Saturday, July 11th, 2020 | The Tacoma Dome | Tacoma, Washington

Commentators - Tony Schiavone, Nigel McGuinness, & "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner

Dark Matches
Non-Title Match - The Boss 'n Hug Connection (Sasha Banks & Bayley) def. The Bird & The Bee (Willow Nightingale & Solo Darling) via Pinfall w/ Bayley to Belly in 03:01
- Non-Title Match - Io Shirai def. Luscious Latasha via Pinfall w/ Moonsault in 02:19
- "Stone Cold" Steve Austin def. Shawn Stasiak via Pinfall w/ Stone Cold Stunner in 00:08

SHOCK Showcase
Hyper Misao def. Nyla Rose via Pinfall w/ Victory Roll in 05:42
- Otis def. Chris Benoit, Jr. via Pinfall w/ Caterpillar in 04:10
- "Hangman" Adam Page def. Tommy Rich via Pinfall w/ Buckshot Lariat in 01:02
- Scarlett Bordeaux def. Dani Luna via Pinfall w/ DDT in 00:39

The arena is alive with energy as Pennywise’s “Revolution” blares across the speakers – the Tacoma Dome is ready for tonight’s event – and quite possibly, a ReVolution! A wide, spanning shot of the arena shows off the thousands in attendance, decked out in their favorite pieces from the SGW Shop and holding up dozens of brightly colored, creative signs, including: “Date us, Ice Creams!”, a lovely “Io is Queen,” complete with a hand-drawn photo of the new SGW World Women’s Champion, “THE BIG NASTY SUCKS ASS,” a classic “Austin 3:16,” the rather random “Nunzio is hot,” six college-aged gentlemen holding “BAYBAY” across individual posterboards, and finally, “I love SGW,” which is quickly yanked downward to reveal a hidden “YEET MY PUSSY, DIRTY DADDY!” sign! Said patroness is quickly apprehended as we cut away to a wide shot of the venue and are welcomed by our fearless commentary team.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Welcome, wrestling fans, one and all, to Tacoma, Washington! We’re coming to you from the Pugit Sound and tonight, over 19,500 have packed the Tacoma Dome for a night of professional wrestling action they will never ever forget – SGW ReVolution! Hi everybody, I’m Tony Schiavone, and I’m happy to be with you tonight on SGW On Demand for this jam-packed event.

We fade to a shot of our announce team, where we see Schiavone, decked out in a red Oxford shirt and navy tie with slacks, grinning ear-to-ear between his partners, who speak in order.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Quite right, Tony! We’ve got a full night of affairs to get in order as Solid Gold Wrestling rolls on towards Body Count!

Nigel’s black three-piece is immaculate; quite the contrast to the third man in the booth, who is wearing a Gray suit with a cut-off Gold’s Gym tank top under it and his trademark chainmail headdress.

[ Scott Steiner ] BODY COUNT! CONVENIENTLY NAMED SHOW! I SAY IT’S THAT ‘CUZ IT IS! KEVIN NASH – THE BIG SEXY – THE WORLD’S CHAMP – IS ON A MISSION! Kevin Nash’s got plans to beat the dog shit out of the Origin, who beat his bastard buddy Val Venis down two weeks ago! And y’know what?!

[ Tony Schiavone ] No, Scott, what?


As Steiner yells, “The Dirt” blasts over the speakers and the Tacoma crowd pop for the new SGW World Heavyweight Champion – the topic of conversation and the man of the hour!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] We heard from the Champ earlier in the week that he’s got his mind focused on a few very specific points this evening, and I’m curious to hear what he’s got to say, gentlemen!

[ Scott Steiner ] I hope Big Sexy is short on words and long on ass-kickin’!

Nash, decked out in a classic Ken Griffey Jr. Mariners jersey and jeans, steps over the top rope with the shining SGW World Heavyweight Championship belt in his right hand. Big Sexy steps towards Kayla Braxton and ekes out a smirk before requesting and receiving the house mic. Nash taps the receiver and checks the reverb before addressing the audience.

[ Kevin Nash ] I know you guys are here tonight to see an exciting show, and I know you guys want me to come out here and get rowdy with all the goons in Tacoma, you want me to ask if the VEE-CEE’s in the house, you wanna throw a beach ball, you want me to mack on some ladies –

Big pop. They certainly do.

[ Kevin Nash ] – but I’m sorry to say tonight isn’t that night, at least for me. I’m sorry to say that Big Sexy isn’t the guy for gettin’ rowdy tonight. I’ve got…

Nash pauses, the words seemingly draining all the life from him. He lifts an eyebrow and powers through.

[ Kevin Nash ] I’ve got the unfortunate responsibility of letting all of you know…that my brother, Val Venis…will no longer be competing. Val’s career in the ring is over.

A blend of hushed sadness and slight booing overtakes the raucous Tacoma audience and Nash nods solemnly. After a moment, Big Sexy breathes out deeply and continues.

[ Kevin Nash ] I’m sure you all saw the footage, so I won’t call for it. You all know that smarmy son of a bitch Adam Cole decided to play with people’s lives and swung that steel chair at Val’s head and neck, and I hate even saying it, but it worked. Val’s career is over. He’s still in the hospital, with a severe concussion and permanent-grade neck trauma. Val’s never gonna work again.

Another big boo from the Tacoma fans and Nash looks off into the top deck of the Dome and nods knowingly.

[ Kevin Nash ] If you heard me speaking earlier this week, you know that Dally and I have been conflicted about what this all means…but let me set the record straight as an arrow…I’m gonna carry this SGW World Heavyweight Championship with just as much pride as Val did. I’m gonna carry the torch for the Vegas Connection, just like Val did! I will be honest, though…

A curious pop from the fans as Nash’s brow furrows and he leans forward across the top rope.

[ Kevin Nash ] I’m not gonna do everything like Val did. For starters, I’m not waiting for ‘the right time.’ I’m not planning to do it ‘the right way.’ I’m doing it on MY time…and MY way, and so Adam Cole!

Massive pop from Tacoma as Nash gets angry. He lifts an eyebrow again and lifts the championship belt slightly into frame.

[ Kevin Nash ] You stupid little bastard…you’re not so stupid to know that you can’t run around collectin’ heads at any price without accruing a few receipts along the way. So, Adam, I’m here to collect. My receipt’s a mile long, bud – and you’re going to be sure to hit each and every item on that ticket! So bring your ass out here, big boy, and let’s see just what you can do to Big Sexy!

Nash tosses the microphone down and turns to the entrance, pausing and waving his fingers towards himself, challenging the former SGW Champion and Origin Leader to come down and face him! After a moment or two, a song blares across the speakers and the fans pop huge!


With green lights strobing across the stage, Triple H steps calmly into the avalanche of lights in a slate-gray suit, a microphone in his hand. ‘The Game’ paces to the ring with purpose, very slowly entering the squared circle as the music dims and the house lights rise again. There’s an uneasy smirk on the faces of both men as they keep a respectfully competitive distance between them. Eventually, a “holy shit” chant breaks out, but Triple H quells the fans as he finally speaks.

[ Triple H ] I know you’ve got a lot on your mind, tonight, Kev…

Nash nods, speaking inaudibly, as the audience volume swells in excitement.

[ Triple H ] …but I want to make something CRYSTAL clear to you. Tonight isn’t about the Origin. Tonight isn’t about Adam Cole. Tonight isn’t about…Val fuckin’ Venis.

A shocked pop from the fans as Nash takes a step forward, a bit angrier – but Triple H closes the gap, stepping up and getting as close to Nash as he can without coming to blows.

[ Triple H ] Tonight…is about…me. So Kev, I want every bit of your focus, I want every bit of your concern, all of your thought! You shouldn’t be worrying about Adam Cole, big man – you should be worrying about ME. Because tonight? I’m going to be the man taking the SGW World Heavyweight Championship from you in the main event.

Hunter drops the microphone as he and Nash get even closer, somehow, mouthing off beyond the range of the microphones as the audience continue popping off like fireworks, practically begging for one man to swing.

But neither does. Triple H nods knowingly and turns, leaving the ring as “The Game” plays again, leaving Nash in the ring alone.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Love or hate the man, Triple H has an excellent point – tonight Kevi—


[ Nigel McGuinness ] …tonight, Kevin Nash has a huge challenge right out of the gate with his SGW World Heavyweight Championship reign! And sure, it’s absolutely admirable to seek revenge for your friend – but you may be doing it without the biggest prize in the game if you’re not looking out for Triple H tonight!

Nash stares solemnly up the ramp at Triple H, who returns the intense glare as we fade away.

Backstage, we see Colt Cabana sitting on the floor with his legs crossed. Joining him is Hangman Page, beer in hand. Colt nervously slaps his thighs in a rhythm.

[ Colt Cabana ] Maybe the others will get here.

[ Adam Page ] What’s this about, Colt? You know I don’t work here.

[ Colt Cabana ] But, you do.

Colt’s reluctant to follow up does it anyway.

[ Colt Cabana ] You do know Shock is part of SGW, right?

Hangman turns his beer up and polishes it off, emptying the glass.

[ Adam Page ] Whatever you say, boss.

Dominik Dijakovik comes in and stands over Cabana and Hangman. Colt slaps the ground next to him.

[ Colt Cabana ] Ah! Big D! C’mon in, buddy. Have a seat. We’re going to have us a little Team Nose pow-wow.

[ Dominik Dijakovic ] No.

He walks over to a nearby wall and leans against it. The Miz and Maryse come in looking completely uninterested.

[ The Miz ] Make this quick, Colt. I don’t have all night.

[ Colt Cabana ] We’re just waiting for Devitt.

[ The Miz ] Who the hell is that?

[ Colt Cabana ] You know, Finn Balor.

Miz squints.

[ The Miz ] Who?

Colt waves him off. The door opens and Prince Devitt walks in slowly. He snaps the collar on his leather jacket and stares down The Miz.

[ Prince Devitt ] I’m Devitt. Prince Devitt. The leader of this team.

[ Colt Cabana ] Well, actually, I’m the captain.

[ The Miz ] Oh, YOU are the captain, huh?

Miz and Maryse laugh.

[ The Miz ] And what’s next, Hangman Page here is drinking water instead of booze?

[ Adam Page ] Never.

[ Colt Cabana ] Wait. How did you know HIS name but not one of the most popular wrestlers in the business?

[ Prince Devitt ] I’m gonna’ prove I deserve to be the captain when I do somethin’ Colt Cabana could never do before runnin’ off to Shock… And that’s win a match.

[ Colt Cabana ] Hey! I won matches.

[ The Miz ] Oh yeah? Well, I’m gonna’ win my match too, bud! You’re not the only one who’s better than Colt freaking Cabana.

[ Colt Cabana ] Ouch.

Colt stands up and dusts himself off as Miz and Balor are a few steps away from one another.

[ The Miz ] You can claim that you’re the captain of this team all you want, buddy, whatever makes you feel good about your ego. We all know who’s going to win Body Count and leave SGW World Champion.

[ Prince Devitt ] Me.

[ Colt Cabana ] If I may.

Colt gulps.

[ Colt Cabana ] I was chosen as the captain of this team and I’d like for us to all get in the floor and have a little bonding session.

The Miz looks at Colt, disgusted.

[ The Miz ] Okay freak. Can’t you see the adults are talking?

[ Colt Cabana ] But.. But.. I’m supposed to be the captain of Team Nose.

Colt’s shoulders slump.

[ Colt Cabana ] It was a fun name. See, we all have big noses. Well, we used to. Until David Starr raped a bunch of women and all of that. Had to replace him with Fergie over here. His nose isn’t that big.

He sighs.

[ Colt Cabana ] And I really wanted Marc Mero on the team but someone beat me to it so I had to take that guy over here. No idea where he came from.

The camera pans over to Dijakovic.

[ Colt Cabana ] But Team Nose will press onward!

Colt turns and notices Hangman, Miz, and Devitt all arguing between one another about the group.

[ Colt Cabana ] ...And they’re not even listening.

Colt scratches the back of his head, trying to figure a way to establish dominance within his group. The scene fades.

Referee - Mike Chioda | Time Limit - 60:00

As soon as the bell rings, Low Ki and Ilja Dragunov rush Steen and Generico, clubbing away at them with brutal strikes! Kevin Steen pairs off with Dragunov while Low Ki takes El Generico! The fans are going wild as all four men brawl like crazy! Mike Chioda tries to restore order but Steen and Dragunov fight to the floor, where Steen whips Dragunov hard into the guardrail! Steen follows him in and clotheslines him over the rail and into the front row! Chioda declares Low Ki and Generico the legal men! They slug away at one another until Generico takes Low Ki over in a headlock! Low Ki backs up and shoots Generico off! Low Ki goes for a roundhouse kick and Generico runs under it, hits the ropes, and catches Low Ki on the turnaround with a YAKUZA KICK which turns him inside out!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a shot! This match is out of control!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] No doubt that Kevin Steen and El Generico have studied Dragunov and Low Ki! They know their tricks and they're neutralizing them with blunt force!

Christian Michael Jakobi and Giulia are at ringside, watching intently. Kevin Steen returns to the apron and Generico tags him in. Steen charges in and snatches Low Ki up off the mat. He immediately plants him with a snap suplex before rolling back to his feet and hitting the ropes, nailing Low Ki with a senton splash! Steen goes for a cover but only gets two! Low Ki fights back up to his feet, peppering Steen's mid-section with punches before whipping around and nailing him with a SPINNING HEEL KICK out of nowhere! Dragunov climbs onto the apron and Low Ki drills Kevin Steen with a standing double stomp before tagging in Dragunov. Dragunov immediately posts up in the corner and sizes Steen up. Steen slowly gets to his feet and Dragunov nails him with a SHOTGUN DROPKICK!

[ Scott Steiner ] He's really takin' it to that fat ass!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Our tag team champions are pulling out all the stops to keep their titles!

Dragunov pulls Steen back up to his feet and whips him into the turnbuckle, following him in with a brutal European uppercut! Steen staggers out and Dragunov tags in Low Ki. Low Ki and Dragunov both begin putting the boots to Steen! They pull Steen out of the corner and whip him into the ropes. They go for a double clothesline but Steen ducks it and hits the ropes! He comes back with a double clothesline of his own, taking down Dragunov and Ki! Steen dives and tags in Generico! Dragunov and Low Ki both stagger back to their feet and feed into opposite corners! Generico charges and nails Low Ki with an OLE KICK! Generico keeps running and nails Dragunov with an OLE KICK!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Generico is on fire! Dealing out punishment to the men who will be his Team Captains at Body Count!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What an awkward situation that will be if El Generico and Kevin Steen are the champions come Body Count!

Dragunov and Low Ki both staggers out of their corners and meet in the center of the ring. Generico tags in Kevin Steen and they both charge at V.E.N.O.M... sandwiching them with stereo clotheslines! Generico takes Low Ki to the floor and Kevin Steen sizes up the staggering Ilja Dragunov. He runs to hit the ropes... but GIULIA trips him from outside! Steen staggers and then turns around, jawing at Giulia! Steen turns around to return to the match, but walks right into TORPEDO MOSCOW! Dragunov covers him and hooks the leg! El Generico tries to break the pin but Low Ki holds him around the waist, keeping him from getting beneath the bottom rope! ONE! TWO! THREE!

V.E.N.O.M. via PINFALL in 10:44

The fans erupt in boos as Mike Chioda hands Dragunov his half of the tag team titles. Dragunov rolls out of the ring and joins Jakobi and Giulia. Low Ki stomps up on Kayla Braxton, shouting "GIVE ME MY BELT!" before snatching it out of her hand, then stepping to her, making her flinch! Low Ki joins the rest of V.E.N.O.M. on the ramp, celebrating.

[ Tony Schiavone ] They've done it again!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The captains of The Snake Pit remain the champions! And they're gettin' the hell out of dodge!

Generico rolls into the ring to check on Steen. The camera focuses on the members of V.E.N.O.M. standing on the stage with the championship belts held over their heads. The camera slowly zooms in, fading out as Giulia salutes the camera, shouting "ARRIVEDERCI!"

We go backstage where we're immediately greeted with a shot of Juventud Guerrera passed out in the floor, surrounded by at least a dozen empty bottles of liquor. The SGW Limitless Championship is lying across his chest. The camera pans up to reveal Adam Cole in a three piece suit, looking down at Guerrera with a look of disgust.

[ Adam Cole ] Pathetic.

Arn Anderson walks into the shot with his hands on his hips.

[ Arn Anderson ] As long as he's up to the task when the time comes. The core of this team is solid... it ain't ideal by no means... we just need him to show up.

