Saturday, September 5th, 2020 | The Chesapeake Energy Arena | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Commentators - Tony Schiavone, Nigel McGuinness, and Scott Steiner

Off world.

That's an unusual way to begin a wrestling show.

But this isn't just any wrestling show. This is the greatest show on Earth.

But is it really the greatest show on Earth if the opening segment isn't taking place ON Earth? That's not a question I can answer for you. No, you've got to look deep inside yourself for the answer to that one. Better yet, you can ask this man... if he isn't too preoccupied.


Tom Cruise's body flies through the air upon impact. He flies for miles. He flies forever over the alien terrain, crashing through mountains, trees, alien structures, and by the time he lands, leaving a crater at ground zero, his clothes are torn to shreds and he's bleeding from a dozen different wounds. From the lowered point of the crater, Tom Cruise looks up through his ruined aviators and uses a bloody hand to shield his eyes from the seven suns shining down on him. He can see the gargantuan form of Cube Prime looming over the horizon... having used the Real Ultimate Power to become larger than a skyscraper.

Tom uses what's left of his strength to pull himself out of the crater and ends up on all fours for a moment. Cube Prime is miles away but Cruise can see him all the same... and he becomes dangerously closer with every gigantic step. Cube's voice echoes across the terrain, taunting the most famous movie star of all time.

[ Cube Prime ] This is really it, Tom? You disrespect me with your effort... I expected more from you, here on our final battlefield. Will you give up now?

Cruise spits blood in the dirt in front of him and smiles. His teeth gleam in the light of the seven suns.

[ Tom Cruise ] You kiddin'?

He whips off the ruined aviators and tosses them aside.

[ Tom Cruise ] I can do this all day.

Cube Prime, even closer now, tilts his head... amused.

[ Cube Prime ] I will give you a warrior's death, Tom. You have earned that much. Seeing as how you created me... it is only fitting that I get to destroy you.

Cruise is visibly in too much pain to stand... but he does anyway.

[ Cube Prime ] And then I shall return to your Earth and remind them that it was your stubbornness that led me to the decision to blink them from existence... using my REAL... ULTIMATE... POWER!

Cube holds up a giant fist.

[ Cube Prime ] All of it will be gone. Forgotten! Your movies! Your RIDICULOUS Scientology! All of your ex-wives! And even your precious Solid Gold Wrestling... the bane of my existence! All because you followed me here... all because you REFUSE to give up!

Cruise grits his teeth.

[ Tom Cruise ] Hey, man... you wanna erase my movies, my religion, all my ex-wives... shut up and do it already! But if you think for one second that I'm gonna stand by and let you erase Solid Gold Wrestling...

Cruise shakes his head with intensity, though he trembles with exertion to remain on his feet.

[ Tom Cruise ] Then fuck you, man.

He points at Cube.

[ Tom Cruise ] Just... fuck you!

Cube is now closer, towering over Cruise in such a way that his gigantic cube head blocks out some of the suns. Cube raises both fists in the air with intent to crush Tom Cruise once and for all but... A STARSHIP FLIES IN FROM OUT OF NOWHERE AND FLIES STRAIGHT THROUGH CUBE PRIME'S CHEST LIKE A BULLET! It explodes out his back, creating a cascade, a river of blood, gore, and chunks of spine! Cube Prime stands still, obviously in shock. The starship, covered in thick, stringy gore comes to a landing near Tom Cruise as Cube Prime falls to his knees.

[ Cube Prime ] I... I did not... see... that one coming.

Cube Prime faceplants, causing the entire planet to tremble. He shrinks down to normal size, only a few feet away from Tom Cruise. Cruise falls to his knees and then all fours, hacking up blood. The starship opens up and Kris Statlander steps out in full armor, like some pink and purple Halo cosplay. She rushes over to Cube Prime and holds her hands over the wound in his chest... there's a small flash of light and Cube's body hitches upward before falling limp. She makes her way back to Tom Cruise who is lying on his back. She cradles him.

[ Kris Statlander ] Earthling Cruise, it would seem that Cube Prime has used up almost ALL of the Real Ultimate Power in his final effort to end your existence. There isn't much left.

Cruise coughs. Statlander uses a small device to scan him.

[ Kris Statlander ] My scans indicate that your wounds are... fatal.

She looks down at her hand where the Real Ultimate Power begins to glow.

[ Kris Statlander ] There might be enough to heal you--

[ Tom Cruise ]

[ Kris Statlander ] What?

[ Tom Cruise ] No.

He pauses, taking a breath.

[ Tom Cruise ] This isn't about me... it's never been about me, Kris. You need to take what's left of that Real Ultimate Power and save your friends. Go back to Earth... return to Solid Gold Wrestling... tell'em what happened here... let'em know they're safe.

He's fading fast.

[ Tom Cruise ] Let'em know we saved the universe.

[ Kris Statlander ] Earthling Cruise--

[ Tom Cruise ] Go, Kris.

He coughs. There's blood on those movie star pearly whites.

[ Tom Cruise ] There's not enough time.

Kris stands, gently resting Tom Cruise on the ground. She turns and begins to walk toward the starship behind them when she hears Tom Cruise speak once again.

[ Tom Cruise ] Hey, Kris... thanks.

She turns and looks over her shoulder.

[ Kris Statlander ] For what, Earthling Cruise?

[ Tom Cruise ] For believing in me...

Dramatic pause.

[ Tom Cruise ] Even when I didn't believe in myself.

[ Kris Statlander ] You're a good man, Tom. Every planet I visit henceforth will know your name and sing songs of your heroism and conquests in love.

[ Tom Cruise ] ...fuck yeah.

She turns and enters the ship. Seconds later, only Tom Cruise and the motionless body of Cube Prime are left on the planet. Tom Cruise stares up into the sky, taking shallow breaths. There's a rustle next to him and he turns his head slightly. Cube Prime is barely moving. He looks at Tom through vacant black eyes, a sad face on his cube.

[ Cube Prime ] ...Tom?

[ Tom Cruise ] ...yeah?

[ Cube Prime ] It's getting... dark... Tom.

[ Tom Cruise ] I mean... that's to be expected... your blood is like... everywhere.

[ Cube Prime ] ...Tom?

[ Tom Cruise ] ...yeah?

There's a long pause.

[ Cube Prime ] Was I... was I a good rival, Tom?

Tom's eyelids flutter as he begins to fade.

[ Tom Cruise ] ...hell no.

Dramatic pause. He smiles.

[ Tom Cruise ] were the best.

They both lie in silence. It begins evident after a time that Cube is gone. Tom Cruise continues lying motionless. He looks up into the sky, the sun beating down on his face. His breathing has become more and more shallow. Suddenly, he looks content.

[ Tom Cruise ] Barbie... I'm coming home.


The cork blows off a bottle of champagne and foam spews across the room. Trish Stratus and Edge both look at Christian in disbelief. Christian looks from Trish to Edge and back again, not understanding why they seem... confused.

[ Christian ] ...what?

[ Trish Stratus ] Seriously, Christian?

[ Christian ] Uh, I'm sorry. I thought this was a celebration.

Edge runs his hand down his face and shakes his head.

[ Edge ] The Saudis cut off the blood money, baby brother. We had exactly enough money to fund one more show... ONE... and you're opening up champagne?

Edge looks off-camera and gestures toward something we can't see.

[ Edge ] You even bought a cake!

The camera pans over to reveal a six layer cake with white and gold icing. On top of it are Edge, Christian, and Jeff Jarrett action figures struggling over a toy championship belt with the text "GOODBYE SGW" across the top.

[ Christian ] So? Everyone loves cake.


The live crowd pops loudly as Ric Flair walks into the room in a three piece suit and sunglasses. Bret Hart trails behind him. Ric Flair checks out the spread and takes the bottle of champagne away from Christian. He takes a swig of it.

[ Ric Flair ] If I said it once... I said it a HUNNERT TIMES! WOOOOOOOOO! What a spread! What a celebration! ONE TIME! FOR ALL TIME! BROTHER! WOOOOOOOOOO!

Christian gestures toward Flair.

[ Christian ] See, Naitch gets it. Sure, we're losing everything we've built because The Rock attacked the King of Saudi Arabia. It sucks but there's nothing we can do about it, right? So let's kick back, go out with a bang, and celebrate the memories we've made over the last ten months.

[ Trish Stratus ] It sucks but he's right, I guess.

Edge huffs. Christian leans in, singing into Edge's ear.

[ Christian ] Leave the memories alooOoOoone.

[ Edge ] Okay, fine.

Edge gestures toward the cake.

[ Edge ] But that cake was a bad idea. You know someone's gonna end up covered in that thing before the show is over, right?

[ Christian ] Why do you think I bought it?

Ric Flair takes another drink and struts between Edge and Christian.


[ Christian ] Literally no one ever mentioned mashed potatoes.

Flair puts his arms around Edge and Christian, pulling them in close.

[ Ric Flair ] I'll tell ya' who could put away some mashed potatoes, fellas... BARRY! WINDHAM! All day! Every day! The man loved his mashed potatoes. God rest his soul.

[ Edge ] He is definitely not dead.

Christian shrugs.

[ Christian ] Well, who's to say, really?

[ Edge ] Me. I'm saying it. Right now.

Edge nods assuringly.

[ Edge ] Barry Windham, former SGW Hardcore Champion, is alive and well.

Without another word, Ric Flair wanders off with his champagne and disappears off-camera. Edge and Christian both shrug, leaving the Barry Windham trivia in the past. Trish Stratus returns to the circle.

[ Trish Stratus ] Have either of you seen Jeff?

[ Edge ] Nope.

[ Christian ] Haven't heard a word from him.

[ Trish Stratus ] Weird. I thought he'd be here by now.

[ Edge ] To be fair, he ghosted the company for like two months while Randy Orton raised all kinds of hell. I mean, all he had to do was show up and accept the challenge... send an e-mail or something saying he'd do the match.

[ Christian ] He could've used Tout. All the kids are these days.

[ Trish Stratus ] No, I don't think they are but I get what you mean.

[ Edge ] Either way, it's not out of character for Jeff to duck out when the going gets tough, is all I'm saying.

[ Trish Stratus ] Are you really going to stand here and say that Jeff would agree to start up this company, show very little to no interest in actually running it, and then just disappear and pull the plug from the shadows when things don't turn out his way?

[ Christian ] That's oddly specific.

[ Trish Stratus ] That's not Jeff, guys. You know that.

[ Edge ] I'm sure there's at least one Jeff who would do something like that.

[ Christian ] Sounds like that Jeff should have never tried running a fed in the first place.

[ Trish Stratus ] Totally not our Jeff.

We hear a party favor from off-camera. Edge and Christian both look disgusted as Christopher Daniels walks into the shot while wearing the SGW Full-Tilt Boogie Championship. The live crowd boos loudly. Frankie Kazarian walks into the shot and smugly looks at Edge, Christian, and Trish.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Sweet party, fellas!

He smiles evilly.

[ Christopher Daniels ] And by sweet party... I mean LAME! It's a good thing that wherever THE RING GENERAL OF DISRESPECT U goes... the party follows! Isn't that right, Frankie!?

[ Frankie Kazarian ] Correction, Chris... wherever the Ring General of Disrespect U... AND THE UNDISPUTED FULL-TILT BOOGIE CHAMPION GOES... the party follows!

Kazarian gyrates his hips.

[ Frankie Kazarian ] Shake the Full-Tilt Boogie said upchuck the boogie!

[ Trish Stratus ] Upchuck?

Daniels cuts her off.

[ Christopher Daniels ] That's enough! We're here to pay our respects once and for all. As the greatest and final SGW Full-Tilt Boogie Champion, I wanted to thank you and the rest of the Championship Committee... for allowing The Rock to RUIN the company that I built from the ground up!

Everyone just stares at Daniels.

[ Christopher Daniels ] No matter what happens, no matter what legends are told from here on out... I want it to be known, buster, that the failure of this company isn't on my shoulders... it's on YOURS!

[ Edge ] No one said it was your fault, Chris.

[ Christopher Daniels ] You were THINKING it!

[ Christian ] No, no we weren't.

Daniels shifts uncomfortably. Everything is awkward.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Well...

He shakes his head.

[ Christopher Daniels ] That's what you two get for always picking on me!

[ Frankie Kazarian ] Yeah!

[ Christopher Daniels ] And do you know what else you two get? The knowledge that this company is closing down and you two don't get to leave with titles! BUT I DO! I'M GONNA BE THE FULL-TILT BOOGIE CHAMPION FOREVER!

As Daniels gloats, Christian positions himself behind Daniels on all fours. Even though it's completely obvious that it's happening, Daniels is completely oblivious.

[ Christopher Daniels ] I'll never lose this belt!

[ Edge ] Chris, dude... shut up.

Edge shoves Daniels! He trips over Christian and Christian cradles him up! Slick Johnson appears out of nowhere and counts! ONE! TWO! THREE!


Daniels sits up, looking shocked! Christian is handed the Full-Tilt Boogie Championship and he looks down at it with a strange sense of confusion and pride.

[ Edge ] Congrats, baby brother.

Christopher Daniels stands up, freaking out.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Are you serious right now!? That's illegal! Against the rules! Members of the Championship Committee can't hold titles! THAT'S THE RULES! I'LL HAVE YOU KICKED OFF THE COMMITTEE, CHRISTIAN!

[ Christian ] It's the last show, dude. Who cares?

Christian holds the title out toward Daniels.

[ Christian ] Here, take it back.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Seriously?

Christian pulls the title away.

[ Christian ] Uh, no? What are you? Stupid from botching all those flips throughout your career and landing on your creepy little bald head?

[ Christopher Daniels ] First, they're not flips! They're planchas! And second... NO!

Trish looks annoyed.

[ Trish Stratus ] Guys, this is running SUPER long. We should really go to the ring for the first match.

[ Edge ] The lady has a point. Besides, people with wrong opinions have been complaining about how most of our shows just involve us sitting around and patting ourselves on the back for what a great job we do.

Christian shrugs.

[ Christian ] I guess--

PLOP! FRANKIE KAZARIAN HAS THROWN ALL SIX LAYERS OF CAKE ON CHRISTIAN, COVERING HIS ENTIRE UPPER BODY! Christopher Daniels cradles Christian from behind, rolling him up as Slick Johnson counts! ONE! TWO! THREE!


The live crowd pops huge as Daniels launches to his feet and grabs the championship, clutching it tightly to his chest! Daniels and Kazarian look at each other in surprise.

[ Edge ] I... can't say I saw that coming.

[ Christopher Daniels ] I DID IT! I PINNED CHRISTIAN!

[ Frankie Kazarian ] YOU'RE A FOUR TIME CHAMPION!

[ Christopher Daniels ] EVEN BETTER!

Christian sits up on the floor, wiping the cake out of his eyes.


Daniels and Kazarians run away laughing. Edge helps Christian to his feet.

[ Christian ] Dammit!

[ Edge ] Why would he refer to his own victory as embarrassing?

[ Christian ] DAMMIT!

Christian turns to leave in the directions Daniels left.

[ Edge ] Hey, where are you going?!

[ Christian ] I'm gonna find that idiot and get my win back!

[ Edge ] Dude, we have a match with the Dudley Boyz later!

[ Christian ] So!?

Christian huffs.

[ Christian ] I frickin' hate Christopher Daniels, man.

[ Edge ] I know.

Before they can continue chatting, a door to the room opens up and Jeff Jarrett walks inside in a white suit. The live crowd pops huge. Jarrett walks up to Edge and Christian, a confused look on his face as he looks Christian up and down.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Ya' got cake on you.

[ Christian ] Thanks. I didn't notice.

Jarrett looks around the room and nods approvingly.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Nice spread.

He pats Edge and Christian on the shoulders, getting cake all over his hand. He whips his hand downward, slopping cake on the floor and then wipes his hand on the clean parts of Christian's shirt.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Well, boys... show's about to start.

Jarrett turns and begins to walk away.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Let's give'em somethin' to remember us by.

Jarrett walks away and Trish follows. For a moment, the camera follows Jarrett and he walks past Elias, who is sitting on the floor with a guitar in his hand, and an open guitar case in front of him. As Jarrett begins to walk away from him, Elias strums the guitar and Jarrett stops, looking down at the Drifter. Jarrett's voice is stern.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Not yet.

Elias looks up at Jarrett and nods, lowering the guitar and resting the back of his head against the wall, content.. Jarrett and Trish walk away. We return to Edge and Christian. Christian still looks devastated. Edge looks at him with a sly grin.

[ Edge ] Look on the bright side... you just got pinned by Christopher Daniels.

Christian doesn't look amused.

[ Edge ] It's all uphill from here.

[ Christian ] Shut up.

He huffs.

[ Christian ] Just... shut up.


Referee - Aubrey Edwards | Time Limit - 30:00

All twenty people are in the ring as the first and only “Limitless” battle royal is set to begin. Referees surround the ringside area, waiting to count the eliminations in this one. The bell sounds and chaos ensues inside the ring, with bodies colliding everywhere in the 20x20 ring.

[ Tony Schiavone ] There’s nothing on the line in this one but bragging rights, but it’s good to see a ring filled with SGW stars one final time!

With the action going, the first elimination occurs with Cameron Grimes being tossed over the top rope by Zahra Schreiber!


The Rock is ganged up on by Los Ice Creams and he does his best to fight off the two-on-one attack. Keith Lee comes over to help out, but finds himself dumped over the top by Super Eric and Shark Boy!


Super Eric and Shark Boy celebrate their elimination until they turn back around and see Bill Carr and Dan Barry heading their way. Double clotheslines sends them over the top and we have two more eliminations!


[ Scott Steiner ] This match is nothin’ but incurable cancer and it’s only fittin’ the last show SGW ever holds has this match.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It’s not ideal, Scotty, but it still has some great athletes in it!

Jervis Cottonbelly, Tommy Dreamer, and AJ Gray are fighting in the corner, but here comes Ricochet! He climbs to the top rope and dives with a cross-body towards them, but the three men catch him and dump him!


Going back at it, Cottonbelly dumps Tommy Dreamer, who then gets dumped by AJ Gray! AJ Gray turns around and eats a low blow from Zahra and also gets eliminated with a clothesline!




[ Tony Schiavone ] Rapid fire eliminations!

[ Scott Steiner ] Not rapid enough!

Brandi Lauren hits Zahra with a flying clothesline and gets back up, pumping her fists. She’s fired up! She’s fired up until.. Jim Duggan plows her over with a Shoulder Tackle! Brandi Lauren's dumptruck ass staggers into Sanada and knocks him over the top rope!


[ Scott Steiner ] Now we’re talkin’!

Duggan throws a thumbs up in the air and belts out, “HOOOOOOO!” The fans join in and start chanting “U-S-A! U-S-A!” Duggan is dumped by The Rock! Brandi Lauren gets up and thanks Rock for helping, but Rock throws her over the top rope too!



The fans boo at Rock’s treatment of a female, but the mood changes when he tosses Zahra Schreiber to the floor as well!


On the other side of the ring, Sarah Logan and the Hurricane are going at it and Logan plants Hurricane with a DDT! She picks him up and gorilla press slams him to the floor! Unreal power!


[ Nigel McGuinness ] What powa’ from Sarah Logan!

Orange Cassidy makes his way down the ramp and rolls into the ring, stuffing his hands into his blue jean pockets to a thunderous ovation.

[ Tony Schiavone ] The party doesn’t start until Orange Cassidy arrives!

[ Scott Steiner ] I hope I never commentate another match with you.

The Rock and Orange Cassidy have a dramatic stare down in the ring. Los Ice Creams ruin the moment before getting dumped over the top rope by the Rock one after the other!


With The Rock and Orange Cassidy’s stare down continuing, this gives an opportunity for Team Tremendous to dump Sarah Logan and she’s gone!


We have our final four. The Rock, Orange Cassidy, Bill Carr, and Dan Barry. Just as we expected.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Look at this! The final four!

[ Scott Steiner ] Jesus Christ.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Four o’ the most polarizin’ figures in SGW! Each of ‘em have had some wild times thus far. Let’s see who goes out a winna’!

Orange Cassidy removes his sunglasses and “salutes” the three men left in the ring. He slowly, very slowly, climbs over the top rope and jumps to the floor off the apron, eliminating himself!


After that confusing display, we are down to Team Tremendous and The Rock. With no other option, the former Tag Team Champions jump the Rock and knock him to the ground. Bill Carr pushes Dan Barry over the top rope but Barry holds on! He skins the cat on the ropes and comes back inside until Carr stops him.

“This is it, partner.”

Barry nods, “I know.”

Carr clotheslines Barry over the top to the floor with tears in his eyes! It’s all about winning the Limitless Battle Royal.


[ Tony Schiavone ] Ladies and gentlemen, I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying!

[ Scott Steiner ] No. No I’m fuckin’ not.

Bill Carr apologizes to Dan Barry, who begins slapping the apron rooting his partner on. He turns around, ROCK BOTTOM! The Rock pins but there’s no referee.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What is ‘dis space cadet doin’?!

[ Tony Schiavone ] He’s eliminated several people already but is trying to pin the final participant!

The Rock screams at the referees ringside, demanding one of them come in to count. Aubrey Edwards shakes her head and begins explaining the rules.

“Fine Aubrey, The Rock will eliminate the fat man now, Aubrey. Then The Rock’s gonna’ challenge Adam Cole for the SGW Championship!”

[ Tony Schiavone ] It’s funny. He always wanted to challenge Adam Cole for the title when he wasn’t the champion, harassing the Championship Committee at all hours of the day for a shot, and now that we’re at the final show, he may have a serious claim to Adam Cole’s championship!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Are ya’ arms hurtin, Tony? Reachin’ and stretchin’ like that?

The Rock picks Carr off the mat, but Carr slaps Rock’s hand away and draws a finger gun! Dan Barry is on the apron yelling for his partner to put the gun down, but Carr is in the zone. The Rock backs up with his hands up.

“Just leave the ring, Rock, and nobody gets hurt.” Carr’s hand trembles with the cold steel in his hand. He’s never killed a man with his weapon, but being this close shows how badly he wants this win. He needs it. The Rock decides to risk it all. He slaps Carr’s hand, who watches his ‘gun’ fly through the air. The Rock then “catches” the finger gun and drops it on the ground.

“The Rock doesn’t resort to violence. The Rock IS violence!”

Punch! Punch! Punch! Rock throws his hand back, spits on it, and delivers and open handed strike to Carr, sending him flying over the top rope into the waiting arms of Dan Barry! The Rock has done it! The Rock has won the Limitless Battle Royal!

THE ROCK in 05:09

[ Tony Schiavone ] That match was something!

[ Scott Steiner ] It was shit!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The next President of the United States, ladies and gentlemen.

