Saturday, April 4th, 2020 | Madison Square Garden | New York, New York

Commentators - Tony Schiavone, Nigel McGuinness, & "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner

Dark Matches
- Bryan Danielson def. Kenny Williams via Submission w/ Cattle Mutilation in 02:08
- Abyss def. Bill Dundee via Pinfall w/ Black Hole Slam in 01:18
- Maxwell Jacob Friedman def. Ashton Smith via Submission w/ Salt of the Earth in 04:19
- David Starr def. Joseph Conners via Pinfall w/ Product Placement in 03:54
- Nurse Ratchet def. Nyla Rose via Pinfall w/ Syringe of Death in 00:11
- Zicky Dice def. Zachary Hartnell via Pinfall w/ The Throwback in 11:02
- Gionna Daddio def. Leva Bates via Pinfall w/ 201 Facebreaker in 04:23
- Richard Holliday def. Gregory Helms via Pinfall w/ The Market Crash in 2:44
- Bray Wyatt def. Christian Shane via Pinfall w/ Sister Abigail in 01:39
- Rosemary & Allie def. Allysin Kay & Taylor Made via Pinfall w/ Red Wedding in 04:34
- Abyss def. Koko B. Ware via Pinfall w/ Black Hole Slam in 00:38
- Becky Lynch def. Nicole Matthews via Submission w/ Dis-Arm-Her in 07:25
- Non-Title - Ruby Riott def. Joe Briggs via Pin Fall w/ Riott Kick in 48:14

Fade up.

The show opens up in a dark room. For several long seconds, we see nothing but a black background. There's nothing. No sound. Just silence... until we hear the footsteps coming in slowly, methodically, from off-camera. A man walks into the shot... Randy Orton. The live crowd boos loudly as Orton slowly turns to face the camera, his head down, eyes cut upward toward the camera. Wearing black slacks and a black t-shirt, Orton's hands flinch before balling into fists. The corner of his mouth twitches... he's clearly unhinged.

He begins to speak. His voice is low and gravelly... monotone.

[ Randy Orton ] Do you see me now, Jeff?

He lets that sit for a moment before speaking again.

[ Randy Orton ] You were so sure it was me.

Orton's eyes narrow. He sneers.

[ Randy Orton ] You were so sure it was me that attacked you at SGW Revenge... so sure that you launched this ridiculous campaign against me. You did everything... everything... everything you could to undermine me at every opportunity.

The corner of his mouth twitches again.

[ Randy Orton ] And just like so many times before... you were wrong.

Orton shakes his head.

[ Randy Orton ] You derailed my title reign... undermined my victories at 12 Large and Holiday Hell... turned my return to Solid Gold Wrestling into... into an asterisk. You did that, Jeff. You took all my hard work and you threw it in the trash... on a hunch.

The crowd boos.

[ Randy Orton ] And how did that work out for you, Jeff? How did that work out for your beloved company? Handing it over to Arn Anderson and his stupid fucking Origin on a silver platter. You're welcome, by the way... for getting rid of Arn Anderson... for tipping the scale back in SGW's favor for even a millisecond... even though I know it's only a matter of time before you...

Orton tilts his head, cracking his neck.

[ Randy Orton ] ...before you fuck it up again.

Orton's mouth twitches again.

[ Randy Orton ] You're probably wondering when I'm going to get to my point... well... here it is. I tried to do the right thing. I tried to give Solid Gold Wrestling a champion that it could be proud of... a dominant champion... a champion with history that's not a broken down old man. You took that way from me... you hurt me... you tried...

Orton's eyes darken a bit.

[ Randy Orton ] You tried... to take... me... out.

Orton slowly shakes his head side to side.

[ Randy Orton ] You and I go back, Jeff. We go back a long, long time.

The camera slowly zooms in.

[ Randy Orton ] 2006, to be exact.


[ Randy Orton ] You were the brand new owner of SGW... I was the Chosen One.

Orton wrings his hands together.

[ Randy Orton ] It all began with Supremacy.

Orton's voice becomes louder but remains deadpan, stoic.

[ Randy Orton ] And that's where it's going to end.

Shadows flicker across his face.

[ Randy Orton ] I don't want the title back, Jeff. This isn't about gold. I'm not a wrestler... I'm a killer. I killed Taz... I kill legends... and I only have one legend left to kill, to end this once and for all.

Orton's mouth twitches and he finally smiles.

[ Randy Orton ] Don't flatter yourself, Jeff. I'm not talking about you.

He looks sinister... dark.

[ Randy Orton ] I'm talking about Solid Gold Wrestling.

The live crowd boos, low and droning.

[ Randy Orton ] And the only way to do that... is to rip out its heart.

The camera focuses on Orton's eyes.

[ Randy Orton ] Meet me at Supremacy, Jeff.

They narrow.

[ Randy Orton ] If you've got the balls... Mr. Six-String Samurai.


Referee - Aubrey Edwards | Time Limit - 45:00

The bell sounds and Zack Sabre Jr. slides out of the ring while the other five pair off and go to work. ZSJ unfolds a chair and sits in it at ringside as the action unfolds. Batista drops Colt Cabana with a spinebuster and then immediately catches Cody Rhodes with one as well! Zack Sabre applauds the outburst of big moves from Batista early on.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Why on Earth is Zack Sabre on the outside?

CM Punk and Shawn Michaels have separated to the other side of the ring, trading blows back and forth. Batista then walks over and clotheslines both of them to the ground, allowing him to stand tall.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] An early display o’ dominance from The Animal!


Cody comes up behind Batista and kicks him in the hamstring. CROSSRHODES! Batista no-sells and springs right back up! BATISTA BOMB! Sweet Chin Music from HBK! Roundhouse kick from Punk! Batista staggers back against the ropes. ZSJ SMASHES HIM IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD WITH THE CHAIR HE WAS SEATED IN! Proud of himself, ZSJ poses to the fans, drawing a series of boos. He sits back down in his chair and crosses his arms as Batista is trying to shake off the cobwebs. Cody follows with a Disaster Kick and a Colt Cabana clothesline sends Batista over the top, landing on top of Zack Sabre Jr.!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Zack Sabre paid for it after all!

As Cody and Colt look on the outside, Punk takes the opportunity to pick HBK up, GO 2 SLEEP! Colt and Cody go for a double clothesline but Punk ducks it, jumps off the middle rope and hits a flying clothesline of his own on Cody! We now have a staredown in the middle of the ring between CM Punk and Colt Cabana. The fans chant “HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!”

[ Tony Schiavone ] If you don’t know the history between these two then you’ve been hiding under a rock! Two former best friends, now in the center of the ring with a shot at the Limitless Championship on the line!

A few seconds of trash talk leads to Punk slapping Colt as hard as he can. Colt responds with a stiff right hand and the fight is on! The two are trading blows, with each one getting more stiff than the previous. Shawn Michaels approaches them, trying to interrupt, but both Punk and Cabana work together and punch HBK for his troubles. HBK staggers back and eats a Cross Rhodes! Cody tries to pin but Punk and Colt break it up and toss him out of the ring. As they turn their attention back to each other, the trading of punches continue. On the outside, Batista is back up and ZSJ pie-faces the big man and goes to get back into the ring. Batista grabs him off the apron and POWERBOMBS HIM INTO THE GUARD RAIL!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Zack Sabre might be dead!


Batista is back in and gets dropped with Sweet Chin Music! He then turns and levels CM Punk as Colt is spinning his arms, preparing for the Bionic Elbow! Colt looks to him and yells, “I had ‘em!” Sweet Chin Music for Cabana! HBK does his pose in the center of the ring, stretching out and flexing to a monstrous pop from the fans.

[ Tony Schiavone ] The Heartbreak Kid still has it!

CROSS RHODES TO SHAWN MICHAELS! Batista is back up and he charges at Cody, but Cody drops the top rope and Batista sails over to the outside, landing hard! Cody covers HBK - one, two, ZSJ SOMEHOW COMES IN AND BREAKS IT UP! HOW?! ZSJ bounces off the rope, PENALTY KICK right to Cody’s face! Colt rolls ZSJ up but Punk breaks it up. Punk picks Colt up and drops him with Go 2 Sleep, but Cody responds immediately with a CODY CUTTER TO PUNK! One, two, three! Cody Rhodes wins it out of nowhere! We have a new number one contender!

Cody Rhodes via Pin Fall in 08:33

Wasting no time, Cody rolls out of the ring and is greeted by Brandi who gives him a peck on the cheek. Aubrey Edwards meets them on the outside and raises Cody’s arm in victory.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What a unique match-up we have for the Limitless Championship - Cody Rhodes challenging Ruby Riott for the title in two weeks at No Peace in Brooklyn!

[ Tony Schiavone ] This will be Cody Rhodes’ third championship opportunity thus far in Solid Gold, but standing across from him will be his most dangerous opposition yet in Ruby Riott! We saw what she did to Sami Zayn. She’ll do anything to keep that championship!

“Kingdom” blasts loudly over the arena speakers as the fans cheer loudly for Cody. Cody and Brandi make their way up the ramp, stopping at the top, raising their arms in the air to celebrate one final time.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Ladies and gentlemen, the champ... is here!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Indeed, he is. The man who unseated Adam Cole at WrestleBrawl 3 arrived at the building earlier today. For the first time in nearly fourteen years, Val Venis is the SGW World Heavyweight Champion and if my sources are correct, he's here to confront of the winner of tonigiht's triple threat main event, which will determine who Val Venis will meet in the main event of our next pay-per-view event... Supremacy!

Without a spoken word, Venis walks into the arena with the championship over his shoulder.

We’re treated to a tight shot of a freshly wrapped bandage, zooming out slowly to show its possessor, none other than “the Vagabond” Elias.

Madison Square Garden is excited to see Elias and their cheers put a small smile on his face. He nods knowingly, lifting a hand to quell the people’s cheering before speaking. Seated all by his lonesome in a quiet side hallway on a huge equipment crate with a beautiful Gibson number, Elias pauses, reflecting on the strong response, lifting his guitar into his hands.

[ Elias ] <clears throat>…Hello, I am Elias…

He strums a solemn B-Minor Barre Chord, punctuating his introduction as MSG gives another polite applause. He begins slowly picking the chord, string-by-string, transitioning into an A-chord, then seamlessly into a G.

[ Elias ] …<singing softly> I’ve been burned by passion…and passionate men. I’ve been led through fires…and I too’ve led men.

Elias continues playing his chord progression, singing along.

[ Elias ] <singing> A career, a match, a love on roast…and while one man’s singed, the other’s toast…IIIIIII….I’ve survived.

The Vagabond plays silently, allowing Madison Square Garden to cheer his words.

[ Tony Schiavone ] <softly> Fans, we know Elias is speaking about Jimmy Jac—


[ Elias ] <singing> I faced down an army…and a war within. I fought these battles…I couldn’t win. Over and over…and down to the ground…opportunity lost, yet opportunities found. IIIIII….I’ve survived.

Elias strums again, stronger this time, through his progression.

[ Elias ] The mountain I’m climbing, the journey I’m on…through life’s trials I move…Twins peaks loom above, but they are not my doom. I’ll keep pushing myself…I’ll keep pushing…I’ll scratch and I’ll claw and I’ll reach that summit, yeah…

Madison Square Garden is right with the Drifter – he’s got a pair of huge tests before him in tonight’s main event, but their support will hopefully do exactly as he says and will him to push on.

[ Elias ] The threat is intense…the mountain is steep…but this hand’s for the marbles, I’m playing for keeeeeeeps…

Elias turns, with a final strum of his guitar and faces the camera sternly.

[ Elias ] …I will survive. I’ll survive.

Sitting his guitar down beside him, Elias looks at its shiny wooden body before looking back, deep into the barrel of the camera.

[ Elias ] Tonight, I will win the triple threat contender’s match…I will go on to Supremacy…the mountaintop…and I will win. I will become the World Heavyweight Champion of Solid Gold Wrestling. I will survive.

The fans believe what the Vagabond says, cheering as the camera zooms in tight on his serious eyes as we fade elsewhere.

Referee - Mike Chioda | Time Limit - 30:00

Vipress attacks Jessi before the bell, slugging away at her in the corner with forearms and overhand punches! Jessi gets her hands up in an attempt to protect herself but Vipress is relentless in her attack. After beating Jessi down into a seated position, Vipress turns around to taunt the fans, throwing her hands out to the side with an arrogant smile on her face. Jessi uses the ropes to pull herself up and Vipress turns around into an attempt at a shotgun dropkick from Jessi... only to sidestep it, allowing Jessie to crash and burn!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Jessi Kamea's lack of experience is beginning to show!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] And it's beginning t' boody cost her early on!

Before Jessi can get up, Vipress mounts her and begins raining down punches and forearms on Jessi's head and upper body. Vipress stands up and boots Jessi in the ribs before making her way to the corner. Vipress steps out onto the apron and climbs the turnbuckles from the outside. She perches on the top turnbuckle and waits for Jessi to get back to her feet.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Vipress is looking t' take t' the skies!

[ Scott Steiner ] Let's see how high that big ass can jump!

Jessi gets up and turns around... right into a flying back elbow from Vipress! Vipress immediately rolls back to her feet and backs into the corner, dropping to one knee and sizing Jessi up as she writhes around on the mat. As this goes down, we see Gionna Daddio and Zahra Schreiber walk out onto the stage. They both look impressed as they watch what's happening in the ring with intent.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What are they doing here?!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] That's Gionna and Zahra, Tony! We've seen the beginnings of a bizarre alliance between these three women over the past couple of events, culminating with Vipress lending a hand in seeing Gionna defeat Charlotte Flair at WrestleBrawl 3!

[ Tony Schiavone ] But what does it mean?! Why?!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I'm sure they'll tell us when they're ready, Tony.

[ Scott Steiner ] I don't know and I don't care why they're teaming up! As long as there's kissing, all slobbery-like with the tongues, and plenty of heavy pettin' above and below the waist!

Jessi finally returns to her feet, appearing out of it. She's facing away from Vipress and the fans are trying to warn her... but Jessi turns around and Vipress charges... SPEAR OF DESTINY! She turns Jessi inside out! The fans erupt in boos! Vipress covers her and hooks both legs! One! Two! Three!

Vipress via Pin Fall in 04:21

Gionna and Zahra make their way down to the ring and get inside where Vipress is resting on her knees next to the fallen Kamea. Vipress gestures for Gionna and Zahra to come closer and they do as Jessi rolls over on her side, attempting to get up to all fours... but as soon as she does, Zahra drills her into the mat face first with a curb stomp!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh come on! The match is over!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Jessi Kamea was already out of her element, this is too much!

[ Scott Steiner ] It's about makin' a damn statement now, boys! Put this four-eyed bitch in the ground and kiss it out!

Vipress and Zahra both drag Jessi back up to her feet and shove her forward, into the arms of Gionna Daddio, who puts her down once and for all with the 201 Facebreaker! Gionna remains on her knees next to Kamea and Zahra walks over to the ropes, collecting a microphone from Justin Roberts. Zahra hands the microphone off to Daddio, who returns to her feet with a smile on her face. She raises the microphone and begins to speak.

[ Gionna Daddio ] Now that... that's what I call making a statement!

She looks aorund at the booing fans, still smiling.

[ Gionna Daddio ] Girls, get that piece of trash out of the ring!

Zahra yanks Kamea up by her tights and tosses her through the ropes. Kamea lands with a thud on the apron and tumbles to the floor as Vipress looks on with an impressed smile. Gionna laughs.

[ Gionna Daddio ] What all of you are looking at right now... is power you can't buy! Charlotte Flair thought she could stop us... but she couldn't even slow us down! And now, where is she? She's run away back to North Carolina with her worthless father... and this division is free from second and third generation influence!

The fans boo loudly.

[ Gionna Daddio ] The playing field has been leveled and now I'm setting MY sights--

"Force of Greatness" hits and the fans pop huge! Nia Jax walks out onto the stage, pounding her fist into her open palm! Gionna, Zahra, and Vipress look at each other, confused. Vipress mouths "what the fuck" and then prepares to fight!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Nia Jax is here! The Irresistible Force herself!

Jax stomps down to the ring and walks up the steps, eyeing the devious trio all the way. Jax steps through the ropes and Zahra immediately charges at her, only to get knocked down with a big clothesline! Vipress charges in next and Nia Jax boots her in the stomach, grabs her by the hair, and tosses her over the top rope to the floor! Gionna just glares at Nia Jax, looking like she's trying to psych herself up to attack... but she's grabbed around the ankles by Vipress and Zahra, who drag her out of the ring!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Look at that! They don't want anymore of Nia Jax!

Gionna, Zahra, and Vipress back up the ramp, watching as Nia Jax lurks around the ring. Finally, Nia Jax comes across the microphone discarded by Gionna. The fans are cheering loudly as Jax raises the microphone.

[ Nia Jax ] If you wanna set your sights on something, little Gionna, set your sights on me!

Gionna shakes her head, her bottom lip quivering with anger.

[ Nia Jax ] But I promise you, you're not gonna like what you see!

Big pop. Vipress and Zahra continue dragging Gionna toward the back.

[ Nia Jax ] Because what you see is going to hurt you!

Nia's eyes narrow.

[ Nia Jax ] Really, really badly!

Gionna, Zahra, and Vipress stand on the stage, looking down at the ring with intensity. The camera zooms in on Nia Jax in the ring, soaking in the cheers of the fans as we fade out and head to the back!

We go backstage where we see Charly Caruso standing by with Ruby Riott. The live crowd cheers loudly. Riott is in street clothes with the Limitless Championship resting over her shoulder. Ruby looks down at the championship and back up, a proud look on her face. Charly gets the interview going.

[ Charly Caruso ] Ruby Riott, two weeks ago you made history by becoming the first female Limitless Champion when you defeated Sami Zayn at WrestleBrawl 3... earlier tonight, we witnessed Cody Rhodes become the number one contender to your championship... what's going through your mind as you head into your first title defense at No Peace in Brooklyn?

The corner of Ruby's mouth turns up slightly, forming a confident smirk.

[ Ruby Riott ] I've fought hard to get where I'm standing right now... I've fought and I've bled. Cody Rhodes is a former tag team champion... the first Elevation champion... I'd be a fool to underestimate him... we're both coming off huge, career defining wins at WrestleBrawl 3.

She removes the title from her shoulder and holds it up in front of the camera with one hand.

[ Ruby Riott ] He's riding a wave of momentum... it means a lot for him to walk away with this title.

She looks up into the camera with a furrowed brow.

[ Ruby Riott ] But it means even more to me... to keep it.

Her voice is low, serious.

[ Ruby Riott ] Bring it on, American Nightmare.


We immediately cut to another area backstage where we see Chavo Guerrero, Jr. conversing with David Starr. Starr is in street clothes, having gotten cleaned up after his dark match earlier in the night. Chavo is in slacks and a polo shirt, clutching Pepe in his right hand. The fans don't really know what to think as we draw closer to the scene, finally able to hear what's being said.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] I'm actually really happy you're here, man. I've been pulling to get you involved in Solid Gold Wrestling for a while. It took a lot of convincing to even get you that dark match tonight, though, esse... but give it time. You're one of the best free agents in the world today... you can't be ignored much longer.

Starr smiles and offers his hand. Chavo shakes it.

[ David Starr ] I appreciate the kind words, Chavo.

Still gripping Chavo's hand, Starr looks around at his surroundings and nods.

[ David Starr ] I'm really looking forward to getting the opportunity to influence some change in Solid Gold Wrestling. There's a lot of work to be done, if you don't mind me saying. It won't happen overnight but... we can make it happen. Together.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] Wait, what do you mean--

Before Chavo and Starr can go any further, Trish Stratus walks into the shot. She looks from Chavo to Starr and then back again. There's a tinge of annoyance in her voice.

[ Trish Stratus ] I'm sorry to interrupt but... Chavo, you know how Jeff feels about television time being spent on guys who aren't under contract. This is valuable time that could be spent-

Starr smirks and gestures for her to calm down with his hands.

