The SGW Full-Tilt Boogie Championship is on the line 24/7 and can be defended anywhere in the entire world at any time. The championship can be won by competitors of any gender or weight class.

SGW management revealed that the championship was being held in the vault at SGW Headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee. It was stated that the first competitor to lay hands on the championship and register a pinfall or submission would become the first champion.

July 21st, 2020 - September 5th, 2020


1. 07/22/2020 - Nick Gage (TQ) defeated Joseph Conners (Drew) via Submission inside SGW Headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee to become the first SGW Full-Tilt Boogie Champion.

2. 07/22/2020 - Bill Carr (Wasabi) defeated Nick Gage to become the new champion, fending off Rob Van Dam (Rick) in the process.
3. 07/22/2020 - Enzo Amore (Dave) defeated Bill Carr with a sock full of quarters to become the new champion, avoiding confrontations with Pinkie Sanchez (Yolo), Hydra (Drew), and The Dark Order (Scott) in the process.
4. 07/25/2020 - Ashley Remington (Wasabi) defeated Enzo Amore with a roll-up after a distraction from Layla El.
5. 07/25/2020 - Layla El (Yolo) defeated Ashley Remington after catching him off guard with a kiss.
6. 07/25/2020 - Elias (Dave) defeated Layla El with a guitar shot to become the new champion, then drifted away on Ashley Remington's boat, narrowly avoiding conflict with Joey Janela (Yolo).
7. 08/08/2020 - Christopher Daniels (Rick) defeated Elias to become the new champion, narrowly avoiding confrontations with Paul Burchill (Wasabi) and Joseph Conners (Drew).
8. 08/08/2020 - Hyper Misao (Wasabi) defeated Christopher Daniels to become the new champion.
9. 08/08/2020 - Frankie Kazarian (Rick) defeated Hyper Misao to become the new champion.
10. 08/08/2020 - Christopher Daniels (2) (Rick) defeated Frankie Kazarian to become the new champion because they're such good friends.
11. 08/10/2020 - A Saudi Prince def. Christopher Daniels to become the new champion.
12. 08/23/2020 - Christopher Daniels (3) (Rick) def. Saudi Prince during the Most Excellent Even Bigger WrestleBrawl Match in Saudi Arabia to become the first-ever three time champion.
13. 09/05/2020 - Christian Cage (Scott) pinned Christopher Daniels to become the new champion.
14. 09/05/2020 - Christopher Daniels (4) (Rick) pinned Christian Cage to become the new champion at SGW Forever, leaving the arena immediately, being declared the final Full-Tilt Boogie Champion upon SGW's closure later that night.