STROKE: Florida Dreamin' | August 12th, 2006 | Live From: Orlando, Florida | Commentators: Joey Styles & Don Callis

Dark Match
Booker T.
def. Khosrow Daivari via Pin Fall
The Sandman
def. Orlando Jordan via Pin Fall
America's Most Wanted
def. Muhammad Hassan & Ric Flair via Pin Fall

-[[ Fade up the SGW logo. ]]-

-[[ Pyro fills the arena as the fans are all on their feet popping loudly. Their excitement is short-lived, as the few words the SGW fans didn't want to hear hits.. "YOU THINK YOU KNOW ME".. Immediately following that, the familiar tune of "Metalingus" fills the arena. Smoke fills the entrance ramp, and through it walks the SGW World Heavyweight Champion, Edge. Behind him is Trish Stratus and Tyson Tomko. The SGW World Heavyweight title rests comfortably on his shoulder as he stops, looking side to side, soaking up the huge chorus of boos from the fans. Edge grabs Trish's hand and leads the way down the ramp and into the ring. The crowd is all over Edge from the start. The ring mat is covered in gray carpeting with three seats sitting in a half circle directly in the center of the ring. "Metalingus" stops and Edge grabs a mic. The fans are all over the Champion. He waits for them to stop, but finally after a few seconds, he starts talking anyway. ]]-

[ Edge ] Orlando, Florida..

-[[ Cheap pop. ]]-

[ Edge ] Welcome to THE CUTTING EDGE!

-[[ Boos as Edge sits down in the middle seat. Trish sits to his left, wrapping her arms around his left bicep. ]]-

[ Edge ] Now, I don't care if you people love me or you hate me, because tonight, THE CHAMP'S KICKING OFF THE SHOW WITH A SPECIAL SURPRISE!

-[[ Surprise? What does Edge have in mind for Stroke? ]]-

[ Edge ] This surprise, it's so big, so major, that not even Shane Douglas, the best interviewer in Solid Gold Wrestling history, knows.... BUT I DO! THAT'S ONE OF THE PERKS OF BEING THE DAMN CHAMP!

-[[ Edge holds the title up above his head with his free hand. ]]-

[ Edge ] But forget the surprise, let's talk about something more important for a while..

-[[ Pause. ]]-

[ Edge ] ME!

-[[ Edge looks around the arena for approval, but all he gets in return is loud boos. ]]-

[ Edge ] Because in two weeks time, Fallout is going to come. And on that night, I have to team with the number one contender for my title, Raven, to take on The Pulse. If anyone but me makes the pin, they get to have a title shot at the next pay-per-view. Well, the main question surrounding that is.. What do I think about it?

-[[ Trish shrugs, you can read her lips saying "What do you think about it?" ]]-

[ Edge ] What do I think about the match? I THINK IT'S BULLSHIT! IT'S BULLSHIT! Rob Conway and Alex Shelley have done nothing to deserve a shot at the SGW title, MY TITLE! Raven either! NOBODY DESERVES A SHOT AT MY SGW WORLD TITLE, MY RATED R TITLE!

-[[ The camera gets a close up of the newly christened belt. ]]-

[ Edge ] So, like I said last week.. At Fallout, I WILL make the pin, on Rob Conway and secure a victory for my team that I will have to carry. And Raven, big deal. I'm sick and damn tired of everyone hopping on the Raven Bandwagon all of a sudden like he's some big deal because he beat twenty-nine other losers! I WON THE WORLD TITLE! WHERE'S MY PRAISE?! WHERE'S MY ADORATION?! I'M THE DAMN CHAMPION!

-[[ "ASSHOLE! ASSHOLE!" chants fill the arena, irritating Edge. ]]-

[ Edge ] Say what you want, but I'm the best damn superstar in this company and this business! I am the only legitimate World Champion in this industry right now! Because unlike the other World Champion.. I'm not trying to sneak myself out of the company I'm champion in and into another one. I'm staying in Solid Gold to finish what I started. And that is defending this World title and NEVER LOSING IT! So go ahead, cheer Raven. But when it's said and done at Fallout, I'll be the one making the pin! I'll be picking my own opponent, someone so talentless it'll make you all sick!

-[[ Another pause. ]]-

[ Edge ] Someone so unworthy of a World title shot, it'll make your stomachs turn! Well, after thinking about it, if that's the case..

-[[ He turns to Trish. ]]-

[ Edge ] And I'm going to pick a horrible, no-talent opponent when I make the pin at Fallout, hell, Trish.. I MIGHT AS WELL PICK ROB CONWAY INSTEAD OF MR. PERFECT! BECAUSE ROB CONWAY SUCKS AND AT LEAST MR. PERFECT IS STIFF COMPETITION! GET IT?! STIFF COMPETITION!

