[--The SGW logo flashes across the screen and we cut to a shot of the capacity crowd in attendance for tonight.... The fans are roaring in anticipation for the show, but their cheers quickly turn to boos as the sound of glass shattering echoes throughout the arena... The boos are almost deafening as the new SGW World Heavyweight Champion, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin makes his way to the ring with Debra at his side and the title belt over his shoulder.... Austin gets in the ring and grabs a microphone.... The fans continue booing as Austin speaks.....--]

Steve Austin: .......What?

The fans erupt in even louder boos....--]

Steve Austin: I said.... What?..... What?...... What?

The boos are damn near painful to hear now....--]

Steve Austin: SHUT THE HELL UP!! My name.... Is "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, and I don't deserve to be treated like this!! What? I said my name is "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, I AM the SGW World Champion, and I DON'T DESERVE TO BE TREATED LIKE THIS!!

Debra nods in approval as Austin stomps around the ring soaking in the boos....--]

Steve Austin: Now, last week really pissed me off! I beat that little mealy mouth bastard, Chris Benoit.... Right in the middle of the damn ring!

The fans continue booing.....--]

Steve Austin: And after I kicked his ass decisively and won this SGW World Heavyweight Championship.....SHUT UP!! Now, as I was sayin', after I kicked his ass and won this belt, that little son of a bitch, WHAT? I said that LITTLE SON OF A BITCH, Shane McMahon came out here and demanded that I face Benoit again in a steel cage tonight!! Steel cage, regular match, it don't mean a damn thing to me, cause Benoit's gonna get his ass whipped!! And in that cage, I've got a damn big surprise for Chris Benoit... What is that surprise? What? You'll find out when Chris Benoit does, and that's the bottom liiiiin----

Chris Benoit's music begins blaring throughout the arena... The fans give a mixed reaction as Benoit isn't actually the most liked guy around.... Benoit walks out onto the ramp with a microphone and a smug look on his face... He raises the microphone and speaks....--]

Chris Benoit: Austin.... Austin... Austin... Granted, you are the champion, you are talking pretty big for someone who got their ass kicked last week... Now, Austin, I understand that you don't feel you shouldn't have to fight me again... Because after all, it took help from your wife and from the belt itself to put me down for the one....two...three because you know you can't do it yourself!!

Benoit laughs at Austin as Austin stands in the ring.. Austin pulls the title belt off of his shoulder and begins looking at it... He looks up and speaks into his own microphone....--]

Steve Austin: I beat you, Benoit!! I beat you!! You don't deserve this damn belt!!

Benoit laughs again and speaks...--]

Chris Benoit: I beg to differ, Austin, in fact, the way I see it, you're just keeping that strap warm for me... And tonight, in that steel cage... Feel free to try your best.... and PROVE ME WRONG...

Austin throws down the belt and his microphone and charges up the ramp at Benoit, but SGW security and officials rush down the ramp and keep them separated before they can touch each other!! Austin yells about killing Benoit while Benoit just lets the officials carry him away as he laughs like a mad man.... We cut backstage as we see a close-up of Austin yelling for Benoit's blood....--]

[--We cut to the outside of the arena where we see a limousine pull-up at the entrance to the building, there are seemingly hundreds of people waiting outside with camera and autograph books... Finally, the door of the limo opens up and it's.... RIC FLAIR!! And he's got some hot women with him, one on each arm, as he walks into the building yelling and "Wooo-ing" about how he's going to kick Angle's ass... The fans are cheering loudly for him... Flair gives off one more "WOOOOO!!" as he enters the building.....--]



[--They start with a three way lock-up, and Booker T. breaks the triangle with a stiff kick to Jericho's ribs, they all begin trading punches and after a few minutes of brawling, Jericho sends Booker T. to the mat with a solid drop kick, Ken Shamrock goes nuts and belly-to-bellys Jericho out of his boots!! Shamrock turns around to celebrate the devastating maneuver but meets the HARLEM SIDEKICK right to the face!! Booker T. quickly covers him and 1...2.....3!!!!! Ken Shamrock is eliminated!! Booker T. sits up as the fans boo and he begins staring at his hand... It's time!! SPINAROONIE!! SPINAROONIE!! SPINAROONIE!! Booker T. launches up from the move and Jericho hits him with the FACEBUSTER!!!! Jericho goes to the ropes and it's the LIONSAULT!!!! Jericho covers!! 1...2.....3!!!!! Chris Jericho is the winner!!--]


[--We cut backstage where Michael Cole is standing by with Kurt Angle....--]

Michael Cole: Kurt Angle, last week on Shock you brutally attacked Ric Flair... Why?

