Date: Sunday, July 30th, 2006 | Live From: Boston, Massachusetts | Commentators: Joey Styles & Don Callis

Dark Matches
CM Punk
def. Joey Abs
Petey Williams
def. The Zombie

-[[ The parking lot. ]]-

-[[ Even here, the atmosphere is electric.. A limousine drives up in the parking lot and the driver steps out of the front.. He jogs to the back and opens the door.. Jillian Hall steps out wearing a black dress suit with a white shirt underneath the jacket.. Jeff Jarrett steps out behind her in a black suit that matches hers color wise.. He has a guitar case in his hand.. Jarrett reaches up with his free hand and removes his black sun glasses... ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Ha ha... WrestleBrawl.. Where men become heroes!

-[[ He smirks.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] And heroes become legends..

-[[ He looks up at the sky.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] And legends.. Become gods.

-[[ Jillian hugs Jarrett, holding him close. ]]-

[ Jillian Hall ] And if God was a wrestler... He'd be you.

-[[ Jarrett laughs and they begin making their way toward the building.. But a voice calls out from the shadows.. Jeff Jarrett turns around and sees "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner, "Buff" Bagwell and Steiner's protégé, Justin Credible making their way toward him.. Steiner and Jarrett get right in each other's faces.. ]]-

[ Scott Steiner ] Jeff.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Scotty.

-[[ Steiner extends his hand. ]]-

[ Scott Steiner ] Long time.

-[[ Jarrett accepts it. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Damn right.

-[[ They break the handshake.. The former partners from both Solid Gold Wrestling and New Era Wrestling stare each other down for a bit... At one time, these two men, along with Bagwell had formed one of the most dominant stables in the history of the business, the InHumane Society.. ]]-

[ Scott Steiner ] Looks like we both got somethin' to prove tonight.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] You ain't kiddin'.

-[[ Steiner takes a step toward Jarrett, almost making him take a step back.. ]]-

[ Scott Steiner ] You get it done right this time.. You don't let that crooked tooth bastard get away this time.. You break his ass down, Jeff.. You show him that those shit companies like Championship Wrestlin' Entertainment are right where he belongs.. Because those companies.. Fuckin' suck!

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I'll care o' Flair.. Don't you worry about nothin' but your own match, Steiner.. You show Ken Kennedy how we used to do in the old days.. Show'im that the new blood ain't no match for the boys that used to run this place with an iron fist..

-[[ Steiner smirks. ]]-

[ Scott Steiner ] I'm gonna miss you, brother.

-[[ Steiner smirks. ]]-

[ Scott Steiner ] We brought companies to their knees.. We did the things.

-[[ Bagwell grabs Steiner by the shoulder, smiling.. Credible stands behind them with his kendo stick in his hand, gripping it tightly.. Steiner shrugs Bagwell's hand off of him. ]]-

[ Scott Steiner ] We did the things.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Yeah, we did..

-[[ Jarrett then thinks.. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Scotty.. How would ya' feel about ridin' one more time tonight?

[ Scott Steiner ] What you got in mind?

-[[ Jarrett smirks. ]]-

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Folla' me.. Let's talk.

-[[ Jarrett, Jillian, Steiner, Credible and Bagwell enter the building.. ]]-

-[[ Fade. ]]-

#30 Battle Royal
[ Winner Enters WrestleBrawl Match @ #30 ]
Referee: Charles Robinson & Jimmy Cordaris

Everyone is inside the ring, lining the ropes, looking from person to person.. The bell sounds to begin the match and there's a pause, no action as everyone sizes up everyone else.. And then, without warning, a brawl erupts! Test and Ron "The Truth" Killings throw punches back and forth until Killings takes over with a kick to the gut.. Killings backs up against the ropes and goes for an axe kick but Test sidesteps it and when Killings turns around, Test drills him with a big boot that sends Killings flipping backwards over the top rope and to the floor! ]]-

[ Eliminated:
Ron "The Truth" Killings ]

The Road Dogg and Michael Shane are fighting in the corner.. Michael Shane, the former SGW Television champion throws a punch and the Road Dogg ducks it and kicks Shane in the gut.. Pump handle slam! The Road Dogg begins celebrating and turns right around to see John Bradshaw Layfield charging at him for the clothesline from Hell, but the Road Dogg ducks it and back drops Layfield over the top rope! Layfield lands on the apron and clubs Road Dogg in the head.. Road Dogg staggers backward and Shelton Benjamin comes charging at him but Road Dogg ducks and Benjamin hits the ropes, Layfield pulls the top rope down and Shelton goes tumbling to the outside! ]]-