-[[ Edge and Trish die laughing at Edge's horrible joke. Tomko even cracks a smile. The fans are sick and tired of Edge and they let him know. ]]-

[ Edge ] SHUT UP!

-[[ The boos increase after that. ]]-

[ Edge ] But enough about the well-known. It's a given, it's no mystery that I'm going to dominate The Pulse at Fallout. And now onto the mysterious, the unknown.. My huge surprise that nobody but me knows! Right now on the Cutting Edge, I'm going to reveal the new owner for tonight! That's right Shane Douglas, I KNOW SOMETHING YOU DON'T KNOW!

-[[ The fans pop in anticipation of finding out who the new owner is. ]]-

[ Edge ] Ladies and gentlemen, right now, turn your attention to the ramp.. Because the Rated R Champion proudly presents to you..

-[[ The tension is so thick you can cut it with a knife. Edge motions towards the ramp. ]]-


-[[ The fans pop huge as Dusty Rhodes, complete with cowboy hat, oval rimmed sunglasses, flannel shirt and blue jeans tucked inside his cowboy boots stands at the entrance, hands on his hips, tapping his right foot. The fans start a huge "DUSTY! DUSTY!" chant. Dusty walks down the ramp, slapping hands with a couple of the fans. Dusty steps into the ring between the middle and top ropes and stares at the smiling Edge. ]]-

[ Edge ] Dusty Rhodes, welcome to The Cutting Edge!

-[[ Dusty takes the mic from Edge and starts walking circles in the ring. He lets the fans continue cheering as he finally stops and begins addressing the crowd. ]]-

[ Dusty Rhodes ] Hello Orlando, Florida!

-[[ Huge pop. ]]-

[ Dusty Rhodes ] Ya' know somethin', Florida is one of the birthplaces of da' American Dweem I dweemed all 'dem years ago! So bein' back in my old stompin' grounds is a little bittersweet for me. Because it's like 'dis, I ain't gonna' have any time to enjoy the scenery, go to da' beach and get myself a tan, because I gots a company to run tonight, daddy!

-[[ The "DUSTY!" chants continue. ]]-

[ Dusty Rhodes ] Now last week, William Regal inherited a mess from Vince Russo's grasps, but tonight, da' American Dweem, he's got it a little betta'. Because Edge, all da' tough decisions are made, Fallout's practically planned out.. All I gotta' do it see fit that everybody makes it to it!

-[[ Dusty approaches Edge, he takes a look at the title belt. ]]-

[ Dusty Rhodes ] I gotta' say, Edge, that ten pounds o'gold on your shoulder there, it's mighty fine, daddy. It's a beautiful title belt, the most prestigious title in this business.

[ Edge ]It's a fan DAMN tastic title!

[ Dusty Rhodes ] Indeed it is, but here's a history lesson for ya'.. That title there in your possession, it usta' belong to da' League O'Champions, where I served on the Championship Committee. And in the months LoC was open, that title was defended with honor, pride, and dignity by Ric Flair and Jeff Jarrett! And now it's back in SGDubya's possession.. And Edge, the history doesn't lie. Goldberg, Bret Hart, Scotty Steiner, they've all held that title, all called that ten pounds of gold their own. And now it's yours.


[ Dusty Rhodes ] But what gets me, Edge, is the lack of respect and pride you have for that title. It was just a prop used to fuel some sort of storyline for you and your "destiny." Your destiny, Edge, wasn't to win that title. Your destiny was to become a Tag Team Champyun here in SGDubya. Anything else was just an added bonus!


[ Dusty Rhodes ] The champions of the past, they'd be proud of that title. It'd mean the wurld to'em. They'd be carryin' that SGDubya flag everywhere they went. They'd know the history, they'd pump blood into the heart of the company, not be like you and try to clog those arteries!

-[[ Edge clutches his title tightly. ]]-

[ Dusty Rhodes ] Don't worry, I ain't takin' your title away from ya' or makin' you defend it tonight or anything. You've already got da' night off, and there's nothin' I can do about that. But what I can do, is tell da' public what's goin' down tonight in Orlando!

-[[ Edge takes a few steps back and Dusty continues. ]]-

[ Dusty Rhodes ] Tonight, tonight's gonna' run smooth! I ain't the type'a owna' who's gonna' come in and turn everything upside down, quick, fast and in a hurry, if you wheel! I'm the type of owna' who goes with the flow, daddy! Just smooth sailin' down da' riva'! On Stroke tonight, I'm gonna' provide the best matches possible to keep the boys in the back on top of their games for Fallout..

-[[ Dusty goes to continue, but Edge rips the mic out of his hand. ]]-


-[[ Boos all around. Dusty nods and takes the microphone back. ]]-

[ Dusty Rhodes ] Is that so?