[ David Starr ] Excuse me. Excuse me, Trish.

She looks at him and raises an eyebrow, wearing a very condescending smile.

[ Trish Stratus ] Yes?

[ David Starr ] While I understand the point you're trying to make, I feel like time spent on me is valuable television time. Any time spent on me is an opportunity to educate the Solid Gold Wrestling fans that... that things could be better-

[ Trish Stratus ] I'm gonna go ahead and stop you right there. You're not under contract, you haven't been offered a contract... you are dark match talent and I promise you, if Jeff knew you were here and spreading this message of yours, he would absolutely flip.

[ David Starr ] Where is Jeff, anyway? I'd like to speak with him.

[ Trish Stratus ] Jeff isn't here tonight. He's recovering at home.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] Come on, Trish. Don't you think we could give this guy an opportunity? In two weeks, we're in New York for No Peace in Brooklyn... there's gotta be some kind of battle royal or eight-man schmoz we can shove him in. He's one of the best unsigned talents in the world... and as for his message, since when does SGW shy away from controversy, eh?

Starr looks from Chavo to Trish and back again. He smirks.

[ David Starr ] Who doesn't love a good eight-man schmoz?

Trish looks at Chavo and narrows her eyes.

[ Trish Stratus ] If you're willing to own it in the event that anything... and I do mean anything goes wrong... fine, shove him into some multi-person cluster. Jeff won't be happy about it... but I guess that's on you.

Trish looks at Starr and shakes her head.

[ Trish Stratus ] I hope you're as good as they say you are.

Without another word, Trish walks off-camera, leaving Starr and Chavo alone. They look at each other and Starr offers Chavo a respectful nod. Chavo smiles.

[ David Starr ] I really appreciate that. I promise I won't let you down.

Chavo shakes Starr's hand once again.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] Hey, man. Somebody took a chance on me, too, a long time ago.

Starr's smile becomes even bigger.

[ David Starr ] We're gonna change the world.

Chavo smiles back nervously.

[ Chavo Guerrero, Jr. ] Yeah, whatever, esse. Of course... we... are?

We fade out on a shot of Chavo's confused face.

Referee - Paul Turner | Time Limit - 30:00

Referee Paul Turner is in the middle of match of staunch differences as Jay White takes on Juventud Guerrera before a rabid Madison Square Garden audience. White, usually even-keeled in the ring and more often than not, in control of himself to the point of being called a meticulous planner is a radical contrast to Juventud Guerrera: “The Juice” is erratic, acting on emotion and whims, and could be considered more a blowing breeze than the ebb and flow of the tide as his opponent can.

Regardless, White and Guerrera appear to be evenly matched as they trade hold and counterhold for a few moments in the early-goings of the contest, White finally taking the advantage with a grounded head-scissors.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Impressive showing thus far from both men, but it sure looks like Jay White has the advantage for the moment, doesn’t it?

[ Scott Steiner ] Guerrera’s a washed up bastard! White’s going to wipe his ass with this jabroni!

Almost acting in direct contradiction to Steiner’s words, Guerrera rummages around, forcing White to his ass and springing over and out of the head-scissors, whipping his long, wet hair into the Switchblade’s face! White is not impressed and quickly slaps Guerrera in the mouth, applying a snug side headlock!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Maybe a bit more pep in Guerrera’s step, eh, Scott?

Juventud forces White into the ropes, forcing him off and quickly dropping down to the canvas! – White’s over and Juvi is up! – Leapfrog! Another dropdown! – White’s over and off the ropes! – Guerrera pops up and NAILS White with a big dropkick, sending him tumbling to the floor!

[ Scott Steiner ] Lucky shot!

Before the Switchblade can fully recover, Guerrera is already rubber-banding off the far side ropes, dashing ahead and leaping over the top rope with his entire body – AIR JUVI! – and smashing perfectly into Jay White on the floor as the MSG crowd scream their approval for the majestic dive!


[ Tony Schiavone ] After a few more, you have to wonder if it’s luck or skill, huh, Scott?


Juventud tosses White back into the ring and makes the cover – ONE, TWO, NO! Jay White gets the shoulder up and Guerrera cannot believe it! Cornering Paul Turner to discuss the call, Guerrera leaves himself wide-open for White to run over and club him in the back, suplexing him down in a gross angle onto the back of his neck to take control of the match.

[ Scott Steiner ] THAT’S IT! SUPLEX HIS ASS!

White keeps himself on the offensive, applying a tight Boston Crab to stretch Juvi’s spine a little more, placing his feet at just the right distance down his opponent’s spine to execute the most possible pain on his vertebrae. Guerrera does his best to squirm free, eventually wriggling to the ropes to break the hold – but White keeps it latched on JUST until the official’s count of five! With Turner screaming at him, White backs off, leaving an opportunity for Juvi to catch his breath – but not for long, as he’s quickly on him again with a butterfly suplex, continuing to work the sore back of the veteran!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Jay White is a calculating performer if ever there were one, gentlemen – he’s playing 3D chess while many opponents are playing checkers!

[ Tony Schiavone ] But don’t count out Guerrera, Nigel – he’s shown some zing in his moments on top of this contest!

The Switchblade lifts Guerrera by his long, wet hair and punches him in the jaw, staggering the luchador. White isn’t one to wait and boosts Guerrera onto his shoulders, looking for a running Death Valley Driver! The Bullet Club leader steps back and charges ahead – but Guerrera spins off his shoulders, connecting with a big swinging reverse DDT!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Juvi’s still in this!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] But has the damage been done to the back already?!

Guerrera is indeed nursing his sore back, leaving room for White to rise to his feet – but Juvi connects with a spin kick! And another! White throws a clothesline – Juvi ducks! – A THIRD SPINNING WHEEL KICK! Guerrera is on fire and lifts White from the mat – TIGER BOMB! The angle at which White crashed into the mat is disgusting! ONE! TWO! NO! Jay White kicks out again!

[ Scott Steiner ] FINISH HIS ASS, WHITE! DO IT!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Juvi’s in the driver’s seat! What’s he got to do to put this matchup away?

Guerrera quickly lifts White from the mat and scoops him for a body slam – before sitting out, again driving the Switchblade into the mat at a gross angle with the Juvi Driver! Guerrera is up, twirling his fingers round and round above his head!

[ Tony Schiavone ] HE’S CALLING FOR THE 450 SPLASH!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] That could be the kill shot!

Guerrera steps to the outside of the ring and whips his hair around crazily, scaling to the top turnbuckle and finding his balance, pointing down at White before –


[ Nigel McGuinness ] WHAT THE HELL?!

[ Scott Steiner ] THE BULLET CLUB!

Sure enough, Tonga is in the ring, laying waste to Juventud Guerrera as Paul Turner begrudgingly calls for the bell to end the competitive contest.

Juventud Guerrera via Disqualification in 09:29

Tama Tonga’s rabid stomps to the back of Guerrera’s neck are getting stiffer and stiffer by the moment as his brother, Tonga Loa, slides in and begins punching Juvi in his lower back.



Schiavone is silent as Bad Luck Fale calmly stomps up the ring steps, joining the G.O.D. and White in their merciless beatdown of the shockingly spry Guerrera. After a moment of quiet from the Lead Announcer, Steiner chimes in again, speaking with passion as the Samoans take turns slapping a still-down Juventud across the face.


Steiner’s message sinks in as Jay White orders the remainder of the Bullet Club to lift Guerrera from the mat – and when they deliver him to their leader, the Kiwi violently snaps the Juice to the canvas with a sickening Blade Runner! Standing up and putting his ‘too sweet’ gesture out for the other members to reciprocate, Schiavone finally speaks up.

[ Tony Schiavone ] You may be right, Scott…but that doesn’t mean I have to like it…and I surely don’t.

We fade away on a final shot of the Bullet Club’s hands together, unified in center ring.

Location Unknown.

A boardroom. The room is brightly lit from the series of windows on two of the four sides of the room. In the center is a solid oak table in a long rectangular pattern.

Lady and gentlemen, you all know why we’re here today.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman, in his finest burgundy suit with his Burberry scarf hanging around his neck, stands in front of the table. Seated are Stokely Hathaway, Veda Scott, Wardlow, and Richard Holliday. Holliday has his AirPods in, scrolling through his phone, not paying an ounce of attention.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] The time is here. Solid Gold Wrestling doesn’t know what’s about to hit it.

Stokely and Veda nod in agreement. Wardlow remains statuesque.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Look at this group. Look at me. You guys joining forces with the fastest rising star in the business today.. Well.. Things are gonna’ happen. Good things.

MJF notices the camera and his tune changes completely.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Who the hell let this idiot in?

MJF snaps.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Warlow.

He springs up from his chair, ready for action.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Please show our guest to the exit.. and while you're at it, be sure to remind him about this being OFFICIAL, PRIVATE Dynasty business..

Mocking, MJF waves.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Buh-bye, loser.

Wardlow puts his hand over the lens of the camera, blacking us out. We can still hear the audio.

[ Richard Holliday ] Bro, what happened to the camera guy? He was filming my vignette..


[ Richard Holliday ] He's not going to die, is he?


The Dynasty.


We quickly go backstage where we see Zahra Schreiber flinch as Gionna Daddio slings a trash can against the wall. Vipress sits idly by in a chair, filing her long black nails... uninterested. Gionna is pissed. Her big "moment" following Vipress' match did not go as planned.

[ Gionna Daddio ] That... that was unacceptable!

Gionna talks out loud to no one in particular.

[ Gionna Daddio ] Seriously, who does she think she is?! Who does she think she was talking to?! I'm the one who destroyed the Flair legacy at WrestleBrawl! Me! And she thinks she can just interrupt me while I'm talking?!

Zahra shakes her head, tapping her foot on the floor.

[ Zahra Schreiber ] We'll get her, Daddy. You don't even have to worry about that.

Vipress clears her throat. Gionna and Zahra both look at her. Vipress stands and looks at them both, raising an eyebrow. The corner of her mouth curls into a confident smile.

[ Vipress ] I'll get her.

Gionna scoffs.

[ Gionna Daddio ] Excuse me?

[ Vipress ] She's mine.

Zahra looks over Gionna's shoulder at Vipress, a confused... impressed look on her face.

[ Vipress ] I know you think this is your show, princess... but you got to show the world what you're capable of at WrestleBrawl. The Flair legacy? It's dust. This... Samoan dynasty? I'm the one who gets to turn that to ash in Nia Jax's mouth.

Zahra folds her arms across her chest. She seems slightly offended.

[ Zahra Schreiber ] So... Daddy gets the Flair Legacy. You get the Samoan Dynasty... what's that leave for me? What do I get?

Vipress scoffs.

[ Vipress ] Bitch, you get to sit the fuck back and watch how it's done.

Gionna and Zahra look at each other and then back at Vipress. Vipress shakes her head and walks out of the room. Gionna watches Vipress leave. She sounds frustrated.

[ Gionna Daddio ] What the hell is her problem?

Zahra smiles.

[ Zahra Schreiber ] I don't know... but I kinda' like it.


Earlier today.

We see Bryan Danielson arriving at the building in jeans and a baby blue "I <3 Wrestling" t-shirt. Under his arm, he's carrying something wrapped in a black shroud. He keeps it held tightly to him, not allowing anyone else to get near him. He's stopped at the door by Charly Caruso.

[ Charly Caruso ] Bryan Danielson, two weeks ago, you won the WrestleBrawl match and earned the coveted Golden Ticket... everyone is wondering--

[ Bryan Danielson ] Fuck off, Charly.

The live crowd boos loudly as her jaw drops. Danielson smirks and walks past her, entering the building. She lowers her hands, gripping her microphone tightly as he walks out of sight.

Referee - Rick Knox | Time Limit - 30:00

Dr. Cube is on commentary for this match with Nurse Ratchet looming behind him, obviously creeping out Tony Schiavone. In the ring, Hikaru Shida and Shoko Nakajima attack Sasha Banks and Bayley before the bell sounds, slugging away at them in the corner! Shoko quickly dumps Bayley through the ropes and follows her out to the floor! Sasha and Shida trade forearms, neither woman refusing to back down an inch!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Look at the fire between these two women!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I don't think Sasha Banks has forgotten what happened the last time she stepped in the ring with a memba' of the Cube Army! It was only a few short months ago that she fell victim to one of Nurse Ratchet's infamous syringe attacks!

[ Scott Steiner ] Fuck that shit! Ain't nobody around here likes needles!

[ Dr. Cube ] And yet here stands Sasha Banks, stronger and healthier than she's ever been! More driven! A perfect specimen! She should be thanking my creation... if she weren't too busy being beaten relentlessly by my other creation, that is!

On the floor, Bayley fires up and grabs the smaller Shoko by either side of her head before ragdolling her hard into the guardrail! The fans cheer as Bayley hangs onto the rail and begins putting the boots to Shoko, clearly not happy about being jumped before the bell. Inside the ring, Sasha Banks shoots Shida off the ropes and Shida comes back with a FLYING KNEE STRIKE but Sasha ducks it and catches Shida with a LUNGBLOWER! Sasha tries to float over into a BANK STATEMENT but Shida scrambles for the ropes and looks up at Sasha in surprise. Sasha holds up two fingers, half an inch apart, telling Shida she got "that close" to ending the match!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Hikaru Shida versus Sasha Banks... what a bloody match-up, this is!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Two of the best in the world, Nigel!

[ Dr. Cube ] Is it really a meeting of two of the best in the world? I would argue that it's a meeting of one of the best in the world... and one of the betterest best in the world! For you to demean my Kaiju with claims of being one of the best... is unacceptable!

Shida returns to her feet and meets Sasha in the middle of the ring. Bayley has climbed onto the apron and Sasha tags Bayley in. Shida leaps onto Bayley as soon as she steps through the ropes, drilling her with forearms before shooting her off the ropes. Shoko slides under the bottom rope as Baylely rebounds and they Kaijus nail Bayley with a double hip toss! It's all Big Kaijus for a few moments as they double team Bayley, nailing her with a double team suplex before whipping her into the ropes and nailing her with stereo dropkicks!

[ Dr. Cube ] Yes! Yes, my Kaijus! Work together! Destroy! DESTROY!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Very strong tandem offense from the Kaijus!

[ Dr. Cube ] That's because I synched their minds together. They know exactly what the other is thinking! It's efficient! It's impeccable! Even better, it's cost saving! One mind is much much cheaper than two! Am I right, gentlemen?

[ Tony Schiavone ] I'm honestly not familiar with the market of the mind!

[ Dr. Cube ] You are simple, Tony. You are a simple, sad little man.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Well!

[ Dr. Cube ] And I hate you for your simplicity.

The Kaijus work Bayley over, isolating her in their corner and cutting the ring in two. Shoko and Shida work her over, not allowing her to even get close to Sasha, who remains in her corner, holding her hand out for a tag while taking selfies and posting on Twitter. Finally, there's an error in communication which allows Bayley to crawl between Shoko's legs and make the hot tag to Sasha Banks! Sasha takes her time putting her phone away before stepping the ropes and instantly nailing Shoko with a shotgun dropkick! Shoko goes down and rolls out to the floor! Shida hits the ring and charges at Sasha, going for a clothesline! Sasha ducks and catches Shida on the turnaround with a PUMP KICK! Shida tumbles through the ropes to the floor, landing next to Shoko! Shoko and Shida return to their feet... just in time for Bayley to fly off the top rope, taking them both down with a FLYING CROSSBODY TO THE FLOOR!

[ Scott Steiner ] Who knew that big ass could fly like that!?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The Boss 'n Hug Connection are pullin' out all the bloody stops!

[ Dr. Cube ] This sudden but inevitable burst of offense will yield them no results! My Kaijus are impervious to pain! Nigh invulnerable, I say! They will rise from the depths of the ringside area and they will win!

Sasha exits the ring and grabs Shoko by the hair, pulling her up and throwing her under the bottom rope. Sasha follows her in and begins sizing her up! Shoko staggers back to her feet and Sasha nails her with the LUNGBLOWER! She floats Shoko over into the BANK STATEMENT! The fans pop huge as Sasha wrenches back on the hold! Shoko reaches for the ropes but she's dead in the center of the ring! It looks like she's going to tap out but... HIKARU SHIDA BREAKS THE HOLD! The fans boo loudly... but Shida turns right around into... BAYLEY TO BELLY! The fans cheer loudly as Shida rolls out of the ring and Bayley follows! Shoko is up and charges at Sasha with a clothesline... but Sasha ducks and catches her with a crucifix pin! One! Two! Three!

The Boss 'n Hug Connection via Pin Fall in 07:48

[ Dr. Cube ] This... is most troubling.

He sighs deeply into the headset.

[ Dr. Cube ] All of the disappointment is belong to me.

The fans cheer loudly and Sasha immediately vacates the ring, collecting Bayley and heading for the back! They have no intention of waiting around to see what crazy business Dr. Cube may pull out this time. Shida rolls into the ring and checks on Shoko. Dr. Cube climbs into the ring with Nurse Ratchet in tow. Nurse Ratchet shambles over to where Shida and Shoko are positioned, looming over them. She brandishes a syringe. They both look up at her with genuine fear in their eyes.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh my! Would ya' look at the size of that thing!

[ Scott Steiner ] I'm gonna be fuckin' sick!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It appears as though Dr. Cube is preparing t' have Nurse Ratchet administer some sort of... I don't know how to describe it, medical punishment! This is beyond bloody uncalled for! Take it outta' the bloody ring!

Dr. Cube is clearly directing Nurse Ratchet to administer the injection... but the Golden-Tron flashes to life, revealing a shot of the parking lot. We see Allie looking on in street clothes with a vacant smile on her face. From behind her, we see Rosemary approach, appearing confused. She stands alongside Allie and looks into the camera, raising her eyebrow.

[ Rosemary ] Bunny... why are we being filmed? Enlighten us.

Allie is excited, practically jumping, hopping in place.

[ Allie ] Well, Demon... you know how the rules say that if you film a promo to hype up an event, you're guaranteed a slot on the show?

Rosemary isn't following. Allie continues.

[ Allie ] Well... I mean, we did that for WrestleBrawl 3 and all we got was a lame DEMONxBUNNY is COMING vignette and like, I guess that's cool and all because it was the biggest pay-per-view ever in SGW history... but... I just wanted something a little more involved! I wanna do stuff, ya' know? So... I kinda' paid this cameraman and a guy in the production truck to let us interrupt the show and... uh... make an impact.

Rosemary glares at Allie.

[ Allie ] Cool, right?

[ Rosemary ] What have you done, Bunny?

[ Allie ] Huh? I thought you'd like this! We're on the show! Everyone is looking at us right NOW!

Rosemary turns and looks into the camera.

[ Rosemary ] Who are we interrupting presently?

Allie looks confused.

[ Allie ] That's a good question, actually.

She looks at the cameraman.

[ Allie ] Who are we interrupting again?

[ Cameraman ] The Cube Army, I think.

Rosemary's eyes widen. There's a brief pause.

[ Cameraman ] Definitely the Cube Army, actually.

[ Allie ] Awesome! The Cube Army! Whoever that is.

Rosemary turns and looks at Allie, frustrated.

[ Rosemary ] Bunny.

[ Allie ] Yeah?

[ Rosemary ] Dr. Cube is no villain of the week.

[ Allie ] What do you mean?

[ Rosemary ] He is... a Big Bad.

[ Allie ] Did I mess up, Demon?

[ Rosemary ] He's one of the greatest villains in all of the multi-verse.

Allie stares blankly at her and swallows hard.

[ Rosemary ] Yes, Bunny. You messed up.

Rosemary turns back to the camera.

[ Rosemary ] Turn the camera off. Now! We demand it!

[ Allie ] Wait, you don't wanna cut a promo? We should at least--

[ Rosemary ] Turn it off!

The feed immediately cuts and we're left back in the ring with Dr. Cube, Nurse Ratchet, and the Big Kaijus staring up at the Golden-Tron, confusion on all their faces. It seems as though they've all completely forgotten what was going on before they were interrupted. Dr. Cube removes a handkerchief from his lab coat and dabs at his gigantic forehead.

