[--The SGW logo flashes across the screen and we immediately cut to a small montage of scenes of things that happened last week on Shock.... The video comes to a close and the fan response dies down a bit when suddenly we hear.... "HERE COMES THE MONEEEEEY......here we go.... money talks.... HERE COMES THE MONEY!"... The fans boo loudly as Shane McMahon walks out onto the ramp with a microphone in his hand... He walks down to the ring and soaks in the boos as he looks out at the crowd... He finally raises the microphone and speaks....--]

Shane McMahon: Thank you... Now, I have a few things to address tonight.... First being the... Con-Chair-To that Edge and Christian delivered to me last week on Shock.... Now, I'm not upset about this... In fact, I'm quite happy about it, because I know for a fact that Mike Awesome is going to make Edge an only-child once he EXECUTES Christian... Right here.... In this very ring.... As for Edge, he'll be going one on one with the psycho-path, Al Snow, and I think that's punishment enough for anyone... Second of all, that I'd like to address.... Is Arn Anderson's little gang of merry misfits.... Speaking of those misfits, welcome back, Goldberg, welcome back, Bret! Hahahaaa...

[--The fans boo LOUDLY and a lot of "GOLD-BERG" chants start up....--]

Shane McMahon: But I could care less about those two, those two don't even interest me... I'm more concerned about Anderson's.... OTHER acquaintance.... SCOTT.... STEINER... Now, Steiner, to put it simply.... You put your hands on me, and now it's your turn to get YOURS... And tonight, that will be exactly what happens when TAZ kicks YOUR ASS!!!!!

[--The fans continue booing loudly... Shane looks super-pissed and he continues...--]

Shane McMahon: Now, Arn.... I know you want SGW back.. And I know you'll go to any length to get it, but you know I won't give it up without a fight.... So I got to thinking... And since I'm a fair man, I'm going to give you the opportunity to win it back.... At HOLIDAY HELL on DECEMBER 23rd... Arn Anderson vs. Shane McMahon for the OWNERSHIP of SGW!!!!! If you win, Arn, if you win, I'm GONE..... GONE FOREVER!!!! And you can take SGW back to the stone age, and let Old School SGW run wild...... BUT I WONT LET THAT HAPPEN, ARN!!! I won't let that happen, because Bret Hart, Goldberg... Steiner.... THEY DONT HAVE IT ANYMORE!!!!

[--The fans boo loudly....--]

Shane McMahon: THEY DONT HAVE IT ANYMORE, because they're old school SGW wrestlers..... AND OLD SCHOOL SGW SUCKS!!!!! So, Arn, after Holiday Hell, when I'm done kicking your ass.. You and all of your OLD SCHOOL buddies can KISS MY ASS!!!!

[--The boos are so deafening now that it's hard to hear ANYTHING.... And then suddenly...... GOLDBERG'S MUSIC HITS!!!!!! The fans fuckin' EXPLODE!!!!! Goldberg walks out onto the ramp and begins making his way down to the ring.... Shane begins looking around for an escape route, and Goldberg steps into the ring... He backs Shane into a corner!!!! He just staring him right in the face and he takes Shane's microphone....--]

Bill Goldberg: I've been here ONE WEEK and I'm already sick of your damn mouth!! The only reason I don't rip your head off right now is because I'm comfortable with the FACT that while you're out here yappin', I'm gonna be kickin' your "new school" boys' asses all over SGW!!!!!! You just keep in mind, BOY, you think you've got problems with Anderson? FORGET ABOUT HIM, cause you've got PROBLEMS WITH ME!!!!!! And don't think for a second about screwing me over, because the first HINT I get of you trying to snub me, Hart, or anyone else, and so help me GOD, I'LL DRIVE YOUR ASS RIGHT THROUGH THAT MAT!!!!!!!