-[[ "ASS-HOLE!" chants start. Edge looks around, yelling at the fans. ]]-

[ Dusty Rhodes ] Because it sounds to me like these people don't like you, daddy! They don't want to be Rated R in Orlando, Florida tonight! They wanna' be FUNKY LIKE A MUNKY, IF YOU WHEEL!!!

-[[ HUGE crowd pop. Edge snarls at the sight of Dusty. He goes to take the mic back, but Dusty moves it out of Edge's way. ]]-

[ Dusty Rhodes ] Hold up, space cowboy.. You must be floatin' around in outta' space, lookin' for da' Milky Way! I ain't done! I'm the boss around here, and you, you're just the champyun! So sit back and listen to da' Dweem, baby!

-[[ Massive response for Dusty standing up to Edge. ]]-

[ Dusty Rhodes ] You may'uv beaten Lance Storm, Christian, and all those other big names in 'dis bidness, but you ain't gonna' get away with disrecpectin' da' American Dweem, daddio! No sir! Not tonight!

-[[ Dusty shakes his index finger at him. Edge is fuming angry. ]]-

[ Dusty Rhodes ] I am da' man runnin' shop tonight, so you WILL treat me with some respect!

-[[ Edge steps up and takes the microphone. ]]-

[ Edge ] Oh, okay then. Well, Dusty, I'm sorry. You're right. You're a legend in this business. Three times the World Champion. You spawned a new era of popularity in wrestling, just by being yourself. You hit the big time by refusing to change who you were.

-[[ Edge looks deep into Dusty's eyes. ]]-

[ Edge ] Well, Dusty, you and I, we're no different. Because I'm refusing to change who I am. I'm at the top of this business just by being myself. So Dusty, I apologize for my actions. I respect you.

-[[ Edge extends his right hand for a handshake. Dusty thinks it over and looks to the fans for guidance. ]]-

[ Dusty Rhodes ] Edge, you're a no good snake! I know what you got up your sleeve.

[ Edge ] Really?

[ Dusty Rhodes ] This ain't my first rodeo, boy.

-[[ Edge drops his hand. ]]-

[ Edge ] Alright, alright.. You got me. What can I say? You know what you're doing. It's like you can see anything coming. But Dusty, question.

[ Dusty Rhodes ] What?

[ Edge ] Did you see this coming?

-[[ Edge drops the mic and attempts a spear, but Dusty moves to the side and Edge crashes down to the mat! The fans pop and Edge gets back up and catches a series of jabs right to the face! Dusty winds up, crotch grab, BIONIC ELBOW! EDGE HITS THE MAT, HOLDING HIS HEAD IN PAIN! Trish bails out of the ring in fear, and Tomko rushes at Dusty, BIONIC ELBOW ON TOMKO! Dusty picks up the mic as Edge rolls out of the ring, being consoled by Trish Stratus as soon as he hits the outside. ]]-

[ Dusty Rhodes ] I told you, this ain't my first rodeo, son! You ain't messin' with Lance Storm! You're messin' with da' Dweem, daddy! Da' American Dweem!

-[[ Edge backs up the ramp, pointing and yelling at Dusty. ]]-

[ Dusty Rhodes ] I got a feelin' you and I ain't gonna' get along, and that we gonna' end up getting funky like a munky tonight in Orlando, if you wheel!

-[[ Dusty drops the mic and stares Edge down. The embarrassed Edge is screaming at the top of his lungs at Dusty. Dusty turns away from the champion and starts playing to the fans, drawing a huge pop. What an electric way to kick off the Dusty Rhodes Era of Solid Gold Wrestling! He's the first man to punk out Edge in a long time! If this is how the show started, how will it end? ]]-

The New Age Outlaws versus The InHumane Society
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Charles Robinson

-[[ Buff Bagwell begins the match with Billy Gunn.. They circle each other for a moment and then lock-up.. They fight over it for a moment and then Bagwell lifts his knee into Gunn's midsection, doubling him over.. Bagwell then hooks him and delivers a double underhook suplex.. Bagwell stands up and flexes his muscles with a big smile on his face.. Gunn slowly gets up and Bagwell waits on him to stand.. Gunn turns around into a kick to the gut and Bagwell hooks him for a suplex but Gunn blocks it and nails Bagwell with a suplex of his own! Bagwell gets right back up and Gunn nails him with a clothesline! Bagwell's back up and Gunn nails him with another clothesline! Bagwell is back up and Gunn kicks him in the gut and goes for the Fameasser but Bagwell slips out of it and staggers back toward his corner and tags in Scott Steiner.. Steiner gets into the ring and Gunn goes after him with punches but Steiner swats him away, kicks him in the gut and brings him down hard with a T-Bone suplex! Gunn crawls toward his corner and Steiner pulls him back to the center by his ankle.. He pulls Gunn up and whips him into the ropes.. He goes for a STEINERLINE but Gunn ducks it and hits the ropes.. He comes back toward Steiner with a clothesline of his own but Steiner kicks him in the gut and catches him.. Overhead release belly-to-belly suplex!! Gunn lands in his corner and the Road Dogg tags himself in as Gunn rolls out of the ring, clutching his back.. Road Dogg comes in as a house of fire and punches away at Steiner! One punch! Two punches! Three punches! Shaky legs! Final punch-- No! Steiner catches him! Belly-to-belly suplex!! Steiner stomps over him.. Steiner Recliner!! Road Dogg taps out!! The InHumane Society is victorious! ]]-