[ Dr. Cube ] That was utterly confusing and pointless, wasn't it?

The Kaijus and Ratchet all turn away from the Tron and look at him.

[ Dr. Cube ] I immediately realized the irony in my saying that as soon as I spoke.

Someone throws an entire tray of nachos into the ring, hitting Cube in his oversized head, leaving cheese spatter across his features. He completely no-sells it as the camera zooms in on the frowny face attached to his cube and we fade out.

As the scene switches from the ring to backstage, Jay White overtakes the screen fresh off his debut victory earlier tonight. Standing to his left is Gedo and Yuka Sakazaki. To his right is Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa, the Guerrillas of Destiny. This group stands menacing, dead silent. Jay White removes the dangling, wet hair from his face and looks deep into the camera with a confident smirk.

[ Jay White ] S.. G.. W.. Look at what we have here, huh?

He pauses.

[ Jay White ] Things have been goin’ pretty well for the company lately, eh? Breaking records, cripplin’ the competition all around, assemblin’ one of the premier rosters in the business today. What could Solid Gold do any betta’?

White motions to the group surrounding him.

[ Jay White ] You make one final upgrade. You bring in Yuka Sakazki. You bring in the Guerrillas of Destiny… And you breathe wit’ the Switchblade.


[ Tama Toa ] You all think you’re nice and comfortable here? Complacency is gonna’ be all y’alls fuckin’ end! The baddest motha’fuckers alive are here and we ain’t arrivin’ peacefully!

Gedo holds G.O.D. back from lunging at the camera, bringing amusement to White.

[ Jay White ] I promise you, your time is comin’.

He turns back to the camera.

[ Jay White ] And when our time comes, SGW, your time will come to an end. Tonight, it began with Juventud Guerrera, and it will not end until we stand upon the rubble that was the greatest wrestling promotion of all time as the last warriors standin’.

Bad Luck Fale enters the scene, arms crossed, black sunglasses on. He snarls in disgust.

[ Jay White ] Ah, Fale, nice of you to join us.

Gedo slaps Fale across the chest to hype him up.

[ Jay White ] Tell the fine people watchin’ Fallout what you think about the SGW rosta’ thus far. Tell them about Juventud Guerrera and what we did to ‘em tonight.

[ Bad Luck Fale ] FUCK ‘EM!

This brings laughter from the men and Yuka Sakazaki looks on in terror, having no idea what anyone is saying around her.

[ Jay White ] My thoughts exactly, Fale. SGW, you’ve been warned. We’re here to take ova’.. And I dare anyone stand in our way.. For I promise.. It will not be pretty. So who’s next? Who’s gonna’ try to stand in our way and get mowed ova’ en route to our takeover of this company?

On cue, Cody Rhodes and Brandi walk into the scene. Cody is in his ring gear with a sleeveless SGW t-shirt on. Brandi is in jeans and a v-neck Nightmare Family t-shirt of her own.

[ Cody Rhodes ] You know, I couldn’t help but overhear Bad Luck Fale dropping and f-bomb from halfway across the hall, so I paid a little bit more attention than normal to a group running their mouths. So I heard your raucous proclamation, your war cry.. Your.. Promise.

Cody strokes his chin.

[ Cody Rhodes ] See, I’ve been here since the first show. While you guys were planning your takeover, I’ve been here winning championships. I’ve been here winning accolades and achievements hand over fist. I’ve been here fighting the best this company has to offer show-in and show-out!

Jay White doesn’t look impressed in the slightest.

[ Cody Rhodes ] So hey, welcome to the company. But this little takeover.. It’s not going down on my watch. You want something here? Earn it.

Cody condescendingly slaps White on the shoulder and walks past them, right in front of their shot. Brandi confidently follows Cody with the large group watching them leave.

[ Bad Luck Fale ] FUCK ‘EM!

[ Jay White ] I think we have ourselves a winna’, boys.

White runs his hands through his hair and gives a stare as the scene fades.

We fade up with a shot of the SGW interview set. Standing in front of it, we see Val Venis in a three-piece suit with the SGW World Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder. The fans cheer loudly upon seeing him. Without any fanfare, he addresses the SGW fans.

[ Val Venis ] Greetings, SGW fans... my name is Val Venis and I am your SGW World Heavyweight Champion. At WrestleBrawl, I did something that many people thought would be impossible... and that's become the new champion after defeating Adam Cole... one of the best professional wrestlers in the world today. I'm not ashamed to admit it. I don't like the man... but I respect him. But this isn't about Adam Cole... this is about the future.

He shifts slightly, continuing to speak.

[ Val Venis ] As the new SGW champion, I am promising all of you, the fans and the boys in the back, that I will be a fighting champion. I will give title shots to those who deserve them... I will not hide from a challenge. I'm no part-time wrestler... and any man who holds this championship should abide by that standard. That's why, next week, I will be defending this championship... and should I retain, it will not be my last defense before I walk into Supremacy against the winner of tonight's triple threat main event.

He hoists the title up higher on his shoulder, giving the camera a good look at it.

[ Val Venis ] I'm not here to cash a check or coast on my past accomplishments... I'm here to earn your respect and give you the level of world champion that you deserve. Thank you.

The scene fades out with a close-up shot of the championship.

Referee - Aubrey Edwards | Time Limit - 30:00

Johnny Gargano gets the upper hand early on with a series of crisp arm drags, stunning the veteran Daniels and thoroughly shaking his preconceived plans for the contest. Daniels turns, feeding back into the action and directly into a Gargano hiptoss, leaving himself open for a cartwheel and a stiff dropkick to the face! The Fallen Angel quickly scoots from the ring to the floor, where confidant Frankie Kazarian is waiting with open arms and a word of advice.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Hot start from Johnny Gargano, Nigel – you have to think he needs it to defeat one of the most consistently challenging men on the Solid Gold roster in Christopher Daniels.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Right you are, Tony! While the final records may not completely illustrate the point, Daniels has certainly proven to be a dangerous competitor in SGW – and Johnny Gargano…well…

[ Scott Steiner ] HE’S SHIT!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Well, now that seems a bit unfair, Scott. He’s had one match in Solid Gold Wrestling, a losing effort to the mysterious Fiend back at Card Subject to Change! Since then, Gargano has surely been exercising his best and preparing for a return shot at the Solid Gold Wrestling ranks!

Seemingly to punctuate McGuinness’ belief in him, Gargano executes a picture-perfect suicide dive, wiping out both Daniels and Kazarian in one fell swoop! Standing and taking a moment to high-five some front-row patrons, Gargano pitches Daniels under the bottom rope and goes to pursue his opponent – but Frankie Kazarian shouts for Gargano to look, giving Christopher Daniels just enough time to return to his feet and deliver a beautiful Arabian Press from the ring to the floor!

[ Scott Steiner ] Wow, what a moonsault! Didn’t think Baldy had that slick’a moves in him!

Madison Square Garden are excited to see the well-executed move and Daniels gets understandably energized at the rare showing of support from the SGW faithful. Tossing Gargano into the ring, Daniels does not wait long and has him up, dropping him with a slingshot suplex, floating over with the headlock and popping Johnny Wrestling with a swinging neckbreaker for two!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Beautiful combination from the Ring General – Senior Official Aubrey Edwards says it’s only a two, though!

Daniels decides to forego the argument with Edwards, choosing instead to instantly spring over Gargano – and to the middle rope – and the top! He soars off, beautifully arcing with the Best Moonsault Ever –

BUT GARGANO ROLLS INWARD! Daniels gets nothing but canvas! Bouncing off the canvas to his knees, Daniels is in perfect range and position for Gargano’s Glimmering Warlock! And a big German Suplex! Gargano is rolling and snapmares Daniels to the mat, rolling alongside him before lashing his foot backwards with a Cheetah Swipe for a close two count!

[ Tony Schiavone ] HERE COMES GARGANO!

Johnny scoops Daniels off the mat and hooks him in a half-nelson, clearly looking to elevate his opponent into the full-version of the hold and eventually into the lethal Hurts Donut – but Christopher Daniels swings through, catching Gargano in a double underhook!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] MAYBE NOT, TONY!

Daniels throws his left knee up into Gargano’s face three times, dazing him, before turning his arms out and – in a HUGE feat of strength – lifts Gargano over his head and down between his legs with a STUNNING standing Iconoclasm! Madison Square Garden pops huge, noticing Daniels still has control of Gargano’s wrists, pulling him back up and into the double-underhook!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] THIS COULD BE IT!


Christopher Daniels via Pin Fall in 08:01

As the bell rings, Daniels rises from the mat and high-fives Kazarian victoriously as Gargano rolls from the ring, holding the back of his neck after the Fallen Angel’s concentrated assault. Beckoning towards Justin Roberts for his partner, Kazarian retrieves the microphone and places it in Daniels’ hands. The Fallen Angel is beaming, flat-out ear-to-ear grinning, then speaks.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Did you see that?! I just beat Johnny Gargano! Everybody likes him for God’s sakes! And I’m better! I pinned Johnny Wrestling!

Kazarian laughs, clapping Daniels on the back, and pulls the microphone to himself for a moment.


Daniels looks at Kazarian, mouth agape and eyes opened wide in delighted surprise.

[ Christopher Daniels ] OH MY GOD, YOU’RE RIGHT! THAT’S FLIPPIN’ GENIUS! WOW! Wow, what a win. <pauses to wipe the sweat from his brow> Not that any of you should be surprised! I mean, all of you here know just what kind of performer the Fallen An—I mean, Chrissy Wrestling – is, right?!

Madison Square Garden is wearing thin with Daniels and boo him. He waves them off, scoffing.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Oh, pah! You people are being so uncouth! But never you mind, New York City, because I’ve got something to say!

From the table, Scott Steiner slams his fist down.

[ Scott Steiner ] When DOESN’T Mr. Clean have something to say?!

Daniels steps closer to the hard camera, breathing deeply, then smiles.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Chris Dickinson! I know you’re back there, slumming it up and not competing, so listen! I’m calling you out, buster! It’s time to end this once and for all and I’m not interested in waiting for Supremacy to give all of the SGW fans the match they’re dying to see! I’m not going to make them wait to see me kick your unwashed ass! That’s right! Chrissy Wrestling! The Fallen Angel! The Ring General! Versus…The Dirty Daddy!

Before Daniels can get further into his speech, “War Pigs” blasts over the speakers and Chris Dickinson emerges onto the stage, wearing dark sweatpants and a hardly-there tank-top – and before you ask, YES – the dick strings are out!

[ Chris Dickinson ] Daniels, you shtoopid bahstahd…I—

And Dickinson is blasted from behind! A slender man PLOWS through Dickinson with a forearm to the back of the neck and instantly begins laying the boots to his downed frame!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It’s Zack Sabre Jr! What in the hell is this?!

Inside the ring, Kazarian is already scooted to the floor, trotting up the ramp to join ZSJ in assaulting the Dirty Daddy. Daniels lifts the microphone to his lips and grins, speaking in a delighted voice.

[ Christopher Daniels ] AHAHAHA! Chris Dickinson! You fool! You think you and I are the only ones sick of the disrespect shown by Solid Gold Wrestling?! ABSOLUTELY NOT! My new friend…ZACK SABRE, JR! sick of the disrespect!

Sabre applies a stiff armbar, threatening to tear Dickinson’s shoulder, as Daniels hops from the ring, continuing to speak as he walks up the ramp!

[ Christopher Daniels ] Now, Dirty Doofus, you’ve got to contend not only with me! Not only with Kazarian! But with Zack Sabre Jr.! THAT’S RIGHT! DISRESPECT U 2! THE NEW CLASS!

Daniels cackles as MSG boos this stupid name relentlessly. Sabre releases the armbar and stands, quickly snatching the microphone from the Fallen Angel.

[ Zack Sabre Jr. ] Oi, I already told ya…we’re not callin’ ourselves that rubbish name. Hell, we’re not even a real stable, ya’ dickhead! Means t’an end’s’all!

Daniels calmly receives the microphone and puts his arm around Sabre, who quickly shrugs it off, taking a final stomp at Dickinson before exiting the stage.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Haha! That Zack, what a prankster! And hey, I learned from last time! We can discuss the name, Zack! I’m not completely sold on the ‘New Class’ part, either!

As Kazarian and Daniels chase Sabre through the curtain, the camera gets a final shot of Dickinson, doing his best to prevent further blows as ringside attendants check on him and we fade to the back.

We find ourselves at a rectangular table somewhere backstage. At the head of the table is former Elevation Champion, Nunzio. To his left and right are Vito, Chuck Palumbo, and David Otunga.

[ Nunzio ] Gentlemen, tonight’s strategy session is in order.

Nunzio meticulously chooses his next words.

[ Nunzio ] We’re two weeks removed from WrestleBrawl.. Two weeks removed from that joke, Kevin Nash, walkin’ away with my championship. That little shit is walkin’ around with MY title ‘round his waist.

Nunzio slams his fist against the table as his tone grows more furious.

[ Nunzio ] And it’s up to this group to figure a way to get it back! Otunga, you’re a fuckin’ lawyer. Where’s my rematch?

[ David Otunga ] Well sir, I’ve filed an appeal with the Championship Committee to enact your rematch clause, but I’ve not heard back.

Nunzio barks back.

[ Nunzio ] Not good enough!

He then turns his sights to Palumbo and Vito.

[ Nunzio ] You two. Have you found Nash yet an’ given ‘em the ‘congratulatory’ present?

They both shake their hands.

[ Nunzio ] Fuckin’ incompetence!

Nunzio closes his eyes and tilts his head back to calm himself before he blows a gasket. After a few seconds, he’s collected.

[ Nunzio ] I’ve heard the talk from the boys in the back. They didn’t think I deserved it anyway. They thought I was a fraud, a fake, that I should go back to workin’ for Solid Gold instead o’ fightin’ in Solid Gold.

He’s defiant.

[ Nunzio ] Fuck ‘em. Fuck ‘em all. If they expect me to lay down and die, they’re mistaken.

Matt Riddle and Paul London enter the scene, catching Nunzio’s eye.

[ Nunzio ] Can I help you two wit’ somethin’?

[ Matt Riddle ] Who, us?

[ Nunzio ] You’re the only two idiots I see walkin’ by, interruptin’ our meeting here.

London and Riddle look at each other and then at their surroundings.

[ Paul London ] Oh, our bad. We’re going to the ring for our match.

[ Nunzio ] Well, go on then. We’re busy here.

[ Matt Riddle ] Busy doing what, bro? Trying to figure out how to get back your Elevation title while assigning each of your henchmen a specific task?


[ Matt Riddle ] Because that’s how it always works in the movies.

Nunzio stares a hole through him.

[ Matt Riddle ] Whoa, little man, don’t get all mad at me, bro. I’m not the one who ate shit against Nash.

[ Nunzio ] Who the FUCK do you think you are?

[ Matt Riddle ] I’m Matt Riddle, bro.

[ Paul London ] Duh. Don’t you watch the show?

London rolls his eyes at Riddle and Riddle shrugs.

[ Matt Riddle ] Look. We have to go, you know, fight. So while you bros are in your clubhouse hanging out, we’ll be in the ring breaking necks and cashing checks, bro.

Riddle gives them a thumbs up.

[ Matt Riddle ] But you know, good luck with your little scheme. I’m sure holding a secret meeting in the backstage area where people like us can walk by and hear everything combined with it being filmed for SGW OnDemand streaming will work PERFECTLY for you guys, bro!

Riddle scoffs.

[ Matt Riddle ] In case you couldn’t tell, that was totally sarcasm.

Riddle and London walk off as Nunzio balls his fists and watches their every move.

[ Nunzio ] Boys..

He takes his eyes off of Riddle and London and looks to his crew.

[ Nunzio ] Let’s take a little detour on our plan..


Referee - Mike Chioda | Time Limit - 30:00

Adam Thornstowe begins the contest for the SCUM against Matt Riddle, each man looking to establish their dominance on the mat with their technical wrestling acumen. While Thornstowe’s technique is certainly reputable and nothing to sneeze at, a world class technician like Riddle gains the upper hand after about twenty seconds of grappling, introducing one-half of the SCUM to the canvas.

[ Scott Steiner ] Matt Riddle’s a long-haired Doobie Brother fuck, but he can sure wrestle rings around a lot of these other jokes!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] His technical skill is impeccable, Scott; let’s see what Thornstowe can do to counter his offense!

Thornstowe shuffles on his stomach to the ropes to break Riddle’s half-applied omoplata before storming back into action with a tackle, sloppily rolling across his opponent into a side headlock – but Riddle is quick to regain control, lifting his leg and snaring the smaller half of Reno SCUM in a head scissors. Thornstowe slaps the mat angrily before attempting to handstand out of the hold, but Riddle transitions seamlessly into a rolling armbar, nabbing the SCUM-ster in an even more dangerous position!

[ Tony Schiavone ] This isn’t good for Adam Thornstowe!

[ Scott Steiner ] Yeah, no shit! Riddle’s a Bob Marley-lovin’ bastard, but he’s dangerous as all hell!

[ Tony Schiavone ] …yes! Yes, he’s one of the most skilled competitors on the roster!

Thornstowe uses a ton of his remaining strength to reach his corner and tag out to Luster the Legend, bringing the bigger half of the team into the ring to face off with Riddle. The Original Bro isn’t intimidated by the physical disadvantage he’s at with Luster, instead circling the big man, each competitor smirking.

[ Tony Schiavone ] This should be an interesting test for Matt Riddle! Luster the Legend is huge!

[ Scott Steiner ] PAH! Matt Riddle’s a stoney-baloney douchebag, but the only test he ain’t passin’s a drug test!

As Luster lifts Riddle into the air and tosses him onto his stomach, Nigel McGuinness speaks for all of us:

[ Nigel McGuinness ] …what all do you know about Matt Riddle, Scott?

Riddle pops Luster in the mouth with a massive rising knee strike, quickly scooting off the ropes for a single-leg dropkick as Big Poppa Pump replies.

[ Scott Steiner ] Matt Riddle smokes a ton of weed! He’s a good-ass wrestler, but he looks goofier than fuck, says ‘bro’ like a damn moron, and is always smilin’! He’s a no-good, dirty, Grateful Dead-listenin’ bastard! BUT AGAIN! Helluva wrestler!

Riddle has continued his assault, scoring with a big series of kicks to the Legend’s legs to cut down the big tree before scoring with a running penalty kick to take Luster down to the mat! From the apron, Paul London begins screaming encouragement towards his partner, who acknowledges his support with a goofy grin.

[ Tony Schiavone ] You know, to have been a seemingly random pairing, Paul London and Matt Riddle have certainly gelled into an outstanding team, Nigel! Just like you and I!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Yet again, Tony, I’ll ask that you keep your hands off me – and hey! Wait a minute here – just what in the world’s this all about, now?!

As Nigel notes, during Riddle’s continued attack on Luster, none other than the former Elevation Champion Nunzio comes strolling out onto the stage, pausing at the top of the ramp to watch the match in the ring. Paul London notices the Don first and begins questioning him across the arena before Riddle notices, as well. The slight lapse of attention gives Luster the Legend enough time to club Riddle in the back, tossing him crazily into the Reno SCUM corner and stomping him over and over, allowing Thornstowe to tag in.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What business does Nunzio have here? He’s distracted Matt Riddle and Paul London!

[ Scott Steiner ] Maybe the dumbasses should stop watchin’ Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper and gigglin’ and start kickin’ ass!

Thornstowe and Luster begin wearing Riddle out, stomping his bare chest over and over as the energy is driven out of the Original Bro. London encouragingly shouts for Riddle to get back into the drivers’ seat. Senior Official Mike Chioda escorts Luster from the ring just as the smaller SCUM member cannonballs into Riddle, still seated in the corner. Blowing air and struggling to breathe after all the shots to the chest, the Original Bro reaches towards London despite being a ring’s length away from his partner. Meanwhile, from the top of the ramp, Nunzio nods, chuckling to himself before signaling to the curtain behind himself with two fingers, gesturing down to the ring.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Uh-oh, gentlemen, looks like Nunzio’s got a vested interest in this match!