[--Goldberg throws down the microphone and just gives Shane this ultra-intense stare.... Shane looks ready to piss his pants... Goldberg breaks the stare and turns to exit the ring and behind his back.... SHANE FLIPS HIM OFF!!!!! GOLDBERG TURNS AND SEES HIM!!!!! Shane suddenly turns fuckin' PALE as Goldberg eyeballs him, Shane doesn't even notice that he's still flipping Goldberg off.... Goldberg suddenly hits the ropes and it's the SPEAR!!!!!!! HE HIT SHANE WITH THE SPEAR!!!!! The fans roar as Goldberg picks Shane up.... He lifts him up high and it's the JACKHAMMER!!!!!! Goldberg begins yelling at the crowd and receiving MASSIVE cheers for it... But Goldberg's not finished!!! Shane staggers to his feet, and Goldberg whips his almost unconcious body to the ropes and FLINGS SHANE OVER THE TOP ROPE AND THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!!!!!! Goldberg grabs the top rope and yells loudly, shaking them!!! His music hits as EMTs flood the ringside area to help Shane... Goldberg leaves ringside as the fans roar and chant his name.....--]

Big Van Vader vs. Sting
Shawn Michaels vs. Jeff Jarrett
Chris Kanyon vs. Chris Jericho


[--The bell rings and we've suddenly got a lot of people pairing off... Vader and Earthquake go at it in one corner... Kanyon and Chris Jericho battle it out in another... Shawn Michaels and Sting brawl, an Jeff Jarrett begins helping Earthquake attack Vader... Vader fights through them and clotheslines Jarrett out of the ring!! Kanyon whips Jericho to the ropes and hits a flying clothesline! Kanyon picks Jericho up.... FLATLINER!!!!! Kanyon covers..1...2...3!!!! Kanyon has struck first blood by eliminating Chris Jericho!!! Seconds later, Vader slams Earthquake down and he climbs to the second rope..... VADER SPLASH!!!! He covers.1....2.....3!!!!! Earthquake is gone!!! Michaels begins tuning up the band for some Sweet Chin Music and he lays down Sting hard!! He covers..1...2......3!!!! Sting is gone!! Jarrett slides in behind Michaels, and before he can turn around it's the STROKE!!!! Jarrett covers...1....2.....3!!!! Michaels is gone!! Vader, Jarrett, and Kanyon begin brawling it out, and Jarrett throws a clothesline at Kanyon, but Kanyon ducks it and hits him with the FLATLINER!!!! He covers..1...2.....3!!!!! Jarrett's gone!! It's down to Kanyon and Vader and Kanyon gets out of the ring and LEAVES!!!!! Kanyon is leaving Vader in the ring!!!! Vader snorts like a bad ass as he watches Kanyon leave the ring... The ref calls for the bell and awards Vader the match!!!!!!--]

WINNER: Big Van Vader via Forfeit

[--We cut backstage where we see Shane being loaded into an ambulance.... Most of SGW's superstars are watching on, and a large majority of them are APPLAUDING and WHISTLING as Shane is whisked away in the ambulance.... A majority of them, excluding..... MIKE AWESOME.... Awesome looks around as the superstars cheer on Shane's injury...--]

Mike Awesome: SHADDAP!!! SHADDAP!!!!

[--The Judge steps forward....--]

Judge Jeff Jones: You are all the most vile criminals I have ever seen, cheering on your very own bosses injuries!! The man who gave you your job! The man who is basically feeding your families!! You all make me sick!! NO RESPECT!! And if showing no respect was a jailable offense, you would all be found.... GUILTY....AS....CHARGED!!!!!

Mike Awesome: YOU'RE ALL FUCKED!!!!!

[--The other superstars have grown quiet, and Jones and Awesome walk away from them.... Edge and Christian, standing in the crowd, comment on the situation....--]

Christian: I wonder if he wants any tea to go with those bitch cakes?

Edge: Haha... BURN!