[ Eliminated:
Shelton Benjamin ]

Layfield laughs.. And Benjamin grabs him by his ankles and yanks him off of the apron, forcing him to smack his face and land on the outside, humiliated! ]]-

[ Eliminated:
John Bradshaw Layfield ]

Benjamin and Layfield brawl to the back and Justin Credible nails the Road Dogg from behind.. He begins beating down the Road Dogg, punching him down onto his knees.. Credible hoists the Road Dogg up and into the position for That's Incredible but when he turns around, he walks right into.. The Socko Claw! Mick Foley puts the sock in Credible's mouth, looking for retribution for what Credible did last week! Credible drops Road Dogg and tries to fight off the claw, but doesn't have to when Test drills Foley in the side of the head with the big boot!! Foley goes down in a heap and Test motions for Credible to help him out.. They each grab Foley and pull him to his feet.. And effortlessly throw him over the top rope! ]]-

[ Eliminated:
Mick Foley ]

Credible and Test turn around.. Into a double drop kick from Michael Shane and the Road Dogg! Both men stagger back against the ropes and Shane and the Road Dogg charge at them for a double clothesline, but Test and Credible double back drop them over the top rope! The Road Dogg hits the floor but Michael Shane remains on the apron, barely holding on! ]]-

[ Eliminated:
The Road Dogg ]

Michael Shane grabs Credible and tries to suplex him over the top rope and to the floor but Test hits the ropes.. And big boots Michael Shane off of the apron! ]]-

[ Eliminated:
Michael Shane ]

Test pumps his fists, yelling in celebration at taking out the former television champion, but as soon as he turns his back, Credible grabs him by the tights and flings him over the top rope and to the floor! ]]-

[ Eliminated:
Test ]

Justin Credible has just guaranteed himself the sweetest spot in the WrestleBrawl Battle Royal! Justin Credible is going to enter at number thirty!! ]]-

Winner: Justin Credible

-[[ The dressing room. ]]-

-[[ Kurt Angle is sitting in a steel, folding chair, his eyes glued intently to a television that's resting on a table.. Angle is already in his wrestling gear and every few seconds, Angle raises his hand with a television remote in it and clicks a button.. Angle looks disgusted.. He does this over and over, repeating the act... ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] I never tapped out..

-[[ The door open and "The Franchise" Shane Douglas and Colt Cabana walk inside, both in their gear, ready to go.. They both look pumped and ready for action.. ]]-


-[[ Angle doesn't even look in his direction.. ]]-

[ Colt Cabana ] What's wrong, Kurt?

-[[ He looks at the television and sees what Angle is watching.. ]]-

[ Colt Cabana ] ..Oh.

-[[ Angle's voice is low, menacing. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] Let me ask you two a question..

-[[ They move in a bit closer and listen. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] If I'm not in an official ring.. And it wasn't.. An official match... And there was no official referee present... Then I never.. Officially.. Tapped out.... Right?

-[[ Cabana swallows hard. ]]-

[ Colt Cabana ] Well.. Technically--

-[[ Angle yells. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] RIGHT!?

-[[ Cabana and Douglas both back up, surprised. ]]-

[ Colt Cabana ] Yeah, Kurt.. You're right.

-[[ Cabana turns to Douglas.. ]]-

[ Colt Cabana ] Let's get out of here, Franchise.

-[[ Douglas and Cabana leave the room.. The camera pans around to reveal what Angle has been watching and you're treated to the sight of John Cena pulling Angle down to the floor in the backstage area, putting him in the STFU and forcing him to tap out.. Angle seethes with Anger as he watches this, his eyes full of contempt... Angle rewinds the video again.. And again. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] I never... Tapped out.