From behind the Sicilian Shooter comes Big Vito and David Otunga, walking with purpose towards the ring as Nunzio remains still at the top of the ramp. Finally realizing what’s happening, London dives from the apron and runs into Vito, who has a clothesline cocked! – London ducks! – but Otunga scores with his own line, knocking London stiffly to the mat!

Before the Intrepid Traveler can respond, Vito and Otunga are savagely beating him with fists, simultaneously dragging him halfway up the ramp before his body goes limp from the physical duress. Inside the ring, Thornstowe eats a stiff back elbow from Riddle, who notices what’s happening up the ramp – but Thornstowe cradles him with an O’Connor Roll! ONE! TWO! TH—NO! NO! Riddle gets a shoulder up!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Very nearly a three for Reno SCUM – but the Paisans have Paul London! What’re they doing?!


Riddle is up, again trying to exit the ring, but Luster cuts him off on the apron with a big foot to the face! Thornstowe scores with a high-angle back suplex and the SCUM tandem are circling Riddle like vultures as the raucous MSG crowd begin to sense the tension of the moment.


Nunzio points towards the curtain, swearing inaudibly and slapping Vito in the back of the head as the trio exit the arena proper into the inner workings of Madison Square Garden. Back in the ring, Luster is negotiating a surfboard onto Riddle while Thornstowe scoots to the apron!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Lookin’ for the Okie Killer! This could take Riddle clean out!

Just as Thornstowe calls for Luster to lift, Riddle shifts body under, rolling Luster into the path of the incoming double stomp! Adam’s feet plant into Luster’s upper back and he rolls through, allowing Riddle to come off the mat and charge ahead, BLASTING Thornstowe with a Final Flash!!


With both members of the SCUM down on the canvas, Riddle re-turns his attention to the stage, where London, the Goons, and Nunzio are nowhere to be found. Speaking inaudibly, he hops from the ring, stomping up the ramp as Chioda begins screaming for him to return.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Matt Riddle is leaving the ring! What in the world is he doing? Make the cover!

Riddle marches up the ramp as Chioda begins the count, reaching “three!” before Luster the Legend and Adam Thornstowe regain their bearings and quickly exit the ring in pursuit of Riddle! They catch up to him and throw him back into the ring! Riddle fights back but they overwhelm him quickly and finally hit the OKIE KILLER! Riddle is OUT but Luster isn't convinced! Mike Chioda is telling them to stop but Riddle begins struggling back to his feet and they set him up... for a SECOND OKIE KILLER! Riddle is down and Thornstowe is prepared to go for the pin but Luster stops him, giving him a slight push before holding up one finger and saying "One more time!" The fans begin to boo as they lift up Riddle's limp body... and give him a THIRD OKIE KILLER! Chioda has had enough and calls for the bell!

[ Scott Steiner ] WHAT THE FUCK?!

Luster and Thornstowe look confused for a moment and then flip out upon realizing they've been disqualified!

Team Name Pending, Bro via Disqualification in 10:31

Thornstowe and Luster are furious, cornering Chioda and demanding answers!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Well, fans, a surprising loss for Reno SCUM, but suffice to say there’s a real measure of curiosity behind just what in the world was going on with Nunzio and Paul London!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It’s hard to call the SCUM the losers here – I mean, they had Riddle where they wanted him…maybe they went a little overboard…but it’s…difficult to say!

[ Scott Steiner ] It’s like gettin’ a handjob at the theater!

There’s a silence at the booth as Chioda recalls the final moments of the match to an irritated Reno SCUM.

[ Tony Schiavone ] That…that sounds a little illegal, but enjoyable! What’s your point, Scott?


Another silence as the SCUM confer to themselves and we fade away.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] …you’re an interesting sort, Scott.


After the match, the cameras cut to backstage as Paul London’s mouth, wrists and legs are bound by duct tape. He’s resting unconsciously on top of Vito’s shoulder, being carried out of the arena with Nunzio and David Otunga in tow.

[ Nunzio ] This will teach ‘em a lesson.

Exiting the arena, a black sedan is backed to the doors. Palumbo gets out of the driver’s side and pops the trunk. Vito drops London into the empty trunk like he’s a bag of sand. Nunzio snarls as he takes one look at London.

[ Nunzio ] You and your friend.. Will NEVA' disrespect me ever again!

Nunzio spits on London.

[ Nunzio ] Hope ya’ know how to swim.

Nunzio slams the trunk shut with authority as Otunga opens the back passenger’s side door. Nunzio enters as Otunga follows. Palumbo gets behind the wheel with Vito riding shotgun. The sedan drives off into the night without another word spoken. What are they going to do with Paul London?!

Away from the ring, we now find Edge and Christian inside the office of the Championship Committee in the middle of an intense game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

[ Edge ] Ready? Best three out of five.

[ Christian ] You got lucky the first time!

The two prepare for another round until the door is kicked wide open and Chuck Taylor casually walks in wearing aviators with his hands in his pockets. Following him is Trent?, who also sports aviators and his hands in his pockets.

[ Edge ] Guys, c’mon. Can’t you see we’re in the middle of something?

[ Christian ] Yeah. Hello? I'm really busy here.

Undeterred, Chuck and Trent? play it cool.

[ Chuck Taylor ] We’re here on business.

[ Trent? ] A LOT of business.

[ Chuck Taylor ] And as you can tell, we’re dressed like our boy, OC, to prove a point.

[ Christian ] Where is he, anyway? That guy is super over.

[ Edge ] Well, he’s over, yes, but he’s not Tucor-over.

Christian scoffs.

[ Christian ] Dude, I’m not even Tucor-over.

[ Edge ] I’ll take “No Crap, Sherlock” for $100, Alex.

[ Trent? ] Hey! Dammit! We’re here on serious business!

A few seconds later, Orange Cassidy walks into the scene as his usual self. Hands in pockets, sunglasses on. Not giving a rip about anything.

[ Chuck Taylor ] Took you long enough!

Orange Cassidy doesn’t even move.

[ Chuck Taylor ] But like I was saying, we’re dressed as OC to prove a point. And that point is that we EARNED our title shot at WrestleBrawl for those sweet ass Tag Team titles and we want our shot! Give us our match already!

[ Trent? ] That’s right! And while lovable, Orange Cassidy got a title match in SGW before we did and he’s not even full time!

[ Chuck Taylor ] So if we have to dress like him and not give a shit like him to get our title match, then here we are!

Trent? then leans against the wall, slumped over.

[ Trent? ] Look at me. I’m too cool to care! Let me fight Team Tremendous!

Chuck then haphazardly raises his hand in the air, giving half of a thumbs up

[ Chuck Taylor ] Am I hand-jobbing a ghost or giving a thumbs up? Nobody knows! Book us versus Team Tremendous! We’re the number one contenders!

Adam Thornstowe and Luster the Legend enter fresh off their match against London and Riddle. Edge collapses his head into the palms of his hands.

[ Christian ] Maybe Venis had the right idea.

Christian reflects.

[ Christian ] Ah, to sacrifice a spot on this committee to become World Champion again… The dream.

[ Adam Thornstowe ] We hear the commotion about people wanting title shots.

[ Luster the Legend ] Reno SCUM calls next!

[ Edge ] Of course you do.

Edge looks to Christian and shakes his head.

[ Edge ] Can nobody around here take a hint?

[ Christian ] I’m going to go find Dr. Cube and see if he can turn me into a bird so I can fly the hell out of this situation right now.

[ Adam Thornstowe ] Try as you all might to forget about us, every time we show up we show why we deserve a shot at those championships!

Luster looks over at all three Best Friends dressed alike.

[ Luster the Legend ] Plus we don’t dress like idiots.

[ Adam Thornstowe ] Let SGW have number one contenders they can be proud of!

[ Chuck Taylor ] Hey! Screw you, man! I went to college.

Chuck scoffs.

[ Chuck Taylor ] I know shit. A LOT of shit, okay?

[ Trent? ] If you two don’t scram I’m going to punch the little one in the dick as hard as I can. Face it guys, nobody wants you around.

[ Chuck Taylor ] Get lost and don’t ever come back. Besides, how can you call dibs on being number one contender? The record book says you lost, losers.

Reno SCUM and Best Friends then have a face off. Edge is in disbelief.

[ Edge ] Alright, that’s it. We are NOT going to have a Best Friends and Reno SCUM backstage brawl on this show.. Mainly because we want people to stay tuned to the show and not see what 18 Days Later is photoshopping together for programming after all of their good superstars quit to join SGW.

[ Christian ] Rip Van Winkle sent in his resume and went to sleep, slept for twenty years, and when he woke up, he still didn’t know if he was hired or not.

[ Trent? ] Yeah. I don’t give a shit about anything you’re talking about.

[ Christian ] Feeling’s mutual.

Edge agrees.

[ Edge ] So yeah, Reno SCUM, you want a shot at the belts? You need to keep winning and get involved. What you two did out there is not how we want our tag team division to look.

Christian steps in to clarify.

[ Christian ] And it’s not really the whole brutal beat down of Matt Riddle thing. Nah. It’s just.. Look, guys.. Let’s be real. We’ve gone from a cool team in the Hybrid 2 starting us off as champs, went to brothers that ended up in a blood feud, ice cream cones, and now fake cops.

Edge nods.

[ Christian ] Nobody would want to see anyone in this room right now follow all of that chaos. I know we have a title lineage including Demolition, The Zoo Crew, and Sudden Impact, and The Sandman being so drunk that he gave his title belt to Mikey Whipwreck. Please, neither of you, don’t try to pile on top of the garbage pile.

[ Edge ] Woof.

Reno SCUM is obviously irked.

[ Chuck Taylor ] Yeah!

With a delay, it hits Chuck Taylor too.

[ Chuck Taylor ] Hey! What the hell?

Ignoring Chuck, Edge turns to Reno SCUM.

[ Edge ] Honestly, we’re just too busy to keep this going. You guys wrestle like once a quarter anyway, so it’s not like it even matters. Just.. Chuck and Trent, you’re the true number one contenders and nobody can take that away from you. Reno SCUM, you guys get booked more and keep winning and then we’ll consider it.. Or not.. Or something..

Edge sighs.

[ Edge ] I don’t know. Probably not, but maybe.

Chuck and Trent? turn and look at Thornstowe and Luster, the four men not giving an inch.

[ Trent? ] Sorry ‘bout your damn luck.

[ Chuck Taylor ] Don’t worry. When we beat those cops for the belts, we’ll give your title hopes a little police brutality of our own.

In the corner, Orange Cassidy raises an uninspired thumbs up to nobody in particular as the scene fades.

Referee - Paul Turner | Time Limit - 30:00

Each man stalks the other, waiting for the other to make the first move as the bell sounds. The fans are ecstatic for this one and the excitement is amplified when Darby and Mox charge at one another, meeting in the center of the ring, trading lefts and rights back and forth! Darby is the first to stagger back, giving Moxley an opening, PARADIGM SHIFT! Darby springs right back up and meets Moxley in the center of the ring for a Yoshi Tonic! Moxley slides out of the ring to the outside and Darby immediately springs off the ropes and dives through the middle rope, but Moxley moves out of the way! Darby crashes hard into the guardrail and he is out!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What a series of blisterin’ action to start this one! Darby Allin risked it all early on and how he’s the one sufferin’!


[ Nigel McGuinness ] Well Scotty, his measurements are small but he packs a mighty punch and fights with a lot o’ heart!


Moxley rolls Darby back into the ring and goes for a cover but Darby kicks out at two. Mox begins choosing his spots, taking his time breaking Darby down limb by limb. A series of suplexes is finished off by a brainbuster. Moxley covers again but Darby again kicks out! Moxley grabs Darby by the wrist, dragging him up to his feet. Short-arm clothesline! But Mox hangs on! He yanks Darby back up.. Again with the short-arm clothesline!

[ Tony Schiavone ] This is not looking good for Darby Allin!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Don’t count ‘em out just yet!

Stalking his opponent like a predator feasting on prey, Moxley waits for Darby to get back to his feet. Using the ropes, Darby is back up and Moxley wastes no time, whipping Darby against the ropes and hitting him with a kitchen sink to the gut, sending Darby rolling over Moxley’s knee! Moxley slaps his hands together and looks to the camera, mouthing the words “Easy day at the office!” With his eye off Darby, he allows his opponent to recover, allowing Darby to roll Moxley up! One, two, th- kick out! Shotgun dropkick from Darby! Another! Float-over Stunner!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] See what I mean!

Darby climbs to the top rope with Moxley still on the mat in shock. COFFIN DROP! He got all of it! One, two, kick out! Darby immediately goes back to the top - ANOTHER COFFIN DRO- MOXLEY MOVES! Darby crashes hard on the mat and clutches the back of his head. Moxley lies on the mat next to him, taking a second to catch his breath.

[ Tony Schiavone ] This match has been nothing but action! What a show these fans are getting.

Moxley rolls over and picks Darby up by his necklace and shoves Darby in the corner. Darby pushes himself up on the middle rope and drags Moxley with him, but Moxley shoves him over the top rope, crashing to the apron and then to the arena floor! On the outside, Moxley whips Darby into the guardrail and then into the steel steps. As Moxley approaches again, Darby grabs Moxley’s pants and pulls him forward, crashing face first into the ring post! Seeing an opportunity, Darby enters the ring, bounces off the ropes and dives, hitting a suicide senton right on top of Moxley! Darby quickly rolls Moxley back in and goes back up top, COFFIN DROP! Darby wraps Moxley’s legs up, LAST SUFFER PIN FALL! One, two, kick out at 2.9999!


Darby’s face paint is half gone and he drapes himself over the middle rope, trying to compose himself but you can see the frustration all over his face. There’s no way to hide how disappointed he is after not getting the pin there. Moxley pulls himself up and as Darby turns around, he levels him with a big lariat! Darby does a total 360 and lands hard on the mat. Moxley wastes no time and picks Darby up - PARADIGM SHIFT! He covers..




Jon Moxley via Pin Fall in 11:46

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What a statement made by Jon Moxley!

The crowd cheers wildly as Moxley gets his hand raised in the air. Darby rolls out of the ring with the disappointment overwhelming him. Wiping the sweat off of his brow, Moxley finds the nearest camera and leans down to speak directly into it.

[ Jon Moxley ] SGW, I’m pissed off! And I promise you this, you ain’t gonna’ like Jon Moxley pissed off!

Moxley pops back up and plays to the fans momentarily and exits through the middle rope, dropping down to the apron and then to the floor. Moxley then hops the rail and exits through the sea of New Yorkers, hundreds of them quickly flocking to him trying to celebrate with him. We take one final shot of Moxley in the middle of the SGW faithful as the cameras leave the ringside area. Jon Moxley is back in the win column and looks to capitalize moving forward.

We fade backstage following Moxley’s big victory, where none other than Zicky Dice is walking and investigating his surroundings. The Outlandish One passes craft services, where various stagehands and crew members are eating. Dice shakes his head and continues walking, right past the interview area. He stops and steps backwards, ending up directly in the middle of the frame for an interview.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Ladies and gentlemen, this fellow is Zicky Dice, one of the newest signees to Solid Gold Wrestling!

[ Scott Steiner ] …he looks like a fuckin’ chump!

Dice licks his lips and speaks.

[ Zicky Dice ] Listen up, ladies and germs, it’s the best mid-card wrestler in the world, “the Outlandish” Zicky Dice! I don’t want to waste my time in saying that before you know it, I’ll be bustin’ asses and cashin’ checks through matches two-through-seven at SGW shows.

Dice flexes his muscle and lifts an eyebrow.

[ Zicky Dice ] Midcard Champions! Has-beens of yester-year! Jobbers to the Stars! The Dice Man is comin’…and you’ll never believe…just what I’m PACKIN’!

Dice grabs his fanny pack and laughs, walking off screen. A moment passes before a scraping noise fills the air and Jimmy Havoc approaches, dragging an axe behind him. He grabs the camera man by the shoulder and they flinch as he speaks

[ Jimmy Havoc ] Oi, bugger, sit the fuck still. Got some thoughts I have to get off me chest.

Havoc is off-kilter, standing half-on and half-off the interview set. He looks deep into the camera again and speaks.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] Anyone with eyes can see I’ve suffered some setbacks since Heartbreaker. Losin’ on some damn fluke to Adam Cole. Breakin’ my own hand to win the championship and being screwed out of it on some technicalities. Clawin’ and scratchin’ to the end of the bloody WrestleBrawl only to have that clamdigger Bryan Danielson kick me in the broken damn hand to eliminate me…the list goes on.

Havoc smirks and cracks his neck to the side.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] No more. Not another second of loss I don’t choose. I get back on track…I resume my mission to become the new face of this company by slicin’ the current one right-the-fuck-off! I’ll win the Triple Threat Match, I’ll beat Elias’ ass, I’ll beat Jericho’s ass, I’ll take the number one contendership and move on to Supremacy…and you can bet your own ass I’ll be the SGW World Heavyweight Champion.

Havoc scoffs.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] I mean…Adam Cole was bad…but Val fucking Venis? God’s havin’ a laugh now, for fuckin’ sure. No matter. Whoever’s the champion…whatever the match…I’m done lettin’ this shit go sideways. It’s my fuckin’ time…just try and stop me.

Havoc steps past the cameraman and walks away, leaving a final shot of him dragging his axe behind him as we fade away!

The Triple Threat Match for Number One Contendership is still to come!

Earlier this week.

A wrecked hotel room.

The beds are a mess, there’s garbage all over the floor, the blinds are ripped halfway off the window, and chairs are turned upside down.

[ Dan Barry ] My head.

Among the rubbish we find Dan Barry in bed, surrounded by pillows and discarded donut boxes. A large powdered donut rests on his chest as he covers his eyes with his left forearm. He’s in misery.

[ Dan Barry ] Worth it. So, so worth it.

The toilet flushes.

Seconds later, the bathroom door swings open and the light shuts off from inside. Leaving the room is Bill Carr, shirtless but has a towel wrapped around his waist. His half of the SGW World Tag Team Championship secures the towel in place to prevent the worst case of indecent exposure ever.

[ Bill Carr ] Effin’ a it was, chief. Effin’ a.

Bill Carr grabs a donut off the floor and takes a big bite.

[ Bill Carr ] These belts are pretty handy.

Proud of the title, Carr slaps the faceplate.

[ Bill Carr ] Should’ve won ‘em a whole lot sooner if you ask me.

Then, Carr recklessly jumps on his bed, nearly causing the poorly constructed frame to collapse upon impact. He turns on the tiny television in the room as Dan Barry rolls over, hiding his head underneath a pillow.

[ Bill Carr ] The life of a champion. We have a room with our own television now!

He beams with pride.

[ Bill Carr ] Best thing to ever happen. Honestly Dan-O, I never want to defend the belts because I never want this moment to end.

He catches himself.

[ Bill Carr ] Well, not saying we can’t win, but like, I don’t want to risk it you know?

Carr again rubs the faceplate on the belt, still around his waist.

[ Bill Carr ] Put us in the Hall o’ Fame or something.

He pauses.

[ Bill Carr ] Legends.


Team Tremendous makes their first SGW World Tag Team Championship defense - Soon.

Referee - Rick Knox | Time Limit - 30:00

As soon as the bell rings, Starlight Kid and AZM charge across the ring and nail stereo dropkicks on Priestley and Hayter! Priestley tumbles through the ropes to the floor! Starlight and AZM pull Hayter back to her feet and whip her into the ropes. Hayter ducks a double clothesline attempt and forearms AZM in the jaw, knocking her down! Hayter blocks a forearm from Starlight and boots her in the stomach! She pulls her in for a power bomb but Starlight repositions herself and takes Hayter down in a VICTORY ROLL PIN! ONE! TWO! THREE!

Lightning Star via Pin Fall in 00:49

The fans pop huge!

[ Tony Schiavone ] WOULD YA' LOOK AT THAT!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What a startling bloody upset!

[ Scott Steiner ] Get in and get out! Respect the hustle!

