[--The SGW logo flashes across the screen and we're suddenly greeted by a few replays from Total Destruction.. The video basically recaps the finishes of all the important matches and closes out with a shot of Benoit smashing Flair's head in with the World Title belt... But as the video comes to a close, we fade into the parking lot area where we see a limousine drive up outside the arena.... The door opens up and Ric Flair steps out with a huge bandage on his forehead.... He looks less giddy than usual, almost solemn... But before we can hear anything from the Nature Boy, MIKE AWESOME BLASTS ONTO THE SCENE and wipes Flair out with a huge lariat!!! Flair contorts on the concrete for a few seconds and struggles back to his feet but he's suddenly stomped down by KANYON!!!! Flair tries to fight back, but Awesome and Kanyon are too much, and hold on a second, they pick the former champion up and it looks like they're holding him up for something..... And quickly we find out why as SHANE McMAHON flies onto the scene and blasts Flair with a monster CHAIRSHOT!!!! Security tries to stop the carnage but Shane and Kanyon hold them back with some chairs, and Awesome lifts Flair up onto his shoulders....and it's the RUNNING AWESOME BOMB!!!!!! Awesome puts Flair through the WINDSHIELD OF THE LIMO!!!!! FLAIR COULD BE DEAD!!!!! Shane, Kanyon, and Awesome leave the scene as EMTs and specialists flood the area to check on Flair.....--]

Billy Kidman vs. Tajiri

STIPULATIONS: LOVE HER OR LEAVE HER MATCH- If Kidman Wins, He Gets Torrie Wilson's Services For An Undetermined Amount of Time

[--Fast paced action as Kidman and Tajiri put on quite possibly one of SGW's best lightweight matches... Tajiri puts the boots to Kidman, and Kidman has a little trouble keeping up with him, but he eventually hits the KID KRUSHER!!!! He covers and Torrie puts Tajiri's foot on the rope!! Kidman reaches out of the ring and grabs Torrie by the hair and he drags her up on to the apron.. He's yelling stuff in her face, and Tajiri stands up.. He turns Kidman around and it's the... DEADLY RED MYST!!!!!!! Kidman ducks and it hits TORRIE!!!! Tajiri can't believe it and he leans out of the ring to check on Torrie, but Kidman hits him with a bulldog and goes up top....SHOOTING STAR PRESS!!!!! Kidman covers..1....2......3!!!!!!! Billy Kidman has won the services of Torrie Wilson!!!! Kidman stomps outside the ring and drags Torrie to the back as she screams for Tajiri to help her... Tajiri lays in the ring unconcious as we cut to the back....--]

WINNER: Billy Kidman via Pinfall

[--We cut backstage where we see Dean Malenko and April Hunter walking through the backstage, they walk by a large stack of crates when they hear something... April looks up just in time to see MIGHTY MOLLY land on her shoulders with the MOLLY-GO-ROUND!!!!! Malenko turns to see Molly laying shots into April, and he's blindsided by the HURRICANE!!!! The Hurricane drops him with the EYE OF THE HURRICANE!!! Hurricane then uses his Hurri-Strength to open the top on one of the large crates and he tosses Malenko inside!!! Molly throws April in right after and they shut the lid.... The Hurricane and Molly walk around the corner and almost run into Shane McMahon... He stops them, and they look a little concerned that he might have seen them oblilerate Malenko...--]

Shane McMahon: You guys seen Malenko anywhere?

The Hurricane: Sure haven't, Citizen Shane... I've been looking out for him with my Hurri-Vision, and he's definitely no where to be seen...

Shane McMahon: Ok, well.. I was out in the parking lot taking care of some "business", hahaha, and I saw his car out there, but I haven't seen him at all tonight.... So, since he seems to be late, I'll have to find you another opponent... How does Danny Doring sound? Good? Great.

[--Shane laughs as he walks away....The Hurricane and Molly just look on....--]

The Hurricane: WHASSUPWIT---

[--The Hurricane stops as Chavo Guerrero Jr. walks onto the scene... He has Pepe in one hand, and the United States Championship over his shoulder...--]

The Hurricane: Ah, Citizen Chavo, and fellow United States Champion! What can....THE HURRICANE... Do for you?

[--Chavo takes the belt off of his shoulder and looks at it for a few seconds...--]

Chavo Guerrero Jr.: Shane says that your title defense is up first..

Pepe: ... . . . . . ....

