[--The SGW logo flashes across the screen and the fans erupt in cheers..... We get to see a nice long video montage re-capping all of Chavo Guerrero Jr.'s achievements and big wins.... The video comes to a close with a close-up of Chavo holding up the SGW World Heavyweight Championship... The belt he worked for so long to achieve.... The video fades out as the fans give a standing ovation.... And then Chavo's music hits... The fans erupt and Chavo walks down to the ring with the Heavyweight Championship around his waist, and Pepe in his hand.... The crowd response is DEAFENING.... Chavo gets in the ring and takes a microphone from the ring announcer.... He waits for the chants of his name to die down, and he speaks...--]

Chavo Guerrero Jr.: Thank you! Thank you all! I finally did it!!

Pepe: .. . . . . ..... . ..

Chavo Guerrero Jr.: Yes, Pepe! We ARE on top of the world!! I am finally where I've always wanted to be... I have the SGW World Heavyweight Championship... I am THE champion.... Last week, when I pinned Chris Benoit's shoulders to the mat, and I won this belt... It was the happiest moment of my whole entire life!

Pepe: .. . . .. .

Chavo Guerrero Jr.: And Pepe's too!

[--The fans cheer, and suddenly..... "YOU THINK YOU KNOW ME...." hits.... The fans cheer as the SGW World Tag Team Champions come down to ringside with huge smiles on their faces.... Christian has his title belt around his waist and is carrying a nice big cake! They get in the ring and Edge produces a microphone from his tights.... Chavo looks very happy to see them....--]

Edge: Chavo, dude, major congratulatations! If anybody in SGW deserved it, besides me or Big C, it's definitely you!

[--Christian speaks into Edge's microphone while holding the cake....--]

Christian: And we got you this totally sweet ass double layered cake! Even though it's like, a birthday cake, sorry man, it's all we could find...

[--The camera pans in to the cake where we see the words "HAPPY 16th BIRTHDAY"... Christian quickly sets the cake on the mat and reaches into his tights revealing....... A KAZOO!!--]

Chavo Guerrero Jr.: Thank you both, so much! This is such an honor! To be champion, to be congratulated by my friends....

Edge: But there's more! Me and Big C put together a little musical number just for you! Play a little note to get us started, C-Man!

Christian: [Plays Kazoo]


Christian: [Plays Kazoo]


[--SCOTT STEINER'S MUSIC HITS!!! Edge and Christian both look towards the ramp, and Chavo unsnaps his belt and puts it over his shoulder.... Steiner walks out onto the ramp and he looks SUPER-FUCKIN-PISSED..... He has a microphone in his hand... He points up at the ring as E&C and Chavo look ready for battle.... Steiner raises the microphone and speaks.....--]

Scott Steiner: I tried stayin' in the back.... I tried mindin' my own damn business and lettin' you three homos have your little gay pride meeting... But I don't think I'm alone here when I say i've seen enough of this happy HORSESHIT!! Chavo Guerrero... When I was champion, that belt MEANT SOMETHIN'... And when I was wearin' it, and you were standin' across the ring lookin' at it, that meant your ass belonged to me... But on you... That belt ain't nothing but a damn DEATH WISH on you.... So I'm gonna do you a favor...

[--Chavo looks pissed....--]

Chavo Guerrero Jr.: And what's that, Steiner?

Scott Steiner: Shut the fuck up, bitch! If I wanted you to open your damn mouth, I'd rattle my zipper! Now, back to what I was sayin'.... I'm gonna do you a damn favor, the favor of takin' that piece of tin off of your 150lb, when it's soaking wet, body!!

Chavo Guerrero Jr.: It's a non-title match, Steiner!! This belt's staying with me!

Scott Steiner: SHUT UP!! I'm making a challenge, Chavo!! I'm makin' you a god damn challenge, if you DESERVE that belt.... IF YOU THINK YOU CAN HOLD ON TO IT.... Put it on the line!! Because if you can't beat me, then you're not a champion... You're not THE MAN!! And that's going to eat at you until the day you DIE!! Because you know as long as I'm here, I AM THE MAN!!!!!! Put the belt on the line, Chavo.... Put the damn belt on the line!!