Starlight Kid and AZM quickly escape the ring as Priestley rolls under the bottom rope, raging out in humiliation at what just happened! Starlight and AZM celebrate up the ramp. Priestley kicks at the ropes with Hayter returning to her feet, furious.

[ Tony Schiavone ] These two teams have been at each other's throats since before Holiday Hell! It's only become more heated over time but AZM and Starlight Kid have done it! It's over! They've proven what they set out to do!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Indeed, they have, Tony! And now they're back on track to earning an SGW Twinstar Championship match! With Lightning Star and the Boss 'n Hug Connection in contention, it would be wise for Team Kick to keep eyes in the back of their heads!

With a final shot of AZM and Starlight celebrating on the stage, we fade out.

We cut backstage where we're greeted with a shocking display. Tim Cruise and Barbie Blank are both in their underwear, intertwined and running their hands all over each other's bodies. The live crowd instantly begins booing. In the room, we see Kris Statlander and Candy Floss looking on in horror. Barbie takes her tongue out of Tom's mouth and smiles her vacant, empty smile.

[ Barbie Blank ] You're amazing, Tom. At first, I thought you were a disgusting, short little troll but becoming infused with the Real Ultimate Power? Wow. I can't wait to have your abortion!

The fans groan and Candy's eyes become wide as saucers.

[ Tom Cruise ] Fuck yeah. I'm in love.

He looks over at Statlander and Floss, pumping his fist.

[ Tom Cruise ] I'm in love, ladies.

Floss nods.

[ Candy Floss ] We can... um... see that.

Her eyes move downward to the thankfully speedo-covered bulge below his waist.

[ Candy Floss ] Very clearly.

She gags. Statlander folds her arms across her chest.

[ Kris Statlander ] This is troubling, Earthling Floss.

They look at one another.

[ Kris Statlander ] Did we truly vanquish Scientology and my father so that the Real Ultimate Power could be used for this purpose? It makes everything... the war with Dr. Cube, you risking your life to save me, freeing The Rock from his mental chains... pointless, don't you think?

[ Candy Floss ] Believe me, those thoughts have been crossin' my mind for a long time now.

The door to the dressing room opens and Tucor walks inside casually, drawling a massive god-like pop from the live crowd. Tom Cruise breaks his embrace with Barbie and she falls flat on her back on the floor with a wet thud. Tom Cruise approaches Tucor in his underwear, giving the bird monster a hug.

[ Tom Cruise ] Tucor! I've got a really important question for ya', man.

Tucor tilts his head to the side.

[ Tom Cruise ] As I'm about to embark on the first step of my greatest-ever journey at Supremacy when I marry the most beautiful, perfect woman ever born--

He turns and looks down at Barbie Blank lying sprawled on the floor, now inexplicably with cocaine smeared under her nose.

[ Tom Cruise ] Yes, that woman right there... she belongs to me, can you believe it?

The fans boo loudly.

[ Tom Cruise ] I need a man with the heart of a champion by my side. Do you remember when you were still a man? When you were the legendary Tomato Chomper--

[ Candy Floss ] That wasn't his name--

[ Tom Cruise ] --and you rose up and defeated the unstoppable Pete Dunne? No one thought you could do it because Pete Dunne could cut the longest promos in SGW. Dude could talk, my man. You could say what you wanted but he'd filibuster you right outta' the game... but something happened, time got away from him, he forgot to cut his pre-match promo... but you didn't... and you beat him. Right at the deadline, brother.

Tucor places his furry mitts on either side of his head, shaking his head quickly.

[ Candy Floss ] We don't talk about deadlines around Tucor, Tom. He's very sensitive about timeliness.

Cruise places his hand on Tucor's shoulder.

[ Tom Cruise ] I want you to be my best man.

[ Candy Floss ] Oh god.

Tucor lowers his hands from his head and looks at Tom Cruise with his horrifying, too-human eyes.

[ Tom Cruise ] Will you... be my best man?

Tucor nods and the fans pop huge. Tucor and Cruise shake hands and Cruise pulls Tucor in for another big hug. Barbie Blank is standing now, rubbing her nose and sniffing loudly. Candy Floss and Statlander look embarrassed to be here.

[ Tom Cruise ] Wait until you see the rest of the wedding party!

Cruise opens the dressing room door and in steps The Rock and Dave Batista. The fans blow the roof off. The Rock strides right into the center of the room, looking around erratically before sniffing the air and shaking his belt buckle.


The fans cheer loudly. Statlander looks at Floss.

[ Kris Statlander ] Does he do that every time he enters a room?

[ Candy Floss ] ...yes.

Batista shakes hands with Cruise and stands there with a proud look on his face. Batista looks Barbie Blank up and down before scratching his chin and looking down at Cruise.

[ Dave Batista ] You did good, kid. This is gonna be a helluva party.

[ Tom Cruise ] You're damn right it is. Look at this! Tom Cruise, The Rock, and Dave Batista! All in one place! There's like a BILLION DOLLARS worth of talent in this room! What would Hollywood do if a bomb went off and killed us right now?!

Candy raises a finger.

[ Candy Floss ] Is that... is that something we fear may happen because--

[ Tom Cruise ] Get real, Cotton Candy-girl! You're being a real boner right now. Who would ever try to do something so horrible?

[ Candy Floss ] We were literally just feuding with a laser gun wielding John Travolta. I'm just bloody sayin'... it doesn't feel too out of the realm of possibility. Ya' know what I'm sayin'?

[ Kris Statlander ] With my heightened alien senses, I definitely know what you are saying.

[ Candy Floss ] That's called hearing and understanding, Kris. Those aren't exclusive alien powers.

[ Kris Statlander ] Oh.

[ Tom Cruise ] Besides, if some terrorist did do something like that, my close personal friend Donald Trump would deal out some swift justice. I'm talkin' scorched earth. Droppin' bombs, baby!

Batista shakes his head.

[ Dave Batista ] The terrorists could try but a bomb isn't going to kill me.

Batista holds his arm out, flexing it.

[ Dave Batista ] Feel that arm.

He looks at Candy and gives her a nod.

[ Dave Batista ] Come on, kid. Feel it.

[ Candy Floss ] I'm good. Thanks.

Barbie Blank reaches over and feels Batista's arm.

[ Barbie Blank ] Fuck yeah, I don't think a bomb has like, been created yet that can hurt you.

[ Dave Batista ] Exactly. I'm indestructible.

Batista, Cruise, and Blank continue chatting while Statlander and Floss look on in horror. The Rock wanders around the room aimlessly until Shawn Michaels pokes his head in the door, catching The Rock's attention. Michaels gestures for The Rock to come closer. The Rock raises The People's Eyebrow and steps out of the room. Michael looks up at The Rock, a serious look on his face.

[ Shawn Michaels ] Mind if I have a word?

[ The Rock ] Shawn Michaels, how dare you talk to The Rock, pull The Rock out of a very important meeting, INT-UH-HUH-RUPT-UH THE ROCK... and not even introduce yourself?!

[ Shawn Michaels ] You know exactly who--


Michaels places his hand on The Rock's shoulder.

[ Shawn Michaels ] Look, I know I haven't been around... but I've been watchin', kid. I've seen what those... Scientology nutjobs did to you. You know I got a real close relationship with the guy upstairs... let me help you cleanse that junk out of your system. Team up with me for a while, let's work this out. Let's get The Rock back where he belongs.

The Rock raises The People's Eyebrow again and leans down, getting right in Michaels' face.

[ The Rock ] Shawn Michaels wants t' team with The Rock? The Rock don't even know who you are, Shawn Michaels! Because Shawn Michaels won't introduce himself to The Rock!

[ Shawn Michaels ] You know who I am!

[ The Rock ] The Rock don't know nothin'! STRANGER DANGER!

The Rock tilts his head back and shouts.


The Rock steps back into the dressing room and slams the door in Michaels' face. Shawn Michaels stands there, looking confused. He scratches his beard and shakes his head. He looks up into the heavens.

[ Shawn Michaels ] Looks like I got my work cut out for me, big guy.


Referee - Aubrey Edwards | Time Limit - 30:00

The bell sounds and Abyss roars while flexing, looking like an intimidating monster as Austin marches to the center of the ring. Abyss leaves his corner and meets him. Austin mouths off to the monster and shoves his middle finger in Abyss’ face, showing no respect for his opponent. Abyss punches Austin without hesitation. Austin smirks and shakes his head, realizing he’s about to be in for a fight. Austin kicks Abyss in the gut - STUN- NO! Abyss blocks it and whips Austin into the ropes. Austin comes back, BLACK HOLE SLAM!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Black Hole Slam just a few seconds into it!

Abyss poses in the middle of the ring as Raven demands him to go for the cover. As he turns around, Austin is already up. Lou Thesz Press! The rapid fire punches cause Abyss to cover up, only able to block a handful of them. Austin gets up and grabs Abyss by the legs and stomps Abyss right in the gut! Austin flips the bird to the fans and gets a huge response back from the capacity crowd.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The forma’ SGW Champion is back in it, Tony!

[ Tony Schiavone ] The ring rust is shaken!


Abyss is back up and Austin is waiting like a preying lion. Abyss turns around, kick to the gut, STONE COLD STUNNER! Abyss drops to the mat in a heap as Austin covers and Aubrey Edwards makes the easiest count of her life. Austin wins!

Steve Austin via Pin Fall in 02:29

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Stone Cold is BACK!

As the glass breaks and the most familiar theme in professional wrestling hits, Austin hits all four corners, posing with a middle finger salute to each side of the arena. Barely breaking a sweat, Austin drops down and demands a microphone. The fans are chanting wildly, “YOU STILL GOT IT! <clap clap clapclapclap> YOU STILL GOT IT!”

[ Steve Austin ] If you’re glad ta’ see ol’ Stone Cold back in a SGDubya ring full-time, gimme a hell yeah!


[ Steve Austin ] Now, I ain’t about ta’ waste a buncha’ time yappin’ cause I know y’all came to see professional wrestling and not a bunch of talkin’ and b.s.. But I got somethin’ I need to get off my chest.

Austin paces the ring as the fans are eating it up.

[ Steve Austin ] I came back two weeks ago after bein’ inducted in the Hall of Fame and it felt damn good bein’ back in the squared-circle. There ain’t nothin’ like competin’ inside this twenty-by-twenty against some of the best in the world.. So, like I said, I’m back full-time and I ain’t goin’ NOWHERE! And Stone Cold ain’t goin’ nowhere ‘cause he’s got a damn good bit of unfinished business to tend to before he takes his ass back to Texas. I made a list and it’s a who’s who of mealy-mouthed bastards who’s who on ol’ Stone Cold’s bad side!

Austin begins counting the names.

[ Steve Austin ] Jeff Jarrett.


[ Steve Austin ] Randy Orton.


[ Steve Austin ] That scrawny little bastard named Jimmy Havoc.


[ Steve Austin ] That big, fat sumbitch Steve Corino..


[ Steve Austin ] So as you can see, Stone Cold’s got quite the mess to clean up and it’s gonna’ take a real good while to clean it all up! So SGDubya, buckle up ‘cause “Stone Cold” Steve Austin ain’t goin’ anywhere whether ya’ like it or not!

Austin raises his hand in the air and immediately a beer can flies through the air into the ring. Austin catches it and motions for another.

[ Steve Austin ] And that's the bottom line! ‘Cause Stone Cold.. SAID SO!

Austin drops the microphone and pops the tops on the beer cans. He toasts the audience, splashing half of the contents into the air and dumps the rest in his mouth, overflowing onto his chest and the ring mat. His music hits and the fans are buzzing with the return of the SGW Hall of Famer. Austin motions for more beer and has another beer bath as we fade.

Immediately backstage, Steve Corino is watching Steve Austin finishing his promo up on a large monitor while talking away on his cell phone. The camera pans out to show Shane Douglas next to him in a wheelchair with a massive neck brace on.

[ Steve Corino ] Are you and Adam coming to the arena tonight or what, Arn?

There’s a sense of panic and unrest in Corino’s voice.

[ Steve Corino ] You guys have left me here having to babysit a doped up Shane Douglas while I’m also having to watch my back with PAC and freakin’ Steve Austin coming for me!

He doesn’t like whatever Arn responds with.

[ Steve Corino ] C’mon man!

Franchise has a stream of drool hanging from his bottom lip as a quilt with Adam Cole’s face printed on it rests in his lap.

[ Steve Corino ] Yeah. He’s fine.

Corino looks over and sees the condition of Douglas with a disgusted look on his face.

[ Steve Corino ] Well. As fine as he can be, I guess. I gave him a couple of extra pills, so I won’t be hearing anything from him for a while.

Corino’s jaw drops.

[ Steve Corino ] Hell no! No! No, Arn, no! Look here! We go way back, but absolutely not!

His face turns blood red with rage.

[ Steve Corino ] Arn! He walked around here on MULTIPLE shows with his pants filled with piss! If he didn’t care then, why should you care now? I will NOT clean up after him!


Corino’s eyes grow as big as saucers.

[ Steve Corino ] I gave you double the dose of your pain pills! How are you even functioning? You were drooling?


Douglas wipes his mouth and continues.


Corino puts the phone tighter to his ear and cups the bottom, turning his body away from Douglas. In a whisper, he begins pleading.

[ Steve Corino ] Now look here, Arn, I swear to God..

With Corino’s back turned, we see Starlight Kid and AZM slowly sneak into the locker room. AZM slaps duct tape around Douglas’ mouth as Starlight Kid wraps rope around his arms and chest, tying a tight knot around the back of the wheelchair. Douglas’ cries for help are unheard, with Corino still going at it on the phone.

[ Steve Corino ] You guys have ditched me for this goof with all these targets coming after us, and I am not even close to being paid enough for this!

AZM tries to roll the wheelchair around but can’t get it to move. She looks to Lightning Kid and makes a motion around her stomach, silently mouthing the word “FAT!” in her best broken English. Lightning Kid giggles, quickly covering her mouth to hide it. The two work together and roll Shane Douglas out of the room, unseen.

[ Steve Corino ] Fine. I give up. You win. Tell Adam thanks for leaving me here to do the dirty work.

Corino hangs up the phone and puts it back in his pocket. He turns and notices Douglas being nowhere to be found.

[ Steve Corino ] Huh.

Then, a knock on the door.

[ Steve Corino ] Good God, Shane. How the hell did you get out there? Dumbass.

Corino walks to the door and rips it wide open, preparing himself to belittle Douglas.. But Douglas isn’t on the other side of the door.

[ PAC ] I have a special delivery for a Steve Corino..

[ Steve Corino ] Whoa, whoa, whoa..

It’s PAC and he’s holding an oversized cardboard box. With a sinister smile, he shoves the box into Corino’s chest.

[ PAC ] One ass kickin’.. Free’a charge!

BAM! PAC pops Corino right between the eyes with a stiff right hand and slaps the box out of Corino’s hands. PAC grabs Corino and whips him into the nearby wall and sends left knees into Corino’s gut. Corino separates himself from PAC with an elbow to the nose and headlocks PAC.

[ Steve Corino ] WHERE’S THE ROAD AGENTS?!

His headlock doesn’t last as PAC uses his force to ram Corino back-first into the wall and the two begin trading blows back and forth, neither man able to get the upper hand on the other. PAC smashes Corino’s face against the wall and his thick drawl makes his words sound even more ominous.

[ PAC ] Road agents can’t save ya’ now, Ste-veh! It’s time ta’ pay...

Corino breaks free and pokes PAC in the eyes. Shoving PAC back, Corino then tries to escape the scene, but PAC catches him and the two fall to the ground, scuffling once again. Finally, Justin Credible, Billy Gunn, and Stevie Ray appear and begin trying to break the chaos up as the scene fades.

Referee - Mike Chioda | Time Limit - 45:00

At ringside, Peyton Royce is cheering on Billie Kay. Candy Floss, Tom Cruise, and his fiance Barbie Blank are present to support Statlander, though Cruise and Blank are far more occupied with how far they can jam their tongues down each other's throat. Jinny is on commentary with the SGW Women's World Championship displayed prominently in front of her on the announce table. Aliyah and Vanessa Borne stand behind her, watching the match intently.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Ladies and gentlemen, we're being joined here tonight by the current Solid Gold Wrestling Women's World Champion, Jinny! I'm assuming you're here to scout out your potential next opponent?

[ Jinny ] Never assume anything about my motives, Tony. Someone like you, a lower as they're often called, could never understand what goes on in the mind of someone like myself... someone as sophisticated as Jinny.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It's a pleasure to have ya' join us 'ere today, champ.

As soon as the bell rings, Rhea Ripley and Nia Jax meet in the center of the ring, standing toe to toe. Neither woman shows any sign of intimidation but before they can lay hands on one another, Kris Statlander and Billie Kay blindside them both! Statlander takes Ripley down with a dropkick while Billie instantly leaves Nia Jax lying with SHADES OF KAY! Billie covers Nia Jax and hooks her giant leg! Chioda drops! One! Two! NIA JAX PRESSES BILLIE OFF OF HER! The fans pop huge!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Ya' not gonna get Nia Jax that easily! She's the bloody roughest, toughest almost as cool cousin as The Rock ya' gonna find in Solid Gold Wrestling!

[ Jinny ] While her strength is impressive, do you truly believe that she's physically what should be representing something as prestigious as the SGW Women's Division? Look at her. Her gear is so unlfattering. Like a garbage bag stretched over a mountain of cottage cheese.

[ Tony Schiavone ] The SGW Women's Division is all about talent, though! It's not a beauty contest! However, I would like to go on record that I think Nia Jax is a very attractive woman!

Jax returns to her feet and Billie remains on her knees, looking up at Jax in fear! However, before Jax can lay hands on her, Peyton Royce grabs Nia's ankle from the outside! Nia turns to kick Peyton away from her and Billie charges up behind her and dumps her through the ropes to the floor! The fans boo loudly! Billie follows Nia out and Chioda is too busy dealing with Statlander and Ripley brawling in the corner to pay attention to the IIconics double teaming Nia Jax on the floor!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Look at that! The tag team expertise of the IIconics coming into play as they work togetha' t' neutralize Nia Jax, obviously the biggest threat in the match!

[ Jinny ] The IIconics are laughable, darling. They're nothing more than bootleg Highers. How did Billie Kay and her regrettable collagen injections even get into this match? Isn't she a tag team competitor? Someone wasn't thinking when that decision was made.

[ Tony Schiavone ] The IIconics have been very impressive since coming to SGW. It makes sense that one of them would be rewarded with this type of opportunity!

[ Jinny ] I'm sorry, what? I couldn't hear you over the sound of Peyton Royce's thunderous, plodding footsteps.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What-

[ Jinny ] She's fat. So disgusting.

Rhea Ripley pummels away at Kris Statlander in the corner, throwing haymakers until Statlander falls into a seated position in the corner. Ripley begins choking Statlander violently with her boot before pulling away and walking to the center of the ring, soaking up the negative reaction of the fans... before turning and charging back into the corner, facewashing Statlander violently!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a shot!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Rhea Ripley is 'ere t' make a point! After what she did to her friend Christina Von Eerie at WrestleBrawl 3, she wants to earn a shot at the SGW Women's World Championship so that she can do what Von Eerie failed to do!

[ Jinny ] She can try, you mean.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Absolutely. She can try!

[ Jinny ] That's better.

[ Scott Steiner ] I'm pullin' for the moose in this one! She only did what she had to do at WrestleBrawl! You wanna get noticed but your friend is holdin' you back? You gotta take that friend out, ASAP! I respect the fuckin' hustle.

Ripley pulls Statlander out of the corner and goes for RIPTIDE but Statlander manages to reposition herself in mid-air and brings Ripley down with a flying headscissors! Ripley rolls right back to her feet, staggering against the ropes... and Statlander clotheslines her over the top rope to the floor, knocking down Tom Cruise and Barbie Blank as they continue to feverishly make out! Cruise and Blank lie on the floor, looking shocked as Ripley gets up! She pays no mind to Cruise or Blank but turns and pushes Candy Floss down for no reason! The fans boo... but then Ripley gets taken down by a SUICIDE DIVE from Kris Statlander!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] We've got an unidentified flying object, gentlemen!