The Rock climbs to all four turnbuckles, posing to the fans who are going wild for one of the most popular stars in SGW’s entire tenure. The Rock is simply one of a kind, a cool cousin, and never gives up. Team Tremendous are a wonderful tag team and held those Tag Team titles with pride. The members of this battle royal have helped send SGW off with a bang on Forever!

Away from the ringside area, the camera finds the members of The Origin exiting a limousine. Adam Cole and Britt Baker emerge first, the SGW title wrapped around Cole’s waist. Following them are Shane Douglas, Arn Anderson, Steve Corino, and finally, the Intercontinental Champion, Chris Jericho.

[ Adam Cole ] Well, this is it, fellas. We did it. We crushed SGW and tonight, we get to bury it six feet deep once and for all.

A MONSTER TRUCK COMES OUT OF NOWHERE, EFFORTLESSLY ROLLING OVER THE TOP OF THE LIMOUSINE! Britt Baker gasps as Cole drags her to safety. Jericho collapses to the ground, frantically trying to put his fedora cap back on as Steve Corino’s jaw drops to the ground at the sight of their now-destroyed limousine right in front of his eyes!

[ Arn Anderson ] What the hell is this?!

STEVE AUSTIN pokes his head from the driver’s window of the monster, truck, revving the engine with a big smile on his face.

[ Steve Austin ] Ol’ Stone Cold’s gonna’ need someone to validate his parkin’!

THE SANDMAN hops out of the back of the truck, somehow surviving riding in the back of the truck and the impact of crushing the limousine! Sandman rushes up to The Origin and explodes Arn Anderson’s head with the Singapore cane without saying a word to anyone!

[ Britt Baker ] Oh my God, he’s dead!

Arn is bleeding profusely and he lies on the pavement. Sandman raises the cracked Singapore cane in the air as he steps on Arn’s gut. Sandman hangs his tongue out of his mouth and screams.

[ The Sandman ] YO!!!!!

Austin exits the monster truck with a beer in one hand and a steel chair in the other. He’s wearing blue jean shorts, an Austin 3:16 shirt, and a SGW hat resting on the top of his head.

[ Chris Jericho ] What are you two clowns doing, huh?!

[ Steve Corino ] Big Nasty was still in that limousine!


Austin looks back to the truck and then to Britt Baker.

[ Steve Austin ] Aw, hell. Was he really?

[ Britt Baker ] You maniac!

[ Steve Corino ] You’re reckless, Austin!

WHACK! Austin caves in Corino’s skull with the steel chair, warping it sideways upon impact! With the chair hanging around Corino’s neck, Austin kicks him in the gut, causing Corino flying backwards into a nearby trash can! With Austin and Sandman advancing on the remaining members of The Origin, Cole tries to create some distance.

[ Adam Cole ] Whoa, whoa, hold on. We can talk this out. This is the end of SGW whether you idiots like it or not! Don’t go out on a bad note, fellas.

[ The Sandman ] I’m gonna’ go out by shovin’ this cane so far up your girlfriend’s tight hole that it blows splinters outta ‘er nose!

The Sandman licks the Singapore cane as he stares down Britt Baker.

[ Steve Austin ] I’ve been fightin’ the goddamn Origin since I came back to SGDubya’, and I’ll be damned if I let the place I love end with two sumbitches like y’all on top!

Edge and Christian, along with a flood of road agents, appear from outside the arena. The road agents check on Arn, but leave Corino desperately trying to fight his way out of the trash can where he belongs.

[ Edge ] What in God’s name is going on out here?

[ Christian ] Oh, snap! A monster truck! Steve, can I take it for a spin?

[ Britt Baker ] Seriously? It crushed our limousine with Big Nasty inside!

Christian cringes and chooses his next words carefully.

[ Christian ] Sorry for your loss.

He looks back to Steve.

[ Christian ] So, is that a yes or?

Edge moves Christian back with his forearm and takes centerstage in between Cole, Jericho, Douglas, Austin, and Sandman.

[ Edge ] Adam, Jericho, you two can obviously see that The Origin is dead. We allowed Steve to make this move and leave you two as the final two men standing.

[ Adam Cole ] You’re okay with killing someone?

[ Edge ] You’ve seen SGW before, right?

Edge shrugs it off.

[ Edge ] Anyway. You two are holding precious cargo, the two most prestigious championships in this business. Tonight, you two are going to defend them against SGW originals. Chris, you’re facing Alex Shelley.

[ Chris Jericho ] And I’ll kick his ass!

[ Edge ] And Adam, you’re facing The Sandman.

[ The Sandman ] YO!!!!!!

[ Adam Cole ] What? Why?

The Sandman unzips his pants and turns his back to the camera. He begins pissing all over Arn Anderson’s bloody body!

[ Britt Baker ] Why.. Why does his urine smell like that?

[ Edge ] This man has not drank an ounce of water in 25 years, Doc.

Britt covers her nose to mask the smell.

[ Christian ] Alright, well, while you guys try to overcome the demise of a guy who we literally picked to join The Origin because we needed a fifth person and hasn’t been an important part of SGW since 1999, I’ll be trying to do a donut in that monster truck!

[ Edge ] No. No you won’t.

Edge looks to Jericho and Cole, then turns and looks to Austin and The Sandman.

[ Edge ] Let’s see who lives forever, shall we?

Two big title matches are booked here tonight! The last SGW show of all time is going to be one for the all-time record books!

Referee - Mike Chioda | Time Limit - 60:00

As ringside attendants finish fastening the walls of the cage to the ring, a buzz spreads through the Chesapeake Energy Arena and the two men contained within the four steel walls are intensely glaring holes through the other.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Only two men in the history of Solid Gold Wrestling were strong enough, skilled enough, brave enough to hold the enormous golden staff signifying the Golden Idol of SGW – and they shall remain the only two in history as tonight, one of Edward Dennis or Chris Dickinson shall cement their name as the final Golden Idol of Solid Gold Wrestling.

[ Scott Steiner ] Both these sonsabitches are big – both’ve ‘em are mean! I’m ready to see someone knock the absolute fuck out of the other one tonight!

Senior Official Mike Chioda holds his ground as the attendants finish up – and the bell rings – giving both men cause to stampede into the center of the ring and begin recklessly throwing bombs at the other!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Holy smokes, there’s no love lost between these two men!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Absolutely none, Tony! Recall if you will, Chris Dickinson’s Filthy Family team for the ill-fated Body Count event was slated to feature his opponent and arch-rival, Eddie Dennis! Neither man could co-exist or even seem to ignore the other’s existence in the weeks leading up to this very match!

Dennis stuns Dickinson with a big boot, then deadstops and discus spins, firing a huge lariat – BUT DICKINSON SMASHES AHEAD WITH A DEVASTATING HEADBUTT! Blood shoots from the nose of the Giant as he loses his footing and wobbles – but Dickinson doesn’t let him fall!


With his spiritual advisor Pinkie Sanchez screeching support from the floor, rattling the cage walls around them, Dickinson rips out his dick strings and screams, holding Dennis by the ends of his undercut hair before positioning him for the prospective finish!


The Putrid Papa lifts Dennis up to his shoulders and runs, hurling his opponent recklessly through the air – into the corner of the cage!! Dennis lands shoulders-first on the cage, then slumps to hit his ribs on the turnbuckles and ringpost before coming to a halt across the ropes – but Dickinson still isn’t finished!


Nigel is accurate – Dickinson has Dennis up on his shoulders again and darts across the ring, hurdling Dennis’ beaten body into the cage wall, rattling the entire structure! Dennis slumps, the ropes catching him none at all as he falls to the canvas! Dickinson looks around at the arena, screaming out alongside not only Pinkie Sanchez – but the fans in the OKC, as well!


Dickinson grabs Dennis by his singlet top and pulls him over, snarling as he runs his thumb across his throat, then whips his opponent onto his shoulders again for –


Dickinson runs Dennis into the wall of the cage – but as Nigel said, hangs on! The Dirty Daddy pauses, then lifts Dennis by his shorts, hurdling him into the turnbuckles head-first with a LIFTING RUNNING PAZUZU BOMB! Dennis is absolutely wasted as Dickinson pulls his limp body into center-ring, hooking both legs and pumping his fist with Chioda as he counts the ONE-TWO-THREE!


“War Pigs” hits the speakers as Dickinson throws Dennis’ legs off of his body, resting himself in a seated position and breathing deeply as the cage begins to rise from the ring.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Fans, we’ve seen some emphatic victories before – and THAT may have been the most emphatic, decisive win in the entire history of Solid Gold Wrestling!

[ Scott Steiner ] You’re damn right it was! This guy is a bad sonnavabitch!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] And gentlemen – Chris Dickinson is now the final SGW Golden Idol holder! The only two-time staff holder in the history of the championship!

As Chioda and attendants remove Dennis from the ring and begin attending to his condition, Sanchez snatches the staff from the timekeeping area and slides into the ring, joining Dickinson. Pinkie bows on one knee and presents the staff to Dickinson, who grabs it and hoists it into the air triumphantly! The OKC fans roar with approval as the Dirty Daddy pulls Sanchez off his knee and wraps him in a huge bear hug.

[ Tony Schiavone ] This man, Chris Dickinson, is the undisputed king of Shock, once and for all!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He certainly has the staff to prove it!

[ Scott Steiner ] And I’m gonna hate myself for fuckin’ sayin’ it – but he YEETED THAT BRITISH FUCK ALL OVER THE FUCKIN’ RING! DOMINANT!

Dickinson and Sanchez lift the staff together, high over their heads as the Oklahoma City fans chant “Dirty Daddy” over and over as we fade from the ring.

We head backstage where we see Christina Von Eerie walking through a corridor with purpose in her step. The live crowd cheers loudly at the sight of the first SGW Women's World Champion. Von Eerie is suddenly stopped in her tracks by Io Shirai. Shirai has the championship over her shoulder and her knee is still heavily taped from her multiple interactions with Rhea Ripley. Shirai and Von Eerie stand eye to eye as the fans buzz with anticipation.

[ Christina Von Eerie ] So, you're the one who knocked off Jinny, huh?

Shirai doesn't respond, only staring daggers at Von Eerie.

[ Christina Von Eerie ] I'm looking forward to seeing what you've got.

Shirai holds the championship over her head with one arm.

[ Io Shirai ] ...MINE.

Without another word, Shirai walks off-camera, leaving Von Eerie looking on. Von Eerie huffs, a sly smirk crossing her face... but before she can say anything or leave, Rhea Ripley walks into the shot and looms over her. The fans "OooOoOooh" in anticipation, wondering what's about to go down.

[ Rhea Ripley ] You 'n I have unfinished business.

Before Von Eerie can even respond... Jinny walks into the shot from the other side. She looks from Von Eerie to Ripley and back to Von Eerie. She stares down her nose at her green haired rival.

[ Jinny ] Bitch... you're not kidding.

We stand still on a shot of the three women who built the SGW Women's Division from the ground up. There's a strong chance they could all meet again later tonight in the final Gold Rush!


The cameras cut to the parking lot of the arena as the sun is setting in the distance. There’s enough daylight left for us to see a purple monster truck limousine roll into the lot at a high rate of speed. The limousine slams on its brakes at the entrance, screeching tires in the process. Kat Marino rushes from the doors to greet Val Venis, who exits the driver’s side of the limousine and hops down. Val is wearing his neck brace and a hospital gown.

[ Kat Marino ] Val! Val what are you doing here? You were in the hospital with your career-ending injuries you sustained at the hands of The Origin.

[ Val Venis ] I’ll be damned if I miss the final SGW show. I've went through hell and back with this company and there's nothing that's going to keep me from being in a SGW ring one more time. I don't care if I leave it in a damn wheelchair!

[ Kat Marino ] But what are your plans for tonight? There’s no way you’re cleared to compete! You’ve been in the hospital for over a month! You don’t even have your gear!

[ Val Venis ] Oh, I don’t?

Venis rips his hospital gown off revealing his black and purple wrestling tights underneath. He swings the back door of the limousine open and pulls out his black wrestling boots.

[ Val Venis ] A professional always comes prepared.

Venis smiles.

[ Val Venis ] I’m not going out without a fight.

Venis walks on past Kat Marino and enters the arena. It looks like Val Venis, an SGW Original, is here for one more fight!

In a pre-recorded segment, Cody Rhodes sits in the center of the camera with Brandi and Dustin on either side of him. Cody is dressed to the nines in a custom navy suit with a bright red necktie wrapped around a white dress shirt.

[ Cody Rhodes ] Solid Gold Wrestling. You took a chance on me and I took a chance on you. Both of us were rebellious and looking to prove a point. We wanted to prove that we belonged.

A hint of a smile escapes Cody’s lips. He slaps his thighs and nods.

[ Cody Rhodes ] We did just that, didn’t we?

Dustin throws his arm around Cody’s shoulders.

[ Cody Rhodes ] I am disappointed to not have saw through my declaration to become your SGW World Champion, but the run we had here is nothing to sneeze at. Tag Team Champions, Elevation Champion, Tag Team of the Year, Feud of the Mid-Year, Wrestler of the Mid-Year, all of these accolades vindicated my claims.

Cody presses his hands together and bows his head.

[ Cody Rhodes ] Best wrestling promotion I’ve ever been a part of. Thank you, SGW. There’ll never be another.

[ Brandi Rhodes ] And that’s probably for the best. Afterall, this place turned a man into a bird.

[ Dustin Rhodes ] Hell yeah they did.

Dustin reflects back on that moment as Brandi rolls her eyes.

[ Dustin Rhodes ] Tucor, you’re a legend, brother. Thank you, SGW.

[ Cody Rhodes ] Do you want to live forever? Rhetorical question. Solid Gold will live on whether people want it to or not.

The scene fades after giving us one final glimpse of the Nightmare Family.

Referee - Rick Knox | Time Limit - 60:00

Rick Knox holds the titles in the center of the ring with Aldis on one side of him and Danielson on the other. The two begrudgingly shake hands as Knox hands the titles to the timekeeper.

[ Tony Schiavone ] This is certainly a match we didn’t expect to see with a stipulation nobody saw coming.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] That’s right, Tony. For weeks, Nick Aldis has been walkin’ around wit’ a black silk bag under his arm. We all assumed it was the NWA Championship, “Charlotte” as he calls it, but instead, it was the Wrestling Gold Championship. We’ve seen the title change hands through the years on our flashback airings of Wrestling Gold shows.

[ Scott Steiner ] I worked one of those shows and never got paid a dime!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Syndicate Sports was the original ownership group runnin’ Wrestling Gold shows until Arn Anderson and Terry Taylor branched off to start Solid Gold Wrestling. Before SGW’s closure, Syndicate Sports had actually been in talks to purchase the company from the Saudi Kingdom for a few months and chose Aldis to be their personal champion!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That’s right, fans. The rest of 2020 and beyond was set to be some very interesting times for SGW. So hopefully it makes sense as to how Mr. Aldis ended up with a championship.

Danielson and Aldis trade forearm shots back and forth, with Aldis using his size advantage to get the upper hand. He drops Danielson to the ground and wraps Danielson’s legs, attempting to roll him over into the Cloverleaf, but Danielson grabs the ropes and breaks it before it gets started. Rick Knox administers the five count as Aldis breaks it on three. Danielson is back up and pie-faces Aldis, who shoves Danielson in retaliation.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Things are tense early on as there’s a lot on the line. Danielson isn’t going to give up his title easily.

Danielson stiffs Aldis with another forearm to the chin, hits the ropes and downs him with a flying clothesline. Danielson kips up and tries to wrap Aldis’ arm up, but Aldis reverses into a small package! One, two, kick out! Another close call! Back up, Aldis wraps around to Danielson’s back and tries for a German, but Danielson hooks his feet around Aldis’ left leg and uses a drop toe hold to down the Wrestling Gold Champion. With the feet hooked, Danielson begins rocking back and forth, gathering momentum and rocks Aldis back into a Surfboard Submission! Danielson wrenches back on Aldis neck as Knox checks in. After a few excruciatingly painful seconds, Danielson rocks Aldis back to the mat with his feet still hooked in Aldis’ knees. Danielson then flips the middle fingers to the fans.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I know what’s comin’ here!

Danielson jumps up and sends Aldis’ knees slamming into the mat with force! Aldis grabs them in pain as Danielson looks down, satisfied. He starts kicking the hamstrings of Aldis as hard as he can.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] The Dragon smells blood!

Danielson plays to the crowd, who returns his taunting with a chorus of boos and middle fingers. He turns back to Aldis and picks him up and shoves him in a corner. Danielson goes to the opposite corner and rushes towards Aldis, BIG RUNNING KNEE! Danielson sprints to the corner and tries again, MAG DADDY DRIVER! Big reversal from Aldis and the momentum of the match has shifted. Aldis drapes an arm over Danielson but Knox only gets to two. Aldis is hobbling but pushes through. He picks Danielson up on his shoulders and slowly walks to the center of the ring.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Look at this!

[ Scott Steiner ] Are you impressed by this?! Bryan Danielson weighs fuckin’ 80 pounds! Aldis is a real man, unlike that prick Tim Storm, but this isn’t some extraordinary feat! You see, when you’re the man with the largest arms in the world like Big Poppa Pump, deadliftin’ Bryan Danielson is your warm up! This ain’t shit!

TWISTING SAMOAN DROP! Tormentum has Danielson down! One.. two.. Thre- kick out! So close! Danielson snaps ahold of Aldis’ arms and spins him over! He locks one behind his legs and begins pounding Aldis’ head with MMA elbows, driving the point right into Aldis’ temple! After a few devastating blows, Danielson rolls over and locks both arms. He flips over Aldis’ head into CATTLE MUTILATION! Aldis taps! New Unified Champion!


[ Tony Schiavone ] I looked up, Aldis hit two finishers on Danielson. I blink and Danielson just won the match!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It happened fast, Tony! Danielson used his fightin’ spirit to use one last energy burst to go for the win and it worked!

Rick Knox hands Danielson both championships and he holds them high into the air. Aldis gets up and rubs his neck. He makes eye contact with Danielson and extends his hand out.

“Thank you,” Aldis mouths to Danielson, who nods in respect to a worthy opponent. Danielson locks hands with Aldis, firmly shaking them. The fans applaud the mutual respect even though they don’t care for either man.

[ Tony Schiavone ] These two men did a lot of things for SGW that people will never know or appreciate. That was a fitting finale to the in-ring careers of Bryan Danielson and Nick Aldis. An absolute mat classic.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Bryan Danielson, the new Unified Champion, combinin’ his Real World Championship and the Wrestling Gold title. What a rise for the American Dragon. Main evented our first show, Revenge, and unified 30 years of history with the Wrestling Gold Championship. Nick Aldis is a warrior and was posed for a big run to end 2020 himself. This was a perfect match-up to help close out Solid Gold Wrestling!

Aldis gives Danielson the room and exits the ring. As “The Final Countdown” plays for the final time in Solid Gold, Danielson goes to the corner, rests on the middle ropes, and puts his two championships in the air, mouthing, “BEST IN THE WORLD!” over and over again until the scene fades to black. Thank you Nick Aldis. Thank you Bryan Danielson.

Maria Kanellis appears with her mascara running down her cheeks. Her eyes are red and puffy, only growing worse the more she dabs them with a rolled up Kleenex.

[ Maria ] When I got the call that SGW was dying, I collapsed to my knees and screamed at God, asking him why he would take SGW instead of Kevin Nash :(

She takes a deep breath and collects herself.

[ Maria ] During this difficult time, I decided to write this poem.

Maria unfolds a piece of notebook paper and tries sounding out the words slowly. Once she’s prepared, she begins.

[ Maria ] My name is Maria and I was once in charge
Until stuff happened, like Taz dying, then I was no longer in charge.
I came back at Card Subject to Change and it was so much fun despite the cost
Until Christina Von Erie fought Jinny, and for the first time, lost. :’(
SGW has seen it all and proved why it’s the best fed ever, seven outta’ seven.
Shout out to those we lost - Taz, Snitsky, Benoit, and Tom Cruise - U R N HEAVEN!!

Maria points to the sky.

[ Maria ] I just remembered Taz isn’t dead. It’s all so confusing, I feel like a boob.
A man became a bird, a lady became a dusty bunny, and it’s all thanks to Dr. Cube.
Val Venis came back and brought some friends from another era
One of them even joined as the Wildman Marc Mera’!
We went to Saudi, had a CAW show, and flashbacked to 1993
The Rock running for President explains this company to a “T.”
SGW gave people chances, tried new things and it was all fine
Like being nice to people and posting their results on time!

She giggles.

[ Maria ] I’m being salty and throwing shade as the Internet kids say
But SGW, you were the best and was a way to kill time during the day.
We had a lot of fun and the stories never lacked.
Although we’ll never know because nobody gave feedback :(
It’s okay though, water under the bridge as the saying goes
Will SGW ever be back? Oh heck noes!
This is it, it’s all a wrap. Pardon my English, but no chance in hell.
Ask Solid Gold Wrestling to come back and you’ll get a big EL OH EL!

Maria fist pumps and waves in the camera and then begins blowing kisses.

[ Maria ] Yay! Goodbye SGW! RIP in peace! I hope SGW spawns a ton of fed babiez and they all grow up to post stuff on time without ketchup splatter screencaps! I’m breaking the fourth wall and shooting like Vince Russo, but IDC!! YOLO and Wasabi and things!

Maria wipes her eyes with the Kleenex and waves one final time.

[ Maria ] SGW is the best!


Backstage, we see Jeff Jarrett watching the show on a monitor. The live crowd cheers loudly. As Jarrett watches, the door to the room opens up and Randy Orton walks inside, drawing a strong mixed reaction. Jarrett turns and sees him, a smirk crossing his face. For a moment, they stare one another down... until Orton extends his hand. They shake hands and the fans applaud.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Ya' know, I think the last thing these people want is to see the two of us together again.

Orton huffs.

[ Randy Orton ] Like I give a shit what these people want.

Jarrett smiles.

[ Randy Orton ] If anybody else deserved to main event that show...

[ Jeff Jarrett ] ...then they woulda' main evented the show.

[ Randy Orton ] Right.

Orton looks proud of himself.

[ Randy Orton ] Fuck 'em.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] You stickin' around tonight?

[ Randy Orton ] Wasn't plannin' on it. I think I've seen just about all I need to see.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] You should.

[ Randy Orton ] Oh yeah?

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Yeah. Got some stuff goin' down that I think you might be interested in.

Orton scratches his chin, looking interested.

[ Randy Orton ] Maybe I will, then.

He shrugs.

[ Randy Orton ] Or maybe I won't. I come and go as I please around here, after all.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I know.

Orton thinks it over and sounds almost nonchalant in his assurance.

[ Randy Orton ] I'll be around.

