[--The SGW logo flashes across the screen and as it fades out we see the outside of the arena... A limousine drives up and the back door opens up as the fans in the arena wait in anticipation at who it could be... Suddenly... Shane McMahon steps out of the limo... The fans in the arena boo as Shane looks around with a cocky smile on his face.... He walks into the building as the SGW opening video begins rolling....--]

[--The SGW opening video comes to an end and as we fade back up, we see Scott Steiner making his way through the backstage area... Michael Cole stops him for an interview..--]

Michael Cole: Scott Steiner, tonight, you're stepping in the ring with Booker T., your thoughts on the match?

Scott Steiner: My thoughts on the match? My thoughts on "Booka' T.?"!? "Booka T."s gonna get his ass kicked all over the damn arena! That sunuvabitch is DEAD!!

[--Steiner takes off through the backstage area when suddenly, BOOKER T. ATTACKS!! He begins laying forearms into Steiner's back, and before Steiner can react, Booker T. hits the BOOKEND through a catering table!! Steiner lays unconcious as Booker T. stands over him staring at his hand... Michael Cole stands away from Booker as he finally snaps out of his own trance and walks away....--]

[--We cut to another part of the backstage area where Shane McMahon has finally made his way inside the building... But he's stopped by someone before he can go any further.... CHAVO GUERRERO JR.! and PEPE! Shane, although remembering his past problem with Chavo, retains his cocky swagger and smile...--]

Chavo Guerrero Jr.: Shane! How dare you steal SGW from Mr. Anderson! You are a bad man!

Pepe: ... .. .... . . .....

Chavo Guerrero Jr.: Yes, Pepe! A VERY bad man!

[--Shane laughs...--]

Shane McMahon: Haha.... Chavo, Chavo...Chavo... I feared we'd have this little problem, but fear not, old friend, because I know I made some mistakes last time I was in charge... But I'd like to make up for that right now...

[--Shane reaches into his pocket and pulls out a plane ticket...--]

Shane McMahon: This... Is a plane ticket to Japan, I've booked you to compete in a series of Japanese Death Matches over the next few months... Have fun, Chavo...

[--Chavo takes the ticket and looks ready to cry as Shane leaves the area...--]

Chavo Guerrero Jr.: But.....But.... D-D-Death Matches?

Pepe: .. . ... .. . . .

Chavo Guerrero Jr.: I know, Pepe.... I'm scared too!

[--We cut to the ring for the first match.....--]



[--RVD and Triple H have a short wrestling exhibition before breaking out into an all-out brawl... RVD keeps hitting stiff kicks and it continues to infuriate Triple H with every shot... Triple H eventually tires of all the flippity floppity moves of RVD and he grabs a chair from the outside.... RVD retaliates and hits him with the VAN DAMINATOR, and the ref throws the match out...--]


[--We cut backstage where Edge and Christian are lounging around the concession area...--]

Edge: Big C, I so totally can't be Shane-O got the company from Anderson...

Christian: Yeah, that totally reeks, I mean, Anderson IS a dorkchop of epic magnitutions, but Shane is like...is like.... An even bigger dorkchop!

Edge: Right on!

[--Shane walks on camera... Edge and Christian seem unimpressed with his arrival... Shane has a cocky smile on his face...--]

Shane McMahon: Hi, guys... Listen, I know we haven't been the best of friends, I mean, last time I was here, I almost had you two killed by the New Era but--

Christian: Why don't you just get to the point, chigga wigga, me and Edge don't have all day...

Edge: Totally!

Shane McMahon: Ok, fine... I was just going to inform you that tonight you two have a match for the World Tag Team Championships against the Outsiders... Just think of it as an apology for kicking your asses so many times last time...Haha...

[--Shane walks away laughing... Edge and Christian watch him leave...--]

Edge: What a dorkus malorkus...

Christian: You can say that again..

Edge: What a dorkus malorkus!

[--They both laugh and high five as we fade out...--]



[--The Undertaker's music hits and no one comes out... It hits again and still, no one comes out... The sound crew goes ahead and airs Shawn Michael's music, but no one comes out... Something seems to be up, but suddenly the Golden-Tron flashes to life and we see the Undertaker and Paul Bearer standing next to a hearse.. Undertaker is holding someone in his arms, we cant see who it is.... But what we can see is six men in hoods and robes dragging a casket towards the hearse... They stop in front of Taker and open the casket and he puts the person inside.. We pan in and see that it's SHAWN MICHAELS!!! They close the casket and put it in the back of the hearse... The Undertaker begins laughing evilly as he steps in the driver's seat and takes off with Michaels...--]


[--We cut backstage where we see Ric Flair sitting in his dressing room... He's sitting back and watching what's happening on the monitors... He hears a knock at his door... Flair gets up and answers it... It's KURT ANGLE... Angle has a goofy smile on his face and is holding a gift-wrapped box under his arm...--]

Ric Flair:
Ah, Kurt Angle, what can I do for ya', pal?

Kurt Angle: Mr. Flair, it is an honor to finally meet you... When I heard you were here tonight, I had to buy you this gift.. It's true...

Flair takes the box with a big smile...--]

Ric Flair:
I appreciate it, Kurt, what is it?

Kurt Angle: Open it up...

Flair opens it up and it's a replica of the SGW World Heavyweight Title... Flairs is speechless...--]

Kurt Angle: I hope you like it, Flair... Because as long as I'm in SGW, that's as close as you'll ever get to the real thing again... Oh, it's DAMN true!

