[--The SGW logo flashes across the screen and suddenly we're in the SGW's backstage area... We see former owner of SGW, Arn Anderson entering the arena from the backdoor but as soon as he's inside, Michael Cole is on him wanting an interview...--]

Michael Cole: Arn Anderson... As you very well know, Shane McMahon is now the owner of SGW, and he's assigned you in a match against a man who seems to stand for everything you do... And that man is Steve Corino.. But--

Arn Anderson: Stop right there, Michael.. Now, first things first, Steve Corino isnt goin' to stop me from taking back what's rightfully mine... And that IS SGW.... Now, Shane did somethin' he shouldnt have done, and that's go behind my back... Shane McMahon hamstringed ol' Double A and right now all I've got to show for it is a smaller bank account and a match against a man who just doesnt have the right to be in the ring with the man who made SGW what it is.... Now this here goes out to the man who "owns" SGW right now.... Shane McMahon.. You broke an unwritten law in SGW and pretty soon... Maybe not today.. Maybe not tomorrow, but soon... You're gonna get hurt, son...

[--Arn goes to walk off camera but he's suddenly blindsided by a Shane-O-Mac forearm!! Shane kicks away at Arn and delivers several stiff shots to the head and neck!! The fans boo loudly as they see this on the Golden-Tron... Shane continues clubbing him and stands up... He takes the microphone from Cole and begins yelling at the fallen Anderson....--]

Shane McMahon: I'm gonna get hurt!?! ME!?! I'm Shane McMahon dammit and nobody's gonna tell me what to do in MY OWN FEDERATION!!! NOBODY!!!!

[--Shane lands another stiff kick into Anderson's back and he walks away from the scene...--]

The Rock vs. The Undertaker
Rob Van Dam vs. Violent J

STIPULATIONS: 4-Corners Elimination Match

[--The Rock and Violent J pair off, and the Undertaker and Rob Van Dam go at it in the corner... About five minutes in, Shaggy 2 Dope gets on the apron and guillotines the Rock on the ropes, allowing Violent J to plant the Rock with a stiff piledriver for the 1...2...3!! Rock is eliminated!! Rob Van Dam lays out the Undertaker with a stiff kick, and he launches from the ropes with the FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH!!!!! He covers the Taker...1....2.....3!!! Violent J jumps on RVD quickly, but RVD dominates decisively... RVD hits J with several high impact maneuvers and J has a little trouble getting some offense, but wait!! Here comes Raven!!! Raven slides in and EVENFLOWS RVD!!!! The fans erupt in boos as Violent J throws an arm over RVD for the ...1....2....3!!!! Shaggy and Raven help Violent J to the back...--]

WINNER: Violent J via Pinfall

[--We cut backstage where we see a close-up of Ted Dibiase's face... The camera slowly pans out and we see Virgil flipping through a stack of money... The camera pans back a bit more and we see Johnny the Bull and another man standing in front of Dibiase...We can't see who the other man is... It's too dark..--]

Ted Dibiase: You two just get it right and don't mess it up... And if you get it right, and you take him out, then I've got a hefty sum of money for you....

[--Virgil deals Johnny and the other man out a few hundred dollars...--]

Ted Dibiase: Now... There's more where that came from... Just get it right!! Hahahaaaa... Now, get out of here.... Hahahaaa....

[--Johnny and the other man leave the room... Dibiase turns to Virgil and speaks...--]

Ted Dibiase: Tonight, Virgil... Goldberg will pay the biggest price of all.... Hahahahahaaaa!!

[--We fade out...--]

Bret Hart vs. Rhyno


[--The match lasts no time... Rhyno whips Hart into the turnbuckle and meets him on him on the rebound with devastating GORE!!!!! Rhyno doesnt cover, but instead waits for Hart to get back up... As soon as Hart is up, Rhyno shoots... HE GORES!!!! Hart is down and Rhyno covers...1....2....3!!!! Rhyno's path of destruction has officially begun...--]

WINNER: Rhyno via Pinfall

[--We cut backstage where we see Chris Benoit walking through the backstage area with his title belt slung over his shoulder... He's suddenly confronted by Kurt Angle....--]

Kurt Angle: Hey, Chris....

