vs. The Rock vs. Jeff Jarrett
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: Second Chance Qualifier // Winner Faces Mike Sanders Later Tonight

-[[ Haas and Douglas start the match out, Douglas dominates, bully Haas around the ring and pushing him into the corner and chopping and punching away at him. Douglas kicks away at him and pulls him out, he hooks him around the neck and drives him into the mat with a vicious neck breaker. Douglas tags in Triple H. Triple H takes Haas and whips him into the ropes, HIGH KNEE!! Haas goes down hard and Triple H picks him and positions him... PEDIGREE!! Haas is DEAD!! Triple H covers!! One! Two!! The Brooklyn Brawler makes the save!! The Brawler pounds Triple H across the back, but Triple H turns around and casually dumps him over the top rope. Haas recovers enough to tag in The Rock, and the Rock is a house of fire all over Triple H. The Rock whips him into the ropes and Jeff Jarrett makes a blind tag. Jarrett's in and he clotheslines the Rock right in the face!! Jarrett whips The Rock into the turnbuckle and follows him in with a running knee!! The Rock tags in Haas and Haas walks right into the stroke like a fool and Jarrett covers him!! One!! Two!! Triple H makes the save!! Douglas is in now to get involved and Douglas and Triple H brawl to the outside!! The Rock gets in and he's headed off by the Brawler, they brawl on the mat, and the referee is distracted big time!! Jarrett figures, what the hell, goes outside the ring, grabs his guitar and slides in, he demolishes it over Charlie's head and covers him!! ONE! TWO! THREE! Jeff Jarrett has qualified!!]]-
Winner: Jeff Jarrett via Pin Fall


-[[ The scene fades up with a doctor shining a flashlight in Taz's eye. ]]-

SGW Medic: You're not going out there. The concussion is worse, you shouldn't have even tried to wrestle in the first place.

TAZ: Bullshit.. That's bullshit... I am going to KILL those mutha' fuckers!!

-[[ The medic tries to tell him with genuine concern. ]]-

SGW Medic: Peter--

-[[ Taz slaps him hard across the face. The medic goes down and looks incredibly scared. ]]-

TAZ: Don't EVER FUCKIN' CALL ME THAT, YOU SON OF A BITCH!! I'M TAAAAAAAAAAAZ!!!! And tonight, whether a docta' gives me da' okay or not, I'm gonna choke out ANDERSON!! I'm gonna choke out VENIS!! ORTON!! RVD!! HAAS!! CORINO!! All night long, it's gonna be TAP MUTHA' FUCKA', TAP MUTHA' FUCKA', TAP!!! And when I'm done addin' bodies to da' pile, you're gonna be lookin' at the NEW SGDUBYA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!!!!

SGW Medic: In your condition, Taz, you could DIE if you take a bad shot to the head!!

-[[ Taz gets a smug look on his face. ]]-

TAZ: Somebody could die every time I go to the ring, mutha' fucker.

-[[ Taz walks out as the medic looks on. ]]-


The Outsiders vs. The Power House
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: Winner Goes to Supremacy for SGW Tag Title Match

-[[ The match never enters a tag format. Kevin Nash and Scott Hall are all over the Power House in mere seconds. Nash whips Mark Henry into the ropes, BIG BOOT!! Hall catches D'Lo off a cross body and hits the fallaway slam!! Nash tosses Henry over the top rope and grabs D'Lo off the mat.. He sets him up..... JACKKNIFE POWER BOMB!!!! Nash covers him with one boot... One!! Two!! Three!! My God, the Outsiders have absolutely DESTROYED The Power House!!! "THE BELTS ARE OURS!! THE CHAMPS.... ARE RIGHT HERE!!" ]]-
Winners: The Outsiders via Pin Fall


-[[ The scene opens up with a shot of various objects hitting the wall of the locker room. Gear, a monitor, the camera pans around to reveal that it's Elix Skipper who is doing the damage!! Lance Storm looks on disapprovingly. ]]-

Lance Storm: You're wasting your time with this outburst.