Chavo Guerrero Jr.: Yeah, that's right, Pepe.. You hear that Hurricane? You lose MY belt, and Pepe will kill ya'...

[--The Hurricane reaches over and steals the belt away from Chavo...--]

The Hurricane: You have nothing to worry about, Citizen Chavo... I will retain MY belt with ease... What I'm worried about is.... Can YOU handle... The Million Dollar Man? I mean, after all, he DID give you a beating at Total Destruction..

[--Chavo gets a very pissed look on his face...--]

Chavo Guerrero Jr.: You let me worry about Dibiase, Hurricane... Keep your mind on your opponent, because if you lose, it means that I lose, and that won't make me very happy!! And it wont make Pepe happy either!!

[--Chavo and Hurricane have a short staredown, and we cut to the ring....--]

Jeff Jarrett vs. The Undertaker


[--Sting goes crazy on the two other competitors and puts the Undertaker out of the ring with a quick clothesline.... Sting drops Jarrett with a series of lefts and rights, and in no-time, Sting has the guitar in his possession, but the Undertaker is back in, and he and Jarrett go at it!! Sting swings the guitar and wipes out Jarrett!! Sting whips Undertaker into the corner and hits him with a STINGER SPLASH!!!! The fans roar, and Sting grabs the bat!! Sting lays a shot into Undertaker's gut, and then snaps it over his head!!! Jarrett is back up, and he runs at Sting, Sting leapfrogs him, and gets behind him.... DEATHDROP!!!! Sting covers!!! 1...2....3!!!! Sting has won the match!!--]

WINNER: Sting via Pinfall

[--We cut to the parking lot where we see Ric Flair being loaded into an ambulance... He's bleeding all over the place and has a neckbrace on.... We see many of SGW's superstars looking on... We see one man leave the crowd of SGW superstars and head back into the building.... It's Arn Anderson and looks incredibly pissed off.... He walks inside the backstage area and walks up to a pay phone.... Arn puts in a quarter and waits.... Someone picks up...--]

Arn Anderson: Hey... Yeah, this is Arn Anderson.. Been a while.. Listen, SGW needs you... I know we had a lot of differences last time, but SGW needs you now more than ever.... We need you tonight... You'll come? Thanks a lot, pal... You won't regret it.... Oh, and--

[--Before Arn can say anything else, a hand reaches over and slams down the receiver... Arn turns around with a very pissed off look on his face and sees..... The SGW World Champion, CHRIS BENOIT!! Benoit speaks...--]

Chris Benoit: *mocking Anderson* Oh, please, come help us... Come help SGW... We need you! YOU'RE PATHETIC!! Who could SGW possibly NEED?!?! I'm the World Champion!! I'm the best damn technical wrestler in SGW, and you're saying we NEED someone!! Am I not good enough as the champion, Anderson? Am I not your ideal champ? Get it through your head, stop walking around here like you still own the place! You may have created this empire called SGW, but NOW.... Now you're just a useless.... pathetic... BUM.. And whether you like it or not, this belt right here.. Is staying with me as long as I feel like keeping it!

[--Benoit steps up and gets in Anderson's face.... Anderson doesn't back down, but before anything happens, Hulk Hogan walks onto the scene with a concerned look on his face...--]

Hulk Hogan: What's the problem here, Double A?

Arn Anderson: No problem I can't handle by myself...

Chris Benoit: You're funny when you're angry, Arn, and what's even funnier is that you're so feeble that even the yellow dinosaur is sticking up for you...

[--Benoit smiles...--]

Chris Benoit: But whoever you called... Whoever SGW NEEDS... Send'em my way sometime, I'll be glad to show'em the only thing SGW needs is some good... old fashioned... wrestling, and that's something, no matter how much is needed, I will ALWAYS deliver....

[--He turns to Hogan as Anderson fumes....--]

Chris Benoit: And as for you... I'll see you later tonight... Heh heh..

