Date: Sunday, August 1st, 2004
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Scott Hudson

Dark Match Results
Vampiro def. Shane Douglas & Justin Credible
William Regal def. The Hurricane & Steve Austin

-[[ The show opens in a doctor's office, the text "Three days ago" written across the bottom of the screen. Taz sitting in a waiting room, his head bandaged, he looks doped out on pain killers. A doctor steps into the room with a clipboard in his hand, he approaches where Taz is seated, his expression grim. ]]-

Doctor: I'm afraid I have some bad news..

-[[ Taz doesn't acknowledge the doctor or even move. ]]-

Doctor: I know this is the last thing you want to hear.. It's tough on anybody when something like this happens. And even though, you'd think it would eventually, it doesn't get any easier for me... To deliver news like this.. So, I'm going to say it..

-[[ The doctor fights hard not to look away, the fact that Taz is looking down, not looking back at him, makes it easier. ]]-

Doctor: It's over.

-[[ Taz shakes his head. ]]-

Doctor: Your concussion isn't getting better, it's getting worse... It's one of the worst cases I've ever seen. You can't get back inside of another ring. I don't know how long you can hold up, but the next body slam, the next suplex... The next stiff punch... Could be what kills you.

-[[ Taz stands up and starts slowly for the door. ]]-

Doctor: I know how much it means to you.....

-[[ Taz looks back at him. ]]-

Doctor: I guess it's weird to hear from me, being a doctor and all, but I used to watch SGW fairly regularly... And seeing your style of wrestling, I guess it doesn't surprise me the condition you're in... I know, Taz.. I know how much you want the belt... But it's not worth dying over...

-[[ The doctor pauses. ]]-

Doctor: ...It's just a belt.

-[[ The doctor stops and waits for anything to happen. Taz to blow, Taz to break into a promo, punch him, anything. Instead, he gets the one response he didn't expect. ]]-

Taz: You don't know what you're talkin' about.

-[[ Taz walks out as the doctor stands there, defeated. ]]-


AJ Styles vs. Chris Jericho
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: SGWx United States Title Tournament - Round One

-[[ Styles and Jericho lock up. Jericho wins that exchange and holds Styles in a headlock for a few seconds. He wrenches it and Styles whips Jericho into the ropes. Jericho ducks a spinning heel kick and hits Styles with one of his own when he gets up!! Styles and Jericho brawl for a bit and Styles throws Jericho into the corner. Styles charges and flies at Jericho with a splash, but Jericho moves and Styles hits the ring post!! Styles stumbles out of the corner and Jericho hits him with a drop kick!! Styles gets back up, slowly, and Jericho runs at him and NAILS HIM with an enzuiguri!! The fans erupt and Jericho pulls Styles to his feet. He whips Styles into the ropes and hits him with a clothesline!! Jericho sizes Styles up, waiting for him to stand and when he does, Jericho drives him down with the face plant!! Jericho runs the ropes and goes for the LIONSAULT!! Styles gets his knees up!! Styles is up like nothing is wrong and goes to the top rope... SPIRAL TACT!! He nails Jericho and covers him!! One! Two! Jericho got his foot on the ropes!! Styles can't believe it!! Styles pulls Jericho to his feet and says that it's over!! He sets him up for the Styles Clash, but Jericho slips out of it and trips him up!! WALLS OF JERICHO!!!!! Styles fights it!! My God, he's fighting it, but Jericho pulls him away from the ropes!! Styles is reaching and reaching..... He's ALMOST THERE!! Jericho pulls him away again!!! AND STYLES TAPS OUT!!!!!!! Chris Jericho has won the match!!! ]]-
Winner: Chris Jericho via Submission


-[[ The ring clears out and the fans begins to settle down. Everyone is waiting for the next match but the silence continues to drag on. Suddenly, Voodoo Child hits. The fans erupt. The song plays for a few seconds and finally, the moment they were waiting for, "Hollywood" Hogan walks out onto the ramp. Vince Russo and Desire trail him to the ring. Hogan brags long and loud on his way to the ring, flexing his muscles, and talking about how he's the best. Hogan gets in the ring and grabs a microphone.. The fans are torn, many still hating him, others just happy to see him back in an SGW ring... Hogan begins to speak.. ]]-

"Hollywood" Hogan: Ya' know somethin', SGW!! It's good to be back!!