Elix Skipper: Man, forget that, I got screwed over!! I didn't even get pinned an' I lost!? I ain't gettin' my shot at the world title, baby!! Don't they know this is all about Prime Time!? I BUILT THIS HOUSE!!

-[[ Skipper throws his arms out to the side as if he's looking for praise. ]]-

Elix Skipper: SGW is the house Prime Time built, baby!!

Lance Storm: You lost focus of your goal, Elix. When you stop caring about wrestling and worrying about your ego, you're destined for failure.

Elix Skipper: I ain't no failure, man, they screwed me over!! They don't want the best goin' to the top because once Prime Time's there, they ain't no room for nobody else!!

-[[ A voice echoes behind them. ]]-

Voice: Oh, boo hoo, why don'che feed that bullshit to somebody that's buyin'!! Ha ha!!

-[[ They turn around and see JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD!! In his full suit and tie, he approaches them with a big smile on his face. ]]-

John Bradshaw Layfield: Ya' didn't lose because ye' got screwed, boy.. Ya' lost because people like you weren't meant to hold gold in an establishment like Solid Gold!!

-[[ Bradshaw laughs and Skipper looks like he can't believe he said that. ]]-

Elix Skipper: People like me? You mean someone as talented as charismatic as I am?

John Bradshaw Layfield: Ha ha... O'course, kid.. O'course that's what I mean. The main events ain't ready for ya'.. The main events of SGWx were made for real stars like me... J-B-L!

-[[ Bradshaw smiles real big and straightens his jacket. ]]-

John Bradshaw Layfield: But there's a rumor goin' around, son.. A rumor 'at says Arn Anderson's havin' a United States Title tournament comin' up.. Startin' next week, actually, and he's already got you entered in it... And guess who you're first round opponent is? Well, 'at'd be me!

-[[ Skipper doesn't lose his cocky demeanor. ]]-

John Bradshaw Layfield: So, I'll see ya' next week, son, and after that, I'll see ya' in dark matches, 'cause that's where, ha ha, your kind belongs.

-[[ Bradshaw walks out of the room, laughing all the way. ]]-

Elix Skipper: Why would dark matches be where the best in the business belong?

-[[ Lance Storm shakes his head. ]]-


Randy Orton vs. Jerry Lynn
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: Solid Gold Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship Tournament - Round One

-[[ Orton and Lynn lock up and Lynn takes him to the mat with some basic holds. Orton fights out of it and gets into the ropes but Lynn won't stop!! Lynn drags him out of the ropes and begins pummeling him!! Orton fights back with an eye rake and kicks Lynn in the gut. He goes straight for the RKO but Lynn pushes Orton away from him!! Orton goes right back after him and now they're brawling!! Punches are flying everywhere and Orton whips Lynn into the corner. Orton follows him in with a shoulder tackle then goes to the second rope for the ten-punch!! Orton punches him over and over gets down, Lynn looks a little disoriented. Orton whips Lynn into the other turnbuckle and Lynn hits so hard that he comes bouncing out of that one and Orton clotheslines him to the mat!! Orton doesn't capitalize, instead choosing to pose and taunt the fallen Lynn!! He pulls Lynn to his feet and Lynn punches him in the stomach!! Orton keels over in pain and Lynn sets him for the CRADLE 2 GRAVE!! But Orton's leg kicks the referee when Lynn goes to pick him up!! The ref goes down!! Lynn doesn't go through with the hold, he drops Orton and goes wake up the referee, but Orton comes from behind...... RKO!!!! Orton smiles and tries to wake up the referee himself when.. TAZ RUNS IN!!!! MY GOD, IT'S TAZ!!!!!! Taz slides in and Orton looks like he's going to shit on himself!! They begin brawling and Taz busts Orton wide open with punches!! Taz whips Orton into the ropes, T-BONE SUPLEX!!! Orton goes totally limp in the ring!! Taz gets out of the ring, walks up the ramp a bit and turns to look at the ring... Then he shakes his head and begins walking back, HE'S NOT FINISHED!! Taz grabs a chair and slides in the ring, Orton staggers back up and Taz WRAPS THE CHAIR AROUND HIS HEAD!!! "You wanna fuck with TAZ!?! FUCK WITH THIS!!" and he brings the chair down hard a second time, rendering Orton's head into mush!! Taz gets out of the ring, obviously a little woozy from his concussion, and walks to the back!! Jerry Lynn wakes up and crawls over to the destroyed body of Orton.. He drapes an arm over him and the referee comes to...... One!! Two!! THREE!! JERRY LYNN ADVANCES!! ]]-
Winner: Jerry Lynn via Pin Fall