Orton turns and walks out of the room, leaving Jarrett alone.

Referee - Aubrey Edwards | Time Limit - 60:00

Low-Ki and James Storm start us off as Aubrey Edwards displays the championships to the camera. The fans applaud in appreciation for the history of the titles and Low-Ki jumps Storm before the bell. Aubrey calls for the bell and starts admonishing Low-Ki for the dirty shot.

[ Tony Schiavone ] This is it, ladies and gentlemen. This is the final SGW Tag Team title match ever.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] It’s not two teams that I’d associate with SGW’s tag team scene, but both of them fight hard and you cannot overlook V.E.N.O.M.’s one and only reign here in SGW. They’ve beaten every team that’s come their way!

[ Tony Schiavone ] When you think about great teams of the past, you start with teams like The Beautiful People, the first two-time champions, and The Dudley Boyz. You think of Harlem Heat, Edge and Christian, and then you throw in great singles stars who also held the titles like Lance Storm and Chris Kanyon.

[ Scott Steiner ] Chris Kanyon, R-I-fuckin’-P! Burnin’ in hell since 2010. Piece of shit.

Low-Ki hits a shotgun dropkick on Storm, sending him into the corner. Storm tags Roode and the action continues.

[ Tony Schiavone ] I forget, you and Kanyon had long standing turmoil with one another. Scott, in the final SGW show, this is the perfect time to let those of those harsh feelings!

[ Scott Steiner ] Let me think about it.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Alright, back to the action. We have Low-


[ Tony Schiavone ] I.. I’m so sorry for that. I meant well.

Back in the ring, the tide has turned and Beer Money has taken control of the match and look to be close to putting it away. The first few minutes were overtaken by Scott Steiner’s rant but the attention is back on the action. Roode drops Dragunov with a big spinebuster, but Giulia is on the apron. Aubrey Edwards begins demanding her drop down, but this allows an opening for Christian Michael Jakobi to grab a title belt from the timekeeper and slide into the ring. HERE’S STONE COLD FROM THE CROWD!


Austin slides into the ring, spins Jakobi around - STONE COLD STUNNER! Dragunov picks up the title and swings it Austin and Austin ducks - STUNNER! Low-Ki dives off the top rope, kick to the gut in mid-air! STUNNER! Austin drags Jakobi out of the ring as Aubrey turns around and sees bodies lying everywhere. Roode covers and she drops down - one! Two! Three! NEW CHAMPIONS!


[ Tony Schiavone ] The final SGW Tag Team Champions - Beer Money!

Austin tosses a styrofoam cooler into the ring and follows suit behind it. As Aubrey Edwards hands Roode and Storm their titles, Austin starts cracking open beer. Giulia comes in and checks on her fallen partners but finds herself looking up at Steve Austin. Austin pours an entire beer on Giulia’s head! The fans pop huge as V.E.N.O.M.’s reign of terror over SGW and the tag team division has ended at the hands of James Storm and Robert Roode with the help of SGW Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] You’ll rememba’ the legends that came b’fore, but you also rememba’ the final champions. Congratulations to Beer Money! It looks like the party is just startin’!

Austin, Storm, and Roode cling beer cans together, spewing foam all over the place. Austin goes to the turnbuckle and pours his all over himself as Roode and Storm toast one more time, banging their cans against the titles. The SGW Tag Team Championships were first crowned in October of 1999, with Scott Hall and Mankind as the first champions. The history of these titles end tonight, September 5, 2020, with James Storm and Robert Roode holding the championships!

SGW was known for a lot of things during its time, and a high-quality tag team division was always one of those things. Every team that has come before has made its mark on the division in one way or another and will never be forgotten.

Backstage, Cathy Kelley stands in front of the interview set in a black dress and seems to be doing her best to choke back tears. The emotions of the night are getting to everyone on the roster in a variety of ways. Ever the professional, Cathy addresses the camera.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Hey guys! Cathy Kelley here on the final SGW show ever, and it’s only fitting that my guest at this time is a person who main evented the first SGW show, Revenge, and had a big win here tonight.

Bryan Danielson, in his ring gear, walks into the view of the camera with both the Wrestling Gold and Real World titles over his shoulders.

[ Bryan Danielson ] Make this quick.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Bryan, what a 2020 you’ve had here in SGW! You took charge in the last six or seven months and became a leader both in the ring and behind the scenes.

[ Bryan Danielson ] I was going to captain Team SGW, Cathy. And I’d been the best.

He admires the two titles on his shoulders.

[ Bryan Danielson ] I knew going to Saudi was a stupid idea, but all along, the members in charged chased the dollar. They bowed their knees to foreign entities and now the blood is on their hands! I hate to see SGW come to an end, but they deserve it. Disgusting.

[ Cathy Kelley ] You end as the unified champion, which is impressive in and of itself.

Danielson cuts her off.

[ Bryan Danielson ] My reign doesn’t end here.

Danielson curls his lip and snarls at the sight of the interviewer. He looks like he could bite her head off at any moment. A moment passes and he calms himself. His lips yield a big smile.

[ Bryan Danielson ] The night is still young.

One parting comment.

[ Bryan Danielson ] Fuck you, Cathy.

Danielson walks off, leaving Cathy with a confused look on her face. What is Danielson talking about?

Referee - Mike Chioda | Time Limit - 60:00

Barbed wire is tangled around and over the ropes of two sides of the ring. Tables line the ringside area, already set up and with thumbtacks taped to their surfaces. The final side of the ring is host to kiddie pools, filled to the brim with lemon juice, salt, and what APPEARS to be thorned vines!

[ Scott Steiner ] What…

[ Tony Schiavone ] Fans, this entire set-up is remin—


[ Nigel McGuinness ] You’d better believe it, Scott – and these two have the chops to do it and do it well!

As the bell rings, Parker wastes no time and darts across the ring, dropkicking Ruby into the barbed wire wrapped ropes! Her hair tangles into the wire as the barbs jab into her skin, prickling tiny holes and allowing blood to come eking through only seconds into the contest.

[ Tony Schiavone ] This matchup, the championship it’s being fought for, the ring itself – all reminiscent of a hot Saturday afternoon in Victoria, Texas on the Broken Skull Ranch – on that day, fans, as you remember, Drew Parker burst onto the scene in SGW and won the Blood and Gold Tournament, last defeating…

[ Scott Steiner ] THE BIRD LADY?!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That’s right, Scott – Ruby Riott! Their finals match was an absolutely brutal encounter, where both of them were beaten into a pulp amidst a literally EXPLODING ring! And at the end of the tournament, it was Drew Parker who won – and then chose to take his title shot against the man who defeated Ruby Riott for the Limitless Championship – Juventud Guerrera!

Parker is ruthlessly dragging Riott’s face across the ropes, cutting her cheeks and forehead as her hair pulls in small strands from its trapped position around the sharp barbs. After pushing her face deeper into the barbs, Parker hooks her around the waist and pops his hips, tearing Riott from the wire and dropping her overhead with a Saito suplex!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] RECKLESS SUPLEX! Riott’s being worked!

Parker doesn’t delay in dragging Ruby across the ring – but she resists, clubbing from her stomach at his legs – but he cuts her off with a double stomp to the back of the head! With Ruby LESS resistant, the Limitless Champion drags her to the apron of the ring nearest to the thumbtack-laden tables! Parker lifts Ruby – but she throws a high roundhouse kick! Parker staggers – but grabs the top rope at the last second! Riott doesn’t delay in stomping his feet and leathering him with chops, but no dice! Parker holds strong!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Drew Parker refuses to fall!


Sure enough, Ruby begins biting at Parker’s fingers! He screams and finally releases his fingers, flailing wildly before crashing in a reckless heap through the thumbtack-covered tables! Oklahoma City begin chanting ‘HOLY SHIT’ as Riott looks down at the Limitless Champion, slumping to the apron.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What a horrid landing for Drew Parker! The Limitless division is truly setting the standard for that name today, as these two warriors are beating one another beyond any known limit!

Parker pulls himself off the table chunks and gently falls onto the apron beside Riott, who grabs his fingers and begins wrenching them apart! He screams and claw her in the eyes before lifting a piece of the broken table, still covered in tacks, and WALLOPS Riott across the face with it!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Dear God!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Ruby Riott just took a shot of that particle board straight to the face – and look at the result!

Blood begins trickling down Ruby’s forehead as Parker grins, sensing the danger of the moment and leaps onto his feet, quickly pulling Ruby into a piledriver position!

[ Scott Steiner ] WELLP! Goodnight, Birdie!

As Parker lifts, Ruby shifts her weight and the stomps onto Parker’s foot, hurling him over the top rope and into the ring! Parker rolls through the impact and is up, but Riott catches him with a springboard shoulder tackle, knocking him for a loop! Ruby rises from the mat and pumps her fists, getting the crowd to reciprocate her energy! Parker is up, but Ruby blocks him with a big front kick, the bicycle kicks Parker before hurling him face-first into the barbed wire!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] GREAT MOTHER OF GOD!

Parker’s long, curly hair tangles in the barbs of the wicked wire and his face, freshly painted black and white, has new red streaks cutting through it from the tiny gashes across his skin! Riott watches on, stalking over to the Limitless Champion – who grabs her by her face and pulls her into the barbs AGAIN as the OKC fans scream in shock!

[ Tony Schiavone ] My goodness! No!

With Ruby contending with the wire herself, Parker screams and pulls himself free from the barbs, leaving huge chunks of blonde hair behind before grabbing his sore scalp! Turning with fury towards Riott, Parker rushes to her and delivers a double stomp / dropkick maneuver, pushing her face FURTHER into the barbed wire! In a fluid movement, Parker wraps his arms around Ruby and hurls her backwards, tearing her again from the barbed wire – but she backflips out of the German Suplex and lands on her feet, breathing deeply as blood pours down her face!


Parker rises to his feet and sees Riott, but not in time enough to block her from taking him by the hair and delivering a stiff lariat! And another!


Riott lifts Parker by the head and glares deep into his eyes, the skilled camera crew catching them both bleeding as Parker throws a rogue headbutt towards Riott! The OKC crowd pop from the surprise, but Riott isn’t budging and hurls Parker over the top rope and into the pool of lemon juice on the floor!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Oh, no! NO!

Parker’s cuts all burn with the juice as he rolls from the juice – unexpectedly into the salt! He screams and leaps from said pool to the floor as Riott slides to the floor, taking a moment to soak her boot in the lemon juice as she reaches into the thorns and produces a few vines.

[ Scott Steiner ] This bitch is crazy!

[ Tony Schiavone ] You’re damn right she is, Scott! And she’s producing THORNS from that pool!

Parker, still clawing, pushes past the salt pool and grabs Riott’s knee pad, pulling himself up! Miraculously, he grabs her by the throat and begins squeezing, still fighting!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I cannot believe this young man!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Nigel, the Urchin Prince is as tough as they come – but I’d swear Ruby Riott is running on more than energy tonight!

Riott smacks Parker in the face and lashes him across the face with the thorns! Parker grabs his face, but Riott tosses him into the ring, under the ropes, before following him in and mashing the thorns into his face as the more squeamish OKC fans scream in shared pain! Riott doesn’t hesitate to lift him off the mat, hurling him around and THRASHING him in the face with the lemon-juice covered boot – with the RIOTT KICK!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] DISGUSTING IMPACT! Parker’s head whipped backwards!

Riott rolls into the cover, hooking both legs as Chioda slams his gloved hand down for the one-two! Three!


A resounding breath of relief spreads through the arena as Riott releases Parker’s legs and slumps to the mat, breathing deeply before wiping the hair from her blood-stained face – knowing she’d done it. She’d rectified the wrong from Supremacy. She’d proven she was, and always has been –


[ Nigel McGuinness ] This young woman, Ruby Riott, has truly made a name for herself in Solid Gold Wrestling – and against ALL COMERS! Through rivalries with Sami Zayn, Juventud Guerrera, and this young man, Drew Parker, she’s come out smelling like a rose! And this rose, as we’ve seen – has THORNS!

Riott lifts the beautiful new Limitless Championship above her head as she steps from the ring, looking at Parker, who is pushing onto a single elbow and looks back at her through his tattered hair and bloodied facepaint and smiles.

[ Tony Schiavone ] And that is to take NOTHING away from the Urchin Prince – one of the youngest, and by God most tough members of this entire roster of warriors!

[ Scott Steiner ] You know somethin’?! That fuckin’ bird lady?

Riott reaches the stage and lifts the championship above her head again, proudly displaying the Limitless Prize for the world to see, smiles, breathing deeply after a job well done.

[ Scott Steiner ] She’s pretty fuckin’ tough for a damn bird, too!


In a hallway backstage, we see everyone’s favorite forces for good, the best men on the force, Team Tremendous taking a final stroll and soaking in the sights for the last time.

[ Officer Dan Barry ] Take a good long look, William…before you know it – this precinct will be over and done. Packed up and sent on.

Walking beside his long-time partner, then suddenly stopping in his tracks, Detective Bill Carr gazes around in all directions slowly. Barry looks to his left and sees no partner, so he stops and calls back to Carr, stopped about five paces behind him in the hallway.

[ Officer Dan Barry ] Bill, what in the world are you doing?

Carr continues letting his eyes wander, watching as people pass by. Some busily, some inquisitively, all doing what they do for possibly the very last time.

[ Detective Bill Carr ] You said to take a good long look, Daniel…so I’m stopping to really get a good look at this place. I…don’t think I ever really took the time to do so and soak it all up, y’know? Just take it in and…appreciate it.

There’s an emotional murmuring from the crowd as Carr sniffles and Barry walks up to join him.

[ Officer Dan Barry ] …that makes perfect sense to me, William.

Barry situates himself beside Carr in the middle of the hallway and the two men look around for a moment. Neither speaks as the audience, too, takes in the atmosphere of the moment.

[ Officer Dan Barry ] …lots of memories here, partner.

[ Detective Bill Carr ] Sure are… What about that time the Chief predicted we’d die in the ring – but we won! We beat the Undertaker and Kane!

The fans in OKC pop for the memory as Barry beams. A few stagehands pass by and Barry replies jovially.

[ Officer Dan Barry ] Yeah! That was a pretty special night… What about the good times with our new buddies the Best Friends, huh?! Remember Bad Signal? We didn’t really get off on the right foot.

Carr grins back at Barry.

[ Detective Bill Carr ] Yeah, or the left foot!

[ Officer Dan Barry ] Too right you are, partner. But it’s all better now…at So-Called Rivals we all teamed up and won an eight-man tag against some goons.

[ Detective Bill Carr ] Weren’t we also incorrectly profiled as violent cops by AJ Gray that night?

[ Officer Dan Barry ] Of course we were – but that just comes along with the badge.

[ Detective Bill Carr ] Fair enough, methinks. Hey! You remember all the way back at Momentum? We accosted a young Kenneth Omega.

Barry smiles and nods, the overhead lights dancing across the reflective glass in his aviators.

[ Officer Dan Barry ] How could I forget? Then, the first doubleshot weekend?! I won a match featuring two dancing men and former number one contender Jacob Fatu!

Carr puts his hand on his partner’s shoulder.

[ Detective Bill Carr ] Yeah, but then the world found out our full names…

He sighs deeply.

[ Detective Bill Carr ] …William Litchfield Phineas Carr and Daniel Day Lewis Barry.

Barry looks around quickly and quiets Carr.

[ Officer Dan Barry ] SHHH! Hey, man, c’mon! I only JUST got folks to stop referencing that!

Barry calms down and breathes in deeply.

[ Officer Dan Barry ] Of course, it wasn’t all jelly and sprinkles for us here in SGW, William.

Carr nods solemnly.

[ Detective Bill Carr ] I remember when those bastards from V.E.N.O.M. sent us donuts with a snake in them – the worst crime ever committed on American soil. Then they jumped us!

[ Officer Dan Barry ] And then…we lost the SGW World Tag Team Championships.

Their heads hang, peering off in opposite directions as the crowd murmurs sadly. Rick Steiner passes them, eating what appears to be a weeks-old wasabi and peanut butter sandwich. SGW sure loves Wasabi, after all.

[ Detective Bill Carr ] …we did get our revenge, though!

The Oklahoma City fans cheer for Carr’s memory and his toothy grin.

[ Detective Bill Carr ] We New Jacked their asses at Bad Signal!

Barry beams, too.

[ Officer Dan Barry ] You’re right, there, partner. And to have LOST the SGW World Tag Team Championships, we had to win them first – and we did! – at the biggest event in SGW history at WrestleBrawl 3!

A big applause from the fans in attendance as the two men keep their positivity rolling as Lance Storm walks by, nodding curtly at the pair of policemen.

[ Detective Bill Carr ] You know what else may make me EVEN PROUDER, partner?

[ Officer Dan Barry ] What’s that, William?

Carr pauses, the moment maybe getting to him a little bit.

[ Detective Bill Carr ] …all the SGW fans out there voted us as the Best Overall Tag Team of the Half-Year.

Barry and Carr nod for a moment before embracing to a massive pop from the audience. As they conclude, they’re each smiling with pride.

[ Detective Bill Carr ] You know what, partner?

Carr unclips his holster and removes his finger gun, looking at it for a moment before sitting it on a nearby table.

[ Detective Bill Carr ] I don’t think I’ll be needing this on the new shift.

Barry nods knowingly and removes his finger gun, as well, placing it on the table beside his partner’s. The two men sigh and smile.

[ Officer Dan Barry ] Good times on the beat, I’d say.

Carr nods in response, then bursts into laughter.

[ Detective Bill Carr ] HEY! Remember on the very first show whenever Jess was banned for ADMITTING to plagiarizing her own work? What an idiot!

[ Officer Dan Barry ] We weren’t here for that, man.

Carr’s face scrunches, but he continues.

[ Detective Bill Carr ] I know…I think this may just have something to do with the segment writer wanting an opportunity to call her a dumb cunt in results.

[ Officer Dan Barry ] Well, that sure makes sense. But…who’s Jess??

[ Detective Bill Carr ] Couldn’t tell ‘ya, Daniel. Probably some nobody with a neckbeard waiting for results that will never come.

[ Officer Dan Barry ] Oh, right…well, either way, we’ve had some great times here in Solid Gold Wrestling…but never QUITE cracked the case we were trying to, did we?

Before Carr can reply, both members of Team Tremendous’ heads snap to their left to watch Ted DiBiase leading Los Ice Creams into the shot. The Oklahoma City fans explode with cheers as the long-time rival teams come face-to-mask for what might be the final time. Before an officer or ice cream can speak, DiBiase beats them to the punch.

[ Ted DiBiase ] Let’s get one thing clear for now and all time to come, shall we, gentlemen – I don’t like you, and you don’t like me.

[ Detective Bill Carr ] Yeah, that last part goes DOUBLE for us, Tedward.

[ Ted DiBiase ] …OBVIOUSLY! It’s ABOUT you not liking me as it is—okay. Okay, I’m done. You know what? I’ve spent the better part of a year dealing with you two nincompoops and now, I’m just trying to get from the locker room to the pay window so I can collect a final time before we call it a career here.

DiBiase shakes his head incredulously and steps out of frame to allow the two teams to get right in one another’s faces.

[ Officer Dan Barry ] 12 Large, partner. Our first interaction with the Dairy Deviants known as ‘Los Ice Creams.’

Carr’s eyes are wide and he nods psychotically.

[ Detective Bill Carr ] I remember, partner. I also remember when the criminal Matthew Jackson misfired my weapon at the felonious El Hijo del Ice Cream at Fight to the Finish, as well.

Hijo cocks his head comedically and rubs the front of his head, the site of the ill-fated wound which stained sprinkles across the mat.

[ Officer Dan Barry ] And lest we forget, William – at WrestleBrawl, the site of our biggest victory in-ring? It was these two across the ring from us. Seems like we can’t shake these perps, can we?

Ice Cream Jr. lifts his hands to slow the policemen’s train of thought and speaks softly, in a high-pitched voice.

[ Ice Cream Jr. ] Policías tontos ... queríamos verte en esta, la hora final de la Lucha que está hecha de oro macizo.

Hijo nods emphatically and adds to his brother’s words.

[ El Hijo del Ice Cream ] ¡Esto es verdad! Verá, a pesar de todas las guerras y heridas de bala, nos hemos encariñado bastante con usted, policía astuto ... y usted, detective fornido.

Barry and Carr look to one another, confused. Eventually, the Ice Creams shake their head and fill in the gaps.

[ El Hijo del Ice Cream ] We say…we…respect you. Our best rival. Our forever enemies. Only…respect.

The fans ‘aww’ collectively as Los Ice Creams extend their hands for a shake and Team Tremendous’ jaws practically drop to the floor. After a moment, Carr and Barry reach out and accept their hands, shaking as Oklahoma City explode with cheers.

[ Ice Cream Jr. ] Esto significa mucho para nosotros, fuerza policial calificada. Nuestro viaje de regreso a Mexicali será mucho más placentero sabiendo que nuestro respeto es mutuo.

Still shaking, Carr laughs.

[ Detective Bill Carr ] No, no, thank you, tacos aren’t necessary. You see, we’ve already eaten.

Junior and Hijo share a quick glance.

[ Detective Bill Carr ] But speaking of which, I hope you’ve eaten already…because you won’t be havin’ tacos for a long, long time!

In the blink of an eye, Carr and Barry throw handcuffs on each of Los Ice Creams and leap into the air with a high five as Oklahoma City roar with laughter.

[ Officer Dan Barry ] AHA! YES! Brilliant, William! We’ve finally got them!

[ Detective Bill Carr ] Cleaning up the streets of pro wrestling, one creamy delicious crook at a time. All in a day’s work, partner…all in a day’s work.

As Team Tremendous begin hauling Los Ice Creams from the scene, DiBiase rushes back into frame.

[ Ted DiBiase ] HEY! WAIT! Don’t you worry, boys! I’ll be posting bail any moment now! Then we’ll be right off to the airpor—

DiBiase stops mid-sentence and lifts an eyebrow.

[ Ted DiBiase ] You know what? Nevermind.

As he departs, the fans still laughing, the camera slowly pans and zooms to the spot on the table where the two finger guns rest, lingering a moment, before fading away.

Referee - Paul Turner | Time Limit - 30:00

With his hardly known challenger waiting patiently across the ring, rolling his neck and stretching his wrists, Christopher Daniels takes the opportunity to pantomime ‘fat’ gestures at Andrew Palmer as referee Paul Turner calls for the bell. Daniels continues to laugh as the two men circle the ring and then meet in the center, tying up in the tried-and-true collar-and-elbow manner – but Palmer quickly takes Daniels’ wrist into a straight wrist lock! The Oklahoma City fans pop as Daniels winces, then rolls across the mat, looking to kip up – but Palmer wrenches him back to the mat easily!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Wow, some surprising technical acumen from the big man!