Kurt Angle: It's actually pretty simple, Michael... Ric Flair's time in SGW has come and gone, he held the World Title, he lost it to Jeff Jarrett, and now it's time for him to go on about his way, oh it's true! And if he's not willing to go on his way on his own, I'll be more than willing to give him some hands on directions to the local nursing home!

Michael Cole: Doesn't it matter to you that you may have injured his ankle and that maybe, just maybe this match is going to be very lop-sided in your favor?

Kurt Angle: Oh, it concerns me, because an Olympic Champion deserves better than an opponent like Ric Flair... And I definitely deserve better than a CRIPPLED Ric Flair!! Oh, it's damn true!! And believe me, Cole.... If he's not already crippled.... He will be after tonight...

[--Angle stares menacingly into the camera and we fade out....--]

[--We cut to another backstage area where we see Shane McMahon making his way through the backstage area... He opens the door to his office only to find.... Arn Anderson sitting behind his desk...--]

Shane McMahon: What the hell are you doing here? Get out of my damn chair!!

Arn Anderson: Shane, I think you know damn well what I'm doing here... And if you don't, then I'll say it's going to be a hell of a lot clearer by the time I'm done with you... and your little incarnation of my federation...

Shane McMahon: Whatever you say, old man, but the New Era kicked your ass a long time ago, and this time, it'll be so much easier... Let's see how you like this, "Mr." Anderson... You and Steve Corino next week on Shock.... With a special guest referee....

Arn Anderson: Oh, I wonder who that'll be, Shane...

Shane McMahon: Well, stop wondering, "Mr." Anderson, because that special guest referee... Is going to be..... ME!! Now, get out of my office before I....FIRE YOU... Hahahahaaa....

Arn gives Shane a cold stare and walks out of the room...--]



[--X-Pac and Faarooq start things off, but before they can even get a good flow going, the glass breaks and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin makes his way to the ring!!!! The fans erupt in boos as Austin comes down with a chair!! Austin slides in and smashes the chair over Faarooq's head!! X-Pac runs at him and gets a kick in the gut!! STUNNER!!!!! X-Pac hits the mat hard, and Bradshaw comes charging in!! Austin wraps the chair around his head!! The fans erupt in boos.. Billy Gunn just gets out of the ring and walks away as Austin yells at him for being a "chicken shit bastard"... Austin begins laying even more chair shots into X-Pac's back and neck, and he even deals out a few more shots to Bradshaw and Faarooq!! The fans boo loudly, but suddenly Chris Benoit explodes from the back and Austin flees through the crowd!! Austin laughs as he backs through the fans and Benoit talks trash from the ring.... We cut backstage....--]


[--We see Lance Storm making his way through the backstage area... As he's rounding a corner he bumps shoulders with Sting... Storm goes to walk on by without acknowledging him, but Sting turns around and forcefully turns Storm around...--]

Sting: Better watch where you're going...

[--Storm shoves Sting away...--]

Lance Storm: You'd best just back off before you get your self in something you can't get out of...

Sting: I think you'd just better watch your step, cause the next time you put a hand on me... You'll be pulling back a stump...

[--Sting gives Storm a sick smile and walks away... Storm just shakes his head....--]



[--It's a four-way brawl to start off, and it's a big one!! Taka and Hart are going at it in one corner, and RVD and Anderson are going at it in another!! RVD begins taking some stiff shots to Anderson, and tosses him out of the ring.. Taka and Hart rip into each other with a barriage of punches and chops, Hart dominates, but Taka's fast paced style is almost too much for Hart to comprehend... Bret clotheslines Taka out of the ring and goes after Van Dam and Anderson... Hart and RVD double clothesline Anderson out of the ring and begin slugging away at each other!! Hart hits RVD with a spinebuster and goes for the SharpShooter!!! Hart begins wrenching back on it and RVD taps out!! Bret Hart has eliminated RVD!! Anderson gets back on the apron, and Hart grabs him from over the ropes.. Hart goes for a brainbuster, but Anderson manages to maneuver his body on top of Hart's making him hit him hard with a cross body block maneuver!! Anderson covers and hooks the leg!! 1.2....3!!! Anderson has eliminated Bret Hart!! Taka gets in and begins taking it to Anderson, but Anderson begins dominating quickly and hits Taka with a spinebuster, but wait a damn second, here comes STEVE CORINO!!! Corino slides into the ring while....SHANE McMAHON distracts the referee!!! Corino hits Anderson with a devastating SUPERKICK!!! Corino slides out and Shane gets off the apron!! Taka covers Anderson!! 1..2....3!!!!! Taka Michinoku has won the damn match!!--]


[--We cut backstage where we see Test in the locker room area... He walks by a bench where a can of soda is sitting and accidentally bumps it, sending the opened soda into someone gear.. Test looks around, he doesnt know whose gear it is, but he doesnt intend on finding out, but as he turns to leave, he finds himself nose to....chest.... with TAZ....--]

Taz: You gonna apologize?