-[[ The fans cheer. Hogan laughs. ]]-

"Hollywood" Hogan: Good for you, that you get to see largest arms in the world grace your television screen again.. Good for you, brah, that you get to see "Hollywood" Hogan make his triumphant return and take over Solid Gold Wrestling one more time!! Everyone in the back..... Everyone in the crowd, it's time for you all to BOW DOWN... TO HOLLYWOOD!!

-[[ "IF YA' SMELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL........." hits and the fans erupt. The Rock stomps out onto the ramp with a microphone in his hand.. Hogan stands there, he can't believe someone has interrupted him.. The Rock begins to speak. ]]-

The Rock: WHOA!! WHOA WHOA WHOA!!! Hollywood Hogan!! HALL-EEE-WOOOOOOOOD!!

-[[ The fans begin chanting "ROCKY! ROCKY!" ]]-

The Rock: The Rock says... Shut.. Your mouth.

"Hollywood" Hogan: Now hold on just a sec--

-[[ The Rock interrupts him. ]]-


-[[ The fans erupt. ]]-

The Rock: Now, Hollywood Hogan, the legend! The icon!! The man!! THE GHOST OF SGW PAST!! Whatever it is you wanna call yourself, it's time you learned first hand that you are NOT going to the top here in SGW... Without goin' through..... THE ROCK!!!

-[[ The fans cheer again. The Rock paces around on the stage. ]]-

The Rock: Now the Rock can give respect where respect is due.. Hollywood Hogan has made his share of movies.. Hogan has had his share of success!! But he's had it everywhere BUT SGW!! But let the Rock make something clear....

-[[ The Rock clears his throat. ]]-

The Rock: Unlike The Rock, your movies suck!! And unlike the Rock, your wrestling career, well, it SUCKS!! Hogan, the Rock says THIS.... SGWx Supremacy!! August fifteenth!! The Rock beats Kid Kash and Rob Van Dam tonight!! The Rock wins the Television title at Supremacy and later that night, the Rock beats HOLLYWOOD HOGAN'S CANDY ASSSSSSSS!!

-[[ Hogan begins to laugh. ]]-

"Hollywood" Hogan: You wanna wrestle two matches? You wanna wrestle someone else for that crummy piece of tin and then you want to get in the ring with HOLLYWOOD!? Rocky, you couldn't take Hollywood at one hundred percent, brah!! But if you wanna risk it... Who is Hollywood to argue?

The Rock: So it's settled!! The Rock and "Hollywood" Hogan at Supremacy!! The Brahma Bull versus the Pythons!! And at Supremacy, The Rock is gonna show ya'... YOUR MOUTH, SHUT IT!! YOUR ROLE, KNOW IT!!! IF YA' SMELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!! WHAT THE ROCK!!!!

-[[ The Rock cocks the eyebrow. ]]-

The Rock: .........Is cookin'.

-[[ The Rock heads to the back. Hogan stands in the ring with Russo and Desire. He can be heard asking them who the Rock thinks he's fooling. Fade out. ]]-


Petey Williams vs. Scott Steiner vs. Jeff Jarrett
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: Winner Goes to Supremacy for SGWx Television Title Match

-[[ Scott Steiner destroys Petey Williams right out of the gate. He hits Petey with an over the head belly-to-belly suplex!! Jarrett attacks Steiner from behind, but Steiner brushes him off and tosses him to the side!! Steiner keeps putting the boots to Petey and picks him up, driving him into the mat with a lawn dart slam!! Jeff Jarrett gets on Steiner again and Steiner flips him over his back!! Jarrett gets back up and rakes Steiner's eyes!! Jarrett pushes Steiner through the ropes and to the outside!! Jarrett picks Petey up and drives him down with a DDT!! He picks Petey up again and throws him into the ropes and hits him with a clothesline!! Scott Steiner rolls back in and ring and slams Jarrett down with a SteinerLine!! Petey is back up and Steiner puts him down hard too!! Jarrett runs at Steiner and Steiner tosses him casually out of the ring!! Petey runs at Steiner but Steiner catches him and plants him with the SCREWDRIVER!!!! Petey does not move at all!! Jarrett slides back into the ring and Steiner tosses him across the ring with a T-Bone Suplex!!! Steiner grabs Petey and hooks him in the Steiner Recliner!! Petey is DEAD!!!! Jarrett slides in the ring, grabs Steiner from behind and STROKES HIM straight out of the recliner!! Jarrett covers Petey!! One!! Two!! Three!! Jeff Jarrett is going to Supremacy!! ]]-
Winner: Jeff Jarrett via Pin Fall


-[[ Chris Jericho and Stephanie McMahon are making their way toward their dressing room. Jericho has a cocky swagger about him, knowing that he's going further in the U.S. Title tournament has got him on top of his game. Stephanie knows this, a smirk on her face, Jericho is taking her back to the top of the business... Jericho suddenly stops when he notices something on the floor. ]]-

Chris Jericho: What the hell?