[ Scott Steiner ] PAH! I ain’t impressed!

Palmer takes Daniels by the wrist and lifts him from the mat and into a side headlock, swinging against the Ring General’s efforts to stop him around the hold and into a hammerlock with a beautiful Tiger Spin! Palmer transitions to a waist lock and lifts Daniels, charging into the corner and planting him sternum-first into the turnbuckles. As Daniels staggers out, the ‘Psycho Butcher’ greets him with a goozle!

[ Tony Schiavone ] OH MY!

On the outside, Palmer’s manager Zed Gecko begins screaming something about ‘Lady Kane’ as Palmer lifts Daniels into the air – and sits out, dropping the Fallen Angel with a sit-out chokeslam! COVER! ONE! TW—NO! Daniels kicks out, but as he does, Palmer transitions into an overhead stretch, wrenching back on a crossface! Daniels begins clawing at the canvas, looking for the ropes!


Gecko is screaming into Daniels’ face as he maneuvers towards the ropes, reaching out his hands for respite and the guarantee that this special challenge match will continue – and gets it! Palmer releases the hold and Daniels rolls through, to the corner for a bit of reprieve – but Palmer is on him again, grabbing him by the legs and lifting – Daniels plants his foot into Palmer’s face, staggering him backwards! Forcing further distance by attacking, Daniels rushes towards center ring and plants the Psycho Butcher with a leg lariat!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Daniels with the leg lariat! These two have been surprisingly evenly matched thus far!

Daniels scrunches his eyes in frustration and proceeds to Palmer’s head, stomping down on his opponent’s head as he begins to stand off the mat – but this only serves to enrage the Psycho Butcher! Palmer stands and fires a big right hand at Daniels! Daniels fires back! Palmer with a forearm strike! Daniels gives it back! Palmer throws another, but Daniels blocks it and lights up the big man with a chop across the chest!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Oh my! There’s fire in those eyes!

Palmer grits his teeth and overhand wallops Daniels across the chest with a leathering slap, immediately blistering his pectorals! Daniels slumps to the mat on his knees and Palmer is off, hitting the ropes and running THROUGH the Fallen Angel with a seated lariat! Palmer covers – ONE! TWO! NO! Daniels is up!

[ Tony Schiavone ] The Ring General isn’t leaving anything in the tank tonight! What a match!

Taking down the straps of his singlet and roaring, the Psycho Butcher calls for the Package Piledriver! Palmer double-underhooks Daniels’ arms and goes to hook the legs, but as he reaches, Daniels swings through and scores with a gut kick! Daniels with his own double-underhook – looking for the Angel’s Wings! Daniels goes to lift Palmer, but the big man drops to a knee, shifting his weight and preventing the maneuver from being executed! Daniels settles for a kneelift to Palmer’s face, stunning him, before repositioning to his back and applying a reverse facelock, then spinning through!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] LAST RITES!

[ Tony Schiavone ] And he’s not finished yet!

Daniels leaps over Palmer, up to the second rope, then to the top rope before soaring backwards with the –


And gets every bit of it! Breathing deeply, Daniels rolls his back onto Palmer’s nearly perpendicular with his opponent as Paul Turner slaps the mat thrice to award the contest to the Ring General!


“I Caught Crazy” blasts over the speakers as Daniels rolls off of Palmer, onto the canvas and breathing deeply. Eventually, Turner lifts Daniels’ arm into the air as the Fallen Angel smiles proudly.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Christopher Daniels has won this special challenge contest – and what a hard-hitting contest it was!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Daniels earned the victory over this surprisingly game challenger tonight the only way he knows how – by knuckling down and overcoming any odds before him!

[ Scott Steiner ] You’re forgetting something, Gordon Ramsay – Daniels did it because he’s NOT FAT! THIS FUCKIN’ FAT GUY, HE’S LIKE SMO’JOE! HE’S FAT! Daniels, though, he’s kind of a DUMB FUCK! But even still, the dumbest skinniest fuck in the world is still tons better than a FAAAAAT ASSSS!

Palmer pushes off the canvas onto his knees and leans back, breathing deeply at Daniels, who, too, is feeling the effects of the hard-hitting contest.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Scott, you’re lying to yourself if you don’t think this gentleman Palmer put forth enough of an effort to surprise Daniels and these people in Oklahoma City – AND YOURSELF – here tonight! He may not have won the match, but he’s proved that he belongs!

The two men meet in center ring again – and Palmer sticks his hand out, showing respect for the Ring General, who simply stares at the outstretched hand. Eventually, Daniels salutes his opponent with two fingers, prompting a tired smile and a reciprocated gesture from the ‘Psycho Butcher.’ Palmer rolls to the mat and exits the ringside area with Gecko, who provides his charge with an ice pack as they walk up the ramp.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a journey it’s been for Christopher Daniels, fans! He’s been a consistent threat for his entire stay in Solid Gold Wrestling – and now he’s going out a winner here at SGW Forever!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] And Tony – what may be the most telling thing of all? Despite Daniels’ best efforts over the past year, these fans respect what he’s done! There’s nary a sign of disrespect here tonight from these people!

Daniels climbs to the middle rope and throws his arms out to the side, taking in the moment for the final time as we fade away from the Fallen Angel, smiling in the ring.


Best Friends - Trent?, Chuck Taylor, and Orange Cassidy lean against a wall backstage. They look around with gloomy expressions on their faces.

[ Chuck Taylor ] I don’t really know what to say, honestly. Like, I know you guys probably want us to hype up SGW and talk about some good memories, but I don’t want to.

[ Trent? ] Yeah man, why would we? Where’s our Tag Title reign? You flew us all the way to Saudi Arabi only to close the company down the show after? Would’ve been real nice to give us a head’s up, you know?

Orange Cassidy pulls his hands out of his pockets and gives half of a thumbs up with one and the slowest wave of all time with the other.

[ Orange Cassidy ] Thanks.

[ Chuck Taylor ] Now how am I going to buy a Playstation 5 without a job? Who the fuck is going to hire us?

[ Orange Cassidy ] Lariat Underground.

[ Trent? ] Okay, well, in a month when their next show airs, I’ll be sure to sign us up.

Danhausen slowly lifts his head up from the bottom of the screen, appearing right up against the camera.

[ Danhausen ] Ah yes, hello! I’m Danhausen! Very nice, very evil!

[ Trent? ] C’mon man, not right now.

[ Danhausen ] Danhausen closed this company down for not giving him the Championship World title! Beware to other companies, if you do not wish to follow in their footsteps of demise, you will give Danhausen all of your titles!

Danhausen backs away from the camera and then points towards it.

[ Danhausen ] AND a blimphausen! Yes! Danhausen needs a blimp! How else will Danhausen make it to shows without one?! Very simple. Contact me on Twitter, give me your money and your blimphausen and I will appear at your show! I will go to the Underground! I will wrestle the Tonky Honk Man! Danhausen will do it all to rule the world!

Orange Cassidy walks over to Danhausen and puts his hand over his mouth.

[ Orange Cassidy ] No.

Orange then looks to the camera.

[ Orange Cassidy ] They told me to tell you bye, SGW. So.. bye.

Orange Cassidy slowly lifts a thumbs up to the camera as the scene fades to black the final time on Best Friends and Danhausen.

Referee - Rick Knox | Time Limit - 60:00

Referee Rick Knox has the call in this all-important match for the oldest championhip in Solid Gold Wrestling history – the SGW Intercontinental Championship. The challenger breathes deeply, working his neck and wrists as the champion sniggers to himself in the opposite corner. From commentary, the basis of comparison begins.

[ Scott Steiner ] Who does this skinny little Johnny Rotten shit think he is?! Doesn’t he know this is CHRIS JERICHO in front of his face? Starin’ him up and down and wonderin’ what the hell gave Edge and Christian the damn right to name this stupid prick the final contender for his Intercontinental Championship?!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Scott, as I’m sure you know, Alex Shelley is a former Pure Wrestling Champion – a former Gimmick Champion, as well! And those two championships are both currently unified with the SGW Intercontinental Championship! Not to mention, of course, his holding the SGW World Heavyweight Championship in 2006!

[ Scott Steiner ] NO WAY!

Jericho’s keen mat-work would normally be enough to hold off an opponent from the technical perspective, but Shelley’s own technique rivals Jericho’s, plus his penchance for the unusual affords the younger of the two veterans reversal opportunities the Intercontinental Champion couldn’t have predicted in the early-going of the contest.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Usually Jericho can fend off anyone with the mat wrestling, but Alex Shelley has done a wonderful job impressing here, guys!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Say what you will about his dubious interactions over the last few months here in SGW, or his loose alliance with Jim Cornette on the Shock show, but Shelley appeared to be as fit as ever in his brief appearance in Saudi Arabia – and earlier today, he told me that any allegiances to Eddie Dennis or Jim Cornette are out of his mind – he’s focused completely on winning the SGW Intercontinental Championship!

As Jericho fumes, Shelley goes around him with an easily-gotten waist-lock, then lifts the larger man to disorient him before leaping over his shoulders into a side headlock – then down into a headlock takeover into a headscisscors! Jericho is helpless as Shelley dominates him, manipulating his limbs to position himself into the pushup facebusters! With the champion down, Shelley uses a rolling senton across the champion’s back, then lifts him up only to drop him across his own knee with a backbreaker! Shelley covers – but it’s only a one count! Jericho pushes off the mat and shoves Shelley, taking the opportune moment to thumb him in the eye as Knox is slightly out of position.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Jericho went to the eyes! What a rotten individual!

[ Scott Steiner ] He’s doin’ whatever it takes to win, Schiavone! You wouldn’t know, ya’ prancy fuck!

With a handful of Shelley’s hair, Jericho swings a wild haymaker and knocks the former SGW Champion to the mat with authority, stepping across his chest on his way to crow to the crowd in Oklahoma City. “I’m the greatest son of a bitch alive!” Jericho croons, flexing his muscles as the crowd begin to seriously swell in support for Shelley.


[ Tony Schiavone ] All’s fair in love and war, Scott!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I don’t really think that appli— oh, no, wait…I guess it does, Tony. Well said.

Jericho continues the assault, stomping Shelley in the back over and over before pulling him up and resting his head between his thighs, taking a moment to lift his hands in victory.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Jericho cannot continue to underestimate Alex Shelley or he will be made to pay for the mistake!

Jericho wraps his arms around Shelley and prepares to lift, but Shelley is quicker and stands, keeping the Painmaker on his back before sitting out, dropping his opponent with the Automatic Midnight! Jericho is totally limp as Shelley scuttles over and hooks both legs for the one! Two! Thre—NO! Jericho throws Shelley off at the last possible second as the Oklahoma City fans roar in shock.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Shelley was a FRACTION of a second away from winning the SGW Intercontinental Championship!

[ Scott Steiner ] Jericho needs to stop being a cocky fuck and end this shit!

Shelley exhales deeply before standing and lifting the Intercontinental Champion by his head – but Jericho shifts his body and tucks Shelley into a sloppy cradle! Knox dives into position! One! Two! No! Shelley kicks out! Now playing more to Jericho’s speed, Shelley rises off the mat, but gets caught in perfect cadence with the Breakdown – and Jericho’s eyeing the middle ropes!

[ Tony Schiavone ] No way.

[ Scott Steiner ] Is this POSSIBLE?! AT HIS AGE?!

Jericho runs, springing like it’s ’98 off the middle rope with the Lionsault, landing perfectly, sternum-to-sternum across Shelley, who howls out in pain. The Champion hooks both legs and whips his head back and forth with Knox’ count – one! Two! Thre—

NO! Shelley forces the shoulder up and Oklahoma City roars with excitement!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Shelley kicks out! Shelley kicks out!

Jericho slaps the mat at his sides and stands, taking the former SGW Champion by the face of all things and LEATHERS him with a slap that echoes off Shelley’s face and around the Chesapeake Energy Arena before hooking his arms for a German Suplex – and delivering! Jericho keeps the pin – one! Two! NO! Shelley’s out again!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Shelley’s not saying ‘no’ tonight, Chris!

The furious, frustrated SGW Intercontinental Champion begins pulling his long, silvery blonde hair at the sides before jabbing a finger in Knox’ face! Jericho corners the official, giving him all of the business, but also giving Shelley time to recover! As the challenger gets to his feet, the OKC fans are roaring – and he approaches Jericho, slowly from behind!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Jericho’s about to get what’s been coming to him for picking on Rick Knox!

But at the last moment, Jericho turns around and NAILS Shelley with the Codebreaker! Shelley scorpions off of Jericho’s knees on impact and crumbles to the mat as the champion lacksidasically makes the cover – one! Two!

But Knox stops his count!

[ Scott Steiner ] WHAT THE FUCK?!

Jericho pushes off the mat and off his knee, grabbing Rick Knox by the collar of his striped shirt and begins shaking him, asking if “he’s got a problem and wants to fuckin’ die!” But as the OKC fans scream, Knox points at Shelley’s foot – draped over the bottom rope to stop the count! The fans in the arena go off as Jericho stomps his feet, enraged at this turn of events! Not giving Shelley any room to breathe, the champion pulls him off the rope by the feet and instantly turns him over into the Walls of Jericho – directly in center ring!

[ Scott Steiner ] That’ll wrap this shit up! The punk gave it a fine shot.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Alex Shelley has overcome obstacles nearly nobody on this roster could comprehend and I daresay he’d rather die in the hold than give up now!

[ Tony Schiavone ] How do you mean, Nigel?!

Shelley screams through the pain and begins inching across the canvas with every tiny bit of energy he has.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He fought to the top of Solid Gold Wrestling when men of his size – men of OUR SIZE – OUR BACKGROUND – OUR PEDIGREE – didn’t make it! He and I, despite our many, many differences, are cut from the same cloth – and he had to fight TWICE as hard to get where he was in SGW, and dammit, he’s had to wait until right bloody now to get an opportunity to make this reboot a successful one for him personally – a FORMER WORLD’S CHAMPION, FOR GOD’S SAKES!

As Nigel continues to call, Shelley continues to fight, bursting through the pain despite Jericho’s gritted-teeth nerve, forcing him into the same spot, hoping he’ll be ground into powder on the mat below.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He worked his ASS off to get to the top in 2000-and-ruddy-6, and right damn now, he’s provin’ he could’ve still been workin’ the top of the card from November on! Alex Shelley won’t quit because it’s not in his DNA right damn now to quit! This has been a fight he’s had for years in SGW and it all comes down to the here and now – what is he made of?!

Shelley reaches, both he and Jericho screaming through the moment, which seems to last an eternity until—

[ Tony Schiavone ] HE’S GOT THE ROPES!

Oklahoma City is absolutely thunderous, no pun intended, as the Chesapeake Arena shakes with Energy. Jericho waits the ENTIRE five seconds before Knox shoves him out of the hold to break it while Shelley clings to his sore limbs. Jericho, incensed with the ire of the official, shoves back to a chorus of boos. Smirking to himself, Jericho smacks his elbow, walking cockily to Shelley and grabbing a handful of hair.


Jericho gets Shelley to his feet and the challenger is clearly in a bad way, glazed in the eyes as the Champion speaks down to him again: “You were a job boy bitch for Christian and Jarrett and Edge then – and you’re a job boy bitch for ME now! So stay the FUCK down, Shelley!” Jericho releases his grip and spins, launching a devastating Judas Effect elbow for the challenger’s face – BUT SHELLEY DUCKS IT!

[ Tony Schiavone ] OH MY WORD!

Shelley ducks the elbow enough to leave Jericho’s arm around his neck and instantly drops to the mat, using his legs to crab-walk backwards so the two are in center ring! Jericho instantly begins reaching for the ropes – but that’s what Shelley wanted!


Jericho continues scraping at the canvas, literally using his nails to dig tiny shards off of the mat before Shelley reaches and snares Jericho’s right arm! With the Champion’s wrist latched, Shelley wraps it around Jericho’s own throat – and pulls back!!


Shelley is pulling with all his might as Jericho screams, in obvious agony from the earlier assault to the back. The Champion, still doing all he can to escape with his knees, begins wailing in pain – and Shelley steps off the mat, bridging his body to increase the torque to Jericho’s spine! Sweat pours from Shelley’s face as the tears do the same from Jericho’s – and he submits, to a downright electric response from the Oklahoma City fans!


The raucous cheering in the arena practically drowns out Shelley’s Black Rebel Motorcycle Club theme as the new champion releases Jericho, who instantly falls to the mat, back torn from the agony of the Border City Stretch.


[ Scott Steiner ] The scrawny little punk had the heart! I’ll be damned!

Oklahoma City roars with a “SHELLEY! SHELLEY! SHELLEY!” chant as Knox delivers the gold to the new champion, who is seated in the corner with an exhausted look of pride on his face.

[ Tony Schiavone ] NIGEL! Alex Shelley has done it, best buddy! He’s won the championship!

Nigel is silent as Shelley stands, holding the championship up above his head for the crowd to admire.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He’s done it…he’s gone and bloody done it.

As Shelley celebrates, Jericho shoves the ringside crew attempting to assist him, choosing instead to stomp up the stage alone, screaming “this is BULLSHIT! THAT HOLD IS A CHOKE! IT’S ILLEGAL!” for anyone who would listen – but none would.

This night, the world would only hear the victory song of Alex Shelley, who overcame the odds again.


Excitement fills the screen as Christopher Daniels is riding high after his big win. The Full Tilt Boogie title rests on his shoulders as he clutches a bottle of champagne. Frankie Kazarian follows alongside him.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Frankie, what a way to end SGW! I picked up the biggest win in SGW HISTORY and I’m leaving the final Full Tilt Boogie Champion! Sir, if I do say so myself, I belong in the Hall of Fame!

[ Frankie Kazarian ] Kick Christian out and give you his spot!

[ Christopher Daniels ] No thanks. The only thing I ever wanted of Christian’s.. Was his Full Tilt Boogie title, which, actually, was mine to start with. So it wasn’t really his for me to covet, but you get the picture!

[ Frankie Kazarian ] No.. Not really.

CRASH! A nearby brick wall of the arena explodes with.. Wait.. With Matt Sydal and Mr. Sadistic himself, Luke Harper, crashing through it! These two men had a show-long match at Mile High Madness, stretching all across the arena, and months later, it looks like the fight is continuing!

[ Christopher Daniels ] Holy crap! It’s Mr. Sadistic!

[ Frankie Kazarian ] Remember when he drug Triple H behind his motorcycle? Or when he kept bragging about his hot tub? Mr. Sadistic was wild as shit, man.

The two men are fighting over a flamethrower. The humming of the fumes from the weapon of destruction is loud, as both men are desperately fighting for control of it. Daniels sees the flamethrower and his jaw drops.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Frankie, that’s a damn flamethrower! I will not have my title melted down and sold for scrap!

Daniels plows through the doors of the arena to the parking lot. Kazarian sees it and follows right behind. Outside, Daniels attempts to slide across the hood of his rental car but rolls over himself and hits the ground as Kazarian enters the driver’s seat.

[ Christopher Daniels ] It looks so easy on television!

Christian is seen coming through the doors and screams at Daniels.


Kazarian fires up the rental car and slams on the gas, burning rubber out of its parking spot. Christian removes his shoe and tosses it at the car, banging off the back door. Daniels rolls down his window as it drives off, proudly displaying his title.



[ Christopher Daniels ] SUCK IT! I’M YOUR NEW DEMOLITION, LOSER!

The car speeds off into the night, never to be seen again.. Until we see way off in the distance, Daniels dropping the Fult Tilt Boogie Championship out of the window. The car slams on its brakes, Daniels gets out and grabs the title and gets back in. Trying again, the car successfully drives off into the distance, never to be seen again. Knowing this is the last any of us will ever see of Christopher Daniels, Christian kicks a nearby trash can.

[ Steve Corino ] OW! Get me out of here, would ya’?


Christian walks past a dumpster and Luke Harper and Matt Sydal’s fight over the flame thrower continues, with them crashing into the side of the dumpster. Christian jumps back in shock of the sight in front of his eyes.

[ Christian ] Where do you morons keep finding freakin’ flamethrowers?

Harper pins Sydal’s shoulders to the ground with his knees, taking full control of the flamethrower. A wild look overtakes his eyes.

[ Luke Harper ] It’s time to get real ass sadistic.

Harper points the flamethrower at Sydal as the scene quickly fades.

Referee - Aubrey Edwards | Time Limit - 60:00

As soon as the bell rings, all three other teams begin assaulting the Boss 'n Hug Connection, pummeling them with forearms and boots! Nia Jax hoists up Sasha Banks and plants her with a SAMOAN DROP right in the center of the ring! Bayley gets taken down by an enzuigiri from AZM, leaving her wide open for a middle rope moonsault from Starlight Kid! Nia Jax pins Sasha as Starlight Kid pins Bayley! ONE! TWO! THREE!

[ Eliminated - The Boss 'n Hug Connection ]

[ Tony Schiavone ] We are guaranteed new SGW Twinstar Champions tonight!

The remaining three teams all fight it out with Nia Jax being knocked to the outside! Starlight Kid climbs onto the top turnbuckle and flies out onto her with a FLYING BODY PRESS! Inside the ring, the Big Kaijus go to work, dumping Hyper Misao to the floor and double teaming AZM before Hikaru Shida drills her with TAMASHII NO THREE COUNT! She covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!

[ Eliminated - Lightning Star ]

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Eliminations are coming rapid fire! These teams are desperate to walk away from this event as the final champions!

Nia Jax returns to the ring and its a four way brawl with Misao and Jax taking on the Big Kaijus. With Nurse Ratchet and Dr. Cube at ringside, the Big Kaijus have a distinct advantage! Abyss sits at ringside as well, with Tamina and Eve Torres tied to chairs. After some nefarious tactics by Nurse Ratchet, it looks like Shida and Shoko are gonna take the win... but the lights go out!

[ Scott Steiner ] What's this shit!? Ya'll know I don't like the dark!

[ Tony Schiavone ] We're not behind this, Scott! I swear!

[ Scott Steiner ] You better fuckin' not be!

The lights come back up and Kris Statlander is in the ring in her purple Halo armor! The fans pop huge! The distraction is just enough for Nia Jax to plant Shoko with the SAMOAN DROP as Hyper Misao comes off the top rope on Shida with the I AM A HERO SPLASH! It's a double pin! ONE! TWO! THREE!


The fans pop huge as Aubrey Edwards hands the Twinstar titles to Hyper Misao and Nia Jax. Dr. Cube is losing his mind at ringside. He grabs a microphone as the fans begin chanting "PLEASE DON'T TALK" over and over.

[ Dr. Cube ] You fool! You absolute fool, Kris Statlander!