[ Jinny ] Who does her make-up? They should be arrested for crimes against humanity.

[ Scott Steiner ] She got a faaaat ass, though.

[ Jinny ] Pig.

Outside the ring, the IIconics attempt to double suplex Nia Jax but Jax reverses it and double suplexes both IIconics! The fans cheer loudly as Jax gets up and throws Billie Kay back under the bottom rope! Nia Jax follows her in. Billie rolls back to her feet and charges at Nia Jax but Jax catches her across her shoulders... SAMOAN DROP! Nia Jax stands up, soaking in the cheers of the crowd, and Peyton Royce slides into the ring! Peyton charges at Nia Jax and Jax immediately boots her down! Royce falls down next to Billie and Nia Jax hits the ropes... DOUBLE BIG SPLASH ON BOTH IICONICS! Nia covers! ONE! TWO! THR-- THEY BOTH KICK OUT!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Amazing ability to kick out by the IIconics!

[ Jinny ] I'm actually impressed. I won't lie. That was a tremendous amount of blubber to escape from underneath.

[ Tony Schiavone ] That's a very rude opinion to have of Nia Jax!

[ Jinny ] Opinion? Look at her. She's obese.

Both IIconics roll out of the ring as Nia Jax looks on! Kris Statlander and Rhea Ripley are still fighting on the floor. Nia Jax exits the ring and charges around the ring post, blasting both women with a double clothesline! Jax tosses Ripley under the bottom rope and follows her inside! Ripley is quickly back to her feet and charges at Nia Jax with a clothesline! Jax ducks it and catches Ripley as she turns around... SAMOAN DROP! Nia Jax doesn't get up to go for the cover... and the fans begin booing as they realize why, Vipress has emerged from underneath the ring and is holding Nia Jax's ankles down from outside... allowing Kris Statlander to fly and flatten Nia Jax with a 450 SPLASH! Vipress lets go of Jax's ankles and returns underneath the ring, cackling! Statlander hooks the leg! One! Two! Three!


[ Tony Schiavone ] What was Vipress doing out here!? Why!?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What do ya' think, Tony! Makin' a statement on behalf of Gionna Daddio!

[ Scott Steiner ] I don't know about that, Tom Hiddleston! That spicy emo broad told Gionna whatever what was up earlier! That was a god damn statement on behalf of her fuckin' self if you're askin' me!

[ Jinny ] Literally no one asked you. And who ever would?

Billie Kay slides back into the ring and dives onto Statlander, peppering with lefts and rights before she can get up! Billie grabs a handful of Statlander's hair and pulls her up to her feet... only to have Statlander nail her with a knee lift and hit the ropes... AXE KICK! Billie Kay goes down! Statlander hits the ropes... RUNNING SHOOTING STAR PRESS! NO! BILLIE GETS HER KNEES UP! Statlander rises to her feet, favoring her stomach and Billie gets up, hitting the ropes... SHADES OF KAY! NO! Statlander ducks it and scoops Billie up... THE BIG BANG! Statlander cradles her up! ONE! TWO! THREE!


Statlander returns to her feet and Billie rolls out of the ring. Statlander sees Rhea Ripley on the mat, struggling to return to her feet after receiving the Samoan Drop from the Irresistible Force! Ripley gets up to one knee and Statlander charges at her, dropkicking her right in the chest! Ripley goes down and Statlander hits the ropes... RUNNING SHOOTING STAR PRESS! She covers! One! Two! Th-- Ripley powers out! Ripley rolls over onto all fours, pounding the mat with her fist. Statlander bites her bottom lip, turns around, and nails the kneeling Ripley with a PELE KICK that puts her flat back down on her face! Statlander points at the turnbuckles and the fans begin cheering loudly! Statlander begins her ascent... but Ripley springs back to her feet and leaps onto the middle rope, hooking Statlander and bringing her down from the top with a SUPERPLEX! Ripley covers! ONE! TWO! THR-- Statlander kicks out!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That could've been it! What a move!

Ripley returns to her feet and snatches Statlander up. She lifts her up for RIPTIDE but Statlander's boot catches Chioda in the eye on the upswing! Chioda staggers back, clutching his eye and turns away! Statlander slips out behind Ripley and tumbles backward into the ropes before righting herself. Barbie Blank slides into the ring with a steel chair and begins sizing up Ripley!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What's this moron doing?!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Perhaps she's looking for revenge on Rhea Ripley for knocking her down earlier!

Barbie swings the chair at Ripley's head but Ripley ducks and the chair wraps around Kris Statlander's head! Statlander goes down in a heap! Ripley springs into action... RIPTIDE ON BARBIE BLANK! Ripley quickly scrambles over and covers Statlander, hooking both legs! Still clutching his eye, Mike Chioda scrambles over and counts! ONE! TWO! THREE!

Rhea Ripley via Pin Fall in 08:49

The fans erupt in boos as Ripley rolls off Statlander. We can hear Jinny set her headset down and then we see the Highers assist her onto the announce table. Jinny stands on the table, glaring into the ring at her next opponent. Ripley returns to her feet with Floss and Cruise checking on Statlander and Barbie behind her. Standing on the table, Jinny holds the SGW Women's World Championship over her head. Ripley stares at the title and nods before falling onto her back and rolling under the bottom rope, walking to the back.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Gentlemen, there you have it... your women's world title match for People Who Hate Each Other Fighting on May 2nd, 2020! It's going to be a match for sure. Rhea Ripley's first opportunity at the championship since Mile High Madness back in November of last year!

[ Scott Steiner ] The moose is fuckin' comin' for the gold!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The question is, where will Christina Von Eerie factor into this? With her history of violence with both of these women, you have to believe she's gonna have somethin' t' say... or do, even, when this match takes place!


We head backstage where we see AZM and Starlight Kid pushing "The Franchise" Shane Douglas down a hallway, still secured tightly to his wheelchair. The fans are cheering loudly as Douglas struggles against his restraints. They roll him past an elevator and come to a stop at a door marked "Stairwell." AZM and Starlight Kid look at each other and nod happily. Starlight pushes the door open and AZM guides the wheelchair inside. They push the wheelchair to the edge of the stairs. AZM scowls at Douglas.

[ AZM ] < Any last words, pee-pee pants? >

Starlight reaches up and removes the tape from Douglas's mouth.


Starlight immediately puts the tape back over his mouth.

[ AZM ] < Your story is at an end, foul smelling grandpa. >

[ Starlight Kid ] < Goodbye! I will miss you, French Fries-san! >

Starlight's eyes fall upon the Adam Cole blanket in his lap.

[ Starlight Kid ] < Should we cover him with blanket? So he will not be scared? >

AZM shakes her head.

[ AZM ] < Idiot. Of course not. I want him to see his death as it washes over him. >

She leans into Douglas' ear and speaks in terribly broken English.

[ AZM ] Justice... for-uh... Cathy! Die suh-row... stinky grandpa.

And then they push.

The wheelchair rolls down a couple steps without issue before it banks sideways and Douglas is sent careening into the darkness of the vacant stairwell, groaning all the way with every blunt impact until he's out of sight and can no longer be heard. AZM and Starlight look at one another and nod, satisfied. They turn and walk out of the stairwell, mission accomplished.

In another area backstage, Charly Caruso catches Rhea Ripley fresh off her victory just moments earlier. Ripley is very much not in the mood to be interviewed and is visibly annoyed by Caruso's presence.

[ Charly Caruso ] Rhea Ripley! You just earned a match for the SGW Women's World Championship at People Who Hate Each Other Fighting... but everyone is wondering what's going on following your actions at WrestleBrawl 3? Why did you attack Christina Von Eerie? And where is she?

Ripley just glares at Caruso. Caruso practically shrinks under her gaze.

[ Rhea Ripley ] If ya' really havin' t' ask why I gave 'er the bloody beatin' that she deserved... then ya' haven't been payin' very close attention for the last several months, have ya'? As for where she is?

Ripley smiles evilly.

[ Rhea Ripley ] Where do ya' think she is? She's off doin' what she does every bloody time she loses or gets beat down 'n put in 'er place. She's off in a dark room somewhere, listenin' t' some shit-ass band, and lickin' her fuckin' wounds.

Caruso bites her bottom lip nervously.

[ Rhea Ripley ] Because she's a failure... she was a failure as the champion... and she was a failure as the woman that this division was built around. It took everyone else a while t' bloody see it... but I've known it since day one. Why do ya' think she's avoided facin' me since Mile High Madness, yeah? Because she's scared o' me. She don't wanna face me.

Ripley gestures toward herself.

[ Rhea Ripley ] I wouldn't wanna face me neitha'--

BAM! Christina Von Eerie blasts Rhea Ripley from behind, sending her crashing into the wall! Von Eerie stays on her, slugging away like a woman possessed! Ripley comes back with a knee lift, cutting Von Eerie off! They begin throwing wild punches and forearms and Charly Caruso quickly exits the scene! Security floods the scene and separates them as they continue struggling and fighting to get at one another!

[ Tony Schiavone ] So much for being scared of Rhea Ripley!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] If ya' thought Von Eerie and Jinny was heated, ya' ain't seen nothin' yet, I don't believe! If I know Christina Von Eerie, I'd bet that the betrayal of a friend is high on her list of things that really, really piss 'er off!


We fade up in another room backstage where we see a trainer applying an ice pack to Billie Kay's neck. Billie winces in pain. Peyton Royce walks over off-camera and snatches the ice pack out of the trainer's hand, sneering. The trainer takes a step back, looking offended.

[ Peyton Royce ] What do ya' think ya' doin', moron?! Ya' doin' it awl wrong!

She shoos the trainer away and applies the ice pack herself. Billie sighs and reaches up, placing her hand on top of Peyton's as she applies pressure.

[ Peyton Royce ] Well, tonight didn't go exactly as planned, did it?

Billie's eyes narrow.

[ Billie Kay ] Not... at... awl...

[ Peyton Royce ] Perhaps we lost sight of the goal a little bit. I won't lie t' you... I might have gone a little sideways afta' losin' at WrestleBrawl. Settin' our sights on somethin' bigga'... seemed like a right good idea at the time but--

[ Billie Kay ] What's bigga than us?

[ Peyton Royce ] Exactly.

Peyton smiles.

[ Peyton Royce ] It's time t' get back on track. Who cares 'bout Rhea Ripley 'n Jinny 'n all that extra nonsense... those Twinstar Championships are ripe for the taking. We shoulda' been the first champions... Team Kick took that opportunity from us.

[ Billie Kay ] Maybe we can't be the first champions... but there's still time.

Peyton nods, her eyes glimmering in the light.

[ Peyton Royce ] There's still time t' be the last.


Referee - Paul Turner | Time Limit - 60:00

While the championship is still in its infancy in the annals of Solid Gold Wrestling history, Elevation Title matches have already been established as contests fought between hungry, capable performers willing to do anything to win. The drive and determination to have the power that comes alongside the Elevation Championship pushing all wrestlers towards a victory is palpable, and evident in the eyes of all vying for the title.

This contest, however, was a staunch contrast to the usual or expected Elevation Championship match.

With referee Paul Turner standing in a neutral corner between the two men, the camera angle displaying three angles in the squared circle holds still for about two solid minutes, only Turner’s head moving back and forth from the champion to the challenger breaking the monotony of the view.


[ Tony Schiavone ] …why doesn’t Nash go and fight Orange Cassidy, Scott?


[ Tony Schiavone ] But by your very logic, Scott, it’s defeating the purpose for Kevin Nas—


After waiting a while, Turner gestures for the two men to begin their contest and have at one another – but neither man seems interested. Or perhaps – they’re feeling out the other to see which of them would attack first!

A new camera angle takes our screen for the first time in over three minutes, focusing on OC behind ‘Big Sexy.’ Nash flips his hair and smirks at Cassidy, who is still resting in his corner, hands in his pockets and staring (probably? It’s hard to say behind the aviators.) blankly ahead. Meanwhile, we get another new camera angle of Nash from over Cassidy’s shoulders. Nash has his arms resting on the top rope and his ankles crossed in front of himself, not a care in the world.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The cosmic ballet…flows on…


[ Tony Schiavone ] Orange Cassidy is too cool for school!

[ Scott Steiner ] God, no! NO! NO! Now he’s even MORE of a piece of shit because you just said those words, Schiavone! Now I hate him EVEN MORE, strictly based upon the fact that your dorky, flaccid ass just said those words. I hope your shoelaces are permanently tied together, Schiavone, in a way that no man, woman, child, animal, spirit, or shoe-untying mechanism can ever solve! I hope your children, those poor, pathetic half-Tony Schiavone mongoloids rue the day you ever tripped and fell dick-first into their mother. I hope your wife, your miserable, drunken, big-titted wife, wishes she’d have been born on the opposite side of the world, only to have her chances of ending up married to a spineless sack of garbage like you cut in half by 50% – THAT’S HALF – or more, simply on geographic logistics alone! You saying that bullshit about Orange Cassidy is the most egregiously shit thing I have ever heard in all my life!

God in Heaven.

[ Tony Schiavone ] …my children are not mongoloids, my wife is neither miserable nor drunken, and Orange Cassidy is a cool guy. I’m really sorry if you think differently, Scott.

Suddenly, a commotion comes across the microphones as rustling takes over a slammed headset.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] SCOTT! SCOTT! SIT DOWN, SCOTT!


[ Tony Schiavone ] Your language is offensive!


Back inside the ring, Orange Cassidy has started walking – lethargically, of course, and stops in center-ring. The Madison Square Garden fans, who, to their credit, have not completely checked out of the action thus far, begin popping again, thinking that something may possibly – FINALLY – happen in this professional wrestling match.

Nash lifts an eyebrow and takes his arms off the top rope slowly, lighting up the mood a little more in the World’s Most Famous Arena. He, too, begins slowly striding ahead, finally meeting Cassidy, nose-to-nips in center ring.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] MY GOD! They’re moving! Which man will strike first?!

Nash, smirk seemingly permanently tattooed to his face, is giving Cassidy no credibility as OC stands, hands in his pocket and looking slightly up at the champion. Madison Square Garden choose their side and begin a slow “ORANGE ORANGE ORANGE” chant, which makes Nash finally look at anything other than his opponent, glaring daggers at the audience who have betrayed him for his equally lazy counterpart.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Looks like Kevin Nash can’t believe these fans are taking the side of, as he so eloquently put it, the “uncoolly lazy” Orange Cassidy! Of course, if net credibility means anything, Cassidy’s certainly been a buzzy name on Twitter after being spotted with “the Tiger King” Joe Exotic last week!

Nash is beside himself, in absolute disbelief that the people would side with the Juice Man instead of himself.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Either way, though, it’s still a slow-go in the opening stages of this conte—OH MY GOD!!

Orange Cassidy ‘fires off’ a very light roundhouse kick at Nash’s calf, lighting up MSG! Nash turns, having felt the slight rub of contact on his leg and looks at Cassidy, puzzled. OC does not waste much time in throwing another very ginger kick to the leg! And another! And one with the left leg! Another! And another!

A groan can be heard from what can safely be assumed is Scott Steiner’s location as Cassidy throws another kick, stepping back slowly and pumping up the crowd! “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” echoes the audience across MSG as Cassidy steps back, finally moving forward –


A Vesuvial eruption from MSG as Cassidy bumps to the ground onto the top of his shoulders and Neck, presumably out of it!

[ Scott Steiner ] FINALLY!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] OH MY! LORD IN HEAVEN!

Cassidy remains crumpled in half for a moment – then kips up, back to his feet, hands still in his pockets as Nash’s eyes go wide! The challenge steps forward, but Nash throws another boot, this one MUCH lower, connecting with Cassidy’s Oranges!


Nash shakes his head in disbelief and flips his hair, bending at the waist to pull Cassidy towards him by the hair and positions him for the Jackknife Powerbomb! Already tired of the nonsense and mind games from Cassidy, Nash lifts his opponent onto his shoulders and drops him seven feet to the canvas below with a big Jackknife Powerbomb! Nash kneels and makes the hands-pressing cover for the one-two-three!

Kevin Nash via Pinfall in 05:27

As Paul Turner brings Nash his championship, the normally cool-and-collected Elevation Champion quickly exits the ring, shaking his head and rubbing his temples angrily.

[ Scott Steiner ] All is right in the world, dammit.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Poor Orange Cassidy! Kevin Nash had to strike him below the belt to get an advantage here!

[ Scott Steiner ] Schiavone, I’m going to choke your ass out if you don’t shu—

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Uh, I’m receiving word that we’ve got to cut backstage now!

[ Tony Schiavone ] …I don’t hear anything!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Yep, definitely there! Let’s see what’s happening backstage!

A final shot of Cassidy rubbing his back and coming to cuts to Nash, standing at the top of the ramp, smirking finally before shaking his head, laughing to himself as we fade away.

We go backstage where we see CM Punk sitting in his dressing room. One by one, he's placing pieces of his gear into his bag while AJ Lee watches on, a sad look on her face. Punk is stonefaced, emotionless. He takes a deep breath.

[ AJ Lee ] Phil, are you okay?

He doesn't answer. He continues to pack his things.

[ AJ Lee ] Phil?

He zips the bag shut and stands up, throwing the bag over his shoulder. He turns and looks at AJ. You don't have to look hard to see that his recent losses are weighing heavily on his mind. He shakes his head.

[ CM Punk ] Let's get outta' here.

AJ nods timidly.

[ CM Punk ] I gotta make some fuckin' changes.

He walks toward the door and she follows.


Quickly we cut to a shot of the interior parking garage at MSG, where a briskly moving Chris Jericho is flanked by his close confidant Jake Hager. Jericho’s wispy white scarf is blowing behind him as Hager pulls the rolling bag, keeping close with Chris’ break-neck pace.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Is Chris Jericho serious? The show is nearly two-thirds of the way over – AND HE’S JUST NOW ARRIVING!

[ Scott Steiner ] Heh! ‘Ole Jericho must have been layin’ some pipe into the morning hours – RESPECTABLE!

[ Tony Schiavone ] He’s in the damn main event, Scott!

Seemingly as an echo of Tony’s frustration, Charly Caruso steps in Jericho’s path, nearly getting bowled over in the process. Jericho quickly adjusts his aviators and sneers down his nose at the short brunette.

[ Chris Jericho ] Look, lady, you’ve got to move your half-plastic body out of my damn way, ya’hear?! I’ve got a triple threat to win, sweet cheeks!

Charly doesn’t flinch and rolls her eyes.

[ Charly Caruso ] Chris, it’s nearly 9:15. Your match is the main event…where in the world have you been?

Jericho’s eyebrows may have shot off his head as quickly as they rose above his aviators. He snaps them off his face and into his pocket, jabbing a finger into Charly’s face.

[ Chris Jericho ] First of all, just who in the hell made you the hall monitor, Candy?! Last I checked, I’m Chris FUCKIN’ Jericho, and big-time rock stars like me can go and do and arrive whenever the hell they want! Do you got that?! I SAID – Do you got that?!

Charly bites her lip and nods, taking Jericho’s abuse in stride.

[ Chris Jericho ] You know what, though? It’s good you’re just skankin’ around the parking lot, looking for any possible shred of relevance to shoot out of some guy’s dick and onto your chin so you can pretend to matter for fourteen-minutes-and-forty-five-seconds, because The Living Legend’s got something to say, baby!

Madison Square Garden are over Chris Jericho’s abuse of poor Charly and begin mercilessly booing him. Predictably, Jericho couldn’t care less and continues thrashing Charly as Hager smirks over his shoulder.

[ Chris Jericho ] Ya’see, Chris Jericho was screwed harder than Candy Candusso here at WrestleBrawl 3 – and yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I had a damn impressive showing in the big WrestleBrawl battle royal, but tonight – it’s on to bigger and better things! No need to win some stupid battle royal when I can just step on and over two nobody losers and take my rightful place – at the top, Candy!