Adam Cole hocks his gum onto the unconscious Juvi and walks into the center of the room. The Big Nasty is kicked back in a chair with an unlit cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

[ The Big Nasty ] Who cares if that shrimp shows up or not? All that matters is whether or not I show up! The Big Nasty!

Cole smirks.

[ Adam Cole ] Why's that? So you can NOT throw Steve Austin to his death again? I was counting on you to kill that piece of trash, Nasty! That's what I paid you for!


The Big Nasty stands up, towering over Cole.

[ Adam Cole ] Then what was that two week ago, huh?! Did his freakin' ghost wreck my new car!?

[ The Big Nasty ] Maybe.

[ Adam Cole ] Seriously?!

[ The Big Nasty ] Maybe not.

He shrugs.

[ The Big Nasty ] Maybe it was a highly advanced clone created by Dr. Cube.

[ Adam Cole ] You're an idiot!

Big Nasty removes the cigarette from his mouth and puts it in his pocket. He looms over Cole. Cole doesn't back down. Big Nasty holds up his hand, showing us that it's big enough to cover Cole's entire face.

[ The Big Nasty ] You wanna say that again, Cole? I'll pop your head like a fuckin' grape! AND THEN EAT IT! LIKE A GRAPE! FULL OF STRAWBERRY JAM!

Cole looks pissed, staring right into Big Nasty's eyes.

[ The Big Nasty ] And the strawberry jam... will be your BRAINS AND BLOOD!

[ Adam Cole ] Yeah, I got that.

Steve Corino walks into the room, oblivious to the conflict going on.

[ Steve Corino ] Hey, guys.

Corino looks around the room, only seeing Anderson, Nasty, and Cole. He begins to walk into the room and trips over Guerrera, falling flat on his face.

[ Steve Corino ] Holy shit! What the fuck!?

He stands up, dusting himself off.

[ Steve Corino ] We havin' a team meeting? Where's Jericho?

Cole looks Big Nasty up and down, sizing him up one final time before turning and walking away from him.

[ Adam Cole ] He's not here. Said something about a dentist appointment.

Corino looks confused.

[ Steve Corino ] A dentist appointment? Why doesn't he just have Britt give him a look. Isn't she a dentist?

[ Adam Cole ] Don't be an asshole, Steve. Britt serves a greater purpose in The Origin than being our ticket to free dentistry! Christ!

[ Steve Corino ] Well, where is she anyway?

[ Adam Cole ] She's... she's--

Cole is flustered.

[ Adam Cole ] She's doing whatever she wants to do! God!

[ Steve Corino ] You okay, bud? You seem kinda' stressed.

[ The Big Nasty ] He's definitely stressed out.

[ Adam Cole ] I'm not stressed out. Everything is fine. The Origin... is FINE! Look at what we did at So-Called Rivals. Look at what I did So-Called Rivals! I ended Val Venis' career!

He lets that hang in the air for a moment.

[ Adam Cole ] Team SGW... is SHOOK!

[ Arn Anderson ] It was a helluva' message... clean and clear.

[ Adam Cole ] Val Venis is done... who else do they even have? Bryan Danielson? I beat him in under two minutes at 12 Large! He had to hit me in the fuckin' DICK to beat me by COUNT OUT! "Diamond" Dallas Page? You gotta' be joking. I wouldn't be surprised if they kicked him off the team since he was OBVIOUSLY only there as a favor to Val Venis.

Corino laughs, chomping gum obnoxiously.

[ Steve Corino ] How 'bout the chick? What a joke, right?

[ Adam Cole ] I'm not worried about Ruby Riott at ALL.

Big Nasty tilts his head and cracks his neck.

[ The Big Nasty ] Leave Ruby Riott to me. That little bitch is gonna be SPEAKING OUT after what I do to her at Body Count!

[ Steve Corino ] Not cool, Paul. The Speaking Out movement is actually a really serious cultural phenomenon going on right now.

[ Adam Cole ] Yeah. What the hell are you thinking?

The Big Nasty strokes his beard.

[ The Big Nasty ] How 'bout this... at Body Count, I'm gonna hammer punch her in the top of the head so hard, that her skull will blow out her vag and land on the desk in front of that punk ass bitch Scott Steiner!

[ Steve Corino ] Disturbing, but in a different way?

[ Adam Cole ] And you really need to get over your history with Steiner.


Everyone just stands in silence uncomfortably before Cole takes back over.

[ Adam Cole ] And as for Steve Austin... the match at Body Count is a WRESTLING match. Steve Austin is a helluva' brawler and he can run over all kinds of shit with his ridiculous collection of oversized vehicles... but in the ring? HE CAN'T TOUCH ME!

[ Steve Corino ] Gimme a hell yeah.

[ Adam Cole ] Shut up, Corino! I BEAT STEVE AUSTIN AT SUPREMACY! He knows he can't beat me... he might be a three time SGW World Champion... but time has passed him by. He's not on Team SGW because he deserves it or because he's good enough to be there... he's on Team SGW because there's no one left.

Cole smiles.

[ Adam Cole ] He's a charity case.

Everyone listens intently as Cole continues.

[ Adam Cole ] The fact of the matter is this... Team Origin is unified with a singular goal. Team SGW... is nothing but an island of misfit toys. After we drag Juventud Guerrera kicking and screaming to the biggest match of his entire life and walk away with the victory... all of this will belong to us.

He points at himself with his thumb.

[ Adam Cole ] Boom.

Corino chuckles evilly.

[ Adam Cole ] Now, someone find Jericho.


Referee - Paul Turner | Time Limit - 30:00

Judas Mesias eagerly kicks off the match against Orange Cassidy, who is, without hyperbole, completely, entirely nonplussed at the blood-drooling, white-pupiled demon man before him.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Fans, this could be TERRIBLE for Orange Cassidy!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] …you think so?

[ Scott Steiner ] PAH! Mesias ain’t shit!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] And Orange Cassidy is more than competent when he’s motivated to be so!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Still, guys, I’m AWFULLY worried for Orange Cassidy! Judas Mesias is NOT a joke!

Mesias charges into the corner, arms outstretched like an enraged zombie, but OC is wise, and, somehow, fast enough to gingerly step out of the way, letting his right leg drag slightly to trip Judas!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh.

The Demon crashes face-first into the middle turnbuckle and instantly begins bleeding slightly from the lip as Jacob Fatu angrily slaps Cassidy on the back and steps into the ring, tired of the shenanigans!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Looks like Josef Samael’s CONTRA Operative is ready to take control of this situation – and frankly, I’m a bit worried to see what comes next!

Fatu instantly plants his foot into Mesias’ bloody lip thrice, stomping him down into the corner before running off the perpendicular set of ropes and striking Judas across the jaw with a charging kick! The Samoan Beast is still going! ANOTHER FACE WASH!

[ Scott Steiner ] HELL YEAH! FUCK’EM UP!


With Josef Samael and Team Captain Chris Dickinson each screaming praise (albeit contradictory encouragement) from the floor, Fatu darts across the ring and wrecks Marc Mero with an elbow strike to the face, sending him flying OVER Team Captain Nick Aldis and smashing into the barricade! Fatu turns as we cut away from Mero’s disgusting impact and the Samoan Beast’s eyes are rabid – he charges across the ring and scores with an amazing cannonball! That’s over 250 POUNDS flipping and crashing into Mesias’ chest!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] CANNONBALL! Jacob Fatu is on an otherworldly tear here!


[ Scott Steiner ] Doesn’t look promising to switch course here, either!

As Samael gives the high sign, Fatu hurls Mesias into the ropes and launches him high into the air, snatching him clean from mid-air with the Samoan Drop! The Tacoma fans explode with sheer energy as the Werewolf kips up and flexes, almost in one fluid motion with the disgusting Samoan Drop! Fatu ceases the time wasting and latches Mesias’ legs, hooking them tightly and leaning all the way back to earn the absolutely academic three count from Paul Turner!

via PINFALL in 4:13

As the bell rings, Fatu pops off the mat, kipping up to his feet and roaring intensely before he is blasted from behind by D’Lo Brown on the command of Team Captain Nick Aldis!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh no! It’s on! They’re going at it!

Fatu disrupts a D’Lo offensive storm with a throat thrust and slaps him across the face, sending D’Lo to the floor! A very angry Marc Mero and a very dazed Judas Mesias double-team Fatu as Eddie Dennis and Orange Cassidy begin trying to separate the brawl!

[ Tony Schiavone ] This is getting crazy!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] All the team members are getting in on the action, it seems! Here comes Nick Aldis, now!

Aldis is in and leathers AJ Gray with a huge right hand, knocking him to the mat before turning around and being turned inside out with a massive lariat from the Dirty Daddy himself! Dickinson rips his tank top in half and throws it across the ring, accidentally hitting Eddie Dennis in the face!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh no! Fans, if you’ve been watching SGW Shock, you’re more than aware of the growing tension between these two men, Golden Idol holder Chris Dickinson and Eddie Dennis!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Doesn’t look like that tension is going to help either of them right now, though!

Aldis runs up to attack Dickinson from behind, but Dennis shoves him away and greets him with a big boot! Dickinson shoves Dennis out of HIS way and clotheslines Nick Aldis to the floor as the fans roar in support! On the other side of the ring, Judas Mesias throws a goozle at Orange Cassidy and connects – but Cassidy stomps Judas on the toe and leaves him open for a thrust kick from Fatu! Judas flies out of the ring in a heap as Mero dropkicks Cassidy to the mat on the other side of the ring!


Marc Mero stands up and grins like an idiot before turning around into Chris Dickinson and Eddie Dennis, who each clothesline Mero over the ropes and to the floor until the Tacoma Dome comes unglued as the Rock slides into the ring and goes nose-to-nose with Jacob Fatu!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] God Almighty at this reaction!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Tacoma has come unglued!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Tony…look at this! The Rock…and Jacob Fatu…this is…this is…

As Fatu breathes deeply, a bead of sweat rolling down his forehead until he shakes his braids aggressively – but the Rock isn’t intimidated at all! The Great One lifts an eyebrow and looks around the arena for a moment before turning and noticing A.J. Gray approaching from behind – ROCK BOTTOM!

[ Tony Schiavone ] ROCK BOTTOM!

The Rock just PLASTERED Gray with the Rock Bottom and rolls from the ring, locking his eyes again on Jacob Fatu as the ring is left to Dickinson, Dennis, and the CONTRA Member!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Quite the statement from Jacob Fatu and the whole of the Filthy Family, gentlemen! It certainly seems as if they’re working as SOMETHING of a cohesive unit, despite the obvious cracks within the armor!

As the Rock reaches the top of the ramp and locks eyes with Team Captain Nick Aldis, we cut back to the ring where the tension between Chris Dickinson and Eddie Dennis is palpable – but the dominant Jacob Fatu stands strong, as well, leaving a lingering worry to accompany a dominant aura as we fade to the back.

Bryan Danielson is seen pacing back and forth in his ring gear with the Real World Championship around his waist. Looking on, seated, are “Diamond” Dallas Page and Ruby Riott, looking like they want to be anywhere other than where they’re at.

[ Bryan Danielson ] Gentlemen, Val Venis is gone.

[ Ruby Riott ] Wait, did you just say ‘gentlemen?’

Danielson smiles a sly smile.

[ Bryan Danielson ] I stand by what I said.

[ Ruby Riott ] Uh, obviously a chick over here.

Danielson gives her a sour look.

[ Bryan Danielson ] Act like it.

He continues.

[ Bryan Danielson ] Anyway.. Since Venis is gone, ruining all of the plans for Team SGW in the process, someone needs to step up and lead.

He puffs his chest out proudly and puts his hands on the title.

[ Bryan Danielson ] And you’re looking at him, okay? I’m the only World Champion in SGW and I’m the only person on this team worthy to be the captain!

[ Diamond Dallas Page ] Give me a break, bro.

DDP rolls his eyes and leans back in the chair.

[ Diamond Dallas Page ] It’s obvious that Austin’s the new captain. He's a friggin' Hall o' Famer!

[ Bryan Danielson ] The option of the man who is only on this team because Val Venis was the original captain. Tell me why else you deserve to be on Team SGW?

Sarcasm oozes from his words.

[ Bryan Danielson ] Oh! I forgot! You’ve beaten such luminaries as.. Erm.. Let’s see..

He repeatedly snaps his fingers.

[ Bryan Danielson ] I’m almost there, hang on. Surely you’ve beaten someone worth a damn.

Before Danielson can finish, the door to the locker room swings open and Steve Austin comes in with a cooler underneath one of his arms. He stops and looks at what’s going on.

[ Steve Austin ] Y’all get started without me?

[ Ruby Riott ] Bryan here claims he’s the new team captain.

[ Diamond Dallas Page ] Monkey boy's off his rocker over here!

The news causes Austin to double over in laughter. He comes back up and wipes tears from his eyes. Danielson doesn’t take the mockery well at all and remains defiant.

[ Bryan Danielson ] It’s only fitting that the REAL World Champion leads this team.

[ Steve Austin ] Sure, kid. Keep tellin’ yourself that.

He firmly slaps Danielson on the back.

[ Steve Austin ] And while you’re doin’ that, ol’ Stone Cold will be over here with the rest of the team figurin’ out how we’re gonna’ rid SGDubya’ of the damn Origin once and for all.

[ Ruby Riott ] It won’t matter who the leader is if we don’t fill Val’s empty spot. We're all good at what we do, but five-on-four isn't ideal.

[ Diamond Dallas Page ] I asked Nash but he’s locked into the Body Count matches.

[ Bryan Danielson ] You tried filling the spot without asking me, THE captain of Team SGW?

Danielson shakes his fist.

[ Bryan Danielson ] You’re on thin ice.

[ Diamond Dallas Page ] Whoa, bro, just tryin’ to help.

Austin cracks open a can of beer and takes a sip.

[ Steve Austin ] Ruby’s got a point. With Val bein’ gone, it leaves a big ass hole in our team. I’m lookin’ at three of the baddest sumbitches in this company, but The Origin keeps loading up and comin’ back for more. We have to finish this thing off and we have to find the right person to seal the deal.

Austin takes another swig of beer.

[ Steve Austin ] Luckily, I’ve made a few calls.

Austin smiles. He knows he’s holding back potentially good news.

[ Steve Austin ] And trust me, this sonuvagun is the perfect replacement for Val. He has experience with The Origin members and is as tough as they come.

[ Bryan Danielson ] Wait a second, wait a second, wait a second. You filled the final spot without me? Who is it, Austin?

Austin doesn’t show his hand.

[ Steve Austin ] He’ll be here later tonight and you can find out just like everyone else.

Danielson fumes as we go back to the ring for our next match of the evening.

We cut to a shot of Johnny Gargano flinging his arms forward and back at the shoulders, crossing them and working his neck forward and back, left and right. He leaps into the air and reaches down, zipping his vest up to the top and showing off his Batman-themed costume for the evening. As the camera zooms in, Gargano looks ahead, past the camera with a serious look on his face – which slowly shifts to a smile as we zoom out to show a smaller pair of hands on his shoulders. Johnny turns to face his wife, Candice LeRae, who is smiling back at her husband.

[ Candice LeRae ] You ready, babe?

Johnny scoffs playfully.

[ Johnny Gargano ] C’mon babe! I’m always ready! Especially tonight! And ESPECIALLY when I get to face someone the caliber of Prince Devitt!

Candice nods, a smaller smile still responding non-verbally. Johnny interprets this expression and replies.

[ Johnny Gargano ] You surely aren’t worried, right, babe? I mean, I’m Johnny Wrestling! The Whole Shebang! The Bees Knees! And sure, Prince Devitt is a Real Rock-N’-Rolla, but I can rock and roll, too! Cleveland Rocks, you know!

A courtesy pop from the Tacoma audience and Candice’s smile grows slightly.

[ Johnny Gargano ] And hey, you all – Tacoma rocks, too!

That’s better. The Washington fans approve now and Gargano nods, shaking his head and rolling his eyes playfully as he re-meets the glance of his wife, whose smile has returned to peak exuberance.

[ Johnny Gargano ] Moreover, babe? Win or lose? I’ve still won the greatest thing I ever could have – your love, babe.

Candice grins and waves her hand, saying “oh you” as she rubs Johnny’s arm.

[ Johnny Gargano ] So look out, Prince Devitt – I want your best out there! Let’s put on a five star match and be the best we can be!

Johnny grins as Candice leans in and kisses him on the cheek.

[ Candice LeRae ] You already are the best, babe.

[ Johnny Gargano ] No, you are, babe!

The pair nuzzle noses until we thankfully fade away.