Test: Whoa whoa, Taz, listen--

Taz: Shut up, boy! Don't give me any of your bullshit, you're lucky I didn't put you out like a BITCH when I saw you near my shit!!

Test: Watch it, little man, before I put my foot right down your stinkin' throat!! It was a damn accident!!

Shane McMahon walks into the scene... Taz and Test are nearly at each others throats...--]

Shane McMahon: Hey hey, you two... What's the problem... Wait, you know what, I dont really care... 'Cause I'm about tired of all the bickering going on back here.. So you know what, since you two can't work out your own problems, I'm going to make you... You two are going to be facing the tag team champions next week on Shock... Have fun, boys...

Shane walks away as Taz and Test just stare at each other with pissed off looks on their faces...--]



[--The Hurricane tries some of his super-hero offense early on, but Raven makes record time in SGW and puts the Hurricane to the mat with the EVENFLOW!!!! Raven makes the cover..1...2....3!!!!! Raven has just defeated the Hurricane in less than a minute!! After the match a masked man comes down to the ring and begins laying chairshots into the Hurricane!! The fans in the arena boo, this is the same masked man who attacked Billy Gunn and X-Pac last week... He pounds on the Hurricane a little more and throws down the chair... He teases taking off the mask and then doesn't which gets a lot of boos... He leaves through the crowd...--]


[--After the last matches competitors have cleared out of the ring, we hear a familiar old music begin playing throughout the arena... "Money Money Money Money Moneeeeeeey..." hits and the fans begin booing loudly.... "The Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase walks out onto the ramp in in his million dollar tuxedo.. Virgil follows him close behind flipping through a small stack of one hundred dollar bills... They get in the ring as the fans continue to boo.... Dibiase takes a microphone and speaks....--]

Ted Dibiase:
Hahahaaaa... As many of you know, I've always lived by the words... "Every man has his price..."... And that's never been more true than right now... Because you see, I've got someone in SGW's locker room on my payroll... right NOW.... Hahahaaaa.... Now, many of you are asking yourselves... "Why would anyone join Ted Dibiase?"... Well, why dont you just ask the man himself! Hahahaaaaa.....

GOLDBERG's music hits and the fans begin booing as they find out as he has sold himself to Ted Dibiase.... Goldberg walks down the ramp with a very pissed off look on his face... Ted laughs evilly and Virgil continues thumbing through a stack of bills... Goldberg gets in the ring, the fans are booing DAMN loud... Goldberg stomps and snorts around the ring as Dibiase begins to speak...--]

Ted Dibiase:
You see, everyone.... EVERY man has his price!! Even your precious Goldberg!! Hahahahaaaaaa.... Now, Virgil, pay the man, pay him right here so that all the fans can watch their precious Goldberg sell-out!!

The fans boo as Goldberg walks over and takes the wad of bills from Virgil... Goldberg walks across the ring from Dibiase and Virgil, counting the money... And then Goldberg throws the wad of money right into the crowd, the fans begins clamouring for the money and Goldberg takes off roaring across the ring at Dibiase!!!! Dibiase shoves Virgil in his way and Virgil takes the SPEAR!!!!!!!! Dibiase gets out of the ring and takes off up the ramp as Goldberg tosses Virgil's body out of the ring!! Ted Dibiase stands on the ramp yelling "THAT WAS MY MONEY!! MINE!!!"... Goldberg picks up Dibiase's microphone that he dropped in the ring..--]

Goldberg: Nobody, Dibiase!! Nobody owns me, nobody can buy me!! And I hope you've got a HELL of a lot of money, because after I kick your ass on Shock next week, you're going to have one hell of a hospital bill!! In other words, YOU'RE NEXT!!!!