Stephanie McMahon: What is it, Chris?

-[[ Jericho looks down, the camera pans down to see what he's looking at and we're treated to the sight of a trail of blood droplets leading directly into his dressing room. He jogs to the door, looks inside. It looks like whoever had a hand in this is already gone. Jericho and Stephanie walk around in the room until Stephanie's eyes settle on the corner of the room. ]]-

Stephanie McMahon: ......Chris?

-[[ Jericho looks back at her and she points at the corner. He looks and sees that the corner is soaked in blood, it's pooled a pretty good bit out of the corner but there's something laying in it.. A piece of paper. As Jericho approaches it, Stephanie notices the package sitting on the vanity. Chris Jericho reaches down into the blood and picks up the piece of paper... It's a picture.... Of Stephanie. ]]-

-[[ Stephanie screams. ]]-

-[[ Jericho drops the picture and runs over to her, looking down into the package.. It's a cardboard box, filled with blood and floating on top... Is two eye balls. Jericho manages to crack a joke. ]]-

Chris Jericho: Looks like someone has eyes for you.

Stephanie McMahon: ...That's not funny.

-[[ Triple H barges into the room. He looks ready to fight. Jericho and Stephanie are caught by surprise. ]]-

Triple H: I heard Stephanie scream.... What's wrong?

Chris Jericho: None of your business, jerky, I've got it all under control.

-[[ Triple H looks at the blood in the corner, at the package on the vanity, he looks ready to explode. ]]-

Triple H: What the hell is this?!

-[[ Triple H walks over and sees the picture, now resting face up in the pooled blood. He sees Stephanie's face looking back at him. He storms over to the box, grabs it and slams it against the wall, blood goes everywhere!!! ]]-

Chris Jericho: Are you crazy, it's nothing to worry about!! Just a few fruitcakes, nothing a little dose of Vitamin C can't fix!!

Triple H: Justify it however you like.... I'm not letting them fuck with Stephanie.

-[[ Triple H storms out of the room, leaving Jericho and Stephanie alone. Jericho looks at Stephanie. ]]-

Chris Jericho: What the hell does HE care what they do to you?

-[[ Fade out. ]]-


Chris Kanyon vs. Taz
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None

-[[ Taz is extremely uncharacteristic. He doesn't look confident, as a matter of fact, he's shaking like a leaf. The news from the doctor has rattled him, but he wants to continue his quest for the title.. But this could mean life or death... Chris Kanyon jumps on him and begins hitting him with a barrage of punches, throwing the book of wrestling out the window. Life or death? Any punch can be his last. Taz dropped to the mat, away from Kanyon and rolled under the bottom rope to the outside. The referee begins counting Taz out. Kanyon taunts him, wanting him back inside, but Taz just looks at him. He looks back at the ramp, to the fans, the crowd is silent. The referee counts him out and Taz looks down at the ground. Disappointed in himself, but in his mind, he knows he made the right decision. Walk away. ]]-
Winner: Chris Kanyon via Count Out


-[[ Taz begins his walk up the ramp and the fans catch on to what's happening. Kanyon doesn't look pleased at all, chatting with Paul Heyman at ringside, but the fans have begun to give Taz a standing ovation. Anyone could respect why he made the decision he did. Taz looks out at the people, showing him respect for everything he has done for the business. The roars, stomping, and clapping pick up and Taz wipes his eyes, it wasn't supposed to end like-- ]]-

-[[ Val Venis' music hits. The fans nearly blow the roof off of the place with their boos. Taz turns toward the entrance way, his look of appreciation replaced by a look of rage and a more subtle look that says he expected it. Val Venis walks out onto the ramp. Arn Anderson is behind him with a microphone in his hand. Anderson and Venis stand on the stage area, away from Taz. Anderson begins to speak. ]]-

Arn Anderson: Taz.. It took two beatin's... One from Raven, one from Steve Corino... To get it into your head that you're not Solid Gold material.. On one hand, I'm glad... I'm glad you came to your senses and are calling it quits.. On the other hand, I can't be that proud of you.. Because it took a career ending injury to smarten you up enough to walk away...