[--Benoit smiles at Hogan and slowly backs away from him and Arn... Benoit leaves the area as Arn and Hogan talk.. We cut to the ring...--]

The Hurricane vs. Danny Doring


[--The Hurricane and Doring put on a few flippity floppity moves to start and Doring takes the size advantage and puts Hurricane down with some stiff power moves... Hurricane rallies back, and Doring continues dishing out the punches and kicks but the Hurricane nails a lowblow and hits a quick DDT.... Molly then jumps on the apron and supplies the Hurricane with his cape, and he goes up top... He strikes a pose and hits Doring with a massive flying cross-body!! Hurricane covers..1..2..... Doring kicks out!! Doring gets back up, and they begin trading punches, Hurricane ducks a Doring clothesline and hits the EYE OF THE HURRICANE!!!!! Hurricane covers...1....2....... Someone pulled the Hurricane out of the ring!!! It's RoadKill!! But here comes Chavo Guerrero Jr.!! Chavo begins blasting RoadKill with lefts and rights and he clotheslines him over the guardrail!!! Chavo leaves the ringside area, and Hurricane slides back in.. Doring hooks him for the BareBack, but Hurricane reverses it for the EYE OF THE HURRICANE!!! Hurricane covers.1...2....3!!!! The Hurricane retains the U.S. title!!! Chavo runs down to ringside and grabs the U.S. title and takes off to the back before the Hurricane can celebrate with it...--]

WINNER: The Hurricane via Pinfall

[--After they've all left the ringside area, the arena goes quiet for a bit, when suddenly.... "YOU THINK YOU KNOW ME...." hits and the fans erupt.... Edge and Christian walk out onto the ramp with the tag team titles around their waists... They walk down to the ramp and get in the ring.... Christian takes a microphone from the ring announcer, and waits for the fans to stop cheering for a bit... He finally speaks...--]

Christian: Greetings, Edge-Heads and Christian-ites! And welcome to Shock, or as me and Edgester call it.... THE EDGE AND CHRISTIAN SHOW! Hahaha! Now, that I think of it, that should be the name of this show, after all, Edge, are we not the most super-fantastic tag team in SGW history?

[--Edge produces his own microphone....--]

Edge: Well, Christian, I think we were the most super-fantastic before we even touched these belts, because quite frankly... All those other teams SUCK! Haha!

[--E&C high five and laugh....--]

Christian: But in all seriousness, brother, did it not totally reek of awesomeness when I powerbombed that chumpstain, Kanyon, off of the ladder? I mean, his career could've possibly been ended.... Thanks to me!

Edge: You're totally correct, Big C, in fact, in his handi-cap match tonight, I'll bet that he makes Shane do all the work, because let's face it... WE TOTALLY KICKED HIS ASS!

Christian: An--

[--"OH YOU DIDN'T KNOW!?! YOUR ASS BETTER CAAAAAAALL SOMEBODYYYY!!!" hits and the fans cheer.... The Road Dogg and Billy Gunn walk out onto the ramp... The Road Dogg has microphone in his hand...--]

The Road Dogg: Yo! It's me, it's me! It's that D-O-Double G!! Kickin' it as always with that sweet Billy G.!! Now, Edge, you certainly made a good showin' at the ppv, but Christian, I think I speak for everyone in the arena when I say.... SHUT UP, BITCH!

[--Christian looks VERY offended, as does Edge... They both flash their tag titles and jaw at the Outlaws...--]

Christian: ME?! You want ME to shut it!?! I'm a three time tag team champion, dammit!! I'll say whatever I want!!

Edge: Totally! And Road Dogg, you're one to talk, since we all know the only time you're not talking is when you're alone with "Sweet Billy G.", and that's only because YOUR MOUTH IS FULL!!

[--Gunn and Road Dogg look extremely pissed off.... Gunn takes the microphone....--]

Billy Gunn: That's real funny, Edge.... But me and Road Dogg just wanted to make a little challenge.. For a match that would make history in SGW for making me and the Dogg famous...and for us making you two... FAME-ASS...

Edge: Well, I'm sorry, Billy, but--

[--Kurt Angle's music hits... The fans begin booing, and Angle walks out onto the ramp with a microphone...--]

Kurt Angle: Sorry to interrupt, Edge... But I do believe I deserve a title shot more than these two, I mean, come on... Look at'em! They dont have any gold medals! I do! I'm an Olympic Champion! It's damn true! And I believe, that if I find myself a tag team partner, that me and that partner, would kick the Outlaws' asses! OH, IT'S DAMN TRUE!!

[--Edge and Christian seem to think things over.... Edge speaks...--]

Edge: Ya' know, that sounds good, Kurt... Find yourself a partner, and you can face the Outlaws on Shock in a #1 Contenders match! Haha!

Kurt Angle: Ok! It's a deal, and pretty soon, I'll have that gold around my waist!