Winners: The InHumane Society via Submission

-[[ We cut backstage where we see Vince Russo sitting behind a desk with Alex Shelley and Rob Conway standing on each side of him.. Vince Russo begins to speak, addressing the fans directly. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Earlia' today, Raven showed up at the buildin' but I informed him that his services for tonight were not needed.. Da' fact o' the matta' is.. Raven is dangerous.. He's a liability.. And I am barrin' him from da' buildin' tonight..

-[[ The fans boo loudly. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Tonight, Raven's scheduled match with Rob Van Dam is cancelled..

-[[ Louder boos. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Howeva', I am gonna' place a competita' of equal or even greata' stature to Raven in the match and the match will STILL be.. Raven's Rules..

-[[ Mixed reaction. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] So, t'night.. Rob Van Dam is jobbin' to Ron Harris.

-[[ Boos. ]]-

[ Vince Russo ] Thank you.

-[[ Fade. ]]-

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin versus CM Punk
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Scott James

-[[ Austin and Punk meet in the center of the ring.. Neither one says a word as they stand face to face.. And then Austin throws a big right hand at Punk! They trade shots back and forth and Austin gains the upper hand, backing Punk into the corner and pummeling him with lefts and rights! Austin begins kicking away at him, trying to stomp him down into the corner but Punk grabs Austin's boot and shoves him backwards! Punk charges at Austin and nails him with a clothesline but Austin doesn't go down.. Austin staggers around and Punk whips him into the corner.. Punk follows him in and drills him in the side of the head with a running knee! Austin staggers out of the corner and Punk slaps him across the face twice! Back hand! And Punk hooks him for a reverse STO but Austin elbows out of it and kicks Punk in the gut... STUNNE-- NO! Punk shoves Austin off into the ropes and Austin comes back at him and Punk kicks him in the gut and nails the STO!! Punk tries hooking in Anaconda Vice but Austin fights out of it and rolls out of the ring, shaking his head.. Punk follows him out and tries to sneak up on him but Austin reveals that he's just lured Punk into a trap and nails him with another right hand.. Austin pulls Punk up off of the mat and whips him into the guardrail.. Then pulls him off and throws him into the ring steps! Austin pulls Punk up again and throws him underneath the bottom rope.. Austin follows him in, waiting for Punk to stand and he slowly does, holding his lower back.. And Austin sizes him up.. KICK WHAM STUNNER!! Austin covers him.. One! Two! Three! Austin is the winner! ]]-

Winner: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin via Pin Fall

In the interview area we see Maria standing there all giddy, gripping the microphone with both hands. On either side of her is Monty Brown and Matt Hardy. She takes a deep breath and begins the interview of the two allies. ]]-

[ Maria ] Hiya~! Maria here! And right now, I'm standing here with Matt Hardy and Monty Brown!

-[[ Monty and Hardy nod as Maria continues. ]]-

[ Maria ] Now, the question that everyone wants to know.. Monty Brown, why do you lick yourself like a kitty cat?

[ Monty Brown ] What did you say?

[ Maria ] I asked why you licked yourself like a kitty.. And while you're at it, why do you rub your face against the ropes, like an animal scratching his face? Do your fingers not work? Because sometimes, my fingers can't get to where I itch and-

[ Monty Brown ] SHUT UP!

[ Matt Hardy ]  Maria, take the next few plays off. We'll handle it from here.

[ Monty Brown ] I do what I do because I AM an animal, Maria! I am the ALPHA MALE! I RULE THIS SERENGETI!

[ Maria ] I love spaghetti!

[ Matt Hardy ]  Silence.

-[[ She frowns. ]]-

[ Matt HardyMaria, you're looking at the newest teaming in Solid Gold. Monty Brown's a controversial figure in wrestling, he's new to SGW, and he's most likely not going to get his just due because of his past. He's talented, charismatic, and a dominant figure in this sport, but yet, he'll try to be overlooked.