Charly’s inner lip is getting shredded as she continues to suffer through Jericho’s silver tongue lashing.

[ Chris Jericho ] I’m gonna win the main event tonight, which I am still PERFECTLY on time for, thank you very much, and I’ll earn my spot in the main event of Supremacy. Do you want to try and rattle your pea brains around and guess what happens then, Candy?

Charly blinks hard, fighting back tears as Jericho throws an open hand up, blocking her from speaking.

[ Chris Jericho ] That means Chris Jericho gets the opportunity to wax Val Venis’ geriatric ass and take a prize that has eluded me for years and years – the Solid Gold Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship! And sure, I’ve been decorated with thousands of pounds of gold in my career – XWF World Champion! CWO World Champion! SGW United States Champion! Thousands more, missy! The list goes on and on and on – just like yours, sweetheart!

Charly finally cannot help but let a tear slide down her cheek as Jericho nudges Hager with an evil grin on his face.

[ Chris Jericho ] Candy…Val Venis’ title reign is on life support…something I’m surprised ‘ole Val himself isn’t still on! I’m going to take that SGW World Heavyweight Championship out of his crooked, wrinkly, liver-spotted hands, throw him down the mine shaft back to obscurity and give all of these miserable fans a SGW Champion they can respect! And that will be a huge step up from the old, past-his-prime has-been they’ve got now, junior! So, Candy, good luck finding your next big scoop…or should I say swallow?! HAHAHA!

Jericho nudges by Charly, Hager following him as he strolls arrogantly out of the shot and into the arena as Charly wipes her eyes and we fade away from the sad scene.

Referee - Rick Knox | Time Limit - 30:00

Becky Lynch and Ted Dibiase are at ringside. As soon as the bell rings, Hana and Shayna clash in the middle of the ring, slugging away at each other with forearms and punches to the head and chest areas. They tie up, refusing to let go of one another as they throw bombs left and right!

[ Tony Schiavone ] And we're off to the races!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The impact from these blows would bloody stagga' the toughest of competitors but here we are, with both women absorbing worlds of punishment and refusing to back down!

They continue fighting it out until Shayna takes over with a knee lift and grabs a handful of Hana's hair. She keeps Hana in a doubled over position and tees off, kicking her right in the face! Hana drops to one knee and Shayna drills her with a second kick to the face before releasing her hair, pulling back, and driving a forearm into the back of Hana's head, knocking her down face first. Shayna smiles and looms over Hana, gesturing toward herself and taunting her, shouting "Is that all you got, kid?! You're already DONE!? GET UP! FIGHT ME!"

[ Scott Steiner ] God damn, this Baszler dude is ugly as fuck! Is this one o' them Limitless matches!?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Christ, Scott.

[ Tony Schiavone ] This is heated, gentlemen! Ted Dibiase's money brought them together and Hana Kimura's ambition has torn them apart! It became clear early on that Shayna Baszler and Los Ice Creams were Dibiase's key focus while Becky Lynch and Hana Kimura have been treated as afterthoughts... tools, if you will, to support Shayna and the Ice Creams!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He certainly did not appreciate Hana Kimura's intense focus on ending her rivalry with Barbie Blank! It would appear that was the straw which broke the camel's back in regards to Hana's continued employment under Dibiase's umbrella!

[ Scott Steiner ] And now he's sent this big Vigo the Carpathian lookin' goon to finish 'er off!

Hana rolls over on her back and Shayna descends on her, attempting to mount her but Hana gets a boot up, kicking Shayna in the mid-section! Shayna staggers back and Hana rolls back to her feet, quickly charging at Shayna and nailing her with a series of forearms! She staggers Shayna back against the ropes and shoots her off. Shayna hits the ropes on the opposite side and comes back. Hana charges at her and throws a clothesline but Shayna ducks it! Hana hits the opposite side... and Ted Dibiase grabs her ankle!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh, come on, Ted!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Ya' knew it had t' happen!

Hana shouts at Dibiase in Japanese... and Baszler blasts her from behind, knocking her through the ropes and onto the apron! Hana uses the ropes to pull herself up and Shayna nails her with a forearm to stagger her. Shayna hooks Hana around the neck and goes for a suplex but Hana fights it off and tries to lift Shayna for a suplex of her own! The fans gasp as Hana prepares to suplex Shayna over the top rope to the floor but Shayna fights out of that attempt as well! They struggle for position for a moment before Shayna throws a knee through the ropes, jarring Hana enough for Shayna to lift her up... and DROP HANA STRAIGHT DOWN INTO THE KIRIFUDA CLUTCH!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Good lord, there it is! Out of bloody nowhere!

Hana struggles, reaching desperately for the ropes as Shayna chokes the life out of her! Shayna uses everything she has in the tank to keep Hana under control but Hana is fighting with every inch of her body to get to the ropes! Kicking, reaching, and writhing, Shayna's grip on Hana begins to slip... and HANA GETS A FOOT ON THE BOTTOM ROPE!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Thank goodness! She lives to fight another day!

Hana lays on the mat for a moment, breathing heavily. The fans begin chanting "LET'S GO HANA" over and over. Baszler stomps around the ring, furious, shouting at the fans to "SHUT THE HELL UP!" before pointing at Hana and dragging her thumb across her throat. Hana uses the ropes to pull herself up and Shayna sizes her up. Shayna goes for the KIRIFUDA CLUTCH once again... but Hana begins throwing elbows backward into Baszler's head! Baszler lets go, staggering backward! Hana turns around and points at Baszler, screaming in Japanese! She hits the ropes... and DRILLS BASZLER WITH A SHOTGUN DROPKICK! Baszler goes down hard!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] She's pickin' up steam, boys!

Hana pulls Baszler up off the mat and sets her up for the TIGER LILY... but Ted Dibiase climbs onto the apron! Dibiase pulls Rick Knox and Hana lets go of Shayna, allowing her to fall to the side! Before Hana can turn to deal with Dibiase, Becky Lynch hits the ring with a steel chair and charges at Hana... but Hana moves and Becky waffles Shayna! Becky looks down at the chair... and then shrugs before leaving the ring with confidence in her step! Dibiase looks FURIOUS, shouting "WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING!?" Becky turns and looks back down at the ring, mouthing "Oh well" before disappearing behind the curtain!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Becky just laid out her own partner... and she doesn't even care!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The rumors must be true, then! Becky Lynch is said to be done with this alliance and heading for potentially greena' pastures with SGW's new SHOCK brand! Talk about severin' ties!

Hana watches Becky disappear behind the curtain and then charges at the ropes, dropkicking Dibiase's legs out from him so he tumbles off the apron to the floor! The fans pop huge! Hana quickly turns and falls on top of Shayna, still out of it from the chairshot! ONE! TWO! THREE!

Hana Kimura via Pin Fall in 06:14

The fans pop huge and Hana rolls off Shayna with a huge smile on her face. Hana gets up and stands over Shayna, posing and blowing kisses... until Dibiase climbs into the ring and gets right in Hana's face! The fans begin cheering loudly as Hana refuses to back down!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Hana Kimura, showing no fear in the face of her former employer!

Dibiase points his finger right in her face... and Hana slaps him hard, almost staggering him backward! Dibiase looks indignant... and Hana shoves him hard! Dibiase falls back into the ropes, catching himself... and Shayna Baszler blasts her from behind with a big forearm! There's a trickle of blood coming from somewhere in Baszler's hairline as she locks in the KIRIFUDA CLUTCH one more time!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Come on now! The match is bloody ova'!

[ Scott Steiner ] Never turn your back on somebody that looks like Shayna Baszler! Damn!

The boos suddenly turn to cheers as Dakota Kai and Tegan Nox emerge from the back! They run down to ringside in street clothes, roll under the bottom rope, and narrowly miss Dibiase as he dives through the ropes and escapes up the ramp! Baszler lets go of Kimura and rolls under the bottom rope as well. Baszler and Dibiase escape before disappearing behind the curtain. Inside the ring, Nox and Dakota help Kimura back to her feet. The fans applaud loudly.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Thank God for Team Kick!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Indeed, Tony. It's a good thing there are women like Dakota Kai and Tegan Nox backstage to balance out the more negative element that's seemingly taken over the women's division of late! I've heard they've gone out of their way to help Hana Kimura acclimate to the United States since WrestleBrawl 3. Real good girls, those two.

We focus on Tegan and Dakota raising Hana's arms in victory as we fade out.

Colt Cabana is walking proudly down the hallway. His chest is puffed out, hands on his hips, he’s even whistling. Upon noticing the camera, he flashes a big smile and waves.

[ Colt Cabana ] Oh, hey guys! Colt Cabana here. What a show we’ve had so far, right? Well, I’m looking to add a little pizzazz to things with a little Good Times, Great Memories. To do that, I need some guests. So let’s see if we can find someone, yeah?

Cabana makes it about five more steps and notices Raven and Abyss.

[ Colt Cabana ] Here we have the newest members of the SGW roster! Hey, you two want to be on my show to justify that match earlier?

Abyss roars in Colt’s direction as Raven nonchalantly responds.

[ Raven ] Pick me, pick him, pick whoever you want. I don’t really care.

Colt nods.

[ Colt Cabana ] Alright then.

Colt looks back to the camera.

[ Colt Cabana ] Moving on!

The camera follows as Colt continues hunting. He stops again.

[ Colt Cabana ] Oh! Here we go!

Sasha Banks begins crying on the floor of the hallway as Bayley is rubbing her back, trying to console her.

[ Colt Cabana ] Oh God.

[ Bayley ] Can we help you with something?

[ Colt Cabana ] I was going to see if you guys wanted to be on Good Times, Great Memories.. Really try to pep the people up during these dark times.. But.. never mind..

Sasha inhales deeply and wipes the running mascara from her eyes.

[ Sasha Banks ] No. I’m a Boss. I’ll do it.

[ Colt Cabana ] Are you sure? You were crying?

[ Sasha Banks ] I was NOT crying, Colt! I was expressing myself outwardly.

He has no idea.

[ Colt Cabana ] So what’s got’cha sad on the inside to express it on the outside.. Or whatever you’re calling crying on the floor of the hallway…

[ Sasha Banks ] No.

Sasha springs to her feet and a switch flips. She immediately becomes the Boss.

[ Sasha Banks ] For five thousand dollars I’ll do your show.

[ Colt Cabana ] I don’t even make five grand here.

Sasha scoffs.

[ Sasha Banks ] Oh.

The scoff becomes laughter.

[ Sasha Banks ] So you’re poor? Shame.

[ Bayley ] You’re such a loser, Cabana!

[ Sasha Banks ] Once you’re rich and fed, give the Boss a call and I’ll help make you famous.

Sasha snaps her fingers and walks off with Bayley quickly following in behind her. Cabana scratches his head.

[ Colt Cabana ] Did I just get poor-shamed by the woman who was crying on the floor? What a time.

Before he can move on, Juventud Guerrera walks into the scene with a big smile on his face. He gives Cabana a huge bear hug which Colt doesn’t reciprocate back. After an uncomfortably long amount of time, Colt finally pushes Juventud away.

[ Colt Cabana ] Social distancing, yeah? C’mon man!

[ Juventud Guerrera ] I thought you’d never ask The Juice!

[ Colt Cabana ] To…

[ Juventud Guerrera ] Be on your show, baby!

Mortified, Cabana has no way out.

[ Juventud Guerrera ] I’ll even be your tag team partner!

[ Colt Cabana ] I’m sort of a one-man show.. Besides, I have Jason and Kurt..

[ Juventud Guerrera ] They won’t compare to the fuckin’ The Juice, baby!

[ Colt Cabana ] Wait, wait, wait..

Finally, Colt stops the snowball storming downhill.

[ Colt Cabana ] Did you just call yourself “THE fucking THE Juice?”

Juventud nods.

[ Juventud Guerrera ] Baby!

Kevin Nash swoops in out of nowhere and puts his arm around Colt and moves him away from Juventud. The two start walking as far away as they can from the bizarro world Cabana had found himself in backstage, settling at a small circular table with a fold-out chair on either side.

[ Kevin Nash ] Hey man, I’m not going to pretend to know your name or that I care enough about you to learn it. I just know you’re a man with an outlet.. An outlet I need.

Nash sits in the chair, crossing his long leg over the other, placing his Elevation title down on the table. He motions for Colt to join him.

[ Kevin Nash ] A popular segment on SGW programming that allows me more screen time on SGW OnDemand. It’s a win-win situation. You don’t get raped by Juventud Guerrera and I get to get my message out to the masses while also being the biggest star to ever be on your show.

[ Colt Cabana ] This is the nicest set I’ve ever had.

[ Kevin Nash ] These chairs came straight from the good ol’ U.S. of A, baby. True American steel. The table, handcrafted by a bunch of children making a dime a day in some country. If there’s a flaw on it, just know someone paid for it with their life.

Nash shakes his head.

[ Kevin Nash ] Flaws. Wouldn’t even know where to start with that.

[ Colt Cabana ] So.. uh.. The show?

[ Kevin Nash ] Oh right.. Get it going, baby. Time is money. After I finish this I want to go holler at the blue haired chick crying on the floor. Imagine that, brother. A little gal, five-foot-tall, mounting this noble steed, the blue hair flowing in the wind for hours upon hours. Brother, that’s life.

Colt nods and turns to the camera.

[ Colt Cabana ] Hey guys! Colt Cabana here! Welcome to another edition of Good Times, Great Memories! After a nationwide search, I have found the perfect guest for today’s show, Kevin Nash!

Colt reaches out for a handshake and Nash waves it off.

[ Kevin Nash ] Hard pass.

Nash looks directly into the camera.

[ Kevin Nash ] Brother, ask Big Sexy how it feels to be Elevation Champion and what his next move is.

[ Colt Cabana ] Well, Big Kev..

Nash cuts him off.

[ Kevin Nash ] Let me cut you off right there, Curt. Big Sexy’s been flooded and flooded with questions like this since WrestleBrawl and I just don’t have time to answer them all.

Cabana sighs, knowing he was set up.

[ Kevin Nash ] So I’m just gonna’ lay it all out, bare my soul to the world.. How do I feel about being Elevation Champion? I’m ready to get this over with and become SGW Champion so I can start making some worthwhile trips to the pay window. What’s next for me?

Nash shifts in his chair, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a lighter and a cigar. He puts the cigar on the tips of his lips and lights it up, causing clouds of smoke to go everywhere.

[ Kevin Nash ] Well, I beat the guy playing pocket pool earlier, so that’s strike one. So I need to find two more easy marks to do the favor for me so I can cash this worthless belt in and powerbomb my ol’ buddy Val and take his belt. This belt means nothing to me, but the one the big Valbowski miraculously won.. That means big bucks.

Nash takes a puff of the cigar and exhales.

[ Kevin Nash ] And my friend, I like big bucks and I cannot tell a lie.

[ Colt Cabana ] You butchered a classic song and a quote from a president all in one sentence.

[ Kevin Nash ] I’m amazing.

Nash then taps his chin, pondering his situation.

[ Kevin Nash ] Say hey, you.. You want a shot at the Elevation Championship?

[ Colt Cabana ] Is this a true offer or do you think I’m a mark?

Nash doesn't even sugar coat it.

[ Kevin Nash ] Yes.

Before Colt can respond, Jon Moxley storms into the view of the camera and slaps the cigar out of Nash’s hand.

[ Jon Moxley ] This crap’s gone on long enough. This segment, this b.s. you’re spewing, the way you’re conducting your business around here..

[ Colt Cabana ] To my defense, I had to fit a lot of people in this part of the show..

Moxley turns to Colt.

[ Jon Moxley ] Shut up.

Colt nods.

[ Jon Moxley ] You’re a bad man, no question about it, Kev. You won it fair and square and beat Orange Cassidy tonight, leaving you with two more defenses.. Two more chances to prove why you DESERVE to fight for the SGW title. The fact that you’re trying to roll around and pick easy targets for your defenses instead of being a fighting champion doesn’t sit right with me.

[ Kevin Nash ] I’ll have you know I’ve defended my title more times than the fake cops and Val Venis COMBINED! I’m a workhorse, an iron man!

Nash stands up, towering over the shorter Moxley who doesn’t even think about backing down.

[ Kevin Nash ] If you have a problem then you need to say it to my face.. Shorty.

[ Jon Moxley ] You ain’t too big of a tree to hack down, Nash.

Cabana walks around and steps in between Nash and Moxley.

[ Colt Cabana ] Well, first off Mox, let’s talk about how you think I’m an easy target.

[ Jon Moxley ] You’ve spent months babysitting Jason Jordan instead of competing in this ring like me, so sorry if I don’t immediately suspect you to be one of the legitimate competitors here.

[ Colt Cabana ] I’ve seen some things in my day here in SGW, but I assure you I’m not some stepping stone.

[ Jon Moxley ] Huh. Well. Would’ve never known it. I figured you were content being a mascot or something instead of a competitor. So you know, hey, I can see why Nash would want to make you his next challenger instead of fighting a bad ass sumbitch like me.

[ Colt Cabana ] Whoa, hold on. I didn’t know you became a world beater yourself there, Mox..

Nash flashes a big smile.

[ Kevin Nash ] Damn. You just hate to see two guys in the middle of a disagreement.

Nash walks over and slaps both Mox and Colt on the back.

[ Kevin Nash ] I call one an easy mark, the other doesn’t disagree, but then the original disagrees with the other and now the other is huffing and puffing and wanting to blow the house down. It’s a lot to follow.. But fellas..

Nash reveals another cigar, fully lit.

[ Kevin Nash ] This little piggy is going to stay home next show. Social distancing. Still going to get paid, though.

Nash takes a deep draw from the cigar and tosses the Elevation Championship over his shoulder. He looks very pleased with how things are going.

[ Kevin Nash ] Love this contract.

Nash exhales a puff of smoke and follows up.

[ Kevin Nash ] But you two, why don’t y’all fight it out and see who gets the next round of Big Sexy. Will it be the guy who broke up the hottest stable in SGW? Will it be Michael Jordan’s kid.. Or former kid.. Or whatver’s best friend? I don’t really care. I’ll win either way. But une in next week to find out!

[ Colt Cabana ] The shows are every two weeks..

Nash looks pleased.

[ Kevin Nash ] Don’t even care.

Nash walks away as Moxley and Cabana share a stare down with tensions a little high thanks to the cross words from the Elevation Champion, Kevin Nash. But it looks like this could be settled with a shot at Big Sexy on the line!

We head to another area backstage where we see Dakota Kai and Tegan Nox with Hana Kimura. Hana is sitting down in a chair, still trying to shake off the match with Shayna Baszler just moments earlier. Tegan is kneeling next to Hana with a bottle of water in her hand. With a concerned look on her face, Tegan offers Hana the water. Hana takes the bottle of water and takes a drink before leaning back in the chair.

[ Dakota Kai ] On the upside, it looks like we won't be defending our titles against Becky and Shayna... so, that's a plus, eh?

Tegan looks up at Dakota, appearing confused.

[ Tegan Nox ] What even was that, yeah?

[ Dakota Kai ] I suppose it doesn't even matta' now. Not to us, at least. We should be focusin' on what's comin' next in the Twinstar division, though. It's gettin' right competitive, isn't it? It really makes me wonda' who we're gonna defend against first.

She begins counting them off on her fingers.

[ Dakota Kai ] The Big Kaijus. The Boss 'n Hug Connection. The IIconics. DemonxBunny--

[ Tegan Nox ] I hope it's not DemonxBunny, fer Chrissake.

Hana Kimura is paying absolutely zero attention to the conversation at hand. Dakota shrugs.

[ Dakota Kai ] Could be a good match, I think.

[ Tegan Nox ] Between all the weird stuff goin' on wit' the Scientologists 'n The Cube Army... the brainwashing tequila 'n John Travolta bein' barefoot in a bloody speedo... we already did Kaiju Big Battel 'n we worked really really hard to earn those Twinstar straps, so I'm jus' a bit weary 'bout gettin' wrapped up in some really over the top, demonic, dark war mumbo jumbo, ya' know?

Dakota nods, offering a slight shrug.