-[[ Anderson shrugs. ]]-

Arn Anderson: But I want you to know somethin'... Injury or not, if you walk through that curtain, there won't be a next time. In six months, you won't be back all healed up... You're gone for good, leavin' on the biggest losin' streak of your career.. Lettin' that eat you alive inside... Every day for the rest of your life..

-[[ Venis has an extremely smug smile across his face. ]]-

Arn Anderson: Sittin' right there on your couch, that's where you'll be.. Bret Hart eatin' away at part of you.. Val Venis eatin' away at the rest of you.. Till there ain't nothin' left but an empty shell. And that's when you'll decide you want to come back, that's when you'll want revenge, to fill up that emptiness.... But then you'll remember that it's over and that you'll never be complete again....

-[[ Anderson pauses and strokes his beard, Taz's eyes settle on the image of Venis cracking his knuckles like he's ready to fight. ]]-

Arn Anderson: You know as well as anybody that SGW legends don't leave clean.. Not a one.. Especially ones like you, Taz.. And I want to give you the chance, Taz, I want to give you the chance to take your shot at ol' Double A.. You know you want to... This is the last time we're ever gonna be standin' face to face... You've been talkin' for years, ever since Heartbreaker, about how much you wanted to take a swing at me.. This is your first and your last chance.... You hit me, knock me on my ass, and you walk out of here a free man, nothin' left to eat you alive.. Heartbreaker avenged...

-[[ Anderson walks down, just a few feet away from Taz.. Venis stays on the stage. Anderson raises his chin, waiting for impact. Taz stares at him, the fans buzzing loudly.. Taz yanks the microphone out of Anderson's hand. ]]-

TAZ: ....Ya' not even worth it.

-[[ Taz throws down the microphone and pushes past Anderson, walking up the ramp. He walks past Venis, eyeballing him as they cross, the fans clapping for Taz.. And Venis hits him in the back. ]]-

-[[ The fans erupt in boos as Taz sprawls face first into the steel ramp. Venis stomps Taz repeatedly and begins punching him in the back of the head. Venis looks like he has absolutely snapped. He picks Taz up to his feet and Taz is throwing punches, fighting back at Venis, but Venis is managing to control him, fighting with him back to ringside, and without warning, Venis smacks him headfirst into the ring post!! Taz is dazed, but like a wounded animal, he's up and refuses to quit, throwing punches back at Venis, blood pouring from a wound on his forehead, Venis throws a punch and Taz ducks it and shoves Venis from behind, slamming him face first into the ring post!! Venis slams backward off the post, blood pouring from a wound above his eye now and without even stopping to wipe his face, he begins brawling with Taz again and Taz whips Venis hard into the guardrail!! Venis slumps against it and Taz grabs a chair from the commentary table, he charges at Venis with it, but Venis moves and the chair cracks on the guardrail!! Venis uses this opportunity to nail Taz in the back again and throws him into the ring. Venis follows him in and picks him up, but Taz snaps and locks Venis around the arm and neck, T-BONE SUPLEX!! Venis is up like he was hit with nothing and charges blindly at Taz, only to get a BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX!! Venis stays down this time and Taz rolls out of the ring and pulls a table out from under the ring.... He slides it into the ring and follows it in himself and by this time, Venis is on his feet again, running at Taz and Taz rips his head off with a lariat!! The fans are going absolutely fucking APE SHIT!! Taz sets the table up and looks at Venis, then at the table.... And he shakes his head. What the hell? Taz rolls out of the ring again and goes searching under the ring for something else.. What is he looking for!? Taz finally finds what looks to be a white bottle..... And rolls back in the ring with it.. The fans begin buzzing with excitement and he begins squirting the contents of the bottle onto the table!! MY GOD, HE'S GOING TO LIGHT IT ON FIRE!!! Taz strikes a match and the table is set ablaze!! The fans are ready to explode, and Taz starts to pick Venis up, Venis' blood on Taz, Taz's blood on Venis, and Taz is nailed from behind with a chair by Arn Anderson!!! Taz drops Venis, yells in total rage, and turns around, staring at Anderson, not batting an eye about the chairshot!! Anderson takes a step back and throws the chair down!! Taz begins advancing on him, yelling obscenities at him, and Taz grabs Anderson by the shirt, the fans are going absolutely crazy and Val Venis cracks Taz right on top of the head with the chair!! Taz slumps down to both knees, his fingers tearing Anderson's shirt in an effort to hold on, to exact his revenge, and he stares hard into Anderson's eyes as Venis brings the chair down hard on his head again... He doesn't feel the third shot and he's already face down on the mat when the fourth shot makes blood come out of his ears. Venis throws the chair down and Anderson looks at Taz, looks back at Venis, and says...... ]]-

Arn Anderson: Finish him off.