[ Monty Brown ] Big mistake.

[ Matt Hardy ] And me, look at me. I ought to be the Intercontinental Champion right now! I should be facing Edge for the SGW World title at Fallout, I should've won Wrestlebrawl!

[ Maria ] But Raven won.

[ Matt Hardy ]  I never want to hear that name again.

[ Maria ]  You mean Raven?

-[[ Hardy stares right at Maria like he could slap the teeth out of her throat. ]]-

[ Matt Hardy ] Yes.

[ Maria ] Sorry. :'(

[ Matt Hardy ]  I've been screwed long enough in Solid Gold Wrestling. I've been denied my rightful spot at the top of the mountain for far too long. That's why I've enlisted the services of the Alpha Male, another figure who'll soon enough get the same treatment that I'm getting right now.. And together, we're going to stop the oppression.

[ Monty Brown ] The system's screwed Matt Hardy for far too long! And ever since I've been in SGW, I've been gettin' nothing but garbage opponents! I can never excel in this company when all I face is has-beens and wanna-be Alpha Males! I want Edge! I want Raven! I want someone I can POUNCE!

[ Matt Hardy ] Together, there's no way the system can hold us back, Maria. We WILL get what's coming to us. And if not, we'll give them something in return..


-[[ Monty stares into the camera. ]]-

[ Monty Brown ] PERIOD!

-[[ Hardy and Monty Brown walk off as we go to the ring for our next match. ]]-

Chris Masters versus Sting
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Jimmy Cordaris

-[[ Chris Masters attacks Sting before the bell rings, forcing him backwards into the corner and nailing him with overhand punches, drilling Sting in the back and the head.. He turns Sting around in the corner and begins drilling him in the back with forearms and elbows.. He pulls Sting out of the corner a bit and then forces him back in hard with a forearm to the lower back.. Sting slumps down in the corner and Masters nails him again, this time with a knee to the back of the neck.. Masters pulls Sting out of the corner and throws him down flat on his back.. Masters covers him.. One! Two! Th-- Sting kicks out.. Masters pulls Sting to his feet and whips him into the ropes.. He goes for a clothesline but Sting ducks it and comes back at him.. Clothesline from Sting! Masters staggers back into the ropes and Sting follows him in with a clothesline that sends both men over the top rope and to the floor! Sting chops away at Masters on the floor until Masters rolls underneath the bottom rope to escape.. Sting follows him in and pulls Masters up.. He whips Masters into the ropes and goes for a Stinger Splash! But Masters moves and Sting hits the ring post! Sting backs up, woozy and Masters catches him.. MASTERLOCK!! He whips Sting around in the hold and Jimmy Cordaris calls for the bell!! Sting is out of it!! ]]-

Winner: Chris Masters via Referee's Decision

-[[ Backstage we see Steve Austin and Chris Benoit are backstage in the middle of a conversation. Benoit seems interested in what Austin has to say. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Now look, Benoit, it's a given that you and I, we ain't friends. We ain't nothin' to one another but two rabid beasts both wantin' the SGW World title. But we do share somethin' in common.

[ Chris Benoit ] Which is?

[ Steve Austin ] You and I've both been screwed over time and time again by the management and the wrestlers in Solid Gold. And I don't know 'bout you, but I'm sick and damn tired of it, son!

[ Chris Benoit ]  Screwed?

[ Steve Austin ] God damn right, Benoit!

[ Chris Benoit ]  How's that?

[ Steve Austin ] It ain't rocket science, but allow me to spell it out for ya'. See, you've been screwed over, denied your chance to carry that SGW World Heavyweight title time and time again. You're old school Solid Gold, one of the only current members who was in the original.. And what type of respect do you get shown?

-[[ Brief pause. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] Three Hardcore title wins and the honor of fightin' Raven and his little bitches' battles? EH! EH! Chris Benoit doesn't deserve to be stuck havin' to fight someone else's battles. You deserve better, son. A whole hell of a lot better.

[ Chris Benoit ]  No argument there.

[ Steve Austin ] And me, Ken Kennedy leeched off me all the way to being a main player here in this company. If it wasn't for me agreein' to let him be my partner at Total Destruction, I might still have my damn title.. Hell, I might've actually got my return title shot!

-[[ Austin is still bitter over the losing of his title, and rightfully so. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] I'm fed up with the bullshit, Chris. I want what I deserve, how about you?

[ Chris Benoit ]  I guess so.

[ Steve Austin ] This ain't Jeopardy, son. This is real life! This is serious business! I'm sick of gettin' the dick in my ass, ol' Stone Cold's sick of bein' fucked! I'm puttin' a stop to it, and dammit, ol' Stone Cold wants Chris Benoit to stop takin' this shit too!