Dibiase looks on in fear as Goldberg stares him down from the ring...Dibiase and Goldberg finally leave and the next match is underway....--]



[--Sting gets in the ring and he's a house of fire!! He begins taking the shots to Corino and the Rock like a mad man!! Sting sends the Rock over the top rope with a massive clothesline and the fans are going nuts cheering!! Sting blocks a superkick from Corino and hooks him for the SCORPION DEATHDROP!!! The Rock gets back on the apron and Sting dropkicks him off!! Sting picks up Corino, whips him into the corner, STINGER SPLASH!! Corino hits the mat and the Rock finds himself back in the ring... Corino gets back to his feet and hits the superkick on the Rock!! Corino goes for the cover but Sting pulls him off and throws him out of the ring!! Arn Anderson comes through the crowd and attacks Corino on the floor!! Corino and Anderson brawl around all over the place until some SGW security pulls Anderson away and into the back... Sting whips Rock to the ropes, Corino gets on the apron, Sting hits the Scorpion DeathDrop on the Rock!! He dropkicks Corino off the apron, and he covers the Rock!!! 1..2.....3!!!! Sting has won the match!!--]


[--We see Billy Gunn talking to Raven backstage in front of the concessions table... They're standing about two feet away from the drink cooler when "Stone Cold" Steve Austin walks up to get himself a beer... Billy Gunn, unaware of Austin's presence, speaks his opinion on the main event...--]

Billy Gunn: So, Raven, who do you thinks gonna win the main event tonight?

Raven: I don't know, man... It's anybody's game...

Billy Gunn: Well, since it's in a steel cage, no one gets in, no one gets out.. I got my money riding on Benoit...

This catches Austin's attention and he begins staring at the back of Billy Gunn's head... Raven just slowly backs away from the area and Gunn turns around to see what the problem is... He goes eye to eye with Austin....--]

Steve Austin: What was that?

Billy Gunn: I--

Steve Austin: What? What?..... WHAT!?! Benoit's gonna beat me!?! What?!?

Billy Gunn: I was onl--

Steve Austin: Shut it!! Listen here, you little chump-change bastard!! You ain't nothin'!! Who the hell do you think you are!?!

Billy Gunn: I'm--

Steve Austin: SHUT UP!! You're a nobody!! A damn los---

Billy Gunn socks Austin in the jaw and goes to jump on him but SGW security floods the area before things go any further, Austin and Gunn are separated and we cut to the ring....--]



[--The tag title Tajiri stole is on the timekeeper's table...Tajiri tries laying in the stiff kicks, but Edge fights through them and plants him with a DDT, Edge dominates with some quick power moves that leave Tajiri utterly defenseless... Tajiri finally gets back to his feet, and he sends a stiff round house into Edge's rib cage!! Edge hits his knees and Tajiri goes for the Buzzsaw Kick, but Edge ducks it and nails a lowblow!! Edge stands up, hooks Tajiri and goes for the IMPALER!! He hits it, and covers...1....2...... Tajiri gets a foot on the rope!! But wait, here comes Christian through the crowd!! He grabs the tag title from the timekeeper!! Tajiri turns and begins screaming gibberish at the escaping Christian, Edge approaches and it's the EDGE-O-MATIC!!!! Edge covers...1....2.... Tajiri kicked out!! Tajiri gets up and whips Edge into the corner, and Tajiri positions himself... It's the TARANTULA!!! But Christian gets on the apron and smacks Tajiri in the face with the title belt!! The ref begins calling for the bell and Kanyon runs down, Edge and Christian escape through the crowd with one half of their tag titles...--]


[--We cut backstage where we see...... CHAVO GUERRERO JR.!!! Isn't he supposed to be in Japan!?! He's walking around with Pepe as the fans watching on the Golden-Tron cheer and chant his name.... Suddenly, he accidentally walks into... KAIENTAI!! Taka and Funaki have evil looks on their faces as Chavo looks kind of shocked....--]

Pepe: ... .. . . . ......

Chavo Guerrero Jr.: I know, Pepe... I know... What do you two want?

[--Taka begins "speaking"....--]

Taka Michinoku: Chavo Guerrero Jr! You were supposed to be in Japan wrestling Death Matches! But it looks like you've chickened out! Hahahaha! Do us Japanese wrestlers..... Scare you? Hahaha!

Funaki: INDEED!

Chavo Guerrero Jr.: Are you guys loco or something? I didn't go to Japan because I didn--

Taka Michinoku: Silence!! I would challenge you, but if you're not man enough to wrestle in death matches, then there's no way you'd wrestle someone who is.... EEEEEEEEVIL!!

Funaki: INDEED!

Chavo Guerrero Jr.: Wait a second! Wrestle you? YOU? You're just a little guy!

Pepe: ... . .. . ... .. ..

Chavo Guerrero Jr.: Yeah, Pepe! What a joke! I'll take you on anytime, Taka!!

Taka Michinoku: Hahaha, good! And just like like those other three losers I destroyed tonight, you will become the next victim of the ultimate..... EEEEEEEVIL!! Hahahaha!!

[--Chavo and Pepe just look on in awe as Taka and Funaki leave...--]

HOUR 2-->