Chris Benoit: What do you want, Angle...

Kurt Angle: I just need to ask you a question... Does it hurt?

Chris Benoit: What are you talking about? Does what hurt?

Kurt Angle: The fact that on Sunday at Total Destruction, I'm going to beat you for your championship... Oh, it's true..

Chris Benoit: That's funny, Angle.... But I've got a feeling that after Sunday, I'm going to be asking you a little question... And that question is... Did IT hurt?

Kurt Angle: What?

Chris Benoit: Did it hurt when I ripped your arm right out of the socket... And made you tap out like a little girl...

[--Angle looks like he's about to cry, but suddenly slaps Benoit in the face!! Benoit goes to attack Angle, but Billy Gunn comes from behind!!!! Gunn hits Benoit in the back and begins kicking him and stomping him!! Angle joins in and Benoit is now motionless on the concrete!! Gunn and Angle both look down on Benoit, and Gunn offers his hand to shake to Angle.... Angle takes it, jerks Billy Gunn forward and puts him through a concession table with the OLYMPIC SLAM!!!!! Angle yells out a hearty "WOOOOOO!!!!!" and leaves Gunn and Benoit laying...--]

Ted Dibiase vs. Goldberg


[--Goldberg dominates the match and tosses Dibiase all over the ring.. Dibiase hits a few weak moves but Goldberg continues with his onslaught.. Goldberg whips Dibiase to the ropes and goes for the SPEAR!!!! But Virgil pulls Dibase out of the ring!! Dibiase tries to leave by going up the ramp, but Goldberg follows him up and tosses Virgil into the crowd!! Goldberg rolls Dibiase back into the ring, but here comes Johnny the Bull!! Johnny runs down and clobbers Goldberg with a kendo stick!! He rolls Goldberg back into the ring and Dibiase slaps on the Million Dollar Dream!! Goldberg is already unconcious so the ref calls for the damn bell!! Johnny the Bull gets in the ring and begins beating on Goldberg... But wait, here comes the masked man who has been beating on SGW's mid-carders as of late!! Johnny and Dibiase both get out of the ring as the masked man cleans house an helps Goldberg to his feet... The Masked Man helps Goldberg up and grabs a microphone....--]

WINNER: Ted Dibiase via KnockOut

[--The Masked Man speaks.....--]

The Masked Man: Alright... It's about time we cut this crap out... For the last few weeks I've been running down to the ring and cutting down SGW's mid-card jokes because to be honest, I dont want their weak asses ruining what could possibly be the best damn federation in history, but most of all, I want them out of here so I don't have to work my way through a bunch no-name talent to get where I belong.......But that's not why I'm out here to help Goldberg.... In fact, I'm not even out here to help Goldberg, I'm here to demonstrate one thing.. One simple fact.. That every man DOES....HAVE...HIS.....PRICE!!!!

[--The Masked Man clotheslines Goldberg back down and begins punching him in the face repeatedly!!! Johnny the Bull slides back in and they both begin stomping away at Goldberg!! The Masked Man reaches for his mask.... and.... IT'S TRIPLE H!!!!!! TRIPLE H IS HERE!!!! The fans erupt in boos as Dibiase instructs the violence... Dibiase takes the microphone and motions for the two men to stop the beating....--]

Ted Dibiase: Hahahaaa.... Briliant, simply brilliant... Now, as I said backstage, you get the rest of the money after the beat down... But I forgot to mention the catch.. Hahahaaa...

[--Johnny and Triple H look back and forth at each other, confused by Dibiase's statement...--]

Ted Dibiase: You see, you two will be fighting for the money you're owed at Total Destruction... Johnny the Bull vs. Triple H.... for $50,000!! And I'LL be the Special Guest Referee!! Hahahahaaaaa!!