[--We go to the ring.....--]

The New Age Outlaws
Kurt Angle & Raven


[--Angle and Road Dogg start things off and Angle dominates the match like crazy, hitting Road Dogg with lots of suplexes and submission holds, but Road Dogg manages to tag in Billy! Gunn and Angle trade shots and Gunn dominates the brawling, and hits Angle in the gut with a stiff kick... He goes for the FAME-ASSER, but Angle ducks out of it and hits the OLYMPIC SLAM!!!!! Angle covers...1...2..... Road Dogg breaks the count!! Angle tags in Raven and Raven goes to work on Gunn.... Gunn fights back and drops Raven with a stiff neckbreaker.... He covers but only gets two... Raven gets back up and whips Gunn to the ropes... Gunn goes for a clothesline but Raven ducks it and gives Gunn a hard shove through the ropes and to the outside!! Road Dogg jumps in and so does Angle!!!! Angle belly-to-belly suplexes Road Dogg out of the ring!!!! Gunn slides back in and Raven kicks him in the gut...... EVENFLOW!!!!! He covers..1...2.....3!!!!!! The odd pairing of Angle and Raven have won the match!!!!--]

Raven & Kurt Angle via Pinfall

[--We cut backstage where we see Rob Van Dam is just arriving in the building tonight... He walks inside the building where he is suddenly confronted by Dean Malenko.... RVD doesn't really know what Malenko could want so he looks a bit confused....--]

Rob Van Dam: Um... Hey, Dean-O, what's happening?

Dean Malenko: I just wanted to warn you... Storm, Venis, and Corino are somewhere in the arena tonight making plans to take you out... Your match tonight... It's not going to be a 4-Corners Match, they're going to take it to you three on one....

Rob Van Dam: It doesn't surprise me, but then again... What does? After all, I am... *points to self* R-V-D...

[--Malenko kind of cracks a smile... He then gets a serious look on his face and speaks in a low voice....--]

Dean Malenko: Last week... I know that marijuana wasn't yours.... Everybody knows Venis is just messing with you.. If things get out of hand tonight I'll be right there by your side.... I believe in old school wrestling just like Storm and Corino, but I think the way they carry out their beliefs is horse crap... Just watch your back tonight... Don't worry about anything....

[--Malenko gives RVD a slap on the shoulder and walks away.... RVD smiles..--]

Rob Van Dam: What? Me worry? He must be forgetting who he's talking to!

[--RVD chuckles and walks away....--]

Rhyno vs. Billy Kidman


[--Before the match even starts, we hear TAZ'S THEME!!!! Taz charges out and drops Kidman with a T-BONE TAZ-PLEX!!!! Rhyno charges in for the GORE but Taz moves and Rhyno hits nothing but air, and Taz locks him in the TAZMISSION!!!!! Taz chokes Rhyno out like a bitch and officially ENDS Rhyno's path of destruction!! Taz has done the unthinkable and stopped the Rhyno!!!! Taz poses as the fans give a mixed reaction.... Taz grabs the SGW Extreme Championship and leaves..... What does he want with that belt!?! IT'S NOT HIS!!--]

WINNER: No Match Took Place

[--We cut backstage where we see Kanyon grabbing his bags and heading out of the building.... But Michael Cole is able to stop him before he can leave.... Kanyon looks to be in a rush...--]

Michael Cole: Kanyon! Kanyon! Where are you going!?! Why did you walk out on your match like that!?

[--Kanyon yells into the microphone with his lispy voice....--]

Chris Kanyon: First off, it's none o'your business where I'm goin'!! Second, who says the 'MVP' should risk life and limb for SGW!?! ME fight VADER!?! Are you insane!? I don't get paid enough for this!! But just to show that I'm not a wash-out, I'll challenge ANYBODY to a match on Shock next week!! ANYBODY!!! Now, get outta my face, Cole!!