-[[ Fade. ]]-

Referee: Scott James

Shawn Michaels versus Mark Henry

-[[ Shawn Michaels stands in his corner, staring intently at the monster on the other side.. Mark Henry stands silent and still in his own corner as Johnny Nitro and Trinity cheer him on from his corner.. Shawn Michaels knows what he has to do.. He must defeat Mark Henry to get his hands on Johnny Nitro.. The bell sounds and the two men meet in the center of the ring.. Mark Henry smiles and slaps Michaels so hard across the face that it knocks him down.. Michaels, on his ass, stares up at Henry with genuine shock on his face.. Henry begins advancing on him and Michaels scrambles backward and gets back to his feet.. He immediately dives through the middle and top ropes and begins climbing to the top rope.. And before Henry can even react, Michaels flies off at him with a cross body! But Henry catches him! Henry drops Michaels with a back breaker and goes for a cover.. One! Two! Michaels gets a shoulder up.. Henry sits there on his knees, his hands on his hips.. He pulls Michaels' head up by his hair and slugs him in the face.. Henry pulls Michaels up to his feet and whips him hard into the turnbuckle and Henry follows him.. But Michaels leap frogs him and Henry goes chest first into the turnbuckle! Henry bounces backward and turns around slowly into.. The flying forearm! Michaels kips up! Michaels climbs to the top rope.. And drops the flying elbow across Henry's chest! Michaels is up again, taking his position in the corner.. And he begins tuning up the band! Mark Henry slowly gets to his feet.. And Michaels goes for it.. SWEET CHIN MUSICRRRAAAACK!! Johnny Nitro blasted Shawn Michaels right in the FACE with a steel chair! The referee immediately calls for the bell, disqualifying Mark Henry! ]]-

Shawn Michaels via Disqualification

The referee begins checking on Shawn Michaels, who now has a huge gash over his eye.. Blood is pouring out of the face of Shawn Michaels, giving him not only a crimson mask, but a crimson shirt.. Johnny Nitro discards the chair and shoves the referee out of the way and covers Shawn Michaels! He hooks the leg! ]]-

Johnny Nitro versus Shawn Michaels

The referee drops down.. Reluctantly counting.. One! Two! Three- No! Shawn Michaels got a shoulder up! Johnny Nitro can't believe it! He stands up.. And hits a break dance leg drop on Michaels! He covers him again! One! Two! Three- No!! Shawn Michaels got a shoulder up again!! Johnny Nitro grabs each side of his head, this isn't possible! Nitro pulls Michaels to his feet and whips him into the ropes.. Nitro goes for a clothesline but Michaels ducks it and Nitro turns around into.. A flying forearm! Both men lay flat on the mat.. Nitro slowly begins to stir and rolls over onto his side... Michaels isn't moving at all.. And then.. Michaels kips up! The fans erupt! Johnny Nitro stands and turns around.. He sees Michaels staring him down and runs at him! Nitro throws a punch but Michaels blocks it and punches Nitro down! Nitro gets right back up and Michaels punches him down again! Nitro is up again and Michaels grabs him.. Atomic drop! Body slam! Michaels begins climbing the ropes.... Flying elbow drop! Michaels slowly stands using the ropes.. He takes his place in the corner.. Nitro slowly stands up and turns right around into.. The Sweet Chin Music! Shawn Michaels slumps backward across Nitro's body.. One! Two! Three! Shawn Michaels has overcome the odds! Johnny Nitro is finished! ]]-

Winner: Shawn Michaels via Pin Fall

-[[ From outside of the boiler room, you hear something going on. ]]-

[ Stevie Richards ] You can't do that, man! Think about this!

-[[ You're allowed a glimpse inside of the boiler room and you see Raven sitting in a dark corner with Stevie Richards, Alexis Laree, the Blue Meanie and Perry Saturn gathered around him... The Intercontinental championship is laid across the ground next to him.. Raven seems calm, content.. The others look confused but Stevie is irate. ]]-

[ Raven ] It's not up for negotiation, Stevie.. My mind is made up.

-[[ Stevie runs his hands over his head. ]]-

[ Stevie Richards ] Raven, man.. You've built so much.. How can you just throw it away?

-[[ Raven bows his head, becoming agitated. ]]-

[ Raven ] Stevie.. Shut up.

[ Stevie Richards ] I'm not letting you forfeit the title, Raven.. It's stupid!

-[[ Raven actually manages a quiet laugh and stands up.. ]]-

[ Raven ] Are you gonna stop me, Stevie?

-[[ Raven gets up in Stevie's face.. ]]-

[ Stevie Richards ] M.. M-maybe..