Referee - Rick Knox | Time Limit - 30:00

Rick Knox signals for the bell to start the match and Johnny Solid Gold walks to the center of the ring and throws his hand in the air and cocks his head back, posing right in front of The Miz.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Where did Johnny Solid Gold come from and why has he taken this last name?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] John Morrison takes the name of the promotion he’s currently workin’ for as his surname.

[ Scott Steiner ] My freaks call me “Sir” every night. Holler!

The Miz steps up to Johnny Solid Gold, slaps him in the face, and as he spins around, The Miz hits the SKULL CRUSHING FINALE!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Skull Crushin' Finale! It’s ova’! It’s ova’!

The Miz smirks and places one single hand on Johnny’s chest while flexing his bicep with the left hand. Rick Knox begins the count and The Miz easily gets the three count after ONE move! Johnny Solid Gold didn't even try to kick out after that!

THE MIZ via PINFALL in 00:39

[ Tony Schiavone ] The Miz wins again!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He looks to be ready to pay dividends for his team at Body Count wit' the early draft pick!

Maryse enters the ring and shoves Rick Knox away from Miz and instead raises his arm in victory. The power couple share a kiss as the fans are flooding the arena with boos. Say what you will, but after a month, The Miz looks to be firing on all cylinders as Body Count approaches!

We head backstage where we see Rhea Ripley talking to Bea Priestley. The live crowd boos loudly upon seeing them. They're both in their gear, prepared for their tag team match later in the night.

[ Rhea Ripley ] Tonight is the night... I'm not leavin the ring without inflicting all manner of damage on that twat, Tessa Blanchard.

Bea smirks and looks down at her open hand, clenching a fist.

[ Bea Priestley ] Well, not t' bloody brag... but ya' drafted the right tag partna' for the job. I ain't never like that entitled Blanchard cunt. Would do me a right bit o' good t' see 'er fuckin' head stoved in.

Ripley nods, satisfied with that response.

[ Rhea Ripley ] After what she's done t' me... 'ow she's humiliated me... once I'm through with 'er tonight, she'll stay gone for good. It's gonna be a fuckin' murda'.

The fans pop huge as Io Shirai walks into the shot with AZM and Starlight Kid behind her. Ripley looks down at them with her lip curled up in disgust. Io is in all black street clothes with the SGW Women's World Championship over her shoulder.

[ Rhea Ripley ] Well, well... if it isn't the new champ.

Io squares up, standing eye to chest with Ripley.

[ Rhea Ripley ] Tell me, little one... afta' so many people stepped up 'n took a swing, myself included... only t' fall short against that bitter cunt... jus' what makes you so special that you're the one who walks away wit' the belt?

Io looks down at the championship, then back up at Ripley.

[ Io Shirai ] Is very simple...

She smiles.

[ Io Shirai ] I... am better... than YOU.

The fans pop huge. AZM steps up, hands on her hips.

AZM ] < Ugly sasquatch grandma! >

Rhea looks furious.

[ Rhea Ripley ] WHAT?!

Ripley pie faces AZM, knocking her down on her ass. Starlight Kid kneels down next to her, and AZM pushes her away.

AZM ] < Get away from me, idiot! >

Shirai steps to Ripley but Priestley forces herself between them.

[ Bea Priestley ] Far be it for me t' be the voice of reason 'ere... but this type of behavior will not get us any closer to the Body Count match.

Ripley takes a step back and pushes Bea aside, glaring at her.

[ Rhea Ripley ] I'm not stupid, Bea. I drafted you lot for the Rippers specifically for the purpose of gettin' me t' the Body Count match. Little did I know how lucky I'd get when I drafted the dwarf 'ere.

[ Io Shirai ] < I am not dwarf. >

She holds up the championship.

[ Io Shirai ] I... AM... CHAMPION!

The fans cheer. Ripley smirks.

[ Rhea Ripley ] For now.

Ripley looks at Bea.

[ Rhea Ripley ] I don't give a shit if either of the kids survive, especially the creepy one in the mask. All that matters is if little Io Shirai makes it to the Body Count match, so I can destroy 'er 'n take what belongs to me.

Starlight Kid looks up from next to AZM on the floor and raises her hand.

Starlight Kid ] < Um... I'm not in the match. >

[ Rhea Ripley ] Seriously?

Starlight Kid ] < I didn't get drafted. >

[ AZM ] < Big surprise! Your win percentage is ASS! >

[ Rhea Ripley ] Then who the hell is the freak in a mask that I drafted?

A bike bell rings from off-camera and Hyper Misao rides into the shot on a green bicycle. The live crowd pops huge. Misao rides in circles around Ripley, Bea, Io, and Lightning Star, with her cape flowing behind her.


She brings the bicycle to a screeching halt in front of Bea and Rhea.


Misao throws two handfuls of glitter into the faces of Rhea Ripley and Bea Priestley before zipping off into the distance on her bicycle, ringing the bell. Priestley coughs and gags, having gotten much of it in her mouth. Ripley shakes her hair out and looks down at her hands.


Bea sputters and spits, trying to get the glitter out of her mouth.

[ Bea Priestley ] FUCKING CUNT!

Shirai helps Starlight and AZM to their feet. Bea and Rhea support each other as they try to get the glitter out of their faces. Shirai steps up to them with Lightning Star flanking her.

[ Io Shirai ] < Collect yourselves. >

Bea and Rhea look at Shirai, angry.

[ Io Shirai ] I will win the match... but I will not carry you... to Body Count!

Shirai looks at Bea and narrows her eyes.

[ Io Shirai ] I expect more... from YOU... Puh-riest-uh-ree!

Shirai and Lightning Star walk off-camera, leaving Rhea and Priestley standing there, disheveled after their encounter with Hyper Misao. How will the Veil of Protection factor into their match later tonight?!

Referee - Aubrey Edwards | Time Limit - 30:00

Los Ice Creams’ modus operandi in matches is generally to surprise their opponents with trickery and silly antics until they’re completely shaken from their own game plan, then overwhelm with shockingly competent technical skills to take victories. All-in-all, a surprisingly effective strategy.

However, on this night, in Tacoma – there was truly no surprising Deus Ex Machina.

Brian Cage kicks off the match with El Hijo del Ice Cream, overwhelming the son of Ice Cream with a huge gorilla press into a powerslam mere seconds into the matchup. Rather than apply a cover, Cage storms across the ring and knocks Junior from the apron, quickly ascending to the second rope and soaring forwards, clipping Hijo with a beautiful tornado DDT!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The fact that a man as large as Brian Cage can do the things he can physically do in the ring is absolutely astounding! God himself was showing off when he created this specimen, gentlemen!

Cage lifts Hijo from the mat and up into a suplex position with ease, squatting the Ice Cream multiple times before casually walking over to his partner – and tagging out! – all while HOLDING El Hijo del Ice Cream in the air!


[ Tony Schiavone ] INSANE strength from the Machine!

Guevara soars – huge, spinning cross body and Deus Ex Machina take another cover – one! Two! NO! Hijo kicks out! Sammy begins paint brushing the Ice Cream, all the way into his corner, where he lands a hesitation dropkick to the former SGW World Tag Team Champion’s ribs, rolling backwards and taking a moment to watch as Hijo tags a fired-up Junior into the match.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Maybe this will turn the tide of the match?

[ Scott Steiner ] HAH!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I…I don’t see it, Tony…

It’s much of the same for Junior, who rushes into a fistfight with Sammy, actually looking fired up and succeeding – until Guevara ducks a punch and plasters the Ice Cream with a Péle kick! Not resting, Sammy quickly flies through the air with a standing star press! AND ANOTHER! Sammy rolls off the Dairy Deviant and to his corner, where he tags in a hungry Brian Cage!

[ Scott Steiner ] AWWWW YOU FUCKED UP, NOW!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Cage absolutely deadlifts Junior into a suplex position here…and Guevara’s climbing to the top rope! This could be dangerous!

[ Scott Steiner ] END IT! END IT!

Cage has Junior gripped – and DROPS! DRILL CLAW! Junior spikes onto his head! Cage moves and Guevara comes soaring off the ropes – 630! GORGEOUS! Cage makes the cover – and it’s all over!


As Cage pushes off of Junior by the face dominantly, Hijo comes into the ring as quickly as he can and shoves his opponent off his partner, covering his body. Brian Cage isn’t having ANY of Hijo, though, and SHOVES the Ice Cream across the ring!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That seems a bit excessive, Cage! You won the match already!

Not five seconds after Hijo hits the mat, the Tacoma fans explode with joy as Team Tremendous emerge from through the entrance curtain! Bill Carr and Dan Barry quickly enter the ring and separate Deus Ex Machina and the still recovering Los Ice Creams, heading off a potential riot amongst the members of Team Psych!

[ Scott Steiner ] DAMMIT! Those stupid Coppers kept Muscles from ripping those dairy fucks apart!

No matter Steiner’s personal frustration, Team Tremendous have the two teams separated as Dan Barry produces a microphone and speaks, still trying his hardest to corral Los Ice Creams.

[ Dan Barry ] Guys, that’s enough! Settle down, now, c’mon!

No dice. Brian Cage, in particular, looks like he’d love nothing more than to rip the top-most scoop off an Ice Cream. Undeterred, Barry carries on.

[ Dan Barry ] Now listen – we’ve got to work together at Body Count if we’ve got any hope of winning against the Snake Pit! Brian! Brian! Think about the rest of this team!

From behind Cage, Sammy Guevara leaps into the air and screams:

[ Sammy Guevara ] He thinks they’re all garbage, you loser!

Barry scoffs.

[ Dan Barry ] Now, that’s OBVIOUSLY not true. I mean, come on, we’ve got a team for the ages picked out to compe—

Before the Good Officer can finish his thought, Tacoma interrupts him with a big pop – The Briscoes are arriving! Jay, leading Mark down to the ring, has a look on his face like he’s just gotten a huge whiff of shit – which, fair, it could either be the situation his Team Psych partners are in at the moment or, perhaps more likely, actual shit.

[ Scott Steiner ] Now what do these nitwits want?!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I’ve known Jay and Mark for many, many years, and smart money would bet that they’re sensing a fight may go down – and just want the opportunity to throw fists!

Barry isn’t as pessimistic about the Briscoe Brothers’ arrival and greets them with a big wave and a smile.

[ Dan Barry ] Ah! Perfect timing! Jay, Mark, please talk some sense into Brian?

Briscoe sneers at Barry for about two straight minutes as the Tacoma fans chant “MAN UP!” incessantly. Eventually, the elder Briscoe takes the microphone and speaks with conviction.

[ Jay Briscoe ] Y’all can be fuckin’ for real, can ya’s?! NAW! NAW! See, this ain’t pretty pony dancin’, this ain’t fingernail paintin’, this IS PRO-WRASSLIN’! AND I AIN’T IN ESS-GEE-DUBB’YA to hold no hands and be nobody’s friend!

Mark leans into the microphone and interjects here, setting a trend for his brother’s time with the mic.

[ Mark Briscoe ] HELL NAW! NO FRIENDS!

Jay acknowledges Mark with a hand before balling it into a fist.

[ Jay Briscoe ] Shit, this fucker here’s my blood and if you put a championship belt between us, I’d light his bitch ass up!


[ Jay Briscoe ] If that steroid-sack Brian Cage wants to fuckin’ dance, I say he can man his bitch ass up and step to the fuckin’ Briscoes!

[ Mark Briscoe ] MAN UP, BO’AH! MAN UP!

[ Jay Briscoe ] That’s right, bitch, MAN UP! MAN THE FUCK UP!

Jay turns back to Dan Barry, who is white-faced as he senses his and Carr’s team disintegrating before his eyes. The Detective is still doing a fine job in holding back Brian Cage, who is keeping a cool head despite the barbs thrown by Jay and Mark Briscoe.

[ Jay Briscoe ] So, you cops – you gotta get sum’thin straight! We ain’t here to be friends! We’ll work ta’gether, alright – with my brother! Nobody else! FUCK Y’ALL. It’s Sandy Fork verse ERRBODY!

[ Mark Briscoe ] THASS RIGHT! MAN UP!

The Tacoma fans are big supporters of the no-nonsense Briscoes, cheering their us-versus-the-world mentality. Meanwhile, Dan Barry’s face sinks, but he recovers enough to lift his microphone for a response, until he’s interrupted by another massive pop – it’s the Best Friends, Chuck Taylor and Trent! The BFs make haste towards the ring, a microphone in Taylor’s hand.

[ Chuck Taylor ] WHOA!

The entire arena is startled by Chuck’s exclamation and the Tacoma fans laugh it off as Taylor speaks again.

[ Chuck Taylor ] There’s a time and place for all this hostility, guys…and now ain’t it. You know what’s the time and place for this sort of behavior?

Nobody replies, but Chuck smiles and nods.

[ Chuck Taylor ] That’s right – a professional wrestling event!

Tacoma roars as Brian Cage rolls his eyes. The Briscoes immediately begin discussing drowning Taylor in a river as Sammy Guevara screams inaudibly at the Kentucky Gentleman. Chuck replies effortlessly as he carries on.

[ Chuck Taylor ] I’m sorry, young man, I can’t understand you. So you know when a wrestling event is gonna happen? BODY COUNT, BOYS! TEXAS! THAT’S…what you should be saving this energy for! Tell’em, Trent!

Chuck whips the microphone towards Trent, who sighs deeply.

[ Trent ] …mmhmm.

Chuck hurls the mic back to himself.

[ Chuck Taylor ] NOW THAT’S RIGHT! So listen, guys, we can stand here and measure dicks until you all feel really bad about yourselves, go home, call dirty Shonda from down the block, pound out a bareback bang to get a little confidence back, and we meet back here two weeks from now to do this all again…

Tacoma is in an absolute frenzy. The cheers are absurd as “DIRTY SHONDA” begins getting chanted over and over. Taylor smiles and nods.

[ Chuck Taylor ] Yep! That’s her! Anyway, we can do this every show until Body Count, guys…or…we can put into practice a little trick we learned long ago…

Trent nods. Tacoma pops. Brian Cage scream-gargles a vicious swear. A blood vessel pops in Jay Briscoe’s head.


Tacoma pops again as the Best Friends pull Los Ice Creams and Team Tremendous into center-ring for a huge group hug, the camera shooting out Okada-style as they embrace! Meanwhile, The Briscoes and Deus Ex Machina decide not to even bother with the lunacy in center-ring and separate slowly.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Well, isn’t that just great! The team’s all getting along!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] …no, no, not at all, Tony! Approximately forty percent of the team have abandoned the ring and show no signs of an embrace.

We cut to Brian Cage and Sammy Guevara, sneering, before getting a final shot of the six-person group hug in center ring.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Well, they’re just mean jerks anyway…


Leaving the ringside area, we now find ourselves in the locker room area. A huge banner is taped to the wall with duct tape reading “TEAM CODY,” as four huge signs sit on easels. The signs are the acknowledgement of Cody’s Mid-Year Awards two weeks ago. He’s in his ring gear with a Nightmare Family logo t-shirt on top. Brandi drops a box on the floor and shakes her head.

[ Brandi Rhodes ] This is going to be rotten. You know that, right?

[ Cody Rhodes ] What?!

Cody doesn’t want to hear it.

[ Cody Rhodes ] They’re going to love it!

Cody reaches into the box and puts on a white TEAM CODY hat and rubs his hands together.

[ Cody Rhodes ] Since the Committee continues to refuse to let me challenge for the World Championship after giving my declaration of war at Supremacy, this is the guaranteed way of no longer being ignored.

His tone changes from playful to serious.

[ Cody Rhodes ] I don’t give a damn if those four are the Bad News Bears or the ‘97 Bulls, I’m going to drag their asses to the finish line so I can become SGW Champion.

He pulls his hat down on his forehead and flashes a big smile.

[ Cody Rhodes ] Let’s go Team Cody! Here, you need a hat.

Cody goes to put one on Brandi’s head but she slaps him away. Cody insists and puts one on her anyway.

[ Cody Rhodes ] You look perfect.

[ Brandi Rhodes ] Do I? Okay. Sure.

Then, Joey Janela, Al Snow, Maxwell Jacob Friedman, Wardlow, and Pete Dunne walk into the room. Cody flashes an even bigger smile as he begins tossing t-shirts to the group.

[ Cody Rhodes ] Here they are! Body Count 2020 winners! Team Cody in the house, ladies and gents!

[ Joey Janela ] What’s this?

[ Cody Rhodes ] Those are you official Team Cody t-shirts.

Cody reaches into another box and pulls out some hats. He hands them out to everyone.

[ Cody Rhodes ] And these are the official Team Cody hats!

Pete Dunne looks down at his then back to Cody.