[ Chris Benoit ]  I don't mind helping Raven, he's a friend.

-[[ Austin laughs in Benoit's face. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] A friend? FRIEND? Hell son, what's he done to pay you back for all the help you've given him? Huh? What's he done? How many times has he scratched your damn back to make up for the scratching you've gave him? Exactly my point, he ain't done a damn thing to thank ya'!

[ Chris Benoit ]  Yeah.

[ Steve Austin ] So here's ol' Stone Cold's proposal. You, me.. We form an alliance. An alliance built on the fact that we're sick and god damn tired of gettin' the shaft in Solid Gold. No more gettin' used as a damn steppin' stone for a midcard piece of shit to propel his career to new heights.. No more to doin' favors for people who don't give you shit in return.. Whaddya' say?

-[[ Austin extends his hand. Benoit stares at it. ]]-

[ Steve Austin ] I know ya' ain't deaf! I said how about it?

-[[ The hand still is extended. ]]-

[ Chris Benoit ]  Alright.

-[[ Benoit shakes to Austin's delight. What a teaming of Chris Benoit and Steve Austin! This could be a deadly team for Solid Gold. ]]-

Jeff Hardy versus Chris Benoit
Title on the Line:
Pure Division Rules
Mike Chioda

-[[ Benoit and Hardy shake hands before the match.. They circle each other for a moment and then lock up.. They fight over it and Benoit backs Hardy into the ropes and then immediately breaks.. Benoit backs up and Hardy comes back at him, going for another lock-up.. They lock-up once again and this time, Benoit takes Hardy over in a headlock.. He begins cinching up on it.. Hardy elbows out of it and backs Benoit into the ropes.. He whips him off into the opposite side and goes for a clothesline but Benoit ducks it and grabs Hardy from behind.. German suplex! Another! And another! He bridges a forth! One! Two! Hardy kicks out with force! Benoit is up and begins sizing Hardy up, waiting on him to stand.. Hardy is up and Benoit lunges at him, immediately taking him by the arm and ripping him to the mat.. CROSSFACE!! Jeff Hardy begins immediately tapping out and Benoit releases the hold.. Benoit celebrates his victory and then helps Hardy to his feet.. He shakes Hardy's hand and Hardy leaves the ring, leaving Benoit to himself to bask in the glory. ]]-

Winner: Chris Benoit via Submission

Sandman fills the screen after that match. He's sitting down in the hallway, Singapore cane laying on the ground beside him. Sandman is drinking a beer and smoking a cigarette before his match later on tonight. CM Punk comes into view, standing above Sandman. ]]-

[ Sandman ] Can I fuckin' help you?

[ CM Punk ] Look at you, Sandman. Look at you.

-[[ Punk is disgusted. ]]-

[ Sandman ] The fuck you want, you emo lookin' bitch?

[ CM Punk ] Whoa, whoa, down with the insults. I just don't get you, Sandman. You drink beer, you smoke cigarettes.. You're not risking death by stepping into the ring, you're risking death by your own doing. It's downright sad. You're a talented wrestler, for a fat, ugly, drunk goof. Imagine the possibilities of you doing your thing in the ring sober.

-[[ Sandman gets up off the ground, looking Punk in the eyes. Sandman takes the cigarette out of his mouth and blows smoke in Punk's face. ]]-

[ Sandman ] Fuck off.

[ CM Punk ] I will not be disrespected like this, especially from someone like you! Someone who doesn't give a shit about his own body! Who insults this business that I LOVE MORE THAN ANYTHING!

-[[ Sandman takes another puff and blows more smoke in Punk's face. The cigarette is thrown on the floor at Punk's feet. He watches the cigarette hit and looks back at Sandman. ]]-

[ Sandman ] Looks like you are.

[ CM Punk ] Fuck you, Sandman! Fuck you!

[ Sandman ] You think I'm supposed to be intimidated by some little shit just because he doesn't drink, smoke, or know what the definition of having a life is? Fuck no I'm not.

[ CM Punk ] Oh contraire, I have a life. It's wrestling.

-[[ Sandman rolls his eyes. ]]-

[ Sandman ]Whatever.

[ CM Punk ] Which is why I refuse to stand for people like you squatting down, pulling down your pants, and SHITTING on it!

[ Sandman ] Are you done?

[ CM Punk ] Why?

-[[ SANDMAN CANES PUNK IN THE HEAD! Punk gets back up and spears Sandman! The two are down on the ground, fighting it out, trading vicious lefts and rights. Dusty Rhodes and security hit the scene, trying to break this melee up. ]]-

[ Dusty Rhodes ] STOP IT! STOP IT, BOYS!