[--Chavo thinks things over and E&C tell him not to do it... They tell him it's not smart after all those Benoit suplexes he took last week.... They try to convince him.... But....--]

Chavo Guerrero Jr.: It's on the line.... I am the champion, Steiner... And tonight, I will prove it... By any....means.... necessary....

[--Steiner begins laughing and he speaks as he backs back up the ramp...--]

Scott Steiner: Heh heh.... Thank you...

[--E&C both look VERY distressed as Chavo just watches Steiner laugh and walk away.... They all eventually leave and we have our first match....--]

Jeff Jarrett vs. Shawn Michaels
Chris Jericho


[--Jericho and Jarrett quickly begin trading shots, and Michaels throws his hand into the game with some big rights... Jarrett and Jericho both send Michaels to the mat with some stiff right hands and Michaels rolls out of the ring.... Jericho and Jarrett trade punches, and Jericho whips Jarrett to the ropes.... Jericho runs at him and it's the FACEBUSTER!!!! Jarrett hits the mat hard, and Michaels hops up onto the apron... Jericho jumps up onto the turnbuckle.... MISSILE DROP KICK!!!! It sends Michaels crashing to the mat below, and Jarrett gets back to his feet.... Jericho jumps up onto the ropes and dropkicks Jarrett down!! Jericho runs across the ring...... LIONSAULT!!!!! Jericho covers Jarrett..1....2.....3!!!!! Chris Jericho has won the match!!! Jericho leaves the ring celebrating as we cut to the back....--]

WINNER: Chris Jericho via Pinfall

[--We cut backstage where we see Vader pacing around.... Harley Race & Trish just sit and watch...--]

Big Van Vader: TONIGHT!!!! Tonight Rob Van Dam becomes road kill!! That TV title is mine!!!! R-V-D is a D-M-W!! DEAD MAN WALKING!!!!

[--Hulk Hogan walks onto the scene, and he looks pretty pissed at something.... Vader, without saying a word, just gets in Hogan's face.... Hogan begins talking...--]

Hulk Hogan: You know somethin', Vader, dude? You talk a lotta talk, you talk a lotta trash, and I think it's about time you backed it up in the ring... And I don't mean against six other losers, brah, I mean against someone who can fight back, not some 150lb cruiserweight that you can just toss around!!


Hulk Hogan: YEAH!! I wanna see if you can back up what you hype up, brah!!

Big Van Vader: HOLIDAY HELL, HOGAN!! ME AND YOU!!!! And after I squash the hell outta RVD and win his TV title, I'll put that one the LIIIIIINE!!!!

[--Hogan and Vader are now right up in each others' faces..... Suddenly, Dallas Page walks onto the scene....--]

"Diamond" Dallas Page: Well, well, look at YOU TWO.... Better be careful with him, Big V, he'll break!

Hulk Hogan: Stay outta this page, this doesn't involve you, dude!

"Diamond" Dallas Page: Oh, I think it does! You see, right now, I should be involved in the U.S. Title match at Holiday Hell.... BUT I'M NOT.... whatever.... So, I say Vader talks a lotta trash, YOU talk a lotta trash, and where does that leave me? D-D-P? I like takin' out the trash, which means you two!

Big Van Vader: You want a piece of this action, little man?

"Diamond" Dallas Page: You're damn right I do!! I want to kick both of your asses, and Vader, if you get your hands on that belt tonight..... I'm going to take it from you at Holiday Hell!! You two be ready... Cause you're both gonna get BANGED! Haha...

[--Page laughs and walks away.... Vader just stares him down and Hogan leaves all pissed off.... We cut to the ring....--]

Chris Candido vs. Mankind
Triple H vs. Dean Malenko


[--Triple H and Malenko pair off in one corner, while Chris Candido and Mankind pair off in the other... Triple H destroys Malenko with tons of punches and kicks... Triple H whips Malenko to the ropes and gives him a hard kick to the gut.... PEDIGREE!! Triple H covers..1....2......3!!! Malenko is gone! Triple H charges and clotheslines Candido out of the ring, and Mankind begins clubbing at Triple H... Triple H whips Mankind into the corner so hard that he bounces out of it and Triple H kicks him..... PEDIGREE!!!! He covers..1...2.....3!!!! Triple H celebrates and Candido slides back into the ring... Candido and Triple H trade punches, and Candido throws a wild uppercut, but Triple H ducks it and turns Candido around.... KICK! PEDIGREE!!! He covers..1....2.....3!!!! Triple H has won the match!!--]