[ Pete Dunne ] I’m not wearin’ the shit.

He follows up.

[ Pete Dunne ] I wasn’t even drafted by you. Was forced.

[ Cody Rhodes ] Well, it’s not my fault Jimmy Havoc is a vile piece of human trash. Anyway, Bruiserweight, welcome aboard! Welcome to the winning Body Count team!

Cody claps his hands, to which MJF quickly joins in doing. He puts the Team Cody hat on Wardlow’s head and pulls the Team Cody shirt over his head and adjusts his scarf.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Me, personally, I’m PROUD to be on Team Cody! Look at this guy! What a winner! The win streak, the title wins! This guy is a WINNER just like me!

Brandi rolls her eyes.

[ Brandi Rhodes ] Dear God.

Cody puts his hands behind his back and addresses his team. Janela is wearing the gear along with MJF. Dunne has dropped him on the floor at his feet and Al Snow has his in his hands.

[ Cody Rhodes ] Gentlemen, we are Team Cody. We are the forgotten, the ignored, the underestimated. No more. In a couple of months, we’re going to roll into Body Count like a well-oiled machine, united by one goal.

[ Al Snow ] What goal is that?

[ Cody Rhodes ] Becoming SGW World Champion.

Cody points to himself.

[ Cody Rhodes ] My destiny will be fulfilled.. And you all are going to help.

[ Pete Dunne ] You’re not the only one plannin’ on winnin’ the title.

[ Al Snow ] Yeah!

MJF looks over to Snow.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Until you beat Detective Khali, you can kindly shut the fuck up, nerd.

[ Al Snow ] Hey!

Cody breaks things up.

[ Cody Rhodes ] Enough. All of you are here for a reason and we’re all gonna’ be one big, happy family! Team Cody!

[ Pete Dunne ] Shit name.

[ Cody Rhodes ] Oh, and Team Nose is better?

Cody scoffs.

[ Cody Rhodes ] Or Disrespect U 5. Where’s Disrespect U numbers three and four? Is Daniels trying to say that there’s going to be TWO MORE versions of that group before Body Count?

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] Personally, and not to speak for the room, but I hope Christopher Daniels gets COVID and dies alone in a hospital room and the weight of his medical bills cripples his family for generations to come.

He pauses.

[ Maxwell Jacob Friedman ] In short, Christopher Daniels sucks.

Cody’s jaw drops. It’s almost too good to be true.

[ Brandi Rhodes ] Kiss ass.

[ Cody Rhodes ] I have a damn good feeling about this team. I think we’re going to make some noise! Look at this squad of goons! Pete Dunne, the big, bad Bruiserweight! MJF, fastest rising star in the business! Joey Janela, no freaking clue where you came from but you were on the draft list, so whatever.. And Al Snow.

Cody gives them a thumbs up.

[ Cody Rhodes ] Team Cody’s got this in the bag, guys!

Dunne walks up to him.

[ Pete Dunne ] Far as I’m concerned, it’s every man for himself ‘cos I ain’t helpin’ you win shit. I’m doin’ it for myself.

Dunne then walks out of the room as Cody remains stoic, tilting his head back. A few seconds after Dunne leaves, Cody regroups. He digs into the box and reveals a TEAM CODY coffee mug, displaying it like a model.

[ Cody Rhodes ] Alright, who wants Team Cody coffee mugs?

It appears as though Team Cody isn’t as united as Cody would have hoped. There’s still time to right the ship, but it’s off to a rocky start.

The scene fades.

We fade up backstage with a shot of Beer Money, Kevin Steen and El Generico, the Von Erichs, and Young Bucks hanging out in an empty room. With so many people cramped up in close quarters, each one of them is wearing a mask. They're all eyeballing one another, standing around awkwardly. The door to the room opens up and Christian Michael Jakobi walks inside, wearing a three piece suit. Giulia follows him in, rolling her eyes at the sight of the other tag teams. Ilja Dragunov and Low Ki are in next, still in their gear from earlier with the SGW World Tag Team Championships. Low Ki looks around the room and snorts.

[ Low Ki ] Why are all these fools wearing MASKS?!

[ Nick Jackson ] Um... there's a pandemic going on, guy.

Low Ki stomps his foot on the floor, hard.

[ Low Ki ] IGNORANT!

[ Matt Jackson ] Easy, bro. It's just as much to protect you--

Low Ki open hand slaps Matt Jackson so hard that he falls flat on his back.


The Von Erichs step up, chests puffed out.

[ Ross Von Erich ] Try somethin' like that with us, son!

Low Ki points at them with a gloved hand.

[ Low Ki ] I'll try what I like with you, boy.

He cracks his neck and snorts.


Jakobi steps between them with a smile on his face.

[ Christian Michael Jakobi ] Now, now, gentlemen... now is not the time... though the time for the good ol' Von Erich boys to meet Ilja Dragunov and Low Ki does draw nearer and nearer...

[ Marshall Von Erich ] Damn right.

James Storm take a drink from a beer bottle.

[ James Storm ] It's comin' up on time fer me 'n Mr. Roode t' have ourselves one o' them title shots, too.

Giulia ] < Typical American arrogance. Has not even won a match and thinks he should be handed a title shot. Idiot. >

[ James Storm ] Huh, wait. What'd she say? I don't read too good.

[ Kevin Steen ] She said... SHUT UP, JAMES! If anybody here deserves a title shot, it's me and Generico! We got screwed over tonight! We deserve another shot!

Ilja Dragunov steps up, getting right in Steen's face.

[ Ilja Dragunov ] Is that truly what you believe happened tonight, fat man? Because what I saw... what I bore WITNESS to in that ring tonight... was an uncontrollable... UNDISCIPLINED display... unbefitting of a team who wishes to call themselves... CHAMPIONS!

Dragunov takes a deep breath, hissing. Kevin Steen clenches his fists, threatening to start throwing hands. Generico tries to hold him back but Dragunov takes a step back and gestures for Steen to bring it on. Jakobi clears his throat.

[ Christian Michael Jakobi ] As much fun as it would be to watch my V.E.N.O.M. defeat you over... and over... and over again... I have brought you all together for a greater purpose. Excluding my precious V.E.N.O.M., you four teams represent the very best in this division, which is why I personally drafted each of you into humble servitude.

[ Bobby Roode ] Excuse me? Servitude?

[ Christian Michael Jakobi ] You have all been chosen to accompany V.E.N.O.M. into the Body Count match... where, no doubt, you will all fall before Ilja Dragunov and Low Ki like grain before a scythe... but it is the journey rather than the destination which matters, yes?

He chuckles.

[ Nick Jackson ] Is there a point to this?

Low Ki drops the tag team championship, stomps toward Nick Jackson and BACKHAND SLAPS HIM, knocking him down to all fours. Low Ki whips around and nails Nick with a SWITCHBLADE KICK! Low Ki stands over him, pointing at himself and shouting.


Storm takes another drink from his bottle.

[ James Storm ] God damn!

[ Christian Michael Jakobi ] That is enough, Low Ki. There should be no further need for violence. I think everyone understands what is at stake. You were all chosen, not as a slight... but as the ultimate compliment... for you all shall stand next to V.E.N.O.M. and thus... be victorious with V.E.N.O.M. at Body Count. I suggest you all do your best to tow the line en route to the pay-per-view extravaganza... and reap the ultimate rewards.

[ Kevin Steen ] Ya' know what I think about that--

Generico quickly covers Steen's mouth, silencing him.

[ Ross Von Erich ] What about our title shot?

Jakobi smiles and removes a handkerchief from his pocket. He dabs at his face, eyeing both Von Erichs with much amusement in his eyes.

[ Christian Michael Jakobi ] In time, my friends.

He shrugs.

[ Christian Michael Jakobi ] Why rush into something, which we already know the conclusion?

Jakobi turns and walks out of the room. Giulia and Dragunov follow him out without a word. Low Ki stands in front of the other four teams for a moment, eyeing them angrily before snatching his title off the floor, whipping around and then walking out of the room, making sure to step on Nick Jackson as he does. Matt kneels down next to Nick to check on him as we fade out.

Referee - Mike Chioda | Time Limit - 30:00

Ember Moon and Shotzi Blackheart meet in the middle of the ring, squaring up to one another. After a few tense moments, Shotzi offers a handshake, which Ember Moon reluctantly accepts. The fans applaud as the competitors nod respectfully at each other and then return to their corners at Mike Chioda calls for the bell. They exit their corners and circle one another before locking up in the middle. They jockey for position until Ember takes over with a knee lift and nails Shotzi with a snap suplex. Shotzl ends up in a seated position and Ember rolls back to her feet. She hits the ropes and nails Shotzi with a running kick to the chest!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Ember Moon versus Shotzi Blackheart, a first time ever meeting! Right here at Solid Gold Wrestling ReVolution!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Both of these women are gonna want t' make a statement as we head toward Body Count! Ember Moon is representing Jinny's Alta Moda while Shotzi Blackheart represents Becky Lynch's Not Like Most Rebels!

Ember pulls Shotzi up to her knees before Shotzi begins firing off into Ember's mid-section with forearms. Ember backs up and Shotzi rises, continuing to nail Ember with forearms to the head! Ember fires up and begins nailing Shotzi with forearms of her own! They fight it out with the fans getting hotter and hotter before Ember roars and turns to hit the ropes... only for Shotzi to snatch her hair and cause Ember to fall flat on her back! Shotzi hits the ropes... RUNNING BACK SENTON! Shotzi pulls Ember right back to her feet... only for Ember to throw a huge telegraphed right hand! Shotzi ducks it and catches Ember around the waist! RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX! Ember rolls under the bottom rope, onto the apron. Shotzi rolls back to her feet. Ember stands on the apron and Shotzi charges at her... but Ember meets her through the ropes with a shoulder strike, doubling Shotzi over. Ember leaps over the top rope onto Shotzi's back, flowing straight through into CODE RED!

[ Tony Schiavone ] WHAT A MOVE!

Ember goes straight for the pin! One! Two! Shotzi kicks out! Both women roll back to their feet and Shotzi throws a forearm.. but Ember ducks it and nails Shotzi with a roundhouse kick! Shotzi goes down flat on her back and Ember points at the turnbuckle! The fans go wild as Ember begins climbing the turnbuckles.

[ Scott Steiner ] Here it comes! Time for that flippy stunner thing!

Shotzi slowly gets to her feet... but then throws herself into the ropes, causing Ember to lose her balance! Shotzi runs to the corner before Ember falls and catches her... SUPERPLEX! Shotzi rolls straight back to her feet, maintaining her grip and hoisting Ember up for a FALCON ARROW! She covers! ONE! TWO! TH-- EMBER KICKS OUT! Shotzi can't believe it! She quickly rolls Ember over and hooks her arms, pulling her up into a seated position before flipping over in a MODIFIED CATTLE MUTILATION! Ember struggles to get free, finally getting her foot on the bottom rope!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] She made it! This match will continue!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Neither woman will give this match up easily! The winner of this match will create momentum for her team heading into Body Count!

Shotzi breaks the hold and both women return to their feet. Shotzi charges at Ember but Ember spins out, side kicking Shotzi right in the side of the head. Ember grabs Shotzi by the arm and whips her into the ropes... but Ember reverses it! Shotzi hits the ropes and comes back with a yakuza kick but Ember ducks it! Ember catches Shotzi on the turnaround with a throat thrust! Shotzi doubles over and Ember grabs her... AND KICKS OFF THE ROPES FOR A TORNADO DDT! The fans erupt! Ember returns to her feet and leaps onto the top rope! She gestures for Shotzi to stand up! Shotzi slowly gets up and Ember flies! ECLIPSE! NO! SHOTZI SIDE STEPS! EMBER LANDS HARD ON THE MAT! Shotzi grabs Ember around the waist and snatches her up off the mat! DRAGON SUPLEX! NO! EMBER ELBOWS OUT OF IT! She charges and leaps onto the middle rope! SPRINGBOARD ECLIPSE OUT OF NOWHERE! Ember covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!


The fans pop huge and both women lie there for a long moment following the final bell. The fans continue cheering until both women slowly get back up to their knees, facing one another. Ember and Shotzi shake hands one final time before Shotzi rolls under the bottom rope, giving up the ring for Ember Moon to celebrate her hard fought victory!

Dr. Britt Baker is seated in catering, flipping through a magazine and drinking a bottle of water, minding her own business. Catching her off guard is a huge plate of waffles being dropped on the table right in front of her. There’s easily ten to twelve waffles with maple syrup splattered all over the table, oozing off every side of the plate.

[ Britt Baker ] What the hell are you doing?!

Chris Jericho sits down in front of the waffles with a knife and fork in one hand and a container of syrup in the other.

[ Chris Jericho ] What’s up, Doc?

Jericho smirks.

[ Chris Jericho ] Doc, I need you to do something for me.

Jericho turns the container of syrup up and buries the waffles with even more syrup, making Britt Baker cringe at the display.

[ Britt Baker ] What? Fill all of the cavities you’re going to get from eating that?

Jericho pours syrup on them for five more seconds and sits the container down. He rubs the fork and knife together, ready for his feast.

[ Chris Jericho ] I’m Canadian, you dipshit. I like maple syrup. You gotta’ problem?

[ Britt Baker ] It’s just.. A lot of sugar.

[ Chris Jericho ] Shut your ass.

Jericho cuts a huge hunk of waffle and shoves it into his mouth. He tries to speak through the chewing, muffling his words in the process.

[ Chris Jericho ] It’s time for a change.

[ Britt Baker ] What are you saying? Chew your freaking food, Chris! Christ!

Jericho forces a big gulp and wipes his mouth.

[ Chris Jericho ] It’s time for a change. A power shift. You like power, don’tcha?

Britt cocks an eyebrow.

[ Chris Jericho ] That’s what I thought.

He begins cutting up another bite.

[ Chris Jericho ] If The Origin is going to be successful at Body Count and rule forevermore, it needs a shot in the arm. Together, I think you and I could turn it on its head and save the cause.

[ Britt Baker ] You seem to be forgetting that my BOYFRIEND leads The Origin.

Jericho replies in a condescending tone.

[ Chris Jericho ] Oh. Is he?

He takes another bite of waffle and quickly swallows.

[ Chris Jericho ] Because it seems to me old man Arn is calling the shots, sugar. I’m the only man holding gold in the group. You’re an educated woman. A DOCTOR, a freaking doctor! Together, you and I could save The Origin and take this company over.

Britt is in near shock that Jericho is even suggesting it.

[ Chris Jericho ] And being a doctor, Britt, I assume you have the sense enough to know how right I am.

Jericho looks disgustingly at his plate.

[ Chris Jericho ] I hate waffles.

He then chunks the plate across the room, sending waffles and syrup flying everywhere.

[ Britt Baker ] What in the world…

[ Chris Jericho ] Look, toots. It’s like this. This is an offer to course-correct The Origin before it’s too late. While your boyfriend has another boyfriend in Arn Anderson and Steve Corino sits in the corner playing with himself while they talk, you and I could be planning on stomping Team SGW out like the annoying little pests that they are once and for all and rule as King as Queen of this company. I could give a shit about teamwork or unity. I care about winning. I care about making my bank account fatter than Keith Lee.

Jericho taps the container of syrup.

[ Chris Jericho ] It’s time for us to do what the dumb ass Big Nasty couldn’t do and end things once and for all.

[ Britt Baker ] Right?! He threw Steve Austin OFF a building and he’s back two weeks later? How is that even possible?!

[ Chris Jericho ] Poor management. If I was in charge of The Origin, I would’ve brought in someone who would’ve thrown Steve Austin’s stupid head so far that he’d still be flying. That’s why we have to work together, Britt.

Jericho pushes himself up from the table and grabs his syrup container.

[ Chris Jericho ] Think about it.

Jericho walks off as Britt is left sitting with a lot to consider, but one thing sticks out to here above all the others.

[ Britt Baker ] Did he bring his own bottle of maple syrup?

The scene fades.

As we head backstage, we see Pinkie Sanchez of all people, wandering around with a perplexed look on his face.

[ Pinkie Sanchez ] Turning again…we turns…

Sanchez turns right and sees an unmarked door. He nods, somehow expecting this unassuming door as if it’s the end of some long quest.

[ Pinkie Sanchez ] AH! I’ve only been looking all evening…keep us waiting, will he? No…no, no!

Sanchez barges into the room, chest puffed out – but it’s empty. And dark. Devoid of all life. Pinkie scrunches his face, looking around and sighs out deeply.

[ Pinkie Sanchez ] Maybe…we made a wrong turn?

As Sanchez looks back over his shoulder towards the door, another voice replies.