-[[ Raven picks up the championship belt and holds it at his side. ]]-

[ Raven ] This championship has brought me nothing but pain, Stevie.. It's time to let it go.. I'm going for bigger and better things tonight.. And as far as I'm concerned, this title is no longer mine, nor any of my concern..

-[[ Stevie looks down at the belt, heart broken. ]]-

[ Stevie Richards ] Scotty.. Please.

-[[ Raven slaps Stevie across the face and pushes him hard at the door of the boiler room. ]]-

[ Raven ] Drop it, Richards!! This is my decision!! MY DECISION!! And if you don't like it.. I don't give a damn.. Because you're my fuckin' lackey!!

-[[ Everyone gasps.. Richards looks hurt.. ]]-

[ Raven ] My job boy bitch!

-[[ Richards nods, wiping his mouth.. ]]-

[ Alexis Laree ] Boss, what are you doing?!

-[[ Richards waves her off. ]]-

[ Stevie Richards ] No.. That's fine.. That's okay..

-[[ He looks Raven dead in the eye. ]]-

[ Stevie Richards ] Is that all I am to you, Scotty?

-[[ Raven drops the belt at Stevie's feet and turns around.. He slumps down in the corner and cradles his head in his hands.. Alexis looks at Stevie and back to Raven like she doesn't know what to do.. ]]-

[ Stevie Richards ] It's okay.. Go to him.

-[[ She looks sad and runs over to Raven and sits next to him.. Stevie looks down at the Intercontinental championship at his feet and picks it up.... He looks down at it.. ]]-

[ Stevie Richards ] Lackey.. Job boy.. I'll show you.

-[[ He turns to walk out of the room. ]]-

[ Stevie Richards ] You'll see.

-[[ The Meanie sees him walk out the door. ]]-

[ The Blue Meanie ] Stevie!? Where are you going!?

-[[ Fade. ]]-

Referee: Mike Chioda

Kurt Angle waits in the ring as John Cena's music hits.. John Cena storms out onto the stage with a dead serious look on his face.. He stops at the top of the stage and stares down the ramp at Angle.. Cena grabs the bill of his cap and flips it off of his head and then removes his t-shirt as he makes his way down to the ring and as he gets closer to the apron, Kurt Angle dives through the middle and top rope and meets Cena halfway! Angle throws a punch and Cena blocks it and lands one of his own to a huge pop! John Cena begins delivering right after to Kurt Angle! Angle is staggered backward and Cena takes him by the back of the head and slams him face first into the guardrail! John Cena begins slugging away at him again! He pulls Angle up and grabs him around the waist and forces him hard into the ring apron! John Cena is a house of fire! Cena begins clubbing Angle across the head again with big right hands and then he takes Angle goes to whip him into the ring steps but Angle reverses it and sends Cena crashing into the steps legs first! Cena does a somersault over the steps and lands hard on the mat next to them, yelling in pain.. Kurt Angle walks around the steps and immediately begins putting the boots to Cena's legs.. Angle grabs Cena by his shorts and throws him underneath the bottom rope.. Kurt Angle follows him in and goes for a Boston crab but Cena manages to kick Angle away from him.. John Cena scrambles for the ropes and uses them to get up.. He goes after Angle with more punches and he lands a few of them but Angle quickly drop kicks Cena in the knee, putting him back on the mat! Angle stalks around Cena, staring down at him like a rabid animal.. John Cena tries to stand and Angle kicks him in the head, putting him back on the mat.. The fans are booing loudly.. Angle goes for an ankle lock but Cena kicks Angle in the forehead and gets back to his feet.. Angle and Cena begin trading punches and Angle ducks one and catches Cena around the waist.. German suplex! A second one! He goes for a third but Cena elbows Kurt in the side of the head and spins around.. He catches Angle..... F-U!! Cena got it!! Cena flips Angle over on his belly and hooks him.... STFU!! John Cena begins wrenching back on the hold and Angle is too far away from the ropes!! Angle raises his hand to tap out.. He's going to TAP! He's going to TAP!! But the Spirit Squad floods the ring!! John Cena immediately releases the hold and meets them halfway!! John Cena immediately catches Mikey coming in.. F-U ON MIKEY!! Mikey rolls out of the ring!! Cena punches down Mitch and kicks Kenny in the gut.. Jumping hip toss! Nicky walks into a tilt-a-whirl power bomb and Johnny gets clotheslined over the top rope and to the floor! John Cena is going nuts!! The fans are roaring!! Mitch staggers around and walks right into a body slam and Cena begins pumping up his shoes... He waves his hand in front of his face.. "YOU CAN'T SEEEEEEE ME!!" He hits the ropes.... FIIIIIIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE-- CRACK!! Kurt Angle blasted John Cena in the leg with a steel chair!! The Spirit Squad rolls out of the ring and Angle begins slamming the chair into Cena's leg, drilling him in the knee with it repeatedly!! The fans are booing loudly as Cena screams in pain.. Angle throws the chair down and then pulls the straps down on his singlet.. And he locks in the ANKLE LOCK!! John Cena fights it, trying to twist out of the hold but Angle is relentless and he drops, putting Cena in the HEEL HOOK!! Angle keeps wrenching on the hold, trying to break the ankle but Cena is refusing to tap out.. And Mike Chioda calls for the bell!! He's ending the match to save Cena's ankle!! Kurt Angle rolls out of the ring celebrating.. Mike Chioda helps Cena to his feet and Cena looks at Chioda, furious.. Chioda takes a step back and Cena grabs him.. F-U ON MIKE CHIODA!! John Cena stands over him and limps to the back as the fans give him a standing ovation. ]]-