WINNER: Triple H via Pinfall

[--We cut backstage where we see SHANE McMAHON for the first time since Goldberg demolished him last week... Shane looks like he's in severe pain everytime he moves, and he's in a WHEEL CHAIR.... Judge Jeff Jones is standing along side him....--]

Judge Jeff Jones: Mr. McMahon... You need not worry about Bill Goldberg on this night... His crimes against you, assault & battery, traumatization, and his obvious intentions of murdering you will not go unpunished, for tonight, COURT IS IN SESSION....

Shane McMahon: Jeff.. You're right about one thing.... Goldberg WILL pay for what he's done... I can hardly even move after going through that table, I mean, look at me, Jeff... This is a lawsuit waiting to happen.... Goldberg's lucky I'm not a vengeful man or I would've sued his ass, but I'm going to one up him....

Judge Jeff Jones: How so, Mr. McMahon?

Shane McMahon: I'm obviously too injured to wrestle at Holiday Hell..

Judge Jeff Jones: Yes, obviously... You can't even walk on your own two feet....

Shane McMahon: So, naturally, I'll have to find a replacement....

Judge Jeff Jones: Who?

[--Shane smiles and motions for the Judge to lean over.... Shane whispers something in his ear...--]

Judge Jeff Jones: Hahahahaaaa.... That's genius, Mr. McMahon.... PURE GENIUS...

[--Jones and Shane laugh as we cut to the next match....--]

Steve Corino vs. The Hurricane


[--The Hurricane and Corino go at with some straight mat-wrestling to start, and Hurricane tries to take the advantage but Corino manages to latch on with a painful wristlock submission hold!! Hurricane gets to the ropes, and the two begin trading punches.... Corino and Hurricane take several hard shots and Hurricane whips Corino into the ropes... Hurricane goes for a HURRI-KICK but Corino ducks it and gets behind him, Hurricane turns around and it's a SUPERKICK from CORINO!! Hurricane hits the mat and Corino covers..1...2....3!!!!! Steve Corino has won the match!!--]

WINNER: Steve Corino via Pinfall

[--The action clears out of the ring and the fan response dies down a bit.... Suddenly, the fans almost explode when they hear..... "IF YA' SMEEEELLLLLLLLLL.....WHAT THE ROCK.....IS...COOKIN'..."... The Rock walks out onto the ramp with purpose in his step... He gets in the ring and grabs a microphone as the millions of fans chant his name.... The Rock raises the microphone and speaks....--]


[--The fans erupt...--]

The Rock: Now, the Rock is out here to address two things.... First.... TED...DIBIASE... Now, Ted Dibiase, you come out here week in and week out flaunting your money, flaunting your possessions, and flaunting your bald man-slave like the Rock really gives a damn.... Ted Dibiase, do you think you IMPRESS THE ROCK? The Rock doesn't think so!!

[--"ROCKY" chants break out all over the arena....--]

The Rock: Because ya' see, Teddy... You may have MILLIONS of DOLLARS... But the Rock has millions of ONE THING, and that one thing is the only thing the Rock needs.... The Rock has MILLIONS...... AAAAAND MILLIONS of fans.. Something you'll never have, Ted...

[--"MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEEEEEY....." hits and the fans erupt in boos as the Rock looks at the ramp as if he's been greatly offended.... Ted Dibiase walks out onto the ramp with the Million Dollar Championship over his shoulder.... He has a microphone of his own....--]

Ted Dibiase: Hahahaaa.... Are you finished yet, Rocky? Because I've grown tired of your pathetic ramblings... After all, it's quite apparent, Rocky, that within five seconds, I could buy you and everyone you know and love...

The Rock: Ted Dibiase.... KNOW YOUR ROLE and SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!! Of course the Rock isn't finished... When The Rock came out here, he said he had two things to address... One was you.... And the other... Is your Million Dollar Championship.....

Ted Dibiase: What do you want with MY championship, Rocky? It's far too rich for your blood...Hahahaaaa...