[ ??? ] You’re where you need to be.

Pinkie snaps back towards the voice and fumbles in his jeans pocket, producing a worn lighter – he uses it and walks towards the sound, revealing Darby Allin, seated on the cold concrete and maneuvering his skateboard around with his hands. Sanchez finds a few candles – convenient – and lights them, taking a seat beside Allin on the wall, neither man speaking for a moment.

[ Pinkie Sanchez ] …I heard this is where Jackknife Inc. was supposed to be meeting.

Allin scoffs.

[ Darby Allin ] Probably so.

Pinkie’s face wrinkles confusedly. He looks directly into the camera for help, but none comes. He slowly turns back to Allin and opens his mouth to speak, but is cut off again.

[ Darby Allin ] Priorities. Nash is too focused on getting revenge on the Origin for hurting his friend…and so we go without a leader. Nunzio is too concerned with getting revenge on Ruby Riott…and so we go without a third man. And as far as I know…there IS NO fifth man. Never was one.

Sanchez’ cheeks fill with air and he leans his head back into the wall, blowing out slowly. Allin hasn’t taken his eyes off his skateboard.

[ Pinkie Sanchez ] …right. Well.

Pinkie begins drumming his fingers on his thighs as the silence grows increasingly more poignant.

[ Pinkie Sanchez ] So…

But no other words follow. Sanchez pauses, then eventually gives up. He just leans into the wall, breathing out deeply again. Darby Allin is nonplussed, still just watching as his fingers push the skateboard to and fro. Neither man moves, settling into their dark corner of the arena, their breathing the only noise from the room as we fade away.

Referee - Paul Turner | Time Limit - 30:00

Dunne and Keith Lee to start us off here tonight. They shake hands and engage in a firm collar-and-elbow in which Lee backs Dunne into a corner and offers a clean break as soon as Paul Turner begins counting. The fans applaud the show of sportsmanship early on.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Keith Lee is one of the all-around good guys in professional wrestling and showed it here with a sign of respect to the rules.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He’d betta’ be careful or else the Bruisa’weight will make ‘em pay for his kindness.

Lee tries going for another collar-and-elbow but Dunne pops Lee in the jaw with an uppercut and then a stiff forearm shot to the jaw. Dunne then kicks the tree-trunk legs of Lee, trying to soften them up. After three kicks, Lee shoves Dunne down to the ground, causing him to roll over backwards. MJF tags himself in and arrogantly tells Dunne to get out of the ring.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] MJF is actually WANTIN’ to get in this match?!

MJF steps up to Keith Lee and slaps him in the face! Lee lunges for him but MJF dives for the corner and tags Dunne back in. MJF goes to the arena floor and jaws with some fans as Dunne is stuck going back in and dealing with an angry Keith Lee. Inside, Lee and Dunne trade blows back and forth and Lee takes control with a pop-up Spinebuster! EC3 sees easy pickings and tags himself in and covers Dunne- One! Kick out! EC3 is in shock as Lee hides a hint of a smile the best he can, knowing his hard work thus far in the match wasn’t taken advantage off by a vulture.


[ Tony Schiavone ] That’s a sound strategy, Scott. As the match progresses, it’ll be interesting to see if Lee’s size comes into play.

[ Scott Steiner ] HE’S FAT!

EC3 throws his hands in the air and tries blaming Keith Lee for the one count. Dunne rolls over and gets up quickly. He snatches EC3’s fingers and pulls them back. EC3 begs for mercy but Dunn growls and snaps EC3’s fingers! The pop echoes throughout the crowd, drawing a response of disgust!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He might’ve just got his fingers broken!

EC3 walks on his knees to the corner but Keith Lee drops down and waves at him. Dunne hits a running knee to the back of EC3 and drags him to his corner. MJF tags himself in and puts on the Salt of the Earth Armbar on EC3! He manages to get to the ropes to break the hold but MJF wrenches back for a few extra seconds. MJF walks over and mocks Keith Lee, who takes a swipe at him and misses.

[ Scott Steiner ] This is like watchin’ a kid taunt a bear at the zoo, but, in this case, Keith Lee is bigger than a fuckin’ bear!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Well, I don’t know ab-

[ Scott Steiner ] LOOK AT HIS FAT ASS!

ONE-PERCENTER! EC3 rallies and flips the match on its head with that staggering move! He covers but Dunne breaks it up. Keith Lee comes in and grabs MJF by the throat. Dunne sees it and reluctantly saves his partner and all hell is breaking loose inside the ring with all four men battling at once. In the sea of chaos, Wardlow jumps to the apron and distracts Lee. Lee drops MJF and turns to Warlow. MJF uses the chance to dump Keith Lee over the top rope, landing on top of Wardlow! Dunne goes outside and tags MJF and comes back in.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Pete Dunne seems to be the only one focused on the match!

Dunne grabs EC3, THE BITTER END! MJF tags himself back in! He slides in and covers EC3 and even pulls the tights for added measure. One, two, three! MJF and Pete Dunne are your winners!


[ Nigel McGuinness ] What an absolute cluster at the end! Paul Turner lost control when all four men got involved, then you add in Wardlow and it really went off the rails.

[ Tony Schiavone ] In one of our first Body Count team wars, Team Cody gets a win over the Limitless Five. But guys, it’s safe to say, Team Cody isn’t very unified with the personalities that have been assembled.

MJF and Wardlow celebrate and MJF gives Dunne a sarcastic thumbs up, mouthing “WAY TO GO, PAL! YOU’RE WELCOME!” at Dunne, even though Dunne did all the work for his team. Dunne snarls at MJF, unimpressed with his boisterous attitude.

We arrive backstage, where Nunzio is walking purposefully, his leather jacket squeaking as he moves.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Here’s Nunzio – and he’s been a busy man lately!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] That’s right, Tony – he’s got vendettas with Ruby Riott and SGW Limitless Champion Juventud Guerrera!

The Don turns left into a lonely corridor of the Tacoma Dome and stops, looking slightly down at an unknown subject. The camera turns to reveal Drew Parker sitting on an equipment box in a hoodie and jeans, legs dangling and staring ahead vacantly. Nunzio shakes his head and approaches, opening his mouth and holding a hand out to speak before he’s cut off uncharacteristically.

[ Drew Parker ] I know Ruby’s weaknesses.

Nunzio is taken aback and pulls his hand in, squinting and turning his head slightly ajar as he comprehends Parker’s words. Eventually, Nunzio replies.

[ Nunzio ] You’ll have to excuse the fuck outta me, but I coulda swore you said you know Riott’s weaknesses.

Parker slowly turns his head, his long curly hair falling into his face from out of his hood as he does. He shrugs.

[ Drew Parker ] Yeah. You weren’t there in Victoria…at the Ranch. Blood and Gold. I watched them all step up…and fall…that day. Only one was a real challenge, though. Only Ruby. And you know, I still beat her. Some people may say it’s because I’m Limitless, too. Some may say I wanted it more. I won’t argue with them…but I know the truth. It’s because I care less about my body than she does and because it didn’t bother me to die fighting in the ring. It still doesn’t.

Nunzio shakes his head and speaks.

[ Nunzio ] Look, that’s great, kid. Real great. Y’know somethin’, folks are always sayin’ you’re a weird bastard, you’re just an untrained fuck, all types of snide shit, but I ain’t buyin’ it. I don’t buy it!

Nunzio holds up two fingers and Parker switches his glance to the digits.

[ Nunzio ] Tonight, I’m takin’ out Riott. Then, I’m goin’ for that mook Guerrera. I don’t give a damn about connections to the Origin or Team SGW or any damn team other than me. Tonight’s match ain’t a problem, kid. I ain’t got nuthin’ against Danielson, but if he’s collateral damage, it is what it is…

Parker shrugs, smirking slightly, and redirects his gaze forward as Nunzio looks his partner up and down.

[ Nunzio ] …you hearin’ me, kid? Just do your part out there and leave Riott for me, capeesh?

The Urchin Prince nods, focusing on the wall as Nunzio walks off, muttering to himself. As he leaves, Parker speaks softly.

[ Drew Parker ] Danielson. Riott. Big fish…

Parker pantomimes casting a line and slowly reels in the invisible lure.

[ Drew Parker ] The Urchin Prince…will see you now.

We fade away.

Referee - Rick Knox | Time Limit - 30:00

As soon as the bell sounds, Nurse Ratchet snags Nia Jax's ankle from ringside, distracting her and Tamina long enough for Shoko and Shida to attack them from behind! They instantly dump Nia Jax to the floor where Nurse Ratchet slings her into the guardrail! Shoko and Shida double team Tamina in the ring, whipping her into the rope nailing her with stereo dropkicks! The fans are booing loudly as Shoko and Shida bump fists with cocky smiles on their faces.

[ Tony Schiavone ] This is every bit the mugging I expected it to be! Disgraceful behavior from Dr. Cube's minions!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Did you really expect anything less, Tony? Dr. Cube has made no bones about his willingness to do whatever it takes in his quest for power!

[ Scott Steiner ] I'm still tryna' wrap my head around all this Dr. Cube bullshit! Is this the same Dr. Cube that's been here the whole time or what?!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Genetically, yes! They are one and the same... literally, I don't think so, Scott!

[ Scott Steiner ] God damn! That doesn't tell me shit!

On the floor, Nurse Ratchet keeps Nia Jax occupied, pounding away at her with overhand blows as Rick Knox remains preoccupied with Shida and Shoko's shenanigans with Tamina Snuka! Shida and Shoko pull Tamina up to her feet and go for a double suplex... but Tamina locks her legs and DOUBLE SUPLEXES BOTH KAIJUS! The fans pop huge! Tamina rolls back to her feet, disheveled and wide eyed! She snatches up Shoko by her hair and lifts her over her head... and GORILLA PRESSES HER OVER THE TOP ROPE AND ONTO NURSE RATCHET! Nia Jax smiles and gives a thumbs up to Tamina before snatching Ratchet up off the floor and whipping her into the ring steps so hard that they shift three feet in the opposite direction!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Nurse Ratchet will need a nurse of her own after a shot like that!

[ Scott Steiner ] I like this Nia Jax broad! She's big and she hurts people! If you're askin' me, that's the two main ingredients that make a good worker!

Nia Jax grabs Shoko by the hair and hoists her up, gorilla press slamming her through the ropes and back into the ring. Tamina immediately body slams Shida ON TOP of Shoko and ascends the ropes! She prepares to fly but... TUCOR APPEARS ON THE APRON OUT OF NOWHERE AND PUSHES HER OFF! Tamina lands hard in the center of the ring! Nia Jax charges over and nails Tucor with a BODY AVALANCHE, sending him tumbling off the apron to the floor!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The beaked menace known as Tucor is here!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What went wrong with Tucor to bring him to this point, Nigel!? He was once one of the most beloved members of the SGW roster!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] How could I possibly know the thoughts and ideas which run through the mind of Tucor, Tony!? We must speculate that Dr. Cube's mental machinations and manipulations played some role in Tucor's turn to the bloody dark side!

As soon as Tamina gets up to one knee, Shida comes off the ropes and PLOWS HER OVER WITH TAMASHII NO THREE COUNT! Tamina goes flat on her back and Shida stands up... RIGHT INTO A FACE BREAKER PUNCH from Nia Jax! Shida falls on top of Tamina Snuka, unconscious! Rick Knox drops down to count as Shoko tries to spear Nia Jax down so she can't break the pin... BUT SHOKO IS JUST TOO SMALL TO MOVE THE MASSIVE JAX! ONE! TWO! THR-- NIA JAX POWERBOMBS SHOKO ONTO SHIDA AND TAMINA!

[ Scott Steiner ] Now that's how you break a god damn pin!

Before Jax can capitalize any further, the fans begin booing loudly as The Brainwashed Abyss walks out from the back with a person trapped inside of a white body bag labeled "CUBE LABORATORIES." Abyss drops the bag on the stage like a sack of potatoes. Nia Jax looks on, concerned. Suddenly, the Golden-Tron flashes to life and we're greeted with a shot of Dr. Cube inside his underground lair.

[ Dr. Cube-2 ] Nia Jax... Nia Jax! You were given every opportunity to be a monstrous member of my maniacal menagerie... and you chose to squander it all away!

Nia Jax points at the screen and shouts "I'LL NEVER JOIN YOU, CUBE! NOT NEVER!" Cube rubs his hands together evilly and leans close to the camera with his oversized Cube head.

[ Dr. Cube-2 ] No, I don't imagine you ever would. That's why the offer? It's off the table! You chose your friends over the riches and power my offer would have given you... and so I have decided that you are TOO STUPID to be a part of my army! Yes... far, far TOO STUPID!

His voice becomes more gravelly and menacing.

[ Dr. Cube-2 ] And I hate... stupid people.

He chuckles. Abyss opens the body bag and reveals Eve Torres inside, bound and gagged! She's struggling and trying to scream as Abyss hoists her up onto his shoulder. The fans boo loudly.

[ Dr. Cube-2 ] So, I am punishing you by KIDNAPPING your close friend, the insufferable HOESKI KNOWN AS EVE TORRES! And the only way you can ever get her back? I'M GLAD YOU ASKED!

The screen suddenly turns into a technologically advanced map that no human mind could ever conceive to try to understand... but somehow Nia Jax understands it perfectly, pointing at the screen and shouting "That's what you want!? THAT'S WHERE YOU WANNA DO THIS, BLOCK HEAD!?" Dr. Cube returns to the screen.

[ Dr. Cube-2 ] Yes... YESSSS! Maybe you aren't as stupid as I assumed you were. Meet me and my army on THE EDGE OF TIME AND SPACE! Two weeks from now... YOU AND THE DAUGHTER OF THE MURDERER JIMMY SNUKA! MEET MY BIG KAIJUS ONE MORE TIME!

He cackles.


The fans pop huge and the screen goes dark! Abyss turns and leaves with Eve Torres over his shoulder. Nia Jax freaks out and leaves the ring, chasing them up the ramp but they're already gone! Nia Jax disappears behind the curtain and Rick Knox counts her out!


Shida and Shoko have their hands raised but are both jumped by Tamina Snuka out of nowhere! Snuka dumps Shida to the floor and tears Shoko's head off with a clothesline before climbing to the top rope... SUPERFLY SPLASH ON SHOKO NAKAJIMA! The fans go nuts as Tamina sits up on one knee, looking pissed.

[ Tony Schiavone ] They lost the match by count out thanks to the nefarious methods of Dr. Cube but Tamina Snuka stands tall at the end of this encounter!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] But will she and Nia Jax be standing tall on the Edge of Time and Space when they meet the Big Kaijus in KAIJU BIG BATTEL!?

[ Scott Steiner ] Fuck me.

The camera focuses on Tamina Snuka's intense face as we fade out.

The feed cuts to a pacing Keith Lee, still in his tights and dripping sweat, a towel wrapped around his meaty shoulders. As he strolls back and forth in front of the camera, we see Ethan Carter III and Danhausen sitting behind him, staring up at their captain with radically differing expressions. EC3 is sullen, angry about the outcome of the match earlier, while Danhausen is wearing his trademark grin, his pupils tracing Lee’s path through the room.

[ Keith Lee ] …this…

Lee stops and the camera repositions, showing all three men.

[ Keith Lee ] …this is unacceptable.

The leader of the Limitless Five points over his shoulder, not taking his eyes off his team members.

[ Keith Lee ] We can’t lose, guys. Ethan, you hearin’ me?

Carter’s eyes narrow on Lee, who carries on.

[ Keith Lee ] Because I’m pissed. I don’t like to lose…but you know what? We’ll recover. I believe in this team. I believe in the team that I chose to be truly Limitless.

Danhausen’s head nods much like a hyperactive child slapping the dome of a bobblehead, while Carter’s eyes open slightly, clearly not as annoyed as he was a moment prior.

[ Keith Lee ] So…in England, we’ll surely have other opportunities to prove ourselves. We’ll see what’s up with these other teams and prove just what we can do. And tonight? Guys, you know what tonig—

From behind Lee, the door swings open and a voice interrupts.

[ ??? ] Why don’t you let me take it from here, Keith?

Triple H slowly, calmly, steps into the room, taping his fingers intensely. He finishes his left hand and looks up, meeting Lee’s eyeline before turning to Danhausen and EC3, then back to the captain.

[ Triple H ] Tonight, I rectify a long-standing error in the SGW History Books. Tonight, Triple H finally becomes the Solid Gold Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion. Tonight, Kevin Nash plays the Game…and he will lose.

An interesting pop from the Tacoma fans as Lee nods, clearly appreciating the confidence out of Triple H.