-[[ Rhyno is backstage taping his wrists while Cyrus sits in a folding chair next to him, flipping through some files in a briefcase. Rhyno is already in the game, acting intense, spitting as he breathes.. Chavo Guerrero walks into the room with Pepe in hand. Rhyno pays him no mind. ]]-

Chavo Guerrero: Hey, guys!! I've been looking everywhere for you!! We gotta get prepped for our match!!

-[[ Rhyno looks up at him, and stands up, eyeing him the entire time. ]]-

Rhyno: Are you ready?

Chavo Guerrero: Of course!! I'm always ready!!

Rhyno: Then we're prepped. Sit down and shut up.

-[[ Chavo looks offended but pulls up a chair nonetheless. ]]-

Chavo Guerrero: You know, I appreciate it and all, Rhyno, but why'd you save me last week?

-[[ Rhyno looks annoyed that he has to explain it. ]]-

Rhyno: Because you're big news. Didn't want to see you get punked by those two mother fuckers... And because I fucking felt like it. Problem?

Chavo Guerrero: Oh... Okay...

-[[ Cyrus finally pulls a small stack of papers out of the case and hurries over to Chavo. ]]-

Cyrus the Virus: Stop bickering, children, I've got enough candy for everyone... Check this out.

-[[ Cyrus takes out an ink pen and signs his name on a few blanks on the contract. He hands it over to Chavo. Chavo looks it up and down, almost as if he doesn't know how to read. ]]-

Cyrus the Virus: It's a contract given to me by Mr. Anderson. It's for merchandising rights. Just sign your name and every kid in this arena will be wearing Chavo Guerrero t-shirts, carrying their own Pepes.. And it's more money to do what you love. Entertain your fans.

Chavo Guerrero: What kind of merchandise are you getting, Rhyno? A t-shirt? A foam horn?

Rhyno: What?

Cyrus the Virus: Chavo, Rhyno already has merchandise.... He doesn't have to sign it.

-[[ Cyrus indicates the blanks where Chavo has to sign his name. ]]-

Cyrus the Virus: Just sign here, here, and here....... And here and here and here.

Chavo Guerrero: Why do I have to sign in more places than you did?

Cyrus the Virus: Because you're a legend... Legends get more signing privileges.

-[[ Chavo looks suspicious. ]]-

Chavo Guerrero: Maybe I should read this first.

Cyrus the Virus: There's no time to read it!! Our match is coming up in a few minutes!!

Chavo Guerrero: You're right, I need to get my gear on!!

-[[ Chavo scribbles his name all over the paper and hands it back to Cyrus. ]]-

Chavo Guerrero: That reminds me!! We need a team name..

-[[ Chavo thinks really hard and then his eyes shoot open. ]]-

Chavo Guerrero: I've got it!! I've got a stick horse... And rhinos have horns!! We'll be Stick Horn!!

-[[ Rhyno looks ready to blow and then he looks down at the contract Chavo signed and smiles.. He shakes Chavo's hand and says quietly. ]]-

Rhyno: Yeah..... Stick Horn.