The Rock: Dibiase, from day one since you came here to SGW, you've won more matches with your belt than you have with your Million Dollar Dream.... And it's about time someone took that worthless hunk of tin from around your waist.... And that someone.... IS THE ROCK... What do you say, Dibiase.... The Rock vs. The Million Dollar Man... At Holiday..... HELL...

[--Dibiase seems to think things over....--]

Ted Dibiase: You know what? FINE... hahahaa... You got it, Rocky, I'll humor you, and after I've defeated you and showed you exactly why you're not Million Dollar Material, maybe you'll do what's best for your health and stay out of the business of the Million Dollar Corporation.... Or maybe, you'll do what's right for your family, accept a few green backs and... Join us?

[--The Rock cracks a smile....--]

The Rock: Ted Dibiase... That's a nice offer, and there's nothing the Rock would love more than to join the Mill-... AHHH SHUT YOUR MOUTH YA' MILLION DOLLAR JABRONIE!! The Rock doesn't have a price and your ROOOOOODY POO CANDY ASS KNOWS IT!! But you can rest assured Dibiase.... At Holiday Hell, the Rock WILL take your money... In fact... He'll take EVERY single cent of your money... And he's going to put it in a big fat bag with a nice big green dollar sign on it....

[--The fans are roaring.... Dibiase looks a bit pissed....--]

The Rock: And the Rock is going to take that bag of your money... And he's going to turn that sumbitch SIDEWAYS and STICK IT STRAIGHT UP YOUR CANDY ASSSSS!!!!

[--Dibiase looks incredibly pissed....--]


[--The fans erupt and Dibiase storms off to the back... The Rock follows soon after... The Rock vs. Ted Dibiase for the Million Dollar Championship at Holiday Hell!! We have our next match....--]

Sting & Kevin Nash
The Insane Clown Posse


[--Sting and Violent J start things out.... Sting dominates with some stiff offense, and drops J with a hard chop to the chest... Sting drops J with a few more chops and a drop kick, and J manages to tag in Shaggy.... Shaggy runs in and clotheslines Sting hard, and begins taking it to him with a series of punches and kicks!! Sting walks over to make the tag, he tags in Nash and Nash steps in.... But NASH BIG BOOTS STING!!! Sting hits the mat hard and the ICP both jump on Nash!! Nash tosses J over the top rope and J hits the floor hard!! HE'S OUT!! Shaggy runs at Nash and Nash kicks him in the gut!! JACKNIFE!!!!! Nash covers...1.....2.......3!!!!! Kevin Nash has won the match!! Nash picks up Sting, who is still down from the big boot and JACKNIFES him as well!! Nash leaves laughing as the three men in paint lay out cold...--]

WINNER: Kevin Nash via Pinfall

[--We cut backstage where we see Chris Benoit working out in his dressing room.... He's getting ready for his match with Goldberg... Benoit stops working out for a few seconds and the door to his room opens up... Mike Awesome pushes Shane into the room in his wheel chair... Benoit stands up and walks over.. He looks confused as to why they could be here....--]

Shane McMahon: Chris... Don't do anything stupid unless you want your ass Awesome Bombed right through the floor....

Chris Benoit: Whatever, McMahon.... Get to the point... Why are you here?

Shane McMahon: I'm here to wish you luck in your match at Holiday Hell...

Chris Benoit: Why's that? I don't even have a match yet...

Shane McMahon: Chris, I'm about to give it to you... It's a match I'm sure you'll appreciate... You see, last week, thanks to Bill Goldberg, you lost a belt that you've fought for, bled for, and damn near died in a cage to win it... Thanks to that big bald BITCH, you lost the highest achievement anyone in SGW can garner....

Chris Benoit: True... Very true, McMahon... But you still haven't told me why you're here...

Shane McMahon: I think it's pretty obvious... Ever since you put me in that CrossFace at No Remorse, I haven't been your biggest fan, but dammit, I've respected you and stayed out of your business ever since... And when I saw Chavo Guerrero pin you for that championship, I almost puked my guts out.... So, I'm going to give you the opportunity to regain what you lost so unfairly.... You'll be in the ring with the winner of the World Title match tonight at Holiday Hell.....

[--Benoit smiles....--]

Chris Benoit: Shane... You just made me a happy man....