Statlander looks down at Cube from the ring, breathing heavily... intense.

[ Dr. Cube ] You might have cost my Big Kaijus their rightful place as champions... but that will be your final victory over me! You have done nothing to slow down the progress I have made toward CONQUERING this planet! It almost feels like a waste of time to take you off the board once and for all... but... hey, what the hell... I'll do it anyway!

Cube snaps his fingers.


Tucor and Dusto Bunny emerge from the back and begin plodding down to ringside. However, as soon as they reach the ringside area, Kris Statlander produces a microphone of her own and begins to speak.

[ Kris Statlander ] That's enough, Cube. The evil you have wrought upon this company and this planet will end now! The all-powerful Cube Prime has been stopped. Earthling Cruise, the bravest man I have ever met across multiple galaxies, gave his life to see it through...

She raises her fist in the air.

[ Kris Statlander ] And now I am the holder of the final traces of REAL ULTIMATE POWER!

Dr. Cube looks around, confused.

[ Dr. Cube ] That's impossible! A low-level being such as yourself could never possess such power... even so little an amount. What do you hope to achieve? You can't use it to turn your friends back into humans... it's pointless to use it to save SGW... it's too late! You have no REAL power, alien wretch!

[ Kris Statlander ] I'm not going to use it to change my friends back... or to save SGW... I'm going to use it to blink you out of existence, Dr. Cube. So it is like you never existed... and if you never existed, it will fix everything that has gone wrong thanks to you and your treacherous deeds!

Statlander clenches her fist tighter and the lights begin to flicker. Cube pleads with her.

[ Dr. Cube ] Stop! Wait!

Statlander lowers her fist and looks down at Cube.

[ Dr. Cube ] So, you think you can blink me from existence... thus correcting everything I've done up to this point... that doesn't even make sense! You could cause irreparable damage to the time stream! You can't just erase me and assume everything will be fine! That's not how this works!

[ Kris Statlander ] For plot convenience, that is how it will work tonight.

She raises her fist and shuts her eyes, the lights flicker. Cube cuts her off again.

[ Dr. Cube ] Wait! What... what makes you think that this world will be any better without Dr. Cube!?

Statlander opens her eyes and glares at him.

[ Kris Statlander ] Because it has to be.

The lights flicker and go out. When they come back on, Dr. Cube is gone. Everyone looks around... and suddenly all attention is on Dusto Bunny and Tucor as... something begins to happen!

Candy Floss and Tommaso Ciampa look at each other, confused... and then they hug! Kris Statlander leaps out of the ring and embraces Candy Floss as the fans cheer loudly! They leave up the ramp, celebrating! At ringside, the now not-brainwashed Abyss cuts Eve Torres and Tamina Snuka loose. They charge into the ring and hug Nia Jax as Hyper Misao looks on with her title and crown. Abyss escapes through the crowd as the celebration continues.

[ Scott Steiner ] Thank god all that bullshit is over!

[ Tony Schiavone ] What are you talking about?

[ Scott Steiner ]All that Dr. Cube bullshit. It's done!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What's a Dr... Cube?

Dead air.

[ Scott Steiner ] Oh you gotta' be fuckin' kiddin' me! They wipe that asshole from existence and I'm seriously the mother fucker chosen by fate to be cursed with the knowledge of what really happened!?

[ Tony Schiavone ] I don't understand.

[ Scott Steiner ] Shut the fuck up.


As the brand new Twinstar Champions celebrate, we fade into a shot of the Rock, nose turned up to the air, sunglasses reflecting light into the camera’s lens as the fans in OKC explode with joy. The shot zooms out to reveal he is standing at the SGW Interview Set alongside his friend Cathy Kelley. He holds a hand up to pause Cathy and cocks his head slightly astray, listening to the people’s reaction to his cool cousin Nia and her partner Hyper Misao.

Then smiles.

The Rock lowers his hand and turns to Cathy, giving her a quick nod, which she answers with a simple smile and begins.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Ladies and gentlemen, it is my distinct honor and pleasure to introduce a former SGW World Heavyweight Champion, as well as the winner of tonight’s Limitless Forever Battle Royal, “the Great One” himself, the Rock.

The people blow up as Rock tilts his head back again, following his nose into the air to hear their reaction to him. He looks down at Cathy after a moment and speaks.

[ The Rock ] Whoo-wee, Queen Cathy! The Rock says that was one hell of an introduction, mama! It’s about time the Rock is interviewed by someone with all the air and presence of the Queen herself! Please allow the Rock to say that it is his very distinct ‘in her for pleasure’ to be standing so close to you right now.

Cathy’s eyes go wide and the Rock holds a hand out in front of himself.

[ The Rock ] You’ll have to pardon the Rock, Queen Cathy, it seems his gargantuan dong was doin’ the talkin’ for him again –

Rocky reaches down and slaps the leg of his leather pants at about the calf and Cathy’s eyes go wide and she blushes slightly.

[ The Rock ] – but the Rock meant to say it is his ‘distinct honor and pleasure’ to be interviewed by you here tonight at SGW Forever Live on Pay-Per-View!

Cathy chuckles to herself and carries on.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Well, thank you Rock –

[ The Rock ] Please, mama, call the Rock ‘Dwayne.’

[ Cathy Kelley ] Yes, of course, Dwayne, I have to know, is ther—

[ The Rock ] Pardon me, Queen Cathy, the Rock must insist that you refer to him as The Rock on SGW Programming – you see because when you say those two words in that proper sequence, the MILLIONS!

Almost robotically, the OKC replies.


[ The Rock ] And MILLIONS of the Rock’s fans give an approximately 23% stronger reaction when you use said phrasing to refer to the Great One.

Cathy nods, analyzing this newfound data in her mind as the Rock nods gently.

[ The Rock ] Please continue, mama, the Rock loves when you call him the Rock!

[ Cathy Kelley ] Well, Rock, I have to know – here tonight, SGW is presenting its final show and I’m curious – after such a well-rounded, storied career in Solid Gold Wrestling, is there anything you didn’t get to accomplish that you were hoping to have done here?

The people stir as The Rock thinks to himself, slowly removing his sunglasses and placing them in his pocket. His eyes gaze at nothing in particular in the distance as he reflects upon the last year of his life.

[ The Rock ] What a hell of a question to ask the Rock, Queen Cathy, and I have an answer for you, an answer so perfectly cromulent for a question so perfectly asked: No! You see the Rock doesn’t deal in regrets; he deals in dollars! He doesn’t deal in sadness; he deals in Hollywood releases! The Great One doesn’t worry about the lumps and bruises, he worries about the memories and the good times along the way, mama! Yeah!

A big pop from the fans.

[ The Rock ] And trust the Rock when he says he’s had a hell of a career in SGW, Queen Cathy. I’ve won all the championships I could have wanted to win, I’ve smacked the lips off some tootie-fruity sons’a’bitches, I’ve gone toe-to-toe with some of the greatest the world knows, and I’ve gone stroke-for-stroke with some of the most beautiful women God himself had to wipe the sweat off his forehead after crafting! It’s been a hell of a ride in Solid Gold Wrestling, Queen Cathy! The Rock has no regrets!

Cathy smiles as the fans in the Chesapeake Energy Arena chant “Rocky.” She goes to speak, but the Rock interrupts her again.

[ The Rock ] Now, the Rock has no regrets, this is as true as the Rock is long, but he does have something lasting in his brain. Some…thing…that won’t let the Rock go in peace.

Cathy’s face curves into a curious expression as she speaks.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Well, please, Rock, let’s try and work it out before we end here tonight. What is it?

The Rock nods, his lips puckering slightly.

[ The Rock ] You see, the Rock has had a question on his mind, needing to be answered for a long, long time, mama. He’s asked over and over and not a soul could help the Rock – well, Queen Cathy, I’m hoping you’ve got the magic touch to the situation, because the Rock says he’s going to ask the question one more time.

The Rock takes a huge whiff through his nose, eyes closed tightly, and speaks confidently, loudly.

[ The Rock ] WHERE’S SCOT—

[ ??? ] I’m right here, Rock.

The fans in Oklahoma City absolutely lose their minds as the camera zooms out enough for a red-haired man in a three-piece suit to step into the frame with a broad smile on his face. The Rock’s world-famous eyebrow lifts into its trademark arch as he looks the man up and down. The Rock turns his head slightly ajar, confused, but the man nods knowingly and smiles.

[ The Rock ] The Rock has been looking all over for you, Scott. And he has one question to ask you.

The fans are buzzing with excitement as Scott chuckles to himself and replies.

[ Scott Smith ] Anything, Rock. What can I do for you?

A second or two passes before the Rock speaks again.

[ The Rock ] The Rock wants to clear this burning question from his brain, the Rock wants to put to bed all the what-ifs and how-comes, and so, Scott, so, Queen Cathy, so, Oklahoma City, so, Worldwide Audience, the Rock must know…

Scott and Cathy lean in slightly, eager to hear what the Rock wants to know.


A massive pop as Cathy and Scott’s faces instantly shift to bemused cheer as the Rock’s eyebrow shoots back into its curve.

[ Scott Smith ] I’m Scott, Rock. Scott Smith.

The Rock’s eyes burn with fire and his lips close into a tight, straight line. Cathy looks tense as Scott’s eyes shift left to right, not sure what’s going on.

[ The Rock ] …yes. The Rock says, ‘yes you are, Scott.’ The Rock thanks you for this, Scott.

Without any delay, the Rock pulls Scott into a hug as the fans explode with cheers again. As they finish their embrace, Scott pats the Rock on the back and turns away to leave.

[ Scott Smith ] …I’m going to miss you, Rock.

Scott steps off screen as Rock watches him go, then turns to Queen Cathy again.

[ The Rock ] Well, Queen Cathy, the Rock says that wraps it up just about perfectly, mama! One hell of a career in SGW! One hell of a career in the ring! And now, the Rock may as well be named Rock Jefferson, because he’s ‘movin’ on up – to the top!’

[ Cathy Kelley ] I’m sorry, Rock, I don’t follow – what do you mean?

[ The Rock ] Allow the Rock to clarify, mama – the Rock is running for President of the United States of America!

A monumental pop for the monumental news! The Rock nods confidently and speaks again, directly to the camera.

[ The Rock ] That’s right! The People’s Champion, now the PEOPLE’S PRESIDENT! The Rock says he’s going to be Primary-winnin’, always-grinnin’, Commie-fightin’! Policy-writin’! Legislation-makin’, First Lady Quakin’, President of these fifty-three United States of America! And that’s right, Joseph Biden, I’m gonna be BIDEN a chunk out of the vote and spittin’ it into your geriatric mouth! And you, Trump! The Rock says he has never in all his years seen a more despicable being than you! The Rock says you’re nothing more…than a Cheese Puff Dust Donkey! CHANT IT!


As the chanting dies, Cathy replies.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Wow, Rock, that’s incredible! And…well…I hate to rain on your parade, Rock, but the ballots are all closed. It’s…it’s too late for you to enter the race.

A swell of boos nearly as loud as any reaction tonight sweeps through the scene as the Rock scrunches his face in disappointment. Eventually, Cathy puts a hand on his back, consoling him until a voice from off-screen speaks deeply.

[ ??? ] I think I can help with that.

The Rock and Cathy quickly look to their left and the camera follows – revealing Keith Lee, wearing a red-white-and-blue jogging suit! He steps closer to the scene and speaks calmly.

[ Keith Lee ] You see, Rock, I am a man of great experience…I know a little something about marching on Washington, you know.

The Rock nods, smiling slightly.

[ The Rock ] You know something, the Rock does recall reading about that!

Lee smiles back at the Rock.

[ Keith Lee ] So I’m proposing…we make a little march on Washington, you and I – and the people!

A huge reaction.

[ Keith Lee ] …and while we march, we’ll DEMAND…that the Rock gets onto the ballot for President of these 53 United States!

Cathy’s face scrunches and she goes to correct the two men, but the overwhelming cheering convinces her otherwise. Eventually, the Rock nods in approval.

[ Keith Lee ] Rock…I’ll do all of these things for you…so long as Keith Lee can be your LIMITLESS Vice President.

Another enormous pop. The Rock lifts an eyebrow and replies.

[ The Rock ] …the Rock says you’re on.

The two men shake hands as Cathy smiles broadly. The Rock reaches into his pocket and produces his sunglasses, tossing them into the air and catching them perfectly on his face, leans down and kisses Cathy on the cheek.

[ The Rock ] The Rock says it’s been a pleasure, Queen Cathy, and thanks for the support, Queen Cathy – and good luck in finishing the evening. In your duties as interviewer at SGW. And the Rock wants to say one thing to all of you out there, watching on SGW. The Rock hopes that you all can win in your lives, when you head to the next day of your lives, as winners. And that you love your lives, like the Rock loved being at SGW.

The Rock reaches into his pocket again and produces a strange set of keys and walks, Keith Lee closely behind him, to the parking lot, as the camera crew follows them. Rocky strides past a number of sensible vehicles, then a few luxury automobiles, and finally to a private jet, which he unlocks, lowering the steps via a button on the automatic fob. Lee nods, admiring the jet, and steps onboard as the Rock slowly marches up the steps, turning around one last time, flashing that million-dollar smile.

[ The Rock ] <shouting over engine> Queen Cathy!

[ Cathy Kelley ] <shouting> Yes, Rock?!

[ The Rock ] <shouting> Do as the Rock does, mama – and Walk Tall! When you’re in a Rundown, don’t cower and cry, go Fast and Furious! Do the right thing, Queen Cathy! These people love you and believe in you just like they did the Rock and that is a guaran-damn-tee, IF YA SAH-MELLLLLLLLLLL-la-luh-la-luh-luh-la-lawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! …WHAT PRESIDENT ROCK! …IS COOKIN’!

Somehow, ‘Electrifying’ blares through speakers on the jets as the Rock boards and the door closes. Eventually, the jet, flown by the Rock, flies off into the sky, towards the sun, as we fade away at a shot of the beautiful sky.

Backstage, we see Hyper Misao and Nia Jax celebrating with the SGW Twinstar Championship belts. Nia Jax stares down at her title with tears in her eyes as Hyper Misao rides in circles around her on the combat cycle! Misao is wearing the Goddess of SHOCK Championship on her head as well. She rings the bell on the bike repeatedly with a huge smile on her face.


Nia Jax clutches the championship tightly to her chest.

[ Nia Jax ] You know, this doesn't have to be the end. I've spent so long chasing these Twinstar title belts, winning them tonight in the main event of SGW Forever on pay-per-view... it's made me realize that there's more out there for me. You and I... we can do more.

Misao brings the bicycle to a screeching halt.

Hyper Misao ] < Wait, you wish to continue teaming up? We can hit the streets and protect PEACE AND LOVE all over the world! >

Nia Jax nods, smiling.

[ Nia Jax ] That's exactly what I'm thinking and with our sidekicks, Eve Torres, Tamina Snuka, and Rey Mysterio, Jr., nothing can stop us from beating peace and love into criminals everywhere!

[ Hyper Misao ] < YES! WE WILL BE TRUE HEROES! >

Jax turns and places her hand on the handlebars of the combat cycle.

[ Nia Jax ] But I get to ride your cool bicycle.

[ Hyper Misao ] < SURE! >

[ Nia Jax ] And I get to wear that cool crown again, which I deserve for beating Valentina Loca live on No Peace in Brooklyn in a steel cage match in the main event on pay-per-view.

[ Hyper Misao ] < That doesn't sound right but okay! >

Hyper Misao hands Nia Jax the crown and she puts it on her head. Nia immediately pushes Misao off the bicycle and sits on it. The frame groans as Nia Jax puts all her weight on it. Jax pats the handlebars.

[ Nia Jax ] Hop on, partner.

Hyper Misao hops onto the handlebars and Nia Jax begins slowly riding them off into the sunset.


As Misao and Nia Jax roll off-camera, we're suddenly hit by the strong scent of strawberry shortcake. The camera pans over to reveal Rick Steiner hitting a vape. Next to him, Tommy Dreamer hits a vape of his own and the unmistakable odor of Fruity Pebbles grace our nostrils. We hear a shuffle and Gangrel walks into the shot in sunglasses. He takes a drink from a small bottle of Sundrop and hits a vape of his own. He speaks as he exhales.

[ Gangrel ] I like bicycles... heh heh heh.

Cherry lime slush never smelled so good.

Referee - Mike Chioda | Time Limit - 30:00

Before Senior Official Mike Chioda can even call for the bell to kick off the Grudge Match, the two men are already storming into center ring, thundering blows from each hand rattling off the other with wet, heavy thuds of bone to flesh as the Oklahoma City fans swell with excitement, filling the atmosphere with a tense, dangerous air. Havoc breaks the close combat first with a stiff elbow shot across the eye and nose, separating the two men enough for him to superkick Venis in the same spot!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Jimmy Havoc has a vengeance to enact against Val Venis! It wasn’t long after their whirlwind rivalry that Havoc’s tumultuous personal life came boiling and bubbling over the edge and spilled into his professional life – costing him the past two, three months of his career and totally dismantling his momentum in SGW!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Without momentum, Nigel, how will he EVEN LAST THREE MINUTES in this match?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Well, Tony, I don’t think momentum is QUITE as serious a concept as you may have been led to believe, but I do know the issues at heart here are still burning hot as ever!

Havoc has taken to a full mount and is punching Venis in his forehead, finally watching as his knuckles break the skin on the former SGW World Heavyweight Champion’s forehead! Chioda is powerless to stop this assault under the rules of the Street Fight, and Havoc gives it another shot, then a headbutt for good measure before standing and lifting Venis by his ears from the canvas. Havoc spins for a discus – but Venis intercepts him with a stiff forearm strike to the back of the head, stunning the King of the Goths! With Havoc discombobulated, Venis latches a tight grip around his waist and pops his hips, throwing Jimmy overhead with a German Suplex! BRIDGE! ONE! TWO! NO!

[ Scott Steiner ] Humph.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Beautiful suplex, well applied, but not enough to put away the dangerous Jimmy Havoc!

Venis is up and meets Havoc on hands and knees, smashing his own bloody head into Jimmy’s pale forehead with a sickening CRACK! Havoc is dazed – but Venis throws another headbutt, bloodying the King of the Goths! The blood starts to trickle from Havoc’s head and it now flowing from Venis’ wound as the fans react in shock to the violence. Venis pushes off the canvas and his own knees, standing up and kicking Havoc in the side of the head! The boot echoes off the head and neck and Venis goes to step back to deliver another strike – but Havoc trips him, grabbing his ankles!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Look out!

Havoc dives across the ring, hands outstretched and grabs Venis by the face, thumbs dangerously close to his left eye!

[ Tony Schiavone ] God in Heaven, Jimmy Havoc is out for blood! Or, well, MORE blood!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] He’s going for the eye!

Venis does a fine job of preventing Havoc from reaching his eye, slipping his right hand under Jimmy’s to protect himself, but Havoc begins dropping repeated hammerfists onto the hand and eye region, giving all he has in the most vicious way he can to permanently harm the former two-time SGW World Heavyweight Champion. Eventually, Chioda forces enough separation to stop the attack, but in pushing Havoc back, he leaves the reprehensible Brit open to a kick to the balls from Venis!

[ Scott Steiner ] NO! FUCKING! HONOR!

Havoc slinks to the ground as Venis takes time to recover from the war they’ve been enacting on one another thus far and meets Jimmy in center ring, each man throwing their heads forward, full-steam ahead, collinding with the most disgusting crack of bone-meeting-bone!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Gentlemen, this is truly disgusting. The concussions are nothing to play with!

As both Venis and Havoc slump to the mat, they roll, almost out of instinct alone, to the floor, where they each begin rustling under the skirt of the ring, producing steel chairs! Chioda pleads with Venis first, then Havoc, neither successfully, to drop the weapons, but both men toss their chairs onto the apron and start pulling themselves onto the ring again! Eventually, Havoc and Venis lock eyes, on the opposite aprons of the ring and begin inching into the center of the warzone, standing to meet one another, both using their chairs to stand completely.

[ Tony Schiavone ] This…this feels like something terrible is about to happen, fans! Please send the children away!

Havoc grins, blood dripping down his nose and into his mouth as Venis snarls, a corner of his lips turned upwards, as well. Jimmy lifts his chair and swings, smashing into Val’s head and shooting blood across the canvas – but Venis is still up! Havoc’s eyes go wide as Val grits his teeth and fires a chair shot of his own, spewing Jimmy’s blood as well! Havoc staggers, but recovers, holding up a middle finger before HURLING his chair and SMASHING Venis in the face with it! The OKC fans gasp and roar as Venis falls to a knee, the chair falling from around his neck as he uses his own weapon to stand – and chunks it at Havoc, rattling it off of his face in return!

[ Scott Steiner ] …fuck me.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I’m being serious! Get the doctors down here, right now!

Both men are warped, permanently damaged from the heavy shots and physical torment they’ve put on the other, staggering into center ring with blood pouring from their heads. As the Oklahoma City fans beckon for them to continue their epic encounter, they each throw a stiff right hand – and connect!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Direct shot! Both men are sinking quickly!

Before they fall, though, Havoc reaches out, manipulates Val’s arm into place and WRECKS HIM with the Acid Rainmaker! It rattles the entire canvas as Chioda’s mouth drops open – and both men are ravaged on the canvas, blood strewn everywhere like a mono-color Pollock.

[ Tony Schiavone ] As God as my witness, these two men have KILLED one another!

With only a moment’s rest, Jimmy slowly inches over, barely able to move, and lies, chest to chest over Venis’ still body as Chioda quickly, mercifully slaps the mat thrice to end this violent affair and the grudge in which it is built upon forever.


As the bell rings, Havoc slides off of Val’s chest and breathes in and out deeply, blood still trickling from his forehead. The fans have finally peaked in their excited roaring, basking in the celebration with Havoc as Chioda begins attending to both men.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Fans, we’ve seen some incredible wars over the last year, and some incredible wars tonight, too – but that may have been one of the most physically grueling wars I’ve ever witnessed in the realm of professional wrestling!

[ Scott Steiner ] I don’t like either of these motherfuckers – and I sure as shit don’t respect ‘em! – but I respect that they’d beat the holy hell out of each other to win tonight! AND I ENJOYED WATCHIN’ IT!

Venis slowly gets to his feet with Chioda’s assistance and comes face-to-face with Havoc, who appears exhausted from the war which the two seem to have survived. With the senior official begging them both not to come to blows, Jimmy slowly extends his hand to Venis, who stares at it for a moment, then accepts the show of mutual respect as the Chesapeake Energy Arena roars with approval.

[ Tony Schiavone ] And what a show of respect! These two rivals have beaten one another half to death and seem all the stronger for it!