-[[ The scene fades out. ]]-


Ric Flair vs. Kane
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: Solid Gold Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship Tournament - Round One

-[[ The match starts with a game of catch as catch can with Kane trying his best to attack Flair, but Flair narrowly avoiding him at all costs. Kane gets frustrated and begins yelling at Flair to bring it to him. They end up face to face and Kane talks some trash, Flair says something back and eye gouges Kane!! Kane staggers back and Flair hits him hard with a chop!! He whips Kane into the ropes but Kane reverses it and rips off Flair's head with a clothesline!! Flair sits up on his ass and Kane runs and kicks him right in the face!! Kane picks him up and sets him up for the chokeslam but Flair punches him in the throat!! Kane steps back and Flair hits Kane with some quick jabs to the ribs, pushing Kane into the corner. Kane reverses it and begins punching away at Flair in the corner. He knees Flair hard in the gut and takes a step back as Flair executes the FLAIR FLOP out of the corner!! Kane picks Flair up and throws him hard into the turnbuckle, FLAIR FLIP!! Kane charges and throws a clothesline at Flair on the apron, but Flair ducks it, grabs Kane by the head and guillotines him on the top rope!! Flair slides in while Kane is holding his throat, and clips his knee!! Kane goes down and Flair drops a knee on Kane's leg, trying to chop the big man down!! Kane fights back to his feet and Flair clips him again, sending Kane crashing back to the mat!! Flair goes for the figure four, but Kane kicks him away with his other foot!! Kane is back up rather quickly and he charges at Flair, but Flair dives down and drives a shoulder into Kane's knee!! Kane flips over Flair and clutches his knee in pain!! Flair stands up, runs his hands through his hair, and yells "WOOOOOOOO!!" The fans return it and Flair tries to pull Kane into the middle of the ring, but Kane won't allow it!! Kane gets Flair away from him and gets back on his feet, favoring his leg. Kane grabs Flair and throws him away from him. Kane keeps favoring his leg and he lumbers after Flair. Flair slides out of the ring and Kane follows him, he finally catches up to him and begins pummeling Flair, but Flair kicks Kane in the knee and slides back inside!! Kane yells in pain and begins walking on the leg and grabs a chair from ringside!! He slides in the ring and swings the chair, narrowly missing Flair by a few inches and the referee calls for the bell!! Kane has been disqualified!! Flair kicks Kane in the balls!! Kane drops the chair and steps back, Flair goes to do something else, but Kane suddenly grabs him around the throat.... CHOKE SLAM!!!!! Kane stands over him, holding his crotch on a bad leg and the fire erupts from the turnbuckles!! Kane leaves as Flair struggles to his feet. ]]-
Winner: Ric Flair via DQ


-[[ Bill Goldberg is backstage with Vince McMahon. Goldberg is getting his gear on, preparing for his match. McMahon is talking to him, trying to get him into the match mentally as well as physically. ]]-

Vince McMahon: Last week, you let that little punk treat you like you were nothing.. Tonight.. That changes... Tonight, you're going to destroy him!! You're going to DEMOLISH HIM!!

-[[ McMahon gets a sick smile on his face. ]]-

Vince McMahon: Goldberg... Tonight... You're going to end... His career.

Bill Goldberg: Vince... I'm going to rip his stinkin' head right off his shoulders!! JOHN CENA IS GOING TO REGRET THE DAY HE MESSED WITH BILL GOLDBERG!!!!

-[[ Goldberg stands up, his gear on, he's ready to go RIGHT NOW. ]]-

Bill Goldberg: He's going to learn tonight.... First hand... That everyone in SGWx should FEAR THE SPEAR!!!

-[[ Suddenly, Cena's voice can be heard in the room. ]]-

John Cena: Oh, oh shit.. Did you just SAY that?

-[[ Cena's holding something behind his back, but now he's laughing at Goldberg. ]]-

John Cena: You actually SAID that!? Man, I saw it on the t-shirts and shit, but it sounds a little fruity hearin' it come out o'your mouth, dawg..

-[[ Goldberg begins stomping toward Cena, ready to fight, and Cena whips out the thing he had behind his back... A red scarf.. He begins waving it front of Goldberg. ]]-

John Cena: Oh, come on, Goldylocks, you wanna spear me!? Bring it, bitch.. You ain't never gonna spear me.

Bill Goldberg: Yeah? Is that right? I'LL RIP YOU RIGHT IN HALF, LITTLE BOY!!

-[[ McMahon walks up behind Goldberg. ]]-

Vince McMahon: Save it for the ring, Goldberg.. Get the little punk where he has nowhere to run.