-[[ Finally, security separates the two and Dusty steps in the middle of them. ]]-

[ Dusty Rhodes ] I've had enough of 'dis! You two have separate styles, different opinions, and they ain't a damn thing wrong wit'it! This is my first night on the job, and I ain't lettin' this company turn into a free for all, brawl when ya' wanna', whereva' ya' wanna' company!

-[[ Dusty looks at both men. ]]-

[ Dusty Rhodes ] If you two wanna' finish 'dis bidness that was started tonight, you two can do it at Fallout!

-[[ Sandman's trying to break free. ]]-

[ Dusty Rhodes ] I said wait for Fallout, daddy! You two can go get funky like a munky all night long at Fallout! Just cut this out for tonight! Now, both of ya', go to your locker rooms and cool down!

-[[ Punk and Sandman go their separate ways to their locker room. Dusty sighs a sigh of relief, narrowly escaping a full fledged brawl. The scene fades. ]]-

Lance Storm versus The Undertaker
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Scott James

-[[ Storm and the Undertaker circle each other.. Storm tries for a lock-up but Taker swats him away.. Storm goes back at Taker again and Taker punches him down! Storm lays on the mat, looking up at Taker.. Taker reaches down and pulls Storm to his feet.. He throws Storm into the corner like he's weightless and begins pummeling him with lefts an rights! He takes Storm by the back the head and flings him down face first onto the mat.. Taker wipes the hair out of his face and drags his thumb across his throat as the fans pop.. Lance Storm pulls himself up to all fours and Taker grabs him by his tights.. He pulls Storm up and spins him around.. And goozles him! Storm kicks Taker in the gut and nails him with a SUPERKICK but Taker doesn't go down.. He staggers backward into the ropes and comes back at Storm, nailing him with another big right hand!! Storm staggers into the ropes now and Taker catches him in the TOMBSTONE position.. But Storm manages to slip out behind him and grabs him around the waist.. He pushes Taker forward into the ropes and yanks him back into a roll-up pin.. ONE! TWO! STORM GRABS HIS TIGHTS! THREE!! Lance Storm quickly rolls out of the ring, not celebrating, instead looking disgusted that he had to cheat to win.. Storm walks up the ramp, shaking his head. ]]-

Winner: Lance Storm via Pin Fall

After Lance Storm picked up the big win to snap his losing streak, we fade backstage to where we see "The Franchise" Shane Douglas standing by with a very frustrated Ken Kennedy. ]]-


-[[ Kennedy rubs his hands together and speaks. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] First off, Taz is alive, Shane. He won at Wrestlebrawl and retired.


[ Ken Kennedy ] Secondly.. Steve Austin did turn his back on me. I don't know why he did it. I thought we were friends, I thought we had a special respect bond that could not be broken, especially without reason.

-[[ Pause. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] To say I'm disappointed and sadden, Shane, it'd be an understatement. I have very few friends in this business, but I thought the sacrifices, the wars Steve and I had side-by-side, they were more than just two men fighting together for one cause.. I thought it was two friends.


-[[ Kennedy stares blankly at Douglas. ]]-

[ Shane Douglas ]  I DIDN'T STUTTER, KENNEDY!

[ Ken Kennedy ] Anyway, it's obvious Steve has some other motives behind all of this. He thinks I'm some sort of leech, who sucked off his popularity to boost my own career.. But that's not the case.

-[[ Kennedy is speaking very genuinely. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ]  Steve Austin held the World title for fifty-eight days, a feat unmatched by any superstar in this incarnation of Solid Gold. His achievements can't be questioned for a second. I have all the respect in the world for Steve Austin, but it's obvious he doesn't share that same respect for me, and that's fine.

-[[ Kennedy looks right into the camera. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] Steve, it's clear you want to fight me.

-[[ Kennedy is hesitant, but turns back stern. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] You want a fight with me.. Well..

-[[ He's reluctant. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] Be careful what you ask for.

-[[ He looks into the camera, manning up, looking more confident. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] But don't forget Steve, I beat Scott Steiner, a four-time SGW World Champion at Wrestlebrawl.. Don't think for a second I can't beat a measly one-time champ like you.

-[[ Pause. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] You burned me once, Steve.. I'll bring the fire to Fallout and give you a taste of your own medicine. As you fall victim to the SGW World Champion killer.. MIIISSSTTTTTTTERRRRRRRR KEEENNNNNNNEDDDYYYY!!!!!

-[[ Brief pause. ]]-

[ Ken Kennedy ] ...Kennedy.