[--Kanyon storms out of the building and leaves as Cole looks bewildered....--]

Steve Austin vs. The Rock
Dallas Page


[--Page jumps directly onto the Rock and begins laying in some fists... Austin pulls DDP off of him and lays a stiff right into his face... Page and Austin brawl for a bit and the Rock jumps in... Rock and Austin double-team Page and they take him down and give him the wishbone stretch!!! Page yells in pain as they pull on him... Page gets back up and sends the Rock over the top rope with a spinning clothesline!! Rock and Page brawl it out, and Page drops Austin with an atomic drop!!!! Rock slides back in and Page begins taking it to him with a series of lefts and rights... Rock shoves Page out of the corner and Page throws a big right.... Rock ducks it.. ROCK BOTTOM!!!!! Page is down!! Rock stands back up after the move and is turned around by Austin...... STUNNER!!!!! Austin covers the Rock!! 1...2...... PAGE BREAKS THE COUNT!! Page gets back up, and he and Austin brawl... Austin whips Page to the ropes and Page throws a clothesline, Austin ducks it, Page turns....STUNNER!!!! Austin covers..1.2..... Rock pulls Austin off of him!! Rock and Austin have an intense stare down which culminates in the Rock giving DDP a small kick to the shoulder.... Austin, understanding, steps back and the Rock goes from rope to rope.... PEOPLE'S ELBOW ON PAGE!!!! The Rock starts go for a cover but... KICK! STUNNER!!!!!!! Austin covers Page!! 1....2.....3!!!!! AUSTIN HAS WON THE MATCH!!!!! Page rolls out of the ring and the Rock gets back up... Austin celebrates and then turns and sees the Rock staring at him... They have an intense stare down and we see the Rock mouth 'Congratulations' and crack a small smile... Rock leaves the ring and Austin celebrates...--]

WINNERS: Steve Austin via Pinfall

[--We cut backsage where we see Michael Cole standing by with Taz....--]

Michael Cole: Taz... Earlier tonight, you interfered in the Extreme Title match and---

Taz: SHUT DA' FUCK UP, COLE!! Yeah! I interered in the fuckin' match!! I did what I felt was the right thing and that was choke that pussy, Rhyno, out, throw Kidman around like a rag doll and then took what they DON'T deserve to be fighting for...... THE EXTREME TITLE!!! This is MY belt now, Cole.... MY BELT!!! And if anyone wants it..... COME AND FUCKIN' GET IT... CAUSE I'M TAZ!! THE HUMAN SUPLEX MACHINE!! BEAT ME IF YOU CAN!!!! SURVIIIIIIIVE!!!!! IF I LET YOU!!!!

[--Taz shoves the belt into the camera and we cut to the ring.....--]

Hulk Hogan vs. Ted Dibiase


[--Hogan and Dibiase lock up, and Hogan takes the advantage... Hogan begins beating on Dibiase with a vengeance and drops him with some big right hands!! He whips Dibiase to the ropes and hits a BIG BOOT!!!! IT COULD END RIGHT NOW!! Hogan goes to the ropes.... LEG DROP!!!! He covers..1...2....... Dibiase kicks out!! DIBIASE KICKED OUT OF THE FUCKIN' LEG DROP!!!!! Hogan stands up and he can't believe it!! Hogan is extremely pissed and he waits for Dibiase to stand up... Hogan runs at him and clotheslines him down to the mat!! Hogan picks him back up and begins dominating him with several power moves, but Dibiase manages to use his smaller size to get behind Hogan and hook the MILLION DOLLAR DREAM!!! But Hogan grabs Dibiase's arm and POWERS OUT OF IT!!!!!!! NOBODY CAN DO THAT!!!! Hogan throws Dibiase off of him and whips Dibiase to the ropes..... BIG BOOT but Dibiase ducks it and gets behind Hogan for another MILLION DOLLAR DREAM!! Hogan fights out of it again, and Dibiase whips Hogan to the ropes, Hogan accidentally bumps the ref and VIRGIL slides in!! Virgil has the Million Dollar belt!! HE SMACKS HOGAN WITH IT!!!! Dibiase crawls over to cover him and the ref awakes just in time....1........2........... HOGAN KICKED OUT!!! Hogan stands up and he begins HULKING UP!!!! He drops Dibiase with a big right hand, and another, and another, and he whips Dibiase to the ropes..... BIG BOOT!!!! He goes to the ropes... LEG DROP!!!! HOGAN COVERS!!!!!! 1......2.......3!!!!!! HOGAN WINS!!!!! Hogan celebrates as the fans roar and chant his name....--]