Venis exits the ring slowly and waves to the crowd briefly, breaking kayfabe, before the camera cuts again to Havoc, who allows Chioda to lift his hand high into the air, a sign of his victory – a sign of his success. The fans provide the chorus for the moment through their chants, ringing through the building as the man continues to look out across the sea of humanity for the final time.


We fade.

As the reaction from the ring fade, a camera crew finishes what appears to be a sprint into the parking lot at the Chesapeake Energy Arena, catching a glimpse of David Otunga and Big Vito hauling an absolutely gigantic rug, rolled up, on right their shoulders. In front of them is Nunzio, pointing at an unmarked black van, the side door already open and waiting.

[ Nunzio ] Alright, there’s the fockin’ van, ‘ya galoots, load the damn cargo already, we’ve got business to attend to!

The Don’s goons hustle, walking faster while maintaining their grip on the presumably very-heavy rug. From behind them, a voice calls out.

[ Kat Marino ] Nunzio! Nunzio?!

Nunzio turns back and notices Marino tracking behind them. He quickly pinches the bridge of his nose and turns to his men, pointing at the van angrily.

[ Nunzio ] Honest to God, if you two moved any fockin’ slowah, I’d say I’d hired my Aunt Muriel to load rugs! Hurry it up, ya’ dopes!

With Marino still running behind them, Nunzio stops a few feet short of the van and turns, smiling with JUST enough patience for the interviewer.

[ Nunzio ] Yes, Miss Marino, what can I do for yous?

Kat takes a breath and gestures to the rug with her microphone.

[ Kat Marino ] Where are you going? The show isn’t over just yet! And I…I think that rug is probably property of the arena, isn’t it?

The Don’s eyes go wide and his mouth drops open.

[ Nunzio ] Oh, it’s the property of the arena, is it? What’ah you, some kinda liason to the fockin’ arena’a’somethin’? Some kinda caretaker, aah ‘ya?

From beside the van, Otunga chimes in.

[ David Otunga ] What, has the arena got a receipt or something?

Nunzio chuckles slightly.

[ Nunzio ] Yeah, has the arena got a receipt or something?! Good one, Davey!

Vito, annoyed and holding the bulk of the rug’s weight, snaps back at Otunga.

[ Big Vito ] ‘Ey, ya mook! Lift your end! The fockin’ head’s gonna smack the damn side of the van!

Nunzio’s glance whips from Kat to the pair of goons in an instant.

[ Kat Marino ] Head?!

[ Nunzio ] NO! No, he didn’t say ‘head,’ that’d be really stupid of him, wouldn’t it? What he said is ‘bed,’ because if he’s not fuckin’ lucky he’s gonna end up SLEEPIN’ in the fockin’ rug, iddn’t he?!

Vito’s face flushes red as he and Otunga continue loading the massive rug, Nunzio turning back to Kat with a blank expression.

[ Kat Marino ] …ah. Yes. Well, that’s…a relief…because you see, there’s a rumor going around…

[ Nunzio ] Rumah? What rumah?

Marino swallows and continues as Nunzio’s eyes narrow in thought.

[ Kat Marino ] Well, it’s going around that you were looking for Kevin Nash…for some sort of retaliation for screwing you out of the SGW Elevation Championship at WrestleBrawl 3…and then for making you and the rest of Jackknife Inc. look foolish on the road to Body Count…

Nunzio nods, rubbing his square jaw.

[ Nunzio ] Huh. That’s what they’re sayin’, are they? Well, Miss Marino, you’re prettier than you aah smaaht, because I haven’t seen Kevin Nash around here tonight, have yous?

Marino very slowly nods ‘no’ as Nunzio beams. He turns his chin to his goons, finally finishing the loading of the rug into the van as he speaks to them.

[ Nunzio ] Yous twos seen Nash around tonight?

[ David Otunga ] Not a sight of him. Haven’t seen him for months.

[ Big Vito ] Hell no I haven’t seen Nash! Know why, sexy?! Because’a LUPARA BIANCA! THAT’S WHY!

Nunzio’s face contorts in fury as he turns to Vito.

[ Nunzio ] IN THE VAN, YA MOOK! Otunga, start the engine. I’ll be a second.

The goons do as they’re told as Nunzio closes his eyes and breathes through his nose slowly. Kat lifts a finger slowly but Nunzio holds his hand up to stop her.

[ Nunzio ] Listen Kat, I have absolutely no idea what ya’ talkin’ about…and cleahly, neither does my family. We have no clue…but wish you all the best.

[ Kat Marino ] But Nunzio, your issue with Kevin Nash is widely-kno—

[ Nunzio ] Fuggedaboutit, Kat! I don’t know what ‘ya talkin’ about…but ‘ya know…

The Don smiles.

[ Nunzio ] I got a real good feelin’ you won’t be seein’ that seven-foot asshole Nash around anymore.

Nunzio turns, walking away from the camera as Marino gasps. Quickly, Nunzio turns around.

[ Nunzio ] …because SGW is closing down! I’d get a contact number or email if you were trying to keep in touch with the Big Sexy Man, Kat. Arrivederci!

The Don hops into the van, which sits stationary for a second or two before speeding off into the night, leaving no trail of it’s being there as Marino blinks incredulously and we fade away.

We fade up with a shot of the ringside area.

A hush falls over the audience as the lights dim slightly, signaling that the next match is about to start. There's a long silence as nothing happens for what feels like a full minute. Finally, the silence is dramatically broken...


The fans explode.

[ Tony Schiavone ] It's time! For one of the most anticipated matches in all of SGW history! Edge and Christian versus the Dudley Boyz! A one time for all time collision of the two greatest tag teams to ever set foot in a Solid Gold Wrestling ring!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Say, Tony... where's Scott?

[ Tony Schiavone ] I... honestly didn't notice he was gone!

Edge and Christian emerge from the back in their entrance gear. They stand on the stage and look out at the fans as pyrotechnics explode around them. Christian wipes away a single tear before placing his hand over his eyes, peering out at all of his Peeps one final time. Edge and Christian begin making their way down to the ring. The fans have begun chanting "THANK YOU BOTH" before they even reach the ring.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I know Scotty's gonna hate t' miss this one but the show must go on! Edge and Christian are two of the greatest performers in the history of this company! Each of them is a two-time world champion! Five-time tag team champions! One-time Gimmick champions! Hall of Famers! You name it, these two have done it!

[ Tony Schiavone ] It truly is wonderful to see these two men get the send-off they deserve in such a high profile match! What an honor it is to get to call their final match, right here tonight on this, the greatest night in the history of our sport!

Edge and Christian make it to the ring and climb inside. Once inside, Christian sheds his black and gold tracksuit. Edge ditches his trench coat. Both men stand in the center of the ring, waiting on their opponents. The chants die down as the fans anticipate the next entrance.

Referee - Paul Turner | Time Limit - 30:00

It feels like another solid minute of total silence as Edge and Christian wait for the Dudley Boyz to make their entrance. Edge and Christian both look confused. They look at each other and Edge asks.

[ Edge ] What's going on?

Christian kicks at the mat.

[ Christian ] This is ridiculous! Nothing is going right for me tonight! At this point, I just wanna beat the damn Dudleys and go home!

We cut to the announce team.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Fans, we're sorry... we're all a little confused right now. It appears as if the Dudley Boyz... aren't coming?

[ Nigel McGuinness ] First, Scotty's gone missing and now this.

Suddenly, the Golden-Tron flashes to life and reveals "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner beating the shit out of D-Von Dudley! The fans pop huge at the shock of seeing such an unexpected sight! Steiner flips D-Von over and locks in the Steiner Recliner just as we hear a loud CRASH and pan over to reveal Buh Buh Ray Dudley staggering into the shot with the frame of a guitar wrapped around his neck!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh... my... goodness!

Jeff Jarrett walks into the shot in full gear, still holding the remains of the guitar in his hand. Buh Buh Ray falls flat on his face. Steiner drops D-Von and stands up, dusting his hands off.


Jarrett walks up and pats Steiner on the back. He looks into the camera.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Edge... Christian...

Jarrett smirks.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Ya' didn't think you were gettin' off that easy, did ya'? Let's just say that... Christian ain't the only one lookin' to get a win back tonight!

The fans pop huge as the Golden-Tron goes black and we cut back to the ring where we see Edge and Christian looking on. Christian still looks a little confused while Edge is wearing a dumb awe-struck grin.



The fans lose their minds!

[ Tony Schiavone ] IT DOES! THIS IS HAPPENING!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] You gotta be joking!

Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner emerge from the back in their gear. Somewhere between the back and the stage, Jarrett has found another guitar! They make their way down to the ring with purpose in their step as the fans begin chanting "HOLY SHIT" over and over.

[ Tony Schiavone ] The last time these two teams met, Edge and Christian shocked the WORLD by becoming the tag team champions for the first time!

Jarrett and Steiner enter the ring and stand across from Edge and Christian. All four men look each other up and down, mutual looks of respect. Jarrett and Steiner offer their hands... and Edge and Christian accept the gesture, shaking hands!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What a grand gesture this is! That shows you, tonight isn't about rivalries! It's about putting on a show to be remembered by--

Jarrett and Steiner both attack Edge and Christian before letting go of their hands! All four men begin brawling like crazy as Paul Turner calls for the bell to begin the match!

Referee - Paul Turner | Time Limit - 30:00

Jarrett and Christian pair off while Steiner pummels away at Edge in the corner. Edge gets his hands up, trying to deflect but Steiner is relentless! Jarrett and Christian throw hands until Jarrett takes over with a knee lift and whips Christian into the ropes. Jarrett goes for a clothesline but Christian ducks it and takes Jarrett down on the rebound with a shoulder tackle! Jarrett powders to the floor and Christian follows him out, taking him by the back of the head and trying to slam him face first into the apron, the hardest part of the ring! Jarrett blocks it and elbows out, slamming Christian face first into the apron!

[ Tony Schiavone ] They're going all out!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] A true showcase of legendary talent from SGW's past! This is the kind of excitement that SGW will be remembered for!

Inside the ring, Edge elbows Steiner until he can get out of the corner. He peppers Steiner with a series of right hands before whipping him into the ropes. Steiner comes back with a clothesline but Edge ducks it and hits the ropes himself... catching Steiner with a SPEAR on the rebound! Edge goes for the cover! One! Two! Thr-- Jarrett pulls Edge out of the ring!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Edge almost sealed the deal early on!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Can you imagine?!

Jarrett and Edge trade punches on the floor until Jarrett takes over with an eyerake and whips Edge into the rail. Jarrett follows him in but Edge moves! Jarrett collides with the rail and Edge boots him in the stomach... SNAP SUPLEX ON THE FLOOR! Christian is up. He and Edge work together and pull Jarrett back to his feet... DOUBLE SUPLEX ON THE FLOOR! Edge turns around into a baseball slide from Steiner! Steiner slides the rest of the way out of the ring and nails Christian with a forearm to the back! Edge and Christian are both down! Steiner helps Jarrett to his feet and throws him under the bottom rope. Steiner picks up Christian by his tights and tosses him inside, too! Steiner follows him in!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This is NOT a place which Christian wants to be!

Jarrett and Steiner double team Christian, putting the boots to him repeatedly before Steiner flips him over and locks in the Steiner Recliner! The fans boo loudly as Christian is unable to fight back! Edge rolls into the ring but Jarrett cuts him off, mounting him and raining down punches... but Christian uses every bit of his strength... AND STANDS UP WITH STEINER ON HIS BACK! Christian manages to get an arm free and hooks Steiner's head... BACKPACK STUNNER!

[ Tony Schiavone ] UNBELIEVABLE!

Christian boots Jarrett in the back, knocking him off of Edge. Steiner rolls out onto the apron, breathing heavily and red in the face. Edge and Christian position Jarrett on the top rope and Christian goes up. Edge positions himself under him... STACKERPLEX! Edge covers Jarrett! ONE! TWO! THRE-- NO! JARRETT KICKS OUT! Edge and Christian look shocked! Edge and Christian look at each other, knowing what they need to do! They each roll out of the ring and grab a steel chair! They return to the ring and clink them together before sizing up Jarrett!

[ Tony Schiavone ] No! They can't!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] You do whatever it takes t' win, Tony! And I think this is what it's gonna take!

Jarrett stands up on spaghetti legs and they swing the chairs... CON-CHAIR-TO-- ON SCOTT STEINER! Steiner shoved Jarrett out of the way and took the deadly move! Jarrett scrambles forward and grabs his guitar out of the corner! Edge and Christian look down at Scott Steiner in surprise! Jarrett charges at them with the guitar and swings! Christian dives out of the way as Edge ducks the swing and hits the ropes.... SPEAR ON JEFF JARRETT! SPEAR ON JEFF JARRETT! EDGE CRADLES HIM UP AND CHRISTIAN DIVES ON TOP AS WELL! ONE! TWO! THREE!


The fans pop huge as Edge and Christian roll off of Jarrett and return to their feet. Edge and Christian hug in the center of the ring as Jarrett crawls over to Steiner and checks on him.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Ladies and gentlemen, we have just witnessed history!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What a match. All four men gave it everything they had in the tank! This is what SGW is all about! Thank you, Jeff! Thank you, Scott! Thank you, Edge and Christian!

Jarrett helps Steiner to his feet. Steiner looks furious but approaches Edge and Christian with Jarrett. They extend their hands once again and a final handshake is made. The fans pop huge. Without another word or further dramatics, Jarrett and Steiner leave the ring, leaving it open for Edge and Christian to celebrate. They raise each other's arms in victory as we fade to black.

We fade up with a shot of Edge and Christian celebrating on an old box television mounted in the corner of a dim, smoky bar. The camera pans over to reveal Christopher Daniels sitting at the bar with Frankie Kazarian next to him. The SGW Full-Tilt Boogie Championship rests on the bar in front of him. Daniels nods approvingly.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Not bad, Christian.

He looks at Kazarian, a proud look.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Not bad at all.

Kazarian nods, agreeing. He turns to the bartender.

[ Frankie Kazarian ] Nurse, we're gonna need some more drinks.

Kazarian winks at Daniels.

[ Frankie Kazarian ] I like callin' bartenders "nurse."

[ Christopher Daniels ] Hilarious.

Daniels turns to the bartender.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Actually, let's have a round of appletinis on me! APPLETINIS FOR EVERYONE, HUH!?

Everyone in the bar cheers.

[ Christopher Daniels ] See, Kaz, that's the kinda' power move you're allowed to make when you're the final SGW Full-Tilt Boogie Champion. Four times!

He turns and holds up four fingers to the bartender.

[ Christopher Daniels ] I held this fucker four times!

[ Bartender ] Okay.

[ Christopher Daniels ] A lot of work went into making this title even more prestigious than the SGW World championship. I beat Elias... AGAIN! I beat a Saudi prince! And now, tonight... the biggest win of my career... I pinned Christian clean as a sheet!

[ Frankie Kazarian ] You beat me, too, brother.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Anyway, drinks!

Appletinis begin making the rounds to everyone in the bar.

[ Frankie Kazarian ] Love me some appletinis.

Someone huffs from off-camera. Daniels looks over and sees ANOTHER championship belt resting on the bar... a title unfamiliar to SGW audiences but somewhat more familiar to wrestling fans in general... a world championship... and the man drinking a bottle of Coors from behind it is...

[ The Honky Tonk Man ] How 'bout ya'll shut the fuck up so I can drink in peace?

A record scratches. Daniels and Kazarian both look offended.

[ Christopher Daniels ] And just why would either of us do that, I ask?

Honky takes a drink from his bottle.

[ The Honky Tonk Man ] 'cause I didn't order assholes with my beer.

The bartender places an appletini next to the Honky Tonk Man. He looks at it, disgusted. He flicks the glass off the bar with the back of his hand. It shatters on the floor behind the bar.

[ The Honky Tonk Man ] Get that pussy ass drink outta' here! God damn! I came here to enjoy a damn beer and what happens? Ya'll turn on that second rate outlaw bullshit company, with all its trumped up graphics and kitschy, over the top dramatics!

The Honky Tonk Man stands up, eyeballing Daniels.

[ The Honky Tonk Man ] And then this loud mouth prick comes in here, buyin' everybody these pussy ass drinks, tryin' t' make fuckin' friends or some shit... probably to make himself feel better 'cause he's got that ugly fuckin' belt that don't mean nothin'!

Honky slams his hands down on the bar.

[ The Honky Tonk Man ] Ain't nobody cares about you, Daniels! Ain't nobody never cared about you! And ain't nobody wants your god damn fruity drink! This is a real man's bar where real men drink real drinks! Ain't no place for the likes of you or your god damn meathead lover boy next to ya'!

Honky picks up his world title.

[ The Honky Tonk Man ] Real men, real drinks, and REAL title belts! Belts that mean somethin'! Belts that totally ain't no joke just 'cause I'm holdin' it in 2020! You dimwit peckerhead! Now fuck off on outta' here with ya'!

Daniels and Kazarian look at each other. Daniels shakes his head and downs his appletini in one gulp. He gets up slowly from the bar and turns to walk toward the exit. Kazarian follows, looking disappointed.

[ The Honky Tonk Man ] Yeah, keep on walkin', ya' bald headed piece o' shit!

Daniels places his hands on the exit door... and then he reaches up and clicks the lock shut. A hush falls over the bar as Daniels turns around. He cracks his neck and glares right at the Honky Tonk Man. Kazarian smiles. Daniels speaks with the utmost confidence.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Let's rock.

Cut to black.

Referee - Rick Knox & Paul Turner | Time Limit - 60:00

The match begins with Gionna Daddio and Jinny in the ring. The fans are red hot. Gionna and Jinny circle one another as Paul Turner, the referee inside the ring, calls for the bell to begin the match. As soon as it sounds, Gionna and Jinny charge at one another and lock up fiercely in the middle of the ring!

[ Tony Schiavone ] And we're off! This is it, folks! The FINAL Gold Rush match!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] And it ends where it began, fellas... with a clash over the SGW Women's World Championship!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Jinny and Gionna Daddio are starting us off and what a way to kick off the final Gold Rush! Jinny, the longest reigning champion of any kind in SGW history, taking on Gionna Daddio, who earned this title shot by winning the first-ever SHE-1 Tournament just two weeks ago!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Let us not forget who she defeated to win that tournament... JINNY!

Jinny takes Gionna over with a headlock, only for Gionna to back into the ropes and shoot Jinny off! Jinny rebounds toward Gionna and Gionna goes for a high kick only for Jinny to duck it and take Gionna down two handfuls of hair! Jinny immediately mounts Gionna and begins raining down forearm blows! Jinny pulls Gionna back to her feet and goes for the ACID RAINMAKER but Gionna ducks it and executes a go behind, nailing Jinny with a release German suplex! As Gionna scrambles back to her feet, the timer begins counting down...

[ Entrant #3 - Tessa Blanchard ]

The fans give a strong mixed reaction as they've heard rumors of Tessa's remarks made over the last two weeks... and it seems as though they might be correct as Tessa's music plays for several long seconds with her not coming out. Gionna is waiting on her but Tessa... just isn't coming out. Jinny is back to her feet and nails Gionna from behind before whipping her around and nailing her with the TOUCH OF COUTURE which sends Gionna flailing through the ropes to the floor!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Where's Tessa Blanchard?!

[ Scott Steiner ] She took the damn title and ran, it looks!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I think Scott might be right. The rumor mill was swirling earlier in the week when Tessa Blanchard made a comment about not returning to SGW with the Elevation title, choosing to stay in Mexico with her fiancé unless SGW management coughed up $250,000 to return the title!

[ Scott Steiner ] Joke's on her bitch ass! The company's goin' under! Who gives a fuck if they get the Elevation title back! That shit was more of a prop than a real title anyway!

[ Eliminated - Tessa Blanchard via No Show ]

Jinny follows Gionna to the floor and beats on her relentlessly with forearms before pulling her up and whipping her hard into the ring steps! Jinny follows her in and goes for a running knee strike against the steel but Gionna moves and Jinny eats the stairs knees first! She flips over the stairs and lands in a seated position on the opposite side! Gionna staggers around and grabs Jinny by the hair, pulling her up and delivering a snap suplex on the floor! As both women writhe around on the mat, the timer begins to tick down once again!

[ Entrant #4 - Io Shirai ]

The fans cheer loudly as Io Shirai walks out onto the stage with the SGW Women's World Championship around her waist. With her knee taped up, Io begins making her way down to the ring at a deliberate pace. She hands the title to Rick Knox at ringside and then rolls under the bottom rope, eyeing Jinny and Gionna on the floor as they struggle back to their feet.

[ Tony Schiavone ] The champ is here!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] But is she good to compete? She injured her knee in a scuffle with Rhea Ripley a few weeks back, only to have it targeted by Sasha Banks in Japan... and then again by Ripley just two weeks ago! There's no way Io Shirai is in top physical condition for this, her final defense of the championship!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Speaking of, this is only the second time in history that a championship has been defended in a Gold Rush match. The last time was Gold Rush 2: Limitless Boogaloo when Christopher Daniels defended the Limitless Championship!

Io climbs to the top turnbuckle and flies... MOONSAULT TO THE FLOOR, taking out both Gionna and Jinny! Io Shirai quickly snatches Jinny up by her hair and throws her under the bottom rope. Io goes for a quick cover! One! Two! Thr-- JINNY KICKS OUT! Before Shirai can capitalize, Gionna Daddio grabs her ankle and pulls her outside the ring! Gionna throws Io hard into the rail and then dumps her over into the front row. Gionna turns to enter the ring but walks right into a SUICIDE DIVE from Jinny! Jinny snatches Gionna up and pulls her in... STYLE CLASH ON THE FLOOR! Jinny drags Gionna's dead weight toward the apron and throws her under the bottom rope. Jinny follows her in but the timer begins to tick down before she can capitalize!

[ Entrant #5 - Christina Von Eerie ]

The fans pop huge as Jinny's face drops upon seeing Von Eerie emerge from the back in a horrifying pig mask. Von Eerie stands on the stage and rips the mask off, revealing black and white ghoul facepaint. She tosses the mask and charges down to ringside, sliding under the bottom rope and immediately clobbering Jinny with a series of left and right hands!

[ Scott Steiner ] God damn! This bitch is pissed!

[ Tony Schiavone ] There's no love lost between these two!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Jinny cheated Von Eerie out of the SGW Women's World Championship at Card Subject to Change! She defeated her again at WrestleBrawl 3! Von Eerie returned at SHE-1 and returned the favor by costing Jinny the final round against eventual winner Gionna Daddio! This isn't a friendly rivalry, men! This is a legitimate BLOOD feud!