[--"YOU THINK YOU KNOW ME..." hits, and the fans cheer.... The Outlaws are pissed that they're not getting their immediate title shot...The teams leave soon after...--]

Raven & Dallas Page
Steve Austin & The Rock


[--Austin and Page start things out, and they begin throwing some wild punches at each other... Page takes the advantage and backs Austin into a corner, he slams some knees into Austin's mid-section, and tags in Raven.... Raven and Austin trade punches for a bit and Austin whips Raven to the ropes... Austin hits him with the Thesz Press, and begins laying in the punches! Austin walks over and tags in the Rock... Rock and Raven trade punches, and Raven whips Rock into his corner... DDP chokes Rock from the outside, and Raven continues laying in the shots... The ref makes DDP let go of the Rock, and Raven whips Rock into the ropes.... Rock ducks a Raven clothesline and hooks him for the SMACKDOWN DDT!! Rock shoots up from the mat and kicks Raven in the shoulder and slowly removes the elbow pad.... He runs to one side of the ropes, jumps Raven... Bounces off the other, and HE'S HIT WITH THE DIAMOND CUTTER!!!! DDP throws up the Diamond Cutter signal and Austin runs in the ring behind him, turns Page around.... Kick to the gut! STUNNER!!!! Raven's up and Austin turns around into the EVENFLOW!!!! Raven strikes the cross-pose and yells, but he's turned around, and the Rock uses the cross-pose to his advantage..... ROCK BOTTOM!!!!! Rock hooks the leg...1...2....3!!!!!! The Rock has won the match for his team!! Raven and Page roll out of the ring and leave... Austin has a man at ringside throw him a couple of beers... He throws one to the Rock, and the Rock just looks at him after catching it... Rock opens his up, as does Austin, and they begin giving each other an intense staredown, the crowd electricity is just insane... And then, just as the electricity reaches it's highest intensity, Rock and Austin clang the cans together, splashing suds everywhere and drink as the fans roar... We cut backstage....--]

WINNER: The Rock & Steve Austin

[--We see Kurt Angle walking down a hallway, looking for a partner no doubt... He looks around and sees no one... Kurt decides to walk to the back of the arena, and when he gets there, he sees.... RAVEN... Kurt approaches him...--]

Kurt Angle: Hey, Raven, would you happen to be interested in teaming up with me next week on Shock to take on the New Age Outlaws? Thanks to my participation, you could be a champion in no-time in Solid Gold... Oh, it's true...

Raven: So? Pick me... Pick someone else... I don't really care... But if it makes you happy, sure, I'll team with you... Your pleasure is my pain...

Kurt Angle: Um... Ok... Thanks, just be there next week! I mean, I can win it alone, but hey, what's the fun of being a tag title contender with no partner?

[--Kurt gives a weak laugh, and Raven doesn't join in.... Kurt just walks away as Raven continues brooding in his corner...--]

[--We cut to another backstage area where we see Arn Anderson.... He standing away from all the other superstars backstage, when we see two men in street clothes approach him.... The camera pans in on their faces and it's..... TWO OF SGW FORMER WORLD CHAMPIONS!! GOLDBERG AND BRET HART!!! Anderson looks glad to see them... He shakes their hands....--]

Arn Anderson: Boys, it's good to have you two back...

Bill Goldberg: Good to be back, Mr. Anderson... When me and Hitman heard you were having troubles with that little punk, we had to make the drive down here...

Bret Hart: Yeah, you just give us some time, Double A... And SGW tradition will be running wild..

[--We suddenly hear a voice from behind them....--]

Buh Buh Ray Dudley: Oh, look, Brother D-Von..... It's two of SGW's 'hall of famers'... More like 'hall of punk ass BITCHES', because it's full of pretty in pink f-f-f-f-FUCKS like you two!

D-Von Dudley: Testify!

Bill Goldberg: You got a problem?

Arn Anderson: Now, hold on here... We don't need to resort to any of this stuff back here.... Why don't you guys settle this in the ring... Next week on Shock, you can show these two, and in the process, show everyone else, exactly what SGW tradition is.... Now, Dudley Boyz... You two get on outta here, these two'll see you next week...

[--The Dudley Boyz laugh, say something about them being 'too old' and leave....--]

Arn Anderson: Anyway, you two... I made a phone call earlier to another old friend of mine...