WINNER: Hulk Hogan via Pinfall

[--We cut backstage where we see Goldberg preparing for his match... Chris Benoit walks onto the scene holding the SGW World Title... Goldberg eyeballs him as he enters... Benoit just smiles and speaks...--]

Chris Benoit: Looks good on me, don't you think?

Bill Goldberg: Whatever.

Chris Benoit: I thought you'd act like this... But I suppose it should be expected that you'd get your panties in a bunch knowing that the only way you'll ever get this belt again is by going through me...

Bill Goldberg: That wouldn't be a problem, Benoit.. I would literaly... GO.... THROUGH YOU...

Chris Benoit: That's almost funny, Bill... It's a shame you're so damn pathetic.... A shell of your former self.... You're NOTHING... Just like Chavo is nothing... You see, you're all wrapped up in your little vendetta with McMahon, and your friendship with Anderson.... By keeping my nose out of it, I've come out of it a better man... A better CHAMPION... And look at you... Tonight you're defending old school SGW's honor.... Even though old school SGW is DEAD....

[--Goldberg springs up and pins Benoit against the wall....--]

Bill Goldberg: LISTEN, PUNK!!! Keep talkin'.... JUST..KEEP...TALKIN'... Because I've got no problem shuttin' your damn mouth...

[--Arn Anderson quickly runs onto the scene and steps between them...--]

Arn Anderson: Both of you, stop it.... Benoit get outta here... We've got other things to think about and right now, you and your belt aren't our top priority...

[--Benoit smiles and leaves as Goldberg just stares at him.... We cut to the ring...--]

Edge vs. Al Snow


[--Edge and Al begin with some light brawling action which quickly segues into some quick chain wrestling.... Snow whips Edge to the ropes and Edge bounces back with a stiff drop kick, leaving Snow on the mat.... Edge and Snow trade punches, and Snow dominates in the brawling department.... Snow backs Edge into the corner and begins laying in some stiff rights, and Edge drops Snow with a kick to the gut and a neckbreaker.... Snow gets back up and Edge lays in some kicks... Edge whips Snow to the ropes and Edge tries for a back drop, but Snow gets out of it and hits the SNOW PLOW!!!!!! Snow covers.1....2..... EDGE GOT THE FOOT ON THE ROPE!!!! Edge slowly gets back to his feet and Snow jumps him with a barriage of punches and kicks... Snow has Edge weakened badly and he lifts Edge up for the Snow Plow, but Edge drops behind him and turns Snow around!!! Kick to the gut!!!! EDGE-A-CUTIONER!!!! Edge covers...1....2......3!!!!!! Edge has pulled out the victory!!!--]

WINNER: Edge via Pinfall

[--We cut backstage where we see Mike Awesome on a pay-phone with someone... Awesome seems totally pumped...--]

Mike Awesome: YEAH!! DAMN RIGHT!!!!

[--There's a pause as Awesome listens to someone on the other end....--]

Mike Awesome: Don't worry for a second, Mr. McMahon!! YEAH!! Main event won't be no problem!!

[--He's talking to Shane, obviously...A small pause....--]

Mike Awesome: Yeah.... Chavo won't even come close... I'll make sure of that.... I'll make DAMN sure of that...

[--He pauses again..Shane must be saying something important.... A smile spreads across his face.....--]

Mike Awesome: The SGW legends... Yes, Mr. McMahon..... I'LL FUCK THEM UP!!!!!!

[--Awesome slams down the phone so hard that it breaks the receiver clean off... Awesome storms off looking extremely ready for whatever he has planned....--]