Winner: Kurt Angle via Referee's Decision

-[[ The raffle bin spins around. ]]-

-[[ You see small, clear globes inside with pieces of white paper inside of them.. There's a hand spinning the knob on the side, making sure all of the globes are good and mixed up.. You pan up and see that the two men spinning the bin are former SGW World Heavyweight champion, Bret "The Hitman" Hart, who had his career ended earlier this year by John Bradshaw Layfield and Val Venis, who is wearing a velvet, purple suit and a matching eye patch.. The door to the room opens up and Test walks in looking pissed off.. He stomps up to the bin and sticks his hand inside.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] Good luck.

-[[ Test scoffs. ]]-

[ Test ] Shut up.

-[[ He cracks open the shell and unfolds the piece of paper inside.. He nods. ]]-

[ Test ] Not bad..

-[[ Test folds the number up and sticks it in his tights. ]]-

[ Test ] Gonna win WrestleBrawl.. And then the world title..

-[[ He looks at Venis and raises an eyebrow. ]]-

[ Test ] And actually DO something with it.

-[[ Test walks out of the room and as he walks out, the New Age Outlaws walk in. ]]-

[ Road Dogg ] Yo, Hitman.. 'Sup, Val?

-[[ Road Dogg and Billy Gunn shake Bret's hand.. Road Dogg bumps fists with Val.. ]]-

[ Road Dogg ] What's with the eye patch, bro?

[ Val Venis ] Don't ask.

-[[ Billy Gunn leans in and whispers to Road Dogg.. Road Dogg looks disgusted. ]]-

[ Road Dogg ] What? That's bullshit, man.. Nobody'd do that to another man.

-[[ Road Dogg looks at Val.. ]]-

[ Road Dogg ] Say it ain't so, Val.

[ Val Venis ] Just draw your damn number.

[ Road Dogg ] Shit, man.. Just.. Shit.

-[[ Road Dogg reaches into the bin and pulls out his number.. He checks it out. ]]-

[ Road Dogg ] Mmm.. About halfway.. Ah, well.. Too sweet to be sour, son, let's go.

-[[ Road Dogg and Billy Gunn leave as Tom Cruise and Justin Credible walk inside.. Tom Cruise has his sun glasses on and looks ready to rumble.. Venis rolls his eyes as Cruise comes in.. Cruise notices the look and gets defensive. ]]-

[ Tom Cruise ] What's wrong, Val?

-[[ Venis shakes his head and opens the bin for Cruise to get his hand inside, but Cruise doesn't go for it.. Cruise just stands there, staring at Venis.. He removes his sun glasses.. ]]-

[ Tom Cruise ] Are you angry because my world championship reign is more fondly remembered than yours? Is that it, Val?

-[[ Val doesn't answer him. ]]-

[ Tom Cruise ] Let me tell you something about being a world champion, Val.. See, you don't understand what it takes to be a champion.. You don't.. Get it.. You see.. I've done the research, I know what I'm talking about..