[--We cut to the ring before we hear anything else.... Goldberg and Hart are back! What is up with this?--]

Johnny the Bull vs. Eddie Guerrero


[--Johnny and Eddie do a lot of high flying moves, and Eddie takes the advantage with a stiff dropkick... Johnny makes a quick comeback and drops Eddie with a lariat, but Eddie is back up quickly and on Johnny with a lot of stiff chops.... Johnny is backed into the corner, and Eddie sends some chops into his chest.... Johnny kicks up and hits Eddie in the groin, and then drops him with a bulldog!! Johnny goes up top and goes for the guillotine leg drop, but Eddie moves and Johnny hits nothin' but mat! Eddie locks Johnny in a reverse chin-lock, and Johnny powers out of it... Johnny gets back up and begins pounding Eddie in the head with big rights, and he drops him with a huge kick to the gut and PILEDRIVES HIM!!!! Johnny stands up and yells something inaudible at the crowd, but it gets a lot of boos... Eddie rolls him up for two, and Johnny gets pissed... He shoves Eddie into the corner and lands two huge rib shattering punches to Eddie's rib cage, and lands a stiff backhand across Eddie's face!!!! Eddie hits the mat already unconcious before he hit the ground!!!! Johnny picks up the unconcious Eddie Guerrero and props him against the ropes...AND SUPERKICKS HIM IN THE MOUTH!! Johnny covers the limp Eddie, and the ref counts.1...2....3!!!!! Johnny the Bull is the #1 Contender to the United States Title!!--]

WINNER: Johnny the Bull via Pinfall

[--The Rock and Austin are making their way backstage when they run into Shane McMahon.... Austin speaks...--]

Steve Austin: Hey, Shane, I need to talk to you about something....

Shane McMahon: What do you need, Austin...

Steve Austin: I think it's about time me and the Rock got ourselves a title match... WHAT? I said a title match!!

The Rock: I think what Austin is trying to say.... Is that it's about high time we get what we deserve in SGW...

Shane McMahon: You know, I agree.... You two deserve belts, and what better belt than the United States Championship?

Steve Austin: WHAT?

Shane McMahon: I said the United States championship, but since you two really haven't done anything to get a shot at it... Why dont you two..... FIGHT EACH OTHER for a shot at the U.S. title? Haha....

The Rock: Now, hold on a just a second!

Steve Austin: That's BULLSHIT!!

[--Dallas Page walks onto the scene....--]

Dallas Page: No! I'll tell ya' what's BULLSHIT!! Me bein' screwed over in my match because that goth freak couldn't hold his own!! I WANT WHAT I DESERVE!! I had these two buckets of scum BEAT until he screwed up!!

Shane McMahon: Sounds good, Rock vs. Page vs. Austin for a U.S. Title shot! Haha!

[--Shane chuckles and leaves.... Austin and the Rock just give Page a cold stare....--]

Dallas Page: ...what?

Steve Austin: WHAT!?!

[--We cut to the ring....--]

Ted Dibiase vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr.


[--Chavo begins taking the shots to Dibiase and whips him into the ropes... Chavo hits a flying shoulder block and picks Dibiase up... Chavo punches him over and over, and Chavo throws him into the corner.... Chavo hits a splash!! Dibiase is getting decimated!! Chavo picks Dibiase up, but Dibiase eyegouges him, and hits him with an atomic drop!! Dibiase whips Chavo into the turnbuckle and begins clubbing him with elbows and right hands.... Chavo tries to block, but Dibiase keeps firing in the shots, Dibiase laughs as he backs up, and Chavo runs at him, but TRIPS!!! VIRGIL TRIPPED CHAVO!! The Hurricane runs down and attacks Virgil!! The Hurricane drags Virgil to the back, and the fans roar as Chavo turns and eyeballs Dibiase... Chavo walks toward him and Dibiase gets down on his knees and begins begging him off!! Chavo walks up and grabs Dibiase by the hair and punches him in the forehead!! Dibiase continues trying to beg him off, and Chavo punches him again!!! Dibiase won't stop begging and he finally reaches into his tights and pulls out a small wad of cash!! He offers it to Chavo, and Chavo slaps it out of his hand!!!! CHAVO CAN'T BE BOUGHT!!!! Chavo yanks Dibiase off of his knees, whips him into the ropes, lands a kick to the gut, and hits the BRAINBUSTER!!!!! Chavo covers... 1..2..... Someone pulled Chavo out of the ring!! It's JOHNNY THE BULL!! Chavo and Johnny trade shots and the Hurricane returns again and he's got Molly with him!!! The Hurricane attacks Johnny and they brawl like mad until Johnny lays one thunderous right hand into the Hurricane's face and drops him unconcious!! Johnny grabs Molly and drags her to the back!!!! Chavo watches this carnage, and Dibiase grabs him from behind... MILLION DOLLAR DREAM!!!!! Chavo tries fighting it, but it's of no use!! Chavo begins to lose it as Dibiase gets nearer to the ropes, and Chavo kicks his feet up on the top turnbuckle, shoves off, and turns the move over on Dibiase into a pinning position!!!!! 1...2.. Dibiase kicks out!! Dibiase gets back up, and the ref tends to Chavo to see if he's ok, and with their back turned, Dibiase reaches into his tights to get some brass knucks! Chavo turns around to fight and walks right into a knuck shot!! Chavo hits the mat and Dibiase covers...1.......2........3!! Dibiase has won the damn match!! Dibiase grabs the title and holds it up, but wait!! Arn Anderson's music hits!! Anderson walks down the ramp and grabs the microphone... He tells them to roll some footage and good god! It's the footage of Dibiase hitting Chavo with the knucks!! The referee calls for the bell and takes the belt from Dibiase!!!! HE'S REVERSING THE DECISION!!!! Chavo is still the champion!!!!! Chavo leaves with the belt, and the Hurricane wakes up just in time to notice Molly is gone...--]