Von Eerie clotheslines Jinny over the top rope! She lands on her feet and staggers backward into the guardrail just in time for Von Eerie to fly through the ropes and sandwich Jinny into the steel with a sloppy and reckless SUICIDE DIVE! Von Eerie immediately returns to her feet, pounding herself in the side of the head, feeling the adrenaline course through her veins! Von Eerie snatches Jinny up by her hair and pulls her in... GRAVEYARD SMASH ON THE FLOOR! Von Eerie throws Jinny under the bottom rope and covers her... ONE! TWO! THR-- JINNY GETS A FOOT ON THE ROPE!

[ Tony Schiavone ] So close! You know she's DYING to get elusive pin on Jinny!

Outside the ring, Io Shirai climbs over the rail and rolls back into the ring. She nails Von Eerie in the back with a boot. Von Eerie slowly stands and eyes Io Shirai. They stand nose to nose, the first champion and the current champion... but before they can lay a hand on one another, the timer begins counting down once again!

[ Entrant #6 - Jamie Hayter ]

The fans erupt in boos as Hayter charges down to ringside and rolls under the bottom rope. She immediately targets Von Eerie, knocking her down with a huge forearm before turning to do the same to Io Shirai! Hayter clearly bites off more than she can chew as Shirai fights back with a series of forearms and then an UPPERCUT which sends her staggering backward into the corner where Von Eerie is already posted up and waiting! DEAD RAISING! Hayter springs off Von Eerie's knees and sprawls out in the center of the ring as Io Shirai descends from the top rope... MOONSAULT!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Well, gents, I think Jamie Hayter may not be much longer for this world!

Shirai hooks Hayter's leg and sits on her chest! ONE! TWO! THREE!

[ Eliminated - Jamie Hayter via Pinfall ]

Io Shirai looks very pleased with herself... but gets booted in the back by Gionna Daddio! Gionna goes to work on Shirai with a series of boots before snatching her up and drilling her with a swinging neckbreaker! Von Eerie comes out of nowhere with a clothesline to the back, knocking Gionna down to her knees. Von Eerie hits the ropes and charges at her but Jinny slides under the bottom rope and catches Von Eerie mid-ring with the TOUCH OF COUTURE! Von Eerie goes down hard and Jinny goes for the pin! ONE! TWO! THR-- VON EERIE KICKS OUT! Jinny looks furious and pulls Von Eerie to her feet... she sets her up for the STYLE CLASH but as she gets Von Eerie hoisted up, Gionna comes off the ropes and kicks Jinny right in the face with a MAFIA KICK! With only Gionna standing tall, the timer begins to count down!

[ Entrant #7 - Deonna Purrazzo ]

Deonna Purrazzo charges out from the back and slides under the bottom rope. She gets right in Gionna's face before they begin trading forearm blows!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Deonna Purrazzo is number seven! That means only one woman can be number eight!

[ Scott Steiner ] THE FUCKIN' MOOSE!

Purrazzo executes a go-behind and drills Gionna with a German suplex! Deonna returns to her feet and boots Christina Von Eerie in the side of the head she crawls up to all fours. Deonna runs the table, pulling Jinny up to her feet and planting her with a double underhook suplex. Io Shirai slowly gets up... only for Deonna to clip her injured knee! Deonna quickly locks on a knee bar and tries to draw the submission but Io scrambles quickly and makes it to the bottom rope! Deonna reluctantly lets go of the hold and turns around but she's too close to the ropes, allowing Gionna to charge in and nail her with a SLINGSHOT FLATLINER! Gionna quickly rolls over on top of Deonna and hooks both legs! ONE! TWO! THREE!

[ Eliminated - Deonna Purrazzo via Pinfall ]

The fans pop huge as Deonna rolls under the bottom rope, exiting the match. Everyone is down in the ring as the timer begins counting down for the final time!

[ Entrant #8 - Rhea Ripley ]

The fans erupt in boos as Rhea Ripley makes her way down to the ring. She slowly enters, surveying the situation before making a move. She steps through the ropes and immediately pulls Von Eerie up to her feet and throws her over the top rope to the floor! Jinny slowly stands and Rhea boots her in the stomach before trashcanning her through the ropes to the floor. Gionna charges at Ripley only for Ripley to tear her head off with a clothesline! Gionna rolls to the floor, leaving only Ripley and Shirai in the ring. Shirai uses the ropes to stand on her busted knee, visibly in pain.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Oh my, this isn't good, gentlemen!

Ripley charges across the ring and boots Shirai in her busted knee, knocking her down to the mat before snatching her up... RIPTIDE! Ripley covers! ONE! TWO! THR-- NO! RIPLEY BREAKS HER OWN PIN AND FLIPS IO OVER IN THE PRISM TRAP! SHIRAI HAS NO CHOICE BUT TO IMMEDIATELY TAP OUT!

[ Eliminated - Io Shirai via Submission ]

The fans boo loudly as Shirai is helped out of the ring, clutching her knee. Rhea Ripley looks more than satisfied by what she's accomplished. She brushes the hair out of her face.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Rhea Ripley, that savage!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] We are now guaranteed a new women's champion!

[ Scott Steiner ] That's why you don't step to the moose!

Ripley walks around the ring confidently until she's attacked from behind by Gionna Daddio! Ripley no-sells the attack and turns around to nail Daddio with a big right hand! Gionna staggers back but then returns with a big forearm to the chin! Ripley takes over with a knee lift and then hoists Gionna up... RIPTIDE OUT OF NOWHERE! Ripley covers! ONE! TWO! THR- NO! Christina Von Eerie pulled Gionna out of the ring! Ripley looks furious! Von Eerie raises two middle finger and gestures for Ripley to bring it on!

[ Tony Schiavone ] This isn't about the championship for Von Eerie!

Ripley rolls out of the ring and immediately begins brawling with Von Eerie! They slug it out all the way around the ring like women possessed until they lock-up and brawl back under the bottom rope until they're both standing in the ring again! Ripley takes over with a knee lift and whips Von Eerie into the ropes. She goes for a big boot but Von Eerie ducks it and flies off the ropes with a SHOULDER TACKLE! Ripley goes down and then scrambles right back to her feet! Von Eerie charges at her with a RUNNING BOOT but Ripley deflects it and pulls Von Eerie in... RIPTIDE! NO! Von Eerie manages to shift her weight on the upswing and take Rhea Ripley over with a SUNSET POWERBOMB! Von Eerie rolls back to her feet and Ripley slowly gets up on spaghetti legs! Von Eerie nails Ripley with a lariat that turns her inside out and then immediately pulls her up... GRAVEYARD SMASH! She covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!

[ Eliminated - Rhea Ripley via Pinfall ]

Von Eerie sits up, breathing heavily.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Months down the road, Von Eerie has vanquished the woman who cost her the match against Jinny at WrestleBrawl 3!

As soon as Rhea rolls out of the ring, Jinny slides back in and nails Von Eerie from behind with a running boot to the back of the head! Jinny pulls Von Eerie up and whips her around... ACID RAINMAKER! NO! Von Eerie ducks it and executes a go behind... RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX! Jinny rolls right back to her feet, no-selling it completely, and nails Von Eerie with the ACID RAINMAKER ANYWAY! Both women are down! Gionna Daddio rolls into the ring and covers Jinny! One! Two! Thr-- Jinny gets a shoulder up! Gionna pulls Jinny up and throws her into the corner. She boots Jinny repeatedly until Jinny falls into a seated position. Gionna continues booting Jinny until she pulls her out of the corner and shoves her into the ropes. Gionna hits the ropes and goes for the SPRINGBOARD FLATLINER but Jinny scoops Gionna's legs and folds her up in a pinning predicament with her feet on the ropes! ONE! TWO! THREE!

[ Eliminated - Gionna Daddio via Pinfall ]

The fans erupt in boos as Gionna looks on with tears in her eyes. She leaves the ring and Jinny waves "bye bye" with a sadistic smile on her face. Von Eerie slowly returns to her feet and Jinny charges at her. Jinny goes for a clothesline but Von Eerie ducks it and nails Jinny with a boot to the stomach! GRAVEYARD SMASH-- NO! Jinny pivots out of it and takes Von Eerie's wrist... ACID RAINMAKER-- NO! Von Eerie ducks it and executes a go-behind... GERMAN SUPLEX-- NO! Jinny elbows out of it and executes a go behind of her own! GERMAN SUPLEX-- NO! Von Eerie elbows out of it! Von Eerie turns and both women begin exchanging forearm blows to the head and chest as the fans "BOO!" and "YAY!" with every strike!

[ Tony Schiavone ] This is one for the ages!

Von Eerie throws a haymaker and Jinny ducks it, catching Von Eerie on the turnaround with a boot to the stomach! STYLE CLASH-- NO! Von Eerie manages to kick her way out of it! She lands on her feet in front of Jinny! Double middle fingers! Boot to the stomach! GRAVEYARD SMASH! Von Eerie covers! ONE! TWO! THRE-- NO! JINNY KICKS OUT! Von Eerie falls back on her knees, surprised! Jinny slowly gets up to her knees and raises two middle fingers of her own! "FUCK YOU, BITCH!" screams Jinny before Von Eerie sneers and boots Jinny in the chest, knocking her down flat on her back! She quickly pulls Jinny to her feet... AND NAILS ANOTHER GRAVEYARD SMASH! She pulls Jinny right back up to her feet--

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What is she doing!? PIN HER!


[ Tony Schiavone ] OH MY GOODNESS, SHE DIDN'T!

The impact turns Jinny inside out! Von Eerie covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!


Von Eerie sits up on her knees next to Jinny as Paul Turner hands her the SGW Women's World Championship. The fans are cheering loudly as Turner raises Von Eerie's arm. Von Eerie slowly stands and looks down at the championship in her grasp.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Christina Von Eerie has done it!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] She's vanquished both of her enemies, Jinny and Rhea Ripley! She's walked out of her second Gold Rush match as the winner WITH the gold to show for it! The first two-time women's champion in SGW history! What a historic accomplishment here on the final SGW event!

Streamers fly from all corners of the arena and cover the ring as Von Eerie stands in the center with the title. She raises her first and leads the fans in chanting "OI! OI! OI" over and over.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What a fitting end for the SGW women's division here tonight.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] There's not much you can say about it, Tony. The lineage of that championship may be short but it is mighty! Some of the best female competitors from all around the world have worked very hard to make that championship what it is. Thank you all!


Val Venis shoves his ring gear into a black duffle bag and throws it over his shoulder. Standing up from his seat in the locker room, he takes a quick look around and soaks in the environment one final time.

[ Val Venis ] Guess this is it.

For a man who’s career unceremoniously ended almost three months ago, Venus remains in good spirits with the final ride. He lets out a sigh and goes to exit the locker room until he’s stopped by two familiar faces.

[ Edge ] Where do you think you’re going? Trying to slither off out of sight, huh?

[ Christian ] Typical Venis.

[ Val Venis ] I just thought I’d get a head start on out of here. Goodbyes aren’t my thing.

[ Christian ] Hey, it’s because of you that we got back into the business last year. The least you can do is stick it out through the main event.

[ Val Venis ] I can’t handle seeing someone else fight for that belt. You guys know how it goes.

Edge nods.

[ Edge ] Yeah. SGW starting off with Randy Orton as World Champion and then going from Val Venis, to Kevin Nash, and potentially ending with The Sandman... If we weren’t already shutting down shop then we would be after this show regardless.

[ Val Venis ] I don’t know whether to be insulted or not.

He takes it back.

[ Val Venis ] Wait, yeah. Coming from you two, definitely insulted.

[ Christian ] What a run us three have had. Friends. Enemies. Rivals. Co-workers. Confidants. You and I won our first World titles weeks apart from one another. We ruled this business and had some wars, man. There were times we wanted to kill one another, even recently, but all in all, there’s a bond between us three that somehow stands the test of time.

[ Edge ] Yeah. Also. Sorry about banging your girlfriend and creaming your face, causing you to wear an eyepatch that time.

Venis stares Edge down. His face turns blood red.

[ Val Venis ] I don’t think that ever officially happened.

[ Edge ] Oh man, yeah. It did. I was a real S.O.B. once upon a time.

[ Val Venis ] Once upon a time, you say?

Edge changes the subject and moves on without any sort of follow up.

[ Edge ] Us three, Jeff, Taz, Chavo, Orton.. We changed this business over the course of the last two decades.

Edge extends his hand out.

[ Edge ] Here’s to twenty more years.

After everything, the pokes, the prods, the situations they found themselves in, it always came down to mutual respect and admiration with these three. Venis went on to a whole new career post-SGW, made new allies, but at the end of the day, this bond lasts.

[ Val Venis ] To twenty more.

Venis firmly shakes Edge’s hand. He turns and then shakes Christian’s. The three men know their time is drawing short, but no one wants to make the first move. Awkward silence turns into awkward chatter to keep the moment ongoing.

[ Val Venis ] So what’s next for you guys?

[ Christian ] I’m sure we’ll still be around for a little bit. Not speaking for Edge, but this has been a stressful 11 months. I’m ready for a break.

[ Edge ] Agreed. Get me the hell out of here.

[ Christian ] Tell your boys not to party too hard after we’re gone.

Val cocks an eyebrow.

[ Val Venis ] You’re all my boys. It was like merging two of my worlds into one there for a few months. It was a nice chapter.

Edge rolls his eyes.

[ Edge ] Sure, whatever you say. Be sure to give me a shout if you want to watch the next PPV. I think Greg Valentine is main eventing against Funaki or something.

[ Val Venis ] Very funny.

Christian scratches the back of his head and clears his throat.

[ Christian ] Alright, well, I guess we’d better get back to work. Still a little bit left to go in the show and we have some paperwork to wrap up.

[ Val Venis ] Glad we got to have this last ride together. Went out on top, right? Take care of yourselves, guys. If this is it for us, then it was an honor to be part of this. I hope I see you boys again. If not…

[ Edge ] If not…

Edge flashes a big smile.

[ Edge ] Just remember you never beat me. Or Christian. Or Jeff. Ever. Not even once.

Edge and Christian walk out of the locker room as Venis shakes his head.

[ Val Venis ] I hate those sons of bitches.


[ Val Venis ] But goddammit, I respect them.


We head backstage where we see "Stone Cold" Steve Austin pounding beer after beer with the new SGW World Tag Team Champions, James Storm and Bobby Roode. The fans pop huge. Austin tosses each of them a fresh can of beer.

[ Steve Austin ] This is what it's all about, boys! OH HELL YEAH!

[ James Storm ] Say what'chu want, me 'n Bobby said we was gonna get it done and that's exactly what the hell we did!

[ Bobby Roode ] We couldn't have done it without you, Steve. We really do appreciate a true legend such as yourself having our back.

[ James Storm ] I'll drink to that.

They all turn their beers up and pour them all over their faces, barely a drop getting in their mouths. Before their celebration can go any further, The Sandman walks into the room with a Singapore cane. The fans cheer loudly. Sandman throws open the lid to Austin's cooler and begins digging around for beer cans.

[ Steve Austin ] Help yourself, why don'cha!

Austin chuckles as Sandman pays him no mind, filling every single one of his pockets up with cans of beer. Sandman looks around the room from Austin to Storm to Roode. He looks confused.

[ The Sandman ] Who the fuck are you guys?!

[ James Storm ] Seriously? We're the--

Sandman cuts him off by giving him a big thumbs down and making a loud fart noise with his mouth. Sandman picks up one more beer and smashes it on his forehead for no reason, causing beer to go in every direction. Blood trickles down his forehead. He turns the can up and pours what very little is left into his mouth and then spits it into the air.

[ Bobby Roode ] God damn.

The Sandman turns his bloodshot eyes toward Roode.

[ The Sandman ] God ain't got nothin' to do with this shit.

Without another word, Sandman turns to leave but as he reaches the door, Austin calls out to him.

[ Steve Austin ] Hey! Hey, Sandy!

The Sandman stops and slowly turns around.

[ The Sandman ] The fuck you want?

Austin holds up a beer, toasting him.

[ Steve Austin ] Whip Adam Cole's ass tonight.

The fans pop huge.

[ The Sandman ] Who the fuck is Adam Cole?

Confused, he looks down at the floor and sees a half eaten sandwich lying on the carpet. He picks it up and takes a bite of it, drawing a groan from the fans. Sandman turns and leaves the room. The door shuts behind him. He's only a few steps down the corridor when he's stopped by Cathy Kelley.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Sandman! If I can just get a word with you about your match tonight with Adam Cole!

Without a single word, Sandman tosses the sandwich behind him and removes a beer can from his pocket. He cracks it open and pours it all over Cathy's shirt, drenching it. She looks horrified.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Dude, what the hell... seriously?!

Sandman's eyes lock hard onto her soaking chest.

[ The Sandman ] Nice tits.

He takes a drink of what little is left in the can.

[ The Sandman ] Elektra's was bigger, though.

He belches loudly and wanders off down the corridor, leaving Cathy alone. She looks positively mortified until Starlight Kid and AZM approach from somewhere in the shadows.

Starlight Kid ] < Cathy-san! What is that smell!? >

AZM turns up her nose.

AZM ] < You smell like a dumpster. >

Cathy sighs.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Girls, that was my last interview and... honestly, it went about as well as I expected it to. I guess we're done. Wanna order a pizza and watch the rest of the show?

[ Starlight Kid ] < Done?! You mean it's already over!? I'm not ready for it to end! >

[ AZM ] < This is stupid. Only a grandma would allow this company to close at its peak! If I were in charge, this would not be happening! >

[ Cathy Kelley ] The Championship Committee has done literally everything they can. They're out of options.

[ AZM ] < No disrespect to the Championship Committee but I'm different. >

[ Cathy Kelley ] Let's just get a pizza and enjoy what time we have left, okay?

[ AZM ] < Fine. >

Cathy and Lightning Star begin to walk off-camera until Cathy hears something. She perks up, listening more intently. She gestures for AZM and Starlight Kid to stand back. She walks toward a door that's resting ajar and she hears a familiar voice.


Cathy gently closes the door and sighs deeply. She looks over her shoulder at AZM and Kid.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Girls, get my credit card out of my purse and order yourselves a pizza.

She pounds her fist into her open palm.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Mama's still got work to do.


Fade up.

The ringside area.

One more time. One more main event.

We stare at the entranceway for several long seconds. The fans are respectfully quiet, waiting on their feet. The camera slowly zooms in on the entrance.

[ Tony Schiavone ] This is it, folks.. the main event!

[ Scott Steiner ] I been in a lot o' these in my time... and this might be one o' the fuckin' weirdest I ever seen. Who thought it was a good idea to give the Sandman a title shot?!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] You literally feuded with Gangrel for months.

[ Scott Steiner ] Point.

"End of the Revolution" by Shape of the New Sun hits and the fans erupt in boos. Adam Cole walks out onto the stage with Britt Baker at his side. "The Franchise" Shane Douglas walks out behind them, a sneer on his face. The SGW World Heavyweight Championship is strapped around Cole's waist. He stands on the stage and looks out disgustedly at the fans.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Adam Cole... the two-time SGW World Heavyweight Champion and the centerpiece of the faction formerly known as The Origin!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] We saw the last remnants of The Origin wiped out earlier tonight when Steve Austin and the Sandman saw that Big Nasty, Arn Anderson, and Steve Corino were removed from the equation! And then Alex Shelley defeated Chris Jericho for the intercontinental championship, metaphorically taking him off the table as well... tonight, the fate of the SGW championship lies solely between the two men who will meet tonight... Adam Cole and the Sandman!

Adam Cole makes it down to the ring and tosses his "Origin" t-shirt before removing the championship belt from around his waist. He gives Britt a kiss and then Shane Douglas leans in for one but Cole ignores him and walks to the center of the ring. He hands the championship to Aubrey Edwards and then posts up in his corner, ready for his challenger.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] This match will be quite the style clash.

[ Scott Steiner ] How does a match like this even fuckin' happen. God damn.

[ Tony Schiavone ] It's the final show, Scott. SGW management is trying to pay tribute to the past, present, and future with an epic main event to say farewell once and for all!

There's a long silence before "Enter Sandman" hits and the fans lose their minds! The camera pans around wildly looking for him... he could be anywhere!

"Say your prayers, little one,
Don't forget, my son, to include everyone,"

The camera finds the Sandman standing in the cheap seats with a beer in one hand and a Singapore cane in the other! He smashes the beer can on his head! Foam spews everywhere! The Sandman pours the beer all over himself!

"I tuck you in, warm within, keep you free from sin,
'til the sandman, he comes,"

The Sandman shambles down the steps with some fans doing everything they can to put a hand on him while others run for cover as beer rains down on them from above! The Sandman grabs a skanky looking woman and shoves his tongue her throat while pouring beer all over her top!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] In this political climate, that is NOT advisable!

"Sleep with one eye open,
Gripping your pillow tight..."

The Sandman tosses her aside and cracks up another beer!


The Sandman makes it down to the guardrail and throws a fan out of his front row seat. He stands on the seat and cracks open another beer, making sure it explodes all over everyone within five rows! The Sandman holds the cane out from his crotch as a woman of low moral fiber strokes it up and down while Sandman spews foam from his mouth!

[ Tony Schiavone ] That would certainly get us in trouble if this weren't our last show!

Sandman hops over the rail and into the ringside area. He approaches Britt Baker and cracks open ANOTHER can of beer before pouring it on her and spewing it all over her chest and face! She's mortified and runs away from ringside! Adam Cole then abruptly takes Sandman down, interrupting entrance with a SUICIDE DIVE! The fans erupt in boos as Cole pummels the Sandman and then throws him under the bottom rope! Cole follows him in as Shane Douglas cheers! Aubrey Edwards calls for the bell to begin the match!

Referee - Aubrey Edwards | Time Limit - 60:00

Cole stays on Sandman, punching away at him before standing up and pulling him to his feet with a handful of hair. Sandman flails and tries to fight back but Cole shoves him hard into the corner and follows him in with a knee lift to the face! Cole charges out of the corner and charges back in... meeting Sandman as he staggers out with a SUPER KICK!

[ Tony Schiavone ] This is NOT going well for the Sandman!

[ Scott Steiner ] Well, look at him! He looks like shit!

The Sandman goes down and Cole mounts him, grabbing his hair and punching away at him. Sandman was already bleeding from busting a can on his head, but now he's gushing! Adam Cole stands up and walks around the ring, wiping the hair out of his eyes. He grabs Sandman by his head and pulls him up to his knees. The Sandman cracks open a beer can and takes a drink. Cole slaps the can out of his hand shouts at him.


Sandman spews beer in Adam Cole's eyes! Adam Cole staggers back and Sandman staggers back to his feet! He punches Cole repeatedly before whipping him into the ropes. BIG PUNCH! Adam Cole goes down and Sandman falls on top on him! ONE! TWO! THR-- SHANE DOUGLAS PULLS AUBREY EDWARDS OUT OF THE RING! Aubrey begins yelling at Shane Douglas while Douglas threatens to punch her!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] Oh my! What the hell is even going on here!?