Shane McMahon: You just make sure you take care of Goldberg tonight... Or I'll make you a dead one..

[--Awesome slaps Shane on the shoulder and gives an evil smile at Benoit.... Awesome rolls Shane out of the room and Benoit just watches them leave as we cut to the ring for the next match....--]

Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair
- -
Al Snow vs. Eddie Guerrero


[--Hogan begins taking it to Flair rather quickly, and Snow and Guerrero are going at some fast paced action!! Hogan whips Flair to the ropes and BIG BOOT!! BIG LEG DROP!!!! Hogan covers..1...2....3!!!! Hogan just pinned Flair in under 30 seconds!! Guerrero and Snow battle it out some more and Snow hits the SNOW PLOW out of nowhere for the 1..2....3!!!! Hogan jumps Snow quickly and whips him into the ropes.... BIG BOOT!!! LEG DROP!!!! Hogan covers...1.....2.....3!!!!! HOGAN HAS WON THE MATCH!! Hogan begins celebrating and before he's finished VADER COMES CHARGING DOWN!! Vader slides in and gives Hogan a stiff kick to the gut.... VADER BOMB!!!! HE JUST VADER BOMBED HULK HOGAN!!!! Vader barks and grunts for a few seconds when Dallas Page runs down!! Page slides in and begins stomping on Hogan!! He punches Hogan while he's down and when he's finished, he turns to Vader and offers his hand to shake.... The fans are booing loudly as it looks like Page and Vader have formed an alliance against Hogan.... Vader ACCEPTS the handshake!!!! But he pulls Page toward him!! KICK! VADER BOMB!!!!!! Vader goes to each turnbuckle and taunts the fans... He leaves as the fans boo.....--]

WINNER: Hulk Hogan via Pinfall

[--We cut backstage where we see Shane McMahon watching the night's action on a monitor.... He has Mike Awesome standing behind him, keeping guard.... Jeff Jones stands along side them.... They all seem to be concentrating pretty hard on the monitor when the door to their dressing room swings open and WILLIAM REGAL steps inside.... Awesome looks ready to jump him, but Jones holds him back... Shane speaks...--]

Shane McMahon: What do you want, Regal?

William Regal: Well, Mr. McMahon, I was sitting in my dresssing room when I saw on my monitor that, in your weakened position, you might be in need of some assistance...

Shane McMahon: What are you trying to say? You saying that just because I'm a little busted up that I can't take care of myself or something?

William Regal: Lord no, Mr. McMahon! I simply meant is there any task you'd like me to perform.... Any rancid toe rags you'd like to see dispatched?

[--Shane looks back at Awesome....--]

Shane McMahon: Regal.... If I need anyone eliminated, I'll ask Mr. Awesome back here.... But since you did feel the need to come in here and offer your services, I'll give you a small assignment....

William Regal: Yes, Mr. McMahon... Thank you, what may I ask is my assignment?

Shane McMahon: Tonight, you make DAMN sure that Chris Kanyon leaves tonight as the Extreme Champion... Got me?

William Regal: Oh, yes, Mr. McMahon, I certainly do 'get you'... There's no way hell I shall be besmirched in my task... Sir, may I ask who Kanyon will be facing that I am supposed to keep from defeating him?

Shane McMahon: Taz...

[--A look of disgust hits Regal's face as he hears the name....--]

William Regal: Taz.... Bloody hell... It will be done, Mr. McMahon... Chris Kanyon will leave tonight as the champion...

Shane McMahon: Good...

[--Regal smiles and leaves the dressing room... The camera follows him out and as he exits, his calm demeanor disappears and Regal frantically heads down the hall pretty quickly...--]

William Regal: Taz! Dear God, what have I done!?