-[[ Finish him off!? Oh hell no, he can't possibly mean.... ]]-

-[[ Venis pulls Taz off the mat, his body limp, blood draining out of several different wounds in his head, and sets him up... AND POWER BOMBS HIM THROUGH THE FLAMING TABLE!!! Some of the fire catches on Taz's outfit, burning small holes in it.. Venis stares down into the flames, the fans booing so loudly that you can't hear anything else. EMTs flood the ring, scurrying past Venis to put out the flames. The camera pans in hard on Venis, his face covered in blood, a glassy look in his eyes, surveying the damage done. ]]-


Kane vs. John Cena
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: SGWx United States Title Tournament - Round One

-[[ Cena takes it straight to Kane with some punches, but Kane isn't having any of that. Kane sends Cena straight to the mat with one punch. He picks Cena up and whips him so hard into the turnbuckle that he slams chest first and falls out backward. Kane approaches him, pulls him up off the mat and lifts him up for the Tombstone, but Cena slides out of it and shoves Kane into the turnbuckle himself! Kane bounces out of it and Cena rolls him up from behind!! One! Two! Kane kicked out!! Kane is up in no time and Cena finds himself on the business end of a throat thrust!! Cena backs up and Kane grabs him around the throat for the choke slam, but Cena kicks Kane in the stomach, making him let go!! Cena hooks Kane and lifts the monster up for the F-U!!! HE HITS IT!!!!! Cena doesn't take the opportunity to pin him, Cena throws up the "WORD LIFE" hand sign and Kane sits right back up!! Cena sees this and nearly shits on himself.. The A-Train gets on the apron and starts to climb through the ropes but RAVEN runs down!! Raven yanks A-Train off the apron and EVEN FLOWS HIM straight into the mat on the outside!! Raven begins stalking Dawn Marie at ringside and she's freaking out but is suddenly spun around by Lucy!!! Lucy came through the crowd!! Lucy slams Dawn face first into the apron, knocking her out, and on the inside, the referee calls for the bell!! He's DQing both men for the carnage on the outside!! Kane grabs Cena, hoists him up.... CHOKE SLAM!! Kane and Raven leave the ringside area. ]]-

-[[ John Cena staggers to his feet, woozy from the impact.... He wonders why the fans are making so much noise, could it be because they love him? Because they're happy he's still standing? He turned around and never saw the spear coming until it was too late!! Goldberg ripped him down to the mat!! Goldberg yanks him up by his hair and sets him up...... JACKHAMMER!!!!! Goldberg yells loudly, "CHRISTIAN!!!!!! YOU'RE NEXT!!!!" ]]-

Winner: Double DQ


-[[ The scene opens with a shot of a limo driving up in the parking lot. The parking lot is illuminated by ambulance lights, people are crowded everywhere, some crying, others in silent shock. The limo comes to a stop and the back door opens.. We see a person's feet step out.... And then the camera pans up to reveal...... CHRISTIAN!! Trish Stratus, Jim Cornette, and Tyson Tomko follow him out of the limo.. Christian looks around, noticing the ambulance. He smiles. ]]-

Christian: Welp, looks like somebody died.

Trish Stratus: All the good stuff happens before we even get here, baby.

Christian: What the hell are YOU talking about? The good stuff doesn't happen until the good stuff gets here.

-[[ Christian laughs and turns toward the chaos. ]]-

Christian: Let's see what's up.

-[[ Christian suddenly begins acting worried as he jogs toward the ambulance. A group of EMTs are pushing a stretcher out, it has Taz strapped to it. ]]-

Christian: Oh my God, what happened!? What happened to Taz!? Who could possibly do this to a man!?

-[[ An EMT stops him with a hand on his chest. ]]-

EMT: If you could just please keep your distance, sir.

Christian: Please, who did it!? He's my friend, Taz is my friend.. Who did this to him? Tell me, so I can totally get revenge!!

EMT: It was Val Venis.... I'm afraid Taz's career is over.