-[[ Goldberg smiles. ]]-

Bill Goldberg: Yeah... YEAH!! Nowhere to run, boy.... Keep your little scarf for later tonight. You can use it to bandage your wounds!!

John Cena: Yeah, yeah.. I'll save it for tonight, dawg... You just recognize though.. You ain't spearin' me..

-[[ Cena leaves the room. Goldberg strokes his goatee, smiling, as we fade out. ]]-


Chavo Guerrero & Rhyno vs. Taka Michinoku & William Regal
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None

-[[ Chavo Guerrero and Taka Michinoku start out. Taka puts forth a stunning array of high flying maneuvers, trying to keep Chavo off guard, but Chavo manages to hold his own. He takes Taka down with a hip toss and drops him with a few arm drags before Taka decides to tag in William Regal. Regal and Chavo go at it for a bit until Regal takes the advantage. He begins busting Chavo across the chest and chin with European uppercuts, and he tosses Chavo into the corner. He pounds on Chavo with some vicious knees to the gut and whips him into the opposite turnbuckle. Regal follows him in and Chavo leapfrogs him and rolls him up from behind!! One! Two! Regal kicked out!! Chavo is back on his feet and he goes to tag in Rhyno, but Regal won't allow it!! He attacks Chavo from behind and pulls him back to his corner. He tags in Taka and they hit Chavo with a double suplex!! Regal gets out of the ring and Taka takes Chavo off the mat and sets him up for a Michinoku Driver, but Chavo slips behind him and hits him with a reverse DDT!! Chavo rolls over to his corner and tags in Rhyno!! Rhyno gets in the ring and Regal gets in the ring!! Regal goes right for Rhyno, but clotheslines him!! Chavo is still in the ring and he tosses Regal over the top rope!! Taka Michinoku is up and Chavo grabs him and tosses him up on the top rope!! TORNADO DDT!!! Chavo stands up and the fans erupt and Rhyno charges at Chavo with the GORE!! WHAT THE HELL!?! Chavo sidesteps him and flings him over the top rope!! Chavo covers Taka quickly!! One! Two! Three!! Rhyno is laying on the outside of the ring, holding his knee, it looks like Chavo has injured him!! But hold on a second, CYRUS IS IN THE RING!! He nails Chavo in the back with a chair!! Cyrus stands over Chavo as the fans wonder just what in the hell is going on!! ]]-
Winner: Chavo Guerrero & Rhyno via Pin Fall


-[[ The scene opens up in a skybox overseeing the ring. Val Venis looks down at the ring, Stacy Keibler standing next to him, on his arm. Arn Anderson and Eric Bischoff are discussing business over to the side. ]]-

Val Venis: This is going to be mine soon. All of it, in the palm of my hand.

-[[ Stacy looks up at Val, but he doesn't bother returning the look. He has more important things on his mind. ]]-

Val Venis: I've been chosen by Anderson... To lead Solid Gold Wrestling into a new era.. To begin writing the new chapter.. Solid Gold Wrestling was his brainchild, his CREATION!! It should be him that chooses who steps up and take the reigns.. He never chose Shane McMahon.. McMahon came in like his father and took everything he wanted.. Anderson gave him a chance but that wasn't enough..

Stacy Keibler: It's never enough.. The McMahons only want to take, just like all of the... Lower talent in SGWx are dying to take and take and take away from you....

Val Venis: Yes.. Just like McMahon, they want to take.. Exploit the SGW name for their personal gain... But that won't happen now that Anderson has named the heir to his Solid Gold crown....

-[[ Stacy's eyes grow wide with surprise. ]]-

Stacy Keibler: Val? Are you serious!?

-[[ He nods. ]]-

Val Venis: Once we have complete and total control taken away from Shane McMahon.. The papers will be signed.. And once Anderson is done living out his dream one final time...

-[[ He cracks an empty smile. ]]-

Val Venis: SGW..... IS MINE.

-[[ Stacy jumps in the air laughing and hugs Val, hanging around his neck. ]]-

Stacy Keibler: I'm so happy for you!! This.. This is like a dream come true!!