-[[ Kennedy walks off camera as the scene cuts to the ring. ]]-

Bill Goldberg versus Johnny Stamboli
Title on the Line: None
Stipulation: None
Referee: Mike Chioda

-[[ As Johnny Stamboli makes his entrance, Goldberg blasts him from behind! Goldberg beats down Stamboli all the way down the ramp, punching and kicking away at him, giving him no room to breathe at all.. Stamboli punches Goldberg in the gut and goes for another big punch but Goldberg ducks it and lifts Stamboli up.. GORILLA PRESS! And he drops him throat first across the guardrail! Goldberg pulls Stamboli up again and whips him into the ring apron before forcing him underneath the bottom rope and inside the ring.. Goldberg rolls in after him and begins sizing him up in the corner.. Stamboli slowly stands up and walks right into.. THE SPEAR!! Goldberg stands up and pulls Stamboli up again and lifts him high in the air.... JACKHAMMER!! Goldberg hooks the leg! One! Two! Three! The PWO World Champion is victorious! ]]-

Winner: Bill Goldberg via Pin Fall

After the match we cut to the backstage area. Colt Cabana comes into view, drawing a small pop from a section of the arena. He's in his ring gear, looking ready for his match tonight. Dusty Rhodes walks up to him from off camera and gets a big, off-screen pop. ]]-

[ Dusty Rhodes ] Colt Cabana, I'm da' "American Dweem" Dusty Rhodes.

-[[ Dusty extends his hand and a surprised Colt shakes it. ]]-

[ Colt Cabana ] Mr. Rhodes, it's an honor to meet you.

[ Dusty Rhodes ] Colt, I gotta' say, I like what I'm seein' from ya', been followin' ya' since day one here in SGDubya.. Baby, you're on your way to da' top of 'dis biddness!

[ Colt Cabana ] Thank you, Mr. Rhodes. It means a lot coming from someone like you, someone who's been to the top, stayed there his entire career, and changed the business.

[ Dusty Rhodes ] Just call me "Dusty." Jus' 'cause I'm da' boss don't mean I hafta' be spoken to wid'no fancy smancy title.

[ Colt Cabana ] Of course, sir.. Dusty..

-[[ You can sense the intimidation from Colt, encountering a legend. ]]-

[ Dusty Rhodes ] Now Colt, you got all da' potential in the wurld, the sky's the limit for ya' here in Solid Gold.. But daddy, you ain't reachin' high enough.

[ Colt Cabana ] What do you mean? I've beaten Steve Austin and Lance Storm, two former SGW World Champions. I'm on a roll.

[ Dusty Rhodes ] No denyin' that, but you ain't reachin' high enough. You're hangin' behind Kurt Angle, doin' everything in the wurld to make him look like a million smackers, and what are you doin' for yourself? Sure, you're winnin' matches, upsettin' former champions.. But what are you doin' for yourself? You gettin' title shots? You demandin' the respect you deserve?

-[[ No reply. ]]-

[ Dusty Rhodes ] Nope. You're just sittin' back, lookin' all content bein' the kid who wins matches, then goes and hangs with Kurt Angle at da' end o'da' day! Is that what you wanna' be known as foreva'? The kid who COULD have done it all, but chose not to, daddy?

[ Colt Cabana ] Absolutely not!

[ Dusty Rhodes ] Good! Good!

[ Colt Cabana ] I want to be the best in the company, Dusty. I want the people to know who I am, and to know that when you're facing me, you're facing a real threat, not some random handsome guy.

[ Dusty Rhodes ] Then you gotta' reach higher.

-[[ Dusty raises his left hand in the air, reaching high above his head. ]]-

[ Dusty Rhodes ] You gotta' reach for da' stars, baby! You gotta' forget everything else, and you gotta' reach for what you want! It ain't just gonna' fall from the sky and land in your lap, Colt! You gotta' shoot for the moon, son!

[ Colt Cabana ] And even if I miss, I'll land among the stars?

[ Dusty Rhodes ] No sir! You gotta' reach, reach, reach, and TAKE WHAT'S YOURS, DADDY! Failure cannot be an option for you! Bein' second-best.. IS NOT AN OPTION! You got the talent, the look, the charisma, you got all it takes to be a big name in Solid Gold Wrestlin', but yet, you're not doin' a thing about it!

-[[ The truth is sinking in to Colt. ]]-

[ Colt Cabana ] You're right.

[ Dusty Rhodes ] Success, it's yours for the takin', kiddo.

-[[ Dusty starts to walk off, but stops, and looks back at Colt. ]]-

[ Dusty Rhodes ] Opportunity, she's a knockin' on da' door, Colt.

-[[ Pause. ]]-

[ Dusty Rhodes ] You's gotta' let 'er in and show her a good time.

-[[ He walks off and Colt just stands there, letting all that he was told sink in. ]]-

[ Colt Cabana ] That Dusty, you can't understand a damn word he says, but he makes a good point.

-[[ Fade. ]]-

Hour Two