[ Keith Lee ] That’s what I’m talkin’ about. I like that. That’s exactly why I picked you number one overa—

[ Triple H ] Let me cut you off right there, Keith.

Hunter’s lifted hand cuts Lee off and inserts a dose of tension into the air in the Limitless Five locker room.

[ Triple H ] You sure did draft me number one overall – and good on you for doin’ it. There was nobody else deserving, so you made an obvious choice. Still…good work. Tonight, though? I eclipse you. And Lee? You’re impressive. No doubt…but you aren’t Triple H. You aren’t…the Game.

A stunned pop from Tacoma as Lee steps up to Triple H, who is unfazed and continues, taping his fingers as he speaks.

[ Triple H ] After I win the SGW World Heavyweight Championship, I’ll be sure to take this team over…it’s best, isn’t it? Best for you…best for them…best for business? Because, Keith…this team needs a leader they can look up to…and who better…than the SGW World Heavyweight Champion?

Danhausen’s smile fades slightly as EC3 nods, seemingly accepting the point. Lee doesn’t flinch at all, still locked on the Game. Hunter smirks and finishes taping his fingers, tossing the tape roll and hitting Danhausen in the forehead.

[ Triple H ] …see you guys in England. We’ll meet up at the arena. Just look for me…I’ll be the one with the big gold belt.

As the Game steps out of the locker room, nobody speaks, though Keith Lee’s eyes follow Hunter all the way through the door, resonating on the jarring words from his first overall selection as we fade away from the scene.

Referee - Aubrey Edwards | Time Limit - 30:00

Devitt and Gargano exchange in a test of strength to start the match off with both men doing their best to size the other up. It’s a feeling out process and neither man is looking to be the first one who makes a mistake that the other can capitalize on. Gargano monkey flips Devitt over his head and hits a low drop kick as Devitt gets on his knees. Devitt rolls to the outside and Gargano quickly follows, cannonball flip!

[ Tony Schiavone ] The action is fast and furious to start!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Someone call Vin Diesel, Tony!


[ Tony Schiavone ] Which Fast and Furious is your favorite, Scott?

[ Scott Steiner ] THE ONE WHERE YOU DIE IN IT!

On the outside, Balor reverses an Irish Whip and sends Gargano into the steel steps! Aubrey is counting, pleading with the two to get back on the inside. Gargano comes to and immediately eats a Sling Blade! Devitt rolls Gargano on the apron and hops up. Gargano punches Devitt in the gut and gets up, punching him again in the face. Devitt takes a step back and Gargano spears Devitt on the apron! The hardest part of the ring!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Gargano flipped the match on its head!

Devitt rolls into the ring and Gargano pulls himself up on the ropes on the apron. Devitt is back up and Gargano dives through the middle rope, connecting with a spear for a two count! Devitt rolls Gargano up out of nowhere, two count! Devitt goes for an enziguri but Gargano blocks it and hits one of his own! Devitt hits Gargano low, Pele Kick! He wastes no time, Bloody Sunday!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Devitt is firmly in control.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This could be the end!

Devitt climbs to the top rope and jumps off, COUPE de GRACE! The double stomp buries Devitt’s feet into Gargano’s gut! Devitt covers Gargano and points a finger gun to the camera as Aubrey counts to three. Prince Devitt wins!


Prince Devitt gets up and points finger guns down in Gargano’s direction as he rolls around on the mat, trying to get air back into his lungs. Devitt smirks and turns back to the camera, pointing the gun back to the camera as Aubrey raises his arm in the air. The final replacement member of Colt Cabana’s team looks strong in his SGW debut!

Backstage, we see Jinny pacing back and forth with The Highers looking on from behind her, their eyes following her every movement. Shayna Baszler looms over her shoulder with her arms folded across her chest, looking intimidating. Nurse Ratchet is standing in the corner, facing the wall, away from everyone else. Sasha Banks takes a selfie and posts it to Instagram. Ember Moon is sitting in a chair, changing out of her gear from her earlier match. Jinny looks disgusted.

[ Jinny ] This isn't everyone. Where's the dentist twat?

No one answers. Jinny raises an eyebrow.

[ Jinny ] I asked a question, cows.

Ember looks around and sees that no one else is going to answer her.

[ Ember Moon ] I don't think she's here.

[ Jinny ] Obviously, she isn't here. WHERE is she? We were all supposed to be present for our first meeting together... to plan our strategies and manage our expectations.

[ Ember Moon ] So, what's the strategy?

[ Jinny ] The strategy... is that we win, idiot.

Ember sighs and a confident smirk appears on her face.

[ Ember Moon ] And the expectations?

[ Jinny ] The expectation... is that I will destroy Io Shirai once I've made her face me in a fair fight environment, and then I will become the first-ever two-time SGW Women's World Champion.

[ Ember Moon ] Wait, what's that mean? Fair fight environment?

[ Jinny ] I assume you didn't watch So-Called Rivals? You bloody fool. She used every trick which was hidden up her little Chinese sleeves to STEAL my championship.

Ember stands up, now dressed in casual attire, jeans and a t-shirt.

[ Ember Moon ] Actually, I did watch So-Called Rivals... and she literally beat you in a fair fight. It was like, five on one and she still beat you.

[ Shayna Baszler ] It was four on one, don't get it twisted!

Ember takes a step back, putting her hands up.

[ Ember Moon ] Oh, my bad. Anyway, if that's all... I'm out.

Without another word, Ember Moon leaves the room. Jinny looks offended. Jinny looks at Sasha Banks, who appears completely oblivious to what's going on.

[ Jinny ] Have you anything to say for yourself?

Sasha Banks continues tapping on her phone with one half of the SGW World Twinstar Championship around her waist. She turns her back to Jinny and holds the phone up, taking a selfie that captures her arrogantly smiling in front of the former champion. She then lowers the phone and mouths the words she's typing loud enough that everyone in the room can hear.

[ Sasha Banks ] Future champ... meets old champ... hashtag el oh el oh el... hashtag full heart... hashtag full bank account... hashtag thank you Papa Jeff... hashtag two beltz Banks... hashtag jajajaja... Posted!

[ Jinny ] Excuse me?!

Sasha doesn't even acknowledge Jinny, instead just walking straight out of the room. Jinny is trembling with anger. Shayna pats Jinny on the shoulder.

[ Shayna Baszler ] Don't worry about them... I've got your back. Even though you didn't draft me, ya' know... but I'm gonna be there for you.

[ Aliyah ] We're there for you, too, bae.

[ Vanessa Borne ] Slay, queen.

[ Jinny ] Shut up, sluts.

Jinny appears to be seconds from raging out before Nurse Ratcht attempts to shuffle out of the corner and leave. Jinny quickly snaps her head in Ratchet's direction, pointing at her.

[ Jinny ] YOU! Stay right where you are! I'll not look upon your busted face before I've left this room myself!

Jinny snaps her fingers.

[ Jinny ] Come, bitches!

Jinny leaves the room in a huff with The Highers and Shayna Baszler behind her. Nurse Ratchet stands in the corner in silence as we fade out.

Referee - Mike Chioda | Time Limit - 30:00

It’s a fast and furious start to this crucially important tag team contest, with all four participants launching into one another with reckless abandon, throwing punches and strikes over and over, really leathering one another!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Holy smokes, fans! This match is wasting no time at all, huh!?


Danielson is the first to truly score with a big blow, knocking Nunzio to the floor with a high roundhouse kick to the side of the head. Parker is next, leathering Riott with an overhand slap to the bridge of the nose, almost bouncing the Punk Rock Ragdoll like a basketball off the mat. As the “American Dragon” and “Urchin Prince” turn to face one another, it’s a shockingly electric atmosphere, certainly lending credence to the explosive reaction when the two begin laying into one another with their stiffest shots!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Bryan Danielson! Drew Parker! Huge blows to one another! And neither man is giving an inch here! It’s quite the display, gentlemen!

[ Tony Schiavone ] You’re right, best buddy! And look – Nunzio and Riott are up!

Nunzio and Riott are up and at it, flying into one another in a fit of rage from the Don, still angry about the infraction backstage with Riott and Juventud Guerrera earlier in the summer. Riott is quick to quell the Don’s offense, knocking him to the mat with a German suplex before Parker pops Danielson with a twisting gamengiri, knocking the Dragon to the mat, as well!

[ Scott Steiner ] This kid is reckless – but the shit works for him, doesn’t it?!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Absolutely does, Scott – but look – here comes Ruby, again!

Riott gets an early upper-hand on Parker, scoring with a buckle bomb and keeping control with a Ruby-Can-Rana, scoring a two count. Once Parker is up, he trips Riott and delivers a scintillating curb stomp before modifying the move itself, leaping and double-stomping Ruby’s head into the mat with both feet from the position!


[ Nigel McGuinness ] Yes, Tony, what a version of the curb stomp that was! Ruby is down and possibly out!

Danielson runs in and lays into Parker with a barrage of kicks, knocking him to his knees – but Nunzio is up and latches on a rear naked choke, setting off a beautiful series of chain wrestling inside the ring.

[ Scott Steiner ] Danielson’s a vegan shit, but he’s a great wrestler – and Nunzio’s no slouch! This is an even slate, as far as I’m concerned!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Looks like Danielson’s found an out, though!

Danielson maneuvers behind Nunzio and shifts his hips, lifting the Don overhead and driving him head-and-neck-first into the canvas with a backdrop driver – Shades of prior rival Takeshi Morishima! Drew Parker doesn’t let Danielson’s momentum build, hurling Riott into him like a battering ram and knocking him down before sending Riott back to the mat with a lungblower! The Urchin Prince looks around the vast Tacoma Dome before dragging a finger across his throat and focusing on Riott again!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh, no! This could be very bad for the former Limitless Champion!

Parker prepares, bouncing off the ropes and dashing towards Riott – but there’s Danielson with the Busiaku Knee Strike! The blow clatters the Urchin Prince and sends him end-over-end through the top and middle ropes to the floor!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] WHAT A KNEE STRIKE!

Danielson notices Nunzio stirring in the ring, but also sees Parker, standing but wobbly on the floor and bounds into the far ropes, gaining momentum before suicide diving through the ropes and absolutely demolishing Parker to a massive pop from the Tacoma fans!

[ Tony Schiavone ] FLIGHT OF THE DRAGON!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Danielson eliminates Parker on the floor and the action is left for the two legal participants!

Back inside the ring, Nunzio shakes off the cobwebs and rises up, taking Riott by the wrist with a disgustingly satisfied look on his face before she stands and renegotiates the hold, twirling under the Don’s wrist and launching her foot up! –

[ Nigel McGuinness ] RIOTT KICK INCOMING!

[ Scott Steiner ] NO! NUNZ’ REVERSED IT!

But Nunzio ducks it and has Ruby in a pumphandle hold! Riott thinks quickly and shifts her weight, dragging the Don to the mat in a modified La Magistral cradle – Chioda’s in position! – one! Two! Three!

via PINFALL in 09:02

As “We Riot” blasts across the speakers, Riott throws up a fist and smirks victoriously. Tacoma blows up with support for the Punk Rock Ragdoll as she slowly makes it to her knee.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a victory for Ruby Riott! She is proving yet again why she was a wonderful addition to Team SGW for the all-important Body Count main event!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Too true, Tony! Riott managed to one-up Nunzio where it counts – right in the center of the ring!

[ Scott Steiner ] Yeah, but it doesn’t look like Nunzio’s too interested in droppin’ it there…

The Don runs over, smashing Riott in the back of the head with a forearm strike, sending her to the mat in a heap! As the music ceases, the fans in the Tacoma Dome instantly turn on the display in the ring, booing voraciously as Nunzio stomps Riott over and over before flicking his hands under his chin at the paying crowd!


As Riott does her best to cover up, Nunzio kneels and points in her face, screaming that he’s ‘better than’ Riott and asking if he’s ‘still a joke now!’ Before long, the Don stands again and starts stomping Ruby again and again –


[ Nigel McGuinness ] WELL, I’LL BE DAMNED!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Nunzio’s been knocked out of the ring!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Has that clamdigger Danielson really decided to assist a fellow Team SGW member here?!


Riott finally takes a deep enough breath to open her eyes and look up to meet the face of the person who rescued her – and is visibly surprised to see “the American Dragon” glaring down at her!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Ruby cannot believe this!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] And why should she! This is WAY out of character for Danielson!

As the Tacoma Dome roar in support, chanting ‘YES!’ despite Danielson absolutely no-selling their cries, Riott continues to keep her gaze locked on her Team SGW partner – until he slowly lowers his hand to her!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] NOW I’ve seen it all!

Ruby slowly looks from Danielson to his offered hand and back to the ‘Dragon’ before slowly accepting his assistance, only JUST standing before he releases her hand, leaving her to stumble back to full posture as he exits the ring, still as stone-faced as before, but with the fans chanting ‘YES!’ as he leaves.

[ Tony Schiavone ] You know, that seemed an awful lot like a sense of duty forcing Danielson to be a good partner…

We get a final shot of Ruby, holding tight to the top rope before cutting to Danielson, looking back over his shoulder to Riott from the corner of his eye before shaking his head and walking away.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Tony…I think for once…you may have hit the nail right on the head.

[ Scott Steiner ] Well, fuck. Hell really HAS frozen over.


We go backstage where we see Charlotte Flair standing with Tessa Blanchard. They're both in full ring gear. Tessa has the SGW Elevation Championship resting on her shoulder. The tension is so thick that you can cut it with a knife. Charlotte places her hands on her hips, staring down her nose at Tessa.

[ Charlotte Flair ] Are you ready for this, kid?

Tessa raises an eyebrow, looking offended.

[ Tessa Blanchard ] Kid? Who the hell do you think you're talking to? And don't think I'm not onto you, Flair. I know you only drafted me onto your team so that you could try to keep me under your thumb.

[ Charlotte Flair ] Don't be stupid. There's a lot more to it than that.

[ Tessa Blanchard ] Oh yeah? And what's that?

Charlotte holds up four fingers. Tessa looks down at them and sneers.

[ Charlotte Flair ] That's what.

[ Tessa Blanchard ] Oh yeah, sure. That. Only problem with THAT is that you watered THAT down when you lumped in Becky Lynch, Bayley, and Sasha Banks... with THAT.

Charlotte smirks.

[ Tessa Blanchard ] I'm the real deal... and drafting me was the smartest AND dumbest thing you could've done. Because you're guaranteed to make it into the Body Count match now... but you're gonna be standing across the ring from me once you get there.

[ Charlotte Flair ] I'm up to the challenge.

Tessa huffs and looks off-camera.

[ Tessa Blanchard ] Anyway... I get why you drafted me. What about those three?

The camera pans over to reveal Ariel sitting at a small round table with tarot cards laid out in front of her, along side a crystal ball. Behind her, we see Zahra Schreiber scrolling on her phone, not even paying attention to what's going on in the room. Deonna Purrazzo stands with her arms crossed. She cuts her eyes in the direction of Ariel and Zahra before speaking in an alarmed tone.

[ Deonna Purrazzo ] Seriously? Don't group me with these two.

She points at herself.

[ Deonna Purrazzo ] I'm a legitimate athlete!

Ariel flips a card over.

[ Ariel ] Mmm... I see much glory in the future of this team.

Tessa rolls her eyes. Zahra looks up from her phone.

[ Zahra Schreiber ] Is there even a reason why I'm here?

Ariel flips over another card.

[ Ariel ] Zahra Schreiber... you have a strong connection to another member of this team. It's uncanny... your attitude, your beliefs... you two will work very well together.

Ariel looks at Tessa and narrows her eyes. Tessa scoffs.

[ Tessa Blanchard ] We have NOTHING in common.

[ Charlotte Flair ] There's work to be done, sure... but I'm confident in my choices. I don't think we're gonna have a problem sealing the deal. But tonight, we've got bigger fish to fry.

[ Tessa Blanchard ] Rhea Ripley and Bea Priestley.

[ Charlotte Flair ] Damn right.

We return to the ring.

Referee - Paul Turner | Time Limit - 30:00

Cody offers Briscoe a handshake after the bell sounds. Briscoe looks it over for a few seconds, spits in his hand and then shakes Cody’s. Cody forces a smile and wipes his hand on his tights, knowing what’s ahead of him.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Jay Briscoe is not here to make friends tonight!

[ Tony Schiavone ] He looks focused, as does Cody. This should be a good one.

An aggressive collar-and-elbow tie-up starts us off and Jay backs Cody into the corner, but Cody spins around and shoves Briscoe into the corner. Turner begins the five count and Cody breaks at four and slaps Briscoe in the face. He motions for Briscoe to bring it and Briscoe charges from the corner and levels Cody with a clothesline! Cody is back up and Briscoe sends him down with a bodyslam, followed up by a quick leg drop for a two count. Immediately, Cody rolls out of the ring and is greeted by Brandi on the outside.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Early on, Cody has met an equal inside the ring, it appears.