[--Dibiase laughs and gets out of the ring... Johnny the Bull chases after Dibiase to protest but Triple H turns him around and hits the PEDIGREE!!!! Triple H stands smiling over Johnny's unconcious body... Triple H leaves the ring...--]

Raven vs. Scott Steiner
Tommy Dreamer

STIPULATIONS: Winner goes to the PPV to compete in a 4-Corners Elimination Match for the United States Championship/Losers go to the PPV to compete in a 4-Corners Match for the Television Championship

[--Steiner begins by dominating the match with a series of power moves, he mercilessly beats down Tommy Dreamer with punches and kicks, Raven tries to get in some offensive moves, but Steiner tosses him across the ring with a massive press slam!! Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J run down to the ring and begin yelilng obscenities at Steiner as they help Raven out of the ring and carry him to the back, even though the match isnt over... Steiner hits a massive belly-to-belly suplex on Dreamer and slaps him into the Steiner Recliner for the tap out!! Steiner has advanced to the U.S. Title match!!--]

WINNER: Scott Steiner via Submission

[--We cut to the parking lot area where Ric Flair is just arriving.. He's just getting out his limo and as he's making his way towards the building we suddenly hear a loud engine roar.... It's "STONE COLD"!!!!! Austin blasts right past Flair in the "AUSTIN 3:16" truck and he damn near hit him!!!! Austin slams on the breaks, gets out of the truck and charges at Flair!! Flair and Austin begin brawling in the parking lot and SGW security breaks them up as quickly as possible....--]

Sting vs. Lance Storm

STIPULATIONS: Winner goes to the PPV to compete in a 4-Corners Elimination Match for the United States Championship/Loser goes to the PPV to compete in a 4-Corners Match for the Television Championship

[--Sting begins sending a flurry of kicks and chops into Storm's chest and stomach, and he's having trouble fighting back... Storm makes a comeback with a few moves working on Sting's knee, but Sting manages to send Storm into the corner for the STINGER SPLASH!! The fans erupt as Sting sets up Storm for the Scorpion Deathlock!! Sting hooks it in and Storm gets in the ropes.. Sting breaks the hold.. Sting and Storm trade some fast paced maneuver back and forth, until Sting hits the DEATHDROP out of nowhere!! The fans erupt as Sting covers..1... 2.....3!!! Sting has advanced to the U.S. Title Match!!--]

WINNER: Sting via Pinfall

[--After the match has ended and the wrestlers have left the ring, we hear "HERE COMES THE MONEEEEY.." over the PA system... Shane McMahon walks out to the ring to some resounding boos... He grabs a microphone and begins to speak...--]

Shane McMahon: Ahhh... Gotta love that typical respect from SGW fans.... Anyway, I'm out here to make an announcement... Due to the....SEVERE beating that I gave Arn Anderson at the beginning of the show... He will not be competing against Steve Corino tonight.... So I'm replacing Anderson with....THE HURRICANE! Hahaa...

[--Shane paces around the ring....--]

Shane McMahon: Now... onto other business... People have been asking me, "Shane, who do you want to win the main event at Total Destruction?"... And I always say "I'm not sure".. Let's go over the contestants.... Chris Benoit, the world champion.... He's a good athlete, he knows a little wrestling.... SGW World Title material? I dont think so... Kurt Angle...Olympic hero, made a pretty big impact by beating Ric Flair last week.... But SGW championship calibre? Not hardly... Now, let's get to the two men who want INTO the main event.... First off, former World Champion, Ric Flair... Does he deserve to be in the main event? Maybe... Does he deserve the world title? As "Stone Cold" would say... OH HELL NO....Speaking of Austin, he's the other man who wants in the main event... As the last World Champion SGW had before Benoit became champion, Austin may very well deserve to be in the main event... But let's be honest... Does the man who had the shortest World Title reighn in SGW history REALLY deserve it? No.