-[[ Venis isn't going for it. ]]-

[ Tom Cruise ] You're being glib.

-[[ Venis removes a number himself and pushes it into Cruise's chest.. Cruise takes the number and looks at it.. His face lights up and he jumps in the air. ]]-

[ Tom Cruise ] Jackpot!

-[[ He jumps in the air again and slides out of the room Risky Business style.. Justin Credible walks up, tapping his Singapore cane on the floor.. He reaches in and removes a number and then looks like he can't believe he just did something. ]]-

[ Justin Credible ] What am I thinking? I don't need a fuckin' number!

-[[ He dumps the number back into the bin. ]]-

[ Justin Credible ] I already won the number thirty spot tonight!

-[[ He laughs and smacks himself on the forehead. ]]-

[ Justin Credible ] Why did I come in here again?

-[[ It dawns on him.. ]]-

[ Justin Credible ] Oh yeah!

-[[ He hocks and spits in Val Venis' face. ]]-

[ Justin Credible ] Fuck you, Venis!

-[[ Credible turns around and walks out of the room, laughing. ]]-

[ Justin Credible ] Now, THAT.. Was Justin Credible!

-[[ John Bradshaw Layfield walks into the room now and tips his cowboy hat.. He reaches his hand into the bin as Venis wipes his face off with a purple handkerchief.. Layfield pulls out his number and looks at it.. He seems pleased and then looks at Venis. ]]-

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] Hey, I know you.. You're.. Ah.. You're..

[ Val Venis ] The former SGW World Champion..

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] No.. No! You're that GUY!

[ Val Venis ] That guy?

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] The one with the shit on his face!

-[[ Layfield covers his eyes.. ]]-

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] Edge! Edge! That's it, he spilled his nuts on your damn face!

-[[ Layfield laughs loudly. ]]-

[ John Bradshaw Layfield ] Damn, that musta' sucked, son!

-[[ Layfield walks out of the room laughing.. Venis shakes his head.. ]]-

[ Val Venis ] Such disrespect.. It pisses me off, Hitman..

-[[ Hart doesn't even look at Venis. ]]-

[ Bret Hart ] Don't talk to me.

-[[ Fade. ]]-

Special Guest Referee: Terry Taylor

Rob Conway and Matt Hardy are already in the ring, awaiting the entrance of the champion.. But instead, they're greeted with the music of Stevie Richards! Richards walks out onto the stage with the SGW Intercontinental championship in his hands.. Richards doesn't get in the ring, he walks around the time keeper's table and grabs a microphone.. Conway and Hardy look confused.]]-

[ Stevie Richards ] Unfortunately, I come bearing bad news.. It appears Raven doesn't want to defend this belt.. But I'm not going to stand by and let him throw away his legacy!!

A small pop. ]]-

[ Stevie Richards ] And I'm definitely not going to let these two guys fight over what Raven has built!!

Conway and Hardy both look pissed, but Richards continues.. ]]-

[ Stevie Richards ] Raven.. Whether you like it or not.. I'm doing this for you!