[ Scott Steiner ] But outside’s where it’s at! Look at ‘er! I’d rest my face in that sweet ass bosom at every opportunity!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Scotty, I don’t know what surprised me more.. That you said it or that you know what ‘bosom’ means.


Cody is back in and engages another collar-and-elbow. He quickly switches to a side headlock and takes Briscoe over. He breaks it and slides on Briscoe’s back with a series of amateur wrestling moves and then pushes himself up, proud of himself. Cody paintbrushes Briscoe on the back of the head, drawing the ire of Jay. Briscoe is up and Cody ducks a clothesline and sends Briscoe to the ropes, Snap Powerslam! Both men are back up and Cody hits the Disaster Kick! He covers and puts his feet on the ropes but Jay kicks out!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Cody put his feet on the ropes for extra leverage!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This is very unlike him, Tony. Cody is one of the ‘good’ guys in this company and never resorts to things like that.

[ Scott Steiner ] He knows that chicken farmer is gonna’ fuck ‘em up if he ain’t quick!

Cody asks how that wasn’t three but Paul Turner has no answer for him. He turns around and eats a big boot from Briscoe! The tide in the match turns quickly into Briscoe’s favor as his roughhouse style puts Cody on the defensive. The fans are chanting “MAN UP!” in unison as Briscoe slams Cody to the mat with a gutwrench powerbomb for a near fall! Briscoe stays on Cody and wastes no time. He pushes Cody into the corner and hits a running clothesline. Cody staggers out of the corner, kick to the gut, JAY DRILLER! THAT’S IT! He covers - one, two, Brandi puts Cody’s leg on the bottom rope at the last second!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Cody lives to fight another day thanks to Brandi!

Paul Turner sticks his head between the top and middle ropes and admonishes Brandi for getting involved. As he continues scolding her, Jay Briscoe even takes the time to throw a few profanities in her direction for the interference. As Briscoe turns around, he notices Cody is up. It’s too late to react, CODY CUTTER! One, two, three! Cody Rhodes wins!


[ Tony Schiavone ] Cody Rhodes picks up a big win here tonight but it wasn’t without questionable moves.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I understand havin’ to do whateva’ is necessary to overtake someone like Jay Briscoe, but you may have to put an asterisk by this one!

Brandi climbs into the ring over the bottom rope and plants a big kiss on Cody as Paul Turner raises his arm in the air. Though the fans were initially behind Jay Briscoe, but in the end, the fans shower Cody with praise and cheers as “Kingdom” hits in the background. The captain of Team Cody is back in the win column and looks strong as Body Count grows nearer.

After leaving the ring we see Becky Lynch, Shotzi Blackheart, Nia Jax, Bayley, and Scarlett Bordeaux standing around with varying levels of interest on their faces. Becky is clearly in charge, holding order in this meeting.

[ Becky Lynch ] Alright, we’re gonna’ make this short and sweet, yeah?

Becky looks side to side at her four teammates for Body Count.

[ Becky Lynch ] We’re all on the same team for Body Count and we have to make sure we’re on the same page. I don’t expect us to sit around and sing “Kumbaya” with one another every week, but I expect us all to be pullin’ the rope in the same direction.

Bayley speaks up.

[ Bayley ] Say what you want, but it’s FREAKING CRAP that I’m not on the same team as Sasha. So if you expect me to play along in this little charade, you have another thing coming!

[ Shotzi Blackheart ] No one asked you.

Nia slams her fist into her open palm.

[ Nia Jax ] Want me to take her out, Becky?

[ Bayley ] Oh?! You want to take me out, Nia?! Huh?! Do ya’?!

Scarlett interjects herself.

[ Scarlett Bordeaux ] Save your energy, Bayley. She’s not worth it.

She cringes.

[ Scarlett Bordeaux ] I mean, look at her.

Shotzi backs Nia up.

[ Shotzi Blackheart ] Hey! You’re one to talk.

Having enough, Becky kills it before it escalates.

[ Becky Lynch ] That’s enough!

All four turn and look at her.

[ Becky Lynch ] Listen and listen good. I don’t care if you all fight one another in the parking lot after this is over, but from now until Body Count, we’re a team. All of us want to be Women’s Champion, I get it, but guess what?

She points at the four and then to herself.

[ Becky Lynch ] It’s gonna’ take all of us workin’ together to do it. So if you don’t wanna’ be Women’s Champion, if you don’t wanna’ be a TEAM, then get out the door. We’ll replace you with someone who does while you sit at home and do nothing.

Becky then opens the door to the locker room.

[ Becky Lynch ] So if you’re not interested in pullin’ the rope in the same direction, here’s the door.

A few awkward seconds pass and nobody leaves.

[ Becky Lynch ] Then team, let’s start strategizing.


We fade up backstage with a shot of Maki Itoh scrolling up and down on her cellphone with a miserable look on her face. She shakes her head angrily.

Maki Itoh ] < What the fuck!? >

The camera slowly pans over to reveal Kylie Rae watching her from a few feet away, a genuinely concerned look on her face. The live crowd cheers loudly upon seeing Smiley Kylie.

Maki Itoh ] < This is bullshit! >

Kylie grits her teeth nervously.

Maki Itoh ] < FUCK! >

[ Kylie Rae ] W-what's wrong?

Maki Itoh ] < What's wrong?! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG?! I have been scrolling through the WrestleFap Reddit for hours and there's not one single post about how cute I am! It is all photos of Charlotte's big boobs and the fat ass of Brandi Rhodes! >

[ Kylie Rae ] But... isn't it good that they're not objectifying you? I mean, I kinda' think it's cool that everyone recognizes you for your talent!

Maki Itoh ] < Easy for you to say! YOUR FAT ASS IS ON HERE AS WELL! >

[ Kylie Rae ] Oh.

Maki shows her the screen on her phone.

[ Kylie Rae ] OH.

Maki tilts her head back and cries out.


[ Kylie Rae ] It's gonna be okay! We've got our Twinstar title shot coming up in two weeks! And when we beat Sasha and Bayley and hold those titles over our head, the whole crowd is gonna know who the cutest wrestler of them all is! And who is it?

[ Maki Itoh ] Itoh-chan.

[ Kylie Rae ] Who is it?

Itoh sobs loudly and wipes her eyes.

[ Maki Itoh ] ...Itoh-chan.

[ Kylie Rae ] One more time! With enthusiasm!

Maki Itoh ] < Itoh-chan! FUCK! Shut the fuck up already! >

Kylie sighs and puts her arm around Maki's shoulders.

[ Kylie Rae ] That's more like it.


Referee - Rick Knox | Time Limit - 30:00

It looks like the match is gonna start with Tessa Blanchard and Rhea Ripley but after a few seconds of stalling, Rhea tags out to Priestley. Priestley enters the ring with a confident swagger. She and Blanchard circle one another and then lock-up in the middle, fighting for positioning. Tessa takes Bea over in a headlock and cinches up on it but Bea backs her up into the ropes and shoots her off. Bea goes for a bicycle knee but Tessa blocks it with her forearms and immediately clubs Bea in the throat with a FOREARM STRIKE!

[ Tony Schiavone ] This is a match up we've never seen before, gentlemen! Tessa Blanchard and Bea Priestley! What a contest this will be!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Tessa Blanchard is fresh off her victory over Rhea Ripley for the SGW Elevation Championship, while Bea Priestley is returning from a months long absence following a defeat at the hands of Starlight Kid and AZM with her partner Jamie Hayter! You know she's gonna have somethin' t' prove tonight!

Tessa pulls Bea up off the mat and goes to work on her, taking her over with a series of suplexes and keeping her grounded with clubbing blows. Tessa takes Bea over to her corner and tags in Charlotte Flair, drawing a loud "WOOOOOOOO!" from the audience. Charlotte and Tessa whip Bea into the ropes and nail her with a double clothesline! Tessa goes to her corner and Charlotte picks Bea up, nailing her with a BODY SLAM before dropping a knee across her chest! Charlotte pulls Bea up by her hair and tosses her in front of Rhea Ripley, gesturing for her to get in the ring while shouting "COME ON, BABY! LET'S GO!" Ripley reaches through the ropes and tags Bea on the shoulder. The fans boo as Ripley steps into the ring.

[ Scott Steiner ] This is gonna be a god damn hoss fight!

[ Tony Schiavone ] We've never seen these two mix it up either!

Ripley charges at Charlotte with a clothesline and Charlotte ducks it! Charlotte catches Ripley on the turnaround with a KNIFE EDGE CHOP! The fans "WOOOOOO" loudly as Flair continues chopping away at Ripley until she bails through the ropes, touching her chest with a grimace. At ringside, Priestley meets Ripley and checks on her... but Charlotte climbs the ropes and flies! MOONSAULT ONTO RIPLEY AND PRIESTLEY! The fans pop huge! Tessa joins them at ringside and pulls Bea to her feet. She whips Bea into the guardrail and follows her in, clotheslining her over the rail and into the front row! Tessa joins Charlotte and they pick Rhea up off the floor. Charlotte pushes Rhea into the rail and delivers a series of knife edge chops! Tessa pulls back the protective mats around the ring and they both grab Rhea... PLANTING HER WITH A DOUBLE SUPLEX ON THE CONCRETE!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] My goodness! Ripley's finished!

Charlotte snatches Ripley up and throws her under the bottom rope. Charlotte and Tessa both go to follow her in but Priestley snags Tessa's ankle and pulls her out of the ring, instantly nailing her with a BICYCLE KNEE to the chin! Tessa goes down! Priestley follows Charlotte in and nails her in the back, sending her down to her knees! Priestley hits the ropes... RUNNING KNEE TO THE FACE! Ripley is back up and she hoists Charlotte up off the mat and PLANTS HER with a body slam. Priestley and Ripley both pull Charlotte up and whip her into the ropes... DOUBLE BOOT TO THE CHEST! Priestley returns to her corner and Ripley takes over, dominating Charlotte with a series of slams and clubbing blows. Tessa returns to the apron, looking pissed. Ripley wraps Charlotte up in the PRISM TRAP! Charlotte reaches for the ropes but she can't reach them! Tessa finally climbs into the ring, pushes past Rick Knox, and clubs Ripley in the chest with a big forearm, breaking the hold! Ripley and Tessa begin trading blows in the center!

[ Tony Schiavone ] These two have a ton of history here in SGW, and it's far from forgotten! They hate each other!

Tessa and Ripley continue fighting it out! We see Bea Priestley doing something at ringside, arguing with Kayla Braxton before... snatching the Elevation Championship away from the timekeeper's table! Priestley rolls into the ring with the title and Charlotte dives onto her, preventing her from using it! The title slides across the ring, near Ripley and Tessa! Tessa boots Ripley in the stomach and plants her with a DDT! Tessa climbs to the top turnbuckle, sizing Ripley up! Ripley grabs the Elevation Championship and pulls it in tight to her chest as she rises to her feet... Tessa flies... MAGNUMMMMM! NO! RIPLEY KNOCKS HER OUT OF THE AIR WITH THE TITLE! RICK KNOX DIDN'T SEE IT! HE'S DISTRACTED WHILE TRYING TO BREAK UP BEA AND CHARLOTTE! Rhea discards the title and Tessa rolls out onto the apron! Charlotte boots Bea out onto the apron and then turns around into a charging Ripley! Charlotte ducks and pulls the top rope down! Ripley tumbles over the ropes to the floor! Charlotte snatches Bea up by her hair, pulling her into a standing position! She suplexes her over the top rope and into the ring before floating over back to her feet and backing up into the ropes... FLAIR STRUT! Charlotte grabs Bea by the ankle and whips her around into the FIGURE EIGHT! She bridges the hold and Priestley taps out frantically! Rick Knox calls for the bell!

via SUBMISSION in 7:49

The fans erupt and Charlotte doesn't release the hold! The fans continue cheering as Priestley pounds away at Flair's legs, trying to alleviate the pressure... but Rhea Ripley slides back into the ring and whips Charlotte across the midsection with the Elevation Championship! The fans boo loudly as Charlotte releases the hold and rolls over to one knee, favoring her mid-section! Charlotte barely has time to think before Ripley PLASTERS HER with her the title, knocking her completely out! Ripley looks down at the belt and holds it over her head before tossing it aside. Ripley grabs Priestley and drags her out of the ring. The fans boo loudly as Ripley and Priestley leave up the ramp, with Charlotte and Tessa both laid out in the ring.

Along a wall backstage are four very, very different looking men, standing and facing the camera. First in the line is Jon Moxley, looking absolutely pissed at the universe, mouthing inaudibly. Second is Dustin Rhodes, head leaned back against the wall, annoyed. Third is CM Punk, staring straight ahead, lips quivering. Fourth is –

[ Nigel McGuinness ] My God! Is that…JUSHIN ‘THUNDER’ LIGER?!

Sure enough, it is! The veteran and legend of professional wrestling is standing in full regalia, hands on his hips and giving a thumbs up to the Tacoma audience who are cheering this motley crew on. Seriously, what in the hell is going on?! Eventually, Christopher Daniels answers the question and steps in front of the men, marching back and forth in the foreground of the shot, popping the audience again before stomping still and exclaiming.

[ Christopher Daniels ] THIS! IS! The most complete unit of professional wrestling talent in the world! This is….DISRESPECT U 5!

Massive pop from the crowd as Moxley’s eyes snap to Daniels. Punk speaks, breaking up the applause.

[ CM Punk ] …wait, Disrespect U 5? Like your failed stable?

[ Christopher Daniels ] Well, I’d hardly say failed…

[ CM Punk ] Like your SECOND failed stable of the exact same fucking name?!

[ Christopher Daniels ] Hey! Now, listen – you’re referring to Disrespect U: 2: The New Class, an entirely different association of talent from Disrespect U! And even still – THIS…is a much greater team!

[ Jon Moxley ] I personally feel as though every iteration of Disrespect U was fucking terrible. Also, I think it’s bullshit that I have to be on a team captained by a guy that I feuded with and BEAT.

Tacoma pops for Moxley’s take-no-shit attitude. Honestly, the fans like all of these guys, so it’s more or less continued happiness from them.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Well, Jon, I’m glad you brought that up! I think I picked four men who I have a great respect for and frankly, you and I had a feud which I think was sort of…y’know, we both won, right?

The room all sort of scrunch their faces.

[ CM Punk ] I thought he beat your ass.

[ Jon Moxley ] Because I did.

[ CM Punk ] Yeah, see, you lost?

Daniels wipes his face and throws his general’s hat to the side, resuming his train of thought.

[ Christopher Daniels ] No matter! Because this is the most elite group of talent in the Body Count draft pool! I did it! I drafted the best team BY FAR! I mean, all the guys on the internet got REAL pissed about it, so that means something, right?

Daniels looks around the guys. Nobody offers any response but Liger, who shrugs. Daniels sighs and looks back across the team, throwing his arms up.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Really, Dustin? What are you doing on your phone?

[ Dustin Rhodes ] …what the hell is ‘Dirty Shonda,’ and why’s it keep getting tweeted at me?

Daniels scrunches his lips and goes to speak, but Rhodes exclaims again.

[ Dustin Rhodes ] …it’s trending.

The Tacoma fans pop and Rhodes rolls his eyes, thumbing through the tweets as Daniels shakes off his confusion and lifts a finger, trying to get back on track.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Well, nevermi—

[ Dustin Rhodes ] It’s that doofus Chuck Taylor.

Tacoma roars again as Rhodes rolls his eyes and puts his phone back into his pocket, resigned back to his indifference to the entire situation.

[ Christopher Daniels ] As I was saying – this is the best team in the entire Bod—

[ CM Punk ] Question – why should we be listening to you or even teaming with you when Moxley beat you…but ALSO when you got your ass kicked by Zack Sabre Jr. two weeks ago?

Another pop as Daniels laughs to himself.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Oh, Phillip! PHILLLLL!

Daniels throws a hand at Punk, doing his best to mess around.

[ Christopher Daniels ] You jokester!

[ CM Punk ] Don’t call me Phil.

Daniels nods curtly.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Well, either way, Zack Sabre Jr. did NOT kick my ass! As I recall, I had him right where I wanted him, my foot on his throat when all of a sudden, he –

Moxley literally just walks away, leaving the scene to a massive pop.

[ Christopher Daniels ] got all this help from the – hey! HEY! Jon! We aren’t done here!

[ CM Punk ] I’m done. See ya, Cap.