[--Regal disappears down the hall and we cut to the next match....--]

Ted Dibiase & Johnny the Bull
The Rock & Steve Austin


[--Dibiase and Austin start things off.... Austin goes crazy with the punches and puts Dibiase down early, but Dibiase manages to fight back with a dazzling array of wristlocks and headlocks... He almost puts Austin away with a sleeper hold, but Austin reverses it and Dibiase makes a quick tag to Johnny... Johnny jumps in and begins pounding on Austin... Austin and Johnny put up a solid fight and literally out of nowhere, Austin hits the STUNNER!!!! Austin covers, but it's too early an only gets two!! Johnny gets back up, and he and Austin brawl some more... Austin makes a tag to the Rock and the Rock comes in with an immediate impact and SPINEBUSTERS JOHNNY!! The Rock tries for the PEOPLE'S ELBOW, but Dibiase jumps in and locks on the MILLION DOLLAR DREAM!! He won't let go of the Rock!! Austin jumps in and hits Johnny with the THESZ PRESS and PUNCHES!! Johnny shoves him off, and lays him out with a stiff right hand!! The ref finally pries Dibiase off of the Rock and Austin gets out of the ring... Johnny and the Rock go back at it and this time Johnny lays him out with a stiff right hand!! Johnny begins punching away at the Rock, and the Rock comes back at him with a quick clothesline!! Johnny gets back up and goes for a clothesline of his own, but only gets the ROCK BOTTOM!!!!! Rock covers...1....2..... Dibiase pulls The Rock out of the ring!! Dibiase hits Rock with the Million Dollar Belt!!!! The ref didn't see it!! Dibiase throws the Rock back in and Johnny gives Austin a stiff right hand to knock him off the apron!! The Rock stumbles back to his feet and Johnny manages to hit the BIG SLEEP!!! Johnny covers, hooks the legs and pulls the tights!!!! 1....2......3!!!!! Johnny and Dibiase have won the match!! Dibiase grabs his belt and leaves, and Johnny holds his up to celebrate, and he doesn't see Austin enter behind him... He turns Johnny around.... KICK! STUNNER!!!!!! Austin grabs Johnny's belt and holds it up triumphantly... He then throws the belt back down on Johnny, flips him off and leaves as the fans roar....--]

Ted Dibiase & Johnny the Bull via Pinfall

[--As the competitors leave the ring, the fans are cheering, but their cheers quickly turn to boos when.... "HERE COMES THE MONEEEEEEY...... here we go.... money talks.... HERE COMES THE MONEY!" hits... And guess who walks out onto the ramp....It's MIKE AWESOME... Pushing SHANE IN HIS DAMN WHEEL CHAIR!! Awesome pushes it down to ringside and helps Shane inside the ring... Shane looks to be in severe pain.. Awesome lifts the wheel chair inside and Shane sits back down, still in obvious pain.... Awesome yells at the fans to "SHADDAP!" but the boos are simply deafening... Awesome grabs a microphone from the ring announcer and speaks....--]


[--Awesome hands the microphone to Shane.... Shane clears his throat and speaks...--]

Shane McMahon: First of all, I'd like to thank my millions of loyal SGW fans for all of their 'get well' cards and prayers... I'd like to thank Ted Dibiase for paying for my hospital bills.... Thank you... So much, it really means a lot to me, that so many of you care.... Bill Goldberg had no right to lay his hands on me the way he did.... And because he did lay his hands on me in that way... I'm afraid... I may never wrestle again... So Arn Anderson, in the ownership match at the pay-per-view... I have named my replacement, your opponent....

[--Shane actually has tears welling up in his eyes.....--]

Shane McMahon: Due to my career ending injury.... Arn Anderson, your opponent at Holiday Hell, for the ownership of SGW is.....

[--Shane smiles.......--]

Shane McMahon: MIKE.....AWESOME!!!! Hahahahaaa!!

[--Awesome laughs and begins pointing at himself with his thumbs, yelling "RIGHT HERE!! RIGHT HERE!!"... Shane laughs.... But Shane's laugh stops when the IV Horsemen theme hits!!! Arn Anderson walks out onto the ramp and on down to the ring... Arn has a microphone in his hand, and he gets in the ring..... Awesome stands by Shane... Arn raises the microphone and speaks....--]

Arn Anderson: Now, Shane, I knew you'd try and pull somethin' like this.... So, I went ahead and got a few papers signed and got my own replacement, just for this sort of occasion....

Shane McMahon: NO!! NO!! You can't have a replacement!! You can't!! You're not injured!! I AM!! I AM IN SEVERE PAIN!! LOOK AT ME!!

Arn Anderson: Shane, for once..... SHUT YOUR MOUTH and listen... You've got your replacement, and I've got mine.... And my replacements name is BILL GOLDBERG!!