-[[ R
ichards drops the title and slides into the ring! He immediately goes after Matt Hardy and begins trading punches him with him as Terry Taylor calls for the bell! Hardy and Richards trade shots and Hardy takes Richards over in a headlock but Richards backs him into the ropes and tries to whip him off into the opposite site, but Hardy reverses it and sends Richards right into a clothesline from Rob Conway! Conway pulls Richards to his feet by his head and clubs him across the back.. He whips Richards hard into the corner and as soon as Richards hits, Matt Hardy nails him with a flying body splash! Hardy grabs Richards and places him on the top rope.. Hardy follows him up and hooks him for a superplex but Rob Conway runs up behind them and sets Hardy up for a power bomb.. And he brings them both down in a sickening power bomb superplex combination!! Hardy and Richards are both down! Conway covers Hardy! One! Two! Hardy gets a shoulder up! Conway covers Richards! One! Two! Thr-- Richards gets a shoulder up!! Conway pulls Richards to his feet and pushes him against the ropes.. Conway forearms Richards in the chest and Richards falls through the middle and top and lands on the apron.. Conway pulls him up by his hair and hooks him for a suplex back to the inside but Matt Hardy runs up behind them and nails Conway in the back, sending him crashing into Stevie and Stevie goes flying into the guardrail face first! Terry Taylor dives out of the ring to check on Stevie after that sickening impact.. Hardy takes it to Conway with clubbing blows and whips him into the ropes.. Hardy goes for a clothesline but Conway ducks it.. Hardy turns around and Conway comes back with a clothesline of his own but Hardy ducks that and Conway walks right into clothesline from Richards!! Richards is bleeding from his forehead!! Matt Hardy goes after Richards and Richards begins nailing him with lefts and rights!! Stevie Richards is a man possessed!! Rob Conway is up and comes at Stevie from behind but Stevie sees him coming and punches Conway down!! Richards and Hardy continue brawling and Richards kicks him in the gut and drills him with a DDT! Richards is up and Conway stands, leaning on the top rope for leverage and Richards charges at him and clotheslines him over the top and to the floor!! Richards turns around and Hardy kicks him in the gut and goes for the TWIST OF FATE but Richards pushes Hardy off of him, but Hardy hits the ropes and comes back to kick Richards right in the face!! Richards goes down and Hardy begins climbing to the top rope.. He's going for a moonsault, but Richards is up and runs at the ropes and he pushes Hardy off of the top rope and to the floor!! Hardy lays on the floor, motionless and Richards turns around just in time to drill Conway with the STEVIE-KICK!!! STEVIE RICHARDS IS GOING TO DO IT!! HE COVERS CONWAY AND TERRY TAYLOR COUNTS!! ONE!! TWO!! ...Nothing. Richards looks up and Terry Taylor isn't counting!! Richards gets up and grabs Taylor by his shirt!! He begins yelling in Taylor's face.. And Taylor punches Stevie right in the jaw!! Stevie turns around, dazed and walks right into.. THE EGO TRIP!! Conway covers him and Taylor counts!! ONETWOTHREE!! ROB CONWAY IS THE INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION!! Rob Conway grabs the championship and celebrates up the ramp with Michelle McCool and Terry Taylor!! Matt Hardy and Stevie Richards are both still out of it as the fans boo loudly.. ]]-

Winner & New Intercontinental Champion: Rob Conway via Pin Fall

-[[ We cut to the backstage area and you see Kurt Angle sitting behind a desk with his hands clasped in front of him.. Angle stares into the camera and he has a warm, welcoming smile on his face, which is odd considering the grueling brawl he just endured with John Cena.. Angle is still in his wrestling gear, dripping with sweat... When the camera pans back, you see Colt Cabana and Shane Douglas each standing on a different side of the desk.. Kurt Angle speaks. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] Greetings, my fellow Americans.

-[[ The fans boo. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] Last week, I told you, my adoring public that I had an announcement that would change the face, not only of Solid Gold Wrestling.. But of the United States as a whole..

-[[ Cabana nods as he listens, a smirk on his face. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] I stand before you today to let my intentions be known.. That in the next electoral race, I, Kurt Angle.. YOUR Olympic hero.. And the only Olympic gold medalist in the history of this company, am running for president of the United States of America..

-[[ The fans boo even louder.. The Franchise hops forward, rubbing his goatee. ]]-


-[[ Cabana and Angle both look at Douglas, confused. ]]-

[ Colt Cabana ] Best man? I hope you don't mean vice president..

-[[ Cabana points at himself with his thumbs. ]]-

[ Colt Cabana ] Because that's gonna be ME!

-[[ Douglas' jaw drops. ]]-


-[[ Angle stands up and slams his hands on the desk. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] That's enough!

-[[ Angle looks them back and forth.. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] We've already discussed this.. Colt.. You're going to be the Vice President.. Shane Douglas, you're going to be my secretary of defense.. And that's final!

-[[ He waggles his head around. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] And for the last time.. There is no BEST MAN in a presidential cabinet!!

-[[ Douglas kicks at the ground, pouting. ]]-

[ Kurt Angle ] America.. I promise you.. Vote for me, Kurt Angle, YOUR Olympic hero in the two thousand and eight election.. The campaign begins NOW and I promise you, just like I did tonight when I beat John Cena.. I will take the bad OUT of America and teach all of your children my three I's... Intensity.. Intelligence.. And integrity! Oh, it's true! It's damn true!

-[[ Angle throws his arms out to the side. ]]-


-[[ Fade. ]]-

Hour 2