Chavo Guerrero Jr. via Disqualification

[--After Chavo and Dibiase have left the area, we hear.......--]

Judge Jeff Jones[over PA]: GUILTY...AS...CHARGED!!!

[--And as the fans start to boo, Mike Awesome's theme plays over the loudspeakers, and Awesome and Jones step out from behind the curtain. They don't oblige the fans by talking to them, although you can see that Awesome wants to cave in the heads of every person booing in the audience. They walk quickly down the aisle and get in the ring.  Jones produces a mic from amongst his judges' robes.  Jones grabs the mic.  And the boos...they rain in steadily.--]

Judge Jeff Jones: SGW.  The very letters imply crime.  This place reeks of filth.  I mean, come on.  This is the same place where Scott Steiner was allowed to harass an innocent bystander doing her job as a psychologist!  This is the same place where Raven and Gangrel were allowed to assault the same psychologist and steal confidential information about Scott Steiner!  This is the same place that allowed The Sandman to fornicate with a married woman!  This is the same place that allowed The Undertaker to BURN the office of the same psychologist!  These are all heinous crimes, and every single one of these men should have been brought to JUSTICE!  But what happens?

[--The boos, at this point, overtake Judge Jeff, prompting Mike Awesome to grab the microphone.--]

Mike Awesome: SHADDAP!  SHADDAP!!!

[--And of course, this makes it WORSE.  Judge Jeff whispers something into Awesome's ear, and the both of them decide to wait until the booing subsidees, which it eventually does.--]

Judge Jeff Jones: But what happens to all these lawbreakers?  They are allowed to roam free.  They were never brought to justice.  Heck, a lot of them were hailed as "champions" and "hall of famers".  This is the kind of company that Arn wants to run?  This is his idea of a champion, a role model?

[--Judge Jeff shakes his head.--]

Judge Jeff Jones: No wonder this company went bankrupt so many times under his leadership.  But all that has changed now.  Because Shane McMahon is a wise man...

[--Boos like you wouldn't believe.  When it stops...--]

Judge Jeff Jones: Because Shane McMahon is a man who values justice...

[--And more boos.  When THEY stop...--]

Judge Jeff Jones: He has requested our services.  He has asked that we come forth and dispense justice in this asylum for lawlessness.  And as a Judge, it's my duty to enforce justice.  So Arn Anderson, Tajiri, Chris Benoit, and the rest of you lawbreakers, I know you're watching somewhere, and I want you and everyone else to pay attention.  Arn Anderson, for the crime threatening with intent to injure a non-wrestler, you are GUILTY AS CHARGED!

[--MAAASSSSIVE boos.--]

Judge Jeff Jones: Tajiri, for the crimes of tresspassing and eavesdropping, you are GUILTY AS CHARGED!!!

[--God damn, I hope the SGW can replace this roof, because it's coming down right now.--]

Judge Jeff Jones: But you both have already met the executioner...

[--Jones smiles as his voice trails off and he motions towards Awesome, who looks at the camera like he's gonna kill whoever's watching.--]

Judge Jeff Jones: But there's someone out there who's escaped justice as of right now.