Angle slaps the belt up into Flair's face and shoves him down!! Angle gets on top of him and begins striking him in the face and chest with big right hands!! Angle leaves Flair a bloody mess and leaves the room as some EMTs enter the room to check on Flair...--]



[--X-Pac is dominated early by Gunn, and they brawl a bit... X-Pac hits several high impact maneuvers but everyone continues chanting "X-PAC SUCKS!", Billy Gunn almost takes with the FameAsser but someone pulls the referee out!! It's a MASKED MAN!! The Masked Man hits the referee with a chair and he slides into the ring!! He pastes X-Pac with the chair and lays out Billy Gunn with a solid shot to the side of the head!! The Masked Man throws down the chair and surveys the carnage... The fans boo loudly... The Masked Man leaves through the crowd... Who could he be?--]


[--We cut backstage where Lance Storm is making his way around the area... He sees a door marked 'Office' and charges in... It's Shane McMahon's office.. Shane stands up...--]

Shane McMahon: Um, hey, Lance, what do you need?

Lance Storm: I think you know what I need, I need for you to take that hunk of garbage you call the Extreme title and throw it in the garbage where it belongs...And bring back the only title that meant anything.. The belt I held longer than any other man who held any other title...

Shane McMahon: What belt would that be, Storm?

Lance Storm: The SGW Gimmick Championship... I defended that title night in and night out, and as soon as you can screw me out of it, you retire it and replace it with a meaningless piece of junk...

Shane McMahon: So, you're saying you want me to...retire the Extreme Title and bring back the Gimmick Title?

Lance Storm: Yes..

Shane McMahon: Well, let me think on this one....NO! Now, get out of my office, I don't have time for pointless stuff like this!!

Lance Storm: Is that right? Well, let's get something straight, you little punk... The Gimmick Title will return soon enough.. And it will be around my waist sooner than you think..

Shane McMahon: Get the hell out of my office... Nobody threatens me.. I'm Shane McMahon dammit!!

[--Storm cracks an almost sinister smile as he backs out of the office... Shane has a pissed off look on his face as we fade out to ringside...--]



[--Booker T. comes down to the ring and waits... Scott Steiner slowly makes his way down, he still has pieces of table stuck in his hair and few cuts and bruises on his back from hitting the concrete... Steiner gets in the ring and Booker T. is on him quickly, Steiner can't hardly fight back but he does manage a few weak power moves that hardly phase the Booker Man... Booker T. whips Steiner to the ropes and Steiner hits a massive SteinerLine that frustrates Booker T... Booker goes for a flying SideKick but he hits the ref by accident... Steiner clubs Booker again, and Booker goes outside the ring and grabs the ring bell.. He charges back in and bashes Steiner in the face with it!!! Steiner doesnt go down, but blood sprays out of his forehead!! Booker side kicks him and nails the AXE KICK!!!! Booker goes down on one knee...and it's time...... SPINAROONIE!! SPINAROONIE!! SPINAROONIE!! Booker makes the cover.. The ref revives..1....2....3!!! Booker T. wins!!--]


[--We cut backstage where we see Raven sitting against a wall backstage... He has his head down and he doesnt seem to be paying attention to anything going on around him... Raven raises his head as a voice is heard off camera.....--]

Off-Camera Voice: What do we have here, Mighty Molly?

The camera pans over and we see the Hurricane and Mighty Molly looking down on Raven...--]

The Hurricane: It seems that the Raven is feeling a little down, Mighty Molly... Perhaps a visit from SGW's own Super-Heroes will cheer him up a little bit!

Raven looks at them with a look of disgust on his face.... He stands up and looks at them both up and down...--]

Raven: And I thought I had problems.... The only way you two freaks could cheer me up, is let me, let you, feel my pain... So, on Shock next week.... Me and you, Hurricane... What do you say?

Mighty Molly: Holy open challenge, Hurricane!

The Hurricane: Right, Mighty Molly... Raven, it will be my Super-Heroic Hurri-honor to face you in the ring and defend the SGW against your diabolical powers!

Raven cracks a lifeless smile and backs away... He turns and walks out of the area.. The Hurricane and Molly watch him leave....--]

The Hurricane: WHASSUPWITDAT!?!?!

We cut to another backstage area....--]

[--We see Shane McMahon sitting backstage in his office... The door swings open and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Debra walk into the room... Shane stands up to greet them.. He offers Austin his hand to shake, but Austin doesn't comply.... Austin just speaks....--]

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin: We need to talk, Shane...

Shane McMahon: Alright, what do you need?

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin: What do I need? What do I need? I'm "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Shane, I need the SGW World Heavyweight Championship!! What? I said I need the SGW World Heavyweight Championship!!

Shane McMahon: I can't jus--

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin: What?

Shane McMahon: I said I can't just give it to you--

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin: I deserve it!! I'm "Stone Cold" Steve Austin!! What? I said I'm "Stone Cold" Steve Austin!! And I demand you give me that championship belt!!

Shane McMahon: The best I can do is give you a shot at it, Austin, and if that's what you want, just ask...

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin: Me and Benoit, tonight, World Title, Shane!

Shane McMahon: You got it... You and Benoit tonight, World Title match...

Austin extends his hand to shake and Shane accepts.. Austin has a sick smile on his face as he shakes the boss' hand... He and Debra leave the room....--]

HOUR 2-->