-[[ Christian looks shocked. ]]-

Christian: Val Venis ended Taz's career!? Val... Venis? I think you're mistaken.

EMT: What are you talking about?

Christian: Venis didn't end his career.

-[[ Christian shoves the EMT down hard on his ass, walks toward the stretcher and FLIPS IT OVER!!! Taz's limp body slams into the concrete like raw meat hitting the ground.. Christian laughs and everyone around him freaks out, yelling at him. ]]-


-[[ Christian puts his arm around Trish and his entourage enters the building as the EMTs scramble to get Taz back on the stretcher... ]]-


Scott Hall vs. "Little" Guido Maritato
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None

-[[ Hall and Guido go at each other pretty hard to start. Hall beats him down and throws him into the corner. Hall punches and kicks at him, beating the smaller Guido down. Hall yanks Guido out of the corner and throws him hard into the other corner!! Guido bounces out of it, holding his back and Hall tears his head off with a clothesline!! Hall pulls Guido to his feet and slams him down with the Fallaway Slam!! Hall picks Guido up again and whips him into the ropes, Guido ducks a clothesline, bounces off the ropes and hits Hall with a flying cross body!! Hall goes down!! Guido hooks his legs!! One! Two! Hall kicked out with no effort!! Hall gets back to his feet and begins pounding Guido down again. Hall whips Guido to the ropes, but Guido reverses, Hall nails Guido with a clothesline anyway and picks him up again.... He sets him up for the Outsider's Edge!! When he pulls him over, Guido's foot catches the referee in the eye!! The ref goes down holding his face!! Tony Mamaluke slides in the ring and Nash goes in to meet him!! Nash boots Mamaluke in the face!! Hall drops Guido in the Edge!!! He covers him!! Big Sal rolls into the ring and SPLASHES HALL while he's on Guido!! Hall rolls off of him, holding his ribs!! Guido covers him!! One! Two! Three!!!! ]]-
Winner: "Little" Guido Maritato via Pin Fall


-[[ Nash jumps on Sal, attacking him for attacking Hall. Nash and Big Sal slug it out, the two giants showing no signs of the other one's punches hurting at all. Nash punches Big Sal in the face and he stumbles back into the ropes!! Sal bounces out and Nash boots him in the gut and sets him up for the JACKKNIFE!?!? NASH CAN'T LIFT SAL!! IT'S IMPOSSIBLE!!! Nash tries to lift him and then he's cracked across the back with a chair!! Nash pushes Sal away and slowly turns around.. Tony Mamaluke hit him with a chair!! Nash goes after Mamaluke and Guido comes up behind him and hits the KISS OF DEATH!!! Nash is OUT!! Big Sal and Guido grab Hall and drag him out of the ring!! What the hell are they doing!? Nash is unconscious in the ring and they're dragging his tag partner to the back.... The camera follows them all the way through the locker room. ]]-

"Little" Guido Maritato: This is it, Hall!! You suminabitch!!

-[[ Guido slaps him across the face and they drag him out into the parking lot!! Big Sal and Mamaluke hold Hall up and Guido punches him in the gut a few times and slaps him again!! ]]-

"Little" Guido Maritato: Get da' car, Sally!!

-[[ Sal goes to get the car as Mamaluke and Guido double team Hall on the pavement!! They're stomping away at him on the ground and Sal finally drives up with the vehicle. He pops the trunk and they dump Hall inside!! Guido slams the trunk shut. ]]-

Tony Mamaluke: Let's get dis mook to da' river..

"Little" Guido Maritato: Gon' show everybody what happens when you mess wit' da' champs, eh!!

-[[ Guido and Tony get in the car and drive off into the night just as Nash stumbles outside, he only catches a glimpse of the tail lights fading off into the distance. ]]-

-[[ The river? ]]-


Ric Flair vs. Mike Sanders
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: SGWx World Heavyweight Title Tournament - Round Two