Cathy Kelley enters through the crowd and grabs the Sandman's Singapore cane! Shane Douglas turns around and Cathy nails him in the head with it! Douglas falls down, grabbing his face and screaming "OW, MY FUCKING EYE?" Aubrey is too distracted by what's going on at ringside... not that it even matters because--


"Stone Cold" Steve Austin drives down to ringside in the classic AUSTIN 3:16 pick-up truck! He climbs out the driver's side window onto the hood of his own truck and leaps from the hood and into the ring, tackling Adam Cole! They wrestle back to their feet and Austin ducks a SUPER KICK... STONE COLD STUNNER ON ADAM COLE! STONE COLD STUNNER! Cole does a backflip! Austin pulls Sandman on top of Cole and Aubrey Edwards rolls into the ring, having seen everything. This isn't a No DQ match! She shakes her head and mouths "fuck it" before counting! ONE! TWO! THREE!


Aubrey Edwards hands Sandman the SGW World Heavyweight Championship. He looks down at it and then shouts "SOMEBODY GIMME A BEER!" Steve Austin tosses him one. They crack open beers together and celebrate as Austin raises Sandman's hand in victory!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] What a way to ring in the end of an era!

[ Scott Steiner ] God damn. This shit can't get any worse!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Arn Anderson once said it would be a cold day in hell before this man ever held a world title in SGW... but look at him now!

As Sandman and Austin celebrate, the lights dim... and the trumpets sound.

[ Scott Steiner ] Oh shit, no way! It absolutely CAN get fuckin' worse!

We focus on the strobe and laser show at the entranceway for a moment.

"We're leaving together,
but still it's farewell..."

The fans boo loudly as Bryan Danielson emerges from the back with the Real SGW World Championship around his waist and the Wrestling Gold World Championship over his shoulder. Underneath his other arm, he has something in a black bag. He looks out at the fans with utter disdain.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What is Bryan Danielson doing here?!

[ Scott Steiner ] Givin' me a god damn coronary!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I think... I think I have an idea what's going on, Tony!

"And maybe we'll come back,
to Earth, who can tell?"

Bryan Danielson begins making his way down to the ring with purpose in his step. He looks out at the fans, disgusted. He makes his way up the ring steps and stares over the ropes, across the ring at Sandman and Austin. Danielson shakes his head.

"I guess there is no one to blame,
we're leaving ground - LEAVING GROUND!"

Daniels steps through the ropes and begins stomping toward the turnbuckles.


Danielson points at himself with both thumbs, shouting at spit dribbles down his beard.



He leaps down from the turnbuckles and gets right in the Sandman's face. They stare each other down hard before Sandman turns his head and blows a snot rocket on the ring. Danielson looks repulsed. The lights come up and the music cuts. The fans are buzzing with anticipation, wondering what's about to go down. Danielson grabs a microphone from Kayla Braxton and stands across the ring from Sandman and Austin.

[ Bryan Danielson ] For starters... Steve Austin, this is a championship level conversation that's about to take place and since you don't have a championship, you can get... RIGHT THE FUCK OUTTA' MY RING!

Austin smiles and nods. He looks at Sandman and we can hear him say "you got this?" Sandman nods and Austin cracks open another beer. Foaming over his hand, he holds it up, saluting Danielson and then stepping out of the ring.

[ Bryan Danielson ] Now, if any of you have even been watching SGW, you should all know enough to understand that I care way too much about this company and that championship to let this place shut its doors while that belt is being held by the GOD DAMN SANDMAN!

Huge pop.

[ Bryan Danielson ] See, I've been doing a little digging around into what could've been if SGW had remained open... and I found something VERY interesting. See, it looks like SGW management KNEW that Nick Aldis had the Wrestling Gold title and the long game was to unify my belt, his belt... and THAT belt... into a brand new championship... and that's what I have RIGHT HERE!

Danielson holds up the item in a black bag and then removes it to reveal--

The fans gasp and then cheer loudly.

[ Bryan Danielson ] What do you say, Sandman? You already made history once tonight by becoming the new SGW champ... how 'bout you try to make history one more time with me, you sloppy drunk piece of shit!

Sandman looks at his belt and then at the Triple Crown championship. He takes out a cigarette and lights it. The fans are losing their minds. Aubrey Edwards looks from Danielson to Sandman and back again. Sandman takes a drag off the cigarette. The Sandman snatches the microphone out of Danielson's hand.

[ The Sandman ] ...fuck it.

He belches into the microphone.

[ The Sandman ] YOU'RE ON!

Aubrey Edwards calls for the bell! We have another title match!

Referee - Aubrey Edwards | Time Limit - 60:00

Sandman flicks his cigarette at Danielson! Danielson ducks it and Sandman swings the Singapore cane at his head! Danielson ducks THAT, too, and catches Sandman on the turnaround with a SMALL PACKAGE! ONE! TWO! THREE!


The fans cheer loudly as Danielson releases the hold and springs up, taking the Triple Crown Championship from Aubrey Edwards!

[ Nigel McGuinness ] History has just been made, gentlemen!

[ Tony Schiavone ] Bryan Danielson now holds all three world championship belts!


Danielson goes corner to corner, holding up the Triple Crown Championship as The Sandman staggers into his own corner, puffing away on another cigarette already. However, as Danielson celebrates, we hear another pop as we see a collection of talent exit through the curtain and walk out onto the stage.

[ Tony Schiavone ] What's going on here?!

Jeff Jarrett leads the entire SGW roster out to the ring. Jeff Jarrett climbs inside and shakes hands with Danielson. Edge and Christian climb into the ring as well. Jeff Jarrett calls for a microphone as Edge and Christian check on the Sandman.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Congratulations, Bryan.

He pats Danielson on the back.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I think I speak for everyone when I say... you deserve it.

Danielson looks down at the title and nods with more than a hint of arrogance.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] This is the end o' the line, folks. After tonight, there ain't no more SGW and I reckon that's the way it's gotta be.

The fans boo but then those boos dissipate as the fans stand up and begin applauding.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I know some o' ya'll are probably thinkin'... this is the part o' the show where me and Edge and Christian are gonna stand here and cut some kinda' scathin' shoot promo about our enemies or other companies but... hell, we been doin' that all night long so we didn't have to do it right here and now, I suppose.

Jarrett chuckles.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Now, I ain't tryin' to cut no babyface promo out here... ain't none of ya'll would believe it if I did... but this here, what we had... it was somethin' special. We all came together as a team to make this work and make it somethin' memorable... somethin' none of us would ever forget. That's what it means to live forever.

Edge and Christian approach and pat Jarrett on the back as he continues.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] And that's the message I aim t' leave ya'll with. Now, the last time we shut this company down... Edge, Christian, and myself all stood here in this ring and traded the title back and forth as some kinda'... screw you to our haters, I guess... and as much as I like the look of that brand new title Bryan Danielson's got around his waist right now, we're gonna be passing around a different kinda' title tonight before we turn out the lights.

Chavo Guerrero slides a trunk into the ring with the SGW logo on it. He follows it in and pops the lock. He raises the lid and Jarrett reaches down inside, pulling out a perfect replica of the original SGW World Heavyweight Championship belt.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Chavo, stay right where you are.

Chavo looks confused.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Steve Austin, Randy Orton, Val Venis...

The camera pans over, showing off the entire roster standing at ringside.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Get ya'lls asses in here.

Orton, Austin, and Venis climb into the ring and stand alongside Chavo Guerrero. Jarrett looks at Venis with a smirk.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I heard you already left.

Venis shrugs and shakes his head.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I'm glad ya' didn't.

Jarrett looks down at the championship in his hand.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] What I've got right here... is somethin' that's only been handed out to one other man in all of SGW's history... and I reckon I'm gonna be shattering that little statistic to damn pieces tonight 'cause I'm gonna be handin' out about seven o' these suckers tonight.

He holds the title over his head.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] SGW Lifetime Championships.

The fans cheer loudly.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] The ultimate prize for men or women who have gone out of their way for Solid Gold Wrestling... that have done everything they been asked and carried the fire for all to see.

Jarrett looks at the men in front of him.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Thank you.

Jarrett hands one of them to Steve Austin, then reaches into the trunk, handing titles to Randy Orton, Chavo Guerrero, and Val Venis. After a pause, Jarrett reaches into the trunk again and hands a couple of belts to Edge and Christian, who look confused at first but ultimately flattered. They all shake hands. Jarrett reaches into the trunk one final time and places a title on his own shoulder.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Hell, I ain't changed that much... ya'll shouldn't be surprised I had one o' these made for myself. Besides, it wouldn't be SGW if I didn't pat myself on the back once in a while.

Jarrett looks around at everyone, hesitating. He begins to speak again when Shane Douglas hobbles into the ring with his own SGW Lifetime Championship in his grip. He looks furious. He grabs a microphone and begins shouting.


Cathy Kelley kicks Shane Douglas in the balls from behind! Douglas doubles over, eyes bugging out, and The Sandman comes from nowhere with a Singapore cane shot to the head! Douglas goes down and Sandman falls on top of him! Cathy counts! ONE! TWO! THREE! The fans pop huge as Sandman stands up and Cathy hands him Douglas' Lifetime Championship. Sandman cracks open a beer and clings it against the center plate before stumbling out of the ring and leaving through the crowd unceremoniously. Jarrett watches as Sandman disappears in the sea of people and shakes his head. Cathy exits the ring, apologizing politely as she does so. Jarrett shakes his head.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] I guess that about sums it up, huh?

Jarrett wipes away a single tear.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Thank ya'll.

The fans applaud.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Thank ya'll for givin' us a chance to entertain you. Thank ya'll for givin' us a chance to do what we love t' do.


[ Jeff Jarrett ] This ain't goodbye... there ain't no goodbyes for us... 'cause wherever we are, ya'll are gonna be there in our hearts.

Jarrett sighs.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] ...'til we meet again.

Jarrett drops the microphone and the camera focuses on everyone chatting and hugging, interacting. As the camera shows off this emotional scene, we hear our announce team begin to speak.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Gentlemen, it has been a pleasure.

[ Scott Steiner ] I guess if ya' gotta go, ya' gotta fuckin' go... and this was certainly a way to fuckin' go, if I don't say so myself.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I'm gonna miss it, fellas.

[ Tony Schiavone ] Me, too, best buddy.

[ Nigel McGuinness ] I won't bore everyone with goodbyes, instead I'll just say... the end of one adventure is the beginning of another. Thank the lot of you for inviting us into your homes and your hearts for the past ten months.

[ Scott Steiner ] Damn, this shit is startin' to feel really real all of a sudden.

[ Tony Schiavone ] This is as real as it gets, Scott. For Scott Steiner and Nigel McGuinness, I'm Tony Schiavone. Thank you all for watching and may we meet again one day! Goodnight!

There's a clatter as headsets are removed. The camera pans over the crowd of wrestlers and we slowly fade to black.

Hours later.

We see Jeff Jarrett, Trish Stratus, Edge, and Christian walking through the backstage corridors. Elias is still seated exactly where he was earlier tonight... guitar in hand and open guitar case in front of him. Jarrett stops in front of him as Trish, Edge, and Christian keep walking. Elias looks up at Jarrett, eyebrow raised.

[ Elias ] Is it time now, brother?

Jarrett gives him a solemn nod and Elias smirks before strumming the guitar. Jarrett walks away as Elias begins to sing over the following footage.

"I saw a friend today, it had been a while,
and we forgot each other's names...
But it didn't matter cause deep inside
The feelings still remained the same.

Somewhere in a deep dark forest of Oklahoma, we see Nunzio, Vito, and former SGW World Champion Johnny "The Bull" Stamboli digging a hole. Once the hole is suitably deep enough, they triple team the giant rug and dump it into the hole. Nunzio leans against the back of his vehicle and lights a cigarette as Stamboli and Vito begin filling the hole in.

"We talked of knowing one before you've met,
And how you feel more than you see,
And other worlds that lie in spaces in between,
And angels you can see.

Tony Schiavone, Nigel McGuinness, and Scott Steiner are walking through the parking lot with their bags. As they each reach their respective rental cars, they all shake hands with Tony pulling Nigel in for a big hug. Steiner takes Tony's hand and stiff arms him, not allowing him to pull him in.

[ Scott Steiner ] Don't you even try it, Tony.

Tony smiles and nods, patting Steiner on the shoulder before turning and walking away.

"And all the faces that I know
Have that same familiar glow.
I think I must've known then somewhere once before
All the faces that I know.

AZM and Starlight Kid are skipping through the backstage area and eating pizza while giggling as they come across someone lying in a pile of garbage. Concerned, they look closer and find the cold, stiff body of The Sandman lying still with his SGW Lifetime Championship draped across his chest. AZM grabs a nearby broom and pokes him with the stick.

[ AZM ] < Disgusting. A dead homeless man. >

[ Starlight Kid ] < Oh no! Homeless!? So sad! >

Cathy Kelley walks into the shot, smiling.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Okay, girls, we're all finished up! Let's gOH MY GOD!

Cathy stares down in horror at The Sandman's dead body.

[ AZM ] < He definitely peed and pooped himself. >

Cathy shields their eyes and ushers them off camera.

"All the faces that we see each and every day
When I get home at night, you're the face I need.

Chris Jericho and Adam Cole have changed out of their wrestling gear and are sitting on a curb outside the arena. They look pissed, neither one wanting to speak to the other after tonight's events.

[ Chris Jericho ] You know, I was totally gonna turn on you at Body Count.

Cole looks at Jericho sideways.

[ Adam Cole ] Not if I turned on you first.

[ Chris Jericho ] Shut your ASS, you weren't gonna turn on me. You needed me.

Cole turns and points at Jericho, furious.

[ Adam Cole ] You know what, Chris--

Before he can finish, Jimmy Havoc walks into the shot and sits between them. He rests his elbows on his knees and speaks, just sounding absolutely defeated.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] Hell of a way to go out. I suppose we all get fucked in the end, yeah?

Cole and Jericho both look disgusted and stand up, storming off in other directions.

[ Jimmy Havoc ] Cunts.

"And when my mind's absorbed on my private little screen,
And I'm walking blind through a sea of unknown men,

Ricochet is seen walking through the parking lot with his bags. As he approaches his rental car, a beat up station wagon pulls into the shot. Ricochet looks nervous as the window rolls down. Abyss is in the passenger seat with Judas Mesias driving. Abyss' arm hangs out the window and he slaps the car door loudly.


Ricochet looks at the men in the car and then down at his bag. He sighs.

[ Ricochet ] Alright, let's go.

"I hear a voice reminding there across the street
Walks an old forgotten friend.

Jeff Jarrett and Trish Stratus are seen congratulating Christina Von Eerie on her second title win. Von Eerie hugs each of them. We can't hear what they're saying but the camera pans over to reveal Jinny watching this celebration with a scowl.

[ Jinny ] Fucking cunt... I'll have her 'ead before this night is out--

A shadow looms over her. She cuts her eyes to the left and the camera pans over to reveal Rhea Ripley standing over her. Jinny immediately looks far less intimidating.

[ Rhea Ripley ] I don't like 'er anymore 'n you do... but ya' gonna let 'er have this one.

Jinny shakes her head, disgusted and storms off. Ripley watches as Jarrett and Trish leave the scene. Von Eerie sits down in a chair and looks down at the championship. Rhea smirks.

[ Rhea Ripley ] Good work, Sheila. You earned it.

Ripley slinks back into the shadows.

"We don't have to say a word.
It's really better left unsaid.



The bar is on fire and collapsing in on itself as firefighters desperately try to put it out before it spreads. Police are escorting Christopher Daniels to a nearby police car in handcuffs. Frankie Kazarian watches on, clutching the Full-Tilt Boogie Championship. Daniels is smiling, laughing maniacally as he approaches the police car.

[ Christopher Daniels ] That'll show that son of a bitch!

Kazarian nods.

[ Frankie Kazarian ] Damn right it will, champ.

The police officer puts his hand on the back of Daniels' head, attempting to shove him into the backseat of the car. Daniels resists and turns around, looking Kazarian in the eyes with an innocent, hopeful smile.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Hey, Kaz!

Kaz nods, listening.

[ Christopher Daniels ] Isn't it kinda' funny how... I main evented the first show... and on the last one, I'm going to jail?

Kazarian smiles proudly and nods. The police officer shoves Daniels into the backseat and slams the door shut. The police car drives off into the distance, leaving Kazarian standing on the curb with the title.

"Just like through eyes that recognize
All the faces that I know
All the faces that I know

"All the faces that we see each and every day
When I get home at night, you're the face I need.

We see Danielson packing up his gear and looking down at the SGW Triple Crown Championship belt. He takes a breath and places it into his bag, assuring himself as he does so.

[ Bryan Danielson ] You are... the best in the world.

Ruby Riott walks through the area with the SGW Limitless Championship in her hand. She sees the Triple Crown out of the corner of her eye.

[ Ruby Riott ] Nice belt.

Danielson barely gives her a glance over his shoulder.

[ Bryan Danielson ] Pssh, yeah. Way better than that Limitless piece of shit.

Ruby huffs and shakes her head.

[ Ruby Riott ] Whatever.

She turns to walk away. Danielson looks down at the title in his bag and shakes his head. Something clicks... maybe the weight of the success... maybe the knowledge that this is it for him... that his injuries have finally forced him to call it quits at his peak. He shuts his eyes tightly and then opens them, turning around.

[ Bryan Danielson ] Hey, Ruby!

Ruby stops in her tracks but doesn't look back.

[ Bryan Danielson ] It sucks that we didn't get to team up at Body Count.

Pause. He grits his teeth.

[ Bryan Danielson ] That would've been.... cool.

She looks over her shoulder.

[ Ruby Riott ] Fuck off, Bryan.

She keeps walking and he stands there, a sly grin on his face.

[ Bryan Danielson ] Bitch.

"When I get home at night, you're the only face I need."

In the parking lot, we see Andrew Palmer leaving the arena with his bag over his shoulder. From a crack in the bag, we can see a glimmer of gold flickering in the street lamps. It's an SGW Lifetime Championship... he doesn't know it's there... but for some reason, it was placed there secretly by Jeff Jarrett. He would probably argue and say that he doesn't deserve it... but he does... and by the time he realizes it's there, when he reaches the bag check at airport security, it will be too late to do anything about it. He tosses his bag into the backseat of his rental car and drives off into the night, unaware of the trophy that awaits him.

"We don't have to say a word.
It's really better left unsaid.

Kris Statlander, Candy Floss, and Tommaso Ciampa are leaving the arena, heading toward the starship sitting in the parking lot. As they approach, the entrance hatch slowly lowers until it rests on the ground... smoke billows from inside, as well as strobe lights. A figure walks down the steps and into the parking lot... his movie star grin shines in the light.

[ Kris Statlander ] Earthling Cruise!

Tom Cruise looks from Statlander to Candy Floss to Ciampa. Cruise walks up to Ciampa and caresses his face. A tear rolls down Tom's cheek.

[ Tom Cruise ] Tu... Tucor? She did it.

He laughs and looks at Statlander.

[ Tom Cruise ] You did it!

Candy Floss leaps into Cruise's arms, hugging him tightly.

[ Candy Floss ] You're alive! Kris said you died!

He hugs her right back.

[ Tom Cruise ] I did!

He sets her down and continues smiling. He approaches Statlander and boops her nose.

[ Tom Cruise ] But this is the grand finale... and I wouldn't miss it for the world.

"Just like through eyes that recognize
All the faces that I know

Cathy Kelley, AZM, and Starlight Kid watch on as The Sandman is zipped up in a body bag with his Lifetime Championship. EMTs load him into an ambulance. Cathy places her arms around both members of Lightning Star and holds them close. AZM looks up at Cathy, annoyed.

[ AZM ] < Can we get get some food now? I'm starving. >

[ Starlight Kid ] < CHICKEN NUGGIES! >

[ AZM ] < Yeah, I want chicken nuggies, grandma! >

Cathy sighs.

[ Cathy Kelley ] Let's go, girls.

"All the faces that I know"

We zoom in on Elias playing the guitar again... his guitar case is overflowing with cash.

[ Elias ] ...all the faces that I know.

Elias strums the guitar one last time and takes a deep breath. He looks up into the camera.

[ Elias ] Well, that's all, folks.

He waves the camera off.

[ Elias ] That's the whole show.

He stands up and walks toward the camera.

[ Elias ] Ain't nothin' left to see here. Go on home now.

We fade out... and then instantly fade right back up outside the arena. We see Jeff Jarrett standing by, looking out into nothing in particular. From just off-camera we hear the voice of a man we haven't heard in quite some time.

[ Taz ] Hell of a show tonight, brutha'.

The camera pans over to reveal Taz in a black suit with an orange tie and matching sunglasses. The moon is reflected in them. Jarrett stands there with his hands in his pockets. He nods solemnly.

[ Taz ] Hell of a way to go out.

Taz smirks and looks at Jarrett.

[ Taz ] I mean, shit... if ya' gotta go... that's about the perfect way t' do it.

Jarrett shrugs, still staring off into the distance.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Ain't nothin' perfect about it.

[ Taz ] Whoa, now... you ain't gettin' humble on me, are ya'?

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Perfect show... perfect company... ain't been invented yet.

Jarrett looks at Taz.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Way I see it... no matter who wins, who loses... no matter what ya' do... somebody's gonna find some reason to bitch.

Jarrett smirks.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] We got pretty close, though.

[ Taz ] There he is.

Taz shakes his head.

[ Taz ] Fuckin' dick. Always have been.

They stand there in silence for a moment before Taz speaks again.

[ Taz ] So, where do ya' go from here? Ya' done everything ya' set out t' do, champ.

Jarrett doesn't answer.

[ Taz ] You jus' gonna go crawl in a hole and die now?

Jarrett turns and looks at Taz in disbelief.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Not a chance.


[ Jeff Jarrett ] Ain't you heard? I'm gonna live forever.

Taz smiles and the night goes quiet... until--

[ Christian ] Hey, Jeff!

Jarrett turns around and sees Christian and Edge standing on the edge of the parking lot.

[ Edge ] It's time to go, brother! Who are you talkin' to?

Jarrett looks confused and then turns to address Taz... only to find that he's gone.

[ Jeff Jarrett ] Huh.

Jarrett turns and walks away, joining Edge and Christian. There's a limousine waiting on them.

[ Edge ] Where to, champ?

As they reach the limousine, Jarrett turns and looks in the direction of where Taz stood just moments ago, still seeing nothing there.

[ Christian ] Jeff? Bro?

Jarrett huffs, a knowing smile appearing on his face.

[ Christian ] Where do we go from here?