[--Shane takes a few steps....--]

Shane McMahon: To put it simply, SGW's main event situation isnt exactly what it used to be.. I'm almost ashamed to have Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit in the main event of MY pay-per-view... Total Destruction, the first PPV in SGW history three years ago, and now the first pay-per-view in MY history since re-opening this federation... But unlike when Arn first ran this federation... I won't drop the ball...

[--Before Shane can say another word, Arn Anderson jumps out of the crowd and charges into the ring!!! Anderson clotheslines Shane down and whips him into the ropes...SPINEBUSTER!!! The fans are roaring as Anderson begins taking off his belt!! He begins thrashing Shane across the back and Shane is yelling in pain!!! Anderson throws the belt down and hooks Shane in the STF!!!!!! Finally, SGW security charges down and pulls Anderson off of Shane!!! Shane is helped up by security and while still barely concious tries talking trash... Anderson is carried away with a slight smile on his face....--]

Johnny the Bull vs. Val Venis


[--Bull and Venis begin with stiff brawling, and Venis gains the upperhand with a stiff kick to the ribs.. Venis tries for a suplex, but Johnny reverses it and ends up behind Venis... He hits Venis with a massive belly to back suplex and tries for a cover, but only gets two... The Bull throws Venis outside and the streetfight has officially begun.. They brawl around with some chairs and cheapshots... Venis smacks Johnny's head into the announce table but Johnny returns the shot and throws Venis on top of it... Johnny follows him up and gives him a kick to the gut and goes for the PILEDRIVER!!! But Venis backdrops Johnny off of the table and then leg drops him off of it!!! Venis covers but only gets two... They brawl back inside the ring and Johnny gets his hands on a chair... He slams it down hard over Venis' head, and here comes Steven Richards!!! Richards slides in and Johnny slams the chair into his head, rendering it into a hunk twisted steel!!!! Val gets up, but before he can attack Johnny from behind, TAZ comes in from the crowd!!!! Taz locks Val in the Tazzmission and renders him completely unconcious!!!!! Taz leaves the ring quickly and Johnny turns around, thinking Val is still out from his chair shot, Johnny covers..1...2.....3!!!!! Johnny is still the champion!!--]

WINNER: Johnny the Bull via Pinfall

[--We cut to the parking lot area where we see the parking lot.... We see Austin's "AUSTIN 3:16" pick-up truck sitting there, Austin is nowhere to be seen.... We suddenly hear some people laughing.... We can't see them but we suddenly hear Violent J's voice off-camera...--]

Violent J: This'll really steam that skinhead bitch up, real nice...

Shaggy 2 Dope: You got that right....

[--Shaggy and J approach the truck and we see that they've got some spraypaint in their hands... We watch them for several minutes and after a few moments, the truck is a walking grafitti exhibit.... Shaggy and Violent J high five and begin laughing at all the obscenities they've just put on the truck, but their laughing suddenly ceases when they see Austin charging at them with a chair!!! Austin runs and swings at Violent J, but J moves and Austin knocks a mirror off of the truck!!! Shaggy takes off to run but he's blindsided by Billy Gunn!!!! Austin is yelling as he attacks Violent J...--]

Steve Austin: How do ya' like that you little bastard!?! What!?! WHAT!?! WHAAAT!?!

[--Austin slams Violent J's head into the truck, and here comes RAVEN!!!! Raven begins laying in shots to Austin and Gunn lays off of Shaggy to help Austin out!! Raven fights off Gunn and gets ready to plant Austin with the EvenFlow on the concrete, but it's AUSTIN'S MASKED MAN!!!!! He charges in and clotheslines Raven into the truck!! The fans in the arena boo loudly as Austin, Gunn, and the Masked Man stomp away at the ICP and Raven!!!! The DeadPool is being destroyed!!! These three men are sadistic!! We cut to another backstage area as security struggles to break this up....--]