Judge Jeff Jones: Chris Benoit...

[--Cheers like you wouldn't believe.--]

Judge Jeff Jones: I watched you from the back at Total Destruction.  And I knew you were trouble from the moment I laid eyes on you.  Repeat offenders...they give off a certain aura.  And you are a repeat offender.


Judge Jeff Jones: The plebians don't believe me?

[--More boos.  Jones turns to the big screen.--]

Judge Jeff Jones: Roll the footage!  I give you exhibit A!

[--Footage rolls.  We see Benoit and Flair, talking.--]

Chris Benoit: And tonight, when I beat you, I want to beat you cleanly in front of Stu...

[--The footage immediately cuts to a shot of Benoit popping Flair in the head with the World Title.  The footage freezes for now.--]

Judge Jeff Jones: Did you see that?  It's proof enough for this judge to declare that, on the charges of deception and using a foreign object that is specified as illegal in Solid Gold's rulebook, page four hundred and sixty nine, article 66, section 6, Chris Benoit, you are GUILTY...AS CHARGED!!

[--Much more boos.--]

Judge Jeff Jones: But that's not all...let's roll the rest of the footage.

[--Roll the footage of Benoit taking Shane's hand and locking him in The Crossface.  This prompts cheers from the home crowd to go along with the cheers from the film.  Freeze on Shane screaming in The Crossface.  Jones is shaking his head in the ring.--]

Judge Jeff Jones: Shame, shame, shame, Mr. Benoit.  Not only are you guilty of deception and violating code 469:66:6, but it seems you've taken a lesson from your former Horseman stablemate Arn Anderson.  Chris Benoit, for the crime of assault with intent to injure, you are...GUILTY...AS...CHARGED!!!

[--Do I even have to tell you that the crowd is booing?--]

Judge Jeff Jones: And Chris...the executioner is coming for you.

[--The mic is FINALLY handed over to Awesome, and a lot of people are silent because they either fear him or want to hear what he has to say.--]

Mike Awesome: Chris Benoit...I hope you were paying attention at Total Destruction.  I hope you saw me knock old man Anderson back into a FUCKIN' RETIREMENT HOME!  I hope you watched on your little TV monitor as I threw that Japanese piece of shit right through the god-damned WALL!  Because you got lucky, punk.  You and Flair had to team up in the middle of that ring to stop me from breaking you in half the first time.  Now old man Flair is gone...bound for the same old foagie home that his ass-pirate buddy Arn is in!

[--Well, shit, there's boos cascading in from everywhere.--]

Mike Awesome: And you're the next man on the list.  You're the man hiding behind the ten pounds of gold and leather, thinking you can get away with whatever it is you damn well please.

[--Awesome shakes his head.--]

Mike Awesome: Not this time.  It ain't gonna happen.  One of these days, Chris, I'm gonna get you in that ring, one-on-one, and then...AWESOME BOMB! 1...2...3, and your days as champion...are fuckin' numbered.  Chris Benoit...


Mike Awesome[low, intense]: Say hello to your Executioner.

[--Awesome hands the mic back to Jones as his theme song plays again and they both walk out.--]

[--We cut to the parking lot where we see Johnny the Bull's car... We hear screaming, and suddenly Johnny walks onto the scene with Molly over his shoulder.... He puts her down and shoves her against the car...--]

Johnny the Bull: Stay right there! And if ya' move, I'll kill ya'!

[--Johnny open the trunk of his car and pulls out a big black bag... IT'S A BODY BAG!!!! He unzips it and FORCES MOLLY INSIDE!!! He zips it back up and tosses Molly inside the trunk... He twists and contorts inside the bag and something falls out of the trunk that Johnny doesn't notice... He gets in the front seat of the car and drives off just as the HURRICANE ARRIVES!!!! The Hurricane looks around for any clues, all he knows is that Johnny took Molly, and he just missed Johnny in his getaway car.... Suddenly, the Hurricane notices what fell out of Johnny's trunk...--]

The Hurricane: The Extreme championship belt.... JOHNNY!!! You will soon fall to my HURRI-STRENGTH!

[--The Hurricane throws down the belt and stomps on it, breaking the middle plate into three pieces...--]

The Hurricane: WHASSUPWITDAT!?!?!

[--He suddenly breaks into a run and we see what he was running towards.... THE HURRI-CYCLE!!! He hops on and takes off onto the street in search of Johnny the Bull and Molly!!--]