-[[ Sanders and Flair tie up to start, Sanders slaps Ric's hands away and executes a go behind, grabbing Flair around the waist and throwing him hard onto the mat, face first. Sanders pops up, slaps Flair on the back of the head a few times and lets him get up. Total disrespect. Flair is back on his feet, eyeing Sanders. Sanders and Flair lock-up again and this time Sanders whips Flair into the ropes, Flair ducks a clothesline and bounces off the ropes, he nails Sanders with a forearm to the face, but Sanders only staggers back toward the ropes. Flair charges him again and Sanders trips him with a drop toe hold!! Flair lands with his arm over the middle rope and Sanders runs the ropes and drives a knee hard into Flair's back!! Sanders imitates Flair's strut to some loud boos and Torrie Wilson on the outside sticks her finger nails into Flair's eyes!! Flair reaches out for her and grabs her by the hair, making her stop, and the fans are cheering until Mark Jindrak slugs him right in the side of the face!! Flair falls out of the ropes and Sanders picks him up and drives him into the mat with a vicious suplex!! Sanders covers him!! One! Two! Ric Flair kicked out!! Sanders pulls Flair to his feet and hooks him for another suplex, but Flair hits him in the ribs!! Flair trips him and holds on to his ankle. Flair drives his knee into Sanders' leg!! He gets up and does it again!! Flair hooks him for the figure four, but Sanders rolls Flair up!! One! Two! Flair kicked out!! Sanders is back up and Flair is on his feet as well, Sanders punches Flair and Flair hits him with a hard chop!! They trade punches and chops and Sanders has finally had enough, he drops and rolls out of the ring and it looks like he's going to leave!! Sanders paces around ringside and begins talking to Jindrak and Torrie. Flair rolls out of the ring and grabs Jindrak and Sanders for a NOGGIN KNOCKER!! Sanders rolls himself back in the ring and Flair dumps Jindrak over the guardrail and into the fans!! Flair is left alone outside with Torrie, he grabs by the sides of her face and gives her a big kiss!! The fans erupt, Flair lets go and yells "WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" and rolls back in!! Sanders throws a clothesline, Flair ducks it and Sanders hits the ropes chest first, flinging him backward into Flair's arms!! Roll up!! One!! Two!! THREE!!! Flair gets out of the ring, celebrating, as Sanders just sits there on his ass, giving Flair mock applause. ]]-
Winner: Ric Flair via Pin Fall


-[[ The scene fades up with Chavo Guerrero making his way through the backstage area. He's looking for something frantically. Something's missing..... Chavo looks extremely worried. ]]-

Chavo Guerrero: Pepe!? Where are you, Pepe!?

-[[ Chavo looks behind some trash cans, Pepe is nowhere to be seen. ]]-

Chavo Guerrero: Jeez, I leave him alone for three seconds and he takes off... Pepe!! Where are you!?

-[[ Chavo continues through the backstage area until he hears someone laughing. ]]-

Chavo Guerrero: Pepe? Is that you?

-[[ Chavo follows the laughter down the hall and he fights the door that the laughter is coming from.. Chavo opens the door and finds VICTORIA sitting on the floor, holding Pepe like a baby.. She's laughing madly while reciting baby songs. ]]-

Victoria: Hush little baby, don't say a word....

-[[ Chavo looks mortified. ]]-

Chavo Guerrero: What are you doing with Pepe!?

Pepe: ..... .............. .. .. ......

Victoria: Stupid, you woke the baby!!

Chavo Guerrero: Listen, just give me Pepe, okay?

Victoria: NO!

-[[ Victoria sticks her tongue out at Chavo. ]]-

Chavo Guerrero: YES!!

Pepe: ......

Chavo Guerrero: It's not your decision, Pepe!! We have a match tonight!!

Victoria: He's staying here with me, so nyah!!

-[[ Victoria pushes past Chavo and runs down the hall with Pepe. Chavo chases after her until she's finally stopped dead cold by... TRIPLE H!!! Triple H stares her down and now it's her turn to look scared.. Triple H reaches out and rips Pepe out of her hands. He tosses it to Chavo. ]]-

Triple H: Get out of here, Chavo.

-[[ Chavo breathes a sigh of relief and walks off. Triple H begins walking into Victoria, making her back up. ]]-

Triple H: Bitch, listen and listen good..... You tell Vampiro.. You tell the Minister.. You tell all of those twisted bastards that if they lay one finger on Stephanie, I will end their careers.... You understand?

-[[ Victoria shakes her head, a sick smile now creeping across her face. ]]-

Triple H: Well, maybe I can help you understand--

-[[ Victoria points behind him and Triple H turns around and gets a FACE FULL OF FIRE from the SINISTER MINISTER!! Triple H staggers back, holding his face, he leans against the wall yelling and ABYSS charges in and slams into Triple H like a freight train!! The Blood Pack members leave Triple H laying there, unconscious as the scene fades out. ]]-

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