-[[ The door to their dressing room swings open suddenly and Val shoves Stacy to the side, ready to fight whoever it is, Anderson and Bischoff have also gotten on their feet, the talking has stopped... They relax when they see Ric Flair standing in the doorway. Ric walks in, a little tired and shaken from his match with Kane. Batista and Mero nowhere to be seen. Flair walks straight to Anderson. ]]-

Arn Anderson: Ric...

Ric Flair: Arn...

Arn Anderson: It's good to see you.

-[[ Ric Flair doesn't want to chit chat. He cuts Arn's hospitality off. ]]-

Ric Flair: What're you thinkin', Arn? What are you thinkin'?

Arn Anderson: What are you talking about, Ric?

Ric Flair: You know damn well what I'm talkin' about, pal.. What you're doin' with SGW. Stirrin' up trouble with Taz, this isn't like you at all.. The Arn Anderson I know wouldn't be pullin' this kind o'stunt.. I know we did some things in our time with the Horsemen.. We beat down a lot o'guys, but we did it to establish dominance.. We did it for titles and wooooo did we ever win'em!! AND THE LADIES!! Arn, we did it because it got us ahead in the business!!

-[[ Anderson just stares at Flair, dead cold. Flair sees this and decides to go into overdrive. ]]-

Ric Flair: Ya' made Solid Gold Wrestlin', Arn.. Ya' made it, you're a pioneer, baby, and that's how everyone's always gonna see ya'.. Don't matter if Shane McMahon owns it now because people don't think about Solid Gold without thinkin' about ol' DOUBLE A!! For years, you stayed in the background of SGW!! You let the talent get the name over to the point that the name started gettin' the talent over!! We beat up people to go to the top, YOU'RE ALREADY ON TOP!! YOU!! ARE ALREADY!! ON TOP!!!

-[[ Flair gets right in Arn's face. ]]-

Ric Flair: WHADDAYA GOT TO PROVE!? That you still got it in the ring!? You're not a wrestler anymore!! Stand back!! Get out of the spotlight!! You took out Shane McMahon!! WHY!?! To show you still got it as owner of SGW!? Fine!! You attacked Taz!! WHY!?! Because he wants the world title!? What's that got to do with you!? SGW has always been about the BEST, if he's the best, he'll get the belt because he deserves it!! If he's not the best, then what do you have to worry about!?

-[[ Venis finally approaches the situation, standing beside Anderson as Flair goes on. ]]-

Ric Flair: You're disgracin' SGW's name!! Why do ya' wanna do that to your own creation!? Every time you hit Taz with a tire iron, you're sayin' no one else in that tournament has a chance against Taz!! You're sayin' Taz is gonna clean house and walk out with that belt for sure!! You say SGW is about the best but ya' make it sound like Taz is a one man show!! AND I!! AM!! SICK OF IT, BUSTER!!

-[[ Val steps in front of Anderson. ]]-

Val Venis: Watch it, I don't think you know who you're talking to.

-[[ Flair looks taken aback by this. He explodes. ]]-

Ric Flair: I don't know who I'm talkin' to!? YOU'RE RIGHT!! WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!? Don't look at me like that, tough guy, I know exactly who I am!! I'M RIC FLAIR!!!! I'm a wrestling legend!! Seventeen time world WOOOOOOOO Heavyweight champion!! I've had more world titles than you've had pieces of ass!!

-[[ Venis looks ready to go, but Anderson puts an arm out and pulls Venis back a step. ]]-

Ric Flair: YOU UNDERESTIMATE THE NATURE BOY, ARN!! Ya' think Taz has it all wrapped up but you forget about.. THE MAN!! I'm gonna win that damn belt, and there's not a damn thing anybody's gonna do about it!!

-[[ Anderson puts his hand on Ric's shoulder. ]]-

Arn Anderson: Ric..... It's okay.

-[[ Ric looks confused now. ]]-

Arn Anderson: You're my friend.. I requested that you be let into SGWx personally... I'll take care of you..

-[[ Anderson's voice is scarily sincere. ]]-

Arn Anderson: ...Just like I always have.

-[[ The scene cuts as Flair looks shocked. ]]-

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