[--Goldberg's music hits, but suddenly Shane launches out of his wheelchair, HE'S CURED!!!! He hits Anderson with his microphone and begins brawling with him and Awesome helps Shane out as GOLDBERG runs down!!! Shane and Awesome bail out and Goldberg helps Anderson to his feet... Anderson isn't even hardly shaken up... Shane still has his microphone and he speaks as he and Awesome back up the ramp....--]

Shane McMahon: We didn't have to play hardball, Anderson, but since you just HAVE to do things the hard way.... I WILL be in the match at Holiday Hell!! Shane McMahon & Mike Awesome.... vs. BILL GOLDBERG & ARN ANDERSON!! Ownership is still on the line, baby!! And I promise.... I PROMISE or else I'll QUIT THIS FEDERATION that at Holiday Hell, me and Awesome will make you two our BITCHES!!

Mike Awesome: YEEEEAH!! YEAH!!! AWESOME BOMB!!!!!

[--Goldberg picks up a microphone Anderson dropped....--]

Bill Goldberg: Shaaaaane-OOOOOOO.... You and Mikey just be ready... be ready cause at Holiday Hell, I'm gonna drive Mike Awesome's ass right through the DAMN MAT!! And as for you, Shane-O? I'm gonna reach right through your chest and RIP OUT THE HEART OF YOUR PUTRID LITTLE ERA!! YOUR ASSES ARE NEEEEXT!!!!

[--Goldberg's music hits as Anderson and Goldberg taunt Shane and Awesome... Finally, they all leave and we have our next match....--]

Rob Van Dam vs. Big Van Vader


[--Vader dominates with some stiff offense, and RVD fights back with some really stiff kicks... He drops Vader with a solid kick to the chest, and Vader retaliates by whipping RVD into the corner... Vader charges in with a body avalanche, but RVD moves and Vader gets nothing but turnbuckle!! RVD kicks Vader in the back, and lands a few more stiff shots!! Vader turns around and drops RVD with a solid palm thrust!! RVD tries to back off to catch his breath, but Vader keeps advancing on him, and hits RVD with a stiff kick which drops him to his knees!! Vader picks RVD up...... VADER BOMB!!!!! Vader makes the "V" things with his fingers and the fans boo loudly.... Vader gloats some more, giving RVD time to recover.... Vader keeps yelling out "IT'S TIIIME!!" as RVD finally gets back up... RVD rolls out of the ring and grabs the Television Title.... He slides back into the ring and Vader turns around, RVD throws him the TV TITLE!!! Vader catches it!! RVD KICKS and VADER MOVES!! Vader grabs RVD from behind and gives him a STIFF FULL NELSON SLAM!!!! Vader picks RVD up, and RVD knees him in the nuts!!!! RVD runs against the ropes and HARLEY RACE LOW BLOWS HIM FROM THE OUTSIDE!!!!! RVD stumbles forward into position for the VADER BOMB!!!! HE HITS IT!!! Vader covers..1.....2...... RVD GOT HIS FOOT ON THE ROPE!!! IMPOSSIBLE!! Vader is PISSED... Race doesn't know what to do now... Vader suddenly just CLUBS THE REF for no reason!!! Vader grunts a little bit and HERE COMES HULK HOGAN!! He floors Harley Race with a big punch and slides in!! He hits Vader with the BIG BOOT!!!! LEG DROP!!!!! Hogan leaves the ring through the crowd and RVD wakes up to see Vader is down for the count!! RVD goes up top...... AND SOMEONE PUSHES HIM OFF!!!! IT'S VAL VENIS!!!! RVD hits the mat hard right by the turnbuckle, and Vader takes advantage and climbs to the second turnbuckle.... He bounces a few times...... VADER SPLASH!!!! He covers!! The ref wakes up....1.....2...... RVD GOT THE FOOT ON THE FOOT ON THE ROPE!! RVD rolls out of the ring and Vader begins taunting the fans.... But he taunts them so long he doesn't realize that RVD HAS BEEN COUNTED OUT!!!! Vader has won the match by COUNT OUT!! RVD's ribs are busted to shit but he manages to grab his title and leave before Vader can get him again....--]

WINNER: Big Van Vader via Count Out