Punk saunters off, the other direction. Daniels looks, exasperated towards Rhodes, who rolls his eyes, pats Daniels on the shoulder a little too hard and leaves, too.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Guys! Guys?! GUYS!! Aww man…well…GOOD MEETING! GOOD STUFF! DISRESPECT U 5 ALL THE WAY! THANKS, GUYS!

The camera tightens in on Daniels, then Liger wanders up, patting his captain on the shoulder.

[ Jushin Thunder Liger ] <
All the way! >

Daniels pinches the bridge of his nose as Liger gives another thumbs up and Tacoma roars in laughing applause and approval as we fade away from the scene.

Referee - Aubrey Edwards | Time Limit - 60:00

The air is thick with intensity as SGW World Heavyweight Champion Kevin Nash and his first challenger, Triple H, lock up in center-ring with the traditional collar-and-elbow tie-up. It’s, not surprisingly, the more technically proficient Triple H who takes the advantage early, manipulating Nash’s wrist with precision, eventually winding underneath the big man’s arm twice to keep the champion distanced.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This is textbook – Triple H is using Nash’s reach advantage against him here with the simple wrist lock.

As Nigel details the pressures on the bones in Nash’s wrist, Triple H continues to bend Nash at the elbow and steps on the back of the left leg, taking Nash down to a knee as the Game keeps the wrist wrenched. While Nash struggles, doing his best to fight off Triple H’s sound approach to the contest, Hunter pulls Big Sexy’s left arm into a hammerlock and begins wrenching the wrist upwards and taking Nash to the mat effectively. On his face, with an arm compromised, Nash begins clawing for the bottom rope as best he can, though Triple H eventually grapevines the left leg with his powerful thighs and stops the champion in his tracks.

[ Scott Steiner ] C’mon, Big Daddy! Fight back! Get off the mat!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] You cannot argue with the success of Triple H’s strategy thus far, Scott! Nash is in serious trouble if this persists!

Fortunately for the champion, the Tacoma fans will him on and Big Sexy pushes towards the bottom rope, eventually stretching his long arm out and snagging it to break the Game’s hold! Triple H maintains his grip until the count of three, perhaps playing mind games with the champion, who slowly rises and flexes both his left arm and leg, finding himself again as close to whole as he can before the two men step back to center ring and tie up – but this time Nash is in the driver’s seat, crashing a knee into the Game’s stomach!

[ Scott Steiner ] That’s it! Let him have it!

Big Sexy does just that, lifting HHH back up by his head and delivering a straight right hand, knocking the Game back into the corner! Nash joins him and talks some inaudible trash before plowing a big knee into Hunter’s stomach again! And again! A third time – and Nash applies the foot choke in the corner!

[ Tony Schiavone ] My, the tables have certainly turned quickly on Triple H, guys!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] As effective as Triple H’s technical approach was, Kevin Nash’s power game seems to be the way to work for the SGW World Heavyweight Champion – should he insist upon remaining champion!

Aubrey Edwards breaks up the choke and Nash steps back, tossing his hair as he watches Triple H scoot across the ring to the center of the ropes and pull himself up, each man looking firmly into the other’s eyes as the fans cheer the effort they’re putting forth.

[ Scott Steiner ] YEAH! Not so easy now, huh, you big-nosed fuck?!

As both men step calmly towards center ring for another collar-and-elbow tie-up, both men begin throwing punches quickly, Nash taking the advantage! Triple H fires back with a huge right, staggering the champion! Big Sexy roars ahead with a huge right of his own! The Game powers back into the advantage with a big jab!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I…I couldn’t in a million years have predicted we’d go to striking in THIS match, gentlemen!

And yet, here we are! Another two series of punches sees Nash staggered – and Triple H takes the advantage! Another big right from the Game! Triple H takes Nash by the neck and hurls him into the ropes, greeting his long-time associate with a leaping knee strike, clipping Nash in the chin and sending him tumbling through the ropes to the floor!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a knee shot!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Shades of Harley Race!

[ Tony Schiavone ] The champion is down!

[ Scott Steiner ] GET UP, NASH!

Nash does get up – but not without Triple H’s assistance, as the Game scoots to the floor and lifts Big Sexy by his long, silver hair and smashes his face into the apron! The Game rolls Nash into the ring and looks into the squared circle like a shark smelling blood – with malicious, operative intent!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This could be it, gents!

Triple H slides into the ring and kicks Nash in the left knee again before taking his long leg and wrapping his own around it, applying pressure to the long-worn knee and quad with a textbook Figure Four Leg Lock! A chorus of “Wooo” echo around the Tacoma Dome alongside a smattering of mixed emotion – the fans are very aware of what a hold so dangerous could mean to Kevin Nash’s title reign here and now! Nash uses his elbows to maneuver himself toward the ropes, but realizes he isn’t going far enough! Triple H leans back, fully applying pressure to the left leg as Big Sexy pulls his hair in anguish. Eventually, the champion begins trying to rock one way – then another – trying to reverse the pressure of the hold!

[ Scott Steiner ] THAT’S IT! SWITCH IT UP, NASH!

BUT TRIPLE H ISN’T MOVING! The Game has the hold locked in tight and is using every muscle in his body to hold firm in position, absolutely wrecking Nash’s leg in the process! Big Sexy looks overhead at the ropes and makes a last Herculean effort, crawling to the bottom cable with the championship on the line –

And makes it! Kevin Nash grabs the bottom rope and the Tacoma Dome roars with emotion!

[ Tony Schiavone ] It’s not over! Nash is still alive!

[ Scott Steiner ] That’s it, big man!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Gentlemen, it sure seems as if the ropes have saved Big Sexy in this contest – and thus far, he’s still got his championship to show for it!

Triple H stands up and snarls his nose at the champion, defiantly retaining his championship despite the Game’s best efforts to snare it thus far. With Nash on his hands and knees, crawling, Triple H takes off, into the ropes and rebounding before leaping and dropping a big knee across Big Sexy’s head!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Disgusting impact!

Nash is down – but the challenger is anything but! Standing strong and flexing his muscles, the Game pulls Nash from the mat and hooks his head between his legs! The Tacoma fans roar as Nash begins squirming, moving away from the center of the ring, but Triple H wrenches one arm over his opponent’s back! And the other!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This could be it!




[ Tony Schiavone ] OH MY WORD!


Nash reached out and grabbed the middle rope, using it to hold onto and preventing himself from being taken down in the Pedigree! Triple H rests on his knees, looking incredulously towards the snarling champion, who charges ahead and knocks the Game’s head off with a big boot!

[ Tony Schiavone ] BIG BOOT!

[ Scott Steiner ] His head’s in the fuckin’ fifth row!

Nash flips his hair angrily and lowers his singlet straps, not wasting time to lift Triple H up and onto his shoulders – before dropping him with the Jackknife Powerbomb! Tacoma roars as the huge impact echoes around the arena and the champion makes the cover – ONE! TWO! THREE!


The bell rings and Tacoma pops for the successful defense of the SGW World Heavyweight Championship as “the Dirt” begins to play across the sound system – but it’s quickly cut off as “End of the Revolution” takes its’ place, accompanied by a chorus of boos!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Now what in the world is this?!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Sounds like a new challenger approaches, Tony!

Sure enough, Adam Cole steps confidently through the curtain and onto the stage, grinning ear-to-ear and gently tapping a microphone in his open palm. While the valiant challenger is helped to the floor, Nash begins gesturing for Aubrey to procure a microphone for him, but Cole goes ahead to speak before the champion can receive his own mic.

[ Adam Cole ] Oh, Kevin, Kevin…that won’t be necessary, sir.

Another loud boo, but Cole cannot be shaken. He’s clearly in the zone and enjoying everything that he’s orchestrating right now.

[ Adam Cole ] You see, big man, I’m not looking for a discussion. I’m looking to tell you and everyone else here what’s going to be happening. I, in my infinite grace, have allowed you a little while to grow accustomed to the idea of this announcement to ease the shock of change.

Nash lifts an eyebrow as Edwards gets a microphone for the champion. Cole breathes in and out deeply and carries on.

[ Adam Cole ] Because Kevin, I’m officially rectifying the greatest wrong in the history of Solid Gold Wrestling. Because this, my senile friend, is the official challenge…for one of the greatest nights in the history of professional wrestling! August 8! Live…from the TOKYO DOME!

A huge pop from Tacoma as a smile breaks onto Cole’s lips.

[ Adam Cole ] …’the Ecstasy of Gold.’ A fitting event title, because I’ve been forever obsessed with the high that comes from being the absolute best…and now, I’ll win back the title I never should have lost in the first place!

From inside the ring, Nash has risen to his feet and is leaning over the ropes, SGW Championship in one hand and the microphone in the other. Big Sexy replies through deep breaths.

[ Kevin Nash ] S’that so, Adam?

[ Adam Cole ] I’m afraid so, Knees McGee. Because on August 8 – it’s going to be the paper champion with the paper knees…Kevin Nash! Taking on the greatest champion in the history of Solid Gold Wrestling – ADAM COLE, BAY BAY!

A slight cheer for Cole’s bravado, but Nash’s bemused sneer doesn’t sell the challenge.

[ Adam Cole ] And I want to take this opportunity to formally apologize, as well. You see, the Tokyo Dome is known for being the home of some of the greatest contests in professional wrestling history…but that night? Our match…is going to be FAR from the list, Kevin! Because I’m going to out-pace you…I’m going to out-wrestle you…and old man, rest easy…because I’m going to embarrass you…and re-establish that championship – MY championship – as something to be treasured…as the prize it truly is!

The fans boo as Cole lowers his microphone and Nash looks sternly up the ramp towards his next challenger and speaks calmly.

[ Kevin Nash ] Cool speech, man. Really. Riveting stuff. The problem is, you really only needed like five words of it, because you’re on. I’d be happy to kick your ass all across Tokyo, punk.

A big cheer for Big Sexy, who continues.

[ Kevin Nash ] But the reason you didn’t need all those words and all that tough talk…is because I owe ‘ya one, kid. Ya’see, if some schmoe decides to throw some chin music at one of my Tigers, Zimm’s gonna blaze some high heat of his own and do a little head huntin’ next half-inning. Guaranteed. So, Cole, I hope you know that I’m doing this for my boy Double-V – and I’m coming for you! The ‘ole number one! Right at your he—

Nash is jumped from behind, it’s Steve Corino! Corino is clubbing away at Nash’s shoulders, but Big Sexy turns and throws his knee into Corino’s sternum and bends him at the waist, positioned for a Jackknife!

[ Scott Steiner ] How’s this for a message, you skinny punk? Listen closely!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Big Sexy has him hooked!

Nash begins repositioning, turning Corino around while the Tacoma fans explode! Big Sexy glares at Cole before hurling Corino to his shoulders and dropping him down with a Jackknife Powerbomb! Cole grimaces as Corino rolls to the apron and starts walking down the aisle slowly, taking his time despite Nash telling him to ‘bring it on!’

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Cole approaching slowly here…

[ Tony Schiavone ] I wish he’d get in there and let Big Nash whip his rear end!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I just don’t think Cole is that…this can’t be right…

[ Tony Schiavone ] The Origin always has a crooked plan, for su—oh no! No, no!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] FROM BEHIND, NASH!

[ Scott Steiner ] LOOK OUT, KEV!

It’s the Big Nasty! Paul Wight is here and has Nash by the throat! The massive hand of the Big Nasty’s got Nash wrenched – and he lifts – AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH CHOKESLAM! The Big Nasty has laid the SGW World Heavyweight Champion out with an enormous chokeslam! Cole slides into the ring and surveys the damage the Big Nasty has done as Wight himself begins attending to Steve Corino.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The Big Nasty wipes out the SGW Champion! What a chokeslam!

[ Scott Steiner ] That big sunnavabitch is askin’ for trouble but ain’t nobody answerin’ – ‘SPECIALLY NOT FROM BEHIND!

Adam Cole lifts Nash’s microphone along with the SGW World Heavyweight Championship and smirks to himself.

[ Adam Cole ] Now…doesn’t this just…feel better? I mean, after all…it IS 2020…and hell, I’m no scientist, but isn’t it strange that all these terrible things started happening around the time these old men decided they wanted to step back into my ring?

Cole shrugs as Tacoma boo him viciously. A fan chunks a half-eaten Crunchwrap Supreme into the ring, lettuce and tomato tumbling from it’s compromised seam like the innards of a wounded duck, but it misses Cole by about two feet to the left.

[ Adam Cole ] Hey, good shot, but the trash can is right here.

Cole points the microphone down at Nash and the fans boo again as he grins wickedly.

[ Adam Cole ] Kevin Nash! When you see this footage again, I want you to know and remember…that you have until August 8 to play champion…because I’m coming for what’s mine…what’s ALWAYS been…mine. And Nash? Big man? I hope you’re ready to call it a day…because you’re gonna get exactly what your pal Venis got!

A massive sea of boos washes around the Tacoma Dome as Cole steps directly over Nash, dangling the title belt from his hand at crotch-level and dragging the tip of the strap across the unconscious champion’s face.

[ Adam Cole ] Open wide, Big Sexy…because come August 8…in Tokyo? You…and the whole world…will SUCK! MY! DICK!

Cole steps back and spits right in Nash’s face, lifting the title high into the air as “End of the Revolution” plays again, still not loudly enough, though, to drown out the cocky, dangerous number one contender in center-ring, screaming out for all to hear (and echo) as we fade to black.


Without knowing what The Origin is doing to Kevin Nash inside the arena, we find Team SGW - Steve Austin, Bryan Danielson, Ruby Riott, and Diamond Dallas Page walking in unison in the parking lot. Austin is leading the way with two beer in his hands.

[ Bryan Danielson ] This had better be good, Austin.

Danielson is disgruntled and not afraid to let it be known.

[ Bryan Danielson ] As the leader of Team SGW, I’m furious I wasn’t briefed about this beforehand.

Austin turns with a smile on his face.

[ Steve Austin ] The leader, huh?

[ Bryan Danielson ] I am the REAL SGW World Champion after all.

Austin nods.

[ Steve Austin ] That you are.

He takes a few more steps and stops. Looking into the night sky, Austin takes a swig of beer.

[ Ruby Riott ] Is he coming or what?

[ Diamond Dallas Page ] Hey, hey, hey! Let’s give Steve the benefit of the doubt here.

Danielson gives DDP a hateful glare.

[ Bryan Danielson ] Fickle.

A moment later, a black stretch limousine pulls into the arena parking lot and stops right in front of the group. Austin cracks a big smile.

[ Steve Austin ] Right on time.

[ Ruby Riott ] “On time?” At the end of the show?

[ Steve Austin ] No time like the present.

[ Ruby Riott ] Hm.

Austin walks towards the limousine as the door begins to open.

[ Diamond Dallas Page ] Behind that door is our last Hail Mary, bro. I hope it’s good.

The door opens the rest of the way and the camera pans down, shooting a brown leather dress shoe exiting the limousine and the second foot following after that. As the camera slowly pans up in dramatic fashion, you hear Diamond Dallas Page begins to cackle.

[ Diamond Dallas Page ] Aw, shit! Steve! Bro!

The camera finishes moving up to reveal the man exiting the limousine.


Storm buttons his suit jacket and extends his hand, shaking Austin’s in return.

[ Steve Austin ] ‘Bout damn time you got here.

[ Tim Storm ] Traffic.

Austin hands Storm his second beer and clings his against Tim’s.

[ Steve Austin ] You ready to finish some business?

[ Tim Storm ] Heck yeah.

Austin nods.

[ Steve Austin ] Hell, close enough! Tim, this is Team SGDubya’, the men and woman you’re teamin’ up with to help rid the company of The Origin once and for got dang all!

[ Tim Storm ] Guys, it’s good to be back.

Storm locks eyes with Danielson and walks over to him, bypassing the others.

[ Tim Storm ] Dragon. Long time.

Danielson drops the Real SGW World Championship on the ground. His worst nightmare has come true.

[ Bryan Danielson ] No!

[ Tim Storm ] I hope we can work together for the common good.

[ Bryan Danielson ] No! No! No!

Tim extends his hand, a peace offering.

[ Bryan Danielson ] Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The camera zooms in on Danielson’s face as he is STILL screaming at the top of his lungs. Someone he thought was long gone and forgotten about is back! We’ve not seen Tim Storm since WrestleBrawl, but he’s back! He’s taking Val Venis’ spot and going to do the best he can to help Team SGW vanquish The Origin once and for all.

With the rest of the SGW roster already locked into Body Count teams, whether Bryan Danielson likes it or not, Tim Storm may be their only hope for victory. He truly is the last resort.

End transmission.