[ Tegan Nox ] I mean, ya' know that's comin', right? I ain't crazy for thinkin' that.

[ Dakota Kai ] Yeah, ya' probably right.

[ Tegan Nox ] Tucor threw John Travolta in a bloody pit two weeks ago 'n now everyone's goin' on about their lives like nothin' completely off the wall insane happened. It's mad. Seriously, the stuff that happens here is enough t' turn the sanest person into a certified moon howler.

[ Dakota Kai ] So rad.

[ Tegan Nox ] What?

[ Dakota Kai ] What.

Before they can speak any further, Kimura stands up and sets the bottle of water down. She approaches Dakota and Tegan, a smile on her face. She speaks in English, forcing it out.

[ Hana Kimura ] Thank-uh... you ...fuh-riends.

Dakota and Tegan look at each other and then back at Hana.

[ Dakota Kai ] Yeah, of course we're friends.

[ Tegan Nox ] We've got yer back. That's what friends do.

[ Dakota Kai ] So, now that ya' done wit' Dibiase 'n Shayna, where do ya' go from here?

Before Hana can answer her, Io Shirai walks into the shot from off-camera, wearing street clothes. Io pays no mind to Dakota or Tegan but stops just long enough to lock eyes with Hana Kimura. Hana and Io glare at each other for the briefest moment before Io walks back off-camera without a word. The live crowd is cheering loudly. Hana watches Io leave, staring off in the direction she left long after she's gone.

[ Tegan Nox ] Hana?

Tegan waves her hand in front of Hana's face but Hana doesn't even flinch.

[ Tegan Nox ] ...Hana?



Referee - Aubrey Edwards | Time Limit - 60:00

Jake Hager is standing at ringside, watching intently. All three men begin the match, standing in their corners. Aubrey Edwards calls for the bell and all three of them meet in the center of the ring. It looks like Jericho and Elias are going to spend some time talking trash but Jimmy Havoc isn't here to play and nails Elias right in the throat with a big right hand before booting Jericho in the stomach, taking him by the tights and hair, and dumping him through the ropes to the floor! Havoc follows Jericho out and Jericho quickly regains his bearing and grabs Havoc by the shirt, drilling him with a big forearm to the head! Jericho and Havoc begin trading blows with the fans starting a dueling "BOO!" and "YAY!" chant! As they slug it out, Elias rubs his throat and then begins climbing the turnbuckles! The fans begin buzzing with anticipation as Elias perches on the top for a moment... and then leaps! HE WIPES OUT HAVOC AND JERICHO WITH A SLOPPY CROSSBODY!

[ Tony Schiavone ] This is what an opportunity at the SGW World Championship means to these men! The vagrant songbird has taken flight!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] We've seen some considerable improvement in Elias over the past month, gentlemen. When he first came to Solid Gold Wrestling, it was clear that his head wasn't entirely in the game... but it's safe t' say that Elias is bloody awake and in it to win it!

Elias is the first man up but before he can capitalize on his high risk move, he's blasted from behind by Jake Hager! The fans erupt in boos as Hager snatches Elias up, throws him over his shoulder and then charges full-speed... SLAMMING HIM THROUGH THE GUARDRAIL!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Goodness gracious! WHY!?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Jake Hager has only one job, Tony! To ensure that Chris Jericho leaves here tonight as the man who will face Val Venis at Supremacy! And since this is a triple threat match, there are no disqualifications!

[ Scott Steiner ] That big cornfed son of a bitch is strong as fuck! That greasy guitar carryin' hobo might be fuckin' dead!

Hager rises up out of the wreckage, beating on his chest. Aubrey Edwards begins motioning toward the back... and here comes the road agents! Lance Storm, Justin Credible, D-Von Dudley, Billy Gunn, and Stevie Ray! They all job down the ramp and Aubrey Edwards informs them that Jake Hager is being EJECTED from ringside! The fans pop huge!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Justice has been served!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] You're outta here, Big Jake!

[ Scott Steiner ] Aw, man, come on! He was the best part o' the fuckin' match!

Havoc is using the ring steps to return to his feet. Jericho braces himself, using the apron. Jericho sees Hager being escorted to the back by the agents and begins losing his shit! Jericho shouts at them to bring Hager back but it's not happening! Jericho snaps and charges at Havoc, kicking him in his previously damaged hand, pinning it to the steps! Havoc pulls his hand away and immediately boots Jericho in the stomach. Havoc looks down at his hand, disgusted, and shakes it out.

[ Tony Schiavone ] According to our medical team, the injury Jimmy Havoc sustained at Heartbreaker, which was aggravated at WrestleBrawl 3, should be almost one hundred percent but a good kick like that one from Chris Jericho could quickly undo that progress!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Injured hand or not, that won't slow Jimmy Havoc down.

[ Tony Schiavone ] I don't think you can argue that Jimmy Havoc would be the Golden Ticket holder right now if not for Bryan Danielson taking advantage of that damaged hand!

Havoc advances on Jericho, taking him by the hair. He whips Jericho hard into the steps! Jericho cries out in pain! Havoc charges at him and Jericho comes alive, catching him with a drop toe hold that sends Havoc head first into the steps! Havoc goes down hard and rolls over on his side. Jericho wastes no time, grabbing Havoc by his tights and shirt. He dumps Havoc over the rail and then hooks him for a suplex. Jericho lifts Havoc up over the rail and then drops him stomach first across it! Havoc seesaws on the rail, threatening to tumble over into the ringside area but Jericho takes a few steps back... and nails a basement dropkick right into Havoc's head! Havoc falls into the ringside area and Jericho picks him up by his shirt, tossing him under the bottom rope and into the ring. Havoc rolls out to the center and Jericho climbs the turnbuckles from the outside. Once he reaches the top, he waits on Havoc to return to his feet... AND ELIAS NAILS JERICHO WITH A GUITAR FROM THE APRON! The guitar explodes and Jericho tumbles from the top to the apron and lands on the floor!

[ Tony Schiavone ] WOULD YA' LOOK AT THAT!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Elias just put the great equalizer t' bloody work!

Elias is visibly in pain from the crash through the rail! Elias slowly begins climbing the turnbuckles and once he reaches the top, he leaps off, nailing Havoc with a double axe handle to the top of the head! Havoc crumbles and Elias takes him by the hair, painstakingly pulling him back to his feet! Elias hooks Havoc for DRIFT AWAY but Havoc spins out of it, keeping hold of Elias' wrist as he does so... ACID RAINMAKER! HE TURNS ELIAS INSIDE OUT! HAVOC COVERS! ONE! TWO! THR-- ELIAS KICKS OUT!

[ Scott Steiner ] Emo skeleton couldn't get the job done!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That was his move! What comes next!?

Havoc returns to his feet, looking pissed. He brushes the hair out of his face and pulls Elias up by two handfuls of hair. Elias struggles up to both knees and Havoc gets him the rest of the way up. Havoc sets him up for ANOTHER Acid Rainmaker... but Elias ducks it and boots Havoc in the gut... DRIFT AWAY! Elias goes for the cover! ONE! TWO! THR-- CHRIS JERICHO PULLS ELIAS OUT OF THE RING! The fans erupt in boos! Jericho forearms Elias in the head and whips him backward into the guardrail! Before Elias can recover, Jericho charges and clotheslines him over into the front row! Jericho slides into the ring, looks at the downed Havoc and then hits the ropes... SHITTY LIONSAULT! HAVOC GETS HIS KNEES UP! Jericho rolls right back to his feet while favoring his mid-section! Havoc returns to his feet and Jericho charges at him! Havoc ducks it and catches him on the turnaround... ACID RAINMAKER!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] HAVOC'S GONNA BLOODY DO IT!

Havoc covers and hooks both legs! ONE! TWO! THR-- ELIAS BREAKS THE FALL! The fans cheer loudly! All three men are lying in the center of the ring! Elias begins stirring first, using the ropes to pull himself up. Havoc is up to one knee next. As soon as Havoc is up, Elias comes alive, booting him in the gut and dumping him through the ropes! However, Elias turns right around... INTO A CODEBREAKER! Elias flails backward into the ropes and then face plants! Jericho covers him! ONE! TWO! THRE-- ELIAS GOT A FOOT ON THE BOTTOM ROPE! Jericho looks like he can't believe it... but then Jimmy Havoc reaches through the ropes and grabs Jericho by two handfuls of hair! Havoc drags Jericho out of the ring and they struggle for position before Jericho kicks Havoc right in the balls and then plants him with a CODEBREAKER! Jericho stands up, looking pissed off... and Elias nails him with a BASEBALL SLIDE! The impact sends Jericho crashing into the rail! Elias slides the rest of the way out of the ring. Jericho lunges forward, booting Elias in the gut but Elias catches the boot and whips Jericho around... before taking his head off with a clothesline! Elias looks out at the cheering fans... and then turns around into a CHAIR THROWN BY JIMMY HAVOC!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh come on! There's no need for this!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It's not that kinda' bloody match but then again, there's nothing in the rulebook that says it isn't that kinda' bloody match!

[ Scott Steiner ] Whatever it takes, fuck boys! I don't like the emo bitch but I support his right t' fuckin' do what it takes to win the match!

Elias staggers backward from the impact and Havoc boots him in the stomach, still favoring his crotch from Jericho's earlier attack. Havoc tosses Elias under the bottom rope by a handful of hair. Havoc picks up the chair and slides it into the ring as well before following him inside. Elias struggles back to his feet and Havoc is waiting on him with the chair. Elias turns around and Havoc swings but Elias catches it! They struggle for control of the chair but Jericho slides under the bottom rope and rises to his feet. Havoc sees Jericho coming and lets go of the chair, giving it up to Elias! Jericho DROPKICKS THE CHAIR INTO ELIAS' FACE!

[ Scott Steiner ] Good thing that face was already busted! God damn!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Elias might have just been taken out of the match!

Jericho gets up and turns around, walking right into a shot to the nuts from Havoc! The fans boo loudly! Jericho remains doubled over in front of Havoc and Havoc holds up his middle finger right in Jericho's face! Havoc takes Jericho's wrist and goes for the ACID RAINMAKER but Jericho ducks it and catches Havoc from behind... BREAKDOWN! NO! Havoc elbows out of it! Havoc throws a big punchs at Jericho but Jericho blocks it and executes a takedown, dropping Havoc flat on his back! Jericho goes for the WALLS OF JERICHO! Jericho struggles to turn him over! Havoc is fighting it every steps of the way... until Havoc manages to kick Jericho off of him! Jericho staggers backward into the ropes as Havoc returns to his feet! Jericho charges at him! CODEBREAKER! NO! JERICHO GOES DOWN BUT HAVOC HANGS ON HIS LEGS AND LOCKS HIM DOWN IN A JACKKNIFE PIN! ONE! TWO! THREE!

Jimmy Havoc via Pin Fall in 14:57

The fans pop huge as Havoc rolls off of Jericho and lays in the middle of the ring for a moment with his hands covering his face. Jericho rolls out of the ring and goes to the back, furious, throwing an absolute tantrum. Elias also quickly exits, leaving the ring to Havoc. As Havoc returns to his feet and has his hand raised by Aubrey Edwards, "Glory Days" by Bruce Springsteen hits and Val Venis makes his way out onto the stage in a three-piece suit with the SGW World Heavyweight Championship resting on his shoulder. He stands on the stage, looking down at the ringside area, dead serious.

[ Tony Schiavone ] There he is, ladies and gentlemen... the man who did the impossible just two weeks ago and defeated Adam Cole to become the new SGW World Heavyweight Champion. The man we call Val Venis!

Venis makes his way down to the ring and climbs the steps, keeping his eyes locked on Havoc. He walks across the apron and Aubrey Edwards sits on the middle rope. Venis steps inside and approaches Havoc, getting right in his face. They stand eye to eye and Venis removes the championship from his shoulder, holding it high over his head. The fans cheer loudly.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This is it, folks... the main event of Supremacy, right here and right now!

Havoc looks at the championship, eyeing it without emotion. Venis takes a steps back and offers his hand. Havoc looks down at it for what feels like forever. The fans loudly chant "SHAKE! SHAKE! SHAKE!" over and over. However, before we find out if they'll shake or not, "End of the Revolution" by New Sun hits! The fans erupt in boos! Adam Cole emerges from the back with Britt Baker and Steve Corino in tow. Cole is in a three-piece suit of his own and looks pissed. He has a microphone in his hand.

[ Scott Steiner ] Ah, shit. Here's that damn pretty boy out here t' start shit!

[ Tony Schiavone ] I'm sure we already know what Adam Cole wants... but he's not going to get it! Jimmy Havoc has already earned the title shot at Supremacy! Adam Cole lost at WrestleBrawl! He isn't the champion anymore! Val Venis is!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Add to that, we've seen Arn Anderson and Shane Douglas neutralized both at WrestleBrawl and tonight! Cole and Corino are on their own for now!

Cole and Corino make their way down to the ring with Baker following. Once all three of them are inside the ring, Cole walks right past Jimmy Havoc like he isn't even standing there and eyes Venis before raising the microphone.

[ Adam Cole ] What is this? Some kind of joke? Is this a joke?!

Cole gestures toward Havoc.

[ Adam Cole ] This isn't a god damn joke to me, Val Venis!

He looks at Val, staring a hole straight through him.

[ Adam Cole ] That's my championship and this match... this so-called Supremacy main event... it's not fuckin' happening! Not without me! Not without ADAM COLE--

Even though they hate him, the fans scream BAY-BAYYYYY in unison.

[ Adam Cole ] You can be the people's champion, you can defend against anyone you want if that's the game you wanna play... defend it against all-comers, I don't care! Defend it against Blue Meanie or Danhausen or any other tomato can the Championship Committee is willing to set up for you... you wanna be a fighting champion, go ahead... but the title shot at Supremacy belongs to me!

The fans boo loudly. Venis smirks.

[ Adam Cole ] So this jack-off can step aside... because I'm cashing in my rematch clause!

The boo even louder. Havoc steps up and gets in Cole's face. Cole smiles.

[ Adam Cole ] What are you gonna do about it, bitch? I'm the guy who runs this show! Nothing happens in this company without The Origin's say-so! Not since day one! So I suggest you step aside and exit my ring before my boy Steve Corino has to show you the way out!

Corino nods, saying "Yeah!" in response. Havoc glares at Corino. However, before this can go any further... "Metalingus" by Alter Bridge hits and the fans pop huge as Edge makes his way down to the ring! Edge climbs into the ring with a microphone of his own, stepping between the members of The Origin and Venis and Havoc. Edge looks around the ring, fully assessing the situation before raising his microphone.

[ Edge ] You know, it's been a heck of a night so far and I was really hoping that this, of all things, would go down smooth but welcome to SGW, right? Adam Cole... I've been where you are, man. I've been the big bad champion before, running the show, telling the showrunners what they're gonna do and who I'm gonna be... but that's not how this is gonna go tonight, brother.

The fans cheer loudly. Cole looks pissed.

[ Edge ] See, SGW isn't like most promotions in case you haven't figured that out... we like to play a little fast and loose with the rules and your rematch clause? Well, it doesn't really exist! But I'll tell you what... you are the former champion and as a former champion myself, I can say... ya' didn't do too bad in the role, kid.

He shrugs.

[ Edge ] I mean, ya' lost to Val Venis of all people on the grandest stage of them all...

Edge looks at Venis. Venis shakes his head, annoyed. Edge smirks and mouths "sorry" before continuing.

[ Edge ] But as far as champions go, you're below Scott Steiner but somewhere above Johnny Stamboli and Gangrel, so not too shabby. That's why I'm willing to give you an opportunity to get into the match at Supremacy... at No Peace in Brooklyn, you're gonna step in the ring one more time with JIMMY HAVOC... and if you can pull out the victory this time, we'll make the main event at Supremacy... a THREE WAY DANCE!

The fans pop huge. Havoc glares at Cole. Cole looks pissed, not liking this idea at all.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Adam Cole does not seem happy with that response!

It looks like the show is about to go off the air with that... but before it can, "The Final Countdown" by Europe hits! The fans erupt in boos as Bryan Danielson walks out onto the stage in jeans and a baby blue "I <3 Wrestling" t-shirt. Danielson looks around at the booing fans with a smug look on his face. Under his arm, he carries that same object from earlier in a black shroud. Danielson has a microphone in his other hand. Everyone in the ring has their attention turned to him. He raises his microphone and begins to speak.

[ Bryan Danielson ] Far be it from me to interrupt the making of such a historic main event match... but I'm about to make some history myself... and unlike anything involving Val Venis, this will actually be the kind of thing wrestling historians talk about... forever!

The fans boo loudly.

[ Bryan Danielson ] Two weeks ago... I humiliated the entire SGW roster... as only I can! I won the WrestleBrawl match! I earned the Golden Ticket! Me! one else... and now, the future of Solid Gold Wrestling is in MY hands!

He looks down at the bundle under his arm and smiles evilly.

[ Bryan Danielson ] Literally.

He looks back up at the men in the ring and addresses them.

[ Bryan Danielson ] You see, while everyone else was talking about using the Golden Ticket for a title shot or running their own show or firing their hated rivals... I was thinking bigger. I was thinking about the big picture... I was thinking about the future of the wrestling business as a whole... see, unlike everyone else, I'm not selfish. I'm not fickle! That's why it was obvious, what I had to use my Golden Ticket for.

He points down the ramp, into the ring... at Venis.

[ Bryan Danielson ] I don't want a shot at your title, Val Venis.

He shakes his head, disgusted. Venis looks down at the belt and then back up at Danielson.

[ Bryan Danielson ] Why anyone would want a shot at a title held by Tom Cruise is beyond me. I used to think the answer was to win that championship and then purify it with my work, make people forget the past... but when I look at SGW today and I look at what these fans want, what they cheer, the things that they accept? That's not good enough.

He looks out at the fans and shakes his head.

[ Bryan Danielson ] Fickle.

And then he looks back down at Venis.

[ Bryan Danielson ] The answer is not to redeem the past... but erase it.

Venis and Edge look at each other, confused.

[ Bryan Danielson ] That belt is a joke. It's a joke! Once, it might have been considered a great title but over the years, its image has been sullied... ruined by sub-par champions and then unified with lesser championships. Watered down! PATHETIC!

Danielson spits on the stage, his lower lip jutting out like a scolded child.

[ Bryan Danielson ] ...pathetic.

Danielson begins untying the strings on the black bag.

[ Bryan Danielson ] If you want to keep parading that title around, fine. Do it. I won't stop you from making a mockery of yourselves and what this company used to represent. I won't have any part of it... I'm not a joke, unlike all of you. No, going forward... I REJECT THE SGW WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!

The fans boo loudly. Danielson reaches into the bag and removes something... unexpected. Something sacrilegious... he holds it over his head and cries out at the top of his lungs:


The fans boo loudly and begin chanting "BULLSHIT" over and over.

[ Bryan Danielson ] A true world championship... already established by being forged after defeating twenty-nine of the so-called best wrestlers in the world... and yet it remains unburdened by twenty years of lackluster champions and worthless title unifications! This belt is more than prestigious... it's pure!

Danielson points down at the ring, spittle flying from his mouth.

[ Bryan Danielson ] And I will defend this championship against all-comers!

He hoists the title up onto his shoulder and smirks.

[ Bryan Danielson ] ...all-comers... that I see fit.

Danielson smirks.

[ Bryan Danielson ] You wanna be a fighting champion, Val? You wanna defend your title next week against someone who deserves it? Then so will I! Because I'm going to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that not only is this a legitimate World Heavyweight Championship... but that I am a better wrestler... I am a better man... and you can be damn sure... that I am a better champion than you... will ever be.

Daniels drops the microphone and "The Final Countdown" hits. Danielson holds up the championship over his head and shouts "BEST! WRESTLER! IN! THE! WORRRRRRRLD!" as the fans boo! We cut to a shot of the men in the ring, mixed reactions ranging from anger to confusion. We cut back to the ramp where we see Danielson holding the title over his head. The camera zooms in on the brand new championship as we fade out.

End of transmission.